Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Capricorn Full Moon on December 28 - 29, 2016--Ending the Year with a Blast

If you haven't gotten used to Capricorn energy yet (powerful since early 2008), then now's your chance to learn Capricorn lessons. What does Capricorn represent? Persistence, determination, bone strength, and climbing the mountain slowly are some Capricorn themes. 

Keep in mind that Cancer, Aries, and Libra take the brunt of these lessons. However, it's time for Water Sign people to clear any victim attitudes and find their proverbial feet.

Capricorns are strong people. They might lack confidence because life humbles them through painful experiences, especially during childhood, but they are strong nonetheless. They weather storms and delays brought on by Saturn. And by next December, Saturn moves into Capricorn giving us 12 months to become comfortable with Capricorn energies. And in 2019, Jupiter also moves into Capricorn. This means that Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter will all be in Capricorn while Uranus also prepares to transit into the Earth Sign, Taurus. But I'm going to save this for another post.

In 2015 and 2016, we moved away from Cardinal energies as Uranus pulled away from Pluto. And most of the action took place with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. But now, Uranus who has been retrograde for several months has moved within orb of Pluto and Jupiter has moved into another Cardinal Sign, Libra. This means that our focus once again is on changes brought by Cardinal energies. And this will continue through the first half of 2017.

During the Capricorn New Moon, Mercury joins the moon and sun in a tight orb and forms a Stellium with Pluto. This Stellium acts as the apex for a Cardinal T-Cross that brings in an exact opposition between Jupiter and Uranus (20 degrees). And Ceres is at 22 degrees Aries so this planet conjuncts Uranus (on-going). So, if you want a story to help you visualize the energies playing out with this Capricorn New Moon and the Cardinal T-Cross, think of Standing Rock.

The Standing Rock situation was more of a peaceful and prayerful gathering of Native Peoples and non-native supporters who weathered the abuse of the Patriarchs. And in the end, the peaceful demonstration brought a cautious victory in that President Obama voted against the pipeline that was going to be built under the Missouri River.

Now, part of this happened since Uranus, The Awakener is in the Fire Sign Aries which in this case represents the individual's (on the grass root level) rights. And Jupiter in Libra brings in double justice because Sagittarius and Libra represent the legal system. Libra restores balance and harmony through diplomatic action and mediation. Aries sound the battle cry, but in this case, the battle cry was through peaceful non-actions. And Uranus woke the American and international people up to the plight of the Native American people and the Earth. They signed petitions and raised money to travel to the Standing Rock Reservation. Some people collected warm coats and blankets as well as, food to take to the protestors and Native people. And all of these actions shifted energy on the planet.

I'm giving only one example of the power of this Cardinal energy as it plays out in our lives. And the truth is that we all have bullies in our lives. Those bullies come in the form of addictions, co-dependent relationships, corporations making a quick dime through corrupt actions, Wall Street, big banks, and anyone else threatening the well-being of another. And it's time to take peaceful actions, though this does not necessarily have to do with turning the other cheek. However, the example from martial arts where you stand out of the way so that the person attacking ends up sending their toxic energy back to themselves.

Pluto in Capricorn acts as the apex for the T-Cross. And during the course of the Capricorn New Moon, the moon catches up to Pluto, then Uranus and Jupiter. Pluto brings transformation but first it tests our strength and wisdom. Many people fear Pluto's energy and this is a mistake. It's like a shamanic initiate quaking from fear instead of facing it and embracing personal power. Shamans braved the fire to complete a journey of alchemy. And we are asked to perform this alchemy in our personal lives in what form it shows up.

Since Jupiter is in Libra, many of us call upon the legal system for help. But we must fight fair and intend for a harmonious victory. Uranus in Aries wants to fight, but Aries is a chivalrous sign so even Aries want to fight fair. Take thoughtful actions and wear the other person's shoes which might even change your perception. We are dealing with narcissists in larger numbers and this is a painful process that brings suffering. But at the same time, we must remember that narcissists are wounded people who we have worshiped for too long. We have shown the spotlight on them, allowed them to take center stage, and we vote them into political office or buy from their corporations. This creates co-dependent relationships and suffering.

