Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scorpio Star Sign--Phoenix Rising out of Darkness into the Light

The Star Sign Scorpio (October 22 - November 21), has garnered a dark reputation over time. Yet, Scorpio exists in four stages including the Scorpion/Snake, Eagle, Dove, and Phoenix. 

The Phoenix represents reincarnation or rebirth. No other sign fits a shamanistic description like Scorpio does. This is a sign (ruled by Pluto and Mars), who dives into dark places to bring back the light. It is only in the amnesia of this mission that the Scorpion uses its stinger also known as revenge.

This Eighth sign of the Zodiac Wheel (which begins with Mars-Ruled Aries), takes us on a primal journey. Scorpions are instinctual as much as they are intuitive. But they see behind the masks people wear much like the Owl Totem Animal. This is a sign that sheds old skin and in its healthiest mental state does not fear death, knowing that life will return. Scorpios also focus on regeneration, reproduction, procreation, and their ancestral lineage. This sign and its opposite sign, Taurus, gravitate towards deep psychology--within themselves and with others. They are the least superficial of the 12 Zodiac Signs, yet, this does not imply that Scorpio lacks a sense of humor as many comedians were born under a Scorpio Sun Sign (Meg Ryan and Goldie Hawn).

Scorpio also has a reputation for its passion and sexuality. And true enough, the Sign of Scorpio rules the sexual organs and since Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpions exude passion. This passion can come in the form of revenge or artistic expression. It can also show up as spiritual consciousness and many Scorpios have an interest in shamanism. However, Scorpio is not light and social like Libra unless the Scorpio person has a Libra or Sagittarius Moon, Mercury, or Ascendant. In fact, I've known Scorpios with clusters of planets in Libra and Sagittarius and while these Scorpios are still secretive (Water Signs tend to be mysterious and secretive), they are generous and compassionate beyond a fault

Since Scorpio is a Water Sign (even though it's represented by a creature of the desert--the scorpion), emotions run deep. However, unlike Pisces which is mutable and Cancer which is Cardinal, Scorpio is a Fixed Sign so Scorpion people can come across as opinionated and stubborn (as are all Fixed Signs). Many Scorpions use their Water Sign sensitivities to heal others, but first, they must heal themselves through the act of forgiveness (most challenging for this Sun Sign). And since Scorpio is so sensitive (even though you would never expect this from Scorpions with an icy exterior), they carry their hurts and slights like burdens throughout their lives--often not able to forgive perpetrators (both intentional and unintentional).

However, it is only through the journey of forgiveness and letting go that Scorpions reclaim their Divine Power. Many Scorpions were molested, raped, or violated or the women experienced abortions or perhaps, prostitution of one kind or another. Some Scorpions experienced domestic violence and none of this was experienced to cause the Scorpion person to become a martyr or victim. They experienced the darkness to learn forgiveness and to reclaim their power.

Another reputation Scorpio people have garnered is that they are Don Juans and players. While this might be true for Scorpios on the lower end of their evolution, many Scorpions are loyal and committed partners. It's more likely that Libra, Sagittarius, and Gemini people will engage in extramarital affairs than a Scorpion person. We tend to stereotype and generalize when it comes to Star Signs and then some people get confused and try to act out the stereotypes. This is not acting authentic and can cause Zodiac Signs to acquire more stereotypes. Humans are more complex than these stereotypes.

I have known many Scorpions--both spooky and detached ones and compassionate healers. I've known drama-makers and shamanic types. And I was pleasantly surprised to learn that one of my favorite actresses, Meg Ryan has a Scorpio Sun Sign. If you want to get involved with Scorpio people then you had better not burn out from the passion for these folks burn with passion and their love goes deep. However, you might also use discernment in revealing your deepest secrets, at least until you know if you can trust that particular Scorpion.

So what are good careers for Scorpio? Music, alternative healing, shamanism, medicine, psychology, activism, channel-mediums, surgeons (Mars), astrology, and forgiveness coaches. They also have successful careers in fine and performing arts. They would also excel at jobs that involve demolition, death, rebirth, and hospice work. They have their feet in both the world of the living of the dead. Remember that Scorpio rules Day of the Dead, All Soul's Day, and Halloween, not to mention pagan holidays.

Famous Scorpio people include Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Goldie Hawn, Anne Hathaway, Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates, Leonardo Di Caprio, Grace Kelly, Helene Grimaud, and Al Gore, to name a few. I would add the character, Harry Potter.

