Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One & Only Pediatric Astrology Chart Special

photo by Patricia Herlevi, 2013
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Moon Forecast for April 2015--The Rainbow's Pot of Gold

As I write this post, I'm a month away from the New Moon at 28 degrees Aries on April 18.  Part of me, if not all of me, wishes to jump ahead past the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra and all that muck with Uranus and Pluto. Yet, we can't enjoy the rainbow without weathering the storm.  Besides, all that tension gives us astrologers something to sink our teeth into.

All the New Moons thus far in 2015 have ended cycles and the New Moon at 28 degrees Aries follows this pattern. Although this New Moon falls in a fiery Cardinal Sign, my sense on it brings up the words relaxation and rejuvenation, mainly because this is the first New Moon after the eclipses of March and April and it moves into grounded Taurus a few hours later.

So what does it mean to end a cycle in Aries? If we're not careful Aries energy can burn us out quickly especially if we charge into situations or run with the mantra, "Go, go, go!"  With Aries we want to get stuff done and done now.  We learn to set boundaries and put ourselves first which on one hand empowers us, but on the other hand, upsets the apple cart.  So to end an Aries cycle we must first take responsibility for whatever actions we took whether that's launching a new project or setting the scene to leave a marriage.  This involves commitment to our goal and follow-through instead of waiting for a parental figure to do the work for us.  Ending an Aries cycle requires that we move past our childhood (if we're adults), grow up and act like civilized adults.  Anyone not taking responsibility will experience a kick in the pants during this New Moon.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
We'll also notice the ones acting childish especially since Mars in Taurus squares Jupiter in Leo during this time with Mars representing the child or childish behavior and Jupiter in Leo stoking the ego causing melodrama.  Meanwhile, Venus in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius and squares Neptune in Pisces leaving us with a Mutable T-Cross.  Venus in Gemini will either focuses on lectures about healing and ecology or she'll get caught up in gossip or spend too much time gabbing about nothing important.  We could see a competition between women maybe even in an academic or religious setting or local women pitting themselves against foreign women which hardly awakens us spiritually.

We could also witness scandals in the media (more likely) involving academics, lawyers, foreigners or religious figures that come off as exaggerated.  We end up feeling disillusioned with religion or even spiritual practices because of the scandals.  This could involve a renowned guru from from a foreign country who ends up in a scandal and people comes off as brainwashed or gullible.  It's happened before and could happen again with this Mutable T-Cross. Women (Venus) could suffer the most from it, especially if it's a sex and religion scandal.  In any case, I don't have a good feeling about this Mutable T-Cross since I have my Venus in Gemini.

What I do like about this New Moon is Mercury in Taurus where language describes sensual experiences and communication slows down, if not comes to a complete halt.  This would be good time to shut off communication devices and take the phone off the hook.  Pick up a good book and head over to the hammock under a leafy tree.  I also like the Trine with Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn which bodes well for business.  Neptune and Pluto close in on a wide sextile which fuses Pisces and Capricorn energy meaning we can set goals to manifesting our world vision.  Neptune also spiritualizes Pluto and transformation occurs on a spiritual level or leads us to a deeper spiritual path.

With the asteroid Vesta joining Neptune, we purify our intent and vision so that we serve the greater good.  Other favorable aspects include Mars joining Mercury in Taurus because we can now put action behind our words and show up as mature and grounded when we discuss our plans with others.  Venus in Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Leo which will either help us to define who we are and what we truly desire or could just add more fire to the potential scandals I mentioned earlier.

Finally, Pluto goes retrograde the day prior to the New Moon giving us a rest from relentless transformation and probing into shadows (which can just leave us feeling paranoid).  The overall feeling I receive from gazing at this New Moon is one of stability.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to take some time off in April to reassess, rethink and recuperate from events from previous weeks.  It's a great time to integrate changes that have occurred on all fronts.  Spend time in nature and get in touch with your soul.  Ask yourself what you really want from life then take the next few weeks to create the steps to manifesting the the life you desire.  The planets transiting in Taurus bode well for manifestation and Jupiter in Leo has us believing in ourselves. Look in the mirror and say the mantra, "I can do it."  Yes, you can.


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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lunar Eclipse in Libra (April 4, 2015)--Balancing Act

After March's Uranus-Pluto Square, the Cardinal Signs won't enjoy another major event involving Libra, Aries and Capricorn.  But on April 4, we experience a Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Libra, forming a Cardinal T-Square with Uranus-Sun and Pluto.  Meanwhile, Jupiter at 12 degrees Leo trines Uranus-Sun, sextiles the Libra Moon and forms an inconjunct with Pluto. All of this carries the theme of transformation.

Also see the Aries Lunar Eclipse for September 2015

Those of you with Cardinal Sign planets between 12 and 16 degrees will experience a life-changing event whether that appears on the global canvas or in your personal life.  If we look at the chart for the Lunar Eclipse, we also see a loose Grand Fire Trine involving Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus with the Sun.  We're all going to experience  a surge of energy which in itself isn't a bad thing if we have an outlet to direct that energy. Imagine electricity with no place to go and the sparks that derive from misplaced electrical energy. A good use of that energy could come in the form of transforming the workplace or building new structure, especially with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Sagittarius coming into play.

Signs most affected by the Lunar Eclipse are Aries, Libra and Capricorn, with Libra taking the emotional brunt and Aries acting impulsively for good or ill.  While the Libra Full Moon reminds us to find balance in the areas of our lives where the eclipse impacts (look at the houses in your chart with Libra, Aries and Capricorn on the cusps).  Marital problems could erupt at this time if both parties or even one party has repressed emotions as not to hurt the other person's feelings or out of fear of confrontation.  Aries types want more freedom than usual especially with Jupiter in Leo coming into play (Fire Trine).  Libras want a different sort of freedom that happens more on the intellectual level whereas, some Libras will demand space so that they can find their authentic selves.

