Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tip: Reaping Rewards from Astrological Transits

Earth & Mars, Wikipedia
Do what is required of you.  Specific transits ask for specific action.  With a Pluto transit, we lay low while keeping ourselves in the light as much as possible until the transformation completes itself.  Then we follow up with the appropriate action.  For instance, if we lose our home during this transformation, we take the required steps to clear away the old to make way for the new.

With a Neptune transit, we surrender and allow the old life to dissolve and so on.  We also heal addictions during flowing and even challenging Neptune transits.

While everyone loves trines, sextiles actually provide better opportunities because the tension that shows up forces us to take advantage of opportunities.  With Trines we take life circumstances and good fortune for granted, often not doing anything.

Squares force us to go inward and deal with inner tension.  Therapy helps.  Oppositions bring experiences, situations and people that oppose us.  Sharpen your sword, not to use against an opponent, but to use the sword of truth so we heal denial.

All transits bring rewards.  Some bring personal power while others bring a pleasant windfall or new love into our lives.  Also explore your dharma for this life and notice how the transits pave the way to achieving that dharma (life purpose).

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Astrological Forecast for August 2014--Shoulder to the Wheel

Looking at the astrological forecast for August, I picture an image of a strong man with his shoulder pressed against a medieval wheel.  I see another man laboring in the fields with a horse and plow and sweat dripping off his brow. Roll up your sleeves and get to work, August feels like getting work done.  

For many July felt like a retreat and many of you took your annual vacation during the past month. But now Mercury picks up speed zipping through two signs, Leo (1-15) and Virgo (16-9/2).  In Leo, Mercury wants attention and shows off.  Mercury in Leo talks big, especially when Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on August 3rd and thereabouts.  At that point, people exaggerate, puff themselves out like hormonal roosters, blow hot air or tell ribald jokes, though we might find ourselves laughing more than usual.  The comedian comes out in all of us and life's a gas.  But then after the 15th, Mercury heads into Mister and Missus Fix-it Virgo.  Suddenly the Sun moves behind a cloud and we see the world in grey tones.  We find that we put on too much weight, that we depleted our savings account and the party has ended.

Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune on the 19th and this represents a time to examine our dreams.  While we don't wish to over analyze or look at the glass half-empty, realism is required.  How can we adapt our daily life to manifest our dreams? How can we communicate our desires to others without sounding unrealistic or as if we're just floating around never allowing our feet to touch the ground? We speak of service to community and humanity as well as, spiritual ascension.  And for spiritual teachers, this opposition allows us to re-tool and re-examine our beliefs and teaching methods.  Perhaps there is a better way to approach spirituality that we haven't tried yet.  Or we look at spirituality from different perspectives.

Rider Waite deck
Next let's look at Venus transits since she too switches signs mid-month.  During the first half of the month (until the 12th), Venus transits in Cancer. She starts off the month with a trine to Saturn and Chiron, so a Grand Water Trine that we saw at the end of July.  We ask ourselves better way to nurture our bodies through food and take better care of our sensitive stomachs and breasts (Cancer).  We spend more time outdoors (Venus), in nature or with animals.  We feel heightened tastes where food is concerned and we might switch to natural foods, if we haven't done so already.  With Saturn in Scorpio, we have the discipline to make dietary and other lifestyle changes.  And as we do this, we examine beliefs about food and self-nurturing we learned as a child (Chiron).

People with eating disorders are encouraged to stick with therapy until they unearth the roots of their condition.  And in fact, now is a good time to heal distortions around food and body image with Saturn, Venus and Chiron in this configuration.  However, trines make us lazy so we must pull on the Saturn energy to get disciplined in these areas.  It's time to accept our bodies as they are and give them love.  By doing this, we heal our distortions.  We can also heal food phobias in which there are many: Fear of sugar, fear of gluten, fear of dairy, etc...If you have food allergies, by all means, stay away from culprit foods, but at the same time don't make food the enemy or deprive others of enjoying what they eat.  Ultimately, my hope is that we get to a place where we no longer have food raised with cruel methods to animals or the earth, but can we get there without losing the phobias? I don't think we can.  Love is the answer.

Later in the month, Venus transits in Leo and Squares Saturn/Mars and inconjunct Chiron (around the 26th) so do most of your inner and outer work during the Grand Water Trine.  In fact, this week could feel excruciating for anyone on the path to self-love.  Venus in Leo picks up an ego or becomes more heart-centered and she goes to inner battle with Saturn and Mars while Chiron holds up a yield sign.  So we could feel that we are stuck on a roundabout over a body image issue or that we just feel stuck which leaves us feeling irritable.  We could also experience digestion problems with too much fire or not enough fire in the digestive system.  Nausea and heartburn are possible now, but Chiron redirects us to using energy healing to release our suffering.

Archangel Gabriel, Wikipedia
All three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are retrograde with a 5 degree orb sextile between Neptune and Pluto (so no yods this month) and a wide square with Uranus and Pluto (5 degrees and 4 degrees at the month's end).  We will still see tension brewing in the world, but in some regions the tension will simmer down and some situations that were escalating calm down.  If we desire human justice in the world, then we must do the inner work to have justice within ourselves and in our families and communities.  Remember that with these planets in their current signs, inner work heals the planet faster than activism.  The spiritual warrior turns his sword of truth to the workings of our souls.  When we don't heal ourselves and judge others, we send out waves of fearful energy that ripple throughout the world causing wars, suffering, and catastrophe.  We create that when we refuse to heal ourselves.  And frankly, I believe we are running out of time to do this healing so I urge each of you to get to work.  I know I have my share of healing to contribute too.

The Full Moon in Aquarius transits at 18 degrees on the 10th.  It opposes Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo and squares Saturn.  We pit our identity against the collective while themes around discipline, responsibility and integrity rear their heads.  Self-investigation eases some of this tension.  We explore narcissism verses self-honoring, humanity verses individual freedoms.  We could see debates in city planning, legalization of recreational drugs, libertines and authority.  And with this fixed T-Cross, no one is going to budge from their position while egos fly or emotions detach.  Let's just say this Full Moon is going to feel weird and out-of-touch as if people pushed the disconnect button.  I'm seeing Fellini's Satyricon--yeah, that kind of weird.

The New Moon transits at 2 degrees Virgo on the 25th.  This Virgo New Moon opposes Neptune and sextile the asteroid Ceres.  So again, we see the theme of making our dreams reality by employing Virgo practicality.  I feel like this Moon represents a time of harvest, not just food, but food for thought.  We could learn new skills too if we apply ourselves.  Organize the daily routine so that it matches the desire you want to manifest.  For instance, if you would like to manifest a new job, clear away distractions and time sucks from your daily life and carve out the necessary hours to include a new job.  If you want to manifest a new relationship then clear out distractions, including negative thoughts about relationships so that you have space for a relationship.  We feel tension between Neptune's transcendental energy and the Moon in Virgo's practical girl scout (or boyscout).

So there you go, the August transits asks us to go back to work. This includes cleaning up the daily routine and getting organized as well as, healing our mind-body-soul.  The Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio and the Full Moon in Aquarius provide the biggest challenges.  While the Grand Water Trine during the first half of August and the planets transiting in Leo give us a boost in the right direction.  Challenges sharpen us while trines bless us with gifts and opportunities.

I am an astrologer and intuitive coach (for artists and entrepreneurs) who give in-person readings in Bellingham, Washington or long-distance astrology readings via e-mail reports.  I assist you on your path to self-mastery and transformation.  Sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Leo New Moon--Emergence of Rainbow Creativity

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
New Moon transits at 3 degrees Leo on July 26th.  Set intentions for creative projects or simply to live within the heart and soul of creativity now. But first, clear away any psychic debris from your consciousness on the Dark Moon in Cancer (day before the New Moon).

Astrologers like to wax about New Moons and the qualities of each New Moon.  And it's true that in the metaphysical field, we plant intentions during the New Moon period so that we harvest either two weeks later during the Full Moon or before the next New Moon phase.  We can also harvest a year later when we experience a repeat of the New Moon in say, Leo or Cancer or whatever sign.

