Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Capricorn Full Moon on June 27, 2018--Here Come the Master Builders

The Capricorn Full Moon transits two days before my 54th birthday on June 27, 2018 at 9:53 p.m. and it's right smack on my Ascendant at 6 degrees and 28 minutes, opposite my Sun. And it brings in Saturn through a conjunction. Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius on the same day. And Neptune turned retrograde eight days prior. Oh, this will be an interesting week!

Capricorn Full Moon at 6 degrees and 28 minutes--Oh, man!

The Moon chart contains three T-Crosses. The one that I first notice contains Venus in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Mars in Aquarius. The outlet is through Taurus where Uranus transits. Yeah, like that's a relief. Venus in Leo seeks her authentic self which she values and wants to shine in the world. But Jupiter in Scorpio brings up and exaggerates the shadows. Perhaps, people just want to enjoy a more hedonistic lifestyle or some pleasure in their life.

But some bigger event calls for our attention and we get bogged down by our shadows and survival guilt. And then Mars in Aquarius is coming up with some farout conclusions and solutions. Scientists come out of the woodwork and they remind me of the 100s of musicians ecking out a living in Seattle during the late 1980s.

High tech thinks it has the answer. Big pharma thinks it has the answer. Big transnationals flount their solutions, but Mars in Aquarius asks the people to rally for justice and to shed light on the real culprits. Step back, detach, and watch another circus of chaos roll into town.

The second T-Cross contains the Sun in Cancer, the Capricorn Moon, and Chiron at 2 degrees Aries (squaring my N Node in Cancer exact). The outlet for this cross is Libra which ask us to beautify the world, search for our true values, and work for justice. She asks us to live a balanced life and with this T-Cross, we are asked to balance karma.  And since Saturn is conjunct the Moon, we pull in this old guy planet into the cross. This brings up issues of time-space reality, bones, teeth, skin, connective tissue, aging, elders, timelines, and karma. It also brings up integrity and responsibility.

The final T-Cross contains Mars in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, and Mercury in late Cancer (out of sign). The outlet is Scorpio. We need to delve into the deep end. How do our childhood wounds affect the world. When we don't heal our wounds which we think are only personal, really does ripple out to our families, communities, and into the collective. Think of every drop of rain that makes up the ocean. We can no longer distinguish each drop of rain from the ocean water. Neither can we know how our unresolved issues affect the world and the cosmos because in Unity Consciousness, we are all One.

All is not lost with the trine between Uranus and Saturn/Moon giving us the strength and energy to rebuild what has shattered or fallen into ruins due to natural disasters. And even as early as June, we will find ourselves rebuilding towns, communities, and cities due to natural disasters. And we need to also rebuild humanity through kindness and compassion. Face it, we've been unkind to each other ever since you-know-who went into office of US President. Don't worry, I'm not going to get political. But I will say this, there are no excuses for snarkiness or bullying. And we have a lot to clean up on our side of the street. Racism and sexism are not acceptable, neither is shooting people.

This Capricorn Full Moon is asking each of us to grow up and play our part with integrity. Besides Old Man Karma is not going to let us off the hook if and when adults act like children. And speaking of children, let's take our cues from them since they don't have their acts together. When 4 and 5 year olds show us how to treat others, let's listen and watch them. No, let's not just sit on the sidelines. Let us actually treat others, homeless, addict, or not with dignity. Everyone deserves a second chance and who are we to judge another person?

Although Capricorn rules elders, we will be focusing on the acts and deeds of youth. And we do need to also take better care of our elders. I don't want to see any more elders living on the street because countries such as the US don't find elders glamorous or worth their time. And come to think of it, let's rebuild communities to include affordable housing for everyone. And let's create a world where corporations don't enslave their workers and turn them into zombies who don't have time for their families or their passions.

Remember, that Joseph Campbell once proposed the idea of following our bliss. And in order to to do that, we must be free. Mars in Aquarius sings the song of freedom. Let's join hands and sing along.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Gemini New Moon on June 13, 2018--Clarity Or Confusion

Since Gemini rules duality the Gemini New Moon that lands on June 13 brings us clarity versus confusion. In fact, when I pulled up the chart set for Port Townsend, Washington, I felt like I was looking at a Spirograph. I thought I was looking at a series of T-Crosses but no, those aren't real T-Crosses. I feel like Dorothy landing with a thud in the astrological equivalent of Oz. 

And away we go.

Both Sides Now--The Gemini New Moon

The Gemini New Moon usually represents a lively or a chatty time. Conversations range from trivial nonsense to serious philosophical discussions. They could revolve around technology. And communication electrifies the air, especially since Mars transits in Aquarius and Uranus has changed signs and now transits in the earthy sign Taurus. With the Moon coupled with the Sun in the sign of the Twins, we literally get a sense that we are standing at a crossroads. And yet, this crossroad seems surreal like it came out of a children's story. Nothing makes sense.

