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Aries New Moon--April 15, 2018--The Thrill of Rediscovery

What do you want to give birth to this spring? Remember spring represents birth and rebirth. And Aries launches the Zodiac Wheel into a new cycle as well as, a new season. If you reside in the Northern Hemisphere then get ready to blossom and if you live in the Southern Hemisphere get ready to complete projects and then spend time reflecting on the past 12 months.

Red Rams Charging Ahead 

Some of you won't want to hear this, but Aries is my least favorite Zodiac Sign. It's not because Aries lacks any virtues. Aries possesses courage, bravery and a warrior spirit. But it is a Fire Sign and most impulsive of the Fire Signs. Many Aries people have popped into my life and rescued me many times. An Aries astrologer coach pushed me to taking astrology to the professional level. Another Aries person gave me work when I needed it. And some of my clients are Aries. So, I love you as people.

As a Cancerian I am of the Water element and I prefer to move sideways rather than directly. Aries represents the child or really, the infant. I've never been comfortable around infants and their constant needs. And some Aries I've known act before they think and they aren't as cautious as me. Well, I could go on, but I don't want to bore the Fire Sign people reading this article. After all, some of them see Cancerians as complainers. And we rant too.

If you're not familiar with Aries people or the sign, then think of the Dodge RAM truck. What feeling comes to mind when you bring up the image of this truck or a red sports car? How do you feel about the color red? Do you feel comfortable wearing red? Is it too sexy or assertive for you? This is not a judgment. However, the way you feel about red, fire, rams, and infants reveals your relationship with Aries. Are you into sports? Are you athletic? Do you have spunk? Are you sassy? Do you enjoy taking risks? These are all Aries traits. And yes, when the Sun transits through Aries I see red everywhere. I like the color red which is the color of Mars, Aries, and Scorpio (blood red).

With all this in mind, let's take a look at the Aries New Moon on April 15, 2018.

Oddly, I pulled up a chart for Seattle, when I could have set the chart for Vancouver, Canada which is an Aries city (Seattle is either Scorpio or Capricorn).

And the Part of Fortune is on the Ascendant on this chart in the Sign of Libra which is the opposite of the Aries Sun which in this chart lands with a thud in the 7th House of Partnerships. And it's not alone either. The Moon and Uranus join the Sun along with the Vertex.

Since I am not an expert on the Vertex or the Part of Fortune, I'll let another astrologer tackle that. It is significant that the Sun and Moon join Uranus because Uranus is getting ready to transit into Taurus (which it will do in May).

Uranus is one degree away from the culmination point. And it is powerfully emotional and impulsive since the Moon is only 2 degrees away and combined with the Sun. And if that's not worrisome, then take a look at the square between the Sun/Moon/Uranus and the Capricorn Stellium with Saturn, Mars, Lilith, Vesta, and Pluto! I am a woman, hear me roar. Yes, that's the energy here. Or I am a child who won't be ignored.

Well, the crap is hitting the fan alright. All those movements with women demanding rights, children demanding rights, and immigrants demanding rights reach the crescendo. It's like listening to the most bombastic passages from Beethoven's 5th Symphony. Fate has already knocked at the door--and it came growling and snarling at our doorstep. Then the voices continued to grow louder and louder until no one can ignore the movements and grassroots groups any longer.

Hey folks, have you heard about Climate Change? Have you heard about children's rights? Have you noticed the violence happening around you involving guns and cars or gangs of misunderstood kids? Have you heard about women's rights? If you have been burying your head in the sand, events will force you out of denial. We rip the masks off the oppressors and some folks are raging mad, sorry to say. But think about what happens when a parent ignores an infant's demands. Either the infant gives up and develops a psychological disorder or grows even more demanding and cries even louder. This is the energy of this Aries New Moon.

Now, there are a few transits here to soften the blows as in two Golden Triangles in this chart that look like a crown. Isn't that strange? The first Golden Triangle features Jupiter in Scorpio in a trine with Neptune in Pisces and Neptune/Jupiter are in sextiles with the Capricorn Stellium. So, calm down boys or the hotheaded folks. Let's apply compassion and forgiveness here so we can get everyone on the same page. We won't solve the world's problems from a dualistic point of view. Us versus them is not going to cut it here. We need to visualize the peaceful outcome and then build the structure to achieve that.

On a personal level, this means that we need to make peace between our inner and outer identities. We need to get our needs met without acting passive-aggressive. Consider other when making choices and sometimes we just need to go it alone to build new structure in our lives.

The other Golden Triangle includes the Capricorn Stellium in a trine with peace-loving Venus in Taurus and then in a sextile with Neptune in Pisces. And then Jupiter is in a wide trine with Chiron as this asteroid-planet gets ready to move into Aries. So, this tells us that our anger and rage finds roots in our childhood wounds. And we want to resolve those wounds of not feeling heard or not feeling seen or recognized before Chiron moves into Aries or hell could break loose. Nothing like an inner child's fury!

We will look at values and not just monetary values, although Venus in Taurus is materialistic. We will explore how our values affect the health of the environment. Taurus and Capricorn represent the materialistic or physical realm. But Neptune represents our emotions, our intuition, and our compassion. We want to align our values with those qualities. We desire to build a more sustainable world where we honor nature, animals, and each other. At least this is what the crown in the chart says. We also want to honor our inner royalty. We all want to belong here and that our contributions matter. The saint and the criminal have similar needs.

Zodiac Forecasts for the Aries New Moon:

Aries: Either an outer or inner revolution calls to you now. No, I'm not thinking along the lines of Che Guevara, but maybe you need to shake things up a bit. Or in some cases maybe you need to tone things down a bit. You'll know by the way other people act around you. Are they running in the opposite direction or are they knocking at your door? This is how you'll know as you become a first responder to the day's events. You are certainly feeling passionate and have many things to say.

Taurus: For you, this is a time of looking at your values and reassessing your valuables. It would normally be a good time to purchase a new home or renovating an old one. But the people around you are marching all around you. You hear shouting in the streets, shouting in the media, and it seems to like the earth is shaking. And all you want, really, is a good dinner and some time to enjoy the finer things in life. Now, is not the time. Lace up your tennis shoes and join the marchers.

Gemini: Your main challenge is to remove yourself from the emotional drama so that you can gain clarity. All that shouting and posturing is turning you into a nervous wreck. You've probably given speeches about the causes of the day or you published articles. So, you did your part, right? You can always do more like putting your money behind your values or causes. Or you can organize a benefit or an event to bring more awareness to the world. You get my point. Don't take sides, but take a stance and then don't sway from it.

Cancer: Since this is my Sun Sign, I'll probably join you in hiding under a large rock. Or maybe we can duck into the nearest cave. But wait. The world needs our mothering and our nurturing as we bandage up injured egos and coach people on their spiritual paths. With Neptune highlighted in this chart along with Jupiter, our intuition expands beyond our wildest dreams. Need a job? I heard there is an opening for High Priestess.

Leo: I see a woman in a red dress showing up at a party and dancing the night away. And I see a quieter lion gently sleeping under the afternoon sun. April feels like the best of two extremes--fiery and passionate or mellow and thoughtful. It is a good month for getting creative because your creativity is at a peek. Write a story, write a play, design a costume, or join a dance class. Despite all the noise in the background you are the most hedonistic sign during this April New Moon. And you just don't know what all the fuss is about. But may I remind you, freedom is worth the fight.

Virgo: If you can get over feeling hypercritical about the government, economics, or your neighbors, you can use your energy to serve a good cause. Perhaps, a friend needs a planner for a charity event. Or if you are an energy healer, you see more clients come to you in April. People are under stress due to monumental changes happening in the world. And even though you push for changes and shifts in reality, you feel a case of nerves coming on too. Practice yoga or other grounding exercises. You will survive.