When we stop worshipping inventors of technology as gods and when we stop voting in narcissists into high-level government, then we will see the era of the bully end. That is the message that this Capricorn New Moon brings to us. It's not about serving those at the top we call the elite, but bringing greater peace and prosperity to the masses. We live in revolutionary times, but all we have to do is shift our focus away from ego-centric people and behaviors while we serve the planet through our hearts. Perhaps, this is a tall order, but Pluto brings us the power to do this. Uranus awakens us and Jupiter brings justice now.

Let's look at harmonious aspects in this chart that support our evolution. First, Venus is in Aquarius and the planet forms flowing aspects with Jupiter in the form of a trine and with Uranus/Ceres in the form of a sextile. And Venus forms a sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. This triples the effect of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. Saturn in Sagittarius brings in the legal system. Venus in Aquarius bolsters the grass roots movements on the planet. And we value humanity and innovations to solve many of the crisis that the planet faces. We want justice in all areas, including agriculture and food (Ceres) as well as, women's rights. Sagittarius for me also represents Indigenous people such as the Plain Indians in the US or other tribes that rely on a horse-centered culture.

Saturn also trines Uranus firing up our enthusiasm for justice and human rights. When Jupiter in Libra gets involved, we are changing laws and building a new structure, though this is not a quick process. Any time Saturn is involved, we can expect a slow and steady climb. But we still have Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus supporting our endeavors. The Cardinal T-Cross brings us tension that initiates change and transformation. Don't fear this transformation because the Earth requires these changes. And yes, we experience Earth disruptions now in the form of volcanoes and earthquakes. And yet, we intend those events to happen through collective consciousness because we realize the changes are necessary for our evolution.

Mars joins Neptune and Chiron in a Triple Conjunction that has us looking to the Divine for answers. And the answers to our problems are metaphysical and hidden behind a cosmic veil. Prayer, especially affirmative prayer and meditation hold the keys to our alchemy. Pisces bring delusions but it also brings healing through spiritual channels. These energies ask us to heal our addictions and mental illnesses. We glean new solutions that are separate from the Patriarchal way of doing business. It is time to empower all people instead of tossing handouts at others expecting them to disappear like the morning mist under the sun's rays. The key is empowerment for all beings and let's end the age of the victim.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gemini Full Moon on December 13, 2016--Mixed Blessings

The 2016 Gemini Full Moon which falls on December 13, asks us if we choose to see the glass half full or half empty. We'll remember Charles Dicken's opening to A Tale of Two Cities and also Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now". We could feel crazy trying to make a decision because we'll feel we have too many choices. And the best approach is to follow the gray line that falls in between black and white.

Why am I telling you this? The Gemini Full Moon chart contains two T-Crosses, a Mystical Rectangle, a Golden Triangle and a Grand Trine. As someone who was born with a Mutable T-Cross and a Grand Water Trine I have jumped back and forth between extremes. I'm not saying that either I or the Gemini Moon are bi-polar, only that we will gaze at opposite forces inside us. So let's break down this chart and see where that leads us.

First, we have an on-going T-Cross with Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus/Ceres in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Many of us already know about the powerful alignment between Uranus and Pluto. Now, Jupiter comes and expands on that energy while promoting balance and harmony. It's like Jupiter is saying, "Okay, guys you have been fighting for too long. When are you going to make peace?"

And true enough, we see this energy playing out in North Dakota with the Native People promoting peace and healing of the planet while authority in the form of riot police brings in the patriarchal force. Jupiter in Libra and Ceres in Aries asks us to come from our feminine sides. This doesn't mean that we act passive or passive-aggressive. It means that we follow our feelings and get in touch with our hearts. It means that we reach out to others in a nurturing manner. And it means that we hold a place of peace in our hearts.

The Gemini Moon, Sagittarius Sun, and Chiron (in Pisces) form a Mutable T-Cross. So now we have big ideas clashing with smaller ones. We have big religion fighting with political leaders or movements. Remember Pope Francis criticizing Donald Trump last winter? We will see more of that scenario playing out. People who see the bigger picture ignore the details while other get lost in the details because they don't see the bigger vision. And all of this finds roots in childhood wounds. Fighting now is with words and ideas. But the words cut deep so watch what you say to yourself and others during the Gemini Full Moon and the two weeks riding up to the Full Moon.