And this is because we are shaping and forming a new world in the same way that a ceramic artist shapes clay into usable items. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, we take on the roles of master builders. Now, this can mean anything from building a business to building a house. Gemini rules the hands and forearms as well as, handy-crafts and carpentry. We notice more buzzing saws, and hammers at this time because of renovation projects and new buildings going up.

We hear a lot in the media about eye-hand coordination and learning disabilities. We reflect on the mental processes and mental illnesses. And we debate on whether or not people with mental illnesses who commit crimes belong in jail or mental health facilities. This is not a heated debate but one based in practicalities. Remember that Gemini is a detached Air Sign with a mutable quality. Gemini people are the most flexible and adaptable of signs. They are ruled by Mercury which also rules Virgo. Gemini people immerse themselves in words, short-distance communication, short-distance travel, computer technology, word games, and just like Gemini Cindi Lauper once sang, "They just want to have fun," and they add, "stop depressing me."

So, then, what can we expect from the Gemini New Moon? This new moon is livelier than the last two year's Gemini new moons because Saturn is no longer in Sagittarius opposing the Moon. Unfortunately, Saturn transits in the Earth Sign Capricorn, Jupiter transits in Scorpio, Pluto transits in Capricorn, and Uranus transits in Taurus during the time of the Gemini New Moon. So, that feels like serious business to a Gemini. That's like throwing a wet towel on someone's passionate moment.

Fortunately, the planet of love, Venus transits in Leo so this brings creativity and romance to the mix. Chiron transits in Aries which mainly reflects on children and our inner child demanding to be heard. Perhaps, this comes through written communication such as poetry, or radio broadcasts or YouTube podcasts. Children definitely feature into the picture and they have a lot to say. They're not going to keep quiet, not for one moment.

And finally, Mars in Aquarius brings out precocious or genius children. They come off as know-it-alls and they won't show adults respect.  But guess what? They're probably spot-on with their keen observations and they are inventive to say the least. Should we listen? You bet we should listen to the younger voices in the room. They don't only represent the future, they represent the sanest path to the future.

One caveat is to watch for the silver-tongue con person. The dark side of Gemini is the trickster or the person who twists words or uses flattery to get what he or she wants. It is a good idea to learn the tricks of narcissists and sociopaths so that we can avoid their pitfalls and uncover their clever disguises. If it sounds too good to be true, it's a trick. Watch body language and if the body language is incongruent with words then run. This is a Moon of used car salespeople who sell us lemons. And it is also the Moon of a fun person filled with rainbow light. Don't let anyone fool you. Use discernment at all times.

Now, for the breakdown of the Zodiac Signs:

Aries: How does it feel to have Chiron entering your sign? You already experienced similar energy with Uranus in Aries. And now is not a time to run away from childhood wounds. Become the warrior you were meant to be. And instead of lashing out at the windmills of the world, take your sword and face your own fears and cut away at your deepest wounds. Courage, my friend.

Taurus: Do you feel the Earth rumbling beneath your feet? The elementals call to you and their message is change or be changed. No one can avoid the changes happening on the planet at this time. Sure, we all enjoy our creature comforts but if your possessions are keeping you stuck in the mud, the earth will find a way to release you from your burdens. Now, is the time of revolutions and freedom songs. Sing your freedom song and find new meadows to roam.

Gemini: Isn't it wonderful that Saturn no longer opposes you? Wow, what a breath of fresh air. Neptune still squares you, but she showers spiritual growth on you and inspiration for artistic ventures. You choose the fun road at this time. You choose to look on the lighter side and take the brighter path. Hang out in nature and talk to the elementals. They have words of wisdom to share with you at this time. And happy birthday.

Cancer: I'm hearing that song from My Fair Lady, "Wouldn't it Be Loverly" because you too are undergoing a transformation from a flower girl to a leading lady, even if you are a man. It's time to get in touch with the Divine Feminine that exist in all of us. Although for many the DF has yet to evolve from a fetus to a child or from a child into a woman. Stop acting childish and wear the mantle of adulthood or better yet, of the wise priestess that exist in everyone, and especially you, ruled by the Moon.

Leo: Shine your light in the world. While any Zodiac Sign calls itself a lightworker, you represent the light. You sparkle like the late spring sun and remind us of summer delights. You hang out in the 5th dimension and show others how to have a spiritually good time. But don't chase your shadows away. Shine even more light on them so that you integrate every part of you. Then, and only then, do you show up as the leading man or lady behind the footlights.

Virgo: Your time is coming. You are one of the most patient signs and yet, why are you fidgeting? Stop fussing and allow others to evolve in their own time and in their own way. How do you know what others are thinking? Even if you have super psychic abilities, people hide secrets from you now, not out of malicious intent, but out of shyness or fear of your critical gaze. Go hang out with Leo people and delve into a creative project. Then, people magically transform in front of your eyes. If you can see it, you can believe it. Isn't life grand?