Libra: With the Sun, the Moon, and Uranus in Aries (your opposite sign), you have fallen out of balance. Due to higher stress levels (after all the world is in turmoil), you have been overeating sugary snacks and probably drinking too much alcohol if you are inclined to lean that way. You stopped exercising or your bank account is out of balance. Libra, I don't want to be the one to tell you but you need to sit down, balance the books, come up with a new exercise plan, and get back to your healthy diet. Otherwise, you won't be able to withstand the stress surrounding you. It's also time to lead a peace movement. Think Gandhi (a Libra) but also think Buddha (an Aries). I know, I have trouble believing that too.

Scorpio: Mars, Mars, Mars...if there was a sale on this planet, you would be first in line. And even though there isn't a sale on everything Mars, this fiery planet holds court with the other planets in April. First, we have a Full Moon and a New Moon with Mars signatures. Then Uranus finishes up a tour in Aries. And then coming up shortly, Mars moves into Aquarius. But none of that is on your mind. You feel kundlini rising and you express new found passion either for a new person in your life or for a new career opportunity. And if you could dream really big, what would you dream? Come up with a strategy to make that dream a reality. Make sure that you consider the rest of us when manifesting your Universal dream.

Sagittarius: Since Aries is a brother to you, get fired up for your favorite cause. Get ready to join a March or give a speech at a rally. Get ready to experience student uprising if you are a professor or a religious awakening if you are a religious leader. Get ready for confrontations. And carry your sword of truth. Book publishing and court cases go well now if you are on the correct side of new laws that appear out of nowhere. Isn't this a grand and fun time, Sag?

Capricorn: You are the steady rock we all lean upon during challenging times. You give us tools and advice that help us to help ourselves. You still believe that we ascend by pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps. Okay, not all Capricorns pass a harsh judgment on others, but you have grown tired of whiners and you support the doers. Mirror the courage you want to see in the world and then watch the masses line up behind you.

Aquarius: You are the linchpin because your sign knows the ins and outs of organizing marches, rallies, and projecting into the future. Utopia is not just a word that begins with the underutilized letter U. You root for the underground and you lead the grassroots groups. March on, my friend, and make sure that you are not marching in the wrong direction because you shun the unwashed masses. I'm just having fun with you. Still, I wonder what movement you will carry off this time. Forget that no one understands you and just get moving.

Pisces: Hold the vision of a peaceful world without guns, without drugs and liberated from addictions and distractions. Imagine a world without duality and without wars fought in the name of religion. Imagine a world without abuse, neglect, or cruelty. This path begins with the "F" word called forgiveness. Shine your light and compassion on the world. And thank you for all the ways you serve humanity.

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Scorpio Full Moon on April 29, 2018--Reclaiming Power

Perhaps it is just me, but I don't find anything to grab onto with the chart for the Scorpio Full Moon on April 29. Besides, a Mars conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus at the culmination point, 29 degrees Aries, there's not a whole lot happening with this Full Moon.

Except that we should never judge a book by its cover and this might just be the most powerful Moon chart I've read despite the lack of T-Crosses, Grand Square, Yods, etc... It is not status quo and it reminds me of a Jack-in-the-Box.

When Mars Joins Pluto in Capricorn & The Scorpio Full Moon

Interestingly enough, Pluto and Mars have Scorpio as their ruling sign. Scorpio represents Mars in classic astrology and it represents Pluto in modern astrology. Pluto is a higher octave of Mars-where as Mars represents the boys vying for attention in the playground of life, Pluto represents a man ascending to power, at least of the psychological kind. And we'll probably be hearing a lot about men.

I'm thinking of Joseph Campbell, not because he was an Aries, but because he spoke and wrote about the power of myths. He spoke about legends and the hero's journey. He spoke mostly about men showing up as warriors and surviving the Dark Night of the Soul. And for many of us, we will feel drawn to myths and god archetypes as we undergo the metamorphoses that takes place at the end of April 2018.

Well, perhaps, we don't be transforming swans into women or women into swans, but some type of transformation will occur in each of our lives. There is no use fighting this transformation either because we experience less suffering to the soul if we go with the flow. Change is inevitable as we move out of the patriarchal era into the Return of the Divine Feminine. What do you mean the Divine Feminine? Aren't we dealing with the male energy of Mars and Pluto?

The Scorpio Full Moon is pregnant as we give birth to a new way of being on the planet. Some spiritual folks are calling this the New Earth. And before you scoff at this idea, please understand that the planet consists of finite resources. Humans have plundered the earth, polluted the skies and the water. This planet is out of balance and humans caused this through ignorance and the competitive model.

As far as humans go, millions are homeless. Millions are out of work, and soon millions more will lose their jobs too. And it's different this time because the people losing their jobs were only working for money, prostituting themselves to the god of money and the illusion of the American or whatever dream--you fill in the blank. Chasing after the carrot on the stick is a distraction preventing you from walking your true life path.

And face it, you have heard the rumbling beneath the Earth. You have seen the prophesies written in the stars or appearing in your dreams. And how many more days can you withstand where you are pinning your hopes on a future that won't even exist. Do you really believe there will be another Olympic Games? Do you really believe that business will go on as usual? Don't you feel the changes as in the big shift heading our way? Stop fooling yourselves and planning for situations that are part of the old paradigm. It's a holographic illusion--blink and it disappears.

Expect a series of wake-up calls around the food industry (especially dealing with slaughterhouses and feedlots), pesticides destroying crops, a health scare involving food stuff, especially food stuff fed to pets, a health scare caused by a bacteria in meat products, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, large protests that spread worldwide, and bad news for the wine industry as well as, the collapse of big financial institutions and corporations. If you should be directly affected by these events, know that light beings will help you through it. And we must reach out to others in need of our support during April and May.

These events are occurring because Uranus is completing its tour in Aries so we will balance the scales as far as justice and equality. And the grassroots groups topple the apple carts so that we clear the field for new structure to enter. Prior to these events, some folks are predicting the arrival of light beings and a wave of unconditional and healing love appearing.

The combination of Mars conjunct Pluto with the Scorpio Full Moon and Uranus at 29 degrees Aries has the power to move mountains, literally. We're going to see action with the tectonic plates and actually mountains erupting. But we're going to pull through this majestic display of Mother Earth. For those of you already awake and aware, you'll be called upon to lead the others to a new way of being and true peace on this planet--New Earth or whatever name you choose for it.

Refer to my Forecast for 2018:

Friday, March 9, 2018

Important Astro Transits from March through May 2018--Monumental Shifting

Welcome to the New You

I have procrastinated all morning about writing this transit post. It's because I'm not the most detail-oriented person in the world (not that I'm the worst either), and I don't like tedious work. But March transits are a monumental launching pad for astrological events in April and May.

March 1 Full Moon in Virgo
March 6 Mercury transits into Aries
March 7 Venus transits into Aries
March 8/9 Jupiter goes retrograde
March 17 New Moon in Pisces
March 18 Mars transits into Capricorn
March 20 Equinox 
March 22 Mercury goes retrograde
March 31 Full Moon in Libra and Venus transits into Taurus

April 1 Easter
April 12 Venus transits at midpoint Taurus
April 14 Mars transits at midpoint Capricorn (Earth trine with Venus)
April 2 -30, Neptune transits at midpoint Pisces (sextiles Venus and Mars mid-month)
April 19 Saturn turns RX at 9 degrees
April 15 - 23 Chiron dips into Aries (March 30 until April 15 Chiron is at 29 degrees)
April 15 Mercury goes direct
April 15 New Moon in Aries
April 23 Pluto turns retrograde
April 25 Venus transits into Gemini
April 26 & 27 Mars conj Pluto in Capricorn (good day for getting work done)
April 27 Uranus reaches 29 degrees Aries (culmination point until May 14)
April 29 Full Moon in Scorpio

May 14 Mercury transits into Taurus
May 15 New Moon in Taurus
May 14/15 Uranus transits into Taurus
May 16 Mars transits into Aquarius (squares Uranus and forms a T-Cross with Mercury)
May 18 Mercury trine RX Saturn
May 20 Venus transits into Cancer 
May 20 - 22 Jupiter trines Neptune (water trine)
May 28 Sagittarius Full Moon (8 degrees)
May 30 Mercury transits into Gemini 
May 31 Grand Water Trine with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune (powerful manifestations)

Neptune sextiles Pluto all month
Saturn is at 8 degrees 2 -26 (manifestations)

We have one outer planet, Uranus changing signs in May. We have Saturn and Pluto changing directions in April. And in late March to mid-April, a Mercury RX in Aries is going to sweep throughout lives clearing out cobwebs from our emotional past. Get ready to boogie, folks.