However, while metaphysical teachers and healers remind us to set intentions on each New Moon (depending in the energy of the Moon), my angels told me about releasing any stuck energy in the form of beliefs or patterns on the day of the Dark Moon, which falls the day before the New Moon or hours before it.  We feel stuck energies during this time anyway and now we can use releasing exercises or tools such as Emotional Freedom Technique or Access Consciousness Tools to release stuck energies.  After all, think of the garden analogy.  Can you see yourself planting seeds in a plot filled with weeds? Of course not. You pull the weeds first, till the soil, add necessary minerals and vitamins and then plant your seeds.  It works the same way when setting intentions for manifestation.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Okay, so let's take a look at this delicious New Moon in Leo.  This New Moon forms a triple conjunction with Jupiter.  Remember a New Moon always conjuncts the Sun and we add Jupiter who recently arrived in Leo to the relationship.  And this New Moon at 3 degrees Leo provides birth energy also because it transit at early degrees of a sign (within the first 5 degrees in fact).  So to me, this describes an emergence and with Leo, that's the emergence of heart chakra energy, joy, creativity and imagination.  Look for this Triple Conjunction in your Natal chart and that's where you sparkle for the next few weeks.  The message here is don't hide your light, but stand in it fully, owning it.  You are the Light. We all are the Light, but first let's heal the darkness inside us.

Also on this day we experience a Grand Water Trine with Mercury in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces (I am treating Chiron like a planet here).  We also experience a sextile with Neptune and Pluto and a trine with Neptune and Venus (in Cancer).  Now, I'll mention a caveat with the Neptune-Pluto sextile and that is the potential for yods to form with planets transiting in Leo such as the Moon (a quick yod), Sun (a week-long yod) and Jupiter (longer duration).  Of course, the aspects between the planets must be at a 0 to 3 degree orb so I won't delve into this topic now.  Too complicated.

So these Water Trines also boost our creativity, especially the Grand Trine giving us creative solutions in the healing, fine and performing arts. Do you have a creative gift that you would like take out in the world? Now, is the time.  Set the intention to take that first step.  Depending on where you are on your path, that first step might be signing up for a class or workshop, getting professional head shots and a resume or website together, joining social media or going to an audition (especially for actors).

Now, the generation that shines with this Triple Conjunction in Leo is the Baby Boomer Generation.  This generation had Neptune in Libra, Pluto in Leo and the later part of this generation also had Uranus in Leo. So if this Triple Conjunction around 3 degrees Leo hits a Baby Boomer's Sun, Moon, AC or angular house, he or she experiences an explosion of creativity and could even return to an old dream.  Never too late to audition for the stage, get your paintings in galleries or write that novel.  Creativity also happens in the workplace, in communities and on the planet.  Think of the artistic side of the Occupy Movement.  Now, that is Leo in action.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Now, with Venus in Cancer trining Neptune in Pisces I also see food and motherhood playing roles in this emergence of rainbow creativity.  I'm including fatherhood too since with younger generations we see fathers playing a larger role with child rearing, cooking and other domestic activities.  Funny, I never experienced this growing up, but I encourage men to express their feminine sides now, but in balance with their male sides. I'm turned off by passive men.  Men must own their masculine energy outside of the aggressive patriarchal model.  Perhaps this Leo Triple Conjunction will show society how to bring out nurturing, assertive, problem-solving qualities in men.  Venus in Cancer also speaks to culinary, painting, photography, cinema, dance, interior decorating, architecture, and landscaping as well as, the beauty industry.

Last, let's take a look at the Grand Water Cross with Mercury, Chiron and Saturn.  What am I picking up here? Chiron in Pisces (speaks to the 1960s-born generation) is about healing wounds around feeling invisible or unheard.  Mercury in Cancer says that we must own our ideas, thoughts and beliefs while speaking our truth in a way that others hear what we're saying.  And Saturn tells us to investigate and research our topics to find the best way to present ourselves to the world.  The message is most likely a spiritual one and now we look for the best platform to express ourselves.  Remember this, you matter and if you have something to say, use this Triple Conjunction in Leo and the Grand Water Trine to say it.

Personally, I see a creative time approaching for everyone.  Stop saying that you lack creative talent.  Even solving problems around the home or at work involves creativity.  Pick up Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way and do the 12-week program.  Don't shut the door on your creative right brain.  Learn a musical instrument, take a dance class, take a drawing class, learn to paint with water colors or return to an old creative hobby.  We create all the time through our thoughts, words,. emotions and feelings.  Humans are creators so for those of you who say that you're not creative, give that some thought.  You created your life experiences, your friendships, your family life, your work, and everything you experience, including that room you're in.  So let's welcome the emergence of rainbow creativity and have fun.

I am an astrologer and intuitive coach for creatives who gives sessions in Bellingham, Washington or long-distance via e-mail.  Want some help exploring your creative self? Or would you like insights on the Leo New Moon transit in your Natal chart?  I'm offering a special for Leos the remainder of this month and through August.  Sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

Depending on where you are in the world, the New Moon falls on either the 25th or 26th.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Entering Fellini-Dream Land--Transits of Neptune in Pisces

distorted roses by Patricia Herlevi
Similar to other people born in the mid-1960s, first I was hit with the Pluto transit to my Nodes, then an opposition to my Sun followed by a Uranus Square, then followed by Neptune in Pisces transits to my Mutable T-Cross.  While most astrologers focus on the Uranus-Pluto Square, Neptune also causes emotional crises when it dissolves the only world we've ever known.

While I enjoy using the Joseph Campbell Hero's Journey and the Dark Night of the Soul to describe a Pluto transit, I'll use the popular movies The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland to describe what happens when Neptune in Pisces transit conjuncts the Sun, Moon, Rising Sign or Saturn in a Natal chart (or in the Mutable T-Cross from the mid-1960s).  And while I could read astrology blogs that layout the Neptune in Pisces Transit brick by brick, I prefer to relate my own experiences with this transit.  After all, Neptune is currently conjuncting my Saturn and Moon, squaring my Mars in Gemini and opposing my Uranus/Pluto in Virgo (though the Pluto opposition is still a wide orb).

Allow me to describe my experiences with this entanglement.  Don't get me wrong, I love Neptune with its opportunities for ascension, support for meditation and creative pursuits.  However, I don't enjoy waking up feeling like someone tossed my brain in a blender, spacing out about appointments or paying bills or continually losing track of time or waking up wondering where the heck I am, even though I'm waking up in my apartment.  Sometimes I lose track of what I'm saying halfway through a sentence or I space out an errand so I have to go back to it later, and usually at a busy time.

As far as career goes, don't ask me to make 5-year plans or set goals at this time because I'm not able to wrap my mind around anything concrete.  I make mistakes with my writing or go off on tangents which drives my Type A personality crazy.  Just today I learned that even though I thought I mailed off a check for a phone bill in June, I found the check in the bottom of my backpack.  The stress caused by me stumbling through a world that dissolves at every step, has left me with physical health problems.  And forget the healthy diet and exercise because I still feel sick from the stress.  Okay, so I just described the shadow side of these Neptune transits.  Some of you can relate which is why I'm baring my private life here.

Neptune Blue, Wikipedia
I'm bringing this information to your attention because some of you were born from 1964 to 1966 and you're also feeling these transits to your Mutable T-Crosses.  In 1966, I believe the conjunction between Uranus and Pluto in Virgo was exact too so when the Neptune transit forms an opposition, nervous disorders result and probably in the form of depression as the person with this conjunction witnesses their old world dissolving which leaves them in a void.  It's not a matter of searching for the light at the end of the tunnel because there is no tunnel, just the void.  And I can tell you living in the void feels uncomfortable, if not downright frightening for some folks.  This also happens with Neptune in Pisces conjunct Sun, Moon and AC.

However, all of these outer planet transits play a key role in our personal and global transformation. Ultimately, we must lose the old world to birth the new.  With a Neptune transit we feel like we're in a long gestation period, but having Pluto and Uranus in Cardinal Signs we have the urge to push ourselves out in the world prematurely.  Think of bread taken out of the oven too early.  It has that awful doughy taste.  I believe that a Neptune transit lasts around 2 1/2 years, but we also have supporting transits happening in our natal charts such as with the Water and Earth Trines of recent years.  For instance, people with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo experience trines with transiting Pluto in Capricorn.  And transiting Neptune trines natal Neptune in Scorpio. These transits bring relief in the form of grounding that helps us deal with day-to-day business.