Late fall transits for Scorpios: Mars spent six months in Scorpio the first half of the year. Venus transited in Scorpio from September 24 until October 17.  Mercury transits in Scorpio from October 25 until November 12 with the Scorpio New Moon (a Black Moon) landing on October 30, bringing transformation to everyone, but especially those with dominant Scorpio in their charts. In 2019, Uranus moves into Taurus (opposite Scorpio) and in October 2017, Jupiter moves into Scorpio.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Evolution Through the Zodiac (Meanings for Each Zodiac Star Sign)

For the purpose of this article, I'm focusing only on your Star (Sun) Sign and the meaning of it as it reflects on your soul's evolution. Now, we have all experienced each of the Star Signs in other lives. However, for this particular life, we chose a particular Star Sign to evolve us to the next level. So here, we go.

This post is meant for Beginners with Astrology.

Aries--The Ram, represented by the Star Sign, Aries ushers in the true first season of the year. Aries represents the light at the end of the tunnel or the baby coming out of his mother's womb. Since Aries is a Cardinal Sign, it begins a new cycle and its energy is fiery. Since a birth of anything requires effort and drive, this sign ruled by the planet Mars reminds me of sprouts pushing up the soil. Aries wants to come first, be acknowledged, and be seen as a leader. Yet, Aries is the baby in the Zodiac and still must travel the Zodiac Wheel before gaining wisdom. Therefore, this energy can come across as a temper tantrum when it is at its weakest, but as a pioneering leader when it's at its strongest.

Opposite Sign: Libra

Taurus--A Taurus Sun wants to take in its environment through the senses. After Aries pushes energy into the world, this energy mellows in slow-moving Taurus. When the Sun transits in Taurus or when people are born under the Star Sign, Taurus, they are more thoughtful, sensual, and want to sense everything around them. Here, we have the baby who puts everything in her mouth so she can taste and smell it. Here we have the child playing in the mud because the earth feels cool against the skin. The Star Sign Taurus is ruled by Venus and not much of a talker. She communicates through the beauty of the natural world or through a creative endeavor.

Opposite Sign: Scorpio

Gemini--When the Zodiac energy transits into Gemini or for people born with a Gemini Star Sign, now it's time to communicate ideas and engage in the mental process. Gemini represents the journalist or sleuth in the Zodiac. This represents both the monkey-mind and the inquisitive mind. But Gemini energy skirts on the surface and is similar to the TV reporter who skips from one story and interesting person to the next one. The Gemini Star Sign most likely work with hands or arms in some way. Certainly, his or her hands and arms are a prominent feature of the body or a focal point. Gemini, like Virgo, is ruled by Mercury which rules the brain and those little details that add up to a bigger picture.

Opposite Sign: Sagittarius

Cancer--When the brain grows tired from too much focus on details and spinning stories, the body requires sustenance. Cancer rules how we mother ourselves and mother others. This Cardinal Sign also launches the next season which is summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere. Since Cancer rules the stomach and breasts, we look to this sign for nutrients and nourishment. The Zodiac Star Sign must learn to take care of his or her own body, even if the parents weren't nurturing or even present. The challenge is to eat healthy food and to fill one's emotional coffers so that he or she doesn't act needy and expect others to fulfill that role. Also, the Cancer Star Sign must learn to balance emotions as moods change quickly when the moon (Ruler of Cancer), transits through each Zodiac Sign.

Opposite Sign: Capricorn

Leo--Shakespeare once proclaimed the world as a stage and a world on a stage. This is something the Star Sign Leo understands. For Leo, ruled by the Sun must take center stage. A Leo not partaking in the spotlight is sadsack. When Leo does not receive recognition or opportunities to shine, they become overly dramatic and a real pain to deal with. So the Leo Star Sign must find ways to engage in creativity, work with children, and bring colors to the world.

When the energy was still in Cancer, it played an introverted role and now when the energy moves into Leo it expands outward and is fiery and stubborn, and yet mellow. Leo is a Fixed Sign which anchors in summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere. For those of us in the North, we feel the sun burning and radiating through our skin. That's the power of Leo. With Leo, the individual matters and it really is about how we choose to show up on the world stage.

Opposite Sign: Aquarius

Virgo--After the Leo energy burns itself out, we return inward to purify our intent and find ways to be of service. The Virgo Star Sign is both the hermit and the public servant. In this sign, we deal with perfectionism and setting pure intentions. But with Virgo, we can become overly critical of others and our environment. We can organize, strive for efficiency, and then grow bored in the process. Mercury is Virgo's ruling planet so again, we are dealing with a monkey mind versus an organized and efficient mind. When the Virgo Star Sign receives too much communication, including from the Spirit Realms, they suffer from nervous exhaustion. Then it is time to retreat and rest the obsessive mind. Once the mind is rested, return and edit your life. Virgo Star Sign is detail-oriented and one of the best editors and coaches in the Zodiac.