On March 1, we experienced the Full Virgo Moon, which is a trilogy with the Pisces New Moon on the 17th and the Full Libra Moon on the 31st, we are letting the old ways go so that we can make way for the new. If you have been following the ascension and twin flame videos on YouTube then you have an awareness of this shift. Only none of us knows about the size or timing of the shift. And a few people feel jaded since they noticed few changes with the Harmonic Conversion of 1987 and the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012. But let me remind you that we have been shifting since those times. Take a look back five years and notice all the drastic changes in your life. Then look back 20 or 30 years and notice the changes on the planet itself.

The Moons in March feature Golden Triangles which for me contain blessings if we can ride through the tension and stress of those Moons. If we give birth to ourselves we experience a New Earth and perhaps it still resembles the old Earth if we choose to focus on lack, limitation, and fear. If we focus on love then we experience heaven on Earth. Remember as we journey through an "11" year (2+0+1+8 = 11), we find ourselves at a crossroad of fear or love. Since most of us are more familiar with fear than love, choose the unknown path of love. Of course, that's up to you. Please read my posts on the Virgo Full Moon, the Pisces New Moon, and the Libra Full Moon for details.

On March 8/9, Jupiter goes RX in Scorpio. This means that anything we investigate whether that is on the world stage or in our own subconscious (or both), we sort and sift through secrets that show up from the past. This is a time when masks fall off and the truth is revealed. Scorpio digs deep and when it is introspective, it digs even deeper. We delve into personal and global psychology. We discover cures for disease, and we explore deep femininity. Scorpio reminds me of the Divine Feminine along with Taurus and the other Water Signs. And then, on July "11", Jupiter goes Direct and we have all this information we uncovered to help us make appropriate decisions and to take appropriate actions to clean up the planet and to sweep out the dark blocks that have hindered us.

Although this is a minor transit, Mercury goes RX on the 21st of March. And it will go direct in Aries on April 15. the day of the Aries New Moon. And yes, Mercury and the Sun are in Aries. Pisces represents endings or time in the womb between lives or energy and Aries represents birth and entering a new world. So this is significant. Mercury RX goes back and causes us to reflect on our anger (we all have buttons) and to wash away that anger by confronting it first. Fortunately, Aries energy gives us the courage and the Sword of Truth (notice how the word sword contains "word" in it) to cut through any issues we face that prevent us from embarking on a new experience.

Those of you with prominent Cardinal Energies in your Natal Chart, this is crucial work for you. Please don't sidestep this work, or get caught up distractions. Walk through the fire. Then lead the masses.

In April, two outer planets join Jupiter in retrograde motion--Saturn and Pluto. They are both in Capricorn which rules structure, time, space, constriction, patience, karma, the elderly, and how we use or abuse power. The patriarchal energies take a backseat in April despite the Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 26th and 27th (this will feel like a push out of the womb into the air). And Mars is the big player in April since the Sun is in Aries, the New Moon is in Aries, Mercury is in Aries and Uranus is completing its tour in Uranus (it is at 29 degrees) the last four days of April.

Okay, so Saturn goes retrograde at 9 degrees Capricorn on April 18 (9) and 9 represents endings. But this is a slow ending or it seems methodical. It reminds me when you are deleting photos of your computer and windows appear saying, "Are you sure you want to delete these photos"--yes, that is cautious Saturn in Capricorn. And my answer is "yes". Do we want to say goodbye to the grey-haired daddy figure we call God in the sky and the patriarchal rulers and replace them with a balanced Mother-Father God? And what role did Mary Magdalene play when she walked the Earth with Jesus? Did she not also carry the Christ energy within her? And what is her role now? Stay tuned.

Pluto (another autocratic planet) goes RX on April 23 (5) at 21 degrees (3). This is experienced as moving backward but not too far back because we closed all those doors behind us given the transformation process. Just like we can't return to First Grade and wear the same clothing we wore then, we also won't be able to return to old times no matter how much we immerse ourselves in nostalgia. Pining for the past is not the same as reclaiming our power. However, by returning to events from the past we can set the intention to heal those events now and to drop the burdens we have been carrying for years or even decades.

In April, both the Aries New Moon and the Full Scorpio Moon carry Mars signatures. The first moon is masculine and the second one is deeply feminine. We feel exhausted from the amount of energy we process during these moons. And when that Scorpio Moon aligns with Jupiter RX in Scorpio, watch all the psychological dross that shows up. Will you show up and play the role of the alchemist? We can transform our suffering into true power, that is if we choose not to manipulate others by playing the roles of the martyr or the victim. We are so done with that. (And on April 23, Chiron leaves Pisces and enters Aries).

I haven't had much time to review the May moons, but Uranus transits into Taurus on May 15 (6 is the number for Venus). And Mars transits into Aquarius on the following day where it will stay for 6 months (except for a retrograde dip in Capricorn in September). So, Mars transits in a masculine futuristic sign that fosters grassroots groups, revolutions, futuristic technology, and the collective. And Uranus transits from the fiery masculine Aries into the peace-loving feminine sign Taurus (natural ruler is Venus). The women's movement and the youth movement gain momentum. Woo hoo!

Jupiter trines Neptune from the 20 - 26 (a week) and boy, is it time for expansion and dreaming big! Mercury transits into Taurus on the 14th and joins Uranus two days later so we'll communicate about Taurus themes. I'm expecting an epidemic caused by deadly bacteria that comes from the slaughterhouses in the US, especially because Mars is in a square with Mercury/Uranus and Jupiter is coming up to a trine with Neptune which can represent epidemics on a collective scale. Meanwhile, Venus is in an inconjunct with Pluto in Capricorn on the 11 -14 so someone is not walking his talk. There is a trickster energy and ill intentions because remember Jupiter is in Scorpio. Greed is uncovered in the form of shortcuts and animal abuse that leads to a deadly illness.

So in May, we will scrutinize big farming practices worldwide, especially in the US and raise animals for food. Jupiter in Scorpio rips of masks and when Jupiter connects to Neptune, it dispels illusions and denial. We have to wake up. Movies will appear on the big screen in April and May that further wake us up to our truth. The movie Mary Magdalene release on March 30, 2018 (right on the Libra Full Moon) is going to shake up the world and lend its power to the international women's movements.

Since this is a long article, I'm ending my transit report here. And for more details, please see my 2018 forecast video.

 If you feel that you are on this planet for a mission, sign up for a personal reading. Let's see how this shift is going to affect you and drive you forward. We will look at areas of your life where you require liberation and your hidden gifts and talents. Let me coach you and channel the information that has your signature on it.

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A Capricorn Sense of Humor


Yes, Virginia, Capricorns Have a Sense of Humor

Often I hear from others that Capricorns don't have a sense of humor. And it's true that many astrologers have painted a bleak and doom picture of our Capricorn friends. I have a Capricorn Rising Sign and half of my birth family is Capricorn. We have enjoyed raucous laughter. So, let me tell you about Capricorn humor.

It's not as refined as Libra wit nor does it fall in line with Scorpionic dark humor or Sagittarius vulgar humor. And yet, Capricorn humor contains elements of vulgarity, darkness, and refinement. And it is as quirky as Aquarius humor and as surreal as Pisces humor. And yet, it is in a league of its own.

Let's gaze at the humor of actresses Julia-Louise Dreyfus and Diane Keaton. I really only remember Julia-Louise from her Seinfeld days. I never watched any of the movies in which she appeared. This comedic actress wed physical humor with surrealism and she wasn't shy of expressing some vulgarity, at least on the Seinfeld show.

