Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Aquarius New Moon (February 4, 2019) Forecasts for the Zodiac Signs

What's Up for Your Element for the Aquarius New Moon?

The Aquarius New Moon often comes with surprises and odd twists for our life stories. What's up for you and your sign? And check out my general forecast for this New Moon on my YouTube channel, Astrologer Patricia.

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, & Libra)

Since the New Moon is in an Air Sign, we feel an explosion of mental energy. Ideas, thoughts, epiphanies, and logical suggestions float around. And we also experience sudden revelations if we have dominant Air in our charts.

Aquarius, this New Moon brings you new ideas in the form of lightbulbs appearing over your head. And since your sign rules electricity you could experience lightbulbs popping as you enter a room. You might experience oddities with electronics or experience electrical storms or the loss of electricity. But don't despair because this is a time of breakthroughs and innovations that arrive powerfully in your thoughts.

Gemini, you have trouble keeping details in order. All that Sagittarus energy opposing you with Jupiter in his own sign, has you itching for a big adventure. But you can't seem to get your itenary in order and this drives you nuts. There could be miscommunications with your neighbors or in your community. Come back down to earth, Gemini, and pay attention to the mundane details of your life. Boy, are you full of ideas and you want to share them on social media. Just make sure that others get a word in edgewise. A one-sided conversation is often boring.

Libra, you are also itching to explore new topics. And world travel grabs your attention. I see you reading travel magazines and blogs. I see you learning a new language or getting involved romantically with a foreigner through social media and then from travel. Use this time to beautify your mind and then you find balance in all areas of your life. Stay away from sugar since it can throw your mind into overload. Ditto for caffeine.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius)

With Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius there is a sense of restlessness. We are reading Joseph Campbell's Power of Myth again. We are running with wolves, at least in our minds. Life is an adventure and we are fired up and ready to soar above the everyday world.

Aries, you have old business to complete that started around 9 years ago. What was happening to you in 2012, 2014, and 2015? Oh, yes, those old issues are rearing up again and now you have the tools to finally put them to rest. With so many planets in Capricorn, it's time to bring maturity to the mix. Don't leap into areas where angels fear to tread. Yes, you are feeling that fire under your feet and it's okay to take action. However, give it some thought before you act. Impulsive actions lead to consequences.

Leo, you are actually feeling pleased to not land in the spotlight at this time. You lay low while Uranus completes its tour-of-duty in Aries. It's time to reflect on your accomplishments and to practice self-care. What are your current values? Where would you like to plug into to make the world a better place? What desires burns inside you now that benefits humanity? When you figure that out, then design your plan. And later this year, you can move forward and return to the spotlight.

Sagittarius, freedom and mind expansion call to you. Go where you haven't gone before. Date a different type of personality. Eat a new food. And delve into a new spiritual practice or philosophy. You are about expansion so expand.

Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, & Scorpio)

Our emotions get us tangled up in blue as Bob Dylan cleverly worded it once in a song. Speaking of music, we must go with the flow by connecting to music through dancing, singing, and composing. If you believe that you have no musical gifts, then at least find high-vibrational music to plug into.

Pisces, you never have a problem with the flow of life. You are also rhythmically-gifted and your feet were designed for dancing. But I'm seeing health problems with feet as in not being able to move forward. What keeps your feet stuck in the mud? Is it the mud itself? Going with the flow does involve the arts and spiritual reflection. Some of you discover your teaching and healing gifts around this New Moon. Congratulations. It's time to move to the next level in the cosmic dance.

Cancer, with the North Node in your sign for another 16 months, how are you going to nurture you? How are you going to nurture others. Home is where the heart is or perhaps, the heart is where the home exist. Home, hearth, and food nourishment matter to you more than ever. Change your diet. Change the world diet. Get out there and speak about food and food security. Speak up for children. It's time to advocate for the things that matter to you. And spend time blessing water. We are the water gods and goddesses of the Zodiac.

Scorpio, did you know that Bill Gates is a Scorpio and not an Aquarius? Who would have thought, right? You are one of the most gifted of the Zodiac Signs but only if you focus your mind on giving instead of receiving. And heal the what's-in-it-for-me attitude. It's possible that you feel misunderstood emotionally during this New Moon in a detached Air Sign. People don't realize just how deep your emotions go and they go straight into the deep subconscious. Having said that, therapy works wonders for getting your emotions in balance. And Saturn, Pluto, and the other planets transiting through Capricorn give you a boost.

Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo)

Just like with Carole King's song, "I feel the Earth move under my skin," the Earth Sign people are the first to feel any earth changes occurring underneath our feet. You tend to walk around barefoot anyway. And nature calls to you in a shamanic voice. You have reached the conclusion that talking to rocks and trees is not crazy stuff. Since people see you as serious and grounded, why not shake things up a bit?

Capricorn, I start with you because you lead the fray. We depend on your for mature and responsible leadership. So, can you deliver our expectations? More than any sign, you reap what you sow and instantly. Remember the words to the John Lennon song because those words apply to you. Past life stuff creeps up and there is that pesky lineage stuff to resolve as well. Take your time in this journey called self-healing and transform it into self-discovery.