Opposite Sign: Pisces

Libra--After we complete the purification and critical juncture that Virgo provides, we regain balance in the sign of Libra. Ruled by the Air Element, this Cardinal Sign provides leadership and diplomacy. The Star Sign Libra loves to socialize and since Venus is the planetary ruler, the eye turns to partners and the nuances of partnerships. Romantic comedies fit under Libra, as do social protocol. Think positive thoughts, says Libra and don't act vulgar. Need to learn some social skills, turn to a Libra who will enjoy making you over. Libra represents beauty, grace, and artistic expression as long as it contains perfect symmetry.

Opposite Sign: Aries

Scorpio--Now, we break loose from the straitjacket of social protocol. The Scorpio Star Sign fuels itself on primal nature. This sexy sign reflects on death, the occult and anything we find remotely taboo. With a penetrating gaze, this Star Sign explores the psychology of themselves and other people. They're the shamans who dive into the under realms and bring back pieces of our souls. They are Day of the Dead and Halloween. The Star Sign is ruled by Mars and Pluto so it's passionate and powerful while embarking on a path of total destruction and transformation. Think Kali, and you're just about there.

Opposite Sign: Taurus

Sagittarius--After we exit the dark tunnel of Scorpio, we seek the higher learning of the Star Sign Sagittarius. Ruled by expansive Jupiter, this Star Sign is prone to exaggerate, but oh, they make such great teachers, philosophers, and lawyers. It's time for ribald humor, pie-in-the-sky visions, and political idealism. In fact, I've never known a Sagittarius without opinions about politics and religion. Here you find the rock star, the university professor, and the would-be politician if only he had the time. Time for world travel, exploring other cultures, and shooting a few arrows at the sun.

Opposite Sign: Gemini

Capricorn--Ruled by Saturn, the Capricorn Star Sign tells us to get back to business and back to the business of making money. This Star Sign rules structure of all kinds including body structure. Both Saturn and Capricorn delay gratification (unlike Sagittarius and Jupiter), but any empire you build under the gaze of Saturn last a long time, and even for generations. Okay, so it gets a little boring with the Star Sign Capricorn, but these folks are usually loyal and work hard. As bosses they are taskmasters and as employees, they get to work on time and put their noses to the grindstone. They also make fine actors and comedians, but you probably didn't know that.

Opposite Sign: Cancer

Aquarius--Uranus-Ruled, expect the unexpected with this maverick Star Sign. Aquarius appears to go along with the program then they hit a curve ball. This Air Sign is mental as all Air Signs are, but they also have a deep emotional side, thus their symbol the Water Bearer. I remember some astrologers referring to Aquarius people as cold. One astrologer compared the Aquarius Star Sign to a robot (she was an Aries). And while Aquarius people can detach from emotions, I've also seen them express sensitivity that rivals a water sign (think Eva Cassidy). You never get what you expect from an Aquarius, but you might at least feel entertained by their lightning and thunder antics. And they champion the underdog. What's not to like about that?

Opposite Sign: Leo

Pisces--The Pisces Star Sign represents the endpoint of the Zodiac Wheel. When we reach the place of authenticity that we acquire under Aquarius we prepare to ascend into the cosmos. But it's like this last Water Sign never actually left the cosmos when they floated on the earth plane. Pisces rules the 12th House of the unformed and Neptune is its ruling planet. Pisces is the deep blue ocean and it is Neptune blue. Pisces is where we all meld into oneness and preach about Unity Consciousness. We put on our legwarmers and dance. We photograph the world even though it's not really what it seems. we make movies about love and peace, then get trapped in illusions.  Time to ascend.

Opposite Sign: Virgo

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Astro Alert--Scorpio New Moon (October 30, 2016)

New Moon
Scorpio 7 degrees
October 30, 2016

As we prepare to celebrate Halloween, the Scorpio New Moon brings us passion and power, not to mention a bit of spookiness. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury join the asteroid Juno in the sign of the Scorpion/Eagle/Dove. We could be dealing with stubborn wills, especially from women at this time.

And we're still marching through the season of Cardinals with Jupiter pulling into a wide T-Cross with Uranus (and Ceres) and Pluto/Mars. Again, Mars and Pluto (just like with the Aries New Moon), provide the apex for this T-Cross and the Sign of Cancer provides the outlet even though we don't have any planets in Cancer at this time.

This means that political and other battles heat up as people clash wills and ideologies. We want to label everything and everyone while passing on generalizations off as facts, especially with Saturn in Sagittarius. We also see a lot of control and manipulation of information in the form of censorship. This could happen on the smaller individual level or on a larger national or international canvas. Don't believe the hype or hyperbole that surfaces around the Scorpio New Moon. People are acting rash and hasty or alternately, like warriors for truth. We get both mavericks and pioneers as well as, activists hogging the spotlight.