On a global level, tensions erupt in cities, towns, provinces or countries with an Aries or Libra Ascendant, Moon or Sun (such as the city where I reside with has a Libra Ascendant at 17 degrees), especially with 12 to 16 degrees Libra or Aries. This tension will most likely involve justice and youth.  Could even be university students returning from spring break only to be greeted by a tuition hike or some other type of bad news which leads to protest, most likely occurring over social media.  This is just a potentiality.

Also the Lunar Eclipse occurring at 14 degrees in Cardinal Signs (Libra and Aries) plays a significant role. Uranus occupied 14 degrees Aries from February 10 until March 10 before it moved into an exact conjunction with Mars and an exact square with Pluto.  And speaking of Pluto, this planet transited at 14 degrees Capricorn from January 25 until February 28 so we could revisit situations from those periods. Mars and Aries represent youth, courage, and boldness as well as, aggression, competitiveness and violence.  Mars and Aries act first and think later, sometimes too late.  Mars has a tendency to lead to rash or impulsive behavior sometimes out of courage and other times pure foolishness.  Fortunately, Mars is at 2 degrees Taurus at the time of the Lunar Eclipse.  Mars energy almost comes to a standstill when it enters the Sign of the Bull.

Meanwhile, the asteroid Pallas (Greek Athena), hangs out in the Galactic Center at 29 degrees Sagittarius reminding us to close a cycle that started in ancient times or the era of wise women elders.  This suggests to me that we find our solutions by going inward and connecting with the wise priestess in each of us, man or woman.  Use intuition instead of logic now, strive for peace through sharing and cooperation and give up this idea that others are out to get us.  Give up the idea of us verses them which always leads to battles of one kind or another.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi 
With the Grand Fire Trine we could manifest peace between nations, especially with Saturn in Sagittarius and most likely this starts on the business front or from cultural exchanges.  We could also find solutions in archaeology discoveries found at this time, especially in the area of ancient religious practices. Perhaps university students graduating later this spring come up with solutions to problems that have dogged us for centuries with Uranus and Sun in Aries involved.  It's not all gloom, but boy, will the planets put on a show around this Lunar Eclipse.

Venus in Taurus forms a trine with Pluto at the beginning of April which segues into the Lunar Eclipse and so this is a fantastic time to get exercise, take care of bones, skin and teeth, as well as get grounded through hiking in the woods, mountain climbing and gardening.  Farming goes well at this time, especially with crops that grow slowly underground such as root vegetables and I have an image of ginger root.  This trine bodes well for body workers, especially chiropractors and massage therapists.  You could see an influx of clients the first week of April, especially on the 4th and 5th.

No matter who you are or where your Natal planets land in your chart, the first two weeks of April either complete a transformation process that began around March 11 or bring new changes that affect you on a profound level.  As always focus on the positive.  Focus on what you can do and then do it.  This Lunar Eclipse reminds us that each of us and our contributions to the Greater Good matter.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Forecast for April 2015--Cooling the Dragons

For the first week of April, some of us lick our wounds from experiences brought on by the exact Uranus-Pluto Square and Solar Eclipse in March.  While others, integrate changes into their transformed lives.  While it's unhealthy to judge others along their paths, assess where you have landed after the perfect storm, ground yourself and move forward knowing all changes are for the better.  Share your wisdom with those only now embarking on their life path.

We launch April with a Lunar Eclipse (April 4), at 14 degrees Libra.  The degree of the Aries Sun conjunct Uranus and the Moon in Libra square Pluto bringing us another Cardinal T-Cross. Mercury also transits at 8 degrees Aries which means that people speak before they think and often using sharp words.  While it's beneficial to assert oneself in a conversation or in other circumstances, let's try not to dominate or control others.  This is a time of impulsive and spontaneous acts, even foolish acts since Aries rules the fool and where we act childish.  However, Pluto in Capricorn acts as a double parent or authority figure that sets us straight. This would not be a good time to flirt with the law either since Libra represents the legal system and the Full Moon in Libra eclipses the Aries Sun.  We could see rash behavior and car accidents now, especially involving young people.

Full Moon in Libra 14 degrees 24
On the other hand, we could find balance in our lives through engaging in playful activities or getting a child's perspective on the areas of our lives we take too seriously.  Some children come across as charming and balanced while other children experience meltdowns at this time if their lives, including diet are out of balance. In fact, if a child experiences a meltdown take a look at diet and exercise.  Are food allergies the culprit? Is the child eating too much sugar (stay below 25mg sugar per day)? Is the child sitting indoors all day instead of going outside and getting fresh air and exercise?  We must remember that when planets transit in Aries, we have an abundance of energy that can easily lean towards aggressive, even violent behavior if we don't work off the steam.

As with all Libra transits, I ask everyone to look at their diet because Libra rules the kidneys and pancreas so watch sugar intake.  The problem with planets transiting in Libra and especially and eclipse in Libra is that we crave sugar or sweets so it's hard not to indulge.  However, taking a B-Vitamin complex and chromium helps in relieving the craving as does eating carrots, bananas, almonds and coconut instead of indulging in ice cream, cookies, cake and soda.  In fact, if you're on a spiritual path, give up the soda, cookies and ice cream because these weigh you down and mess up the pancreas, leading to obesity and diabetes too.  Have a special treat once in awhile, but be realistic and know that indulging in sweets everyday is bad news to the body.

