Monday, July 29, 2013

Spiritual Significance--A Cardinal Cross & Star of David

Today, we are blessed with two configurations that bring necessary healing of childhood issues.  First, we have the Star of David which is extremely rare for 14 hours with the Moon in Taurus.  This is when two Grand Sextiles come together (a total of six sextiles).  In this case the sextiles involve planets in water and earth signs.  While I won't go into further details here, you can do a search on Star of David for July 29, 2013 and you will bring up the actual planets involved.  Though without taking a deeper look, my guess is that Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter/Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo, and the Moon in Taurus are involved since these are the only planets in either water or earth at this time and within the first 10 degrees of their respective signs.  The Moon of course moves quickly which is why this configuration lasts for only 14 hours.

I have already mentioned the second configuration that we're experiencing and that is the Cardinal T-Cross or if you will, T-Square that has Mars/Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.  Since Mars, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn are involved, I believe that this cross has to do with childhood and parenting issues.  Now, I won't go into my childhood here, but suffice to say, that whatever I share here in general, I have felt personally.  Astrologically, I was born with a Mutable T-Cross with Saturn/Moon in Pisces, Mars in Gemini and Pluto/Uranus in Virgo.  Fortunately, I had some relief with sextiles and a Grand Water Trine though this GWT had wide orbs and I sometimes wonder about its effectiveness.

The current Cardinal Cross is smack on my AC and Sun/Mercury affecting my 1st, 4th and 7th Houses and by default my 10th House.  So when I meditate on the meaning of all this, my Guides tell me to share this bit of information with you about this cross and why today with the Star of David configuration is a good time to finally heal those childhood issues.  And if you think you don't have any, think again.  With Pluto in Capricorn involved, get psychological counseling if you need it now because what you are dealing with are emotions deeply rooted in your subconscious and they are running your life.  And my Guides tell me that the information I'm presenting here could save your life or the life of someone you know.  While we totally believe that each of us needs to take responsibility for our lives and our well-being, we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for what other people, especially our caretakers did to us or for the love they didn't give to us.  We are responsible for healing our emotions and mental processes around these situations.

And as always, do not use astrological or any metaphysical information or practices in place of psychiatric counseling if you are dealing with serious emotional problems or mental imbalance or overwhelming stress.  The information I give here is just that information. I am not responsible for how you apply this information to your life.  However, if you experience some ah-hah moments and feel some stress relieved, then I've done my job.

Childhood wounds and issues will surface now in regard to parenting and vulnerability as well as, innocence, nurturing or lack of nurturing and how the child was disciplined.  Questions to ask ourselves are: Were there any addictions or mental illnesses in the immediate family or in the lineages? Did our parents under discipline or over discipline and did they also nurture us? Were we dealing with narcissistic parents or wounded parents who expected you to agree with all their opinions and beliefs? Did we need to appease our parents by lying to them to keep the peace in the home? Did we have a mother that didn't protect us from the abuse of the father or vise verse? Did members of the family (authority figures) turn a blind eye to abuse or other neglect? How has this affected your relationships with others now, your employment situation, your beliefs around money, authority, and other adults?

I interpret Pluto in Capricorn = father and Mars in Cancer = to the male or warrior side of a mother.  The Mars in Cancer also represents children and whether or not these children grow up comfortable standing up for themselves, asserting their needs, or if they are fearful about consequences for standing up for themselves.  Children who were abused for speaking their truth will grow up into adults with trust issues because they will fear punishment or betrayal. When a parent over disciplines a child (abuse) this child feels betrayed by someone who is supposed to love them and create a safe haven.  Depending on the sensitivity of the child, even a parent frowning in disapproval can feel like a betrayal of the unconditional love the child expects because a child feels like the center of the world in his or her first years.  The parents are also the center of this Universe to the child and maybe even godlike because they provide shelter, food, and the other needs of the child.

Children need to feel safe when they are naked and vulnerable (I'm not just talking sexual abuse, but feeling unsafe or unappreciated too), with their caretakers.  When children are abused they want to stand up for themselves, but can't so they learn subterfuge which eventually turns into passive aggressive behavior or noneffective forms of communication that ultimately sabotage them as adults.  In the case of children born under this Cardinal T-Cross period (July & August) these children are vulnerable to the issues that revolve around Mars/Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus.  This is a recipe for control issues and so healthy parenting is absolutely necessary.  Children must learn to speak their truth without consequences in the home and parents must also communicate their truth so that an understanding is reached.  With Uranus and Mars involved, these children will act out their aggressions, if they are not given healthy outlets of expression.  These children would do well with some kind of physical exercise whether that is dance or sports because they will be wired with energy.  They are also extremely psychic and can get to the bottom of anything so don't lie to them ever.  They know the truth and in fact, these children carry the sword of truth.  They are leaders in the making and what type of leader they will become depends on their parenting.

