Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cardinals on the Leading Edge of Transformation

Cardinals, we have a long way to go.
Since Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) act as fire starters for Zodiac cycles, I also see these signs as pioneering the way into the shift of consciousness on our minds these days.  When the fateful year 2012 finally arrived, Saturn was in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.  Then in 2013-14, Mars spent 8 months in Libra (its polar opposite Cardinal Sign).  

We have experienced life-altering eclipses in Libra and Aries and the North Node currently transits in Libra.  Mars doesn't normally spend 8 months in one sign and Uranus doesn't normally spend 9 years in one sign (it spends 7 years in a sign) and what's up with the series of squares between Uranus and Pluto that spans several years?  Now, both my Sun and Ascendant fall in Cardinal Signs so I've always paid attention to Cardinal energy (though most of my chart's planets fall in Mutable Signs).  My North Node falls in Cancer and all my family members have either Capricorn or Cancer Suns.  And one of my longtime friends has her Sun in Libra and her Moon in Capricorn.

One astrologer, (I wish I could remember who) mentioned that the Cardinal Sun and Moon people are taking the brunt of transformational energies on the planet during this Grand Shift.  And I would be surprised that if we took polls of people who lived in cars after the recession of 2008-10 have their Sun or Moon in a Cardinal Sign from 0 to 8 degrees.  I believe there is a greater cosmic design at work that placed the pushy signs up front to spur humanity  into action.  Then the Mutable Signs follow behind with Neptune in Pisces and later Saturn in Sagittarius and then in 2015, Jupiter moves into Virgo.  In 2019, Uranus moves into a fixed sign, Taurus and so on.

So what are the themes at play with the Cardinal Signs as they lead us into a New Age?  Let's start with Aries, the warrior.  As we move into this new age, we transform the old-style warrior energy (divide and conquer, competition, winners and losers) into an inner warrior that learns to balance the ego with Spirit.  Here we ask Aries to move away from offensive and defensive models and to use that Mars energy to conquer our fears without attacking others as we project our fears onto them.  We move away from the preoccupation of having to be number uno or come first.  And instead apply Aries energy towards spiritual breakthroughs as we muster the courage to face our own shadows.  No wonder why Mars (Aries' planet) spent 8 months in balancing and peace-loving Libra!  And as far as personal planets, Mars and the Moon have played huge transformational roles in recent years.

With Aries we face our wounded inner children and bring healing to them.  We give these inner children courage to face the darkness or wounds within then let them go.  We find balance with our masculine and feminine sides or our inner mother and inner father.  Healing childhood wounds is imperative under the Aries influence.  We also relate to children on a new level seeing their wisdom, gifts and talents instead of just relating to them as cute or adorable creatures.  These children are Indigo and Crystal thus more powerful than any of us realize.  Aries rules the child and these children bring a new and profound energy to the planet not witnessed ever before.  They have long memories of ancient civilizations and remember mistakes made in the past so they bring new wisdom for solving age-old problems.  Let's say no more war.

The new themes for Cancer is to move away from tribal and clannish instincts and to embrace the whole of humanity as family.  I have lived in two cities (one small and one midsize) with Cancer Sun rulers.  And what I noticed in both cities is a clannish instinct that excludes any newcomers.  However, cities such as Bellingham, Washington with it's Cancer Sun, Libra Moon and Ascendant has experienced an influx of new people to the community which has blasted through those clannish instincts.  The United States ruled by a Cancer Sun has also experienced its problems with immigration, a very hot topic at the moment.  And the nation also leads the world (unfortunately) in GMO foods with the ideal of feeding the world (the opposite is true).  But if you lace the GMO food industry with sentimentality, many Cancer Suns jump on board or rally against the food newcomers since they go against tradition.

The problem with the old themes of Cancer is that like its polar opposite Capricorn, Cancer is cautious and yes, fearful (I can attest to this) as well as, suspicious of anything new.  These signs relish traditions, especially family and community traditions.  But the new energy for Cancer involves developing intuitive gifts, self-nurturing so we can give more to others from a full heart.  It's about stepping out of the shell and realizing that in Unity Consciousness (Neptune/Pisces) we are all part of the same ocean of energy. There is no us and them.  The new Cancer energies dissolve labels in a salt bath and stop creating boundaries that keep others out because of fear.  It is our own worries and fears that cause dark thought forms and morphogenetic fields. The true enemy resides inside us, not outside of us so when we build those protective walls around ourselves, we suffer at our own hands.  Jupiter's transit in Cancer expanded upon these themes and we realized that we create more of what we fear by placing our focus there.  Time to transform this old fearful habit.

First Saturn spent time in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  Then Mars spent 8 months in Libra followed by the North Node moving into Libra (for a year and half).  What's this about? Are you paying attention? Libra represents partnerships of all kinds, but especially marriage.  Many marriages bit the dust during the recession caused by Pluto moving into Capricorn and then later Uranus moving into Aries.  The North Node represents where we are heading and in the case of Libra, we include justice and balance in all pursuits into the equation.

Now, I used to think of Libra as light, airy and flirtatious especially flirtation involving a sharp mind.  We could equate Libra (ruled by Venus) with fashion, style, the feminine instinct along with the legal system or refinement.  But that's the old Libra.  My new interpretation for Venus and Libra revolves around finding greater balance on the earth by how we treat each other and the planet.  This Libra asks us to recycle, compost, re-use clothing (heard of recycled fashion), and to live in balance through sustainable earth practices.

The Pluto in Libra generation born in the 1970s and early 1980s usher in a time of reestablishing marriage rites and practices while learning how to communicate through non-violent communication. But this generation struggles with partnerships because they still operate on the Aries polarity of "me first" and the battle cry "what about my needs?"  However, this same generation has broken down boundaries between the sexes, especially with raising children.  And as this generation matures (as they enter their 40s and 50s), they delve more deeply into shadows and projections while taking responsibility for their own projections (we hope anyway).  The Pluto in Scorpio generation can help with this.

The new Libra energy doesn't fight for justice, but creates balance within that reflects outward while launching a whole new paradigm shift.  Libra joins with Cancer in creating win-win situation by developing self-nurturing and self-love that fills each of us to the point that we no longer steal energy from others.  And Libra joins with Cancer to bring justice to the food industry and thus greater balance to our bodies as we feed ourselves higher frequency or vibrational food.  Libra joins with new Capricorn energy to bring fairness to the workplace and ethical practices with corporations and non-profits (some non-profits are corrupt by the way).  Libra joins with Aries to bring justice to humans, non-humans and the planets. Just watch the strange lawsuits that surface in the near future giving equal rights to animals and the earth. It's already happening.