Or we could see a mass awakening of people seeing past delusional thinking fueled by fear. After all, we are out of the Saturn-Neptune Square and even the Cardinal T-Cross is on the wider side or we could say, the planets are spread out across the map.

Since Cancer provides the outlet for the T-Cross, it's time to turn our thoughts to mothering the planet and children. It's time to practice self-care, heal our stomachs, breasts, and emotions. While a bit of comfort food won't harm us, make sure that you're not stuffing yourself with macaroni and cheese as a substitute for facing your grief, anger, or fear. Binging is a possibility when stress levels reach the height associated with the October 2016 moons. Consequently, behavioral therapy works well for food disorders around this New Moon.

Cancer Sun and Moon are most vulnerable during full and new moons, not to mention eclipses, even if the moons aren't aspecting with other planets in the natal chart. This is because Cancer is the most sensitive Zodiac Sign. At least the Scorpio Moon, Sun, and Mercury trine planets in Cancer. So does Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, not to mention, Vesta, the asteroid of the hearth in Cancer. So it's a wonderful time for people with a lot of Water in their Birth Charts to clear, heal, and balance emotions. This healing resonates outward.

Jupiter in Libra and Venus in Sagittarius (October 19 to November 12) exchange mutual energies since Jupiter is in Venus' natural sign and Venus is in Jupiter's natural sign. Not only that, but Venus forms a sextile with Jupiter from the 27 through the 31st. Meanwhile, Jupiter also sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius the final week of the month. This is an auspicious time to launch new art projects, sign contracts, for pursuing real estate, launching a career in the areas that are ruled by Sagittarius and Libra. This is a good time to win lawsuits provided your lawyer has prominent planets in Sagittarius and or Libra. But hopefully, you already have this business underway having launched it around the Libra New Moon (a month earlier).

photo by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved
This also means we will gaze at and expand upon what we value. And I'm guessing we value peace between nations and harmony between ideologies. We could be feeling Libertarian at this time. We value taking care of the Earth Mother, represented by Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra. We value a safe hearth and home. And Ceres in the late degrees of Aries tells us that these are values worth fighting for, especially since Ceres is conjunct Uranus. We'll see grassroots mothers out there fighting with both old and new school feminists. Oh, it's going to be an interesting time coming up closer to the US General Election.

The Scorpio Moon in general, asks us to probe deep within our subconscious minds. It asks us to look at the areas of our lives where we feel paranoid or distrusting. It asks us to uncover secrets within ourselves and in others. And if we take the Scorpio Dove approach we practice forgiveness, otherwise, some people will feel vengeful or in the least, we'll act petty. We'll soon learn what's really hiding behind those Halloween masks and dark projections. And once we sleuth out the culprits, we shine a healing spotlight on the wounds. Big healing can take place around the Scorpio New Moon. Bring it on.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

The Libra Post--(Balance in Everything)

I'm updating this Libra post from October 2015. This year, Jupiter transits in Libra (transit ends in October of 2017). And in October, Mercury transits in Libra from the 8th until the 24th so communication will have a balanced approach with an eye on justice. Watch out for Mars transiting in Capricorn, especially around the 16th of October when it couples with Pluto.

The Libra New Moon on September 30 brings harmony and a warm feeling in most relationships. However, the Aries Full Moon on October 16, tells a different story and is more eruptive and volatile. All and all Libra, you have an active autumn with T-Crosses occurring once again in the Cardinal Signs (Libra, Aries, and Capricorn). Look for dramatic and subtle changes happening in the areas where Libra, Aries, and Capricorn are on the cusps of your Natal houses.

Just like the previous autumn/spring, Libras, it's time to stop playing nice for the sake of other people liking you. It's time to stop putting other people's needs before your own like you're some kind of hostess or flight attendant on steroids. I say this because people have been stomping all over your refined ego and dumping all their emotional garbage on you because you're too sweet to say, "NO!"

And I want you to take a scene out of that movie Network, open your bedroom or kitchen window and shout, "I'm not going to take this anymore!" Borrow some strength from your Zodiac neighbor Scorpio or just trot off into the great unknown like you Sagittarius friends. Or get on a plane and go some place that will pamper you so that you can find yourself. You know exactly what I'm talking about because you have to stop putting your dreams on hold to please other people. Did you know that people see you as weak and even boring when you don't pursue your dreams and interests whether that's a class you want to take, job you want to apply for, person you'd like to date or even marry, or place you would like to visit? Why is it that you keep saying "yes" to the people who keep telling you "no."