Diane expressed a abash Midwestern innocence. I had seen numerous movies with this actress, including the classics, Annie Hall and Baby Boom. Her golly-gee attitude drew much laughter from me and she fits neatly into the school of Mary Tyler Moore who also nailed the Midwestern woman personality. Mary Tyler Moore was a Capricorn born on December 29, 1936.

Since it's International Women's Day, I'm only focusing on Capricorn women (for this Capricorn article). However, don't expect the Capricorn woman's humor to exert itself when you first become acquainted with her. Capricorns tend to keep a low profile or they have their nose tied to their careers. They tend to have poor posture, especially the Capricorn Ascendant (I'm guilty of this), and they walk around with their head facing the ground, just slightly out front.

Astrologers of the old school pop astrology often portrayed Capricorns of being too business- oriented, social climbers, and as real bores. This includes the late Linda Goodman, an Aries. But she was much kinder to goats then other early astrologers. Some Aries people get a kick out of putting down Capricorn people because Capricorn represents the wise elder and Aries represents the impulsive infant (a generalization).

Capricorn humor comes out of nowhere. These folks are keen observers and they constantly observe the behaviors of others, including their animal companions. In fact, they love a good animal joke. They also love bonding with others through animal humor, often assigning personalities to their animals. I knew one Capricorn musician who drew the various sleep positions of her beloved cat and yes, the titles she gave for each sleeping position were hilarious. But she was not going to share this humor with just anyone. Capricorns despise vulnerability so they test the waters before diving in and that includes choosing who to share a comic moment with.

Capricorns are not fond of stepping onto a stage but once they get up there they are as funny or funnier than the next person. They don't possess the showmanship of a Leo or the exaggerated wit of a Sagittarius or the spaced out presence of a Pisces comedian. They tend to favor a mixed blend of the absurd with surreal observations (Federico Fellini was a Capricorn, though obviously not a woman and I said I would only mention women in this article, aye).

For those of you who know any Capricorns well, have become acquainted with Capricorn humor which resides somewhere in the spectrum of a Cary Grant movie and Monty Python.  But I did say that I would stick to women comedians for this article. This is my Capricorn-Cancerian humor showing up.

Here is a sample of Diane Keaton.

Here is a sample of Julia-Louise Dreyfuss.

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March Retrograde--Returning to Old Haunts & Favorite Places

Mutable Sign Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign people pay attention. In March, two of your planets, Mercury and Jupiter go retrograde. And these are the first two planets to go retrograde in 2018. Now, before you start hemming and hawing, remember that retrograde planets offer us a respite when we can catch our breath, reassess situations that sped ahead since mid-January, and to get caught up with our communication.

Mercury RX March 22 - April 15
Jupiter RX March 8 - July 11

Jupiter is the first planet to retrograde and it does so on March 8. It will stay retrograde for several months in Scorpio and then, jolly Jupiter goes direct on July 11. So, this means it is moving backwards for roughly four months. Jupiter and Sagittarius (Jupiter's ruler) represent long-distance or overseas travel, foreigners, foreign relations, the law, book publishing, academia, and big religion. It is the planet of "good fortune".

With Jupiter going retrograde in Scorpio, we are going back and investigating. We are uncovering situations we would rather not know about. We are delving into our subconscious minds. And some folks are delving into and dwelling on the darker material in their minds. Watch out for the urge to rehash old stories that are coming up for release and letting go. Why do we hold on to garbage from the past? Why do we keep reliving the worst situations of our lives when our souls are ready to expand into a whole new experience? These are questions we ask during Jupiter's retrograde in Scorpio.

Trust issues come up as does issues around faith. Do we have too much faith in people who continually disappoint us or do we not have enough faith in ourselves? Have we lost our religious faith? Or can we muster the courage to pass spiritual tests. Remember, Jupiter also rules organized religion and the pope (who also happens to be Sagittarius). On the dark side, Jupiter represents dogma, opinionated people, philosophy, sarcasm, and pomposity. We could see arrogant posturing, but if we do, that posturing comes from old wounds and unclaimed shadows. It's best to see the humor in this.

When Jupiter is retrograde, it is not a time to launch a business, publish a book, do a lecture tour (unless it began prior to the retrograde and you are returning to venues you lectured at in the past), travel long-distance unless you are returning to a place and so on. We also have less enthusiasm and optimism when Jupiter is retrograde. Sagittarius people could come across as gloomy, especially with Saturn in Capricorn, which can cause anyone to look on the gloomy side of the street.

The good news is that we will see less scandals in the news (but they are still secretly under investigation). We will hear less about people's psychological hang ups and mental illness. We will hear less about exaggerated epidemics. And we'll actually have to search harder to find the real news. We could see natural disasters or manmade disasters swept under the carpet. People are trying too hard to stay afloat and they don't wish to get bogged down in darker topics.

From March 22 (Equinox), until April 15, we experience the first Mercury Retrograde of 2018 in Aries. This means that we won't launch into spring, even if life is filled with comical mishaps. It seems like we experience April Fool's Day for three weeks! Imagine having to slow down and reflect in the fiery get-up-and-go Aries. People want to rush into spring as in fools rushing into chaos. Everyone is saying, "Go, go, go!" But Mercury is saying no, "Stop, stop, stop and reflect".

I believe that Mercury retrogrades are at their worst when they land in a Fire Sign with the exception of Leo which leans towards mellowing out and reflecting. Aries acts on impulses as in jump before you think, but Mercury is telling us to think slowly and methodically. Look back to how things worked for us in the past and to reassess our circumstances so that we can draw up new plans which we launch at the end of April.

This Mercury retrograde also occurs during the end of tax season in the US so double check your numbers and have an expert look over your taxes. On the less mundane side of things, we find ourselves returning to our childhoods or perhaps, spending more time with children which remind us of events from our childhood (dark and light events). We might feel like blogging or writing about our past, but don't get caught up in the drama. It really is a time to release those old wounds, especially if they cause us to feel rage and anger.

Children remain in the media and we return to media stories regarding children from the distant and not so distant past. But something is wrong about the information. There are pieces missing and there might be exaggerated claims. Remember when Mercury is retrograde there is trickster energy at play. Our nervous systems aren't functioning correctly and that includes our brains. We experience cognitive problems not to mention problems with technology. Teachers (K -12) run into difficulties with children and we hear a lot about ADD and ADHD as well as, autism. But hopefully, we come up with solutions that are win-win. By mid-May we hear more about the solutions.

In the meantime, use the Aries energy to edit, proofread, return to old projects, to revitalize our bodies, heal childhood wounds, to listen to children, to travel to old haunts or favorite places, and so on. I feel that it is a great time to go on a retreat to deal with emotional stress or to learn better meditation skills to relax the mind.

If you would like a personal reading, sign up prior to the Mercury RX if you are a new client. If you are a returning client, I'll give you a 10 percent discount from March 22 to April 15. And if you are an Aries, I highly recommend signing up for your Solar Return for 2018. With Uranus leaving your sign in May, this is an interesting time for you. I prefer PayPal payments but we can work out other payment methods. And in-person readings are by cash or check.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Libra Full Moon for March 31 2018--Poised and Ready for Action

The Shift is Imminent

If the world does not wake up with the Libra Full Moon chart for March 31, 2018, I don't know when we will finally hear the clarion call. This chart contains a whopping Cardinal T-Cross that contains all the heavy player. The only Cardinal Sign not represented is Cancer--which represents nurturing and intuition. The only energy not present at the table is the Divine Feminine. But, wait a minute...

The Divine Feminine shows up at 11 degrees. The Aries Sun and the Libra Moon are at 11 degrees. And 11 degrees shows up many times with the Full and the New Moons. Or have you not noticed this significant master number? And 11 represents the High Priestess, the Divine Feminine coupling with the Divine Masculine. Many spiritual teachers claim that 11 is the number of the twin flames which represents the highest level of a soul-to-soul relationship. Not everyone is ready to meet their twin flame. There is much work to be done around responding instead of reacting to circumstances. There is so much work to be done around healing ancient wounds which began with the arrival of the patriarchs.