Now the final energy to receive a facelift is Capricorn.  We often think of Capricorn as the Patriarch and we relate to Capricorn as a builder of structure or the third dimension of time-space reality.  We refer to Capricorn as a wise elder, a hermit, or a corporate business leader and all of these roles are about to go obsolete as we enter a New Age.  We are after all rising above the third dimension of time-space reality into the 4th and higher dimensions where time or space seems irrelevant.  Our political structure, corporate structures, and religious structures built on hierarchy (those above and those below) undergoes upheaval during the Pluto in Capricorn transit which ends in 2024 (so we still have 10 years to go).

The new Capricorn energy gets us back in touch with Mother Nature as we set our feet firmly on the ground.  We built new structures based on ancient geometry and sustainable practices.  We create new business models that honor humanity and the earth.  By the time Pluto transits into Aquarius in 2024 or thereabouts, Capricorn's new business models pave the way for futuristic inventions as we give birth to a new earth.  So it's not surprising that a Cardinal Earth Sign leads the way. Could it be any other way?

A New Earth, Wikipedia
The current Pluto Generation in Capricorn as well as, the young adults born with Saturn/Uranus/Neptune and other planet clusters in Capricorn carry the blueprint for the new structure.  And this new structure includes how we design or re-design cities in the future that surpass the old corporate, political and religious models. These folks help us stay grounded as we explore the greater cosmos.  They come up with practical solutions as Neptune in Pisces dissolves old structures along with Pluto in Capricorn.  And interestingly enough, Neptune transits into Aries in 2020 and just three years from now, Saturn transits into Capricorn so this Cardinal push continues.

So I ask you to pay close attention to planets and nodes transiting in Cardinal Signs.  Move away from this idea of feeling like a victim if your Sun, Moon or Ascendant fall in a Cardinal Sign.  We are true leaders and leaders don't act like victims and the days of martyring oneself (more ego machinations) have ended.  Carry the sword of truth in one hand and the scales in the other.  And when you lack courage to live your path with integrity, remember to call upon Archangel Michael.  We have a job to do.

I'm an astrologer and intuitive coach that gives pediatric and adult chart readings as well as, coach creatives into creating a better world. Sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.  The above article is channeled information through Saint Thomas Aquinas in conversation with my Higher Self.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Moving Away from Sun-Centered Astrology (The Latest Spiritual Download)

My spiritual downloads from  St. Thomas
What if each Sun and Moon Sign followed the transits of their rulers? Would we get a clearer picture of events and situations in a client's life? For instance, for Aquarius we would focus mainly on the Uranus transit, in this case in Aries.  Then we would apply Aries themes and qualities to Aquarius during the Uranus transit.

Often astrologers refer to the planetary ruler of the Ascendant.  So if the Ascendant is in Capricorn then the ruler of the chart is Saturn.  However, for this article, I am referring to the rulers of the Sun predominantly and the Moon.  In this case the Sun rules the ego and outer personality while the Moon represents the subconscious and inner self/emotions.  Therefor, to get a complete picture of how transits affect a client, following transits of the rulers (for the Sun and Moon) show how we react on both an outer and inner level as well as, watching the cycles represented by the Moon's ruler.

Let's use my chart as an example because I know it well and I can directly speak from my experiences.  My Sun falls in Cancer ruled by the Moon and my Moon falls in Pisces ruled by Neptune (and traditionally Jupiter).  Now because my Sun's ruler is the Moon, I am affected directly by eclipses, New and Full Moon cycles.  So in August during the Full Moon in Aquarius I did something unexpected, but expected from Uranus.  I gave notice to move out of my apartment without any place to go.  This is a crazy thing for a lunar person (ruled by Cancer/Moon) to do.  But Neptune in Pisces has been transiting over my Saturn and Moon in a conjunction and squaring my Mars in Gemini while also opposing my Natal Uranus in Virgo.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Remember Neptune is the ruler of my Moon and it landed on my Natal Moon and Saturn (which is the ruler of my Ascendant which we're not covering here).  So my living between homes for the past three months (Pisces/Neptune) gave me an outlet with the transit to my Mars (Mercury/Gemini) to write a comical memoir of my experiences living between homes.  The Neptune transit to my Moon and Saturn has literally dissolved old structure.  And it's so dramatic that there are times when I don't recognize myself and joke that I'm going through a midlife crisis.

My watch keeps stopping for brief times (even though the battery isn't dead) and often I no longer know the day or even the month (Saturn).  While I've paid my bills on time, I'm behind on paperwork because I don't have a permanent address or even a phone number at this time.  I experience some Neptune moments where my body floats above me or I easily float off into a deep sleep and strange dreams.  I'm able to communicate telepathically during dream time and even during the regular course of the day.  And epiphanies are a dime a dozen and so are spiritual downloads at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m.

Finally, I want to mention that the Full Moon in Pisces in September brought me a clearer understanding of my past decisions which feel like a reset to me.  I also experienced greater waves of compassion and forgiveness from myself and others.  Then when the Full Moon in Taurus arrived around October 4, a Taurus Man offered me a home (even though I have yet to move into it).  I have experienced delays and complications which I now know were caused by my preoccupation with negative situations.  I expect movement now since I let go of those negative burdens.  Saint Thomas of Aquinas (who gives me these downloads), said, "Think of it as a gift when you know both the beauty and ugliness of a person. That the person had the courage to show you both sides."  With those words I was able to forgive transgressions from the past.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Then I watched a Bashar video on YouTube (which I had watched earlier in my housing search) that reminded me to let go of petty grievances and this idea of betrayal (ego machinations) in order to speed up manifestation (in this case a new home).  I expect forward movement now.

So let's get to each of the Sun Signs and the transits we can observe for those signs to get the most clear picture of current life events:

Aries is ruled by Mars so for Aries, we focus on Mars transits by sign, house placement, and aspects to other planets.  In addition since Uranus transits in Aries, we can also focus on Uranus as a secondary transit.  Often Mars has gone to battle with Uranus with Squares and Oppositions in recent months.  Aries Sun and Moon, do you feel more exhausted this year or more volatile since Mars had a recent transit in Capricorn conjunct Pluto?

