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Final post for 2013--Energies of Neptune, Uranus and Pluto

Pluto, Wikipedia
Well, here we are at the tail end of 2013, a year of Grand Water Trines, Kites, water sign stelliums and powerful eclipses. I'm focusing on the positive.  But I have to say that the outer planets were up to their old trickery.  Most astrologers would tell you that it's virtually impossible to make predictions for Pluto, Uranus and Neptune transits and in the case of Pluto, I think some of us suffer from quivering knees, especially if we have little Scorpio in our natal charts, no planets in our 8th house and are afraid of dark things or things that go bump in the night, like bats hiding in closets.

The problem with Pluto is he represents the underworld and the subconscious mind, as well as, the hidden collective unconscious that drives are most primal urges.  We tell ourselves that we live in a civilized world and we can have none of that Pluto business and for centuries we got away with it.  Then Pluto, bombs, and psychology came along, the cat was out of the bag.  We find ourselves as lost as Persephone as she gripped the earth with her hands and nails while Pluto dragged her to the deep core of the planet.

So as astrologers, the only thing we can predict with a Pluto transits is that the client with the transit is going to experience something he or she finds horrific, even if others around him or her don't see it that way.  Pluto lifts the rug to reveal the mold, insects, dust and crumbs underneath.  Pluto discovers bats in the attic and rats the size of cats in the basement.  It's hard to live in a civilized world and play with Pluto on the side, though some folks try.  Where Uranus shocks us by not following the usual protocol, Pluto shocks us with the most vulgar, disturbing and shadow aspects of ourselves that cause us to cringe.  Pluto strips us bare and we know the type of event coming our way, by the house and sign where Pluto transits.  And even then, we still don't know how the events will play out which more or less depends on the maturity level of the client and how easily he or she can let go of attachments and make room for the new.

Uranus, Wikipedia
Uranus transits are unpredictable even when we know the house and sign of the transit.  A weather reporter can predict thunder showers and electrical storms, but he can't predict the damage it might cause or where the damage will take place.  We can't predict where the lightening will strike and which trees or houses will suffer from the strike.  We also can't predict how groups of people will act out when dealing with oppression, but we know at some point, they will strike too.

In a chart, Uranus throws astrologers into a tailspin as they try to pin down events related to the transit.  But astrologers can only guess and some times if they know and understand Uranus energy, they can guess correctly.  For instance, a client could have Uranus transiting through their 7th house and fear the worst, that their marriage will break up during the seven years of the transit.  But instead the marriage arrives at a new level, the couple sells all their belongings and hits the road in a mobile home or moves to a foreign country to work with the oppressed.  Uranus transiting through the 10th house could predict a loss of a career, but it could also predict that the loss of career leads to a whole new lifestyle as it did for many people in 2008 and 2009.

Neptune, Wikipedia
Finally, we get to slippery and nebulous Neptune.  Will the client with the Neptune transit turn to drugs, alcohol or delusional thinking during a stressful Neptune transits or find his or her spiritual path?  We know that Neptune transits bring us foggy thinking where we could use clarity and dissolves structure which leads to paranoia in some cases or escapism.  To an Aries type, Neptune feels like the enemy with its wishy washy thinking and its desire to sit in deep meditation for hours.

We know that Neptune bodes well for the arts, especially with photography, dance, choreography, film making and music.  But Neptune is still hard to pin down since the planet is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.  Neptune loves ambiguity, invisibility, confusion, haziness, brain fog and feelings of spaciousness (or spaciness).  A Neptune transit in a chart, depending on which house it's in and which planets it aspects, doesn't feel like the rug was pulled out from under us, but more like the rug was never really there in the first place, only in our imagination.  We start second guessing our motives the motives of others leading to paranoia (think Hitchcock movies).  Did we really hear what we thought we heard? Can we trust others? Are we so easily deceived?

So consider these three planets as we venture into 2014.  Neptune remains in Pisces, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, but by the end of 2014, Saturn will move into Sagittarius and Jupiter changes signs (moves into Leo) the summer of 2014.  The thought that keeps popping up into my mind is that Saturn will rule 2014, but my natal Saturn won't be much help to me since Neptune conjuncts the planet for the next 12 months.  Perhaps, I will feel like I'm swimming in two directions.  What's new?

Since I said I would stay positive, the upside of Neptune is that the planet reminds me of an enchanted dragonfly, luminescent and sounds like a choir of angels on good days.  With Neptune, we merge with all that is and become One with the Universe. We join the cosmic dance and meet our Maker.  With Uranus we finally get out of ruts, change our life course suddenly and experience adventure through the planet's spontaneous and surprising energies.  With Pluto, we gain personal power and develop deep strength and courage.  We transition from initiate to shaman and rule our domain.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and the outer planets come bearing gifts.  Sorry, that I forgot to mention this.

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Friday, December 27, 2013

January 2014 Forecast--Ushering in a Year of Sobriety

photo by Patricia Herlevi
On New Year's Day, right off the bat we experience a New Moon in Capricorn at 11 degrees (direct opposite my Mercury). Along with this Moon, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto transit through Capricorn, bringing a heaviness to January in the form of a stellium.  Most of us won't be partying on New Year's Eve and by the new year, we're going to put our nose to the grindstone, clear up old business, write up business plans, and reassess what is and isn't working in our lives.  Our thoughts revolve around integrity, structure (old and new), family, finances, employment or a small business.  We will feel old and responsible until the Sun moves into Aquarius later in the month.

This might seem like a shock after experience a joyous and playful early December with planets in Sagittarius.  With Venus retrograde in Capricorn until the end of the month and opposing Jupiter for the second half of the month, we are going to put pleasure last on our agenda list.  We might find that we spent too much money during the holidays, ate too much, or enjoyed ourselves to the point of causing ill health which now grabs are attention.  Women might wish to start a beauty routine for skin and hair.  Gray hairs will get to some folks and we might just not feel desirable at this time, not that we care, since our minds will be on how to make more money to pay off our debts or get a better paying job.

