Cancer Solar Eclipse and Mercury RX in Cancer

Well, this is the time to have a Cancerian Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign, especially if you feel that your life has been stagnating or if you wish to resolve mother issues. That is because the Solar Eclipse and Solstice are at 0 degrees Cancer on June 20-21 (depending on where you are in the world). The entire world is feeling abandoned like a motherless child...but that's about to change.

And prior to this powerful Solar Eclipse, Mercury goes retrograde at 14 degrees Cancer on June 17. And if that's not enough, on June 27, Mars transits into Aries where he will remain for six months and take us into 2021. In addition, let's not forget that Saturn and Jupiter remain in Capricorn until December, and Pluto remains in the sign of the mountain goat until 2024. So, let's break this all down.

First, let's look at the Mercury retrograde in the sign of Cancer (June 17 until July 12). During this slow retrograde, Mercury only travels backward 9 degrees. If you are a Cancerian …

The Shifting Moods of the 12 Moons

12 Moons and Moods 

(Following the Moon through its Monthly Transits)

Have you ever noticed that on one day, you experience boundless energy and the urge to roam free? And on another day, you feel like cocooning in your room reflecting about recent events? 

And why is it on some days, sending off resumes happens easily and effortlessly, while other days, you procrastinate and allow your mind to wander off in daydreams? The Moon transits through all 12 Zodiac Signs each month and stays approximately two days in each sign. And each sign has its own signature, themes, and mood.

The Moon, which is actually a luminary and not a planet is mysterious by nature. The Moon is the ruling planet for the Zodiac Sign Cancer. People born under this sign shift moods easily and you can actually tell what sign the Moon is transiting by observing your Cancerian friends. However, everyone is affected by the magnetic pull of the Moon and the sign it beams its light.

So, let's take a short journey through…

Mars in Aries (Youthquake, Brain Research, and New Beginnings)

June 27 to January 7, 2021

Like it or not, Mars transits into Aries on June 27 and remains in Aries until January of 2021. Mars will be in its own sign and also the sign where the asteroid Chiron is currently residing. While eclipses won't be stirring up Mars in Aries, Mars will go to head with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. 

We could even return to some of the themes that came up when Uranus transited in Aries from 2010 through 2018.

As a Cancer Sun person with a Capricorn Ascendant, I'm not looking forward to this Mars transit. And as I write this post, Mars is in soothing Pisces which bodes well with me. I suppose it is only fair for Aries-dominant people since the North Node was in Cancer for a year and a half which must have felt like smothering mothers to Aries who want to strike out in the world and put their swords to the test. And to be honest, we all have 12 Zodiac Signs in us even if we have no planets in all 12 signs. Since we only have 10 planets that would be impossib…

Retrograde Season 2020--Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter (Neptune in June)

If 2020 didn't already launch off in a powerful way, Pluto launched retrograde season on April 25. And in May, Saturn goes retrograde on the 10th, Venus on the 12th, and Jupiter on the 14th. Then on June 23, Neptune goes retrograde in the midst of eclipse season. Boy, oh, boy!

Retrograde planets have a way of reversing events or taking collective inward. Each planet represents different themes and natal houses on a Zodiac wheel. However, on a personal level, we look to the signs that the planets retrograde and the houses in the natal charts that they occupy. The most powerful transits occur in the angular houses (1, 4, 7, and 10) because those houses represent the major areas of our lives including, our self-identity/body, home/mother, partnerships/legal contracts, and the public/career/father.

The Fixed Sign houses (2, 5, 8, and 11) represent our values, hobbies, the arts, risks, sex, death, birth, taxes, other people's resources, our resources, talents, skills, and deep soul…

Moon conjunct Saturn--No Escaping Reality

First, I'll mention that I was born with the Moon Conjunct Saturn in Pisces falling in my Second Natal House. And if that wasn't enough of a challenge, the Moon and Saturn challenged Mars in a square and Uranus conjunct Pluto (Virgo) in an opposition. One manifestation of this alignment has been mental depression and feeling helpless with authority. Since it involved my Second Natal House it also had to deal with a lack of self-worth thanks to an abusive parent.

But what does a Moon conjunct Saturn transit suggests? Well, this is a transit that occurs once a month since the Moon transits through each Zodiac Sign every 28 to 30 days. The Moon represents our emotions and our feminine side. Saturn rules structure, authority figures, our bodies, discipline, maturity, aging, reality checks (which can lead to depression), responsibility, career, the father, and our public image. When these two energies come together they reveal to us where we are out of alignment with our feminine a…

Astrological Signs and House Cusps Most Affected by COVID19

When it comes to astrology, we're not created equal. Certain Zodiac signs are less likely to comply with cooperative efforts such as social distancing. Other signs are more susceptible to catching a virus if they don't follow a strict health routine. Find out where you fit into the spectrum.

Social Distancing by Zodiac Sign

At the moment, the astrological transits most likely to have launched the COVID19 virus on the planet were the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction that fell on January 12, 2020, at 22 degrees and the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse which was on January 10. If you recall, that was a volatile week and when the virus began spreading in Wuhan, China. The North Node was in Cancer which asks us to nurture ourselves and others as well as, to enter a protective shell. When the Virgo Full Moon occurred on March 9 and Mercury went direct in Aquarius, US states such as Washington, New York, and California, either already implemented shelter-in-place orders or did so the week of thi…

Venus in Gemini--Flirtation with the Mind, Wit, and Highbrow Humor

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When I was born decades ago, Venus was retrograde in Gemini. Not only that, and my Natal Mars was also in Gemini so this brought out highbrow flirtation and fickleness on my part. Why settle for one steady beau when I could flirt with many? I was also a tomboy in my youth, preferring to hang out with the neighborhood boys instead of the girls who abandoned me when they found a new best girlfriend to pal around with. 

My first boyfriend was a Gemini (I admired his drummer arms and large hands), and I stuck with the Mutable signs for the first part of my dating years. Later, I branched out to get involved with one Aries man (never again) and then a Scorpio man (ne…