Taurus' ruling planet is Venus, though soon enough a new planet will enter our galaxy to represent Taurus and it will be an outer planet.  But until then, we watch the Venus transits for Taurus (and Libra).  If the Moon falls in Taurus then pay attention to the feminine side of the psyche as well as, the blossoming of intuitive gifts.  Venus moves rather quickly through the Zodiac and each sign colors the Venus experience.  Look for aspects with other planets (especially outer planets), as well as, transiting through houses.  What do you wish to beautify? Where are you applying sensuality to those houses or aspects?

Since Venus is the ruling planet for Taurus and Libra, I'm including both signs here for the Sun and the Moon.  And because my head hurts and I would like to get off my laptop.

Gemini and Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury.  Similar to Venus, Mercury races around the Zodiac unless Mr. Quicksilver is doing the backward dance.  When that happens, people with their Sun in those Mutable Signs must take a breather or it seems like everything they touch snags.  What I mean by that is when we are frazzled we mess more stuff up like a run in stockings when we pull on a stray thread.  If the Moon falls in Virgo or Gemini, the native with this Moon placement, finds it challenging to express emotions during a Mercury Retrograde.  Everything he or she says backfires or comes back convoluted and confusing.

However, Mercury by aspect to other planets can also add to confusion when Mercury squares or opposes other Mutable planets or gets involved with a yod.  And I also recommend following Mercury through the houses and signs since our communication style changes drastically when it's in Aries and when it's in Pisces.  Similar to the Moon which colors our moods by transits through the various signs, Mercury transits through sign colors our communication and thinking styles.  We think and act bolder during the month Mercury travels through Aries, and more mystical when Mercury travels through Pisces (and Mercury's ruler Gemini squares Pisces and Virgo opposes Pisces).

Cancer's ruler is the Moon.  And someone with their Moon in Cancer will feel the Cancer-effect double.  The Moon has such a powerful effect over all of us, but especially Cancerians and their polar opposite Capricorn, though Capricorn ruled by Saturn has its feet firmly on the ground.  The Moon rules daily and monthly cycles, as well as, cycles of the eclipses, Full and New Moon. So for someone with a Cancer Sun or Moon it behooves us to follow the Moon Cycles, even the progressed Moon cycles. As if Cancer Sun and Moon people aren't complicated enough!

Also look to the Sign, House and planetary aspects of the Moon transits.  So if the Cancer Moon falls in Taurus in the 4th House and forms a trine with Natal or transiting planets, the domestic scene looks pretty good and the Cancer Sun or Moon person prefers to spend more time at home or at least in a place that feels like a protective shell.  They won't engage in much social activity during that transit, but they might buy or sell a home because Taurus and Cancer rule real estate and the 4th House rules the mother and the home with Cancer as its natural 4th House Ruler. Complicated, I know.

Now we arrive in Leo whose ruler is the Sun.  So even with a Leo Moon we still follow the Sun transits for Leo by planetary aspects, house transits and by transiting sign.  We look for themes having to do with Leo such as theater, creativity, heart, ego, and finding one's center without sucking other people dry in the process.  Since the Sun is also involved with New, Full Moon and eclipses, we also look to the Moon, especially for people with a Natal Moon in Leo (or Cancer).

We're skipping over Virgo and Libra since I already covered them under Taurus and Gemini.  Scorpio's ruling planet is Pluto.  So the most important transits for Scorpio these days is Saturn in Scorpio (until December 24) and Pluto in Capricorn (an exchange between Pluto and Saturn).  Pluto currently transits in the Cardinal Sign Capricorn which is a harbinger of change.  Therefor, people with Natal Sun and or Moon in Scorpio, act as catalysts at this time.  This is why we have focused on psychology around shadow projections and the deep subconscious, more so for people born with Scorpio Moon or Sun.  These people definitely get what the Pluto transits are about.

Since Pluto will be in the same sign for another 10 years, focus on mainly its aspects to other planets as well as, the house (or houses depending on the chart) Pluto currently resides.  Do this for both the Sun and Moon in Scorpio.

Next up we have Sagittarius whose planetary ruler is Jupiter.  Jupiter changes signs once a year and is currently transiting in Leo (another Fire Sign).  Jupiter will stay in one or possibly travel to an adjacent house for the duration of the year so focusing on aspects to other transiting and natal planets is key.  This goes for Natal Moon and Natal Sun in Sagittarius.  Also note that Saturn moves into Sagittarius in late December so then we also apply Capricorn/Saturn themes along with Sagittarius themes (see other posts on Saturn in Sagittarius).

Capricorn's ruling planet is Saturn which has a 2 1/2 to 3 year cycle. For people with a Capricorn Moon or Sun we focus on the Saturn transits which come in increments of 7 years (7, 14, 21, 28, etc).  We also make special note of the Saturn Returns (roughly ages 30, 60 and 90).  Both the Sun and Moon in Capricorn have a "hard knock life" theme. These folks believe strongly that one gains wisdom through suffering (Pisces also falls into this belief).

We mainly look at the house where Saturn resides for it's 2 1/2 to 3 year cycle as well as, all aspects to other transiting and natal planets.

Aquarius' ruling planet is Uranus which has stirred up drama in the past 6 years with its infamous squares to transiting Pluto in Capricorn.  Uranus also transits slowly through a chart (will stay in Aries until 2019) so we just look to the house of the Uranus transit and especially aspects to other planets such as Pluto.  Aquarius also benefits from Uranus in Aries trining with other planets transiting through Fire Signs such as Jupiter in Leo and in the near future, Saturn in Sagittarius.  So if the Natal Moon or Sun falls in Aquarius, pay attention to Uranus transits as well as Aries themes applied to the house where Uranus transits.

Meaning, if Uranus in Aries falls in the Second House (gifts, confidence, talents, personal resources) expect both unexpected situations such as pleasant windfalls or unpleasant downfalls that bring out the warrior spirit. That's just one example.

Finally, if you or your client's Natal Sun or Moon falls in Pisces, look to Neptune as the ruler.  Neptune marks another super long and slow transit lasting around 12 to 13 years in a single sign.  Currently Neptune is around 4 to 5 degrees Pisces. I mentioned already what you can expect from a Neptune in Pisces transit with my personal experiences with my Pisces Moon.  Look to the transiting house and any aspects to other transiting or Natal planets.

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Astrological Forecast for December 2014--Quickening of the Soul

photo by Patricia Herlevi

I realize that the Uranus Square Pluto story has grown stale by now, but we’re in for another round of the boxing match between the Awakener Uranus and the Transformer Pluto with both planets at 12 degrees for the entire month.  This match started right after the American Thanksgiving holiday.