Speaking of Libra, Venus figures prominently (if we use Taurus as a co-ruler of Venus) in April. This is because Mercury transits into Taurus on April 15 (Tax Day in the US), Venus transits in Taurus until the 12th when she travels into chatty Gemini, the Sun transits into Taurus on the 20th and March starts off the month in Taurus.  Planets in Taurus form a sextile with Neptune in Pisces and later Chiron in Pisces (for exact dates check an emphemeris or planetary guide). Planets transiting in Taurus also trine Pluto in Capricorn when they are around 15 degrees, but square Jupiter in Leo around the same time.

Wikipedia from Alice in Wonderland
I see two scenarios playing out and it depends where we are at on the evolutionary scale.  People who seek only pleasure at the expense of others and the planet, have a ways to go before waking consciousness.  We could see a rise in hedonistic behaviors and shopping that breaks the bank for some folks.  However, we could also see a boost to the real estate market, people could renovate or redecorate homes now, get their hands dirty gardening or starting a victory garden such as added raised beds to the lawn.  It would be an excellent time to head to the farmers market and support your local farmers.  Taurus rules farmers.  We see beauty in the natural world as spring blossoms around us, wear lighter colors, and want to listen to aesthetically-pleasing music, dance or sing, especially with the Taurus-Pisces sextiles.

Those of you who work in a healing profession could see an increase in clients coming to you, especially if you work with aromatherapy, color therapy or sound healing.  Music and dance therapy go well now too. And we'll all have more energy and enthusiasm to promote our healing or metaphysical practices as the Fire Trine with Jupiter and Uranus continues throughout April with a 5 degree orb.  On April 6, Mercury joins Uranus and forms a trine with Jupiter and we will communicate optimism on this day.  We can-do just about anything during this week and manifest our heart's desires, but only if we feel deserving of them.

We start off the month with the Sun joining Uranus and trining Jupiter, but this is around the time of the Lunar Eclipse-Cardinal T-Cross so Jupiter exaggerates either destructive or awakening energy, depending on the circumstance.  While we think of Jupiter as a benefactor, Jupiter can also cause us harm through being excessive or over expansive.  Meaning if Jupiter encounters a violent situation, especially when it's in a Fire Sign, it stokes the violence.  Jupiter in Leo could add arrogance to the picture and egos fly off the handle. People might have inflated views of themselves and not deliver the goods or start a project they'll never complete because they exaggerated their skills and commitment level.  It's also a good time to discern what is and what isn't truly narcissistic behavior since we overuse this word in labeling people.  For instance, just because people like taking selfies doesn't mean they're narcissists especially if they are committed in other areas of their lives to improving life on the planet.

We have some movement changes on planets in April. Jupiter finally goes Direct on April 9, but Pluto goes retrograde on the 17th and Saturn is already retrograde. Jupiter has also moved out of a Yod with Pluto and Chiron (March 24) so forward movement results and business picks up.  Those of you (such as myself) who suffered financially during the Yod, will see improvement of money flow occurring around April 9, right before Tax Day in the US.  Some of you will get a bigger tax refund than originally thought, especially if you have your Sun, Ascendant, Moon or Venus in Leo.

Finally, let's look briefly at the New Moon at 28 degrees Aries on the 18th.  Right after the New Moon, the Moon goes Void-of-Course then a few hours later moves into stabilizing Taurus.  The only information I'm picking up at this time for this New Moon is that it completes a cycle of growing pains and that many of us mature emotionally during these transits, leaving behind impulsive and compulsive behaviors.  Some of you might experience tooth aches, head aches, fevers or problems with the face during this New Moon, especially if you have the Sun, Moon, Ascendant around 28 degrees Aries or the New Moon falls in your 1st or 6th houses.  If this happens, retreat from your daily routine and get plenty of rest.  These problems will pass quickly.

April looks like an active month, at least for the first two weeks and around the New Moon in Aries on the 18th.  But we will also have an urge to pull back and away from the maddening crowd to spend time outdoors or in a garden.  Some of us will spend time on a hammock getting caught up on reading or spend time at art galleries.  With so many planets in Taurus in April and the Fire Trine with the planets in Aries and Jupiter in Leo, we can also manifest our heart's desires, but again we must feel worthy of those desires. Keep a cool head and stay grounded as we move into mid-spring or mid-fall, depending where you are on the planet.  Enjoy the unfolding.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

12 Communication Styles of Mercury

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The only time I hear people talking about the planet Mercury is when it's about to go retrograde or is already doing the backwards dance. Yet, Mercury represents our learning, thinking and communication styles.  A conflict of communication styles could even break up a relationship, but not if we get a handle on other people's communication strengths and weaknesses.  Besides, why would someone with Mercury in chatty Gemini hook up with the one-word wonder Mercury in Taurus?

Also consider that Mercury rules the Third House so planets in the Third House also take on the Mercury (Gemini) flavor. Mercury moves quickly through the Zodiac Wheel often spending less than a month in a sign and I've even seen some months where Mercury flips through signs like a card dealer.  I've seen months where Mercury zipped through Pisces, Aries and moved into Taurus.  We don't call the planet Quicksilver for nothing.

And if you think experiencing Mercury Retrograde three times a year proves challenging, trying having Mercury Retrograde in your Natal Chart.  Some people do of course since Mercury retrogrades nine weeks out of every year.  When someone has Mercury Retrograde they most likely have problems with forward-thinking or planning ahead, especially if Mercury is retrograde in Virgo.  They might suffer from dyslexia or other learning disorders, especially in grade school.  They will either have no attention span or too much focus depending on the sign Mercury is in.  They might come off as a slow learner because they can't always articulate their thoughts.  They also have an excellent memory of the past.

