Chart Exploration 2

 Champions of Justice

Chart #3:
Concert Pianist-Author-Animal Advocate-Human Rights Activist Helene Grimaud 
November 7, 1969, 11:30 a.m.
Aix-en-Provence, France,_H%C3%A9l%C3%A8ne

While I was searching on YouTube for a concert performance of Maurice Ravel's Piano Concerto in G, I came across videos of French pianist Helene Grimaud.  I posted her performance of the second movement of the concerto on Linked In and I learned that Grimaud also champions the protection and preservation of wolves.  She also joins with other musicians in championing human rights. What a gal!

As you explore this chart, respond to the following questions on your own or leave comments below.

1. Helene Grimaud has an ability called synthesia where hears colors when she performs and listens to music.  Where is this indicated in her natal chart?

2. Where does the activism come up? Is it with Mars in Aquarius? Is it with the 5 planets in Libra including the Moon?

3. What are your thoughts of the Angelic Master number 444 as it comes up as the degree for the Capricorn AC? 

4. Where do you see child virtuoso in the natal chart?

5. How does the stellium in Libra in the 9th House color this musician's personality? (Hint watch videos of her performances on YouTube).

Chart #2:
Environmental Justice  Warrior Erin Brockovich
June 22, 1960, noon
Lawrence, Kansas 

For some reason, the environmental warrior Erin Brockovich is in my thoughts today.  I looked up her astrological chart, but could only find one on the Astro Theme site which I'm told isn't a reliable source and the noon birth time causes me to wonder if the Ascendent isn't correct, because some astrologers use the noon time when they don't have an exact time of birth.  However, a Virgo AC makes sense since this is the type of person who would want to fix things and make them right, a natural born critic and fixer.

The birth date and location are correct giving Erin Brockovich a Cancer Sun with an exact conjunction to Venus.  However, Cancer Sun and Venus would signify a woman who dresses conservatively, might seem invisible to others and certainly would not resemble the Erin Brockovich Julia Roberts played in the movie with the shocking clothing.  So I'm going to hand you the chart for your exploration.

1) Can you make an argument for a Virgo AC for Erin Brockovich?

2) How do you think Nessu (asteroid) and the Moon (emotions, mothers) in the Ninth House contribute to Erin's environmental justice work?

3) What planetary aspects give this woman her tough skin and courage?

4) How do you think the yod with Sun/Venus at 1 degree Cancer, Mars at 1 degree Taurus and Pluto at 3 degrees Virgo play into Erin's career and achievements, not to mention, life path?

Please leave your responses in the comment section below.  Also check out my 1960s Series for 1960.

Chart #1:
Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, Jr.
January 15, 1929, 12:00 p.m.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Important Dates (for transits):

March on Washington & I have a Dream Speech, August 28, 1963, midnight ("12" shows up again)
Marriage to Coretta Scott, 1957 (don't have day or month)
Noble Peace Prize, 1964 (don't have day or month)
Extra marital affairs revealed in 1964 (same year he won the Noble Peace Prize)
Famous speech, I Have Been on the Mountain Top (for a sanitation workers strike in Memphis, TN), April 3, 1968, midnight
Assassination, the following day, April 4, 1968, 6:01 a.m.

Stand outs: 

Capricorn Sun in the 9th House of religion, higher learning, and idealism.  The Sun falls near the cusps of the 10th House and the MC is in Aquarius along with Mercury, which is about brotherhood and futuristic thinking, in this case equal rights in the future.

Venus and Moon fall in the 11th House so this is a man who would have a special relationship with his mother and have many women close to him.  It could also lead to casual love affairs, especially with these planets in Pisces.  There could even be an addiction to sensual experiences, especially since MLK had his AC in Taurus (Venus ruler).

8th House Saturn would suggest a person who did not flinch from responsibility and uncovering lack of integrity in others.  Financial resources from others might have felt stringent or late in coming and the work here is on the deep soul level.  Saturn is a ruling planet for MLK and he knew he didn't have much time on the earth, his days were numbered for him to achieve a great vision or dream.

Uranus in Aries (where it currently transits) is early in the 12th House of enemies in the open and there were two attempts on MLK's life, the first was a stabbing to his heart in the late 1950s, which by luck he survived. Jupiter also  appears in the 12th House, and this could be where the big vision comes from and fearlessness.  The Capricorn Sun and Taurus AC (no trine between them) shows a man who stubbornly held onto his beliefs and refused to budge.  This is the core of his strength which even took religious concepts and grounded them in Saturn practicality.  He had a dream with that Pisces Moon, but a dream grounded in the practicality of everyday living.  The Pisces Moon however would have made him an easy target to assassins and enemies because he would not know of who to trust and paranoia was also possible.

Incidentally, the first person to try to assassinate MLK was a woman in New York City.

1. Find planet configurations and aspects leading to visions.

2. What planet alignments or placements gave MLK charisma and the hypnotic voice?

3. How would a North Node in Taurus (South Node in Scorpio) play a part with a religious and Civil Rights Leader?

4. What role would Chiron in Taurus play along with the AC in Taurus?

5. How would a Third House Pluto play into MLK's communication style?

Please leave your responses in the comments section and please comment.  Let's get a dialogue going. If you prefer to go further in depth, look up transits on the key dates or progressed planets over time.

Capricorn Sun

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