Taurus, with Uranus hanging out in the shadows, you suffer from a case of nerves. Energy for change and transformation lingers in the background. You worry about finances. You worry about agriculture and the shifting of values in the world. While you cling to traditions, this Aquarius New Moon energy wrestles you to the ground. You are not a forward-thinking sign but you are asked to innovate and become like the willow that bends with the wind. Gardening and growing food go well.

Virgo, get your body in shape. Stop criticizing it and wondering why you feel sick. Love every cell in your body and communicate with them. Your body knows how to heal itself. And since you are both a teacher and a healer, teach what you heal in yourself to others. And get some deep rest because an Aquarius New Moon could fry your nerves. Talk therapy goes well.

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

January 20, 2019--Leo Lunar Eclipse (final one in a cycle)

Breaking Down Walls & Expressing Vulnerability 

Some of you will recall me mentioning showing up authentically in my podcasts from the past year and a half. This was due to the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius. The energies of that eclipse cycle told us to show up in a crowd or a group and to speak our truth.

The January 20 Lunar Eclipse at 0 degrees Leo asks us if we learned the lesson. And now, the new lesson with the North Node in Cancer is to feel safe in our vulnerability. The lesson is to tear down the walls that protect us so that we have better intimacy with others and with ourselves. Cancer rules the hearth and home; it rules the mother and nourishment as well as, the breasts and the stomach. And what could be more vulnerable than those parts of our body?

We look at digestion both physically and metaphorically along with what we feel is consuming us. We become less extroverted and more introverted as we reflect instead of a projection. And the energy also transforms from Fixed to Cardinal. We want to move ahead, make some progress, and make changes in our lives that stem from deep reflection.

So, first we learned the lesson of being true to ourselves in groups and now, we go deeper with knowing ourselves to have the ability to express ourselves even in sensitive situations. Think of the mother encouraging the toddler to have his own preferences separate from her own. When we spend time in our sanctum we discover who we are in regard to our birth mothers or any other person who was responsible for nourishing us.

And oddly, during the time of the North Node in Cancer we are going to delve into food security, food safety, nourishment, vitamins, food preparation, and eating disorders, especially when planets are transiting in Cancer, Taurus, or Virgo. But what about the Leo Lunar Eclipse? What can we expect from the ruler of the Sun and the ruler of Uranus during the post-holiday month?

If this Leo Lunar Eclipse had a personality then I would say that it does not want to give up its throne, especially not to its neighbor sign, Cancer. This stubborn lion tells us to stay in the realm of outward creativity and tell the truth of our hearts. And maybe it's not so easy for the Leo-Aquarius cycle to give up the throne because the nodes were dogged by Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio in the form of Grand Fixed Squares.

We took on the tasks of defining our true values, probing deep in our subconscious to unleash our primal instincts and faulty wiring instead of charging ahead in a leadership position with an arts or grassroots organization or getting recognition of our talents. And that cycle sped by quickly too.

There was a lot on that proverbial plate. And now, it's time to digest everything we learned during those 18 months. We all experience the energies of the Crab and the Goat for the next journey. But wait as we make a pitstop in the land of Leo before venturing to the shores of our consciousness. This Leo Lunar eclipse comes with more baggage too as Uranus is in an out-of-sign square with the Aquarius Sun and the Leo Moon. And Uranus is gaining momentum in a forward direction as it went Direct the day after the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5.

When Uranus lands back in Taurus the first week of March, we will revisit the themes of this Lunar Eclipse, especially when Uranus is at 0 degrees Taurus and in an exact square with the eclipse Moon and Sun degree. And if that lesson isn't enough to consider (whatever it is for you), then don't get lost in a fog with the Jupiter-Neptune square which at least is separating by one degree during this eclipse.

Meanwhile, Mars in Aries is still in a square with Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node as well as the North Node in Cancer. Mars represents children, passion, drive, motivation, sexual energy, and the pursuit of our desires. Mars also represents young men, warriors, cars, the police, guns, and violence. So, we will see that energy coming up against authority, fathers, big banks, financial institutions, mothers, and even the home. As far as weather, we could see fierce winter storms in the northern hemisphere and dry heat and possibly earthquakes in the southern hemisphere but don't quote me on this because I'm not a mundane astrologer (and mundane astrology is complex).

Overall, this Leo Lunar Eclipse asks us to finish up the old business from the eclipse cycle of Leo-Aquarius but at the same time, it asks us to venture into a new journey of authenticity and vulnerability. It's not only time to step up on the world stage but it's time to express our inner self. Remember the words of the Cowardly Lion, "Courage..."

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Capricorn Solar Eclipse on January 5, 2019--Wow!

Capricorn Solar Eclipse--Balancing Karma & Rebuilding

It seems like yesterday that we experienced eclipses in Cardinal signs. With the North Node now in Cancer the eclipses (with the exception of the Lunar Eclipse at 0 degrees Leo) the eclipses fall under the signs Cancer and Capricorn. And any time we experience major planetary events in Cardinal signs we know that the changes that come with that event are permanent or at least long-lasting. So, what can we expect from the Solar Eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn during the first week of January?

