Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Whole Astrology Approach: My Style of Astrological Consultation

Every astrologer has their unique themes, tools, and approach to giving astrology readings.  I'm no different. Here's my approach to consultations with clients.

For Natal Chart readings I designed separate templates for children and adults.  In addition, I pick up the energies of the planets physically and mentally for each planets as they fall in the charts.  In the future, I plan on combining musical keys for each chart. I will work with a composer and produce a unique song for each chart that assist clients in finding balance in their chart energies.  I will also combine digital photography for local in-person clients by including a profile photo for each chart.

I also give transit readings separate from Natal Chart readings.  These transit readings include New and Full Moon readings, Eclipse readings, outer planet transit readings and general transit readings.  I focus upon the path of transformation and mastership since I believe each of us came here to achieve some level of mastership and our Natal and Transit charts reveal these lessons and paths.  I also read synastry (relationship) charts for couples or families interested in their shared destinies.

I give in-person and online readings.  If you request it, I combine Totem Animal and Angel Oracle readings  For more information go to Metaphysics for Everyday Living.


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