For the rest of us experiencing the transit now, we need to take a deeper look at our mothers.  Did our mothers act like tomboys who tried to fit in with men or as a member of a boy's club? Or were our mothers nurturing, feminine, but with a warrior side when it came to defending the rights of her children? And how did she defend her own rights, if at all? Did your parents argue around you? Did they play fair or play wicked games with each other? If your parents had an addiction problem or mental illness how did he or she deal with it? Did the parents act authoritative one moment and childish the next? Were you ever confused as to who was the real parent in the room (meaning you acted more like an adult than they did)? Did you feel safe or unsafe around your parents; secure or insecure?

These are the questions we need to ask ourselves now and these are challenging questions emotionally to answer which is why I recommend doing this process with a professional mental health practitioner.  You can even go the alternative route and find a professional that uses astrology and other new age practices.  It is important to release this baggage now with these transits offering us powerful healing energies.  By healing these issues now, no matter our age, we prepare for harder transits coming to us in the next few years. We can not bring peace to the earth until we have peace in our hearts.  We can not have peace in our hearts until we finally forgive our parents for what they did or didn't do for us.  And the blanket statement, "well, they did the best they could" is just a rationalization and not healing at all.  You need to honor your inner parents by healing the situations you had with your birth parents and other caretakers.

While it's true they probably did do the best they could, how many of them sought therapy when they truly needed it? How many of them took responsibility for their actions, feelings, patterns, and thoughts rather than projecting those onto their children? And I'm not advocating blame the parents, but I am advocating for facing our truths in regard to our wounds, not so we can dwell on those wounds, but so that we can heal them once and for all so we don't keep passing this stuff on to future generations.  Face it, the issues with your parents goes back a long, long way, possibly centuries.  And our parents simply didn't have the tools and modalities we have today which allows us to not only heal ourselves and our lineages.  I recommend beginning the process today.  It's not pretty and it's not fun, but you will emerge an authentic human being who truly loves and advocates for yourself in a healthy and balanced way.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Almost Status Quo (August Transits)

photo by Patricia Herlevi
I'm not seeing anything that are both major and new coming up in August (perhaps with all these asteroids and planets moving in the sky, I'm missing something). We will continue with the Cardinal T-Square with Mars in Cancer forming an exact square with Uranus in Aries on August 1 and the square continues until August 5th.  Uranus also squares Pluto with a 3 degree orb and Pluto opposes Mars in Cancer.  As Mars slides out of the T-Square, Jupiter who had conjuncted Mars earlier holds the Cardinal T-Cross with Uranus and Pluto throughout the remainder of the month.  So expect lots of tension, pushiness, impatience, angry youth with too much idealistic thinking and even trouble in the areas of religion.

Mars moves into Leo on August 29 where the pushy sentiments and bursts of tears in Cancer will be replaced by high drama surfacing around entitlements from young people feeling like they deserve a car, or the right job (even though they haven't earned it) to wealthy people and corporations receiving entitlements from the government on the tax-payer's dime.  When Mars transits through Cancer, we feel entitled, and rightly so, to food, nourishment and self-care, but when Mars moves into Leo, it's more about extravagance and receiving attention, if not time on the proverbial soapbox. Just make sure that your topic isn't all about you because people will grow tired of the "me me me" attitude quickly under the conditions of the Cardinal T-Square. Uranus in Aries will bolster Mars in Leo, up until a point.  Whereas, the inconjunct to Pluto will cause some friction.  Enough with the posturing already, says Pluto, get real and get down to business.

That beautiful Grand Water Trine we experienced with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune fades early in the month as Jupiter pushes ahead. However, we still experience a trine with Saturn and Neptune which at least helps us ground our dreams in reality.  If Neptune in his own sign Pisces grows to wishy washy, Saturn will take care of that by making Neptune take stock.

Venus, Wikipedia
At the beginning of the month Venus in Virgo forms an inconjunction with Uranus in Aries, but a trine with Pluto in Capricorn, at least bringing some ease to the T-Square, but this only last for a few days in which we will be asked to take stock of our health, our daily routine and how we present ourselves in the world.  Have we been so busy that we haven't taken care of our physical needs? Do we need to get a massage, a haircut, or change our diet at this time? While Pluto in Capricorn will ask us to transform the structure of our lives, Venus in Virgo is asking us to change the structure of our daily routine and take better care of our bodies. Venus moves into her own sign Libra (co-ruler with Taurus) on August 17 and her tone will change from critical and nit picky to diplomatic and alluring.