Now, let's look at the Mystical Rectangle. First, of all this is a "male" rectangle since the planets are represented by Air and Fire. This means that we have a lot of a masculine bravado and possibly immature behavior during the Gemini Full Moon. Planets involved include Saturn/Sun in Sagittarius opposing the Gemini Moon (it's a busy moon) and sextiling Jupiter in Libra and trining Uranus/Ceres in Aries. The message I receive is to balance the masculine and feminine sides for each of us. We will also hear about gay marriages during this moon. It feels like a balancing act and that we must get over our views of male and female roles.

The Golden Triangle includes Uranus/Ceres in Aries (again) forming a sextile with Mars in Aquarius and a trine with Sun/Saturn in Sagittarius. This brings huge tension release from both the Mutable and Cardinal T-Crosses. It's almost as if the tension from the T-Crosses plays in the background. And we seek freedom from anything we find oppressive. We could see droves of people quitting their jobs despite the hectic holiday season, and in spite of it. We could see adults searching for childhood wonder or returning to holiday fun from their past. And we witness innovations that make headlines as we end 2016 and look towards 2017.

And if that's not enough, we experience a Grand Air Trine (when is the last time we experienced a Grand Air Trine)? It includes Jupiter in balancing Libra, Mars in futuristic Aquarius and the Gemini Full Moon. We often ignore the flowing energies of a Grand Trine, but only when planetary tension is absent. We have two T-Crosses bringing us tension so we welcome the blessings of the Grand Air Trine. This Air Quality helps us to detach from drama and chaos in the world. We can actually, take a breather and enjoy ourselves. With Jupiter in Libra, we're feeling optimistic. We're playing on odd logic and we feel like gambling metaphorically or otherwise. But don't bet your house folks, because you could just lose all.

The downside is that megalomaniacs grab the spotlights and they're everywhere. We hear too much about next president Donald Trump and others of a similar ilk. And for some folks, this is pure entertainment and for others, it represents sheer terror. Turn off the television set already. There is way too much talking and not enough listening during this Gemini Full Moon.

However, a Gemini Full Moon is also playful. It asks us to get in touch with our inner child and entertain him or her. And what a better time to do that then during the holidays. So instead of focusing on the chaos and doom in the world, focus on joy, peace, and the holiday spirit. Go do something fun so that you can relax. Then from this relaxed place we come up with innovative solutions to the problems that dog us.

Signs most affected by the Gemini Full Moon are Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo. I recommend that you sign up for a personal reading. It will be worth every dime you spend. I will show you the bigger picture and you can use that picture as your map for 2017 and beyond.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Zodiac Sign Spotlight--Sagittarius (November 21 to December 21)

(Prove the stars wrong, Sagittarius because I'm writing and posting this article when the moon is void-of-course in Libra. This means that the post won't experience success).

What does Jimi Hendrix have in common with Billy Bragg? And what does Taylor Swift have in common with Miranda Otto and Daryl Hannah? They were all born when the Sun traveled through Sagittarius. Other humans on this list include Pope Francis, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Sara Silverman, Tom Waits, Michael Scott of The Waterboys, Ellen Burstyn, Judi Dench, and Jim Morrison, to name a few.

And if you have a Sagittarius Sun then you can join the list of folks with strong ideologies, a powerful sense of destiny, globe-trotters, university professors, religious leaders, politicians, and celebrities who boldly share their opinions. You are a member of a rainbow tribe that spans the globe and your mind expands to include diversity. In fact, you thrive on diversity which is why you itch to travel, learn new languages, and enrich your mind with academics. 

You inspire as you hang from that rock ledge high up in the mountains. You inspire when you take home that Olympic Gold. And you are destined to succeed beyond your wildest dreams in someone else' backyard. Because it's true for you that the grass is greener on the other side of the big pond.

Now, the theme song for Sagittarius is "Don't Fence Me In," and any Cancer or Taurus who tried to reign in a Sagittarius ended up with boots covered in dust and chagrin as their Sagittarius friend bolted and ran away like a stallion on steroids. The big word for Sagittarius is freedom. And this freedom revolves around speech, lifestyle, politics, religion, academics and room to roam. In fact, Sagittarius Michael Scott once sung those words, "room to roam." 