Now, the opposite sign of Libra is the warrior spirit, Aries. While Aries requires a lesson in playing nice in the sandbox and is as unrefined as they come (as far as civilities and manners). But Aries doesn't have a problem with trying something new and they don't have a problem with placing themselves first in their lives or even saying no to things they don't want to do. Think of the toddler going through his or her "terrible twos." With Uranus in Aries opposing you year after year, the message is about setting boundaries and speaking your truth. And if someone is taking advantage of you legally get a lawyer and seek justice.

Venus, Wikipedia
If none of the above messages applies to you then some other area of your life is out of balance. It could be your diet for instance. Are you eating too many carbs or sweets to curb the stress that you feel because you don't want to confront someone or a situation? Remember that Libra rules the kidneys and pancreas so that sugar you're eating isn't doing you any favors and saying no to sugar is a good start. (I have a sweet tooth too and I don't even have any planets in Libra so I can't even imagine your struggle with sweets). Perhaps you have done too much social drinking as you skirt about to all the charity events or political campaigns. Alcohol is not doing you any favors.

Libras, I'm telling you all this because this is your life lesson at this time. You deserve to pursue your dreams as well as the next person. And it's true that some people aren't going to like you doing that. And it's frightening for you that these people will confront you with you own anger (which is your shadow you suppress). But once you figure that out, that other people are mirroring your suppressed anger or needs, you free yourself. Since you're an Air Sign you require that freedom to flit or soar through your life. You get to choose your thoughts (and yes, optimistic thoughts bring better results), and the people you associate with. You can even choose your family by creating one from scratch that doesn't ruffle your feathers.

One of the best examples of a Libra in balance is Louise Hay and learning her life story will benefit you now. I understand that marriage and partnership is most important to Libras, but you will feel miserable in a marriage or partnership that doesn't treat you like an equal, and which the partner doesn't care what you think. After all you are a brilliant Air Sign and a true leader, if you choose. So what is it Libra that you would like to change in your life or transform in the world? Allow that to be your focus now. Go boldly where you've never gone before like a Star Trek character.

If you require inspiration, here's a list of famous Libras: Louise Hay, John Lennon, Gandhi, Saint Francis of Assisi, Glenn Gould, Will Smith, Johnny Appleseed, Maria Von Trapp, Julie Andrews, Jimmy Carter, Sean Lennon, Tim Robbins, Lenny Bruce, Arthur Miller and Linda McCartney.

Libras excel at the following careers: Law, diplomacy, activism, architecture, beauty industry, makeup artist, fashion designer, interior designer, animator, music, and culinary arts. You also do well in the travel industry as far as running bed and breakfasts or performing the role of concierge for a posh hotel. You bring balance, justice, peace and harmony to the world, but first you must find those qualities in yourself and polish them. Your verbs are to beautify and to balance. Your symbol is the set of scales.Your planet is Venus.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Aries Full Moon for October 16, 2016---Taking No Prisoners or Spiritual Ascension?

I'm thankful for the relaxing Libra New Moon that falls on September 30 since the Aries Full Moon which lands (like a thud) on October 16, 2016, reminds me of a raging dragon. It's a fiery beast that could easily get out of control as it will be a challenge to contain the Cardinal Energy that erupts around the Full Moon.

First, let's look at what an Aries Full Moon in itself represents. The Sign Aries represents spring, new beginnings, starting fresh, green sprouts, children, and our child self. Aries want to play in a competitive way and they need to come first. The negative side of Aries is rash behavior, people throwing tantrums, the terrible twos, fevers, tempers, fire starters, police action, youth riots, and selfishness. But on the other hand, some Aries are courageous and have the energy of Archangel Micahel. Some Aries come in the form of emergency response workers, others as pioneers and others as fools for love.

People with a lot of fire element in their chart have an easier time handling this explosive energy, but not always. Sometimes, Fire Signs instigate trouble, but really they are feeling restless and want change to happen or for life forces to flow their way (forget the general populace). And given the state of affairs in the world (which has gone overboard with hedonism and narcissism), the Aries Full Moon in mid-October suggests a time with adults acting like children and children taking care of adults.

Sadly, much child abuse will take place during this time and hopefully, this leads to healing as we awaken from denial. We could also see children exploding in anger or a pandemic involving a fever arriving around this time. But don't panic.

For those folks who have been fervently on a spiritual path, this could mark a time of shifting from 3D and its selfishness to higher dimensions representing Unity Consciousness. I know I've been ready to shift into higher gears for at least a decade. Bring it on.What about you? If you're reading astrology blogs like this one, you're obviously on a spiritual path and heading towards a Grand Shift.