The Sun in Leo squares the North Node in Scorpio the first week of the month with the North Node forming an inconjunct with Uranus in Aries and a trine with Chiron.  This tells me that we will look deeper at how we see ourselves in the world. We will consciously seek out our true identity, but this will feel disruptive or that we aren't able to receive a clear message with erratic Uranus involved.  Childhood issues will surface for healing now, especially for people with Chiron in Pisces or its opposite sign Virgo, but Chiron in Gemini and Sagittarius folks need to pay attention too.  Could all this come in the form of an identity crisis?  Most of this energy will happen below the surface since the North Node, Uranus and Chiron are all retrograde during this period.

photo by Patricia Herlevi

We were blessed in July with the Grand Water Trine and so will feel like we're coming off of what felt like a vacation from the daily grind when August arrives.  The first week in August will feel like the most difficult as it forces us to delve into our psyches and do necessary healing of emotional issues.  If we feel anger, resentment, bitterness or any other challenging emotion, we will see this reflected in the outer world, either directly or indirectly.  We will also experience Juno in Aquarius opposing Vesta in Leo the first week of August, which again puts women in the spotlight.  Women will grow tired of images projected upon them and seek their true identities.

You'll probably hear a lot of roaring at this time too from women who have felt like "kept" or "confined" women.  The dichotomy of the whore verses the virgin and the queen that thinks she rules the palace, but is really mentally and emotionally kept in the dark.  Women will confront feeling like puppets or supermodels with a cause.  Meaning, it's what we do as women that counts more and not how we look doing it.  Since we think of the earth as female, Mother Earth, she will also rebel against mistreatment and abuse of her natural resources.

To repeat the lines at the end of Patricia Roxema's cinematic version of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park, "It could have happened that way, but it didn't."  Meaning, all the scenarios I present here are probable, but changeable.  Does anyone really know what the future has in store for us, especially when we are dealing with multiple dimensions and possible interpretations of the planets' conversations in the vast Universe?

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Changing the Channel (Rules & Techniques for Working with or as a Medium)

I usually receive Divine messages from saints, angels and ascended masters in the middle of the night or early morning when there is less interference from electric magnetic fields aka EMF and most people are sleeping in this apartment building thus causing slower brainwave patterns.  I am also in a greater state of awareness at this time.

Today my Higher Guides (or whatever name you wish to call them), reminded me about working with ethereal energies, the do’s and don’t and the interferences we face from this energy through the use of cell phones, wireless computers, microwaves, televisions, satellite dishes as well as, use of pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, smoking of tobacco and other substances or use of recreational drugs.  Strong emotions also block the Divine messages from coming through as does participating in gossip and other negative behaviors.  Strong beliefs that cause the mind and heart to close also block messages from coming through in their purest form.

Channels who smoke, drink alcohol or who don’t take care of their emotional business are only 60 to 70 percent accurate. A pure channel is just that, someone who lives a clean lifestyle and might even live a bit on the edge of society or their community in the way that old time shamans lived on the edge of a village or away from the tribe in a separate hut.  A true channel must disengage as much as possible from the mainstream including lifestyles, group thought, and group behavior.  Stay away from television, the media (which can distort messages coming through) and spend as much time meditating and connecting to guides as possible.

Pure channels also disengage from group trances or euphoria or madness, outrage, etc..While we do strive for Unity Consciousness and everything is connected, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to connect.  And there are disturbances to avoid such as sources of radiation, cell phones, cell towers, wireless, microwaves and the use of electronic devices (such as this computer which is at least not hooked up to the internet while I type this message. The original message was typed longhand in a journal upon receiving the original messages from Divine Sources).

The following information is for mediums or channels and following that is information for clients of mediums or channels.  This information will sound counter intuitive at times only because we as humans have lived in error and have taught ourselves and each other the wrong information in regard to channeling and channels.  We have not practiced what we preach and we have, for the most part, not lived lives of pure channels therefore, information coming through from Divine Sources has been distorted and corrupted--usually around 75 to 85 percent accurate from the highest level channels and less so for those just dabbling in the dark, trying to impress their friends and colleagues.  A true channel is willing to sacrifice, “fitting in,” “looking good to others,” and living mainstream lifestyles.

The Higher Guides hope that this information reaches channels and clients of channels because the Divine wishes to speak through us at this time with less interference. In fact, this is crucial at this time in planetary and human evolution.

For Mediums and Channels:

Do not smoke, drink alcohol or do recreational drugs ever.  Do not give readings or sessions while on antibiotics or any pharmaceutical products that alters brainwaves and other rhythmic functions of the body.  If you are on medication on a regular basis, then ask for extra clearing and cleansing from your guides and Archangels before giving a session.

Never give a session while you are recovering from an infectious illness, feel exhausted, burned out or suffering from an illness that leaves you weak and vulnerable.  Schedule your client for another time after you recover from the illness.