In a Natal Chart, Mercury is close to the Natal Sun so it's either in the same sign as the Sun, the previous or the sign after the Sun.  So if the Sun is in Leo, Mercury is either in Cancer, Leo or Virgo.  Many people have Sun conjunct Mercury which fuses the Sun's identity with Mercury's communication style.  These folks are in sync with themselves and have an easy time speaking their truth.

Since Mercury is never far from the Sun, some of the Sun traits (when Mercury conjuncts Sun) come through in the descriptions you find below.  Mercury rules the mind and the Sun rules the heart.  Ultimately we blend the two for best results.

Mercury in Aries--These folks often talk too loud and don't always have their facts straight since they speak on impulse instead of giving thought to their words.  They butt in when someone is speaking, especially if the person bores them or if they just feel like provoking an argument.  On the plus side, Mercury in Aries make excellent motivational speakers because they know how to fire up passion in others.  They speak like a pioneer and they exude bravery even when they're shaking in their shoes.  They are quick learners, but they have too much energy to sit still for long periods.  They're actually brilliant in their own way, but often times act like fools. I'm not sure why they do this.

Mercury in Taurus--These folks just want to take in all the sensations of the world around them so they would rather not talk.  Therefore, when you ask them a question you either receive a grunt or a one-word answer (this is also true for people with Taurus Moon).  When they do talk, they often speak in poetry as they describe the outer world or they might just tell us to go hug a tree.  They are tactile learners and again rely on their senses for collecting evidence to tell them what is true or false.  They're slow-moving bulls, but this doesn't mean they're slow learners. Some children with Mercury in Taurus start talking later than other children, but don't worry, they will catch up.

Mercury in Gemini--Often these folks learn quickly, talk in a rapid, sometimes rabid fashion, and collect information like some people collect gadgets.  The internet was made for Mercury in Gemini folks since they have the power of knowledge at their finger tips. They type fast too. They do everything quickly and when others can't keep up, they bore easily. Similar to Mercury in Aries, they butt in while you're talking to them, especially if they don't like the direction the conversation is heading.  They love board games and playing with words or numbers.  They want to talk, talk, talk, but they might just talk other people's ears off.  These folks are handy too (good with their hands) and often have attractive hands and arms.  The only way to shut them up (they might even talk in their sleep) is to give them something to do with their hands.

Mercury in Cancer--On the downside, Mercury in Cancer folks are not above using pouting or sulking or even whining to get their way, especially when they are children. They also use crying as a form of communication, but I can assure you the tears are the real deal.  Mercury in Cancer feels exposed and vulnerable so a person with this Mercury might feel too shy to speak up or raise their hand to answer a teacher's question.  They communicate through feeling and emotion.  They come alive around the Full Moon, almost exploding with insights and ideas.  They also speak from intuition, that is if they have developed their intuitive gift.  They offer soothing words to those in need.  These folks seem tender and vulnerable to others, but watch out since Cancer is a pushy Cardinal Sign and Cancers were born to lead just as much as their polar opposite, Capricorn.

Mercury in Leo--They don't all require our undivided attention, but these folks shine like a July Sun, sometimes causing glare, at other times they merely sparkle like sunlight on a lake.  They love drama, so get them on a stage or under spotlight, otherwise the situation could get out of hand quickly.  Similar to Taurus, they speak a bit slower while absorbing every beautiful word that floats from their golden mouths.  They prefer to bath you in their innate wisdom which they generously bestow upon you, a mere peasant.  They speak like royalty or presidents. As far as learning goes, they must be the first in their class and they bask in a teacher's affection or adoration.

Mercury in Virgo--These folks often seem shy, but maybe they're just lost in analysis as they tackle another problem in their busy minds. These folks are organized and when they're still in grade school, they probably carry around organizers, calculators, and cell phones.  If they have a pencil box it's either neat as a pin or sloppy but with everything they could ever need in the box.  They love problem solving and tearing things apart so they can do it better the second or third time.  They might seem nit picky, but that's only because they enjoy fixing, perfecting and purifying others.  If you're looking for a hard worker, choose Mercury in Virgo who will keep trying until they get it perfect.

Mercury in Libra--These folks sometimes come across as space cadets as they flit from one person to the next or one situation to the next.  They love planning weddings, dinner parties, or a child's birthday party and in fact, they represent the party planners in the Zodiac.  They love to look their best and when I think of Mercury in Libra I think of the quintessential Parisian man or woman dressed and coiffed to perfection that we can't tell if they're really human or a store mannequin.  They can come across as icy at times, but only because they are lost in thought or we failed to practice the required protocol.  Mercury in Libra strives for balance and prefers diplomacy to arguments.  As far as learning styles, Mercury in Libra learns quickly and gasps foreign languages easily and effortlessly.  They love learning and are often lifelong learners.

Mercury in Scorpio--These folks come across as brooding at times and some people find them frightening. They probe into our private lives without ever saying a single word.  It's like they already know everything about us as if they pluck that information out of the air or a dark cloud in the sky. They can retain information on a deep level and they seem to know everyone's secrets which they store for use on another day.  They speak the shamanic language and love learning about the regeneration process.  They can handle dark topics better than any other Zodiac Sign and nothing seems to phase these folks.  Don't ever mistake their silence for stupidity. They prefer to save their wisdom for the right time.  These folks are brilliant and make excellent detectives or psychologists.