Sagittarius, like Gemini, represents the storytellers of the Zodiac Wheel. And some of the world's best storytellers include Tom Waits, Billy Bragg, Walt Disney, and any number of authors born during the last week of November and first three weeks of December. All Sagittarius artists no matter their medium tell stories. 

And if they're not artists, then they pontificate while sharing stories at universities or on Ted Talks (a forum that must have been invented for Sagittarius). Or you find them at community gatherings (often drunk) sharing a story or two with wild humor tossed in. The downside though is Sagittarius tells off-color jokes from time to time. Some Sagittarius are racist and tell ethnic jokes. While others such as Woody Allen, poke fun at their own ethnic group.

Sagittarius excel in careers where they don't clock in or work in a structured environment. Nine-to-five does not work for these folks. Even the actors would rather film on location in a foreign country. And even then, the producers better allow time for these actors to explore the location. Or at the very least, give the actors books to read or interesting people to interact with as they wait for long hours to shoot their scenes. And in any case, they'll probably arrive late on the set and depart as soon as possible.

Downside of Sagittarius is that many can't commit to a traditional relationship. They require a partner who is interesting or adventurous such as someone they see as a buddy who goes rock climbing or snowboarding with them. They enjoy conversations with well-educated or well-traveled soul mates. Although they give a worldly impression, they also join groups or beliefs that curtail another group's rights. 

They blow hot air. They expect everyone to agree with their opinions that they present as well-read facts. They can't stay in one place for very long because the grass is greener somewhere else. They drink too much alcohol and expect others to clean up the mess they leave in their wake. They're also most likely to leave the one they're with rather than love the one they're with, but these are all generalizations.

Remember that a person is more than their Zodiac Sun Sign. Each of us has 10 planets plus asteroids in our Natal Charts which fall in various signs and houses. So not all Sagittarius or any sign is alike. But all Sagittarius people are represented by the horse and the satyr (part human/part horse). All Sagittarius bring brightness during the late fall months. They might struggle with ethics, but only if they don't own their shadows (a lesson we learn from Scorpio). 

The biggest transits for Sagittarius in 2017 are Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, and Uranus in Aries. Saturn in your own sign curtails your freedom of expression and brings you complications with travel and immigration. Neptune in Pisces leaves you wondering what is real and what is fantasy. Uranus in Aries fires you up and you join grassroots efforts and get involved with humanitarian causes. You might also raise your children in a way that raises eyebrows and has people gossiping about you.

All Sagittarius have strong political and religious views that they boldly share with others, especially when they're drunk. Their element is Fire and their quality is Mutable which means they are passionate and restless for change. Your planet is Jupiter which bring you good fortune and your Tarot card is The Wheel of Fortune. So roll your dice, Sagittarius and you'll come out a winner.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pop-up Three Day Fundraiser for Whole Astrology

This fundraiser is over. Due to challenging times for others, I received $0 in donations. I'll do another pop-up fundraiser in the near future when there is less fear floating around the planet.

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Whole Astrology Forecast for 2017

I don't see any major transits for 2017, but I doubt it is a status quo year. The North Node transits into Leo and Jupiter transits into Scorpio. Eclipses land in Pisces, Leo, and Aquarius so we move more into Fixed energy. Venus retrogrades in Aries and Pisces at the beginning of the year leaving us with a theme of the Divine Feminine.

We won't be experiencing any Saturn-Neptune Squares, but we are experiencing Saturn-Chiron squares since Saturn remains in Sagittarius until December. We also won't experience Mars staying for several months in a single sign, as we did in early 2016. I also want us to remember that Uranus will only be in Aries for another two years. That means, we only have two years to shake up the old system so that we can rebuild new structure when Uranus transits into Taurus in 2019, joining a cluster of outer planets in Capricorn. Astrologers are already setting their eyes on 2020 as if it is the beginning of a Golden Age. And it might be if we do the necessary work now.