Besides this Cardinal floor show (expect more chaos in the world around the holiday season and well into 2015), Venus enters Capricorn on December 11th followed by Mercury entering Capricorn on the 18th. Venus joins up with Pluto exact on the 21st (around the Winter Solstice) and Mercury conjuncts Pluto on Christmas.  Meanwhile the Capricorn planet Saturn switches from the fixed sign Scorpio into the mutable Sagittarius on December 24th.  We experience relief with Chiron at 13 degrees Pisces (sextile to Pluto, Venus and Mercury in Capricorn), asking us to dig deeper into our conscience and forgive others, especially those who harmed us during our early childhood intentionally or unintentionally.

With all this energy centered on Saturn via Capricorn, Pluto and Uranus, we can expect larger events that shift consciousness on the planet.  These events play out between the old waning structures and emerging new ways of being on the planet.  Uranus in Aries plays the role of the spiritual warrior or represents the youth on the planet, especially the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow kids who have a different song to sing absent of world domination or destruction of the planet.  It’s about time we open our hearts and ears to listen to the messages these children bring.  And when I say children, this does range from 0 to 30+ years of age.

The group with the loudest message was born between 1988 and 1990 with a Triple Conjunction of planets in Capricorn.  And I’m talking the big, slow moving planets including Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.  Remember that Saturn brings a sense of responsibility and discipline to the picture along with a dose of integrity.  Uranus breaks down the old structure and has eyes on the future and Neptune dissolves structure or the old ways that reflect on the illusion of separation.  Say goodbye to any type of dualism now. There is no us and them (reminds me of the Pink Floyd song, “Us and Them”). 

It’s time to get off this merry-go-round of self-righteousness (they’re wrong and we’re right).  And this does include every area of life such as politics, economics, religion and ethnic identity.  Those of you who proclaim yourself “The chosen people of God” or set yourself above “earthlings” because you are from another planet (starseeds) experience a breakdown of ego.  The Uranus-Pluto Square offers us round #6 and if you remember round #1 happened around the time of the emergence of the Occupy Movement and Arab Spring.  Unfortunately, this square also brings violent events such as Indigo Children killing other children and or adults as these kids don’t know what to do with their pent up emotions caused from feeling alienated and unacknowledged for their unique gifts or learning abilities.

At the beginning of the month, Mars moves out of Capricorn into Aquarius.  So now ambition takes a turn for humanitarian efforts.  However, Mars opposes Jupiter in Leo at the month’s end, right before the New Year so the collective pits itself against the individual.  Mars represents technology and humanitarian efforts with its warrior spirit and Jupiter in Leo could refer to celebrities, the movie industry or even expanding one’s heart center on an esoteric level.  We foster the concept of self-love while still serving humanity in some way.  In fact, we might just heal the concept of self-sacrifice and see that self-love heals the planet in a powerful way.

With Mercury (6 degrees), Sun, Venus (12 degrees) and New Moon at 0 degrees Capricorn on the Winter Solstice, we act more sober around the holidays.  Either we have some serious business to attend to with world “tragedies” or challenging weather causing catastrophes or we gain wisdom at this time from ancestors or our elders.  We feel practical and not so much like shopping or partying.  Capricorn strips us bare and has us questioning our integrity and the integrity of others. We want to huddle with our family and brave the storm instead of socializing.  And the storm is more on the inner than outer level as we make sense of world events, most likely around economics (Japan’s economy has already entered a recession).

With Mars in Aquarius, we are less likely to support large corporations by shopping until we drop.  Big box stores won’t reap the profits of recent years, but non-profits could experience a boon around the holidays since we want to support causes.  Oddly, high tech could also experience a financial boon at this time, but in an unexpected way (Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries with mutual reciprocity). Perhaps software companies practice philanthropy around the holidays or bring solutions to Climate Change or other problems we face collectively.

On December 6 we experience the Full Moon in Gemini at 14 degrees which opposes Mercury and the Sun then Venus later in the transit (Sagittarius).  This Moon speaks of long-distance and short-distance travel as well as, how we relate to women, especially women from other cultures and ethnic groups.  We experience themes around journalism, the media in general; women in the media, anthropology, religion and university professors.  This Moon feels expansive to me as if something we learn during this time not only expands our mind/thinking but ultimately our consciousness.  It feels like a trip to the cosmos and if we can curb any restlessness we feel at this time, we could do some deep meditation.  Planets enter the Galactic Center when they transit between 24 and 29 degrees Sagittarius so this comes into play.

We start off the month with square between the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Again, I’m picking up spiritual and religious themes as well as the exploration of dreams.  Any movies released in December with spiritual themes experience box office success.  People gaze deeply at expansion of consciousness and spiritual awakening on the planet.  Groundbreaking movies arrive in theaters at this time. I’m remembering the mid-1970s when “Star Wars” arrived in the theaters and spread a message of light verses dark forces.  The movies that appear now would be more about inclusion than exclusion.  In other words, look for movies with a Unity Consciousness theme that tap into collective consciousness and shape shift reality.

Finally, Saturn transits into expansive Sagittarius on December 24.  However, this means that people with Sagittarius Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Saturn (Saturn Return) experience constrictions and restrictions in their lives.  Saturn always brings hard earned lessons and often feels like a spiritual initiation. Saturn provides a sober gaze at our dreams while giving us a step-by-step approach to achieving them. Saturn demands that we pull up sleeves and make the effort.  But the rewards are great if we follow Saturn’s lead.  So we take those pie-in-the-sky ideas and put some muscle behind them.  And anything we build during a Saturn transit has lasting quality.

We build new structure around long-distance travel, higher education, foreign relations, religion, and even discover ancient text that changes our day-to-day philosophies (such as ancient text found recently that mention the marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene). Saturn takes one more dip into Scorpio the summer of 2015 then remains in Sagittarius for 2 1/2 years.  Those of you born with Saturn in Sagittarius will either have your first, second or even third Saturn Return.  This gives you time to take stock of the direction of your life and your personal growth.  The second and third Saturn Returns go more smoothly if you have done your work.  However, the first Saturn Return (age 28 to 30) brings challenging lessons about integrity, responsibility and discipline.