The Ruler of this chart is Mars because of the Aries Full Moon and because the moon forms a triple conjunction with Uranus and Ceres while opposing Jupiter/Mercury/Sun also in the form of a Triple Conjunction. So this means that we have two focalizers opposing each other. Libra brings in the Venusian energy of harmony, peace, and justice while Aries plans war strategies or at least wants to shake things up at the grassroots level.

And then we have Mars again at the apex with Pluto (both planets in Capricorn). So this gets confusing. Pluto could represent authority figures getting situations under control with martial law (hopefully not) with Mars conjunct and in the Sign of Capricorn (authority). But on the other hand, depending on whether you plan on shifting to a higher dimension or not, Pluto represents reclaiming personal and spiritual power from the depths of our souls. Are we going to act childish or are we going to practice nonviolent communication and diplomacy as we work out differences with others? Since Japan is ruled by Aries, I'm wondering what will transpire in this country? I believe that the Ukraine is also ruled by Aries (Sun) so that will be another interesting country to watch around this Full Moon.

With all this male energy you're wondering if there's any Divine Feminine present. Ceres in Aries represents the female warrior and grassroots leader. I'm even thinking about women like Jill Stein who is running for US President. Her Taurus Sun gives her a Venus signature and with all those planets transiting in Libra (Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun), women do have a say in how this energy plays out. In fact, women now have the opportunity to balance out their male and female sides so they can stop playing passive-aggressive games. And men who claim that they are sensitive learn that sensitivity does not revolve around acting like a weak woman. Meaning, not being able to make decisions or act on them is not related to a real woman, but a stereotype invented by the patriarchs.

See, I actually feel insulted by men who say that they're getting in touch with their feminine side and their feminine side hails back to the 1950s model of a woman in an apron slaving away in a kitchen. Sure, it's confusing guys because you have no idea what women are asking from you. We're not looking for a macho male to boss us around and we're not looking for a "sensitive" male who acts passive-aggressive and really believes deep down that women are weak. These are the types of themes that surface around the Aries Full Moon. We all must claim our masculine and feminine sides, but only after we have positive role models for feminine and masculine energy instead of working off stereotypes. Harsh, I know.

Venus in Scorpio trines Chiron which brings healing to our childhood wounds. However, Saturn squares Chiron which means that we must let go of the hurts we experienced from our parents as our role models embodying feminine and masculine energies. We also must bring discipline to healing ourselves so that we can mature into adults. For some people, this is about healing arrested development. And this work is done through the brain and cognitive therapies that unfreeze us from past trauma. I have been doing this work on my own traumas and I'm feeling like I'm released from a proverbial prison.

Finally, we're still in the shadow of the Saturn-Neptune Square so this means we're gaining more clarity and insights as Saturn moves forward. We dig through the rubble and see which parts of our dreams are worth reviving. We feel as if the veil has been lifted and we have a greater understanding of authentic spirituality. We might have abandoned old religious ideas or reached a place of awakening where we don't require religion at all. Or we might feel disillusioned by spiritual teachers or teachings. But ride through this period as it will lead you to a spiritual path that's not based on idealism but on your true calling.

I'm not looking forward to this year's Aries Full Moon. I have experienced more bombastic Cardinal transits and they have usually left me with emotional wounding, as they have for other Cardinal Sign Sun, Moon, and Ascendant people. However, this full moon is going to make us stronger and demand courage from us that can only take us to the next level on this journey.

However, if you have anger management issues or know of others who do, now is the time to seek therapy (before this full moon). Remember to breathe and if you don't need to socialize during this time, retreat. Pluto and Mars in Capricorn also represents spending time alone in contemplation. Why hang around people during a time of volatile energies if you can avoid it? Certainly, don't party or engage in drinking, smoking, and other destructive behaviors. Stay away from situations that can erupt in anger or temper tantrums. We all want to get our way during this moon, but some folks will just find their way to prison because they don't know when to stop.

I think the answer lies with the Sign Cancer. Time to step back from the fray and practice some self-care. You might find yourself nurturing children or other people. Practice tenderness and compassion. And if you feel like you're playing the role of a nursemaid for grown children, this will pass. Eat comfort foods, go for long walks, swim if you can or spend time near water. Watch the tides go in and out and know that this moon energy shall pass. In the meantime, keep yourself safe.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Whole Astrology Spotlight on French Pianist Helene Grimaud (Part Two)--Capricorn and the Depression Years

For intermediate astrology students and astrology professionals.

In part two in the fascinating astrological gaze at French Pianist Helene Grimaud, we delve into the Capricorn years which span from 1988 to 1990 when Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune transited in Capricorn and formed a Triple Conjunction in Helene's Natal First House. She was between 18 and 20 years of age, while just emerging onto the symphonic concert stage.