So, here is the line-up of the T-Cross. The Libra Moon (not coupled with any other planet) opposes the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in Aries (the world of the brain and thought) and then the Moon squares Mars conjunct Saturn as well as, Pluto in Capricorn (although Pluto is at a 10 degree orb).

Did you get a look at those heavy players? Granted, Uranus is out of orb with Pluto, but I believe that given the nature of this T-Cross, we are revisiting the Uranus-Pluto square that has dogged us since (was it?) 2012 or as early as 2011. This to me feels like an initiation to see how far we have come along on our spiritual paths. Many people claim that they are on a spiritual path, but then when the true tests come up, they run and hide instead of reclaiming their power.

Some people cannot withstand the heat of alchemy...

For me, spirituality is not always thinking positive thoughts. For me, a true spiritual seeker stands in both the light and the shadow. To me, a spiritual seeker doesn't squelch pain and suffering but rides the waves by noticing in sensations in their body and following a thread that eventually leads to forgiveness and release. The true warrior sees the bigger picture and acts mindfully instead of impulsively.

This is not work for squeamish personalities. There are no real bragging rights on a spiritual path, but tell the Sun, Uranus, and Mercury in Aries that. And given the nature of this chart, we will flush out true spiritual teachers and false ones. The ones who preach for a pulpit of greed and fear will no longer be tolerated. Don't be surprised if your guru falls from grace at the end of March 2018. Only the meek and the humble will survive this Moon transit. And don't confuse meek with weak or fearful. The Libra Moon represents the person who can balance his or her emotions. The Libra Moon is poised and ready to take action but this is mindful action.

Mars conjunct Saturn (with a one degree orb) brings us strength and courage. We can get a lot of work done, especially in the realm of transformation because Pluto is also in Capricorn and Jupiter is in a nice sextile with Pluto. Not to mention that Jupiter is in Pluto's sign, Scorpio. Jupiter is also in flowing aspect with Chiron (although it is a wide orb). And Chiron is in an exact square with Vesta, also at the culmination point of 29 degrees in Sagittarius. Use the Mars-Saturn conjunction to give you strength to heal your childhood wounds once and for all. Because Chiron is getting ready to move into Aries, the sign of the child. Don't be afraid to show up and be noticed for your warrior spirit. We need all of us now.

Neptune conjunct Juno is in a trine with Jupiter in Scorpio. Here again, the Divine Feminine shows up and reminds us to practice kindness and compassion no matter what the hotheaded ones are doing in the world. It is time to leave arrogance at the doorstep and to practice humility. The meek really shall inherit the planet if we keep our intuition and compassion alive. Don't allow anyone to douse the flame in your heart, not even the cruelest person. This is not the time to close our hearts, but to open them wide and allow light to flood our hearts. Let us flood the earth with brilliant light.

I learned studio photography while I was in high school. We worked with various lights and one of the tasks was to use the light to flood the shadows. I can't remember what this light was called, but perhaps, it was called a flood light. I also learned lighting when I studied video production during the late 1990s. When you flood a space with light, there are no longer shadows. And this is what we are called to do during the Libra Full Moon.

Venus has transited to 0 degrees Taurus and this planet loves swimming under the rays of Taurus. We take a good look at our values. Do we values the earth? Do we value other life on the planet? Or do we value greed and competition? Pallas in Gemini has us talking about our values and comparing them to the values of others. Let's try not to drive this point too hard or we end up in a battle of wills. But Pallas values the intellect over ignorance. She will go to battle to protect idealism and higher education. Ceres in Leo reminds us that we matter and that it is time to show up authentically, especially women. We all look at heart-healthy diets.

Overall, we are faced with an initiation that if we pass through the flames unscathed we will unite with soul partners and soul communities so that we can build a better earth. This is among the final tests that will create a division between the higher and lower dimensions. If you choose to stay in the lower vibration to help people ascend then you will be in this dimension for a very long time. If you choose to ascend then you have to be ready to leave everything that is of a lower vibration behind. This is not a time for sentimentality or nostalgia. Are you ready to move on? Are you ready to move beyond everything you have ever known? Step into the unknown and take a leap of faith.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Pisces New Moon for March 17, 2018--Mermaids and Mermen Unite

Pisces, The Dreamweaver of Humanity

Forget grand trines, I prefer the golden triangle. And we have a beautiful golden triangle in the Water and Earth elements for the March 17 Pisces New Moon. This Moon is at 26 degrees and 53 minutes so we can round it up to 27 degrees. Interestingly, Pisces marks the endpoint of the Zodiac Wheel and 27 degrees falls towards the end of the sign so are we looking at the dissolving of the old ways and a new beginning?

What are you trying to dissolve in your life? What is dissolving all around you? This is a surreal time because Pisces, the sign of dreams, intuition, and imagination is fueling this Moon transit. Those of you with a strong Pisces signature in your Natal Chart already know about living in the world but not being of it. You know about other worlds and you swim in other realms. This energy is nothing new to us (since I have a Neptune signature in my Natal Chart too). People are always telling us to get practical but is that our true role? No, we are the visionaries and we are just as needed and required as the practical folks.

For those of you with little Pisces energy in your chart or who have many planets in Virgo or another Earth Sign, go watch a Surrealist movie by Federico Fellini or Luis Bunuel. Or go to an art museum and view the work of the Surrealist painters. Read Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz. Keep a dream journal. Or better yet, revisit your childhood dreams. Ask a Water Sign friend to help you interpret your dreams (that is if you can remember them) and read a dream interpretation book. Or pick up a diary by Anais Nin and this will give you an understanding of the Pisces energy. Fuel your imagination in March. It's not just a good time to dream, we can truly manifest our dreams and in some cases, instantly. Telepathic communication also goes well now. And we long for partners who gaze into the depth of our souls.

But wait...Jupiter asks us to hang out in the shadows a bit. Discern our motives for manifesting our dreams. Are your dreams for the highest and best? How will your manifestations help or hinder others? And then we bring in Pluto as another leg of the Golden Triangle. We have a double Scorpio energy even though Pluto is in Capricorn since Pluto is Scorpio's planet. We could use this time to heal our bodies. And I hear that some couples will conceive at this time, even if it never seemed possible or if the couples were about to surrender their dream of ever starting a family.

Now, we're fired up too because Mars and Vesta are still aligned with Uranus. They are at the end degrees of Sagittarius and asking us to complete a path or a project that began earlier. Again, just like with the Virgo Full Moon on the first of the month, we are looking at ways to serve the greater good, no matter our profession or life path. And we turn this into an adventure because of the Sagittarius energy or we expand upon our vision. We are ripe for manifestation especially if we are on the right path. Also, Venus and Mercury moved out of Pisces and they transit in Aries. They are either providing us with optimism and courage, or causing us to choose unwise battles. This depends on how these planets aspect our Natal planets and the houses where they transit.

But the big feature of this chart besides the Golden Triangle are a Stellium of planets and asteroids in Pisces which include Juno (mothers, wives), Neptune, the Sun, The Moon, and Chiron. This brings compassion and intuition to the table. We learn to choose our missions wisely. We know that we can bestow compassion on everyone but we must discern who to get involved with especially if we lean towards co-dependent behavior. Make sure we don't hang around people with addictive habits because we are tempted to succumb to behaviors which cause us harm or we get involved with other people's drama which just wears us out.

Staying focused or staying in focus prove challenging now unless we lean on Jupiter in Scorpio or Pluto in Capricorn since Scorpio/Pluto have a laser focus ability. We can also pull on the grounding energies of Saturn in Capricorn. If we can ground our dreams we can accomplish a lot now.

Any work with spirituality or fine and performing art goes well now. This is a good time to launch a spiritual practice, but not a spiritual business. Wait until the Sun moves into Aries and Mars moves into Capricorn before launching a spiritual business. This is a good time to take yoga and meditation classes. And it is a good time to work with the water element. But speaking of water, this is also a wet month with storms, floods, mudslides, and water damage.