Well, if you have your Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign in any of the Cardinal Signs (and you know who you are), then wherever those signs fall in your Natal Chart shows you where one door closes and another one opens. And we're looking at four areas of your life (take a look at the cusps where Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are in your chart. And then look up my Astro Cheat Sheet for further assistance).

Actually, everyone has those signs in their Natal charts and everyone is going to feel that they must take more responsibility or respond differently in those areas that the houses represent. I'm a bit technical here but bear with me. And if you would like help reading your chart, sign up for a moon chart reading.

A Solar Eclipse represents new beginnings but these beginnings are unstable. Never launch anything new or even set new intentions during an eclipse or during its shadow (3 days before and 3 days after the eclipse or between a solar and a lunar eclipse). We are in the dark literally. The earth comes between the Sun and the Moon causing a shadow over the Sun. And the Sun represents our identity and our clarity.

I remember the Solar Eclipse in Leo from the summer of 2017. It threw me for a loop. I walked around Bellingham trying to run errands and I felt lost. I couldn't get anything done and my skin kept burning up and I experienced sweats throughout that day. And the light was too bright that I wanted to hide in the dark and rest my eyes. That's the power of a solar eclipse. But the one coming up is not in Leo. It's in Capricorn and for me, during the winter and we won't see it where I live because it will already be the night.

But in the places where people can view the eclipse is a different story. I learned that those places under the path of the eclipse experience dramatic events. And the US certainly did after the sighting of the Leo Solar Eclipse the summer of 2017! And some of us are still recovering from the huge lessons we learned along the way about telling our truth and living authentic lives.

Please watch my podcast on the Capricorn Solar Eclipse on Astrologer Patricia (YouTube). The highlights are a sweeping cluster of planets and the South Node in Capricorn (Mercury, Saturn, Sun, Moon, and Pluto) opposing the North Node in Cancer and squaring Uranus and Mars in Aries. Meanwhile, Jupiter is in a square with Neptune. Chiron is RX in Pisces. And Venus is finishing up her transit in Scorpio conjunct Ceres. It's like women are taking the brunt of this energy but steel yourself because this is the last of the dinosaurs trying to usurp our power.

Earth (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo)

Out of the three signs, Capricorn experiences the most impact from this earthy solar eclipse. Capricorns experience karmic clearing that can show up as an illness or other stressful events. We won't be able to lean on you around the time of the eclipse as you will need to escape from the fray and practice extreme self-care.

Perhaps, you can lean on your Taurus and Virgo brothers and sisters of the soul. These folks are less impacted by the eclipse and actually, they experience financial boosts and success in the material realm as long as they stick with their values. They also benefit from earth stewardship practices. Gaia is calling to you.

Water (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio)

With the North Node in Cancer, Uranus, and Mars in a square with you and a cluster of planets (half the planets) opposing you, Cancer you must stand your ground. It's not time to throw caution to the wind and it is time to step away and practice self-care. Nourish your mind-body-spirit and when you do this, you inspire others to follow your examples.

All of the Cardinal Signs are balancing karma, but Capricorn is hit the hardest since Saturn rules karma and Saturn is ruled by Capricorn. But Cancerians, Capricorn is also representing your polar opposite and your shadow so what you see in them is also your unclaimed self! You want to revolutionalize the world, but first, start with yourself and reassess your new value system. Then once you have reflected on that, it's time to move forward.

Scorpio and Pisces experience sextiles with the South Node and the planets in Capricorn. Scorpio fairs the best since it also experiences flowing aspects with Chiron and Neptune as well as, the North Node. In addition, Venus and Ceres transit in Scorpio. Pisces has Chiron RX and Neptune in its sign but it also has that crazy square with Jupiter to contend with and it misses Mars which moved forward into Aries.

And one last caveat for the Water Signs is that with all that bombastic energy flying during the solar eclipse and the eclipse season, your sensitivity could lead to illness if you don't practice self-care and stay away from aggressive people.

Fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)

Despite having Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius, the earthy solar eclipse leaves you stuck on the ground. It's like someone soaked your wings in a heavy oil and you appear to flounder under the weight. You want to travel but you run into restrictions. You share your optimism only to have the others slap you in the face with realism. And for Aries who experiences Mars and Uranus in your sign, but in a square with the nodes and the cluster of planets in Capricorn, you feel like you just can't win. And you want to conquer others with your ideas and competitive pursuits. Others will ask you to grow up and respond maturely to your life circumstances.

Sagittarius' planet Jupiter squares Neptune. And now, it's easy to go into combat to protect one's religious or philosophical beliefs. And you don't care for all the Debbie Downers spouting cynical remarks and talking about their realities, which to you seem too grim. You search high and low for a party or something to celebrate but unfortunately, the lay of the land is like a gray desert that stretches beyond the horizon. This too shall pass.

So, where does that leave you, Leo? You actually benefit from the drive Mars and Uranus give you and Jupiter in Sagittarius motivates important life changes. You are poised to take on the world. Unfortunately, the Sun, which represents you, is hidden behind the moon shadows. And Venus and Ceres square you. Take some time out for creative pursuits just for the pleasure of it. This will at least feed your soul during this heavy passage of time.