Libra: Mars is working you over in a good way. You learn to stand your ground and you join revolutions. After all, someone needs to cater the political gatherings, make peace between warring parties, and to beautify the surroundings. That's you, Libra! And you might even show up to lead a movement with Mars transiting in Aquarius for several months. If you could change only one thing in this world what would that be? Now, make that your next project. Others gravitate to your peaceful attitude. Everyone loves a winner.

Scorpio: The digging up truth continues. You work your way through your family tree. Who knew Uncle Mark was involved with smuggling? And who are all those detectives and spies in the family lineages? You also delve into taboo topics such death, sex, and taxes. Big finance is on your mind but so is forgiveness and spirituality. Perhaps, you forgive other peoples' financial and karmic debts. Even that lightens your load and helps you to ascend more quickly.

Sagittarius: You want to think big. You experience impatience with all those detail-oriented talker types. Sure, you like strategies and you think practicalities keep us on point. However, could we just get past the planning stage and take action? All this talk about problems puts you on edge. You wonder why people don't possess more faith in their beliefs. You take a leap of faith and you demand that others leap with you. It's the least that they could do. Dang it.

Capricorn: All the master builders of the world unite under the banner of humanity. You have your shovel in hand. You have your hammer in hand. You set the foundation and expect the building party to show up and roll up their sleeves. You care less about trends, fashion, or even the square footage of a house. The point is to build the field of dreams now so that they will show up. And they will, eventually. Have patience, Capricorn.

Aquarius: Zing, zing, zing...Buzz, buzz, buzz...I see an image of a beehive and you lording over it. The role of the queen bee is open to both men and women at this time. How is that for revolutionary? And did I say revolution? Oh, yes, I did. You spread revolutionary ideas like honey on the land. You join grassroots groups and movements even when you don't yet know the causes they represent. You love the term grassroots and non-profit work appeals to your heart. Oh, yes, Aquarius, you have a heart and it beats to a different drum--the drum of the rainbow gathering.

Pisces: Gemini energy bothers you. It feels like wading in the shallows instead of diving deep with the fishes. You feel like going back to school and yet, you desire freedom from structure and others telling you what to do. In fact, you desire to retreat to an ocean cave and experience wordless conversations with mermaids, whales, and other sea creatures. The world feels harsh to you like a bright light burning your eyes. Go join Aquarius and play music at the rainbow gathering. Seriously. Dance and sing your cares away. Music therapy works.

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The Importance of a Birth Time

I've had clients come to me without a birth time. A birth time is crucial for an accurate astrology reading. The reasons for this include, a birth time gives us an ascendant sign because the ascendant happens the moment the baby takes his or her first breath.

A birth time also helps an astrologer come up with the right degrees for the Moon. This is important because astrologers need to know the house placement of the Moon and any aspects the Moon has with other planets. And this brings me to the last point, without a birth time, we don't have an ascendant and without an ascendant, we don't know the correct houses for planet placements.

The best way to get an accurate birth time is to look at the birth certificate. And if the time is not on the birth certificate then contact the hospital or center where you were born. The hospitals keep the times on record. I had to do this for my own birth time. If you were not born in a hospital then see if your mother remembers your birth time. They usually do.

So, remember that an astrologer requires the following to create an accurate Natal Chart.

Birth date, time, and location of your birth (city or town and country).

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Forecasts for 2nd Half of 2018--Saturn, Chiron, Uranus...

It's time to look at the second half of 2018. For what appeared like a status quo year when I looked at 2018 last October, now looks like revolutions. With my forecast for January through May 2018, I saw a youthquake, women marches, political scandals, natural disasters and with Uranus moving into Taurus, I foresee volcanic activities.

If it no longer serves us, it will disappear from our lives and suddenly...

Uranus in Taurus, Chiron in Aries & Saturn in Capricorn

The big news for May is Uranus transiting into the stable fixed sign Taurus. And I've already spoken about earth changes and financial markets crashing. This is a revolutionary time since Mars moves into Aquarius at the same time as Uranus changing signs. And Mars will remain in Aquarius for 6 months due a retrograde in Aquarius (and the culmination degrees of Capricorn). That alone spells changes during the spring months.

Meanwhile, the North Node remains in the fixed sign Leo for the remainder of 2018. And Saturn and Uranus will have moved out of Fire Signs into Earth Signs, Chiron moves out of Pisces into Aries (a game-changer) and we experience eclipses this summer in Cancer, Leo, and Aquarius--again, there is Aquarius the revolutionary playing with themes of awakening, the collective, and grassroots cooperatives. With so much Aquarius and Uranus energy in the spring through the fall months, we will experience revolutions and sudden earth changes. It is like falling down the rabbit hole and forgetting everything that came before. We're not going to wax nostalgia any longer.

However, while I've already mentioned Mars and Uranus transits for several months now, I want to gaze at the Chiron-Saturn square in July and August as well as, the exact trine with Saturn and Uranus. This is interesting because Chiron acts as the messenger between Saturn and Uranus since Chiron's orbit is between Saturn and Uranus. I'll get into the exact dates in a later post. Right now, I'm channeling events I foresee manifesting in the next several months.