Never give a session while a radio, television or computer is turned on in the same room or you can hear it coming through from another room.  Turn all these devices off because they will distract and distort information coming through.

Clear all cell phones and electronic devices out of the space where you work if you are meeting someone face to face for a session.  Never give a reading or session over a cell phone or wireless.  Use a land line if you must take the client by phone.  Cell phones are disruptive and the Higher Guides do not know why so many energy healers and mediums insist on having these cell phones.  The guides have to work twice, sometimes three times as hard to convey their messages clearly.

Do drink a glass of purified water before and after a session.  Sage the space and then invite in Divine Love to fill the space.

Ask the Archangels to send Gold, Amber, Silver, or White Light to purify and cleanse your aura and your light and physical bodies.  Ask for a thorough cleanse and purification.  This takes anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes.

Ask your client to do the same.

Lay the ground rules for working with your client, such as teaching them to tune into their own body and intuition. In fact, it’s best to teach meditation techniques and tuning in to a client before working with them as a channel.  They need to keep an open mind, but not so open that they don’t trust their own intuition.  Channels are sometimes wrong and misguided.  Everyone has good days and bad days.

Think of you tuning into a radio station where some days it comes in clear and other days you hear nothing but static.  Channels aren’t always accurate and no human channel is 100 percent accurate, even if they tell you they are.  They are still human, they still have judgments and perceptions that color the messages they receive.  And all humans have egos which like cell phones interrupt the flow of energy coming through.

Do not give a session when you are experiencing strong emotions.  Do a clearing through Emotional Freedom Technique or another modality.  And if you are feeling emotionally off, reschedule the session with your client.  It’s time to take care of you.

Don’t give channeling sessions to people suffering from ADD or ADHD or other mental or emotional imbalances.  They cannot receive the information you give to them.  Instead, refer these clients to meditation instructors or if you have the skills to teach meditation, then teach these clients how to clear and calm their minds.  Likewise, do not channel for drug addicts, alcoholics or co-dependent people.  Send them to the appropriate healers and medical professionals.  These people could pose a threat to your safety and well-being.  You cannot help everyone.

For Clients of Mediums or Channels:

Clear and ground yourself with Amber, Silver, Gold or White Light before a channeling session.  Ask the Archangels to help you with this.  Pull a cord from your body into the earth’s core center and up into the heavens to ground and center you.

Have a clear question, purpose and intention in mind before contacting the medium.  This helps with receiving clear and accurate information.  If your mind is racing and your energy is fragmented, the medium will have a challenging time bringing forth information for you.

Clear strong emotions before a session using Emotional Freedom Technique tapping or another modality.  This might not always be possible, but it’s impossible to receive information when you are contracting or panicking or feeling outraged, for example.

Don’t visit a channel or have a session when you are recovering from an infectious or contagious illness such as a cold.  Better to try meditating and tapping into your personal guides for healing and other information you need.

Be honest with the channel or medium if you are suffering from an addiction or mental illness.  They will have trouble reaching you and you are better off learning how to meditate and tap into your own higher consciousness.  (Some channels will not agree with this).

Don’t drink alcohol, smoke, or do drugs before or during a session.  If you are taking pharmaceutical products, then ask for a clearing of the energies from those products from your guides and the Archangels.

Do not have a session over a cell phone or wireless internet service and that includes calling into radio intuitives.  You won’t receive an accurate reading no matter how good or accurate the medium is.

Even when consulting with a high-level medium, still tune into your intuition and trust yourself.  If your intuition is in sync with the medium then you are receiving clear information.  If you feel that the information is not congruent then end the phone call or session or request other information by stating that you feel the information isn't congruent.  You have this right as a client and you don’t have to worry about looking nice or acting polite or overly reverential.  Re-direct the energy to serve your Highest Good.

Avoid caffeine or sugar before a session, drink purified water before and after the session, and make sure you have eaten enough protein so your blood sugar is stable.  This goes the same for the channel.

This ends the message, even though there is a lot more information to share.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ugly, icky, sticky, itchy Pluto Transit Experience

St. George slaying the dragon
The planet Pluto was not named after the Roman god of the underworld for nothing and a Pluto transit is anything, but pleasant.  When Pluto aspects the Natal Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign, powerful transformation occurs, even on a subconscious level, and especially on a subconscious level.  Transformation begins deep inside.  When Pluto transits any planet or house it brings transformation in one form or another depending on the energies involved.

While I won't give you the rundown of every Pluto aspect by signs, houses, and other planets involved, I will say this, when you see a Pluto transit in your chart, prepare for an initiation.  Prepare yourself for the hero's journey which will take you into the depths of the earth, to places where frightening specters and shadows hang out and you might just need to slay the dragon to claim your bliss.  I imagine that Joseph Campbell would have had many things to say about Pluto transits and even if he didn't, if you are going through a major Pluto transit, (square or opposition to Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign), you might want to read Joseph Campbell's books.