All and all, December 2014 brings us many challenges on the personal and global levels.  Several planets enter the Galactic Center during the month sending us messages from the cosmos and if we do the work, we reach another level of awakening on the planet.  Happy New Year!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Here's to Your Health--Saturn Transits Libra through Pisces

As promised, here is part 2 of my post on Saturn Transits and health concerns.  For this post we begin with Libra and end with Pisces, representing the second half of the Zodiac Wheel.  You will also notice that they symptoms seem familiar since Saturn now transits in this sector of the wheel.

Libra--If we gaze back 2 to 5 years ago, we might notice that we experienced problems with the kidneys, bladder, ears (hearing) or even eye problems.  Saturn transited in Libra from October 29,  2009 until October 5, 2012 and we would have experienced problems with balance such as regaining balance in some area of our body.  It was also a time to get hearing and sight checked although sight falls under Aries (Libra's polar opposite).  Also watch sugar intake since Libra also represents the pancreas and too much sugar leads to obesity, diabetes and kidney problems.  Candida is also a culprit at this time.

Scorpio--I spoke about this transit in particular at the beginning of part 1 for Saturn Transits and health.  The Saturn in Scorpio transit ends on December 24, 2014, but Saturn returns to 28 to 29 degrees Scorpio the summer of 2015, which means we revisit health issues we don't take care of at that time.  Check for lead in the bloodstream (such as lead poisoning), any blood deficiencies, blood in the colon, inflammation in the colon, and problems related to sexual organs.  Also if you have been promiscuous during the Saturn in Scorpio transit, get checked for venereal disease and AIDS.  This is not a judgement but a reality that could occur during this transit.  Scorpio harbors secrets, but this transit can also make us fearful and paranoid about our health.  So instead of worrying, just get the necessary tests and then the necessary treatment if the tests come back positive.

I also hear that radiation could cause some health problems now.  Limit your exposure to electrical magnetic fields and radiation sources. Do you really need to microwaves your food? How long must you speak on a cell phone strapped to your head/ear? Could you use a speaker phone instead?  Saturn gives us the caution warning, but let's not get paranoid, just practical.

Sagittarius--When Saturn rolls into Jupiter's Sign, we feel a black cloud suffocating our desires for freedom.  Saturn brings discipline in the area of taking better care of our body weight and liver.  This does suggest curbing the alcoholic beverages, fatty and sugary foods.  Did you know that (according to the documentary "Fed Up") that the liver processes sugar and if we eat too much sugar (over 25 milligrams a day), the liver converts sugars into fat thus the obesity problem?  Remember that alcohol also has sugar and this too converts to fat.  So cut back on the booze, sugar and bad fats and keep your liver in tip top shape. Otherwise, you're going to see this in your thighs (also ruled by Sagittarius) and other parts of the body.

Get more athletic during this time.  Go hiking, biking, walking, or join a sports team.  Get outdoors.  Exercise builds bones (Saturn rules bones) and exercise also counters depression by increasing serotonin levels in the brain.  Spirits dampen when Saturn is in Sagittarius so exercise counteracts any depression that results.

Saturn in Capricorn--This transits calls our attention to bones, skin, and other connective tissue.  We could feel a lack of flexibility in our joints even arthritis during this Saturn transit, as well as, problems with the spine such as curvature or osteoporosis.  If the transit causes depression there could be autoimmune problems with skin or acne (if repressed anger also accompanies the depression).  We could also experience a decline in calcium and vitamin D in our body which we boost with foods and supplements.  Make sure that we get plenty of omega oils (mostly from pure fish sources) to keep our joints and skin healthy.  And take good care of your teeth and gums since dental problems can result from poor dental care.

Since we have a double Saturn with the planet in his own sign, we must make sure we get plenty of exercise since this boost serotonin levels, helps us sleep better and keeps depression at bay.  Good exercise for Capricorn/Saturn involves hiking, walking, mountain climbing and yoga for starters. We don't really want to join any team sports at this time, but we could find a walking or biking partner to keep us motivated.

Saturn in Aquarius--We might feel like everything is literally getting on our nerves during this Saturn transit.  Aquarius rules the nervous system, brain functions and circulation (Leo the polarity) as well as, the ankles.  We feel extra charges running through our systems to the point of experiencing nervous exhaustion. Curbing restlessness by getting away from the computer and other high tech devices and taking a walk or hike in a natural setting do wonders.  Also drink plenty of water and take supplements such as passionflower and lavender to calm the nerves.

There is a tendency to overwork and a strong desire to be of service to the world such as with humanitarian efforts.  If we are not careful and we're doing too much mindless running around, we could sprain or break an ankle.  Watch where you're going during this time because sudden events and accidents could occur that short-circuit the body or cause physical harm in other ways.  The saying, "accidents can happen" apply with this Saturn transit or with squares or oppositions to a Natal Saturn Transit in Aquarius.

Saturn in Pisces--So now we end the Saturn Transit through the Zodiac with Pisces. I was born with my Natal Saturn in Pisces and I have suffered many foot problems.  Pisces rules the feet as well as the lymphatic glands. Wearing high heels and uncomfortable shoes is not recommended during this Saturn transit or for people born with Saturn in Pisces.  We also tend to suffer from blisters, toe problems and foot cramps.  Since Virgo is the polar opposite of Pisces, diet plays a role here too as does a healthy exercise routine.

Take better care of the feet with reflexology, foot massage, and aromatherapy for feet.  Stretch the feet out and wear proper footwear for employment and recreation.  Taking yoga or dance classes go well during this transit as does staying away from long stretches in front of a television or computer screen.  This is not a time we feel like joining team sports and we blend spirituality with exercise such as with yoga, Tai Chi, etc... It's also an excellent time to go on a retreat, de-tox from unhealthy habits and take stock of realities that face us.

If depression or other mental illnesses pose a problem, seek art, music or dance therapy with a qualified therapist.  Creativity unlocks sanity and newly discovered talents.  Stay clear of self-medicating unless you wish to deal with an addiction down the road.

So this ends my Saturn in Transit as related to health posts.  Remember to also read the description for your Natal Saturn since the transit information applies to that as well.  When you experience a Saturn Return the health effects and concerns double.  Pay special attention during the Saturn Return period (2 1/2 years).

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Here's to Your Health--Saturn Transits as They Affect the Body (Aries through Virgo)

Over the years I have noticed a correspondence between physical health and Saturn Transits.  When Saturn transits through a specific sign, we experience physical issues in the parts of the body ruled by that sign.  Then as Saturn completes its transit (the last three months or so), Saturn hones in on those physical ailments and discipline we can bring to the healing picture.