Air (Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra)

Libra experiences the squares with the nodes, the opposition of Mars and Uranus, and the square with the Capricorn planets. Feeling exhausted? Your main duty is to play referee for the warring forces. And for your personal life, balancing your diet leads to better health. Eating junk food can lead to the disease at this time. And don't forget to drink plenty of purified water as you need to wash out the toxic energies from your body.

Gemini experiences the opposition with Jupiter and the square with Neptune. Expand your world vision and get quantum. You pay too much attention to details and you miss the forest. You miss the expansive cosmos and astral projection. You do have your facts straight and this helps your Sagittarius and Pisces friends. At least someone is logical during this chaotic week.

Aquarius is in the free and clear. You don't have any major squares or oppositions or conjunctions to block your way, with the exception of the asteroid Vesta in your sign and Venus and Ceres in a square with you. And this just has you once again marching for women's rights and also Gaia's rights. You support grassroots causes during this time, but cool off before dealing with the opposition. Your job is to inspire not to set the match.

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Monday, November 19, 2018

Cancer Full Moon, December 22, 2018--Mother Gaia

Be Here on Gaia Now--The Cancer Full Moon for 2018

December is a time when we feel like coming home. Whether that means coming home to our spiritual center, our heart, or an actual house, during the Cancer Full Moon on the 22nd with the Moon and Sun at 0 degrees in Cardinal Signs, we choose to fling off our world cloaks and take a respite. (This Moon occurs one day after the Solstice).

But first, we experience the Sagittarius New Moon at the beginning of the month which sends our feelers outward to other countries, other lands, and even into fantasies. We begin December on a vagabond note and we end it back at home as if the hero returns from his long journey to rest on his laurels. It's a time we circle around a proverbial hearth and share our stories and our battle wounds. It's time of elders passing on wisdom to children in the best scenarios. It's a nostalgic time in which we nourish our stomachs with food and our hearts with universal stories.

The dark side of this Cancer Moon is that we might exclude others from our tribe. Issues around migration (both domestic and international) ignite arguments. Doors are slammed in people's faces if they are of a different race or religion or even political belief.

And yet, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron in Pisces ask us to pause and reflect on our fearful behaviors that would prevent us from forgiving others and holding a compassionate space for others. Why must we quickly judge others and their circumstances? And yet, we do with the Sun, South Node, and Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon and the North Node in Cancer.

And relationships between parents and children surface too because the Cardinal Signs are controlling and demanding in their worst light. And because Uranus is retrograde in Aries and in a wide square with Pluto and the nodes, we see the tension between children who seek independence and their right to be authentic at war with parents who think they know what's best for their brood.

But I think the biggest theme of this Full Moon revolves around houses. We look at alternative houses which include vans, trailers, yurts, tiny homes versus the traditional house which is out of many people's financial reach. We ask ourselves what is truly home for each of us despite what we were told in the past or despite what city zoning allows. We debate about tiny houses and legalizing them and even creating communities for people to plant their tiny homes. And we look at patterns of migration when having a house on wheels makes sense. We also look at alternative building materials since wood from forests is becoming more and more scarce due to wildfires. And like it or not, we're going to look at changes happening on the mother of them all, Gaia. What's up with that?

And speaking of Gaia, I plan on staying here where my soul is starting to feel at home as I heal PTSD. I'm not waiting for a spaceship to show up and take me to another planet or galaxy. This Cancer Full Moon has a ripeness of here and now. You've heard the saying, "Be here now". We all have heard this saying in the spiritual communities. And why are we dreaming so much of living elsewhere?

Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn tell us to take responsibility for what is ours on this planet and in our home, which is this planet. It is up to each of us to clean up whatever mess we've made whether that is sending negative vibrations in the world through fear, worry, and hate. And it is also about cleaning up the physical messes we made because boy, is it hard for us humans to live lightly on the earth. And it is about taking responsibility for the leaders we elect and to lovingly keep them to their tasks. If they made promises to us then it is up to each of us to remind those leaders about their promises as they get lost in the rank and file of modern government.

And yet, despite all the Capricorn gloom, Jupiter and Mercury are telling us also to enjoy our time here. Can we enjoy our time on Earth without destroying our home? This planet is not a frat house so let's treat Gaia with some well-deserving respect. If this sounds like a lecture it is because I was born with my Sun and Mercury in Cancer, my Ascendant in Capricorn and my North Node in Cancer. My entire life seems to be about taking responsibility for my stuff and not enabling others to dump their stuff on me.

Other themes that surface now are self-care and nourishment of the soul through nourishment of the body. We are asked to drink more purified water and to cleanse our bodies. We are asked to work with the mineral kingdom and to empower ourselves by allowing Gaia to recharge our batteries and help us get in touch with the powerful field around our heart.

Remember that Cancer represents the breasts and how we nourish ourselves and then others. Cancer rules mothers, home, the hearth, and nourishment. So, take some time to give yourself love and compassion. These are the two ingredients that ensure your well-being through the holiday season and into the next season.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Article: Jupiter Square Neptune--Pause Before Taking That Leap


Jupiter Square Neptune--Dreams versus Delusions

Jupiter has moved into Sagittarius, now what? 