You might also read about Carl Jung's archetypes for those will crop up in dreams, and experiences in the outer world and read the late Debbie Ford's books about the shadow effect.  I have discovered that not everything that comes up during a Pluto transit is dark in nature and this is mainly because you have other planetary transits negating Pluto's effects.  For instance, anyone born around this time will have Pluto square Uranus in their natal chart along with a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn.  The trine brings relief to the square and the square provides tension so that the person with these aspects will take advantage of the flowing energy and gifts of the trine.  And who is not to say that squares don't also bring gifts? Remember a pearl is created through abrasion, a caterpillar endures claustrophobia to transform into a moth or butterfly, and so on.

Archangel Michael in battle with Lucifer
But what we need to know about Pluto transits (and I have experienced these first hand in recent years) is that ugliness (things we consider vulgar, gross, or unacceptable) will surface.  We will meet darker parts of ourselves and either cringe or accept them.  I think we are similar to a Scorpio Sun or Moon when we experience these Pluto transits with hard angles.  We're not going to feel polite and agreeable during this time and we might question every aspect of our lives. You'll see divorces, job layoffs of jobs we didn't like anyway, and even relocation under these aspects.  But it seems like none of this happens under our free will, at least not our free conscious will.

Pluto operates on a deeper soul level.  We might think we are victims of a divorce, job or home loss, but in fact, some part of our psyche chose liberation from those things we thought we had to have in our lives.  Pluto isn't like a hurricane coming through leaving water damage in its wake, but like a bomb that explodes turning everything to smithereens and ash.  But then from that ash, a phoenix emerges and turns into a soaring eagle with a wider view of life on the planet.  So in a way, Pluto transits force us to detach and none of us enjoy that process.  However, for people practicing Buddhism these Pluto transits will make more sense than to say someone whose life is about status, and consumerism while attaching to things, places and people.

I am Cancerian with a Capricorn AC so I know all about attachment.  I find my own Pluto transits challenging and they have brought me to my knees a few times.  As a Cancerian I have my share of fears, doubts, and worries of the unknown.  I remind myself to stay in the present moment and to stop fretting about the future.  The power is in the now.  And folks, we aren't just dealing with Pluto transits, but Pluto combined with Uranus (the rebel, the unknowable, sudden surprises, shock, etc). And later in this decade we will deal with a Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn transit.  We had better start breaking down old structure now so that by the end of this decade we are well on the way to rebuilding the world on more solid ground.  At the moment Saturn in Scorpio is bolstering Pluto in Capricorn and easing some of the pressure caused from the Uranus in Aries square to Pluto.

Perhaps, you are tired of hearing about this square which is on the tip of every astrologer's tongue these days.  But there is a reason for this which brings up the question will humanity get it together and survive these transits?  If we get it together these transits bless us with a Great Awakening.  And even with all the new technology and changes that have taken place in the past 2,000 years, spiritually, humans have evolved little.  We still go to battle with each other, still don't own the stuff of our egos, still cling to the illusion of materialism and anyone who transcends all of that is automatically labeled a saint or master. This leaves us to think that the transcendent ones are rare and special, but the truth is any of us can transcend. Haven't these master healers and teachers told us through the centuries that whatever they can achieve so can we?

We are all capable of awakening and evolving.  It's a matter of choosing to evolve then doing the necessary work.  Well, fortunately, with a Pluto or Uranus transit at hard angles in a chart, and especially in the angular houses (1, 4, 7 and 10), you are now given the opportunity to awaken in a big, big way.  I have to remind myself daily as I go through these transits that I'm given an opportunity to become everything that I am--both the light and the dark without squelching either.  And by doing so I understand that there is light in everyone and if what I see is darkness in someone else, then I need to revisit my own heart and soul.

The unevolved soul automatically goes into the judgement mode when an event occurs in the world or in their community.  They spout opinions and calls these opinions facts.  Then they decide how punishment should be meted out, usually in the form of an eye for an eye mentality.  An unevolved (unloved) soul will say that the punishment is God's will and look no further, or no deeper into the circumstances surrounding the situation.  An evolved soul or a soul on the way to evolving, stands back and searches for a wider angle.  This soul does not go into the automatic judge this person or situation mode.  When you find that you seek the bigger picture of any situation rather than drawing immediate conclusions, you can detach from the world by living in it, but not off it and when you can step back like a spectator observing this spectacle called life on the planet, you are well on your way to enlightenment.