For instance, with Saturn in Scorpio, we would have experienced health issues around the colon, sexual organs and possibly blood deficiencies of some kind or another.  At first we could easily ignore the symptoms coming up, but then eventually, that part of our body screams at us which leads us to get medical attention.  However, without discipline such as changing diet with the colon, relieving inflammation with herbs (or conventional treatments), the physical ailments could spill over into the next sign transit, such as Sagittarius which rules the liver.

As Saturn gets ready to leave Scorpio, I am having digestive problems (mainly with my stomach) that causes problems with my colon.  I realize that I have been lazy with my diet, eating foods I know harm me and I have also been under a great deal of stress which exasperates the problem.  But it is my colon that brought the concept of the Saturn transits and health issues to my conscious awareness.  And I recommend for the general populace to pay attention to colon health as well as reproductive health.  Get physicals at this time, change your diet if it's required (especially if you're over 40 when the digestive system starts heading south).  And it wouldn't be a bad idea to do a liver and colon cleanse (with medical supervision) as we move into the Saturn in Sagittarius transit which begins right smack during the holidays (December 24). Sorry, folks.

Let's take a look how Saturn transiting in Aries through Virgo affect our health, especially if that transit takes place in the 6th or 1st houses.  The 6th House represents health and the 1st House represents our physical body and our awareness of our bodies.

Aries--Pay attention to health issues involving the head, brain, teeth (co-rules with Capricorn), face and eyes.  Pay attention to high fevers that come on suddenly for they indicate an infection in the body. Aries people tend to rush through life not bothering with health concerns until they're in an accident involving the head, face and especially the teeth.  Also those with the Saturn in Aries transit in the 1st (Ascendant) or 6th House could experience disruptions in life to help you slow down and take better care of those parts of the body ruled by Aries.  Remember to wear a bike helmet when riding a bicycle and the proper safety gear when engaging in sports and getting into a pub brawl isn't a good idea either.

Taurus--Pay attention to health issues involving the neck, throat and shoulders.  Does your throat feel constricted as you attempt to speak your truth.  Do you suffer from a sore throat, scratchy voice, or strained shoulders? Time to pay attention to these parts of the body by drinking warm lemon tea with honey (add slippery elm bark), get a massage for neck and shoulders and don't strain to hard as far as lifting heavy furniture or overworking yourself doing garden work.  Also I'm hearing don't smoke since this could lead to throat cancer.  For those of you who experience Taurus transits in the 1st or 6th houses, pay double attention to health of the throat, neck and shoulders. (Be weary of accidents that lead to a broken neck or shoulder).

Gemini--This sign rules the hands, fingers and arms.  And since Saturn rules bones, tendons and other connective tissues watch out for health problems coming up as rashes, hives or blisters in those areas of the body as well as broken bones (especially fingers, arms and wrists).  Massage your arms and hands as well as keeping them limber through stretches.  Make sure you get enough minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and vitamins K and D in your diet to keep your bones strong and supple.  Gemini also rules the lungs so stop smoking and get plenty of clean air in the lungs.

Cancer--This sign rules the breast and stomach (though some astrologer correspond the stomach to Virgo) and esophagus.  Dietary enzymes and developing enough stomach acid help with digestion.  If you are a woman who suffers from tender breasts during this transit, try applying primrose oil and taking hormone balancing herbs such as Vitex.  Similar to Virgo, discipline for the Saturn in Cancer transit involves diet and nutrition.  And in fact, I changed my diet several times during the last Saturn in Cancer transit.  I'm a vegetarian and I even started eating poultry again during that time (briefly) to gather my strength.

If you're like me and have Cancer in the 6th House, watching your diet is crucial and is learning about other types of diets and nutrition.  Don't forget to take herbal supplements to help with digestion and if hormonal imbalance causes mood changes, find hormonal balancing herbs as well. If this transit happens in the 1st House pay attention to breasts issues and make necessary routine and dietary changes to help with those symptoms.

Leo--I haven't seen any studies correlating Saturn in Leo with a rise in heart attacks or heart problems, but my feeling is that such studies must exist.  The reason why I believe this is because Saturn constricts and blocks so if a person is blocking their arteries with fatty foods (the bad fats), they're really going to feel this during the Saturn transit.  Remember Saturn rules discipline and creating healthy structure in our lives.  Saturn rules integrity including integrity towards our bodies.  Time to stop lying to ourselves and get on board with a healthy diet and an exercise program (with medical supervision) when Saturn transits in Leo especially near the Ascendant on the 12th House side and the 6th House.  The 12th House represents death or dissolution of life and the 6th House rules the daily routine, diet, etc.

Virgo--This sign rules the digestive system and some astrologers include the stomach under Virgo.  Virgos are usually the nutritionists in the Zodiac and diet is already important to them.  However, a Saturn transit in Virgo brings up dietary issues and can go to extremes especially around such allergic and sensitive foods. Since Saturn constricts during this transit (especially in the 1st and 6th houses), we could become hypochondriac around food or too controlling about what we and others eat.  We could experience extreme weight loss as we either switch diets or eliminate too many foods from our diet without replacements for those foods.  I'm thinking of the candida diet in particular, but celiacs without proper nutrition guidance can also find themselves lost at sea, especially if they ate mostly gluten-containing foods before a diagnoses.

Saturn in Virgo transit could also bring up awareness around other food sensitivities and food allergies.  It is a good time to try an elimination diet and keep a food diary.  It's a good time to get food allergy test then find replacements for those culprit foods.  Our food tastes could also change during this transit.  For instance we might have loved eggs in the past, but now find them repulsive.  We might have found avocados disgusting in the past and now love them. 

I will continue with Libra through Pisces in a future post.  However, besides just reading these as Saturn transits, also consider the above information that corresponds with your Natal Saturn.  So if you have Saturn in Leo in your Natal Chart then the transit description applies to you at all times, not just during a transit.  Double the effect when you experience a Saturn Return.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Moon in Sagittarius (November 22)--Dream Big

Sunset in Sunnyland
On November 22 with the New Moon (Sun/Moon) conjunct Venus in Sagittarius, we're all itching for a world adventure.  Whether that involves hopping a plane across the sea or engaging with foreigners via the worldwide web, we believe that the grass is greener somewhere else.