As I mentioned in early posts, we start off the first week of January with a Cardinal T-Cross with Mars in Libra, Pluto and other planets in Capricorn, Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries.  I recommend watching Carl Boudreau's YouTube video on January 2014 since he goes in depth about this Grand Square as well as, a kite that pulls in Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer.  And I just don't want to talk about this cross any longer.  I feel like I've already said enough.

Only the Sun and Mercury change signs during the month, giving us some stability.  Mercury moves into Aquarius after a short stay in Capricorn on December 12 and our thoughts and communication become more innovative and even more radical.  Out of the blue we receive inspiration to help us move past impasses and quagmires.  The Sun moves into Aquarius on the 21st and I always think of this as the humanitarian Sun when we all want to have our voices heard as we do something beneficial to the world.  Here's hoping anyway.

The asteroid Pallas goes retrograde on the 5th and as I mentioned earlier Venus goes direct on the 30th.  Most people won't even notice the Pallas transit, but it does have to do with women and is related to Athena and wisdom.  Venus is also related to women and after going inward, women and the Divine Feminine, can speak out and share wisdom we have gained in the past weeks with the retrograde in Capricorn.  In fact, since Capricorn represents age and time, I think it's time to listen to older women in authority positions or who have the wisdom of a sage.  Often we dismiss older women, especially in the US and we don't allow them to share their wisdom.  This is a mistake of course and now is a good time to tune into this wisdom or what I would like to call the Wisdom of our Grandmothers.  Pay attention.

In contrast, Venus often represents the younger woman of sexual reproduction age, but in Capricorn even the younger women feel older or need to tune into older women to help them with problems that they face with leadership or perhaps physical problems.  They might want to consult an older woman for intuitive or financial purposes and now is a good time for women sharing their wisdom in circles and other gatherings.  Get out the drums and sing out, ladies.  And for you men, listen to your mothers and grandmothers.

January 1--New Moon in Capricorn at 11 degrees
conjunct Mercury (12 degrees), Sun (10 degrees) and Pluto at 11 degrees
Square Mars in Libra at 11 degrees and Uranus in Aries at 8 degrees forming a T-Cross

January 16--Full Moon in Cancer at 26 degrees squares Ceres in Libra at 26 degrees (harvest) and Vesta at 22 degrees carrying a Divine Feminine theme and asking us how we will nourish ourselves and nourish others.

January 30--New Moon at 11 degrees Aquarius forms an inconjunct with Jupiter in Cancer and a sextile to Uranus in Aries while Jupiter squares Mars.  This implies to me that women will stand off against younger male energy and the issues could be around food security, child rearing or older women in the work place dealing with younger men, such as students.

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Remembering Helen Reddy's big woman song:

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fireball Mars Learns to Balance the Scales (6 month transit in Libra)

Mars, Wikipedia
As I had mentioned in earlier posts, Mars entered Libra on December 16 and will stay in this sign until July 27 when the planet finally moves into Scorpio.  In this post, I will cover the highlights of this Mars transit through direct motion and retrograde and we can fine tune as we go along.  Normally, Mars in Libra would not be a big deal because this is the weakest position in the Zodiac for Mars and usually Mars stays in a sign for 2 to 4 months depending on its motion.  And normally we don't have most of the outer planets in Cardinal signs with two planets going retrograde in Cardinal signs as we do for the next several months.

We do get relief from all this Cardinal energy with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio which at times trine Jupiter in Cancer and sextile the planets moving through Capricorn.  It does get interesting when we have Grand Crosses with Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra, but we also need to look at the role Mars is playing which is that of a peace warrior.  What we have as far as I can tell is a standoff between two emerging energies on the planet, activism (missing the spiritual component) and alternative spirituality of the Light Workers who resemble both spiritual warriors and earth angels and both of these forces are going to battle with darker, denser energies on the planet.  If this is beginning to sound like the movie Star Wars, well, then you get the picture.

Last time we witnessed Mars in a Grand Cross, Mars was in Aries so we should now expect to experience the opposite scenario.  When Pluto and Uranus go at each other, Mars comes in holding a peace sign.  He understands Uranus need to rebel and give power back to the people, but he also understands Pluto's autocratic control freak urges.  Meanwhile, Jupiter in Cancer takes on the role of the mother like warrior who will defend her children and make sure everyone has food on their plate.  Jupiter in Cancer cares about the future, but also gets so caught up in expansion that we forget about the problems that come with overpopulation.  Jupiter types are not known for acting responsibly and then they shove idealism in our faces so we lose track of our reality.

Earth and Mars, Wikipedia
Well, right away in January and in fact on January first, we start the year off with a  Grand Cross (if we include Jupiter), though not exact with Mars in Libra at 11 degrees, Sun, Mercury (12) and Pluto (11 degrees) conjunct Moon in Capricorn at 10 degrees, Uranus in Aries at 8 degrees and Jupiter in Cancer at 16 degrees.  Again, this includes a wide orb between Jupiter and Uranus, but I believe we're going to feel the brunt of this cross anyways.  We must remember that Jupiter is retrograde at this time and an expansive planet so it's energies are far reaching.  On January 3, Mercury opposes Jupiter exact and then on the 8th, Mercury conjuncts Venus exact in Capricorn.  Mars squares Jupiter exact on the 8th and square Venus from the 12th to the 22nd with Venus in retrograde motion.  On the 7th, the Aries Moon opposes Mars in Libra and from the 1st until the 8th, Mars opposes Uranus (the exact opposition occurred the 26 and 27th of December, note while I'm writing this post, this is an upcoming transit, but in January it has already passed by).