Mercury in Sagittarius--The word hyperbole was invented for Mercury in Sagittarius. While these folks will have us rolling in the aisles with laughter from the satires they weave, they are also prone to exaggeration. They love talking about adventures, especially adventures in foreign lands and they often can speak several languages or speak like academics even when they only have a high school education. They learn quickly if teachers engage them in topics they care about which include anthropology, other cultures, religion, philosophy, mind expansion, law as well as, good food and wine.  Similar to Gemini, they are a wealth of knowledge and similar to Libra, they consider themselves lifelong learners, but would rather learn from experience then burying their nose in books.  Having said that, someone with Mercury or Jupiter in Sagittarius would do well to work in the book publishing industry.

Mercury in Capricorn--Why do these folks insist on talking about gloomy topics? They sometimes remind me of the character Eyore from Winnie the Pooh, "We'll ne-ver make it."  But in all fairness, Mercury in Capricorn does have a sense of humor, a bit dry and on the rocks, but it wouldn't surprise me if many comedians born in December and January have Mercury in Capricorn.  They tend to be a bit self-effacing, but they pull it off having us chuckling along with them.  They learn quickly, especially in the realm of business. Children with Mercury in Capricorn might work odd jobs to learn about the value of money and they desire to earn their way in the world while lifting themselves up from their own bootstraps.

They're not always the most talkative folks and some of them retreat into their silent caves from time to time. They are also as moody as Mercury in Cancer, but more grounded.

Mercury in Aquarius--Think absent minded professor types. No, they're most likely not suffering from dementia, but they do get lost in their brilliant thoughts which are way off in the future.  I'm hearing the theme song from The Jetson's.  Don't bore these folks with past inventions or history because they're ready to bring the far off and far out into the now. Give them problems to solve and they'll supply you with technology to achieve the job.  The downside to Mercury in Aquarius is that these folks come across as detached and awkward in situations that involve emotional intelligence.  It's not that they don't have emotions, but getting in touch with emotions takes a backseat to thinking, innovating and inventing.  We're going to thank these folks when they solve climate change and other problems dogging us at the moment.

Mercury in Pisces--These folks channel virtually 100% of the time.  They don't know where the answers to test problems come from, but they pluck information out of thin air. When they're not above speaking to humans and don't imagine that they are the Divine Daughters and Sons of Pleiadians, they offer soothing and compassionate words from Ascended Masters.  They are most likely to speak through choreography, cinema, photographs or music and when they do, they reach us on a deep level.

In an educational setting, they have trouble focusing on lessons as their minds wander off to who knows where. They might start preaching to us too, if not in religious tones than they'll speak veganism or tell us to go hug trees. These folks make excellent spiritual teachers, healers, priests and holy saints.  They also speak the language of dolphins and other marine life.  Got to love them.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Reading Special

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I'm offering either a Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse reading for $35.00 until the end of April 2015. I will send you a chart and a 10 to 15 minute MP3 of the reading. 
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Monday, March 9, 2015

Staying in Tune (Following the Moon Cycles)


I experiment with various themes and activities with the Moon as it transits through the Zodiac Signs and through the waxing/waning cycles.  During the last waning Libra Moon (day after the Virgo Full Moon), I decided to get my haircut and because the Moon was in Libra (Venus) I ended up with the best haircut I had a in a long while.  When we match specific activities to the right Moon, we get the best results. Here's how it works.

First, let's look at the cycles of the Moon, including Eclipses and void-of-course Moons.  We can get a bit superstitious around Moon transits, but I have found validity in working with the Moon cycles.  When I first heard of void-of-course Moons decades ago, I worried about job interviews going array or first dates not working out if the Moon was void-of-course during those times.  However, not all void-of-course Moons are equal since I've read that the void-of-course Moons in Taurus, Cancer and Pisces bode well for certain activities usually involving creative projects.

The void-of-course Moon occurs after the Moon has aspected its last planet (say a square with Mars), and hasn't yet moved into the next Zodiac Sign.  According to my planetary guides, we feel disconnected and out-of-sorts when the Moon is in between signs. I know I do.  In fact, I can tell just by how I feel (a bit foggy and low energy) when the Moon is void-of-course.  This feeling reminds me when I would get together with friends and our plans would go array leaving us in surreal circumstances.

For instance, I recall a New Year's Eve from 1994 or 1995 where a group of us got together to celebrate.  We planned on going to a party near Pike's Place Market (Seattle) and then standing under the clock at midnight to usher in the New Year.  With all my friends' children in-tow, we got started late.  We were disorganized and ended up at a juice bar that seemed like a ghost town. We waited for someone to come out and serve us.  Since the door was unlocked we assumed someone was actually there.  But after waiting for 20 minutes or longer, we realized no one was there and the door was left unlocked. So then we tracked down the owner of the cafe and waited for someone to show up and lock the door before heading home.  I don't know if the Moon was void-of-course, but good chance it was during that evening.

I have even stranger stories that took place during eclipses, especially ones visible from my location.  So what's the deal with eclipses? The main deal with eclipses is the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon with the Earth.  Since our bodies are made of 70% water and the Moon pulls on the tides we experience emotional and physical effects.  While I read an article online where a journalist disputed the powerful effects of Full Moons and eclipses, calling it nonsense, I have had too many real experiences around Lunar Eclipses in particular to agree with journalist extolling the virtues of "real science" verses superstition.  And oddly, the journalist of that article claimed that as long as people believe something will happen a certain way collectively, it will.  He unwittingly described the Law of Attraction.

Eclipses remind me of earthquakes in that they shaken and loosen up stuck energy.  Some eclipses, especially Lunar Eclipses bring events that kick us out of denial.  For instance, someone despises their job and feels stuck.  Then a Lunar Eclipse Moon conjuncts their Natal Sun, Moon or Ascendant and they get fired from their job.  Now, this isn't a bad event because this person wanted to leave that job and subconsciously (Moon) hoped that he would get fired from it.  Of  course, had this person been proactive, acknowledging dissatisfaction with his job and sought career counseling or networked for a new job, he could have avoided getting fired.