I have an image of Joseph Campbell as I ponder this Sagittarius New Moon at 0 degrees. See, 0 degrees marks a whole new cycle or the beginning of a quest to adventure.  And adventure could be anything that gets us out of a rut from going back to school to study a subject dear to our hearts, traveling to another country, marrying a foreigner or seeking higher learning on a spiritual level.  It could even imply following one's heart about a spiritual calling.  What I can say is Sagittarius energy is big and expansive full of passion and enthusiasm.  When we hear other people tell their stories, especially funny stories, we delight in them.  But we want to hear stories now that begin with, "A long time ago and far away..."

With this New Moon in Sagittarius, we're not realistic about our dreams and the New Moon and Venus square Neptune (also a dreamy planet with no feet on the ground).  However, what a great time to meditate and hang out in the greater cosmos.  As the Moon moves in Sagittarius it hits the Galactic Center which is between 24 and 29 degrees Sagittarius.  Then the Sun also enters the Galactic Center the week prior to the Christmas holiday also bringing some spiritual insights and shifts in consciousness.  Prior to that Venus enters the Galactic Center around December 6 and remains for four days before Venus heads into Capricorn (a good sign for building dreams).

The Mutable Signs, especially Sagittarius feel this urge to travel, pursue higher education, and expand their worldview or expand other people's worldview.  Gemini feels an urge to move past details and small talk and pursue deeper studies or conversations.  Pisces and Virgos feel the squares of the New Moon, Sun, and Venus leaving Virgo feeling rather itchy with no place to go.

Fire Signs, Aries seeks the spiritual warrior or just warrior experience ripe for an adventure and requires more physical exercise than normal to burn off restlessness.  Leo (Jupiter is in Leo) experiences an exchange of enthusiasm with the Sagittarius New Moon.  Leo Sun especially wants to come first in religion, philosophy, higher education or feel like they're traveling first-class or world-class.  However, all signs benefit from this fiery New Moon that asks us to respond to the call to adventure and keep our fears in check.  Go for it!

BTW, it will be interesting what occurs when Saturn arrives at 0 degrees Sagittarius crossing over the New Moon degree on December 24.  More on this later.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Mars in Capricorn--Strength, Endurance, Maturity & Forward Movement

Goat photo by Patricia Herlevi
Every transit has its weaknesses and strengths.  The strengths of Mars in Capricorn, especially when Mars conjuncts Pluto includes the energy and drive to undergo huge transformation. 

The downside includes petty ego issues, control and manipulation of others and blowouts as the Capricorn or Aries individual (especially with degrees that square Uranus in Aries) forces their will on others.  Dark projections and violence also result from less mature individuals experiencing these transits.  I will give you two real life examples that occurred recently with these transits.

After Mars moved into Capricorn at the end of October, Mars formed a sextile with Neptune in Pisces which gave a much required push to manifesting dreams.  I imagine this transit gave musicians, photographers, dancers and movie makers a much needed boost too in the right direction.  So often those types of productions require large amounts of energy which Mars thankfully provides, especially when the planet is exalted in Capricorn (a good Cardinal placement for Mars).

Then on November 7, Mars transiting at 8 degrees conjuncting Pluto at 11 degrees.  We could even go with a 5 degree orb that occurred on November 5.  This conjunction fires up Pluto which we know brings transformation through a Dark Night of the Soul process and any Capricorn especially with degrees ranging from 7 to 11 degrees feels immersed in this fiery energy. Alchemy is possible, but so is self-sabotage, projection of shadows onto others and violence.  Any decisions or actions pursued at this time leave permanent results and in the case of self-sabotage, permanent scars.  The danger with Mars is that it causes us to act impulsive and regret our actions later.  However, in Capricorn, Mars does provide a brake pedal if only we choose to become mindful of our actions and stay in the moment with a look towards the future.

An exact conjunction of Mars occurred on November 11 (Tuesday ruled by Mars) at 11 degrees.  And here we have the magic number "11" which refers to transformation and the High Priestess.  Could we have fueled transformation through empowering the Divine Feminine? Certainly women feel more "executive" at this point and experience their male side.  Unfortunately, in my past housing situation with a Capricorn women with an Aries Ascendant and planets in Libra at 14 degrees (Jupiter and her Sun ruler Saturn), this came with an obsession with boundaries and keeping other people out of her "bubble" space.  She actually grew more aggressive and tension built until the end of the week where she caused emotional harm to at least three individuals sharing a household with her, not to mention alienating some of her friends.

Mars, Wikipedia
While it's not a bad idea for a woman, especially a mother to assert her boundaries, shouting profanities at others or using an accusatory voice does not bode well for anyone.  This is Mars asserting its immature and rash, even self-indulgent side.  Women are not comfortable for the most part with Mars anyway and Uranus also comes into play as with disturbances and abuse with the Pluto conjunction, in this case, the abuse of personal power.  Mars moves out of orb with Pluto on the 17th and out of the square with Uranus on the following day.

Then during the final week of November Mars sextiles Saturn in Scorpio which again refers back to Capricorn, but this time as a flowing aspect with Scorpio/Pluto.  If a Capricorn or Aries (Libra or Cancer) person navigated the choppy Uranus-Mars-Pluto waters without blowouts and any damaging effects to others, they actually make headway with the Mars-Saturn transit.  They use their drive and ambition to propel their business ventures further and could even win a promotion on the job front.  Physical stamina is either at a high or a low, depending on the physicality of the person.  Capricorns could suffer from head aches, bone and skin problems this month.  Aries suffers from tooth and head problems, including injuries so be careful in November.

Now, my mother shared another incident with me involving a middle school child in Oak Harbor, a small town in Washington State.  This young boy (Mars) threatened violence to another child that would have taken place at a school dance (Pluto/Uranus).  This sudden event caused the school to cancel the dance and of course, my nephew, an Aries who had looked forward to attending his first school dance, felt disappointed.  But at least violence was averted.  Again, we have trouble with the Indigo-Crystal children reacting violently because of something they saw in the media (copycat action) or just acted impulsively from a negative Mars space while asserting some kind of authority in the world through a violent act (Pluto).  I don't know the Sun Sign of the child in question.

Wonder Woman, Wikipedia
I don't require to tell any of you reading this post that any time we have Mars-Uranus-Pluto and Saturn energy involved with a situation, we have growing room and the energies to transform our lives if we so choose that route.  These planets ask us to let go of the old, but we have to face our fears in order to do that. Yesterday I watched a Teal Swan interview on YouTube about Negative Spiraling and how it often takes a leap of faith to get out of a long-standing negative spiral.  Teal used a midlife crisis as an example and for me this relates to getting out of rut through a Mars or Uranus transit.  But we must stay level-headed when doing this because acting impulsively or thoughtlessly with these powerful energies leads to self-destruction and sometimes self-annihilation.  After all, Pluto represents death and Uranus represents sudden events and Mars brings in the aggression or violence.