So after seeing that list of transits occurring the first eight days of January 2014, I think we are going to take the Cardinal energies seriously.  This really is a time to take deep breaths, take up a meditation practice, watch favorite spiritual movies and videos on YouTube, get yourself to your yoga classes or at least on the yoga mat each day and if you need to, seek therapy to deal with issues that surface during this intense time. Practice kindness for yourself and others and bless each day as you live it, not looking too far ahead.  Don't worry about the future now and just step into each moment as it comes.  The future will take care of itself based on the steps you take now.

We experience some relief when Mercury moves into Aquarius on January 12 and we can distance ourselves from our emotions and be able to see the bigger picture of humanity.  Mercury forms an exact trine with Mars on January 25th and the Sun will also be in Aquarius at this time allowing us to distance from our emotions or at least not over identify with emotions.  This could be an inventive time or that we come up with solutions to problems we faced in recent weeks that come to us from out of the blue.  Look for intellectual inspiration at this time.

Venus in Capricorn squares Mars from January 14 until the 23rd.  Perhaps this is a good time to get out of our minds and into our bodies.  We actually get a double Venus theme going here with Mars in Venus' sign Libra and Capricorn rules the structure part of our body.  We need to bring balance to your health and especially our skeletal structure.  Stay grounded at this time in order to remain in balance of mind-body-spirit.  Again, I think meditation is a good idea even if some of you reading this think that you don't have time for meditation.   Ask yourself how much time do you spend caught up in drama or watching the news, or ranting about something? Use that time instead to meditate and find peace within.  If you look for peace in the outer world you won't succeed.  It's an inside job.

On the 29 and 30, the Moon in Capricorn squares Mars in Libra, but this is a passing irritation or perhaps it recalls events caused earlier by the Capricorn stellium and if that is the case, then pay attention to circumstances that come up at this time.  Venus goes direct on January 31st and that time we spent in contemplation pays off now and we can move forward in those areas of our lives affected by the Venus transit in Capricorn.  Health issues could resolve at this time, but with effort on our part.  Capricorn always requires some effort.

February is light on the Mars transits as the planet speedily moves forward, however, from the 24th until the 28th, Venus direct squares Mars and we revisit themes from January when these two formed an earlier square.  On March 1st Mars goes retrograde and doesn't go direct again until May 19.  This is Mars at its weakest in Libra and retrograde.  We might feel exhausted during this time, especially if Saturn is also aspecting our Sun and at the least, we will not feel motivated or we could feel like our lives are out of balance.  Venus moves into Aquarius on March 7 which brings relief and on the 30th Venus forms a trine with Mars in the Air (intellect) element.  We might do some of our most balanced and best thinking at this time.  Other than that, Mars does not aspect any other planet in a Cardinal sign.  The North Node moves into Libra on February 19th (this is getting interesting because now our fate is involved).

In April we have opportunities for Sun opposite Mars and Mars square Jupiter and Mars square Pluto.   In fact, the start of this month brings us a T-Cross with Sun/Moon and Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, and Pluto in Capricorn with some of the orbs between planets exact lasting the first week of April.  The Aries Sun opposes Mars from the 5th until the 13th and again, we're going to seek balance and experience the energy of peace warriors. Perhaps, we'll hear a lot of people quoting MLK and Gandhi at this time.  Mercury conjuncts Uranus from the 13th until the 17th and opposes Mars during this time (what fun!).  Okay, so April looks as stressful as January without the Capricorn stellium at least, now we have we have the fiery Aries energy instead to deal with.  (We will experience a Grand Cross this month with Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus/Sun in Aries).

In May, Mars RX squares Jupiter and Pluto, and opposes Uranus the first week. And then it looks like we actually get a break even with Mars going direct on the 19th.  Pluto and Saturn are in retrograde motion though there is that business with Jupiter squaring Uranus  for the entire month.  That's the mother going head to head with bad boy Uranus and this could be interesting.  Look for hotheaded women going to battle in the news, but don't join them.

June looks interesting with Neptune joining Saturn and Pluto in retrograde motion and Mars goes to battle with Uranus.  Then in July, Mars crosses swords with Jupiter as both race their way to new signs, Jupiter will soon move into Leo and Mars into Scorpio.  And to complicate matters, Saturn goes direct and Uranus goes retrograde, but we'll get to that later in 2014.

Earlier this year I saw some fear about Mars in Libra coming from astrologers then I listened to Mark Husson's Power Peak Hour (Hay House Radio) and Mark put a positive spin on Mars in Libra.  However, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  Don't fool yourselves into thinking that the next six to seven months will be easy ones.  We will not experience the water flowing aspects of last year's Pisces stellium or the Grand Water Trines of 2013 (though we will experience some water trines).   We are going to endure the crosses in the Cardinal quality, but ultimately this brings us necessary change.  Perhaps you will only change the corner of your world by changing your perception.  Perhaps you will rally with others and make huge changes in the world.  All I can predict is in some way each of us will transform our lives.  Don't ask me what this looks like because that's up to each of you to manifest what works best for you.  Full steam ahead.

If you tune into Neptune's energy in Pisces for relief, refrain from alcohol, drugs and shopping for shoes or you will overdo it to compensate for stress you feel now.  Instead, listen to music, dance, watch uplifting movies and practice dream interpretation. Other good uses of Neptune in Pisces are spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, and things I already mentioned in the article.

If you tune into Saturn in Scorpio for relief, pay attention to your health now and transform your daily routine to bring you strength and vitality.  Cut out unnecessary activities from your life and negative people.  You might need to practice ruthlessness and cut away toxic attachments (you know who they are) so you can move forward on your life path.  If feelings of guilt come up in the process, hand those over to God, the angels or your spirit guides to dissolve.

(I made corrections on this post on January 5, 2014 and on February 16).