Children are not going to back down and they won't compromise in their initiatives. Younger leaders take office worldwide and they are tradition-busters. And yet, even though we associate new technology with youth, they are going to break away from technology because they realize that they are suffering from ill health because they spend too little time outdoors and too much time on their electronic devices. Besides, a study on the effects of electromagnetic fields on our bodies and the earth bodies will be released this summer and will become a mainstream topic quickly. This study focuses on the electromagnetic fields in the brain and heart versus the discordant frequencies caused by electronic devices (Aquarius/Uranus).

When we turn our eyes to the natural world we will finally see the damage modern lifestyles have wreaked on our Earth Mother. This will cause many people to feel shame and sick inside. Many will make lifestyle changes such as downsizing. The problem with this downsizing is that thrift stores and charities will become inundated with recycled furniture, clothing, and scraps from demolished houses. Landfills ironically swell as people try to simplify their lives. And companies face the task of creating compostable packaging or less packaging. Re-thinking and resolving problems keep us busy as does recovering from natural disasters (earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions).

I get a sense of more angelic encounters and the unexplainable happening to help humanity evolve and we receive inspiration for rebuilding buildings and economies--Saturn trine Uranus in August. But we also grapple with tension between youth and authority because the youth feel like no one is listening to them (Chiron in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn) which also takes place this summer. Also, look for a Grand Earth Trine on August 25 (Sun in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Capricorn). This is a day of master building.

So, will we enjoy the summer months in peace? That depends on which dimension you choose to reside. And you don't get into the higher vibrations without practicing a higher vibration lifestyle. This causes people to visit with spiritual teachers and coaches. Healers stay busy throughout the summer months. Spiritual workshop attendance peaks in August and September and into October. People also turn to energy healing and to the Earth's medicine kit for healing since conventional is too expensive for the average person and not all that effective with the new types of illnesses facing the planet due to pollution and climate changes.

Again, I'm seeing cooperatives forming in communities and across the globe. I'm seeing new forms of social media without a built-in addiction. I see more truth-telling that sends out shockwaves and the awakening on the planet resembles popcorn and happening across the globe. The eclipses this summer will set intellectual and spiritual fire to the planet (I'll cover this in an another article).

For now, refer to my original forecast for 2018. And expect those energies to intensify. Detach as much as possible but stay heart-centered. Find the meditation that works best for you.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Saturn and Pluto Retrograde--Karma, Transformation & Empowerment

What happens with the dark daddy planet Pluto and the wise sage Saturn turn retrograde? For some folks, this means they get a break from endless karma kicking them in the butt. And other folks experience less distractions, deeper focus, and the time to delve into psychological hang-ups. This also marks a time of rebuilding new structure without Pluto's wrecking ball showing up.

Respite and Evolution 

In fact, I enjoy Pluto retrograde because the planet eases up on the transformation process. We are less likely to get stuck in the tunnel or to endure the dark night of the soul. We reassess events of previous months. We reevaluate our beliefs, patterns, and our values. And we also gaze at progress reports, especially if we are evolving spiritually.

Saturn retrograde is another story. For workaholics, this retrograde represents time-out. We are less likely to hear back about jobs we applied for. We are less likely to feel ambitious or like we have a plan. It's hard to strategize and to stay on-point. We often discover illnesses or feel exhausted when Saturn is retrograde. The good news is we also experience less karmic connections or situations. It is a time to practice greater integrity so that we don't reap anymore karma. It's a good time to cut karmic cords and to enter a space of not knowing otherwise known as entering the void.

Me dealing with Pluto
Pluto and Saturn turn retrograde every year. Saturn transits retrograde for 6 months and Pluto also retrogrades for 6 months. This year, Saturn and Pluto turn retrograde in April and go direct in September (Pluto on October 1) which covers part of spring and takes us into fall (in the Northern Hemisphere). 

Saturn RX from 9 degrees on April 18 to 2 degrees Capricorn on September 6. So, if you have planets from 2 to 9 degrees Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn pay attention. You are directly impacted by this retrograde.

Pluto RX transits from 21 degrees Capricorn on April 23/24 to 18 degrees on October 1 (or September 30). So, if you have planets in a Cardinal Sign from 18 to 21 degrees expect to do some deep introspection and to face demons so that you evolve more quickly. This is also a time of shadow work. Make good use of the 6 months.

For me, personally, Saturn sits on my Ascendant during the RX and was stationary at 9 degrees (my AC is at 8 degrees Capricorn) and Saturn opposed my Sun at 8 degrees Cancer and Mercury at 11 degrees Cancer. However, Saturn trined my Natal Uranus at 6 degrees Virgo and my Natal Pluto at 11 degrees Virgo. Then Saturn heads back into my 12th House for several months and no one likes having Saturn in their 12th House because this is the Pisces-Neptune house of the unformed and prebirth experiences.