January--We launch the year with the tail end of Mercury in Retrograde in Sagittarius. The quicksilver planet goes direct on the 7th. Venus transits into Pisces on the 5th and joins Mars, Neptune and Chiron in the Sign of the Fish. With all this Pisces energy and Neptune moving into a wide sextile with Pluto, our minds are on our spiritual paths and resolutions of a spiritual nature. Spiritual movies hit the cinemas. Music and dance also capture our attention. We get caught up in glitz and glamor, not seeing the truth beneath the surface. Be weary of relationships that begin in January as we are wearing rose-colored glasses. We worship the feminine mystique and the new glamor girls on the scene. Photography also grabs headlines.

February--Venus moves into Aries where this planet finds discomfort and Mars feels powerful in Aries. Mars conjuncts Uranus on the 26th, but you can feel the power of this duet earlier in the month. Mars square with Pluto around the 20th also proves troublesome unless we use this energy to transform our lives. However, we can also see big players controlling and manipulating youth or grassroots groups. Definitely, we'll witness some heated situations around the world and this time could feel volatile. Uranus and Mars fire up Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra (which forms a sextile with Saturn) attempts to bring balance and harmony. This month is volatile so keep your wits about you. Jupiter goes retrograde on February 6.

We experience a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 11th and a Solar Eclipse on the 26 in Pisces. This will only add heat to the cauldron.

March--Venus joins Jupiter as the second RX planet for 2017. Mars moves into stable Taurus and we feel more grounded. We sweep up the debris caused by events of the previous month. Mars joins up with Ceres in Taurus so our minds turn towards the Divine Feminine and agriculture. A Fire Trine between Saturn and Uranus launch the month off with an enthusiastic attitude. However, Jupiter moves into a square with Pluto so we seek both transformation and balance/harmony. There could be situations where women stand up to men in a mass consciousness manner.

April--Venus in Pisces goes direct on the 15th, but Saturn goes RX on the 6th. Mercury goes RX on the 9th and Pluto goes RX on the 20th. This makes for an unstable time with several planets switching directions. By the end of the month, four planets are RX causing us to turn inward for answers. Uranus and Saturn continue their Fire Trine which gives us energy. Mars stays direct this year helping us to get work done. But with Saturn RX, we lack discipline.

May--The big astrological event is the North Node transiting into Leo. We move from the service energy of Virgo into a self-centered energy of the Fire Sign, Leo. We focus on the individual instead of the Greater Good. Jupiter forms an inconjunct with another gaseous planet, Neptune which has us questioning the spiritual beliefs of others. However, we project our own irritations onto others instead of owning what is ours. At least Mercury in Aries goes direct on the 2nd. Venus in Aries brings out the warrior side of women, and since Ceres is in Gemini, women gather and communicate.

June--Venus moves into Taurus and forms a sextile with Mars in Cancer. Now our thoughts and feelings turn to food and relaxation. We focus on children and mothers and real estate. Jupiter in Libra goes direct on the 9th and forms trines with the Gemini Sun and Mercury in Gemini. Unfortunately, the sun and Mercury square Neptune in Pisces. June is a mixed bag, but with Jupiter direct we can at least put steam behind our projects. Families head on vacation and flock to the ocean or the countryside. June actually looks like the best month thus far. Neptune goes RX on the 15th. For some folks, this brings more clarity and less fog, but for others, Neptune RX brings feelings of disorientation.

July--We begin the month with the sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer and Venus in Taurus. So we start out July in a manner similar to June's transits. Cancer is pushy when it comes to mothering, nutrition, real estate, and possessions. The planets transiting in Cancer eventually oppose Pluto, and square Jupiter and Uranus so this brings us combustible energies. Mars/Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto engage in a Cardinal T-Cross at the beginning of the month. Jupiter in Libra acts as the apex as it tries to bring balance to the Mars/Mercury-Pluto opposition. Tempers run high at the beginning of July and people could act impetuous or pull an entitlement act. Ceres moves into Cancer mid-month and we turn towards issues around food and agriculture. No more of those GMOs, we shout.

Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto continue in retrograde motion which at least calms the Cardinal storms. However, when Saturn is RX we tend to procrastinate and lay about. So take a vacation in July and use the Taurus-Cancer energies to heal yourself.