On the other hand, this is also a good time to practice water consciousness by praying to and meditating with water. And that could curb damage from the watery element. If you don't already know about Masaru Emoto's work with water consciousness, now is the time to read his books. And while you're at it, pick up books on sound healing and color therapy.

Zodiac Sign Forecasts:

Aries: You are more interested in serving others this month than your bottom line. You might wish to spend more time with your children or children in general. Or you travel back to your childhood to heal wounds. Your big lesson for March is to take responsibility for your actions. Also, spend time in meditation so that you learn mindfulness. And speaking of mindfulness, cook and eat mindfully this month. You are what you eat.

Taurus: Jupiter in Scorpio challenges you to view your shadows. This marks a powerful time for you if you can go with the flow. Pay attention to dreams and listen to the sensations in your body. How do you feel when you eat heavier foods? Practice yoga now or take a brisk walk outdoors. You delight in witnessing spring flowers (or fall leaves) brightening the world around you. Write poems or better yet, sing in public or give a speech. People delight in hearing your voice now.

Gemini: Lay low. Piscean types annoy you because they appear to swim in two directions, not that you can't relate to polarities. Thinking won't get you the results you want. Face it, Gemini, you need to get out of your brain and into your heart. Gregg Braden says that the magnetic energy of the heart eclipses the power of the brain. Imagine the world's transformation if you harness the energy of your heart and employ it towards humanitarian efforts. Practice compassion and then surrender to a Higher Power. Trust.

Cancer: Get lost in a dream or two. Spend time near a large body of water and if you enjoy it, go for a swim. Get involved with sound healing or join a spiritual band. Join a choir but whatever you do, unite your musical gifts with others. If music is not your thing, then go on a spiritual retreat, meditate, or take care of animals. Sign up for an environmental cause. Your intuition shoots through the roof and you bring healing to others. We are all ears. Speak up.

Leo: The world seems glamorous to you now, but don't get trapped in a fantasy. Now, is a time to dream yes, and to power up your imagination. Don't sit back. Instead, take your dreams to the next level of reality. Use visualization to manifest your desires by taking inspired action. You will discover new creative and intuitive gifts now. The only caveat is to not get caught up in grandiosity or delusions of grandeur. No one is better than anyone else. We are the collective and together we are powerful manifestors who transform the planet. Are you game?

Virgo: You rush on the scene like the EMT in a fire truck. You might find that you are at the right place at the right time to save lives. And you believe it is your path to rescue others. Just watch out for co-dependent behaviors. If you work in the publishing industry or if you are a journalist, I see you sitting behind a pile of paper. March brings clients and a heavier workload so pace yourself. Be honest with others and set boundaries. And as long as you are hard at work, you won't have time to criticize others, even if the Piscean types drive you crazy with their lack of details and structure, not to mention, bad grammar.

Libra: Peace, peace, peace...Why won't the hotheaded ones turn it down a notch? You dream of spending time with your partner. And if you are single, then you get out and mingle. However, use some discernment because the Pisces energy floating around sends us into la-la land and we can't see the forest behind the trees. You might mistake a toad for a prince. I also hear to stop your people-pleasing habit. You actually realize that you can't please everyone and it's perfectly okay to please yourself for once. Set some boundaries and learn to say no.

Scorpio: Your healing abilities and intuition shoot through the roof. What you mistake for paranoid fantasies are actually the angels alerting you to dangerous situations forming around you. When you forgive the past, you stop recreating betrayal and other painful situations in your life. Through forgiveness you free yourself to experience loyal people and even unconditional love. Pay attention to your dreams because they lead you to your true heart's desire or they clear past lives from your path. Either way, you are poised for transformation and true liberation. Allow the Creator to balance the karmic scales. Why don't you go out and enjoy your life?

Sagittarius: Now, is the right time to travel abroad and get involved with a humanitarian cause or two. If you are a professor then take a sabbatical and get involved with serving others. Who said that you can't combine adventure with serving others? Or if you are inclined then write and publish books on your adventures. You want to shake up the world so go for it. Just make sure you don't exaggerate your cause and pay attention to facts.

Capricorn: You still feel the push of the Capricorn energies from January. You have been working hard with your nose to the grindstone. Or you learned lessons about taking responsibility for your actions and your health. Some of you receive health alerts especially in regard to building your immune system and with bone health. Take this time to build new structure and to restructure the important areas of your life. Go see a medical doctor or another expert rather than getting caught up in Piscean fantasies. However, having said that, you do well when you go with the flow and follow inspiration brought to you through intuition. You walk on the right path.

Aquarius: You lead us into the new age through sharing your dreams and aspirations. What do you envision for the future of the planet? Many inventor types come up with new ideas from dreams. Or share your dreams on the big stage through lectures and other presentations. Keep a journal on hand because brilliant ideas come to you out of the blue. And you can forget them as quickly so write them down. I'm looking forward to your contributions.

Pisces: You are the poster children for this March. You are the dreamers and the moonbeams. You are fairy dust and you are whimsical musicians and poets. Pay special attention to your intuition and follow it so that you can serve the world from a higher plane. Ascension is on your mind and you are given the golden key. Heal past lives that surface. Share your dreams with others. And bring your healing power to the planet. This marks a new beginning for you that takes you in a whole new direction you never imagined until this time. Answers you sought come to you now through synchronicity and through daydreams.

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Virgo Full Moon--The Big Dream (March 1, 2018)

March is the Month of Powerful Dreams & Imagination

Whether it's a vision quest or keeping a dream journal, March is the month for dreams. Dream interpretation, creative visualization, and hypnosis or even just getting caught in a fantasy appeal to us in March. This is because Juno, the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron transit in Pisces. And then Mars in Vesta in Sagittarius square this stellium (Sagittarius also enjoys dreaming big) and the Virgo Moon pulls all those planets into a whopping Mutable T-Cross.

The Virgo Full Moon helps us come up with a plan. Sure, it's lovely to dream big. And I know that I've spent many hours of my life swimming through daydreams and fantasies. The downside of the Pisces Stellium is that we might look at the world with rose-colored glasses and ignore any warning signs. We might get involved with the wrong person because we get lost in a dream of soul mates. And we might ignore the advice of our practical friends and our therapists--even when dreams guide us in a more secure direction.

Mars and Vesta in Sagittarius act with compassion and servitude. But remember that saying, "Healer heal thyself"? Many of us dream of becoming healers or maybe we are already healers. We bleed compassion for others. And we get caught up in the dramas that surround us because someone told us that it is our job to fix other people's problems. But what if each of us cleaned up our side of the street? What if we focused on our own healing first and only then, teach others how to heal themselves? What if we stopped this co-dependent dance (Pisces and Virgo) and decided to become free spirits without the guilt? (A good example of an effective Pisces teacher/healer is Lisa A. Romano on YouTube).

The problem with Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces is that all three of these signs want to fix problems so that they can release themselves from other people's dramas. But when we fix other people's problems we do this at their detriment. Some people enjoy having people dependent on them so they set others up to fail. They promote the concept of martyrs and victim or they hold the purse strings instead of teaching others how to fish and take care of themselves--a worthy metaphor for Pisces. The other thing we must remember is that we can only lead by example.

So, if you want other people to change their diets, change yours and don't preach about it. When others see that you have more energy, that you never catch colds, and that you resemble a 35-year-old when you are over 50, those people will ask you about your diet. That's when you bring out the books and articles or take them shopping at a food coop. If you believe that exercise is the answer for others, then again, model this to the world. Actions speak louder than words.  When you look good others are going to ask about your secrets.

A bad example is someone who preaches the gospel of a particular diet and they looked ragged or are overweight. Who wants to take health advice from someone who looks frail or on the verge of diabetes?