We no longer have the support of the Jupiter transit in Cancer and in December, we will no longer have the Saturn in Scorpio transit to offer us relief.  However, I feel that by this time, we will have started building new structure and taken our life in a new direction that honors our spiritual beliefs.

I would like to say that Neptune has a gentler approach than Uranus or Pluto, but dissolution of matter still transform the old paradigm. Think of waves eroding rocks on a shore.  Have you ever wondered how sand was made? 

Never ignore a Neptune transit and pay special attention to the House where Pisces resides on the cusps.  So if you have Pisces on the cusps of the Third House, look at areas of communication, learning/education, short distance travel, cousins and siblings that Neptune now dissolves.  If you have Pisces on the cusps of the Seventh House then make the effort to get out of denial about partnership issues and don't allow anyone to pull wool over your eyes. Follow your hunches because this will save you grief down the road.  It's not so much that others deceive us, but that we deceive ourselves which we project onto others.  Those people we call deceptive actually play the role of waking up our consciousness.

In the end, a Neptune transit in Pisces no matter where it falls in the Natal chart, offers us opportunities to lose our mind so we gain our soul.  And ironically, we become more mindful in how we live.  However, pay attention to details, even if it feels like time and space slip away from us, like a wet rug underneath our feet.  And let's get back to my analogy to The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland.  If you feel like you've stepped into a new dimension, it's because you have.  Welcome to Poseidon's Palace.  You are an honored guest.

If you would like help in deciphering outer planet transits in your Natal chart, I give in-person astrology readings and coaching sessions in Bellingham, Washington or long-distance via e-mail.  Sign up at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fiery Red Planet in the Scorpion Den--Mars Transit in Scorpio

As always, I am witnessing potential for planetary transformation happening with upcoming transits.  We stand at the crossroads of either bringing more fear to the planet or expanding our love by discovering our truth.  As Mars transits into Scorpio on July 27th, we leave the world of diplomacy and repressed emotions and allow our passions to soar.

The main obstacle we encounter as we expand our consciousness during this time is that Mars transits into a Fixed Sign and eventually squares Jupiter in the Fixed Sign Leo (around August 19th).  Oddly, Mars and Jupiter still offer us an opportunity to pursue our truth with passion and to expand our consciousness by expressing what we love. So are we going to still focus upon what we despise? Why do we do this? Why do we focus on darkness when we can also focus on light?

Granted, Mars in Scorpio takes penetrating gazes into darkness, but only to discover the wounds deep inside us.  Mars brings us courage to delve into those hidden places and to bring healing. Mars also brings us drive, passion and energy required to deep dive into the subconscious sea, and even the collective unconscious.  Mars also acts as a real fireball here for good or ill because the planet's energy experiences liberation from Libra where it languished for over 7 months.  And some astrologers interpreted Mars in Libra as peace-making even though we have seen just the opposite scenario played out across the planet with violence from humanity and weather too.  It's as if repressed Mars threw tantrums because it was not able to express itself fully.  Mars in Scorpio acts like the spiritual warrior out to uncover darkness in the world, but finds that darkness in his own heart.  When Mars joins up with Saturn in August, we bring discipline to our deep sea diving.  Either that or we come up against our own inner authority which plays out in the outer world through violent acts, though I hope we can finally move past the violence.

I already covered the Jupiter transit in Leo so I'm not going into that again.  However, think of the potential of expanding heart consciousness on the planet.  When Jupiter aligns with Uranus in a trine in mid-August, we have the potential of shifting reality on the planet from fear-based to love-based by realizing that our oppressors are wounded individuals caught in a collective trance.  They are in fact, loyal to their beliefs and their immense greed, which stems from you guessed it, fear.  And what good is it for us to point our fingers at "tyrants throwing tantrums" when we have our own healing to do?  They can only reflect in the outer world what exists in all of us.  We are only responsible for our personal growth and that's the lesson here.

So let's look at Mars in Scorpio as it transits through the 12 Houses:

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the First House--Watch out for sudden fevers, headaches, migraines caused by overwork and over ambition.  Slow down or you'll injure yourself bumping into walls or crashing cars.  Take care of your body and stop pushing it so hard.  On the plus side, Mars in Scorpio transiting through the First House brings us confidence and a feeling that we can save the planet.  Some folks feel childish, some feel childlike and some remember that it's better to experience innocence than cynicism.  This placement brings us drive, courage and passion to move forward.  Children act up with this placement.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Second House--Wants to explore sensual experiences and use his or her talents to earn money in the material world.  Some people experience a boost of confidence and some people experience a windfall after ruthlessly clearing away the old.  Though Mars doesn't feel like starting anything new when its in a Fixed Sign and would rather solidify and ground work already under way.  People with this transit might feel lazy like sleeping all day.  This might not be a bad thing, if the bills have been paid.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Third House--Forceful communication could set many folks off now.  Mars in the Third House in Scorpio doesn't trust the beliefs and opinions of others so seems ripe for a debate.  Only the the opponent fails to get a word in edgewise.  People with this placement provoke through violent images and words. They appear vulgar and impulsive in communication and think that they already know it all as they dismiss their teachers.  On the plus side, Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd House bodes well for investigative journalism, talk radio (allow the guest to speak in turn) and documentary film making.  Activists also enjoy this placement as they uncover the dirt of their "enemy".  Just don't gloat because then you lose the thread.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Fourth House--If you find yourself in a domestic violence situation, walk away or sneak out of the house and seek shelter.  Most people will not experience direct violence in their homes, but will experience it indirectly from reading or listening to the news.  You will want to clear this heavy energy out of your space or you could feel ill from it.  On the plus side, you can uncover sources of mold, insect infestation, and plumbing problems and solve those problems now. We can also discover dishonesty in the household and heal those problems too.  Anything we swept under the rug, reappears now.  Deal with problems and transform the home front.  If you're moving into a new home, investigate the home for water damage, mold, insects and other problems that could creep up down the road. During this transit, it's not a good time to buy a home.  Wait until Mars moves into Sagittarius this autumn.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Fifth House--Some folks with this transit will feel the impulse to gamble.  Refrain from gambling at this time or suffer the consequences.  Mars in Scorpio uncovers information about people in arts, sports and entertainment that we would rather not know.  The arts also take on a darker tone even with artists who normally focus on lighter topics.  This is temporary and the artists will return to the lighter topics when Mars transits into Sagittarius in mid-September.  In fact, Mars races through Scorpio spending less than two months in the sign.  However, when Mars is transiting in Scorpio in the 5th House children with this placement might suffer from depression (which passes in a few weeks) or they question the darker side of life.  On the other hand, having Mars in Scorpio has us delving into mysteries, ghost stories, etc for the fun of it.  Pull out those Nancy Drew mysteries.

Archangel Michael, Wikpedia
Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Sixth House--We find out now that much of the reason we choose to serve the world is based on ego and not heart-based emotions.  Or we find that we suddenly have more energy to pursue our service and daily work.  We discover subconscious reasons (along with the 8th House) why we sabotage our work and through energy healing release these patterns of behavior.  Pets could die at this time or undergo transformation.  Health issues pose problems so see a doctor.  Transformation occurs in the workplace so go with the flow.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Seventh House--Relationships grow hot and steamy with this transit.  Trust becomes and issue so don't play the field or hurt your partner by having an affair.  Secrets in partnerships (business and romantic) reveal themselves and much healing can come from confessions now.  Along with the 8th House we can heal the reasons behind self-sabotage and impulsive behavior.  For people with solid partnerships, now is the time to take those relationships to a deeper more passionate level.  Support each other as you pursue dreams.  Also remember to take deep breaths when anger erupts as it could under this aspect.  Don't hang onto rigid ideas.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Eighth House--People experiencing this transit set out to solve the world's mysteries, but better yet, delve into the subconscious and solve personal mysteries.  Soul mates show up as teachers but take us to dark places so that we finally glimpse the light.  We ruthlessly pursue truth in all areas of our lives.  This is the Persephone transit into Hades realm where we unearth true inner power.  Shamans love this transit or placement in their Natal charts for it takes a shaman's strength and wisdom to thrive here.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Ninth House--In the publishing industry we witness more aggressive books or books relishing the patriarchal model (war, territory, competition) arriving in the marketplace.  An interests in adventure-thrillers grows and sales soar which expands further (unfortunately, I don't like this genre) when Mars transits into Sagittarius in September.  Higher Education also reveals the old energies bumping up against New Thought and philosophies fall on the darker mysterious side.  Getting into a university feels more competitive than usual or more competitive in achieving higher grades.  People feel suspicious of books, professors and religious leaders.  But then Mars rolls into Sagittarius in September and we all take a deep breath.  Whew!