It’s actually more complicated than Jupiter returning to Sagittarius after a 12-month journey around the Zodiac. We receive the concentrated form of Jupiter when it is in its own sign Sagittarius. And then, when Jupiter forms squares with Neptune, also in its own sign, Pisces, we lose the plot. Fortunately, Saturn forms sextiles with Neptune in 2019 which prevents us from completely tossing out the old structures of our lives.

However, since Jupiter and Neptune are both expansive as well as, otherworldly planets, many will get lost in the cosmos. It’s easy to forget facts and believe anything with this square. And it’s easy to get involved with cult-like groups or to be swayed by false collective beliefs. Even the most educated person who fails to use discernment can fall into a nebulous trap, especially when several planets are either in Pisces or Sagittarius. We’re going to thank Saturn and Pluto for their transits in Capricorn and then later in the year, we’ll also thank Uranus transiting in Taurus, the most grounded of the Zodiac Signs.

The other important topic to mention is that Saturn is also in its own sign and Saturn forms a conjunction with Pluto (not exact, in March and April, right after Uranus swings into Taurus again! We know we must change or change is forced on us. But these transits are saying that the transformation process is not all rainbows and unicorns. We won’t be waxing purple prose and if we don’t buck up to our wounds or make friends with our shadows (Pluto in Capricorn), then life could turn into insufferable situation quickly, as quickly as Uranus can say its own name...

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Sagittarius New Moon (12-06-18)--Pie in the Sky or True Freedom?


Sagittarius New Moon--The Sky is the Limit

With Jupiter now in its own sign Sagittarius, the New Moon in Sagittarius brings expansion. And as I write these words, a piano concerto by the Sagittarius composer Beethoven plays in the background. I feel exuberance as my sore hands type this post. And yet, I have faith that it will get done and reach the right people.

The Sagittarius New Moon on December 6 brings us hope and we even look forward to the holiday season. We might even feel hope for the upcoming new year. And Mercury also goes direct in Scorpio on this day. Now, we can clear up communication, find a good sale on the electronics we need to replace because of the Mercury RX period. And like the Satyr symbol for Sagittarius, our eyes are on the sky, and our we aim our arrows at the prize, whatever that is for each of us.

This Moon at 15 degrees Sagittarius along with Jupiter at 6 degrees Sagittarius ask us where would we like to travel in the world if money wasn't an issue? What adventure would we like to pursue? Would we like to master a new subject or practice? Some of you pursue higher education. Some of you teach, lecture or write to a larger audience. And some of you publish books during this cycle. And even if we are only armchair travelers reading about other people's adventures, we are still engaging with the wider world. We want to know what is possible for impossible dreams don't exist when Sagittarius calls the shots.

For a more detailed look of the Sagittarius New Moon check out my video on Astrologer Patricia. For now, I'm going to give a breakdown of the signs for this transit.

Fire Signs

You come out of the shadows and hop until everyone's radar. You are the life of the party spicing up conversations with your many life adventures and your dreams of traveling to new places. You want to revolutionize the world beginning with people's attitudes. You motivate us to get our acts together and to dream the dream and put it into action. You remind us of the hero's quest and that the journey is worth taking for the sake of the journey and not the destination.

Watch out for Neptune fantasies and keep it real with your feet on the ground (Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn). Uranus has you fired up again to the injustices in the world but Jupiter in Sagittarius gives you the passion to make changes happen. Shine your light this holiday season.

Water Signs

Where there is hope you make progress. You feel reflective with Chiron, Mars, and Neptune in Pisces, the North Node in Cancer, and Mercury now direct in Scorpio. Perhaps, you wax nostalgia as you listen to old holiday songs and sit on the couch watching holiday movies. You certainly feel sentimental towards yourself and others. And many of you will actually enjoy this holiday season with family and you wonder how this is possible.

Practice self-care and find alone time to reassess your growth from the previous year. Make plans for long-distance travel with your closest friends or a loved one. Drink plenty of water and stay away from too many sweets. If you find yourself craving junk food take a look at where your life lacks passion and sustenance and then do something about it.

Earth Signs

You feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. And you do. People turn to you for your wisdom and strength. This is why practicing self-care is crucial around this New Moon. Many of you see an upswing in massage or bodywork clients or you find that you are coaching more people to find their own strengths and to face their weaknesses.

Take good care of your physical body and your physical structures as in your homes. But remember that home is just a physical structure and a true home is where your heart resides. You are the master rebuilders but rebuild your own life before rolling up your sleeves and tackling the lives of others. And practice what you preach.

Air Signs

It's so easy to get stuck in cynicism while watching or reading about world events. But why not take a cue from your Fire Sign friends and go on an adventure? Get out of your head this holiday season and get in touch with your body through sensations and feelings. And if you weren't too cynical what would you like to do with your life? What would you like to do today to make that happen? Jupiter is actually pounding on your door asking you to come outside and play.

Grab your kayak or your bike and hit the water or road. Write a poem. Take a photograph. And make a gratitude list to knock you out of the doldrums. Life isn't perfect but so what? You can change your thoughts with some practice and change the tune you sing. Better yet, go hang out with a Sagittarius for a day. That will enlighten you.