Meanwhile, Pluto continues to transit in my First House and it aspects my Natal Neptune at 15 degrees Scorpio and my Natal Jupiter at 17 Taurus. I imagine that I'll redefine myself, reassess my personal values and take a hard look at career options. In recent years I moved away from journalism due to the lack of work and delved into the metaphysical field. I still stand on shaky ground so it will be interesting to see how this all pans out by 2019. I'm hoping to move into a new home and not have to deal with psychological fallout.

Where are Saturn and Pluto transiting in your chart? This determines where you will shape up, grow up, and grow thicker skin. These are the areas in your life where you develop integrity, take responsibility or reap karmic retribution. Saturn is impersonal but Saturn does not have a problem doling out karmic rewards and debits. Saturn can also affect our health, our finances, our career choices, and our partnerships depending on the house where it transits.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sagittarius Full Moon on May 29, 2018--A Revolution of Light

Humanity Takes Flight (Sagittarius Full Moon)

 I swear each Moon transit chart grows more exciting or at least intriguing than the last one. And we've witnessed some spectacular Moon transits during the past several years. I am Moon-sensitive and Moon-centric so this is why I post a Full Moon and a New Moon article each month on this blog. While some astrologers focus on the entire month's energies, I believe that Moon transits are more like weather reports in that we see quick changes coming our way. We receive warnings to duck and cover or to share enjoyment with others.

So, with the Sagittarius Full Moon at the end of May 2018, I am going to talk about more than the Sagittarius Moon opposing the Gemini Sun and in a wide square with Neptune. While this Mutable T-Cross holds its weight in this chart, it speaks about the need to move on past illusions. It talks about the need to uncover lies revealed in our dreams and through our spirituality as well as, our artistic endeavors.

This T-Cross tells us to get help with addictions or mental health issues so that our communication is not erratic. I realize there is stigma attached to brain dysfunctions but we are also in an age where with the right healing modalities, we can heal mental health issues and balance our emotions. We are leaving the Pisces Age behind and moving into an age where I believe instant healing occurs, but only if we let it and release us from any victim or martyr roles.

I'm also reminded of something Spiritual Coach Lisa A. Romano said in one of her podcasts, that when we engage in the learning process we are less likely to suffer from anxiety or PTSD because we engage our brains by building new neuro pathways. This is something to consider during the Sagittarius Full Moon.

Oh, there is a lot going on in this chart. And it does not surprise me that the Gemini Sun and the Sagittarius Moon want to speak to us through astrological transits. Astrology has the power to awaken our minds and our souls. Neptune says that astrology also awakens our hearts.

And remember all those huge transits I told you to watch out for in 2018? The seeds get planted in May. Mid-month, Uranus moved into Taurus and is at zero degrees in this chart. It is in a square with Mars which transited into Aquarius, a sign where Mars will transit for 6 months in 2018 due to a retrograde (which we will cover in a future article). And let's not forget that Chiron is at one degree Aries, which sextiles Mars and is also in flowing aspect with the Sun and the Moon (although it is with a wider orb).

However, the big news is a Grand Water Trine with Venus in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter in Scorpio. We can also pull in Pallas which is at 4 degrees Cancer. And then a Golden Triangle with Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces further hightlights this powerful healing energy contained in the Grand Water Trine. And again, it centers around women or the Divine Feminine. It's time to honor the feminine gifts of nurture, intuition, creativity, and cooperation. This speaks about the women's more expansive brain.

I have read articles and books that mention the differences between the male and the female brains. For instance, when women talk they expand on their topics. They also expect the person they are conversing with to also expand and then to explore some deeper emotions. Women's brains possess a bridge between the right and left sides so women also multitask well. And I witnessed that with my mother when I was a child. She spoke on the phone with a friend while cleaning the house or watching television. I never saw my father do multiple tasks.

Normally, the Sagittarius Full Moon speaks of adventure or traipsing off to foreign lands. I don't pick up that feeling with this chart. I think we could still experience expansive joy and many people will feel like joining a crowd or attending a festive event. I am picking up scenarios of spiritual retreats and eco-travel. I'm picking up people gathering together to celebrate sustainable agriculture or perhaps building another cooperative housing community. Or maybe people will join with each other at peaceful music festivals in a sacred setting. I just don't see the usual bar scene or even a lot of alcohol consumption on this day.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is putting a damper on things even if it is in flowing aspect with Uranus. I believe that we will experience earthquakes and other Earth events around this Moon and most of us are going to feel more like survivors than thrivors. I believe these events will force us to grow up and evolve quickly. Our hearts will fly open and we realize that without a cooperative spirit, the human race just isn't going to make it into the new age.

This is the day when we release that old belief of "You and me or you and our tribe against the world." It's time to release any idea of clans or tribal nonsense because face it, humanity is really one race and where we're heading is Unity Consciousness.

If you consider yourself a Light Worker than your greatest work starts around this Full Moon. But if you're reading this article before the end of May 2018, then let's allow love in now.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Taking Whole Astrology to the Next Level

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And keeping up with the transits is exhausting too--a full-time job without the financial compensation.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Taurus New Moon on May 15, 2018--Partnerships in the Spotlight

Within the spiritual communities especially, we speak of healing our psychological wounds before engaging in a partnership. And this belief gets old after awhile for people who have been doing their emotional and spiritual work. We'll never be perfect. We are works-in-progress so when does the navel-gazing end and the relationships with others begin? How about with the Taurus New Moon on May 15?