I know as a Cancer Sun native (and Capricorn) Ascendant I had to remain calm and act quickly to get myself out of an abusive situation in the past two days (the situation was escalating over the past few weeks) in which another person was trying to control me by telling me what I think and feel.  I was becoming too dependent on her because I was already in a shaky transformation shift when I first encountered this situation.  And not having a strong sense of self after taking a huge leap of faith weeks earlier, I was ripe for walking into an abusive situation.  Fortunately, I knew the astrologically terrain and kept my ego in check while practicing self-respect and self-care.  The next lesson for me involves forgiveness and letting go of the past week's events as I allow a new chapter of my life to unfold.

This is the type of scenario that plays out in November and in December but without the Mars influence.  As you know, in December Uranus moves into another perfect Square with Pluto.  And Chiron in Pisces forms a flowing aspect to Pluto helping us to heal old wounds from childhood especially regarding parents.  This is a good time to heal those projections we place on our parents instead of owning in our personalities.  I have seen this played out with women with Scorpio and Aries mothers in which they embody in their own personalities despite their Sun, Moon and Ascendant Signs.  Thus a Capricorn women with a Scorpio mother can act out the darker shades of Scorpio (control and manipulation with paranoia on a subconscious and impulsive level).  Healing does involve forgiving the mother and taking responsibility for one's actions.

I will discuss the Uranus-Pluto square further this December.  For now if you have a Cardinal Sun, Moon or Ascendant affected by the current transits, sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Transiting Yod Alert--Jupiter in Leo and the Capricorn Stellium

On some nights I receive astrological downloads from Saint Thomas of Aquinas.  Last night he mentioned transiting Jupiter in Leo and how this transit especially effects the Capricorn Stellium folks (Saturn/Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn) born from 1988-90.  If you also have planets in Pisces sextiling the Capricorn Stellium (or Triple Conjunction) at 3 degrees then when transiting Jupiter approaches those degrees with a 3 degree orb you will experience a yod.

If you are concerned about this yod and its effects on your Natal Chart, sign up for a transit reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Coming Attractions--Saturn in Sagittarius

Long-Distance Travelers, Photo by Patricia Herlevi
For months now I wondered what the energies of the upcoming Saturn transit in Sagittarius will bring to us.  If we look back 28 to 30 years, we get a glimpse of the types of events and themes associated with this transit. And possibly the Pluto transit in Sagittarius of the early millennial years give us a taste of what's to come.  

People with Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Sagittarius feel constrictions in their lives as we all do in the area of our chart Sagittarius rules.  On a global scale, I see the push-pull effects of Saturn/Capricorn and Jupiter/Sagittarius.  For the first 9 months of the Saturn transit which begins on December 24, we receive a fiery boost from Jupiter transiting in Leo. But after next summer when Jupiter transits in Virgo for the next leg of the journey, the Fire Trine is replaced by a Mutable Square.  And then for the final leg (half year) of the Saturn Transit, Jupiter moves into Libra giving us a sextile and possible yods with faster moving planets transiting in Taurus.

When I tune into Saturn in Sagittarius I pick up scenarios of people wanting to break free from a rut through travel, but experience too many restrictions with long-distance or overseas travel.  So these folks compromise and travel throughout their own country or engage in short distance travel with some educational or spiritual component involved. 

On the educational front, mainly with higher education, the cost of tuition and new restrictions force many prospective university students to engage in apprenticeships instead.  Yes, we will see the return of apprenticeships and honorable trades as opposed to professions.  These apprentices work hard at their crafts (Saturn) and work with mentors or highly skilled elders.  We could even see younger generations embracing rites of passages such as shaman training and initiations done over a long period of time.  Saturn rules time and while Sagittarius expands upon what it touches, such as more time to do what we love, Saturn places restrictions on time.  And yet, we do see evidence that we are moving away from linear time.

Christmas Bus, Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Another aspect of any planet transiting in Sagittarius is that the planet enters the Galactic Center when it reaches the last degrees of Sagittarius (24 to 29 degrees).  And from what I've read about the Galactic Center is that when planets visit, we see huge leaps in the ascension process.  Does this imply that the more practical Saturn types will adopt the Sagittarius joy for life and take a few risks in learning new spiritual tools and practices? Will see see more spiritual and metaphysical topics taught at the university level.  I have noticed universities around the world offering astrology courses, but what about quantum physics? Could you imagine a class on the Law of Attraction? And what about the Vortex and Abraham-Hicks added as part of the coursework? Am I experiencing pie-in-the-sky dreaming?

We will definitely witness restrictions with travel and types of xenophobia since Saturn has a darker fearful side which brought it the unfair moniker of a malefic planet in ancient (and not more recent) astrology.  Hopefully we have grown past events such as 9-11 and explore Unity Consciousness instead.  We get more of what we focus upon and with Sagittarius that's quite a lot! We also experience freedom seeking with the sky as the limit with Sagittarius.  Saturn however brings realism and practical solutions that help us manifest our dreams in reality.  While Saturn receives a bad rap as a doom and gloom planet, it is a task master which brings practical solutions to everyday problems.

Saturn, Wikipedia
As Saturn moves out of Scorpio into Sagittarius, Scorpios give a sigh of relief.  However, as mentioned earlier, when Saturn turns retrograde it transits back into Scorpio to 28 degrees this summer completing a Saturn Return.  Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Ascendant experiences restrictions, usually involving time and structures and rules.  As much as Sagittarius loves to spread dogma, people ruled by this sign turn their nose up at rules.  They prefer to gamble and take risks since Jupiter usually bestows luck on them.  However, Saturn tosses in a wet blanket. Often this comes off like a person waxing on about their big dreams and Saturn telling these folks to set goals and timelines.  They asks the Sagittarius Type about the realistic side of their dreams.  Saturn has a lot of patience since it rules time, but not so much patience with big dreams that have little substance.

We will experience the unexpected and moments of good fortune that seemingly come out of the blue.  Yet, if we experience these fortunate circumstances, it is because we put in the effort at one point (Saturn).  Like Jupiter, Saturn rewards us, but not through gambling or risk-taking.  Saturn rewards integrity and staying true to our dreams. 

Saturn Transit in Sagittarius:

Starts December 24, 2014 
Retrogrades into Scorpio summer of 2015
Ends on December 20. 2017

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