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 16 - 22--Solstice, Changes, Transformation...

Stonehenge, Wikipedia
As we move through the month of December, we reach a time period of many changes.  On December 16, Mars moved into Libra and we feel the shift from fix-it energy to needing to get our lives and our emotions in balance.  And during the Mars in Libra transit (with a retrograde last until July 25, 2014), this is a good time to heal resentment, anger and the reasons why we attract hostility from others.

On the 17th, we experience two events, the Full Moon at 25 degrees Gemini and Uranus going direct at 8 degrees Aries.  Uranus has been at 8 degrees for several weeks already, but now we feel the impact of the direct movement.  Let me give you an example of how these two events are playing out in my life at this moment.  The Full Moon conjuncts my Venus with a 3 degree orb in my 6th House and I work from home.  Uranus at 8 degrees Aries is 2 degrees away from my Fourth House cusps (in the house) and so with Uranus going direct at this degree (also squaring my Sun in my 7th House and AC), I expected some disruption in the home. And sure enough, unexpected construction (with plumbing pipes, digging, tree removal) is occurring outside my window as I type this.

For the rest of you, find out where 25 degrees Gemini and 8 degrees Aries fall in your natal chart.  And watch for events in your life around communication and flexibility (Gemini) and disruption (Uranus) are occurring.  Look for natal planets at or near these degrees and observe the energy of these planets which will give you direction of dealing with what comes up.  Do you need to pay attention to your health? Did you have an unexpected expense show up right before the holidays? What's happening in your household or your place of employment? We can never predict a Uranus transit, but we need to stay open to change.  On one hand, Uranus helps us get unblocked and unstuck, but not usually in a matter that is comfortable to us.

For instance we might feel stuck in a relationship, but don't have the will to do anything about it.  So Uranus comes along and throws us a curve ball such as our partner suddenly announcing he or she wants to leave the relationship.  Or we might feel stuck at a job which we only do for security reasons and nothing more, and we find ourselves with a pink slip towards the end of the year.  While these things might seem tragic and frightening on the surface, they liberate us so we can follow our true soul path.  Sometimes these surprises are answers to prayers we forgot we made.  Patience is needed at this time and a flexible mind.  You develop a flexible mind through meditation.  I recommend meditation and breathing exercises.

On December 21, we celebrate the Solstice as the Sun moves into Capricorn, thus joining all the other planets in Cardinal Signs (Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Venus and Mars).  See where you have Capricorn in your natal chart and this is the area of your life that will light up for the next few weeks with Venus staying in Capricorn until March 7th, 2014.  Look for where you have Libra on the cusps and that's where Mars brings balance to your life, but through trial and error, especially if that area of your life has been out of balance for some time. Mars will bring you peace of mind if you allow this balance to occur and stop resisting it.

Finally, Venus turns retrograde on the 21st, on the Solstice and so we will revisit issues around relationships, authority, our sexuality, attraction, beauty, health, our bodies, our diets, and our self-love during this retrograde period and then again when Venus goes direct over the same degrees.  Do you honor yourself and your needs? Do you put other people first before your needs then resent these people? How is your health holding up? How can you bring discipline to diet, exercise and taking better care of your body, especially your skin, bones and connective tissue (Capricorn)? How can you transform the structure of your life at this time to reflect self-honoring? If you don't take care of yourself, no one else will care either.

The house where you have Capricorn on the cusps is going to see a lot of action with Pluto spending the longest time there and the personal planets making rapid transits, almost punctuating themes of that house to grab your attention especially when any of these faster moving planets conjunct Pluto and oppose Jupiter (Cancer).  Pay attention to these transits during this time because you can review the structures in your life and practice self-honesty.

This stellium comes at the right time as the planets have perfect timing.  Issues that come up now, come up strongly and for good reasons.  Don't brush events, confrontations and circumstances underneath the carpet.  This is the time to rip out the carpet metaphorically speaking or maybe even literally.  Stop hiding from yourself and empower yourself by paying attention to your inner authority and innate wisdom.  You might feel time slipping away or that you are wallowing in timelessness now with all those planets in Capricorn and some of them aspecting Neptune in Pisces.

The best holiday gift you can give to yourself and others now, is to leave denial in the dust and face up to your life circumstances and take small steps towards improvement.  Restructure your lives now.  Capricorn will help you do this.  And it will feel like you are climbing a steep mountain, but you are surefooted and you have the wisdom of the sages to protect your back and encourage you to take the next step.  I hope you listen to these wise voices and don't curse Saturn or Capricorn.  Say good bye to fear.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Zodiac Sign Desires--They Just Gotta Have it

Big Bird meets a human, Wikipedia
Each of the Zodiac signs have their desires from the hairstyle, waxing jobs and make up for the Libra woman to the need for risk-taking adventures of the Aries man (or woman), they all got an itch for something.  And the problem we have getting along with people of different astrological makeup revolves around not honoring the other person's desire and thinking that they should desire the same things we do.  And in fact, this could lead to arguments. Think of the Sagittarius man's need for freedom and travel (even if it's just mind travel) and the Cancerian woman's need for a secure home life and a partner enjoys the domestic scene.  Even if both people compromised, they would be selling their true desires short.

Aries have shorter attention spans than say a Taurus and they need to get on with the next item on their agenda while Taurus plods along soaking up every sensual detail of an experience.  You can see how this would land these two in heaps of frustration.  However, someone with strong Capricorn would get along better with Taurus even if they focus on more practical things rather than sensual experiences. The two could still learn from each other such as the Taurus could learn how to curb spending on gourmet food and finer things in life from practical Capricorn and the two could find sensual experiences in nature, hiking, cross country skiing or perhaps gardening.  Taurus sensual needs are met meeting Capricorn's economic bottom line.