Holding Hands and Holding Space As We Leap Forward

The odd and most noticeable aspect of the Taurus New Moon chart for May 15, 2018 is that most of the planets and asteroids appear as duets. And the ruler of the Taurus New Moon is the planet Venus which also rules partnerships, contracts, and diplomacy. This chart talks about playing nice in the sandbox we call relationships. And this could also suggest relationships with our values, our daily work, our career, our friends, and ourselves.

Remember that how we treat ourselves reflects on the way we treat others. When someone reacts to us in a disagreeable manner we often hear someone tell us not to take this personally. But it is personal. All reactions and responses are personal because the inner is reflected in the outer. Relationships are an inside job which is why the experts told us to work on our psyches before engaging with others where sabotage is likely if we partner prematurely or rush in where angels fear to tread.

However, this New Moon chart features duets and a trine between Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio so it's time to heal our hang-ups by how we see ourselves reflected in the other or the beloved whether that beloved shows up as God or another person. It could even show up as an animal companion for a person who does not wish to get involved with a human partnership.

The Taurus New Moon (the Moon wed to the Sun in the Sign of the Bull) gazes deeply at partnerships for the right reasons which is to develop greater compassion, kindness, generosity, and fairness. And since Jupiter in Scorpio opposes the Sun and the Moon, we could experience hearts cracking open by global or local events, especially since this energy flows into the a trine and sextile with Neptune.

But wait. Chiron at one degree Aries poses a threat since this asteroid in Aries asks us to take care of numero uno (ourselves) and become authentic at all costs. This does not bode well for people seeking diplomatic solutions or wanting to create win-win situations. Chiron has moved out of compassionate Pisces (the endpoint) into the fiery sign Aries of new beginnings. It's like we have returned to our infanthood once again. And Chiron weds Juno in this chart (remember the duets). So, if you are the woman in the partnership or the feminine energy, then there is a need to take command of your domain too.

Over in the 9th House of world affairs, Vesta teams up with Saturn in Capricorn. Also, in Capricorn at later degrees, Mars and Pluto bring in that old patriarchal energy again. So, do we join the rat race of competition and cut-throat practices or do we finally grow up and make serving the planet our number one priority? If we are not walking our true path, then accidents or injuries could occur as we run around making stuff happen. This feels like an initiation to me and it is about how we show up with partnerships.

On one hand, we must show up as complete and authentic people (let go of the masks), but on the other hand, playing nice for the sake of saving face isn't going to work. Let's get real with each other. Let's look for middle ground since the truth always lies in the middle. In a year of dualism (11), it's time to wade in the gray area a bit more.

This energy also wears a feminine signature with Venus married to Pallas in Gemini and Ceres wed to the North Node in Leo. And women as well as children, seem fired up with passion and innovative ideas. They blend science with spirituality and the arts. We no longer feel the need to compartmentalize our personal and professional lives or passions. That is because Uranus moves out of Aries into Taurus during this New Moon and conjuncts Mercury. Communication comes across as slow, methodical, and peaceful, but there's still a shake up and brain neuro-pathways fire off tangents and sudden breakthroughs with Uranus and Mercury joining forces.

Breakdown for Zodiac Signs:

Aries: What a relief to have Uranus moving out of your sign. It's time to sheath your battle sword and take a break. Take a few deep breaths and reassess your life. Better yet, go on a meditation retreat or take a serious yoga class that helps you sweat out toxins you acquired during the battles of the previous years. And if you miss having Uranus in your Sign, he returns to Aries for a brief journey from November into 2019.

Taurus: It's time for rebirth and renewal. Perhaps, you revisit a passion from your past, such as a hobby or career that you buried on your journey into spiritual wholeness. It's also time to revisit or to transform your values around partnerships. If you choose to go it alone, don't worry if others judge you. It's time for you to set your birthday intentions for the next solar cycle. Happy birthday, Taurus.

Gemini: I never recommend speaking off-the-cuff but for this New Moon cycle, you pull it off as wisdom from the cosmos pours into your thoughts, and ultimately finds peace in your heart. If you work in the media, now is a time to retreat. Your beliefs are transforming and you have grown weary from talking out two sides of your mouth to please others. However, some of you have some brilliant ideas and solutions to world problems. It's time to speak up. The world stage is your pulpit.

Cancer: With the New Moon exalted in Taurus, you want to cozy up with a partner. If you don't have a partner, face your fears and reassess your values before shacking up with the one you just met. I feel that partnership potential is stronger towards the end of May, and less so at the beginning when you feel the urge to retreat and hide out in your shell. Recover first from April's events before engaging with partners. After you feel well-rested you see more clearly and make better decisions.