August--The big news this month is the Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius/Leo and the Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo. We are now experiencing eclipses in Fixed Signs. While this is not as bombastic as an eclipse in a Cardinal Sign or as life-changing as an eclipse in a Mutable Sign, now we're dealing with obstinate people and situations. We experience narcissism versus humanitarianism. The collective goes to battle with egomaniac leaders. The good news is that Saturn goes direct on the 24th and then over the next months transits out of Sagittarius into its own sign Capricorn.

Meanwhile, Uranus goes retrograde at the beginning of the month. This calms the seas in that we can expect fewer surprises or proverbial lightening bolts when Uranus is RX. However, Mercury in Virgo goes RX on the 13th. And some people will experience problems with their neurological system. Anxiety could increase since Virgo and Gemini affect the nervous system and Virgo leans towards worrying which leads to anxiety. Take a cue from Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and meditate to calm the mind and get into the heart.

September--Mercury goes direct in Leo on the 5th. While Venus and Mars (not conjunct) dance in Leo and we all feel sparkle in our partnerships. Sex drives, attraction, and sensuality are at their height at the start of the month. Then Mars moves into Virgo (not a comfortable transit for Mars) and we must curb the tendency to become hypercritical of our mates. No one will ever be perfect, but we are perfect in our evolution. Jupiter in Libra joins Saturn in Sagittarius in a sextile which also bodes well for a live-and-let-live type of partnerships. We all strive for harmony which is a contradiction in terms. At the end of the month, we experience a jolt as Pluto goes direct. This feels like a sleeping giant waking up. Try to avoid people with control issues or power plays.

October--Jupiter moves out of the Cardinal Air Sign Libra into the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio. We notice an expansive energy in the areas of death, birth, fertility, taxes, inheritance, DNA, lineages, and all themes Scorpio. We desire to go deep with others. And we desire intimacy where we brave our souls and confess our deepest secrets. This happens for the next 12 months since Jupiter stays in a sign for 12 months. And speaking of intimacy, Venus catches up to Mars and they couple in the sign of Virgo. This could lead to purification of intentions in a partnership. Or it we want to deal with practical day-to-day matters. Neptune forms a sextile with Pluto which also focuses on relationships. Are we realistic? Are we transforming from the relationship? This is a time of intense spiritual relationships, even with ourselves--especially with ourselves.

November--Neptune goes direct on the 21st and now only Uranus remains RX. This means we experience forward motion in our lives without Uranus tossing in surprises. Venus and Mars in Libra (though not conjunct) bring balance and harmony to relationships. However, I have the impression that many women are demanding more freedom and liberties in November. A glamorous woman in the media headlines surprises us with deep spiritual practices and inner wisdom. She ignites the hearts of other women who launch a new type of feminism. The Scorpio Sun joins Jupiter at the beginning of the month and we shine the light on secrets. I have a strong feeling that much is revealed to us on all fronts in November 2017. This revelation leads to new lifestyle and convictions. Set intentions for the highest good.

December--The big news this last month of the year is Saturn moving into its own sign, Capricorn on the 21st around the Solstice. What a powerful message about self-reliance, climbing the mountain, and improving finances (on a mundane level). We remember MLK's "Top of the Mountain" speech. We also wish to bring justice to the land. Although we hardly ever hear about it, Capricorn does have a compassionate and generous side. Mercury in Sagittarius goes RX from the 4 -22. At the beginning of the month, we have several planets in the Sign of the Satyr including Mercury, Venus, the sun, and Saturn. We are feeling benevolent this holiday season. Enthusiasm oozes out of most people. There is a large world stage event that happens around politics or religion that puts zest in our steps. The downside is that we could just grab onto hot air or rise above everything as if we are in a hot air balloon. When we drink too much, we wake up the next morning hungover.

Please note that this is just an overview and I will give fuller monthly transits in 2017. Think of this as a yearly weather report so you can follow trends. Sign up for a personal reading. Fixed Signs (Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus) get some action via the transits in 2017. I especially encourage you to sign up for a yearly overview reading. Thank you and happy holidays!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sagittarius New Moon on November 29, 2016--Things aren't What They Seem

Normally, I love a new or full Sagittarius Moon because it brings out the dreamer or adventurer in us. However, the Sagittarius New Moon that lands on November 29 is full of hot air and deception. The sun and moon square Neptune. And at the same time, Venus in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries. So this deception plays out in relationships between the masculine and feminine.