Now, I know I'm closer to the first scenario than to the second.  This leaves me feeling vulnerable and humble.  Much of what I write here, this wisdom comes directly from the saints or Ascended Masters.  As I write this, I am receiving just as much education as you reading this.  So what do we do when Pluto transits through our charts at hard angles? Take a lot of deep breaths, and remind ourselves that we will emerge from this time of abrasion and claustrophobia as soaring butterflies or perhaps we rise out of the ashes as wise eagles.  The choice is up to each of us.  Rebirth is a bloody, ugly, sticky and itchy process.  Our first birth wasn't any prettier.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

FYI Cardinal T-Cross Coming Up

I'm not going to write an entire post on this Cardinal T-Cross, but I thought of sending out an alert. This cross involves Mars and Jupiter in Cancer squaring Uranus in Aries and opposing Pluto in Capricorn.  The bad news is this is unpredictable and potentially violent energy so tread lightly and with caution the last week of July until around August 4.

My guess (and it is an educated guess) is that we will be dealing with parent-child themes, angry youth (perhaps explosive youth), authority figures coming down hard on youth while the old structures disintegrate and new energy insists on replacing the dinosaurs.  We will revisit revamping education especially in the US, which ranks 26 in the world (public education), and we will revisit parenting issues, as well as, rebirthing ourselves by revisiting our actual birth process. I'm doing this already and it's excruciating.

There is potential here for riots, massive car accidents, natural disasters involving fire or floods, and we all need to watch what energy we are releasing into the world since believe it or not, your anger can fuel forest fires in another part of the world or contribute to the fiery of a hurricane or tornado.  We are that powerful as individuals.

The good news is that both Pluto and Uranus are retrograde during the T-Cross transit and Jupiter and Mars in a Grand Water Trine with Saturn in Scorpio now moving direct and Neptune in Pisces, RX.  The asteroids Vesta and Ceres are holding hands in Leo bringing women to the forefront and Chiron in Pisces RX trines Pallas in Cancer.  At least we will feel some comfort.

This T-Cross prepares us for more crosses this fall with Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn and the exact square between Pluto and Uranus in November.  Hang on to your hats!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Venus in Leo (June 28-July 22) Queen Bee with a Cause

Rider Waite Deck
With Venus in Leo (Queen of Wands in the Tarot deck) I keep seeing images of an empress or a queen holding court. However, this isn't just any queen, but a more noble queen with interests that go beyond herself and her kingdom.  Venus traveled into Leo on June 28 (one day before my birthday) and conjuncted with the asteroid Ceres.  Ceres is another name for Demeter who I believe was an earth goddess of harvest.  She's also famous for losing her daughter Persephone when Hades abducted the maiden and hid her in the underworld.  Well, that's Hades for you.

When Venus and Ceres join hands you can bet those two females have an interest in the welfare of the planet as well as, harvesting the bounty of the earth.  Venus after all represents more than just female allure and sexual attraction.  While she has gained a bad reputation over the centuries as a coquettish flirt whose only interested in herself, ironically, in the heart-centered sign of Leo, she wants to share her joy and love with the world while, yes, looking fabulous in the process and perhaps, standing center stage when she delivers her blessings to humanity and in this case, that has something to do with food, prosperity and abundance.

However, we ask, how is she going to achieve this aim given the current state of the planet? On June 28, Venus formed a sextile with Jupiter who was in the late degrees of Gemini--at that time she was feeling hopeful she would achieve her mission through higher learning and social media.  However, with a square to Saturn in Scorpio (4 degrees) she would need to overcome obstacles and prove that her mission is real and with in inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces, forgo the glamour and just get the job done.

On July 6 through July 9 (or 10th with a wider orb), Venus in Leo trine Uranus in Aries bringing out the warrior side.  Here you have the woman intellect or academic making pioneering innovations in the world.  Under this aspect you meet the fearless woman demanding her purpose is heard in the world.  Then on July 10 Venus in Leo opposes Juno in Aquarius (until July 14) where she battles with self verses humanity, as well as, a woman's role in relationships and the home.  Here again, you could see revolutionary women grabbing the spotlight or basking in the limelight.  We also see a square to Chiron (RX) at this time so women are dealing with childhood wounds too.  Perhaps, doubts creep up about not being enough.  Certainly, with Venus ruling women, the female half of the population will question their self-worth and value in the world.

Rider Waite Deck
Venus transits into Virgo on July 23, three days after Mercury goes stationary direct and Uranus goes retrograde.  At this point, Venus switches her focus to service and how she can serve others.  No longer the queen or empress, Venus dons the guise of the nun or the nurse.  And even with men, there is a sense of bringing out the servant and the mission of serving the planet in some way.  Venus also represents ecology and Virgo reaps the harvest or fruits of our labor.