Quotes from Wild Harmonies (A Life of Music and Wolves) by Helene Grimaud, Riverhead Books, New York, 2006.

We'll be looking at several charts ranging from July 1988 when Neptune moved into Capricorn and crossed Grimaud's Ascendant (Uranus and Saturn were in the last degrees of Sagittarius) to August 7, 1989 when Uranus, Saturn and Neptune had all transited into Grimaud's First House in Capricorn. Her Ascendant is at 4 degrees Capricorn.

Since I'm also a musician (five years older than Helene) and have my Capricorn Ascendant at 6 degrees, I too endured three years of depression as I launched a career as a folk-rock musician in Seattle. Similar to Helene, I battled with depression--alternately conforming and rebelling against employers and the music industry (as would be expected with Saturn and Uranus conjunct in both Sagittarius and then, Capricorn).

Please note, that as I'm writing this post (which I researched in 2014), I'm listening to Grimaud perform Maurice Ravel's Piano Concerto in G Major. She performs with the Berliner Philharmoniker. I love this piece of music and I enjoy Grimaud's wild interpretation of it. By the way, Maurice Ravel was a Pisces with a rebellious streak which turned him into an iconic performer-composer. I can see why Helene, with her astrological aspects would enjoy Ravel's spirit.

Getting back to the themes of this advance astrology student post, I believe that having Saturn and Uranus in the last degrees of Sagittarius and first degrees of Capricorn in the 12th House with Neptune on the Capricorn Ascendant would cause mental depression. Then this depression would intensify as Uranus and Saturn (conjunct in Sagittarius) transited into Capricorn within weeks of each other. While I'm unable to find an exact Triple Conjunction that includes Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus, Saturn and Neptune align exact several times starting February 22, 1989 and ending on November 20, 1989 (at least in Europe).

So this means that the Ruler of Grimaud's chart, Saturn first pairs up with Uranus in Sagittarius and then in Capricorn as they crossed the Ascendant together. Then later Saturn pairs up with the music planet, Neptune (which can also contribute to emotional imbalance and delusional thinking, especially when transiting in through the First House of identity. Grimaud even mentions in her memoir, Wild Harmonies that she suffered from arrogance due to her musical genius or precociousness.

On the other hand, having Neptune transiting in through the First House brings glamour, a glamour time in the spotlight (depressed or not), and brings stellar heights through musical expression. Saturn would bring discipline in the First House, if not also aches in the bones and exhaustion. And Uranus in Capricorn can bring a feeling of suffocation and want to rebel, even if through an illness or condition that causes the artist to retreat.

In her memoir, Grimaud describes her experiences of around August 1989 when she was invited to perform at a piano festival at La Roque d' Antheron.

"I was experiencing something like an acute loss of self. The abandonment of the self by the self, after being completely forsaken. At the festival in La Roque d'Antheron in 1989, where I had been invited the third time, I was in a deep depression. I really thought I would never come out of it, wrote Grimaud.

Without reading her progressed planets, we can look at the August 7, 1989 chart and then we'll look at the charts that led up to the depression, starting with a chart from November 1988 when Saturn and Uranus were still in Grimaud's 12th House (ruled by Neptune and Neptune was transiting in her First House, not far from the Ascendant). I imagine the depression started when Neptune was approaching the Capricorn Ascendant as early as November of 1986 or there might have been delusions of grandeur at that time (Grimaud was 17 years old at that time).

So in the August 1989 chart, Saturn and Neptune occupy Helene's First House, while Uranus RX has crossed Helene's Ascendant and headed back into the 12th House (which can rule an emotional and mental state). Meanwhile, Neptune and Saturn oppose transiting Chiron in Cancer in the 7th House so she might have been dealing with issues revolving around an intimate partnership too or this could be how she saw herself in partnership with her profession, but that would be more aligned with 6th House themes or 10th House themes.

Jupiter in the 6th House would bring more work than the musician could handle or a huge sense of responsibility since Jupiter expands upon the 6th House work environment. Meanwhile, Pluto in Scorpio transforms the career and public sector as it transited through the 10th House. And the transiting Natal Moon at 14 degrees Libra hooked up with Helene's Stellium of Libra planets and then when it moved into Scorpio (as it would do every month), it passed over her Triple Conjunction in Scorpio that include her Sun/Mercury/Neptune.

So what you have is someone undergoing enormous transformation in three angular houses (First, Seventh and Tenth) expected to perform at a high level when she felt paralyzed by the outer planets transiting in her 12th and First Houses. Anytime an outer planet crosses the Ascendant, it's a time of grand shifts in the personality. But we feel embryonic, and unformed like bread baking in the oven. We don't feel ready to be pushed out in the world and there's a sense of childlike abandonment with Uranus crossing and recrossing the Ascendant.