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Gemini Full Moon on November 22, 2018--Everyone's Talking


The Gift of Gab & Learning New Skills: Gemini Full Moon

Gemini is the most chatty sign in the Zodiac Wheel. It's considered one of the fun signs along with Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. 

However, on the other side of that, Gemini is a curious and smart Air Sign. And Gemini children ask constant questions while hopping between their favorite subjects. We'll all feel like learning new subjects with this Mutable Full Moon because...

And after the first two weeks of November's drama, we will want to detach and disconnect. Two days after this Full Moon, Neptune turns direct so maybe this is a good time for making movies or watching them. We could also create movies in our own minds in the realm of fantasies. We might feel lost in the woods, but we'll enjoy the journey. And it is also a good time to fly a kite or stare up at the night sky and contemplate the vastness of the universe.
Personally, I have two planets in Gemini--Mars and Venus. Mars in the 5th house challenges Pluto and Uranus in my 8th and Saturn and my Moon in the 2nd houses. So, I'm not having much fun as far as Mars goes, but I love to play with words and words are like swords on bad days. 

My Venus in Gemini is a retrograde Singleton in my 6th house of health and daily health. And lately, she has been teaming up with Saturn in Capricorn (not through an aspect) in causing pain in my hands. Gemini rules hands, the 6th house rules health, and Saturn is straddling my Ascendant in the 1st house which rules the body.

But I'm still looking forward to the Gemini Full Moon because it is laced with adventure. We dream large and answer the call to a personal quest. This is because this full Moon at 0 degrees opposes the Sun conjunct Jupiter and Gemini's planet Mercury RX. So, we don't just want to talk. We want some action. We want to travel further afield even overseas. We want to meet new kinds of people who pique our curiosity and boy, do we want to learn and expand our minds and our circumstances. People complain more than ever that they feel bored.

Mars in Pisces T-squares the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury. Mars is asking us to step outside of our comfort zone or our minds and to get in touch with our hearts. If you are bored then find a charity or cause and volunteer your time helping someone else. It could even be tutoring or working with at-risk youth. Otherwise, the energy of Mars in Pisces is wasted.

Meanwhile, Venus in the late degrees of Libra opposes Uranus RX in Aries. Now, for more evolved men and women, this could be a sexy time of wordplay. This energy reminds me of Shakespeare comedies where men square off with feisty women. Both sexes sought equals in wit and in everyone another area. A dull inauthentic person might just hide out during this Moon. In any case, the wit during the Gemini Full Moon is biting at best.
If you are a writer, publisher, editor, pod-caster or broadcaster, you're going to love this Gemini Moon. This is a time to get your work out in the world. People will also be purchasing more books than usual during the week of the Gemini Full Moon. It is an extroverted time and a great time to network. And as more shifting occurs on the planet it might also be a good time to find a new job or to make a living with social media or another type of entrepreneurial effort involving communication and travel.

If you would like more in-depth information on this full Moon, please watch my Astrologer Patricia video on this Moon (YouTube).

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius (November 8, 2018)--Great Ball of Fire

After a year of deep soul diving, Jupiter leaves Scorpio at 4:38 a.m. Standard Pacific Time on November 8, 2018 and the gaseous planet enters its own sign Sagittarius. This means that several planets are transiting in their own signs. Neptune transits in Pisces, Jupiter transits in Sagittarius, Saturn transits in Capricorn and Venus transits retrograde in one of her co-rulers Libra.

I pulled a chart for Jupiter's switch from Scorpio to Sagittarius even though Jupiter will remain in the mutable fire sign for 12+ months, ending on December 2, 2019. The expansive planet is even expanding its stay in its own sign! The transit is a few days shy of 13 instead of the usual 12 months. And in December 2, 2019, Jupiter moves into Capricorn where it will eventually hook up with Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Some astrologers are calling this a Golden Age period. (They must have a lot of Sagittarius in their natal charts).

But on November 8 of this year, the transiting Moon enters Sagittarius a few hours later and weds Jupiter. Meanwhile, we're still riding the energies of the Scorpio New Moon from two days earlier, the North Node changing signs into Cancer and Uranus transiting back to 29 degrees Aries. Whew! And you can gamble the house and kids that Jupiter is going to expand on optimism and also on adventure. Jupiter will transform Scorpio's gloom into something to laugh about--and we might just find ourselves chuckling at hyperbole and the drama that kept our eyes to the ground for the previous 12 months.

Jupiter and Sagittarius rule expansion. They rule adventure, higher learning, and laughing at life's hard knocks. What does not destroy a Sagittarius person (few things can) just causes the Jupiterian person to teach others what he or she has learned. They are world travelers, big-time attorneys, foreign diplomats, movie makers, horse-whisperers, professors, publishers, authors, and lecturers. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, there is a thing about hair (similar to Leo's with their manes), clothing takes on exaggerated proportions (think bell bottoms from the 1970s and platform shoes). People want bigger cars and bigger houses and even bigger families. It's super size me again. And yes, meal portions grow too creating expanded waistlines if you're not careful. And sadly, larger people end up as the butt of jokes.