Leo: Women and agriculture weigh heavily on your minds. You worry about where your food comes from, who is growing it, and the farming methods behind the food on the grocery shelves. In fact, you would rather visit the farms yourself and buy food fresh in May. If you are a Leo farmer, then toot your horn in May, especially if you grow wholesome and organic food. Eat more sunflower seeds. I see that you require the nutrients from them and Leo represents the sunflower. However, stay away from foods cooked in sunflower oil since it is not heart-healthy.

Virgo: May feels like an earthy and practical month for you with the Earth Trine between Pluto and the Sun/Moon. And several planets travel in Earth Signs (the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto). This marks either a good time to take a vacation to a mountain or rustic area or to launch into a new career that involves detail-oriented work or as a manager. Personally, if I were you, I would opt for the vacation in the mountains. We all like you best when you are well-rested and less critical. If you must work on vacation, do something like editing manuscripts or balancing the books. Mountain-fresh air brings you a clear mind.

Libra: You share Venus in common with Taurus, but Venusian energy of the Taurus New Moon feels sluggish to you, like you are trudging through a field of mud. Remember the scene in Bridget Jones' Baby where Bridget trudges through mud wearing high heels and white trousers? Well, that's what I see for you in May. On one hand, you desire to eat up all the beauty that surrounds you, but wear the right attire for the right environment for best results. Paint, sculpt, or create something new of lasting beauty. Or throw a dinner party and don't forget the music. Make love not war.

Scorpio: Jupiter in your sign exaggerates your in-depth approach to people's psyches. But lay off this month because your friends are tired of you psychoanalyzing them. Yeah, we all experience a Freudian slip once in a while, but a dog is just a dog, if you get my drift. Spend quality time with a partner that revolves around laughter, dancing, and good times. If you must engage with therapy, try art or music therapy. And is it possible for you to spend one month without digging into darker topics? It's spring, Scorpio, at least in the northern part of the world. And even Persephone gets her time off from the underworld. So shall you.

Sagittarius: Oh, darn, that radical Uranus is no longer firing you up with brilliant ideas. And now, that eclectic planet has moved into slow-going Taurus. You can still climb mountains and hang from cliffs if you don't mind the volcano blowing up nearby. Or perhaps, you enjoy trekking to dangerous places in the world such as pulling out a lawn chair near the San Andreas Fault. I'm not joking either. I think you secretly enjoy the adventures that Climate Change brings your way. Chase a tornado or better yet, get a job as a television reporter sent to the hot zones around the globe. That will curb your boredom brought on by too many planets transiting in Earth or Water Signs.

Capricorn: The main question you'll bring to an astrologer in May is when will this upheaval end? And for you, the upheaval began in 2008. If you are only 10, then you have only known upheaval for a decade, imagine. Those of you born in the late 1980s or early 1990s, take the brunt of Saturn, Mars, and Pluto in Capricorn. You gather the courage to build new structures in the world and you won't take no for an answer. Transformation is your middle name and you have several planets fueling your fire at this time. If you run for office now, you wear a new badge of leadership. Who knows? You might win the votes of the populace. Think Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau as an example where youth meets wise authority.

Aquarius: Your planet Uranus moves into Taurus (which squares you) during this New Moon. Not only that, the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus form a pack of dogs that threatens your freedom. While Taurus gets its cues from ancient traditions, Aquarius fuels the future with innovation especially around technology and medical breakthroughs. But consider that revisiting ancient traditions revolving around metaphysics and plant medicine brings us breakthroughs too. Don't toss out the baby and do keep some of the bathwater. Blend the past with the future to create the new now.

Pisces: Do you feel any relief handing the Piscean Age torch to the Aquarian Age? For you, this month, you grapple with religion versus spirituality. You grapple with acquiring funding for the arts and taking the arts into medicine and other types of science through metaphysics. You act as the Rainbow Bridge in more ways than one. You provide a crossroads and at the same time, remind us of Unity Consciousness where all roads intersect eventually. Much wisdom drips off your tongues and your fingers as you type the latest channel session. Don't worry Pisces, despite the changing of the ages, we still need you. Compassion is the main ingredient for the new age, otherwise, we're stuck with strange technology and spaceship sightings that grow boring too quickly.

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Chiron in Aries--Rebirth & Soul Evolution

Since April 20, 2010, Chiron has transited in Pisces. And this mostly impacted people born from March 19, 1960 to October 18, 1968, but there was some dipping into Aquarius in 1960 and dipping into Aries in 1968 with the retrogrades.

(Please look at your Natal Chart for your Chiron placement if you were born between 1960 and 1968. People born with Chiron in Pisces are now 50+ years of age and have completed their Chiron Return).