However, back to Venus in Leo, we are looking at a short span  where the queen's eyes are on serving the greater good through some kind of harvest. With Ceres involved at the beginning of the transit and Juno and Chiron coming in later, as well as, brief transits to Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune, we could be looking at women revamping their image along with the emergence of the Divine Feminine.  But in order for this to occur we must look at self-value issues, self-love without narcissist overtones, and bring out those zany and innovative ideas we would like to share with the world.

For men, this is about getting in touch with the feminine side and healing it.  It's okay to be vulnerable, admit you are sometimes wrong, that you don't have any answers, or if you do, you still need the other half of humanity to help you implement them.  But she's yelling along with Aretha Franklin, "R-e-s-p-e-ct!" And you had better listen.  This is not a time to blow up walls except for the walls that keep us separated or divided, and from the rubble build new bridges and new kingdoms that honor all living creatures. With Mars (which represents men and our male side in the feminine sign Cancer) this process could get underway because men automatically feel more vulnerable under this aspect.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mars in Cancer--How's Your Digestion?

Fiery Mars moves into weepy Cancer on July 13 and Saint Thomas has me thinking about our stomachs and digestion.  In fact, old Thomas filled my head with digestion and stomach thoughts before I was fully awake, as he is known to do.  Since, I'm a Cancerian and I have dealt with digestion problems over the year and a sensitive stomach to boot, he thought I was the ideal candidate to write this post.  As if I don't have enough work on my plate already, hmmmm.

If you want to know more about medical astrology after reading this post, go to, where I looked up the ruler of pancreas.  Okay, so Cancer rules the stomach and Mars is a fire sign ruled by Aries that deals with some of our stronger emotions such as anger and impatience. Cancer deals with strong emotions too such as grief, fear and sadness.  Cancer tends to repress emotions which we hold in our stomach or breasts and Aries tends to vent his emotions--think of Meg Ryan in that scene in "French Kiss" where she's on a train traveling through Southern France and she rants about her lactose intolerance.  Although this is a funny scene, Thomas brings it up as an example of what happens when Mars rolls into Cancer.  Yes, we'll all travel on trains through Provence venting about our digestive disorders.  Well, at least this is a scenic trip, no?

If you have a tendency towards heartburn, stay away from spicy, caffeinated (yes, this includes chocolate), and acidic foods. Eat a diet that is PH balanced (this is for everyone), and if your Ayurvedic doshas is Pitta, stay clear of spicy or hot foods now.  In fact, if you're in a warmer climate or even a hot climate now, eat as much raw food as possible as in vegetables and fruit, though vegetables are alkaline and better for your digestion.  If you suffer from a stomach ulcer get medical help now or by the time Mars rolls into Leo, you're going to be sorry.  Remember Leo is a fire sign.

Since the stomach works in tandem with the rest of your digestive system such as the liver (Sagittarius), small and large intestines and pancreas (Virgo) and the elimination system (Scorpio) make sure that you're not over stuffing your stomach making it a challenge for your digestive enzymes and juices to do their work. And if you're above say 35 years of age, consider adding digestive enzymes and good bacteria to your system.  As we grow older we have less digestive enzymes and if we over stuff our stomachs or don't chew our food properly (no wolfing down big chunks of food, alright?), we suffer from gas, bloating and pain, which leads to other health complications and even disease.

Thomas also points out not to eat when we feel strong emotions and that's going to be tough with Mars in Cancer because we're going to feel strong emotions from anger, self-righteousness, to impatience on a big scale.  When Mars in Cancer conjuncts Jupiter in Cancer we will feel even bigger emotions.  So meditate, take a walk, or do anything to relax and calm your emotions before sitting down to a meal.  Also don't eat on the run because you'll pay for that.  Try your best not to argue with anyone over meal (that's vulgar behavior anyway) and that includes arguing with yourself or berating yourself for indulging in a cream puff or buttery croissant.  Be easy on yourself or you'll reach for even more comfort food to stuff your guilt and shame.

Mars in Cancer has us all feeling childish and spoiled.  We want what we want and we want in now.  Remember that scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Violet demands her candy now? We don't want to succumb to that kind of behavior, do we? And if we don't get what we want, we feel angry and we either repress that anger because our civilized adult self demands that we do, or we vent in public embarrassing everyone around us.  Yep, that's Mars in Cancer.  We might even blow up at our mothers who didn't give us this or that as a child.

And then there are the entitled children of younger generations whose parents spoiled them in the worst way and now we're going to have to deal with them.  Fun, I know.  And the way to deal with this anger is to do like Louise Hay does by taking a plastic baseball bat or your fists and punching the heck out of your pillow.  Or you can do silent screams or better yet, do some physical exercise.  I prefer dancing to African drums as opposed to beating up my poor pillows who I would rather show gratitude.  Hmmmm, Louise, really? But whatever you do, find a healthy outlet to deal with your anger now, much of which stems from childhood experiences.  When we don't get our needs met as a child, we grow into resentful and bitter adults.  Oh, sure some of us hide this resentment under perky can-do, I'm a Pollyanna attitude.  But now, sweetie, you're going to have to deal with the stuff, especially with so many planets in Cancer.