So without me going into all 12 Zodiac signs and listing their needs, I do encourage you to read astrology books that delve into the desires and emotional needs of the Zodiac signs, not just to understand your friends, colleagues, family members and partner's needs, but to reveal your own hidden needs that were glossed over by the people in your life (who don't share your Sun Sign or dominant sign where your planets reside).  For instance, a person born with a stellium of planets in Capricorn is not going to enjoy hanging out with gamblers and risk-takers.  He or she is not going to parachute out of airplanes or race fast cars.  A person born with a stellium in Pisces will either grapple with addictions or have a successful career as a musician or dancer or filmmaker and probably won't enjoy parachuting from airplanes either and might spend more time than the average person lost in daydreams.

Often we want other people to be just like us so we can feel safe in the world.  When they don't, we manipulate and control them leading to all types of drama and melodrama.  We might feel attracted to a Leo's charisma, but in reality, we don't like feeling like second fiddle to them and we feel drained flattering them all day and feeling like they never get enough compliments, already.  While none of us comes with a direction label attached to our bodies, it's still a wise idea to look before we leap, especially when it comes to partnering with another.  True, every Zodiac sign teaches us a lesson, but some of these lessons prove brutal and painful causing us to swear off relationships period.

Virgos want to fix things and that includes you.  Leos want to shine brightly in the world and you're just going to feel like their stagehand or stage mother standing in the wings.  Cancers want to express and explore emotions from the depths of their soul and you might just feel like you're drowning around a Cancerian if you are a dominant fire or air sign. And Sun Signs do matter in this sense.  Capricorns are about time, space, and structure, ruled by Saturn.  They are slow to make decisions, they slowly climb their way to the top of the mountain to enjoy the panoramic view, but they are not as slow and stubborn as Taurus who just wants to drink in all the experiences of our 5 senses.  They want you to notice that shade of pink on that soft and fragrant flower.  Scorpio wants to experience life intensely and Aquarius enjoys shocking others by showing up to a dinner party wearing combat boots (you think I'm kidding, right?)

For those of you interested in compatible romantic signs check out those old classics by Linda Goodman and also Mark Husson's book on relationships by Zodiac signs. While our focus should not be just on the Sun Sign, for many people this is enough of a map.  But for more serious students of astrology, look at the North Node, Venus, Mars, and Moon signs as they appear in a synastry chart.  Even with friendships, we feel burned out around some Zodiac signs and refreshed around others.  Become conscious of your feelings in these connections and ask yourself, "Are my needs met in this relationship? What are my needs in this relationship? Am I realistic to think that this person can even meet my needs?"  Be honest with yourself.  Then ask the other person to state their needs.  I'm not saying you should end a friendship based on the responses to those questions, but you do need to reassess and become realistic.  By answering those questions, you will experience ah-hah moments and you might find yourself in a fit of giggles. Never give up your needs for anyone, but find a way to meet your needs on your own, if it comes to that.  This will leave you replenished and not needing something from others.  When you reach that point of self-fulfillment, you have no need to manipulate or control another person to experience life your way.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Power Punches for Transformation--Pluto Transits through Houses

Golden Eagle, Wikipedia
 (For the sake of this article and exercise, see which house in your chart has Capricorn on the cusp.  Then look under the qualities listed in this article: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable).

We have been hearing more about Pluto in Capricorn than any other transit of this planet in recent decades.  I think this is because Pluto transits through a Cardinal Sign Capricorn at the same time Uranus, another outer planet travels through Aries, another Cardinal Sign. And when Pluto transited in Cancer (1930s) the world endured the Great Depression and World War II.  Cardinal Signs launched new energies and push for change.  These are pushy signs and it's easy to feel impatient when planets travel through them or if we are born with planets in Cardinal Signs.

In addition, astrologers' focus has been on Pluto transits that aspect Natal planets like the Sun and Moon, as well as, Ascension Signs in the Cardinal quality.  However, everyone experiences all Pluto transits, even if not through a direct aspect.  Somewhere in your chart, Pluto transits through one of your 12 houses and themes from that particular house undergo transformation of one kind or another during a Pluto transit. Pluto can also stay up to 20 years in a house depending on the degree of the cusp of that house and the duration of the Pluto transit.  And a planet staying in a single house for over a decade brings major changes, which might appear subtle at first, or might hit a person hard when the planet travels over the cusp of the house and in the first degrees.  We all have life lessons to learn now and Pluto and the other outer planets stay with us long enough until we get those lessons.

However, for this particular post, let's just look at Pluto transits in the 12 houses.  Let's skip over aspects with other planets and focus instead on the energy and themes of each of the houses that Pluto disrupts on its journey through the Zodiac.

Instead of going in order of the houses, I'm going to go with quality of the houses starting with the angular houses ruled by Cardinal Signs (First, Fourth, Seventh and Tenth).  I often tell me clients to look at transits in these houses because these are the main areas in which clients ask questions (Self, Home/Mother, Partnerships, and Career/Public).  The First House also begins with our Ascension Sign which occurs at the moment we take our first breath, give or take.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Cardinal Houses 

First House, Ruled by Aries--This is the House of self, identity, our body type, our first impression on others our body language and our childhood round up the themes found in this house.  Whether or not you have planets in the First House or not, Pluto will still cross your Ascension Sign if you have Capricorn AC (and we are looking at Pluto in Capricorn for the sake of this post).

While this transit would carry more weight and power if Pluto aspected other planets in the form of conjunctions, oppositions and squares, even if you have no such aspects, you're going to experience Pluto bring transformation to how you perceive yourself and this could involve a lesson involving the ego or self-identity, not to mention some transformation to your physical body.  With Pluto in Capricorn, you could end up losing weight which may or may not be ideal.  No one appreciates looking like a stick figure.  You might just learn to love your body as it is and start taking better care of it.  And it's also possible that you reclaim your personal power at this time, especially if you're not experiencing aspects to your natal planets through this Pluto transit.  Take good care of the structure of you body (bones, skin, tendons and other connective tissue).