Eclipses can also bring epiphanies and inspiration that propels us in different directions that are more aligned with our soul's desires.  But mainly eclipses leave us feeling out of sorts, especially for anyone with a Cancer Sun, Moon or Ascendant so it is a time to rest and rejuvenate.  It's best not to do any major activities during an Eclipse or even the 3 day shadow of an eclipse (on both sides of the eclipse date) since it won't bode well.  Getting surgery during a Lunar Eclipse can lead to complications, even fatal ones.  However, some times an emergency surgery occurs during an eclipse that could save a life.  It's as if life events speed up during an Eclipse and anything can happen.  The general rule of thumb however is to lay low and save activities for a later date.

When the Moon waxes it's good to do activities where we are building, creating or bringing a project to fruition during the Full Moon.  Think of the pregnant woman getting rounder as the Moon increases in fullness, of course, the Moon cycle is 28 days (unless you're a rabbit), and the pregnancy last 9 to 10 months, so this is just a metaphor.  A waning Moon is best used when we want to eliminate, breakdown or get rid of something. For instance, if you want a haircut to last longer, get a haircut during a waning Moon. If you want to sell books or give away belongings, it's best to do this during the waning Moon. Weeding a garden or getting rid of pests from the garden are activities for the waning Moon.  Do you see how this works?

Finally, let's take a quick spin through the Zodiac Moons with a list of activities that go best when the Moon is in a specific Sign.  Now, it's best not to do these activities during an Eclipse or a void-of-course Moon so it does take some practice and paying attention to details.  Not all Libra Full Moons are the same, for instance.  If I had decided to get my haircut during the Lunar Eclipse in Libra this April, I probably wouldn't be happy with the results.

Aries Moon--During this Moon we all feel like courageous warriors.  Now is a good time to confront people, set boundaries and say "no" just like a two-year old going through a Mars Return.  This is a good time to start a project that requires lots of energy and physical drive.  Athletics go well during this Moon but don't get too caught up in the competitive spirit or we could end up with sore losers.  Now is a time to risk foolishness and take a chance such as asking someone out on a date.  It's also a fun time to spend with children.  But watch out for egos since we all want play the me-first game.

Taurus Moon--Get a massage, work in the garden, grow your own food or beautify your home during this time.  The waning Moon would be ideal for weeding a garden, but this might work better when we have a Scorpio waning Moon because Scorpio gets to the root.  Get your haircut during a waning Taurus Moon and it will grow back slowly.  This works best for shorter hair styles.   This is also a good time to kick back and spend leisurely time with friends.  Just don't over indulge in food or you could put on weight.

Gemini Moon--Use this Moon to get in touch with someone, especially a sibling you haven't heard from in a long time.  This is a great time for correspondence unless Mercury is Retrograde.  We have a lot of energy but we waste on talking.  Try listening instead of dominating a conversation (not easy during this Moon).  It's a perfect time for research, especially journalistic research and playing board games.  Telephones could ring off the hook and the e-mail box floods with messages, some which just seem superficial in nature.  Take care of hands and arms during this Moon.  Working with the hands goes well now.

Cancer Moon--This is one of the self-love Moons where we want to pull back from others and climb into our shells. It's a good time to retreat, hang out on a beach, change one's diet, and get in tune with intuition.  If we rush around trying to get things done during a Cancer Moon, we get cranky and everyone else seems cranky too. Children might seem whiny during a Cancer Moon because they require affection and nurturing more so during this Moon.  Take care of your skin, stomach and breasts during this Moon.  It's a good time for releasing repressed emotions with a good sob.  Let that stuff go.  We all require mothering now and healing mother-related issues.  This is a good time for buying silver.

Leo Moon--I have the most challenging time with the Leo Moon because it seems self-absorbed to me, but this is obviously my problem.  The Leo Moon is a booster for anyone working in the performing arts, especially in acting.  William Shakespeare must have referred to this Moon when he wrote the phrase, "The world is a stage..."  We all feel like players, bit or major on this day.  However, when a bit player tries to act like a major player we encounter cheap drama--think reality TV.  This is a good time to spend with children doing something creative.  Go to a parade or the theater. Life at this time resembles a pageantry. This is also a good time for buying anything gold.

Virgo Moon--It's time to perfect, purify and fix broken appliances or get involved in a self-improvement project such as starting a diet, especially during the waning phases.  We look for ways to serve others, but make sure that our egos don't get involved and we expect something back in return.  People who work in the service industries get a boost of energy, though we could all get caught up in worry or doubts or become too critical of ourselves and others.  It's a good time to clean out the closet, clear the shelves and give away those things that no longer serve us.  It's a good time to spend with small pets and organize the daily routine. Rid of unhealthy rituals such as smoking when the Virgo Moon is waning.  This is a good Moon for buying reliable footwear.

Libra Moon--I call this the beauty Moon, but it's also a good time for diplomacy and developing peaceful communication with others.  We don't wish to set boundaries now, but it's always good to know where we end and another person begins.  We might even put ourselves last to please others, but that's also a mistake. However, this is a great Moon for starting a beauty routine, getting a haircut, redecorating the home, planning a wedding,  or getting engaged.  Depending on the Moon's aspects with other planets and the phase of the Moon, legal situations can go well during this Moon.  It's also a good time for dispute resolution and beginning marriage counseling where there is conflicts in a marriage or partnership.  Good time for signing contracts, but only if Mercury is moving Direct and the Moon is not eclipsed or involved with tense aspects such as squares and oppositions with slower moving planets.