As far as adventures, the sky is the limit. Remember Jupiter is ruled by a satyr shooting arrows at the stars. This is a time when people take foolish risks. It's a time of bold climbing as opposed to Capricorn's cautious climbing. It's a time of athletes and superheroes and the Star Trek Enterprise going where no man or woman has gone before. The publishing and movie industries turn to adventures to make a quick buck and they succeed. But on the other hand, philosophical documentaries do well also.

Some of us return to college to obtain higher degrees. Others take their lessons and teaching on the road or to foreign lands. This is a time of long-distance travel and new transportation modes. It is also a gypsy time of taking homes on the road such as tiny houses and a plethora of mobile homes. The other Sagittarius theme is freedom. So, on one hand, some people saddle themselves with larger homes while others sell their homes and hit the open road.

We start off the transit with Venus RX in Libra in an Air Trine with Mars in Aquarius so for me this feels like a Jane Austen novel with men and women talking about the differences between the sexes in a civil manner. But Venus opposes Uranus in Aries so Jane tosses in that feminist spirit. And everyone is talking on this day because of the Moon, Jupiter and Mercury in Sagittarius. But don't believe a word of it because exaggeration and sarcasm rule the day.

Both the Scorpio Sun and Neptune in Pisces are in mid-degrees so they are growing bored of whatever dream is sold on this day. The Scorpio Sun wants to delve beneath the surface but even she has lost interest in deep psychology even if Chiron retrograde in Pisces is still digging up childhood hurts and slights. And the only planet holding down the fort is Saturn at 5 degrees Capricorn. We will lean heavily on Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in 2019 for stability. Jupiter in Sagittarius tends to lose the house, metaphorically speaking.

So, this is not a stable time. It is a time when we laugh at our foibles but we also dread the unknown that stares us in the face. We want to make light of tragic situations and this feels cruel or heartless so some of us lose interests in this humor. While others turn to others to gossip and laugh out those they fail to understand.

And yet, we hear a call to a quest and a new adventure that only comes around once every twelve years. Pack your bags and take an enchanted journey.

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Scorpio New Moon on November 7, 2018---A Call To Spiritual Warriors

On the same day as the Scorpio New Moon, Uranus retrogrades from Taurus into Aries. And that is a lot of Mars energy! The Divine Feminine arrives alright but in the form of a spiritual warrior or as an avenging mother energy. 

And what's really happening is that we delve into the darker recesses of the collective consciousness. Karma seems to be the buzzword as it refers to anytime we were complicit with darkness in this or any other lifetime. And it brings up shadows lingering in our bloodlines. In fact, it is an excellent time for clearing the bloodlines through DNA ancestral work.

At least Uranus does not oppose the Scorpio New Moon which falls at midpoint and our dreams are intense as the Sun and Moon form a trine with Neptune and they form a sextile with Pluto, Scorpio's intense planet! And the North Node at 29 degrees Cancer (it left Leo) and Jupiter at 29 degrees Scorpio are both moving into new signs. This means we are finishing up old business in the houses where we have Leo and Scorpio on the cusps.

So, have you healed the issues stalking you in your subconscious that prevent you from showing up authentically? Have you plummeted the depths of your soul to unearth your blocks that prevent you from co-creating the life you passionately desire or feel called to live? Jupiter won't return to this placement for another 12 years and the North Node won't return to 0 degrees Leo for 18 years. And yes, I realize that the North Node is already in Cancer by the time of this New Moon chart.

Meanwhile, Mars is zooming ahead in the last degrees of Aquarius where it's still rocking the planet. It is asking us to envision the future outside of the proverbial box. What would a world look like if each of us healed our deepest wounds and ripped off our conformity masks? Can you hear the revolution shouting at you? This is Mars we are talking about who has transited in Aquarius for around 6 months. He's storming the Bastille and demanding justice.

Rounding off and sounding off the healing message, Venus is retrograde has slithered out of Scorpio and she is in Libra asking us to create balance and peace in our dramatic lives. And Chiron is retrograde healing childhood wounds in Pisces. It seems like we are not able to get past wading in deep emotional water.

Forecasts for the 4 Elements:

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): 

You benefit from the deep waters in which you emerge your mind, body and soul to emerge cleansed and transformed. It feels like a sacred baptism or a rebirth process after a dark night of the soul that lasted several months. The buzzwords for you are rebirth, recreation, healing power, and personal authority since you are the sole author of the life you create.

Don't give your power away to anyone. Meditate regularly and get to know your higher self. This is the time to increase your intuitive gifts and live beyond the veil. Transcend.

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):

Ground yourself through drumming, playing music, singing and dancing. Take your shoes off and walk on the earth in your bare feet. While you would rather work on your financial picture, spend time in nature instead and if you can, meditate outdoors or at least spend time hiking in the deep woods.

Many of you are master builders in your field of expertise. But you still cling to the old ways and old structure. You got to let that old stuff go. It is time to redesign your personal life and your profession. It's time to live differently whatever that means for you personally. And don't forget to take time to nurture yourself and others.