Fourth House, Ruled by Cancer---Depending on which astrologer you follow, the Fourth House rules the Mother or the Father (I go with Mother for this house), the home, childhood, how we nourish ourselves as taught by our mothers and any problems in relationship to our mothers.  So when Pluto transits through this Cancer-ruled house, we transform our views of our mother, motherhood, home, hearth, food, and nourishment as well as, parenting.  This could be a time of breakthroughs in the form of healing with relationship to our mother.  Some people could heal childhood abuse during this Pluto transit with the help of a good therapist.  However, this therapist would need to practice detachment so that the client does not create a mother image for the therapist.

Seventh House, Ruled by Libra--Mainly we see this House as ruling partnerships of all kinds, but mainly marriage and business partnership as well as, legal situations, contracts, agreements, divorce, etc...When Pluto transits through this house expect transformation in these areas.  You might have to leave a co-dependent relationship, end a marriage that leaves you feeling stifled or perhaps you give up the single life in favor of marriage.  The transformation could also involve a legal situation and the various aspects with Pluto to other planets in your Natal chart would determine the outcome of that situation.  See an astrologer for details.

Tenth House, Ruled by Capricorn--When Pluto transits through the Tenth expect changes in public life, relationship with father and career.  So often the way we deal with the outer world comes from the father figures in our early life.  This becomes what we call our male side or our inner father-provider-breadwinner despite our sex.  During this Pluto transit we might question if we chose our career because we were following our bliss or pleasing our parents.  Pluto is all about self-integrity so if we chose a career just because it was practical or because it pleased our parents (but leaves us feeling miserable), then Pluto will find a way to remove us from that career (unemployment, sudden job loss) so that we can pursue our true soul path.

This is confusing to a lot of folks because even if you like your career and it's still not the right path, you could lose your job.  It's not because Pluto is punitive, but because our soul desires start churning and we actually want to move on, but are trapped in fearful and limited thinking.  We also despise change, especially sudden change that could occur when Pluto transits over the cusp of the Tenth or the MC (midheaven).  And by the way, we can also experience job loss when Pluto crosses our AC (First House) too, as I can attest or our North Node.  But the reason behind the loss has more to do with over identifying with a career and losing hubris along the way.  Pluto won't put up with arrogance.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Fixed Houses 

Now, let's look at Pluto transiting through the Fixed Houses provided you have a Cardinal Sign ruling these houses, otherwise the Pluto transit in Capricorn will not enter a fixed house in your natal chart.

Second House, Ruled by Taurus--Pluto transiting through the Second House has us reassessing our gifts, talents and personal resources.  We can feel stuck in the mud in this house if all we do is accumulate or if we accumulate through a job or career that does not utilize our natural gifts that we came to this planet to share.  Pluto crossing the Second House cusps could leave us with the urge to downsize and give away material possessions or to volunteer our time, skills and talents for a greater cause.  This transit could lead to selling the house or other assets and hitting the road in a mobile home, but this is rare.  A Pluto transit will shake up this house and help us to lose our rigidity and discover that when we share what we have with others, it multiplies, but when we hoard, we just feel miserable and stuck.

Fifth House, Ruled by Leo--When Pluto transits in the Fifth House we reevaluate what we do for recreation and fun. If we have had too many affairs and used people along the way, Pluto brings reckoning in some form or another.  If we have grown narcissistic and overly dramatic, we  might see our friends and lovers walking out of our lives.  People who gamble might hit hard times with Pluto coming along questioning this behavior and this is a time to keep the ego in check and discover our heart centers. This could also be a time when creative pursuits in the arts, especially performing arts undergo transformation. We ask ourselves the real reason why we do what we do.  Are we performing music for applause or because we wish to share our gifts with others and create connections?  This is a good question to ask when Pluto transits through the Fifth.

Eighth House, Ruled by Scorpio--It's time to reassess our financial relationships with others--either family members, corporations or the government.  Have we been honest in our financial dealings? Have others been honest in financial dealings regarding us?  A Pluto transit could deal us a blow in the area of other people's resources that we depend upon and we might just learn to become more self-sufficient.  Other themes that come up have to deal with sexuality, soul mates, sexual relationships, sexual diseases, sexual hangups, psychological hangups and the heavier stuff we prefer to sweep under the carpet.

Pluto rips out that carpet and exposes to us the things that make us cringe.  We might find creepy crawlies in the attic or basement of our homes, we might learn that a nearby factory is poisoning our environment, or we might learn that the family inheritance came at a high cost to the environment or other people's lives. We might uncover some dirty secrets or we might just heal the deepest part of our consciousness through relationships that occur at this time. Sorry but this is a darker house and it's also Pluto's domain so the lessons are deeper and ultimately more fulfilling than with the other houses.  You could deal with death or just the concept of death and regeneration.  (Fortunately, Pluto transited through this house during my early childhood so I won't be revisiting this transit again in this lifetime).