If you suffer from an addiction, March is the month to get out of denial. And no, this idea of moderation is a false one. Smoking and drinking in moderation or taking drugs in moderation are still bad behaviors for the body. They cause the body to become acidic and this leads to disease. And denial is a road to nowhere. I used to say that denial is a good place to visit but not a place to stay. Denial is a Pisces trait and discernment is a Virgo trait. While Sagittarius gets lost in the bigger picture without considering the details. Thankfully, the Virgo Moon is trining Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn so we can bring in practical solutions and the next best step to our healing process.

The upside of the Pisces Stellium, Mars/Vesta in Sagittarius, and the Virgo Full Moon is that  we embark on spiritual adventures. We travel to sacred sites, walk a pilgrimage, or spend time in meditation that leads to life changes. We dissolve old unworkable situations and we end relationships that left us stuck in a co-dependent dance. If you have been involved with a person or people in denial about their addictions then now is the time for tough love (Virgo Moon). Cut your losses so that new healthier people enter your life and you learn about unconditional love. BTW, unconditional love is not slipping into denial about other people's dangerous habits. Unconditional love means that you accept another person's healing path and then leave them to it while having faith that they will get the proper professional help. And then you step away and heal your co-dependent behavior.

Mars and Vesta trine Uranus (who is also locked into a 5 degree orb square with Pluto) so more people put energy behind service. And service ranges from turning art into therapy, to volunteering with a charity, to giving a homeless person a leg up. Mars in Sagittarius wed to Vesta has an interesting flavor. I hear the words Peace Corps. And I see people flocking to environmental justice programs. Travel is involved. Overseas travel is involved. This is a time of great humanitarian efforts. We ask ourselves the best ways to serve the planet.

With that Uranus-Pluto square, we are seeing a people power movement. We are revisiting the Occupy Movement but on a smaller scale. We are demanding justice and transformation on the planet. And I see the beginnings or the launch of a youth quake led by younger folks running for political office, especially young mothers because they are concerned about their children's future. Pallas in Taurus in a square with the North Node in Leo (destiny and children) also promote these causes. (This is already underway).

Finally, Jupiter in Scorpio trines the Pisces Stellium and sextiles the Virgo Full Moon. This could bring a large-scale epidemic but if it does, it also brings healing with people opening their hearts to compassion and love for their neighbors. And scientists and researchers could very well come up with cures now to infectious diseases. We might even hear about a cure for AIDS. If you are in therapy, that goes well now too. I like the exact trine with Jupiter and Venus which brings powerful love partners and Jupiter is also in a tight trine with Chiron and Mercury so heal those old wounds and watch doors fly open.

Theses transits are also asking us to take a look at our values. Are we living those values? Are we walking our talk? What are our truest dreams and how can we best serve them? Ideally, our dreams would be in the highest and best for humanity and the planet. Dream big this month but create a plan of action. Much healing takes place now as we travel to distant shores.

(Consequently, look for a wet March with record-breaking rain and powerful storms. I also see an oil spill and problems with the oil industry. People have had enough of polluting industries and we give birth to alternative solutions and practices now).

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The Expression of Mental Imbalance through The Zodiac Signs

In the past few years, I have learned a lot about mental illnesses and personality disorders through my observation of the people I encountered. I didn't do this on purpose but as part of my life journey. Remember, that in order to ascend, we must face our shadows and bring healing as well as, forgiveness to our core wounds. Chiron in Pisces (April 2010 to April 2018 and the last few months of 2018).

Pluto in Capricorn shows us how our psychological workings and hang-ups affect our physical reality and our ability to manifest our desires. Jupiter in Scorpio expands upon our shadows and projects while we dive into the darkest recesses of our beings as we prepare for rebirth and transformation. Neptune in Pisces also reveals our undoing and the areas where we sabotage ourselves. But Neptune also brings us therapy immersed in cinema, music, dance, and photography.

So, let's take a look at each of the Zodiac Signs:

ARIES: The main issues for this Fire Sign are anger management, impulsiveness, compulsive behavior, and delusions of grandeur as you leap before you think. This sign tends to suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction because it is a risk-taking sign. Remember Aries is also the warrior so Aries tend to look for battles and if they can't win the battle then they slip into the victim role.

Aries, you need to find ways to bring peace and balance into your life which stems from your polar opposite, Libra. Assert yourself and set appropriate boundaries but also honor other people's boundaries and accept "no" when it is sincere and appropriate. You need to exercise or at least practice yoga to burn off steam. And find a meditation practice that works for you because this helps you develop mindfulness which allows you to act or pause when it is appropriate. You also need a good story with heroes. Check out the books of your fellow Aries, Joseph Campbell.

Finally, work with a therapist to help you heal entitlement issues. We are all deserving--nobody better than anyone else.

TAURUS: Your main issues are selfishness and stubbornness. You set your jaws on an idea and there's no moving you from that course, even if it is destructive. You are a materialist and some of your values are on the shallow end of the pool. So often, it is your way or the highway and you need to learn the game of give and take.

Since you crave sensual experiences, it is easy for you to become addicted to food and alcohol. You could even become addicted to marijuana or other substances if they cause you to feel more mellow. You might suffer from depression or anxiety if you are not in an environment that you find aesthetically pleasing. You crave pleasure at all cost and you might abuse your body on this path and on the path to obtaining more material wealth. You also have a tendency to hoard if you or your ancestors suffered from deprivation.

The cure for you is art therapy. Jump into a creative endeavor that gives back to the world. Get your body into a yoga studio or any class that gets you into movement and into the flow. Give away some of your possessions to a good cause and this combats selfish tendencies. Also, get your hands in the dirt and garden. And spend time in the natural world, at least once a day. Adopt a pet so that you experience requited unconditional love. A dog will help you get outdoors more. Also sing and dance because Taurus excel at these activities. Spread beauty in the world instead of hoarding it.

GEMINI: I've met both sane and imbalanced Gemini people, but mostly I have met Gemini Sun people who suffer from mental illnesses including: ADHD, depression, bi-polar disorder, mood swings, PTSD, addiction, and narcissism. Why is this? Well, the Air Signs represent the mental processes and Gemini/Virgo/Mercury rule how are brains work. Gemini rules how we learn, how we communicate, and how we think. It is a cognitive sign and therefore, Cognitive types of therapy are helpful for the Sign of the Twins.

Gemini, where you are seeing a therapist, make sure that you aren't the one doing all the talking. You require a therapist, counselor, or psychiatrist who guides you on the best course of action to heal your brain. Remember that you don't know it all even if you think you do. Yes, you have a brilliant mind if you can train it correctly. However, if you suffered from trauma or abuse this is a real challenge. You might suffer from a fragmented self and if that's the case, try Lifespan Integration Therapy or coaching that defragment your brain.

Get out of your mind and into your body. Get physical as Olivia Newton John once sang. Get into a yoga or meditation class. Dance more. Play a musical instrument. Get involved with a sport or even speed walk every day. Find a dog and walk him or her. And then take a lifelong learning class and learn a new skill. Have you ever wanted to learn a new language besides the Java Script? Learning a new language or how to play a musical instrument heals the brain.

CANCER: This Water Sign suffers from depression and is a melancholy baby when she or he is not in balance. But Cancer does not like to go to therapy because this is a secretive sign that moves sideways in life. Cancer, you need to learn how to assert yourself. Passive-aggressive behavior turns other people off and then you feel abandoned. People are not on this earth to serve your whims or to play mommy to you. You aren't as fragile as you think but yes, you are vulnerable. Vulnerability is a gift and not a curse. Turn your sensitivities into gold.

Cancerians tend to suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction, escapism, romanticizing through nostalgia, passive-aggressive behaviors, depression, and narcissism. Get thee into therapy if you suffer from any of the above illnesses or conditions or disorders. Art and music therapy as well as, sound healing prove helpful. Rehab with loving but firm healers works best. Tough love causes more harm than good with the Water Signs. Group therapy might not go well but mentorship is crucial. For instance, if you suffer from alcoholism or an other type of addiction having a peer mentor will help you feel loved and validated. Heal those childhood wounds and turn them into gold. You have so much to offer the world.