Scorpio Moon--I'm not sure if this Moon is beneficial or detrimental to surgery.  However, Scorpio as a Sign has laser-sharp focus and delves deep into a problem, especially a mysterious health problem so maybe exploratory surgery goes well during this Moon.  I don't recommend getting a haircut during a Scorpio Moon.  I tried that once with disastrous results.  People tend to feel gloomy and paranoid during this Moon, but it's a great Moon for scientific research, undercover journalism and detective work.  It's also a good time to uncover secrets other people hide from us by paying attention to intuitive hunches and dreams that occur during this Moon. Research corporations and politicians during this Moon.

Sagittarius Moon--This lively Moon causes us to overindulge in drink or food then regret it when the Moon transits into Capricorn.  We feel exuberant and expansive or like a lucky Irish clover.  It's a fantastic Moon for beginning a long-distance voyage or for getting in touch with someone from a foreign culture.  We have a greater interest in archaeology, anthropology, philosophy, world travel and religion during this Moon. It's a good Moon for enrolling in higher education and pursuing a dream.  This is also one of the manifestation Moons sine it's ruling planet is Jupiter.

Capricorn Moon--We feel grounded during this Moon and it's a good time for getting down to business, especially anything dealing with finances or structuring time, such as creating a daily or weekly schedule.  It's a good Moon for meeting with bankers such as applying for a loan.  If you're doing business wear navy blue or gray for best results.  This is a good time to take care of teeth, bones and other connective tissue and work on posture.  If you fall into depression (easily happens with this Moon) take a warm salt bath or go for a walk.  Strenuous exercise goes well and lifts depression.  We want our independence and to go it alone. Mountain and rock climbing go well during the Capricorn Moon.

Aquarius Moon--Time to invent and innovate.  Envision the future you want for the planet then find your unique path.  Join a grassroots group or get on social media to connect with like-minded groups.  This Moon revolves around groups and group activity.  Time to speak your truth and to advocate.  I don't advise getting a haircut during this Moon unless you want something truly bizarre and off-putting.  We want to shock people now or at least shock ourselves out of complacency.  Good time for energy healing and delving into quantum physics.

Pisces Moon--This Moon lends itself to deeper meditation.  Channel collectives from the other side of the veil or get in contact with your Higher Self.  You can tell who has the God gene and who doesn't during this Moon by the comfort level of the people experiencing the Pisces Moon.  We are less visible during this Moon and we might bump into people because we simply didn't see them standing in front of us.

Activities that involve merging with greater consciousness go well now such as spiritual retreats or energy healing. Activities near the water or in water go well during this time.  Dream big and manifest your heart's desires (Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces).  Watch a movie or make a movie.  Sing, dance or make music. Photography also goes well during the Pisces Moon and you take surreal or enchanted photographs during this time.  Don't buy shoes during this Moon or you'll regret it later.  Foot fetishes and problems figure prominently during this Moon.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces Forecast (March 20, 2015)

There are four things you must know about the New Moon at Pisces 29 degrees on March 20.  First, the Moon ends a cycle at 29 degrees.  Second, the Moon quickly transits into Aries along with the Sun ushering in the Vernal Equinox.  Third this marks the third Super Moon of 2015 and finally, this Moon ushers in the first Solar Eclipse of the year.  And all this plays over a backdrop of the final exact square between Uranus and Pluto which ends on March 28.

To understand this New Moon, let’s explore the Sign Pisces, known as the fish swimming in two directions.  Pisces is a Mutable Water Sign with the planetary ruler Neptune.  Though in traditional astrology, Jupiter ruled the Sign of the Fish.  Pisces are psychic, usually spiritual, creative, shy, whimsical and enchanting.  They often have large watery eyes, especially the Pisces Ascendant and Moon.  You can find many Pisceans in the world of dance, music, movie making and photography, but also in science, and alternative healing practices, life coaching or teaching a yoga class (not mentioned in the video).

Chart for Seattle, WA on March 20, 2015
This New Moon also marks the first Mutable Sign New Moon of 2015, a year in which we experience powerful Mutable transits with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius and in August, Jupiter rolls into Virgo.  Mutable energy brings restlessness and change, usually on the verbal level first.  In April we experience a Mutable T-Cross with Venus in Gemini opposing Saturn and squaring Neptune so we have that too look forward to along with the Saturn-Neptune square that takes place most of 2015, exact in November.

As I mentioned in the Full Moon in Virgo video earlier, now is a time to take good care of your feet.  Blisters, sprained and strained feet can occur now.  Choose footwear based on comfort and not as a fashion statement now, get foot massages and soak your feet in Epsom salt and warm water.

Stay grounded during this time by engaging the hips and feet in dance.  Be it trance dance or free dancing to West African drums.  We could also use this time to escape stressful situations by watching movies, making movies (anyone can make short movies and post them on YouTube), photography and making music. Sing, dance but stay away from intoxicants since it’s too easy to feed addictions or become addicted now.

Most important we are ending one cycle and beginning a new cycle now just as we say good bye to winter and hello to spring.  Between the Full Moon on March 5 and the New Moon on March 20 is a good time to clean out closets and storage units, give away what no longer serves you.  Make room for the new by getting rid of the old.  Recycle, re-use and re-purpose.  I’m fortunate to live in a community with recycling programs for just about everything.

Whatever you do around the New Moon, I wish you a happy March 2015.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Transit Alert--March 11 & 12 Cardinal Square (Mars, Uranus and Pluto)

I thought I was going to take the weekend off from writing about the planets, but no.  After watching Kelley Rosano's March forecasts for Pisces and Cancer, that pesky Cardinal Square on March 11 has been scratching my brain.  Since we already have experience with Cardinal T-Crosses involving Uranus and Pluto and Mars when it was in Cancer and Libra, this square with Mars conjuncting Uranus squaring Pluto suggests the end of a story.