Eleventh House, Ruled by Aquarius--The folks born with Pluto and Uranus conjunct in Virgo (mid-1960s) will have an easier time with Pluto transits in this Aquarius house.  This Pluto transit asks us about transforming how we relate to our colleagues, peer groups, networks, and humanity as a whole.  We might be invited to change our minds about new technology or spiritual concepts when Pluto transits this house and we might do so through a workshop or conference setting.  For instance, a colleague might drag you to a spiritual seminar about Law of Attraction and taking responsibility for your co-creations and manifestations.  You might feel uncomfortable with this line of thinking because you are more conventional or traditional, but if Pluto transits through this house during the time you are exposed to new ideas, these ideas will rock your world and crack the foundation.  You will also consider transforming society and how we live on the planet at this time and this is not  passing fancy, but something deeper.  By joining others, you also transform your own life by exposing corruption and implementing more humanitarian practices.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Mutable Houses

Finally,. (my hands are sore from typing), let's look at Pluto Transits through the Mutable Houses, which are Third (Gemini), Sixth (Virgo), Ninth (Sagittarius) and Twelfth (Pisces).  And although we're not looking at Pluto in signs for this article, remember that Pluto was in Virgo from 1957 to 1970, and Sagittarius in more recent years (right before the planet transited into Capricorn, in fact).  But let's stay with the Pluto transit in Capricorn as it transits through the mutable houses so this would mean that you have Cardinal Signs on the mutable houses in your Natal chart.  Are you following?

Third House, Ruled by Gemini--When Pluto transits through this house we see transformation in areas of K-12 education, short distance travel, siblings, cousins, mental processes, and communication styles. So we could experience a scenario involving a brother or sister and our communication style that brings transformation to our lives.  A short distance trip involving a sibling could bring up childhood rivalry and biting comments that lead to a bitter feud, but ultimately brings transformation in that we need to change our perceptions of the sibling or learn a new communication style such as non-violent communication or using "I feel" statements.  This would also be a good time to visit a speech therapist if there are problems with communication and most important, practice integrity in all forms of communication.  Pluto doesn't bode well with dishonesty and dualistic thinking.

Sixth House--Ruled by Virgo--When Pluto transits through the Sixth House, it's time to reassess the daily work environment, diet, health routine and your association with pets.  Expect wake up calls around diet, health, exercise, overwork, nervous exhaustion from over work, duties, sacrifice and service (how we serve others).  We might learn about self-nurturing during this time through the arrival of a medical condition or we might look at how our job stress effects our health.  Pluto will also ask  us to give up the idea of perfectionism or we could lose friendships due to our over critical thinking and treatment of those in our daily environment.  You might feel a strong desire to serve your community in some way so follow up with this urge, but make sure you don't add too much to your plate.  Rest is also important during this Pluto transit.

Ninth House--Ruled by Sagittarius--Let go of the idea that you need a higher education degree to fulfill your life's work.  You might be able to fulfill your life's work from where you stand, but you need to move past limiting thoughts and expand your consciousness.  When Pluto transits through the Ninth House, expect your views about the world to transform.  If you fear world travel, you might find yourself on a plane India-bound where you end up gleaning spiritual insights by studying with a guru.  You might experience a world event which expands your compassion for another culture and alters your personal philosophy or you might end up publishing a book you didn't even think you could write.

Twelfth House--Ruled by Pisces (my hands are super sore from typing this post).  When Pluto transits through the house of disillusion, death and transition, prison, confinement, spirituality, and other Pisces themes, we must let go of structure in one form or another.  We might leave a job because it doesn't mesh with our spiritual insights, we might lose a friend or family member to death, but value the spiritual side of this experience.  We might heal an addiction or come to terms with a mental illness or psychological label.  A Pluto transit in this house leads us to our spiritual roots and has us questioning religion and our connection to the Divine.  Spiritual teachers arrive in our lives or we discover healing through music and sound or cinema and photography.  The main thing is we dissolve old structure and this is frightening for most of us.  It feels more like a Neptune than a Pluto transit, but we will still glimpse our inner under world and come to grips with our psychological skeletons.  Who are we? Divine Children of God, that's who.

I found that a Pluto transit in the 12th is the worst time to pursue higher education in a structured setting.  I tried to do that, and nearly lost my mind.  Fortunately, working with music helped me get through six months of additional college training I undertook at that time.  But I got more out of reading Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist" than six months of formal study.  And two of my spiritual poems were published in a literary journal before Pluto left my 12th House.  I also found myself reviewing cinema for most of that Pluto transit, studying film making (that did not go over well), writing screenplays and researching music.

Corrections made on October 18, 2014 

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanks & Happy Holidays!

3 Wise Men, Wikipedia
Wow, it has been quite a year in regard to the planet transits, eclipses, etc...And we're still here.

Thank you for supporting my astrology blog, for your comments, donations, and readership.  I have a feeling things will turn even more adventurous for astrologers and astrology followers, but we can handle it.  We have grown accustom to Uranus squaring Pluto (piece of and we'll settle in with Mars in Libra until July 25, 2014 too.  Meanwhile, Cancerians, reap those Jupiter blessings because otherwise you'll need to wait for another 12 years to do so.

Focus on the good, and leave the rest behind.  What's working with your planetary transits and where do you need to do some work? Those are the questions to keep in mind as we complete 2013 and head into a whole new cycle.

As for me, I plan on learning more about astrology so I can follow in traditions that hail back to ancient Babylon, India, etc...while we might all have our different systems and not agree on whether the planets are enemies or allies, I know one thing, the planets have the final word and we only get to translate.  However, after we translate, it is up to us to choose what to do with the wisdom we glean from our cosmic explorations.

Happy Holidays to all you wise women and men.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ruler of Your Chart

Wikipedia, medieval astrologer
Although today in the west we practice Sun-Centered astrology, astrologers up until the early 20th century focused on the Ascension Sign.  And today when astrologers refer to the Ruler of a Chart, they are talking about the ruler of the Ascension Sign.  So let me show you a shortcut to reading a chart by focusing on the Ruler (ruling planet) first and playing a game of six degrees of separation or connecting the dots.  I don't remember which book I learned this trick, but you can play with it by using your natal chart. 

Don't have a natal chart? Go to and create a free chart for yourself by plugging in the details of your birth.  Here's a hint, if you live in the northern part of the earth, such as the northern US, Canada, northern Europe, etc... the Equal House system works best for a natal chart.  I live in Washington State and use this house system for my charts.