Have a good cry with your life coach or therapist or best friend.  Watch a sad movie and sob your way through it and then take the day off to process your feelings.  Once you remove all that baggage, you will allow a flow of good things to manifest in your life.  With Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer, we need to release this baggage now as individuals and as societies, otherwise, we're going to witness more hotheads setting their anger loose on playgrounds and shopping centers.  Remember it's not just about "those angry people" but about all of us and our collective anger.  We are after all ONE BEING and anything we witness outside of us is also inside of us.  We are responsible for world events as hard as that is to swallow, much less, digest. And Mars in Cancer will drive that theme home with us for the next two months.

So the short of it, don't over stuff your stomach, get enough enzymes, eat a PH balanced diet (eat your green vegetables), exercise to blow off steam, and deal with your repressed anger in a healthy way.  We have 8 weeks to get through this process and if we make the effort, we will have cleared away a lot of garbage from our souls.  We will feel lighter and ready for the next phase of human evolution.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Moon in Cancer--Squelching Hunger, Feast or Famine

With the New Moon at 16 degrees Cancer (also Sun at 16 degrees Cancer) with a wide orb square to Uranus in Aries and an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (forming a Cardinal T-Cross), we turn our thoughts and emotions towards food and nutrition.  Do we have enough food? Are we eating healthy foods? Are other people deprived of healthy foods? How can we share food with our neighbors and communities? And how can we reform the world's food distribution systems so that everyone's basic needs are met? With Pluto involved, we want to know about toxins in our foods and learn the truth about GMO and agricultural chemicals that cause more harm than good.  Pluto also rules the underworld (under soil) and the insect kingdom.  Uranus wants to bring equality and in Aries, Uranus has taken on a radical warrior attitude.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Cancer rules the stomach and the breasts and these organs represent nourishment, nurturing, and feeding ourselves, but not only ourselves, but our families.  Even for those of us who don't have children, thinking of any child starving in the world or living below basic survival is going to shatter our hearts.  Meaning, we feel this injustice strongly now and we might react through cold aloofness or become like a tigress who defends the rights of all children on the planet.  With Jupiter in Cancer as well, we see excess everywhere and wonder how this can be fairly distributed if we tune into Jupiter's Higher Mind-Wisdom.  If we only tune into the lower vibration of Jupiter, we will just want to hoard all the food for ourselves and go live on a compound in some remote place (the dark side of Cancer which is tribalism and clannish).

However, if we also tune into the Higher Mind of Neptune in Pisces we will seek unity among the other earth inhabitants.  We will fight or at least pray for fairness.  And we will keep questioning why some people hoard all the wealth while others starve as in the Occupy Movement.  Or maybe we'll decide to do something truly radical by getting to know our neighbors, share food, cooperate on ventures to create more resilient communities as with the Transition Town movement, but we had better get on this before the planets move into Leo, where we will revert to only caring about ourselves.  Meaning, let's cash in on the water trines happening now so that we can make this world better for all of us.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
I just finished reading Donald Neal Walsh's Conversation with God, Book 2 which talks about enlightened societies (which we clearly aren't) where beings realize that whatever we do to others we do to ourselves.  The lesson with water trines is the same and involves developing deeper compassion for when we deprive others of basic necessities, we deprive ourselves.  When we close our hearts to compassion and love for all our brothers and sisters (not showing any favoritism), we develop heart disease or die of a heart attack.  You can bet that those hoarder who live in excessive wealth and don't share anything are taking heart medication or self-medicating to numb themselves further.  But Uranus in Aries will take care of that along with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio.

This New Moon in Cancer asks us to get in touch with not only our stomachs, but the stomachs of everyone on the planet.  And it's not just about feeding the physical body, but about feeding the soul too and we can only do that by reaching out to others.  The Aquarius Age ideal reflects on taking care of our brothers and sisters, not in a codependent way, but in a way that empowers them to take care of themselves.  It's about the We that comes before Me because that is one and the same.  Face it, we have enough food on the planet to feed everyone at this point and it's a matter of our will to do that.  We have new technology that could make fossil fuels obsolete now, but again do we have the will to do that?

Say this affirmation this week as often as possible: Where there is a will there is a way to create a healthy planet and I merge my will for betterment with others.  Join the We party and with a can-do attitude let's clean up the planet and bring balance and sustenance (now there's the Cancerian key word I have been searching for).