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Tenth House--This is another aspect that bodes well for shamans and energy healers.  Doctors uncover diseases more successfully now.  We uncover unconscious urges that sabotage us on our career path and in public life.  Scandals erupt for those folks who have not practiced integrity.  This is the you can run, but you cannot hide aspect that makes or breaks a career.  We might also discover secrets about our boss, but refrain from gloating.

Forgiveness and compassion are keys with all of the Mars in Scorpio transits and by practicing forgiveness we expand love consciousness in the world.  Please don't use these transits to get revenge on someone or preach "an eye for an eye" mentality.  That's 3rd Dimension behavior.  With elections coming up in the US, investigate the candidates before casting votes.  Public images often cover up the real story underneath.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Eleventh House--Again this energy bodes well for investigative journalism and reporting.  Though we might not trust others who we mistake for spies during this transit. And in fact, a little discernment goes a long ways.  People might find their soul tribes now and their soul purpose for residing on the planet at this time.  Refrain from joining any group rants or adopting cynical beliefs of your peers. The darkest hour appears before a radiant dawn and make sure you arrive without a hangover from digesting too many toxins, energetic or otherwise.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Twelfth House--With this transit we hear about reforming hospitals, mental facilities and prisons. We see compassion and forgiveness in action that allow people to ascend over troubled waters.  For some reason the image of a warrior-Buddhist comes to mind. I hear the words, "balance light and dark" and by doing this we discover the truth of the Divine in each of us.  We receive spiritual awareness messages through dance, music, photography and cinema.  And those who have hit the bottle or drugs too many times reach a crossroads where true healing begins, if they choose.

The Mars in Scorpio transit begins on July 27 and ends on September 14.  I don't believe that makes this transit any less significant than the long Mars in Libra transit.  Both Mars and Scorpio possess power of greater magnitude that would quickly burn us out if this transit lasted the usual two months.  Mars a Cardinal Sign transits in Scorpio, a Fixed Sign so you can play around with those qualities and see what transpires.  Mars feels at home in Scorpio, its traditional ruler, but gets out of hand when we forget to apply discernment and caution.  We always have the choice of love or fear. Ask yourself in every situation that you encounter during the passionate transit, "What would love do?"

I am an astrologer and intuitive coach located in Bellingham, Washington. I give in-person and long-distance sessions. Find out where Mars transits in your chart and the implications of the transit. Sign up for a reading at Whole Music and Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Lofty Jupiter Rolls into Royal Leo--A Gaze at Jupiter in Leo for 12 Houses

While Jupiter spent the last 12 months in Cancer, we reflected on self-nurturing, nourishing ourselves and others and most likely, motherhood.  We reflected our needs in other people and some reciprocated. Now, with Jupiter in Leo for the next 12 months, we get to the heart of the matter.  In fact, the highest level of Jupiter in Leo is heart expansion and all that suggests.  The downside of Jupiter in Leo is encountering overinflated egos, which upon reflection points at wounded hearts.

First, let's take a look at Jupiter and its themes.  Jupiter ruled by Sagittarius and traditionally, Pisces, promotes higher education, higher learning of the spiritual kind, academia, professors, adventurers, athletes along with Aries, religion, idealism, philosophy and publishing.  Archangel Uriel also represents these realms.  Jupiter is the natural ruler of the 9th House in an astrological chart.

The planet is large and gaseous and this is where astrologers come up with the idea that Jupiter expands what it touches through aspects and transits in an astrology chart.  Jupiter takes 12 years to transit through a Zodiac sign so we say that Jupiter rules a 12 year cycle that is congruent with Chinese Astrology.  And in fact, when we celebrate the year of our Chinese symbol such as Year of the Dragon, we also celebrate our Jupiter Return.  The other highlights are when Jupiter crosses our Ascension Sign/First House, arrives at our 10th House or Mid-Heaven or conjuncts our Moon and Sun Signs.  Some people experience a run of Jupiter if they have a stellium of planets in the sign Jupiter currently transits or have a string of planets in adjacent signs, such as Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo...That feels like winning the lottery and if these folks play their cards right, they truly feel blessed in the areas of their lives those signs represent.

Wikipedia Leo the Lion
While we put in much effort to reap Saturn's rewards, Jupiter blesses us automatically.  True, we must watch our thoughts and beliefs more carefully during Jupiter transits because manifestation seems instantaneous.  We also watch for a tendency towards laziness and inflated egos since Fire Sign planets bring on those qualities if we're not mindful.  However, for anyone wanting to complete college degrees or get higher training for a new profession, Jupiter brings blessings in those areas, and even brings us teachers during the time of the transit.  Book publishing is an option too as are teaching opportunities for those further along on their paths.

Now, let's look at Leo, a Fixed Fire Sign that rules the heart and the spine. The Leo planet is the Sun or center. Words and themes we associate with Leo include: Royalty, kings, queens, courage or cowardliness, the Cowardly Lion, lions, lion heart, heart chakra, heart expansion, generosity (especially combined with Jupiter), creativity, drama, theater, ego, reality television, 15 minutes of fame, hair (manes), hairstyles, glittery clothing (along with Aquarius), yellow, orange, gold, treasures, jewelry, awards, celebrities, rock stars, Hollywood, the film industry, Broadway, any theater troupe, musicals, castles, and banquets.

Now combine the themes of Leo with Jupiter and this will give you an idea of the themes that will play out for the next 12 months.  Next, we'll look at Jupiter in Leo in the 12 Houses.  But first, I predict that we'll witness heart research, heart transplants, strange stories around heart transplants, heart disease, nutrition for a healthy heart, exercise, dietary supplements for a healthy heart, physical fitness, opening of the heart chakra and heart expansion, aerobic exercise, and we'll witness love verses fear as heart verses ego.  Our challenge then is to expand our heart energies because according to Gregg Braden, the heart energy is 100 times more magnetic than the brain's energy.  This leads me to believe that the heart which connects to the soul is our true life force.  Sad, that in our culture we place more emphasis on the brain and ego.

Rolly-Polly Jupiter, Wikipedia
First House:

When Jupiter in Leo transits over the Ascension Sign and into the First House, we focus on our physique.  We worry about the bodily image we present to the world and what others think about us.  We also have a tendency to over glorify our bodies and get caught in our egos.  This is where we find fitness maniacs and muscled men and women showing off their abs. But this is also an opportunity to develop confidence and courage as well as, to play like a child.  Don't spend too much time on the outer physical and get in touch with the wounded child then heal him or her.  This could also represent a time of rebirth from wallflower to belle of the ball.  Emergence is a key word and look for new beginnings with dynamic energy behind them. Where's your sense of royalty or loyalty?

Second House:

Let your spirit and talent shine.  When Jupiter transits in Leo in the 2nd House, we develop hidden and obvious talent.  Even if we don't make concerted efforts, other people notice our talents and might pay us well for them.  This is also a time when assets such as money in the bank account expands and we feel blessed in a variety of ways.

The downside comes if we don't believe in our talents and join a pity party.  Less confident people could act like victims and play out epic-proportion dramas that drain others.  Best to focus on the positive and the gifts you have to share with the world. Remember the world is your stage so get out there and show them what you got.

Third House:

Oh, you want to communicate in largess.  You talk, talk and talk because you have so much to say and everything you say develops a greater importance (in your own mind).  Here we have the overindulgent radio hosts who don't allow guests get a word in edgewise.  We get the cliche, "Enough about me, let's talk more about me."  Children act up because they feel they're the center of the universe.  Why? Because Mommy or Daddy told them so.  We bandy the words "creative" and "imagination" around and everyone wants a chance at Ted Talks or landing a guest spot on a radio show.