LEO: This Fire Sign rules the heart and the ego. When a Leo is of a healthy mind, he or she is a benevolent and generous person. This is someone who coaches others to be their best while also showing up as their best. But when a Leo is out of balance, here comes the empty drama and even melodrama. Here comes the self-absorbed person whose problems are bigger than everyone else' and here comes the entitlement issues or illusions of grandeur. If it sounds like I'm describing a narcissist, that's possible for a Leo. I've known Leos to also struggle with drug use and alcoholism as well as, fits of rage. I knew one Leo man who stalked me so let's add obsession to this list.

So, Leo, your work is around fostering your creativity. Your work is to heal your wounded inner child through different types of art therapy and becoming brutally honest with yourself. Art therapy, music therapy, therapy using theater or acting works well for you. And as you heal, you might wish to coach others with their creativity. You might even combine art with psychotherapy as many Leos have done. And we'll leave you with Carl Jung as an example of a Leo psychiatrist.

VIRGO: Your planet Mercury rules the mind. It rules how we learn and how we communicate. It rules our neurological system which includes the brain. You are most prone to hypertension, high levels of stress that cause you to abuse others with your criticism. And you are highly critical when you are out of balance. You might suffer from depression and isolate yourself from others as if you are an island or on  deserted island. Any of the mental imbalances that affect Gemini also affect you.

Another area to look at which comes from your polarity Pisces, is addiction, escapism, and illusions of grandeur. Virgo, when you are out of balance you forget logic and reality. A nervous breakdown is a possibility as are personality disorders and post trauma depending on your childhood circumstances.

Remedies for you are energy therapies as opposed to talk therapies. You would do well to apply any of the art therapies or to take a yoga class with a spiritual component. Restorative yoga would help you get in touch with your feelings. Exercise is critical because you need to get into your body and out of your chattering mind. And please heal any co-dependency issues since these are the death to partnerships and even family dynamics.

LIBRA: You are another Air Sign and since these three signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) rule the mental process, you need to gain distance from your thoughts. It's okay to listen to your body's senses and feelings. Allow emotions to come and allow them to flow.

You are likely to suffer from chronic stress, bi-polarity and narcissism to an extent. You also have a tendency to play passive-aggressive games with people which could land you in a violent situation. And give up the people-pleasing tendency since you can't please everyone all the time. As an Air Sign you are capable of deep thoughts. You are capable of wise breakthroughs but only if you stop skimming the surface. Yes, you are charming. yes, you are diplomatic but Aries is your polarity and when there is cause to fight a battle, you need to step in the ring as a champion boxer. Fight fair but fight nonetheless when it comes for your mind-body-soul.

Working with a life coach or hiring an art therapist to work with you goes a long ways in healing any co-dependent or other behaviors you might harbor. Color therapy, sound therapy, dance therapy, or spending time in nature are all balms for your mind-body. Yoga and meditation are also right up your alley.

SCORPIO: Your Water Sign rules shamanism and psychology. If you can heal your paranoid thoughts and not dwell in dark places for too long, you become the phoenix rising from the ashes. You aren't afraid of darkness or being ruthless with yourself. You take self-development seriously but try adding a sense of humor. Comedy actress Meg Ryan (and Goldie Hawn) is a Scorpio. Find healthy ways to release stress so that you don't take revenge on people who merely act as your mirror. Don't get stuck in your shadows and stop projecting your psychosis on other people.

Watch for misinterpreting other people or attracting abusive people who you later seek to avenge because they slighted you. Forgiveness goes a long way with your sign. It is your key to the outside world. This is how you liberate yourself. Let the past go. And embrace the new life that is always just ahead of you.

SAGITTARIUS: Over exaggeration and hyperbole are the buzz words for your Fire Sign. You might also suffer illusions of grandeur or use sarcasm to cover up your wounds. If you have many planets in Capricorn or Mercury in Capricorn you are prone to suffer from depression. Alcoholism and addiction are also on your potentiality list. You might over do it with food, gambling, taking high risk as in with sex and end up with a venereal disease or worse. You might take high risk with sports, driving too fast, or thinking that you are invincible. Watch out for these dangerous tendencies.

However, you are the most optimistic and a can-do Zodiac Sign. When you are right with the world you bestow generosity on others. You are likely to take up humanitarian causes or get involved with the legal system. You are a lifelong learner and if you learn something new even a foreign language or travel this brings healing to your overactive mind and curbs some of those other tendencies. Just go easy on the drinks, sex, and other excesses and this will help you keep a robust mind.

CAPRICORN: As an Earth Sign ruled by Saturn you are likely to suffer from depression and your moods are often melancholic. You suffer from the Eeyore syndrome (the donkey from Winnie the Pooh). You also don't handle stress well and you might become abusive or violent towards other if you don't heal any childhood wounds. Some Capricorns suffer from anxiety and other fight or flight conditions. Keep your thoughts flexible and become a lifelong learner. You are also one of the signs that worries along with Cancer, Virgo, and Gemini.

Capricorns who suffered from childhood abuse or neglect could suffer from the narcissistic spectrum or become abusers themselves. They are hungry for power and sometimes confuse that with power over others. (I've also noticed that Cancerians and Capricorns to suffer from infantilism and the lack of taking responsibility for their actions). Instead of taking that route, find a way you can serve the world as a humanitarian. You have a lot to offer the world once you heal those wounds. Self-love heals you. Yoga is also a good practices as is hiking, gardening, and spending time reflecting on the beauty of Mother Earth.

AQUARIUS: When I write about your sign, the words neuro-pathways shouts at me. Aquarius if you are fragmented then you suffer all types of debilitating mental conditions. You feel a rush of electrical currents storming your brain, you hear voices, you mistake schizophrenia for hearing the voice of God, or you shun the rest of the world thinking you are a more advance being. And post trauma is also up your alley.

The good news is that your sign also rules brain research and new healing discoveries. Energy healing and far-out therapies work well for you. The newer the better. And you can heal yourself in a blink of an eye. But make sure your electrical system (heart and circulatory system) are in topnotch shape. Don't eat a fatty diet and clog up your arteries because your polar opposite Leo rules the heart and when combined with the unexpected energy of Aquarius could lead to a fatal heart attack or stroke. You are also most likely to suffer from autism, ADHD, and any other controversial mental or emotional imbalance. You might also suffer from a mental condition new to humans.

Keep lifelong learning on the front burner and learn how to do energy work on yourself. Talk therapy does not work for you. And neither does any other type of therapy where the therapist ask you to change your behaviors. You are stubborn and you will rebel. Work with a therapy animal.

PISCES: This third Water Sign and final sign of the Zodiac rules mental and emotional illnesses. This sign rules addictions, nervous breakdowns, and often this folks end up in mental wards, prisons, or rehab. But the good news with that is through your own suffering and transformation, you become mentors for others undergoing similar circumstances--think AA meetings and mentorship. I have met many Pisces who drank like fish but through recovery experienced a resurrection. You don't even recognize the transformed Pisces man or woman.

But if you choose not to heal your addictions and mental illnesses, you end up hurting the ones who love you. You end up abusing your children and never taking responsibility for your actions. You might keep the alcohol industry in business, but you destroy your organs in the process and you age quickly.

Besides AA meetings, you heal through art therapy. Sound healing is right up your path. And nature therapy or having therapy animals proves healing for you too. And the beautiful thing about when you heal your mind-body, Pisces, is that you bestow blessings of compassion and kindness upon the world.. I've known many Pisces people who have kicked the habit became better artists and better human beings because of them mustering their courage to face their shadows and heal their wounds. And even if you spend time in a prison or a hospital, that is time well spent if it leads you on a path of transcendence and forgiveness.

You also do well with therapy animals.

Check out my YouTube Channel Astrologer Patricia or my other blog Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living. And sign up for a personal reading. And please note that I'm not giving psychological advice. I am not a medical professional so use this article for information only and seek proper counseling for any mental or emotional conditions.