Use discernment in all dealings, but especially in relationships. If you meet someone new who you would like to date, wait two weeks before asking this person out. Use this time to do spiritual work through meditation and other forms of contemplation. People we meet during the week of this full moon might not pan out. In any case, go slow with anyone you meet and do not throw caution to the wind. With all this Mutable energy we are reminded of the series of Saturn-Neptune squares that we witnessed over the past year.

To give you an idea of this powerful Mutable energy, just look at the recent election in the US and the situation with Brexit in the UK. All of this is heightened during the Sagittarius New Moon at the end of November and going into December's Full Gemini Moon. We've all made some bad decisions during the past several months, especially during the summer months because we didn't have all the facts and no one was thinking clearly.

Remember that both Saturn and Neptune are large powerful planets that build and dissolve structure. Even time and space appear to be slipping away. They are as some of us ascend into higher dimensions.

In fact, I found this incredible video on YouTube about stepping out of the Matrix. This would be a good plan to follow especially around the Sagittarius New Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces. Unfortunately, I'm not able to find the video again. But basically, the message was that we need to stop tuning into the outer world and find our true power within. Focus on self and our unique path now. Don't engage in toxic conversations that are obviously fear-based. And if this means you must spend time alone, then do that. Go on a little adventure such as a day hike or hang out near the ocean or any body of water (Neptune). And don't believe the hype.

Let's take a look at the Cardinal T-Cross with Jupiter in Libra, Venus/Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus/Ceres in Aries. Now, what I'm feeling is that women and ethnic groups are fighting-mad. They don't like how the US Presidential Election or other events have played out in the world. Obviously, they feel threatened. But don't use this energy to clobber yourself with doom. This is about taking back power no matter who is in government. Stop focusing on outer power and outer trappings of the world. Venus in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra actually favor women. The sun/moon in Sagittarius favors ethnic groups. But what needs to happen is that we must stop hanging out in separate camps.

The only way power mongers of the world can control us, is if we allow this to happen. Their main method of dealing with the masses is to divide and conquer. They turn women against women. They turn whites against minorities. They turn this religion against that religion. And this is madness. Our job is to respect Diversity but create Unity from it. Our job is to create the rainbow tribe that appears in the prophecies of Indigenous people around the world. We are the Rainbow Tribe. Our job is to get out of our egos/minds and into our heart/souls. This is the challenge is presented now to us through both the Cardinal T-Cross and the moon/sun square to Neptune and then Chiron which is also transiting in Pisces.

Meanwhile, my guides are asking me to look for the Virgo North Node which forms a tight Mutable T-Cross with Neptune in Pisces and the sun/moon in Sagittarius. Now, the sun/moon forms the apex of this T-Cross and Gemini acts as the outlet. The message I'm getting is yes, we have some serious service to perform on the planet at this time, of a spiritual nature. But we can do this through laughter and with smiles on our faces. The apex planets tell us to lighten up and see life as an adventure, but not to believe everything we hear. Gemini which provides the outlet for the T-Cross asks us to have fun with others. Write, talk, and express our spiritual beliefs (Neptune in Pisces). Engage with like-minded people on social media. Join this tribe now.

There's a lot going on in this chart which I can't get into for this blog post. However, in general, a Sagittarius New Moon asks us to look at Ninth House themes (law, travel, higher education, religion, world culture, adventure, and ethnic minorities). It's a time of expansiveness but also hyperbole. It's a time when people's ideologies clash (which we have been experiencing too much this year). The moon represents our inner selves and emotions, as well as, how we reflect our ideals in the world. The sun represents our masculine side and how others see us showing up in the world.

This new moon does not bode well for any of the signs starting new intimate relationships. However, there is one caveat at that is Capricorn since Venus is in Capricorn, but expect a powerful spiritual partnership. Jupiter in Libra bodes well for Libras, but Libra has a tendency to gloss over people and tries to bring harmony to discordant situations. Therefor Libra, refrain from starting any new partnerships this month.

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