I am pasting a fake chart I made for one of my workshops.

The Ascension Sign for this chart is Libra so the Ruler is Venus.  So now we look for Venus in the chart by house and sign.

Venus is in Virgo (ruled by Mercury) in the 11th House (ruled by Aquarius).  And Uranus (also ruled by Aquarius) is in Libra (ASC).

So let's look for Mercury since it has an association to Virgo.  Mercury falls at 7 degrees Cancer, which is a nurturing and mother type Mercury.  Mercury falls in the 9th House (ruler Sagittarius) which has to do with higher education, religion, philosophy, long distance travel, and idealism.

So already we know we have a Venususian type who seeks beauty and balance in the world, and would feel fussy about these things as she tries to perfect the world around her with Venus in Virgo.

She might communicate this through a teaching profession at a higher education setting such as a university or she might do this through world travel, cultural anthropology or religion.  Her communication style (Mercury) is motherly and she is concerned about food issues and probably children and mothers.  This could be a cultural anthropologist again with Uranus in Libra and Venus falling in the Aquarius House, but she would fall on the humanitarian side of this.  I place cultural anthropology under Sagittarius, but it also has Aquarius elements.

Next let's look at the Sun's Ruler which is Cancer represented by the Moon which falls in the Scorpio (Pluto), in the 1st House (Aries/Mars). 

This is a fiery and watery place for the Moon, doubly so and with the Cancer Sun, this women runs again into the theme of mothers, children, nourishment, and she's identifying with it strongly since the Moon falls in her first house of identity.  Perhaps her personal story of her life led her to her work.

Finally, let's look at the ruler of the Moon which in this case is Pluto which falls in the 12th House ruled by Neptune/Pisces.  Pluto falls in the sign of Libra so here is someone represented by a generation or subgeneration seeking balance or transformation through balance and beauty.  This is a person who might have a problem with confrontation or darker people, especially mentally ill people or those in prison or hospitals.  She would struggle with bringing perfection to these situations so she could feel safer in the world, but could just as well end up controlling and manipulating situations from behind the scenes.  She might escape through addictions of one kind or another or play the role of martyr or victim, especially when she feels burned out.

So there you go, by coming up with the three rulers of this chart, you have a pretty impressive picture of this "fake" person who at some point might become a character in one of my novels.  And you can keep playing the association game further by going through all the planets in the chart and Chiron, find their rulers and where they are in the chart and so on.  Each time you connect more of the dots the image of the person (you read for) grows more clear.

First practice this with your own chart and you will be surprised at the intriguing nuggets that come up, stuff you never considered previously.  We are all complex and none of us will ever know all the nuances in our charts.  So have some fun this weekend.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Transits for December 1-7--A Winning Week?

Even though I already posted a December transit forecast, while I wrote in my journal this morning, my Spirit Guides pointed out an incredible week of transits.  This week looks the brightest out of an otherwise bleak month, especially with the Capricorn stellium at the month's end.  So this is the week to get out and enjoy holiday gatherings and the holiday spirit in general.  Spend time with friends, take some risks you normally wouldn't, buy a lottery ticket (you never know), apply for jobs, send pitches and proposals out, and ask for favors this week.  People are going to feel more generous than normal and you might also receive free food and surprise gifts.  This feeling of abundance will most likely wane by the end of the month so take this time to fill the cupboards and fridge, buy that warm winter coat and prepare yourself to hunker down later this month.

One warning with Venus opposing Jupiter the first week of the month, refrain from overeating especially fatty and sugary foods.  If you don't, you'll pay the price in January with aches, pains, and weight gain as your body regains balance.  Also take good care of your liver the first week of December.

Flowing Transits:

New Moon at 11 degrees Sagittarius on December 2
Moon trine Uranus (Aries) December 2-3 (Fire Trine)
Mercury moves into Sagittarius on December 6 (transits into Capricorn on Dec 24)
Mercury trine Uranus (7-14) exact on December 10
Jupiter trine Saturn entire month (exact 9 - 17)
Chiron Sextile Pluto (entire month)
North Node trine Neptune (wide) 1-7
North Node trine Chiron (entire month)

Challenging Transits:

Uranus square Pluto (entire month, 2 & 3 degree orb)
Venus opposite Jupiter (1-7)
Mercury square Neptune (6 - 10) exact on December 7

Later in the month: 

*Pluto moves to 11 degrees on December 24
**Neptune moves to 3 degrees on December 22

* People with planets at Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra at 11 degrees will experience some event when Pluto moves to 11 degrees Capricorn.

**People with planets in Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces and Gemini at 3 degrees will experience this Neptune transit as a feeling of fogginess or haziness or confusion.

Overall, we will experience flowing aspects with the exuberance and optimism of the Sun, New Moon, and Mercury in Sagittarius and those fire trines to Uranus in Aries.  People, for the most part, are feeling generous, philosophical (be ready for a debate), idealistic, religious, charitable, sarcastic, humorous, and expansive.  We'll all feel lucky and willing to take risks to move our lives forward, whether or not that involves finding new employment, getting a project off the ground, applying for a loan, buying holiday gifts, hosting a fund raising benefit, networking, dating, pitching, proposing or giving presentations.  This is the week to do all of those things.  However, with the Mercury-Neptune square, use discernment when approaching new situations and people because we might not get the whole truth.

In the background, we still experience the battle between the grassroots majority and the elite (Uranus square Pluto, though the orb is widening for now) and Venus opposite Jupiter does ask us to pay attention to diet, be careful who we get involved with (too much arrogance in the world) and don't overindulge the credit card, knowing that the bill will come to you eventually.  Other than that, this week we might just kiss Lady Luck and have her blessings bestowed up on us.  If you don't take a chance, you can't win so use discernment and take a risk.