Let's go back and look at the first chart I pulled for July 1988. As we can see Uranus and Saturn are still in Sagittarius.

Chiron transits at 2 degrees Cancer approaching the Descendant (7th House Cusp), transiting Mars at 0 degrees Aries pulls into a T-Cross with Chiron and Mercury in Cancer, and Neptune in Capricorn.

Meanwhile, Saturn and Uranus form a duet (one degree orb) in Sagittarius as they prepare to changed signs and eventually cross the Ascendant. Grimaud would have anticipated a rite of passage or rebirth, at least on a subconscious level. She would have been in her late teens, an age where it's much harder to control depression. And she would have wanted to rebel against adults and adult responsibilities, while alternately taking on her fair share of responsibilities.

She would rebel against authority figures such as the stuffy professors at the music conservatory or perhaps, even the country of her birth as she began shaping her own identity or giving birth to her authentic self. But with all those Natal Planets in Libra she would have also wanted to be fair and strike a balance in her life, but balancing her emotions was taking some efforts.

On page 181 of her memoir, Wild Harmonies, she reflects about her emotional state in the late 1980s. "As a child, I had wanted to grow up because I imagined age (Capricorn theme) as an obstacle to flight and childhood as a purgatory."

Down further on the same page she reflects, "My suffering was an action (Uranus in Capricorn), and that contemplation of that suffering was an abyss (Neptune and Saturn in Capricorn). A huge black hole dug itself into my chest (Saturn in Capricorn in the First House). It communicated not with infinite space or the cosmos (Neptune), or the dizzying architecture of music, but instead--like a hole in the bottom of a boat (Neptune)--with the murky waters of the ocean depths, swallowing even the shadows there."

Then Saturn crossed Grimaud's Ascendant on December 19, 1988. So now we have Neptune, Saturn, and Mercury in Capricorn, not to mention that when planets transited in Capricorn they squared her Libra Stellium (includes Natal Uranus) and formed sextiles with her Triple Conjunction in Scorpio (which also involves Natal Neptune).

Mars transiting through the Third House would bring a bombastic personality style, but the Taurus Moon transiting to her Natal Saturn in the Fourth would have her contemplating building stable structure and dealing with familial issues. Saturn crossing the Ascendant could have brought on illness or exhaustion (depression). And this depression would last until a new identity was carved out.

Now, we're going to take a look at my final chart for this post, which is for February 12, 1989, the day, Uranus crossed Helene's Ascendant at 4 degrees Capricorn. When Uranus crosses an Ascendant, there is usually shocking news or a sudden event that occurs, if not, at least a shocking revelation. It's a time of breaking away from routine or an old way of thinking. It could even bring spiritual awakening. It could have, and thankfully it did not, bring on suicide attempts or a sudden death. Of course, other planetary transits would have to support this.

In this chart, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus are all in Capricorn. Mars and the Moon couple in Taurus in the Fourth House, which could bring up repressed anger. But I'm guessing the overall feeling was aligned with Existentialism and even having the artist question about God and her role on the planet. "Why did I come here?" would be the type of question asked.

Others around her would have seen her as gloomy and want her to snap out of it. Meanwhile, the Sun and Venus transited in Aquarius in her Second House so she at least valued her eccentricities and unique musical gifts. She would have delved into works by iconic musicians and composers. There's a need to rebel but confusion about what to rebel against.

On one hand, Grimaud was definitely emerging and establishing herself as a musician and prodigy. She would have appeared shocking to some, even if that shock came from her unique beauty as well as, her talent as a pianist. She had mentioned in her memoir that she never went for the fashionable look and wasn't going to use her looks as part of the package of her success (if I can remember correctly). This makes sense with the Capricorn Ascendant squaring Uranus in Libra (not to mention the Libra Stellium which also includes the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter).

Personally, in my own life, I remember how I felt during the late 1980s as my own career as a musician (though not as a virtuoso) was beginning to form. I recall battling with depression, quitting or getting fired from jobs because of my rebellious nature. I recall thumbing my nose at authority figures and rebelling against the country of my birth. And it was a challenge and a hindrance to have Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn transiting through my First House as I can imagine Grimaud struggling with similar themes, though in a different language and in a far-off country, and at a younger age.

I hope you have enjoyed this advance study of astrological transits of a renowned artist. This post also acts as a live example of the Triple Conjunction in Capricorn (a rare event) with Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn in the same sign.

And if you would like to learn more about your own chart, especially if you were born from 1988-90, sign up for a personal reading.