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):

The big news for you is the North Node leaving Leo for the Water Sign Cancer and Jupiter moving out of another Water Sign Scorpio into Sagittarius. And Jupiter will now enter the land of hyperbole and exaggerated humor which will have us laughing in the aisles. Expect super size everything--bigger houses, huge cars and larger plates for dinner. And you can also expect the waistline to expand if you are not careful, especially those of you with a Sagittarius Ascendant!

With Uranus back in Aries expect heated debates on and off social media. Expect more travelers making their living off laptops in exotic locales. Your buzzwords are adventure, freedom and justice. Refrain from knowing it all and remain curious to learning something new. Keep an open mind.

Air (Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra):

With that lovely air trine between Mars in Aquarius and Venus (and Ceres) in Libra you are waxing romantic comedies and reading Jane Austen's novels as you contemplate new roles for women and men. Equal rights and neo femininism are your buzzwords. And you contemplate the new male roles for the 21st Century. Will the real Mr. Darcy stand up?

Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries add passion to the mix but you fear losing your cool and so you detach from the fiery energies. But use this energy for creating a new life and for going on an adventure. Your curiosity leads you on a new journey of discovery.  Higher learning beckons you.

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Podcast for the Scorpio New Moon on November 7, 2018

November is the most intense month of 2018. Planets change directions, change signs, and the North Node which represents fate enters the new sign Cancer (South Node in Capricorn). I channeled information on this New Moon and some of the information will surprise you, some of it will delight you, and some of it might put your teeth on edge...

Sunday, September 30, 2018

North Node Transits into Cancer (November 6, 2018 to May 6, 2020)

(This is the fee-based article for October 2018. The other articles this month are free of charge. I'm charging for some articles because of the time, energy, and resources).

The North Nodes moves out of Leo into the sign of the Crab on November 6, 2018. And it will stay in Cancer until May 6, 2020. The Nodes stay in a sign for a year and a half marking the sign placements of the lunar and solar eclipses for the time period of the nodes.

This means that our collective destiny or where we are heading, is in Cancer and our past, what we need to transform, is in Capricorn. This means that we are moving away from work, healing addiction to ambition and career, loneliness, and suffering for the sake of suffering (the Capricorn motto is pull yourself up by your own bootstrap). And we are moving into the discomfort of self-care, self-nurturing and the nurturing of others.

I was born with my North Node at 2 degrees Cancer in my Natal 6th House of the daily environment. And I personally, experienced the Aries Full Moon (September 24) squaring my North Node/South Node. This has been a painful passage for me where I am sifting through childhood events and resolving beliefs I developed from those childhood experiences. And I am also being drawn towards my destiny associated with a North Node in Cancer. This destiny involves other people and experiencing self-respect in those relationships as opposed to co-dependence.

Nodes move clockwise whereas the planets and Ascendant move counter clockwise. This means that the North Node will begin at 29 degrees Cancer with the South Node at 29 degrees Capricorn. And in May 2020, the Nodes will be at 0 degrees in their respective signs before they plunge into Gemini and Sagittarius.

Prior to the North Node moving into Cancer, we finish up old business with the Leo-Aquarius axis since the North Node has been in Leo for a year and a half (as of November 2018). And the themes we had covered revolved around the collective, authenticity, heart centeredness as well as, healing the neuro pathways in the brain (Aquarius). We moved beyond our fears of the collective since Leo prefers to stand out in the crowd as opposed to be part of a collective...

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Venus in Scorpio—Compulsion, Instinct & the Feminine Psyche

 I started Whole Astrology as an educational and free format to post astrology articles in 2012. And due to financial and health constraints, I will be posting some fee-based articles on the blog. You can access the full article on a PDF through a $2.00 per article fee. Once I receive the payment I will e-mail the PDF article to you.

The Heroine's Dark Night of the Soul Journey 

In the story of Cupid and Psyche, a passionate affair comes with a caveat attached to it. Psyche ignores a warning not to look at her lover Cupid in the light. And when she does light a candle to gaze at Cupid’s sleeping body one night, wax from the candle falls on Cupid and burns his shoulder leading to heart wrenching consequences for Psyche.

And the story begins with Venus. And this particular Venus possesses shades of Scorpio. She is jealous of the princess Psyche so she sends her son Cupid to cast a spell on Psyche so she falls in love with a monster—the only problem is Cupid falls in love with Psyche.

And in another Greek story, the curious woman Pandora opens the forbidden box which releases pestilence and suffering upon the earth. But the last energy to fly out of the box is hope. No matter the muck that Venus in Scorpio brings our way, don’t give up hope.

And you might wonder why I’m bringing up these old stories in regard to Venus in Scorpio. When Venus transits in Scorpio she gets entangled in Mars energy and she is at her detriment because Scorpio is the opposite sign of Venus co-ruler Taurus. Normally, Venus in love is flirtatious, light, and diplomatic. 

She is the people-pleaser associated with Libra and the sensualist associated with Taurus. She seeks pleasure without the drama and she fears betrayal or complicated love games. When she lands in the darker shades of Scorpio she can no longer resist her primal urges which show up as compulsive behaviors that take her to the depths of Hades.

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