In the realm of education, children speak up, even out of turn.  Everyone wants to play with words or language.  But if we go with the higher mind, we can use this transit to open hearts through clear and heartfelt communication.  We follow our passions and communicate those passions to the world through the media.  If you have something to share, blog it, but open your heart to listen to others.  True communication involves both speaking and listening.  Respect your teachers in what ever guise they appear.  This could be a time of learning for the heart.

Fourth House:

You are the king or queen of your castle so you'll probably want to set some boundaries or create a set of house rules.  This is a good expansive time to spend with family or partners as long as you keep your ego in check.  The home benefits during this transit through redecoration or a complete overhaul but watch expenses since they can get out of hand.   Women might feel the urge to mother their children without their partner's help.  Think of the lioness and her cubs.  People fiercely guard their homes and possessions too.  The mothering role in general takes on more power and motherhood  seems more glamorous than usual.

Fifth House: 

Oh, you want to gamble and take risks in the area of romance.  Good time for actors and artists to get their work out in the world. Take a chance on that audition or gallery submission.  Create and play with your imagination.  Now is the year to get on stage and show what you've got.  On the downside, watch out for dangerous love affairs because people do get hurt.  Don't gamble your savings just because you ran into a streak of lady luck.  Get physically fit by joining a sports team or taking up a sport.  You feel like a winner.

Sixth House:

Take care of your heart health.  Get a check up, exercise, and eat a clean diet.  Stay away from toxic people who can drain you of your heart energy and join a meditation group.  As far as the daily work environment, watch that you don't act like a tyrant to employees or co-workers.  If you freelance, keep your ego in check or burn bridges which you'll pay dearly when Jupiter transits into Virgo next summer.  On the plus side, now is the time to adopt a pet who opens your heart chakra and teaches you the true meaning of love.

Seventh House:

Partnerships get a boost under the Jupiter in Leo transit.  Everyone appears more attractive and glittery than usual, but watch out for clashes of ego.  Use this transit to heal broken hearts and to clear up communication with partners.  Communicate from the heart and learn the true meaning of cooperation, sharing and partnership.  Solid relationships expand while shallow relationships hit the dust.  However, all relationships teach us lessons of the heart so in that we gain wisdom.  Ditto for business partnerships.  It's all about love, right?

Eight House:

When Jupiter in Leo transits into the 8th House, we have the opportunity to delve into our deepest psychology and heal our wounded hearts/souls.  We visit shamans, psychoanalysts, life coaches while delving deeper into the metaphysical world.  We feel blessed with the resources, teachers and healers that arrive in our lives through sheer luck or synchronicity.  We might walk away from material wealth to find our spiritual calling or balance our spiritual calling with material life.  Either way, Jupiter in Leo transiting through the 8th House promises an awakening.  A true soul mate could also appear bringing more wisdom and healing.

Ninth House:

Take advantage of one of three things while Jupiter in Leo travels through the 9th House: Publish a book, travel the world, get a higher degree or all three.  Jupiter has returned home with sparkling Leo to light the doorstep. Opportunities for higher education show up in acceptance to schools, scholarships and esteemed teachers.  Those of you who work in the areas of religion, travel, publishing etc receive promotions or boosts in income or public esteem. Got something to tell the world, publish a book then do a book tour.  Also people in high places lend a hand. You have the world on a string.

Tenth House:

The watchwords for when Jupiter in Leo transits through the 10th House are career and public recognition. Everyone is watching you, for good or bad.  When Jupiter rolls into Saturn's house, we must move carefully and with integrity.  Reputations are made or destroyed during this transits.  People exaggerate our words and our actions so keep this in mind.  Take full responsibility for your choices and think of the Highest Good for all people and creatures.  Think of yourself as a king with a loyal following.  Mistreat the masses and they might just crucify you.  On the other hand, expect raises, career moves up the ladder and success for previous hard work.  You feel like you're in the right place at the right time so doors of opportunity fly open.

Eleventh House:

When Jupiter in Leo transits through the House of Friends and Colleagues, networking pays off big time.  However, don't just cram marketing down people's throats.  Mean what you say and practice sincerity because people know when you're genuinely interested in or if you're just using them.  Join groups on social media and engage people in dialogue.  Remember to listen as much as express.  You make new friends now and it's up to you to develop those contacts.  All of a sudden you feel like the life of the party and others swarm around you like bees.  If you have a message to spread, do it now.

Twelfth House:

When Jupiter in Leo transits through the 12th House, you could feel like the Sun has been drained out of you or you find the Sun draining.  This is a time of exhaustion and feelings of turning inward to find your heart-center.  Share your spiritual wisdom with the world, but don't fall into traps of delusions or narcissism.  Stay grounded through meditation and yoga.  You could emerge from this transit as a true spiritual teacher or a corrupted guru that leads the masses towards doom.  Spirituality and speaking with spirits from other realms acts as a lifeline, but don't lose yourself in those other realms unless you're ready to ascend permanently.

This could also be a time of escapism through drugs and alcohol, or getting caught up with a toxic guru that leads to co-dependency.  Remember that you are your own spiritual authority and connect to the Divine within you.

Well, there you go.  If you would like help with your Jupiter Transit for the upcoming year, I give astrology readings in-person or via long distance reports.  Sign up at Whole Music & Whole Astrology.  Details are on my Whole Astrology page.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Astrological Forecast for the 4th Week of July--Changing Guards

No rest for the weary this week as Saturn goes Direct, Uranus goes Retrograde, the Sun transits into Leo and Mars finally transits into Scorpio, leaving the Cardinal Sign, Libra where he's resided since last autumn.  Whew!

As we adjust to Jupiter transiting into Leo after its 12-month stay in Cancer, Mercury and Venus entering Cancer, and a powerful Super Full Moon in Capricorn during the past week, we look forward to Saturn going Direct, Uranus going retrograde with the Sun and Mars leaving Cardinal Signs for Fixed Signs.  So let's do our usual breakdown.

When the Sun leaves Cancer and transits into Leo for approximately 28 days, we stop exploring our emotions and other Cancer-related themes, and find our heart center (that is if we don't get caught up in ego traps).  With the Sun in his own sign, we all look for ways to shine now or we might just worship the Sun.  We see stories about the Sun or celebrities that catch our attention more than usual.  We might even feel like celebrities ourselves or want to at least celebrate ourselves.  Just remember that when we practice generosity with ourselves, we can outflow this generosity to others without strings attached.

The polar opposite of Leo is Aquarius the eccentric humanitarian so we see a bit of that coming through too. We might also see with Jupiter also in Leo and Mercury soon heading into Leo, celebrities such as Madonna or Mick Jagger grabbing the headlines (they're both Leo) or maybe Robert Redford will appear in the international news.  The world feels like a stage but make sure that there's substance behind the drama because there's nothing worst than everyone starting their own reality TV show.  Next...

Consequently, introverted types could feel like they are auditioning to star in their own lives.  Time to shine folks, work on building confidence in yourselves and speak louder than usual.  If you're feeling like a wallflower, now is the time to try something new, go on an adventure, dye your hair, buy a new dress or jeans, wear makeup or flirt with your neighbor.  When the Sun and Jupiter dance in Leo, we all enjoy our 15 minutes of fame even if we have a bad mane day.

Fireball Mars finally escapes his Libra prison and heads into his traditional sign, Scorpio.  Aries and Mars types will feel the most relief from this situation.  Finally, passion and a pioneering spirit return, but don't lash out at others in violence or aggression.  When Mars transits in Libra, the planet suffers repression which some astrologers are saying shows up as a volatile and impatient Mars.  Certainly, we have seen that happening on the world stage.  When Mars in Libra the energy feels pent up like its forced to play the role of the diplomat which is not congruent with this planet.

Mars also moves out of a pushy Cardinal Sign into sexy Scorpio.  However, Scorpio falls under the Fixed quality which means people don't budge under this energy.  So it's probably not a good time to get into debates since neither side will listen to the other.  Mars will go on some investigation and this could be a good time for research.  What kind of research? That depends on where Mars lands in your Natal Chart during this transit.  If Mars falls in the 10th House then research career matters such as employers.  If Mars falls in the 4th House, investigate homes before moving into them.  Otherwise you might experience buyer's or renter's remorse.