I received an additional message about this transit and that is Mars acts as a messenger and brings us the courage and energy required to undergo the final leg of the Uranus-Pluto Square transformation.  While it's true that Mars can bring rash or impulsive energies that revolve around destruction, I think that Mars also musters our courage and pioneering spirit to brave the unknown future.  Mars also ushers in new beginnings, while opening our hearts to our childlike innocence.  Mars will push us over the ledge so that we take a leap of faith.  Think of the Tarot Card The Fool which reflects on the number "0" which is 0 Point acting as our platform to launch the New Earth.

In March, we find Mars transiting in Aries, the mirror opposite of when Mars traveled in Libra for 8 months starting in December 2013 and ending in July 2014.  When Mars was in his opposite sign and in a weakened position, he ushered in a time of peace or perhaps the opposite, repressed anger posing as peace.  And now Mars is at his most powerful in his own sign, Aries now combining strength and power with Uranus as they square even more powerful Pluto.  So we have the warrior joining with the Great Awakener (or rebellious youth energy) pitting themselves against the transformer Pluto.

The exact square with Uranus and Pluto begins on March 11 and Mars rolls into 15 degrees (exact) on the 11th or 12th depending on where you reside in the world.   And the same time we have the on-going Saturn-Neptune square which will be exact in November of this year and we have a Trine with Uranus and Jupiter which won't bode well during the time of the Mars/Uranus-Pluto Square because remember that Jupiter expands what it touches so in this case it's lending fiery energy with a Leo signature.  So we have signs, rulers and planets which alone are troublesome and when mixed together are downright volatile.  Watch out for arrogance and power players clinging dangerously to old structures and traditions. This involves all big institutions verses the everyday person.

Prior to the Cardinal Square (at least it's not a T-Cross), Venus also transits in Aries, trining Jupiter on the 4th exact while also conjuncting Uranus (women please be careful during this time and use your intuition) and then on the following day, Venus squares Pluto (the first week of March on the day of the Full Moon in Virgo).  Venus actually could soften the energy of the other planets while bringing in Divine Feminine energies, especially around the Full Moon.  This lady planet also rules what we value and manifestation so if we focus on manifesting peace in our world or even follow our passions instead of getting caught up in volatile drama (Kelley mentions this in her videos), we could avoid some of the stress of the first two weeks of March.

Now, I think that these configurations mark endings for all of us, both individually and globally.  Uranus and Mars will dredge up what Pluto has pushed under the rug in regard to government, large corporations, financial institutions and every industry on the planet.  Family secrets reveal themselves at this time and that which we hid behind falls away (read defenses).  As we reach conclusions about previous or even current circumstances we make way for the new.  And as I said earlier in this post, I believe March marks the end of a story told to us by the planets, but we have to be willing to close the book and move on.

If we rehash old dramas and refuse to let them go, we cannot move into a more peaceful and harmonious future.  Hanging onto old stories about tragedies, especially global tragedies actually keeps us stuck.  We do have to forget the old ways so we can start living the new more peaceful ways of being on the planet.  This works on the individual level too. When are you going to stop telling the same old story of disease survivor? Or when are you going to stop dredging up the abused child story?  Every time you tell these stories you create more grooves in your brain and consciousness that attracts more of the same.  This is why it's crucial to forgive and let it all go, unless of course, you enjoy the attention you get every time you tell these stories. But you must know that sympathy is not the same as admiration.  Turn a new page.

A drama brewing in the US revolves around a US Republican Congressman who invited the Israeli president to speak in front of Congress without going through the usual channels, which in this case, is the US President (this is interesting because President Obama has a Leo Sun and with Jupiter in Leo is in a strong position).  This has that Uranus-Pluto square stamp and this could transform into a scandal or volatile situation if it's not handled immediately.  I don't follow news stories, but this one showed up in my e-mail box and in light of the current transits, this resonated with me as a potentially dangerous situation for the US and of course, other countries involved (Israel and Iran) and the topic is nuclear weapons (Pluto), insubordination on the congressman's part (Uranus).

I'm sure that most of you reading this post are more interested in how these planet transits will play out in your individual lives. Look for the houses in your chart where you have Aries, Leo, and Capricorn at 13 to 16 degrees with 14 and 15 degrees taking the brunt.  The themes of those houses will play out in a large way in your life at this time.  But you already know these themes since Uranus and Pluto are slower moving planets.  Now you will reach conclusions whether that is leaving a marriage, relocating to a new city or town or even new home, ending a career or job, but it's about endings.  It could even be about ending a disease by finally finding a cure that was hidden previously.  And the good news is we will all have more energy during this time, but the bad news is we could redirect that energy causing harm if we don't stay grounded and centered.

March in general marks endings and new beginnings.  The endings occur in the sign of Pisces culminating in the Solar Eclipse on March 20 at 29 degrees Pisces and the beginnings come with the Vernal Equinox also on March 20 when the Sun and the Moon transit into Aries (who already played his starring role with Mars/Uranus squaring Pluto on the 11th).  So if you're going to get all fired up, have some place to go, meaning, use that energy to fuel your passion.  Focus on what you do want and not what frightens you.  Now is not the time to confront others about problems (save that for later in the month).  For now, distance yourself and redirect your energy to more positive conclusions such as visualizing what you do want to happen. I also encourage you to watch videos by Astrologer Veerle, Kelley Rosano and Barbara Goldsmith since I trust these astrologers (abilities and ethics).

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