Saturn goes Direct on July 20th which technically is the 3rd week of July, but Saturn is a slow mover and contracts what it touches so we won't feel the energy right away.  However, when Saturn goes forward, this planet's energy asks us take responsibility for our lives, come from a place of integrity and be willing to put in the hours and effort it takes to succeed.  Saturn moves slowly but has its eyes on the long-term future.  Draw up your plans now with realistic eyes.  While Saturn isn't much of a dreamer, this planet brings necessary steps to achieving even Neptune's wildest dreams.

The downside of Saturn going direct is that anyone not practicing integrity, will experience the blank hitting the fan. There could be some harsh lesson in this area for anyone trying to get ahead the easy way by stepping on other people's backs or acting unethical.  With Mars going into Scorpio and a conjunction coming up with Mars and Saturn (August), anyone's ethics or lack of ethics will make its rounds.  Meaning, you can run, but you can't hide under this powerful conjunction.  If you have been acting dishonest, now is the time to come clean before Mars and Saturn do the job for you.

Saturn rewards and punishes, with Mars involved, issues with children and parents or childish adults will come up on the personal and global levels.  Issues revolving around education, authority, and reinventing education (Uranus goes retrograde) will be on our minds and on our screens.  Aggressive or violent acts by children or young adults also hit the radar and this could do with our own dark projections onto youth.  We could also see health issues to do with face, head, teeth, skin, bones and connective tissue or some strange disease affecting these body parts.  Get enough calcium and minerals while also moisturizing skin.  Lack of collagen could be an issue for older folks.  We could see an increase in accidents resulting in head injuries and broken bones, though the effect weakens with Uranus going (accidents) retrograde on July 23rd, the same day the Sun moves into Leo.

Finally, Uranus goes RX and this calms all those sudden surprises we've experienced in the past 6+ months.  However, the downside is that with Pluto and Uranus RX, we won't feel that extra push to make changes in our lives.  We could feel after a few months that our feet are stuck in the mud or that our lives have stagnated.  Life could seem calmer, but dull too.  Also with both planets RX, Uranus tightens his square with Pluto so by the end of November, Uranus square Pluto exact again!  By that point, Pluto is actually Direct (September 22nd or Equinox) and Uranus changes directions in December, giving us a transformational and shifting holiday season.  But we'll get to this later.  

By the end of July, only 4 planets remain in Cardinal Signs, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto which comes as a relief to people with Cardinal planets in their Natal Charts.  And Mercury zooms into Leo on August 1st with Venus following in pursuit, July 13th.  Bummer for Cancerians, but Leos will celebrate.

There is a lot more going on than these transits the final week of July.  If you would like to see where these transits land in your Natal Chart, book a reading with me.  I give both local and long-distance readings.  You can find details on my Whole Astrology page at  Contact me through the form on the Home page.  I look forward to reading your stars for you.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Astrological Transits for Third Week of July 2014---The World as a Stage

No rest for astrologers the third week of July.  More pushy Cardinal energies promote personal and global transformation.  And the biggest news revolves around Mercury, Venus and Jupiter transiting into new signs.  Look forward to another quick-paced and chaotic week.  Have you dropped down Alice's rabbit hole lately?

As we recover from the Full Moon in Capricorn and find new directions for career and structure of our lives, we endure another week of pushy Cardinal energies, a Saturn-Uranus inconjunct and Jupiter moving into Leo for the next 12 months.  Oh, but we're far from through with Cardinal players since Mercury transits into Cancer on Monday July 14th followed by Venus transiting into Cancer on the 19th/20th.  That's gives us to more Cardinal Sign planets to oppose Pluto and square Uranus and Mars.  And if we had not got the theme of transformation in recent years, then we might just experience a grand awakening now.

On July 17th when Jupiter finally slips into Leo (a Fixed Fire Sign), the Sun in Cancer square the North Node in Libra and on the 18th, the Sun squares Mars exact as Mars hurries his way to Scorpio.  Also around this time, the 19th, the Sun squares the Aries Moon so emotions run high.  Remember to take deep breaths and think before you speak.  We could come off as thoughtless and egotistical this week.  Avoid hurting the feelings of others since those wounds can fester for months if not years.  Finally, to round off the Cardinal energies, Mars squares Jupiter (at its last degrees in Cancer) on the 16th.  Also look for a Cardinal T-Cross with the Sun, Mars and the N Node this week, with the Sun and Mars in exact degrees on the 18th.  Transformation for individuals and the planet is imminent.

Meanwhile, we experience trines and sextiles with Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto.  Mercury widely conjuncts Venus in Cancer trining Neptune in sextile with Pluto.  Saturn trines Chiron both in inconjunct with Uranus.  Again, the lessons of self-love and integrating shadows appear this week.  And I know I'm not the only healer, astrologer or teacher bringing up these topics.  Please don't rest on your laurels this week and do the necessary clearing work and integrate your shadows. We have support of Chiron, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn this week for individual and collective healing.

Mercury, Sun and Venus in nurturing Cancer also bolster healing.  Change your diet if you must.  Check for food allergies and relieve stress through yoga or meditation to heal any digestion problems.  Look into dietary and nutrition supplements for healing since Cancer rules over this along with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.  Also I believe we're still under the influence of the Cancer New Moon which for me represents taking better care of our health through the foods we eat.

Spend time near a large body of water and just chill.  Don't make up excuses for not practicing self-care.  With Jupiter in Leo, we turn to ourselves now and hopefully take better care of our bodies.  Now, I'm not talking to glorify our bodies and worship them since that's narcissism but to treat our bodies with respect and show gratitude for them. Our bodies want us to love them by feeding them healthy food and exercising.  Accept your body for what it is and this acceptance brings good luck into your life.

I'd write more but my fingers are sore and I'm working in a sweat box with my computer on the verge of overheating.  Take care of yourselves and enjoy the watery comforting energies of this week, and use the Cardinal energies for intense transformation.  As someone who completed Pluto and Uranus transits to my Sun and AC, I tell you that you'll love the results of transformation.  Surrender, sweetly surrender.

I'm an astrologer and intuitive coach who gives both local and long-distance astrology readings.  Sign up for a reading at Whole Music & Whole Astrology.

Full Moon in Capricorn, the Clarion Call & the Cardinal Crunch

Take time this weekend to rest and rejuvenate.  We just passed through choppy waters with the Cancer Sun squaring Uranus in Aries in wide square to Pluto and Moon in Capricorn conjuncting Pluto before turning Full.  Imagine rocks shattered by relentless waves...

How could I have ignored these transits? Perhaps the Universe hid the transits from me until after the fact, but like many of you, I endured a trying week of nasty people, including a man calling me selfish because I would like to live in a pedestrian-centered city.  Not surprising this man projected his shadows on me since his goal is to build more parking lots and make the city more car-friendly.  Nothing like commerce to destroy the earth that we have remaining.

So let's break down these powerful transits.  The Sun in Cancer in its most enlightening mode, nurtures, fosters self-love, reflects out to the world, is intuitive, mothering and nourishes.  The shadow of the Sun in Cancer acts clannish, promotes tribalism (the destructive force that is destroying the planet since ancient times), overeats, clings to the outworn, is fearful, worrisome and overly cautious and too concerned about safety and security.

This Sun energy squared Uranus in Aries where the individual strikes out, pioneers new ways of being in the world and champions the individual.  The shadow is rash, violent, throws temper tantrums and projects insecurities onto other people, especially those in authority.  Uranus in Aries has good ideas to heal humanity and the planet, but is too hot-headed to implement these ideas or articulate them fully without sounding like an academic who crams statistics down our throats. 

Meanwhile, Pluto in Capricorn shows up breaking down old structure and causing us to again question the structures and institutions that we have collectively held in place for eons.  Uranus in Aries questions why we uphold these systems that don't serve us and may I remind you that we can opt out energetically from these agreements through such practices as Emotional Freedom Technique and Access Consciousness Tools (Google those words and find out more).

And in fact, this past week showed us the ugly side of complying with darker/fearful energies in place that enslave us.  Now, I warn you, when you break these agreements energetically, you will run into resistance from yourself and those holding up the power structure.  But I'll also remind you that the energies of the planetary transits tell us that we are our own authority. If we don't grab onto this idea soon like reins on a horse, then we will destroy this planet and we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Why? Because there is only one of us here and we are all connected to the Greater Source which is pure love and light, and not some fearful god that was placed on a throne to keep us in place.

Now, I'm not a religious person.  However, I watched the movie "Son of God" and received a different message from it, then I'm imagining was intended.  This message is about allowing the Light to shine within each of us so we can face the darkness with courage.  And the other message I received was seeing the roots of tribalism and its enslavement of the masses through brainwashing or keeping people in a trance through consumerism.  Not saying you should toss out the comfortable home and silk clothing. But explore the real price behind living whatever lifestyle you've chosen or aspire to live because you believe that will bring happiness.  Only freedom brings happiness.

Finally, the Moon in Capricorn conjuncted Pluto, squared Uranus before it opposed the Sun (Full Moon) which means we are ripe with emotions, most likely anger about financial and institutional situations.  There could be concerns with work, career or public status. And all of this is coming up because we are either on the wrong path or we are undergoing radical transformation (most likely both situations).  So anyone with planets in Cardinal Signs between 11 and 20 degrees feel the brunt of these transits, though 16 to 20 degrees feels the energies the strongest.

Look, I know this is painful, but the energy is starting to wane.  And in the coming week, we experience a wide conjunction with the Sun and Jupiter before Jupiter moves into Leo and out of the Cardinal energy. Saturn in Scorpio formed an inconjunct with Uranus in Aries and a wide sextile with Pluto in Capricorn, a trine with the Sun and sextile to the Moon which promotes the idea of delving into our subconscious to heal our shadows.  Saturn also dampens Uranus in Aries by revealing our inner authority, but this still leads to inner conflicts between our child and parent psyches.

I believe however, that Saturn in Scorpio holds the keys here in that delving into our subconscious minds and releasing old patterns that keep us in compliance with the old structure, brings healing to ourselves and the world.  I encourage you to get acquainted with and integrate your shadows.  If you require help, find a psychotherapist or coach who works in this area.  Our healing is a gift to the planet.

Okay, so now I'm going to write a second post for the Third Week of July. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

More than Aphrodite--Venus and the Art of Relating

Yesterday I thought of relationships, dating, single people and Venus aspects in Natal Charts.  So often we equate Venus with sex, allure, charm and attraction.  And even though Venus represents the earth, women and ecology, the planet boils down to the art of relating.

For instance, how do we relate to the earth? How do we relate to ecology? How do we relate to women, sexuality, relationships and partnerships?  Venus possesses a two-sided face in that Taurus and Libra rule the planet, a grounded Earth Sign associated with cows and a Air Sign associated with diplomacy and indecision. Adding to this confusion and complexity, an astrologer looks for Venus energy with the actual planet and with the houses with Libra and Taurus on the cusps.  Taurus and Libra when aspected in a chart with a three degree orb or less form an inconjunct so the energy of each sign act as irritants to each other.

For the sake of this post, let's explore Venus in regard to romantic relationships and life partnerships.  Unless Venus falls in Aries, this planet forgoes the hunt and attracts through charm and magnetism.  Have you ever entered a room in the midst of a party or gathering where one person, man or woman appears to hold court? This person radiates attractive energy and others swarm to be near him or her.

And for the sake of my example, let's refer to a Venus signature woman. She doesn't arm herself with strategy or set out to conquer unless she has a Venus square Mars in her chart, but most likely she doesn't.  She simply attracts others by mirroring self-love and pleasure.  Someone with a well aspected Venus (exalted in Pisces, conjunct Jupiter or Sun in an agreeable Sign, Venus in a Trine especially with Jupiter, Sun or Moon and Venus in an angular House (1, 4, 7, 10), simply radiates charm, diplomacy and elegance.  If her Venus is Taurus-based than she exudes earthiness and sensuality.

With Venus-Neptune aspects, especially flowing aspects, we get magnetic actresses such as Audrey Hepburn with her Taurus Sun and Pisces Moon.  Who hasn't fallen under the spell of that enchanting actress?  The Venus-Neptune connection speaks volumes in the area of ethereal.  However, on the negative side, this combination leans towards addictions and escapism or relies too heavily on looks or charm.  She might not have the best survival skills and enters co-dependent relationships with Mars, Saturn and Pluto types in order to feel safe in the world.

Which brings me to harder aspects of Venus mainly the squares and oppositions to Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.  If you have these aspects in your chart or a Grand Square with Venus, don't despair.  Ultimately these energies bring insights and wisdom that transform individual and collective lives.  However, we first must acknowledge the aspects in a Natal Chart and deal with them appropriately. Venus opposite Mars could relate to a battle of the sexes or a woman feeling like a male conquest.  Or Venus could play the role of peacemaker by saying no to collective aggression, violence and war then using her beauty and status to address those issues in public as a spokesperson for a non-profit or as a writer of self-help books for women and men (in the realm of relationships).

Venus opposite Mars, especially with one planet in Virgo could show up as the woman on a quest for the perfect mate and only discovering weak men.  This could also show up with a yod involving Venus or an Singleton Venus that falls in the 1st or 7th houses, I'm guessing.  The main problem with planet oppositions especially in the Natal Chart is that each person or energy represented projects shadows onto the other.  So the Venus woman carries this idea that she's not aggressive and her parents told her that aggression is inappropriate under all circumstances so she projects her aggressive side on the Mars energy or person representing that energy.

And if Pluto or Saturn comes on board in a square forming a T-Cross or even Grand Cross, then this woman could experience violence used against her by the Mars energy person.  This violence would come from an older or authoritative person such as a parent or boss (Saturn).  With Mars it could come from a cop or military person.  I mention these scenarios as probabilities and I certainly don't want anyone to dwell on the scenarios and manifest them.

Donna Cunningham writes about the Venus-Uranus aspects on her blog Sky Writer.  Her writing is the best I've seen and she gives celebrities as examples.  So I'll send you to Donna's post.  Then she'll refer to several more on the topic which I recommend reading.

For those of you still single and not enjoying the world of dating, take a look at your Natal Chart and explore your Venus aspects.  Look for the Sign and House for your Natal Venus and all the aspects to other planets and even asteroids if you want to go in depth.  Look for yods, Grand Squares, T-Squares, Grand Trines and other configurations.  If you have a Singleton Venus read my post on this topic.  Also check out Venus by Sign.

Venus is the place in our charts and lives where we light up the world through personal magnetism. We all have our own signature and Venus expression based on our individual Natal Charts.  However, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Venus represents Gaia and ecology too.  When we learn how to love the earth and take care of her, we practice self-love and live in balance.  Venus ruled by Taurus and Libra to me suggests living in balance on the planet and beyond, if we include Neptune.  Venus isn't just about relating to women, but relating to the Divine Feminine in everyone, male or female.  She even reminds us to not over identify with gender especially if Uranus is involved and to apply integrity and discipline to our daily routine if Saturn plays a role (think skin care).

I cringe every time I read a superficial article on Venus and pop astrology doesn't interest me anyway.  Let the tweens read pop astrology and adults focus on deeper meanings of the cosmos.  Sure, Venus represents that part of our life that revolves around beauty and attraction.  The cosmetic industry thrives on Venus energy and would not exist without Venus, ditto for the fashion industry and even some healthcare such as cosmetic surgery or breast enhancement (though I suspect the Moon is involved with breast enhancement).

With Venus energy we can either skirt on the superficial shoreline or we can dive into a deeper ocean of consciousness.  It's your choice.  But just like Venus shines her graces upon you, she also curses through addiction and superficial escapes such as following celebrity gossip or suffering from an eating disorder influenced by super model images (especially if Neptune is involved).  Ideal beauty and inner beauty are not the same.  One leads down a path of self-abuse and the other self-love.

Still with any planetary aspect, there are no victims here, just people not willing to take responsibility for themselves through liberation from mass consciousness.  There is no right or wrong way to be in the world, just your way to reside in the world, and hopefully you seek authenticity.  Sure that lady at the party who resembles a queen bee in a hive still has to deal with the darker side of attraction.  She knows her body is aging, she fears that if she removes her makeup, expensive dress and high heels that others will ignore her and she's still on quest for self-love.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Astrological Transits for 2nd Week of July 2014--Clouds in Our Coffee

Brazil, Wikipedia

I start this post off quoting Carly Simon's "You're So Vain," only because the words, "Clouds in my coffee..." popped into my head. However, the 2nd week of July resembles last week, with the exception of a Scorpio Moon trining Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter and conjuncting Saturn and Mercury moving into Cancer on July 14th.  This week feels watery, but what's new Magoo?

Water and Air dominate this week with the Sun, 3 planets outer planets plus Chiron in Water and Mars, Mercury, North Node, and Venus in Air. Mercury switches elements on the 14th when it moves into Cancer.  And speaking of Cancer and the other two Water Signs (Scorpio and Pisces), I advise you to buy lottery tickets, enter raffles and drawings and send off submissions if you're a writer, this week. The benefactor Jupiter rolls into Leo next week and it will be another 5 years before Jupiter is in its next Water Sign, Scorpio.

It's also beginning to feel like the last hoorah for Water Signs this summer with Jupiter changing signs this summer and this autumn Saturn also moves into a Fire Sign.  Fire Trines replace those flowing Water Trines we experienced in the past 2 1/2 years.  For now, the Scorpio Moon on the 7-9th which conjuncts Saturn, and trines Sun, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron definitely cause stuck emotions to flow, and artistic inspiration to ignite. With this Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn, then later the Jupiter Trine, we could experience Kundulini energy (Scorpio) in the body (Saturn).  People who practice meditation, yoga and other body work are the most susceptible to this experience.  We could also feel a rush of tears that ultimately bring release.  Good time to meditate or go deep into the inner sanctum.  For others, it feels like a sexy time, especially if they have planets in Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces or Capricorn.  Use sound healing and music now for therapy.

Mercury transits into Cancer at the end of the week so we could focus on food and communicate themes revolving our nourishment, mothers, containment, fear, insecurity, and food safety.  We could focus on our mothers--on what she did or did not give us as children.  Forgiveness is the key and express compassion and gratitude for your mother.  With Mercury in Cancer, we prefer silence to all that chattiness of recent weeks when Mercury was in Gemini.  Mercury in Cancer lends itself to going inward and introverts thrive when Mercury transits in Water or Earth Signs.  Extroverts use this time to chill out and stop trying to micromanage everything and everyone. Settle down, my friends or make a trip to the City of Subdued Excitement.  Cured me of my Type AA Personality.

Finally, let's take a look at the planets in Libra and Gemini.  We continue the Air trines with Mars, Venus, North Node and Mercury (at the beginning of the week).  With this combination of Air and Water, we feel like we're riding a seesaw traveling between our mind (intellect) and our hearts (emotions).  We alternate between clingy and spacious.  Our minds travel here, there and everywhere, just like The Beatles' song.  We want love and romance so we flirt, but when Mister Right or Missus Right show us affection, we run for the hills.  Really, with all this Air and Water, we feel like we're in the middle of a hurricane and in some parts of the world, people experience that.  We deal with steam, vapor, and active volcanoes especially if Uranus in Aries kicks in.  Check the weather reports before heading out.

The old advice of following the heart still holds strength.  But first we must tame our monkey minds, quell the doubts and worries (oh, and Cancer worries) and stop thinking we're victims (Neptune and Chiron in Pisces).  If the Kundulini starts rising, allow it to lead to the ascension process.  This could be a week of miracles if we stay in our hearts and count our blessings. Make a gratitude list.  Remember that every experience (whether we label them as good or bad) has a purpose.  Life doesn't always go the way we want it to, but this week, we will appreciate that.  For instance, say we miss an airplane then later we learn that the airplane crashed.  Or we miss a bus, but someone spread a contagious illness on that bus which thankfully we missed catching.  I'm not saying this as predictions or to alarm anyone, but to make the point, that if we pray for safety, we could miss a bus, train or plane and later witness the Bigger picture.

With that bit of philosophy, I wish you a fabulous 2nd Week of July.  Enjoy the season where you are in the world.  Blessings.

Here are two National US news articles I found that are related to this week's planetary energies:
The first story has to do with the US Supreme Court ruling in favor of religious companies not insuring women's contraceptives. 

The second story has to do with Central American children illegally immigrating to the US without their parents.  Boy, this one is a can of worms.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Greyhounds of Change---Transits for the 1st Week of July 2014

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Last Saturday, I met a pack of greyhounds at the farmers market.  I learned that greyhounds are called hounds of the wind or wind hounds in German and we can associate this dog with air qualities.  Why am I bringing up greyhounds in conjunction with this week's transits? Because the answer my friend is truly blowing in the wind, as Bob Dylan (a Gemini) once sang.

On July 1, Mercury went direct in Gemini and just in time.  As our patience had worn thin due to delays in communication, slow mail, slow internet connections and lack of clarity, the quicksilver planet moves forward again.  Not, only that with its trine to the North Node in Libra, exact from the 3rd through 5th, fateful communication arrives now too or at least a fateful message that changes the direction of our lives.

Venus continues her transit in Gemini and Mars completes his transit in Libra so we experience stuff of the mind, such as our thinking style, diplomacy, and how we use words to shape our reality.  On July 7, Venus trines Mars with a 4 degree orb.  I believe that this trine opens up communication between men and women or our female and male sides of our psyche.  We create a balance between reflecting and attracting in contrast with inspired action.  The danger here, if there is one, is that we become lazy with our communication and assume the other person knows the meaning of our words.  With Mercury still wobbling forward, it's best to clarify words and intentions now.

We're still riding on the energies of the Cancer New Moon (June 27) and the Sun in Cancer.  My guess is that conversations this week revolve around the following themes: Motherhood, children, breasts, stomachs, food, nourishment, nutrition, work from the home, domestic help, real estate, houses, gardens and gardening, growing ones own food, canning, crafts, and food security. With Jupiter still in Cancer (until the 17th), now is a good time to change one's diet and daily routine to promote health and well-being, especially if certain foods cause allergies or depression.  But with Jupiter in Cancer, we have a tendency to overeat and this could cause harm to our stomachs.  Fortunately, Pluto in Capricorn will bring transformation in this area of our lives, unfortunately, through illness.

We start off the week with a water trine with the Sun and Neptune which causes us to explore our dreams and get creative.  Now is a good time to start writing that novel, write songs, poetry, screenplays or creative non-fiction. It's a good time to explore nightly dreams or daydream thus coming up with solutions that didn't come with the analytical process.  Albert Einstein was a Pisces who found many answers to problems through daydreaming.  Many inventions came from dreams or altered states of consciousness.  If anything watch a surreal movie by Federico Fellini or Luis Bunuel this week.  Cinema and music go down well this week, but watch out for escaping through addictions.  Some people will find themselves shopping for the perfect shoe or taking better care of their feet. Others will explore foot or breast fetishes...Yeah, not going there.

The Uranus-Pluto square continues with a 4 degree orb and an inconjunct (yield sign) to Saturn in Scorpio.  This means that we will experience the usual tension in the world with Saturn demanding more integrity.  Saturn and Uranus form a perfect inconjunct at 16 degrees in their respective signs and Venus pulls into a yod formation with Saturn and Uranus on the 5th through approximately the 9th, and a bit longer. Remember yods can bring frustration because the sextile runs into stop or yield signs from the inconjunct or apex planet in this case, Saturn.  Look at the houses where you have Aries, Gemini and Scorpio on the cusps and these are the areas of your life where the yod (though short-term) plays out.

This shows up as an itch to move forward, but annoying situations prevent you from moving forward.  However, yods are fateful and they slow events down for a reason, usually safety or bad timing for action.  The words Divine Order come to mind when dealing with yods.  Yes, they try our patience, but later we look back and tell ourselves, I'm glad I didn't act on that opportunity until I had my ducks in order.  Yods help us to get organized and reassess our intentions.

Finally, Saturn forms a trine with Chiron with both planets retrograde.  This means that we have success now bringing up childhood wounds or issues and accepting them. With Chiron we never experience a complete healing, but we do experience acceptance and integration.  With Saturn involved, I'm thinking we will be taming some shadows the first hot week of July.  We might do this by listening to songs from childhood, going over memories with siblings or other family members or watching movies from that era.  This does not imply that we get stuck in nostalgia, but take a Saturnian gaze at those situations and then let them go.  We might find, as I did, that we did experience good times as children.  They weren't all bad, our parents were kind to us and loved us the only way they knew how.  It's up to us to parent ourselves as adults and find healthy role models to help us with this.

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