Reluctant Warriors & Everyday Heroes

Chiron Transits:

April 17, 2018--Chiron transits into Aries
September 25, 2018--Chiron retrogrades into Pisces
February 18, 2019--Chiron stays in Aries for 7 years
June 19, 2026--Chiron moves into Taurus
September 17, 2026--Chiron RX into Aries
April 14, 2027--Chiron returns to Taurus

This means that a large group on the planet is dealing directly with core wounds around invisibility and abandonment issues. These folks grew up in families where people spoke of them as if they weren't in the room. They might have felt like wallpaper or worse, they might have felt orphaned. They might have dealt with alcoholic or dysfunctional adults. And many are recovering from addictions or childhood abuse. This is the way Chiron works. We uncover our gifts by addressing our deepest wounds. And those gifts were worth the digging into the subconscious. These folks are very likely to become spiritual teachers or healers themselves.

Relief for the Chiron in Pisces folks begins on April 17, 2018 when this asteroid travels into Aries--the Sign of the Warrior. Now, the Aries in Chiron folks have different themes and issues to resolve. My sense is that their issues revolve around boundaries and entitlement. Either they heard the word "no" many times in their lifetime or not enough times which leaves them trampling over other people's boundaries. They might find that others resent them.

There could be passive-aggressive behavior, anger management, or addictions to people-pleasing. They could carry the motto, "My way or the highway" or have a need to always come first or be the first at everything. This dynamic does not play well in a family where the Chiron in Aries person has siblings, especially if they were also born with Chiron in Aries, which is likely unless the children were born 7 years apart or when Chiron was still in Pisces.

Now, let's break this down into components. Aries is a Cardinal Fire Sign. The Sign of the Ram ushers in either spring in the Northern Hemisphere or fall in the Southern Hemisphere. The themes are around the infant, birth, the birthing process, and rebirth for adults. The ruling planet is Mars and the ruling color is red. Aries rules the face, teeth, and the head. Aries energy is of the warrior and rules adventure, first-responders, pioneers, and athletes to name a few types of Aries people. But Aries can also be hot-headed, selfish, arrogant, foolish, and alcoholic (but for different reasons than Pisces). They can either obsess with guns and cars or be injured by them.

Chiron is represented by a satyr in Greek-Roman mythology. The satyr suffers from a permanent wound to his ankle. But this satyr grows in wisdom despite this permanent injury after accepting his wound or that which he cannot change. We cannot change how others treated or injured us in the past, but we can change our perception of the wound. We can see that it helps us to develop into well-rounded people with compassion in the case of Pisces and courage in the case of Aries.

While Chiron completes its tour in Pisces, we are already seeing glimmers of the Aries energy playing out. Children are shouting for justice around the issue of gun violence and these are both Aries themes (children and guns). Uranus in Aries plays a role here as it completes its tour of Aries in May of 2018, but dips back into Aries at the end of 2018 and then heads back into Taurus in 2019. And let's not leave out Mars moving into the revolutionary Aquarius for 6 months in 2018 due to a retrograde in Aquarius.

Chiron in Aries also asks us to show up authentically in the world and to pursue our missions as courageous warriors. What is worth fighting for? Where would you like to see justice happen? What are your views on children and the changes they bring? Are you leaving the planet better for future generations or are you selfishly leaving destruction in your wake? These are the questions Chiron in Aries asks us. And it's best to take the time to contemplate how you show up on the world.

And last but not least, as we enter the birthing of the New Earth, are you prepared to take the hero's journey? Reading up on Joseph Campbell's work (an Aries) helps with this journey.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mars Transits into Capricorn--Time to Grow Up & Take Responsibility

This morning I blurted out that I'm weary from everyone's wounds and the inability to take responsibility for the healing of those wounds. I know people in their 50s and older who have not sought the therapy required for healing childhood trauma. The drama, blame, and chaos continues even when it does not have to.

Mars in Capricorn--Time to Mature (Conjunct Saturn, a 28-Year Cycle)

Now, that Mars has transited into Capricorn and conjuncts Saturn on April 1 (Easter), it's time to rise up and get in the driver's seat of our lives. Oddly, while this is happening, Mercury is in Aries RX which means we are returning to childhood wounds. This could happen through dreams or through people mirroring those wounds back to us. We, if we don't use discernment, attract situations that trigger our core wounds now. And if that is the case, get counseling or therapy. We need to connect our higher selves with our inner children. It is crucial that we do this work.

And for co-dependent types, you cannot do this work for others nor can you ask them to get with the program (even though you feel tempted to do that). You can make suggestions or you can live by example. Or you might just have to walk away from people who refuse to heal their wounds and send them light a la distance.

Mars transited into Capricorn two days prior to the Equinox and then the Sun joined up with Mars. Crucial days of Mars energy are the Equinox, April 1, April 26 as well as, the Libra Full Moon on March 31 and the Aries New Moon on April 15 when Mercury also goes direct in Aries! Capricorn and Saturn represent authority and the adult part of our psyche. And Mars and Aries represent the inner child (infant and toddler) and that part of us that wants to fight, defend, go to battle, or rebel.

The tension that we feel in the outer world comes from our inner child. And it is a crucial time to do work with the inner child. Find a qualified therapist who can guide you through this work, guided hypnosis or meditation (Lisa A. Romano's work) or use creativity to explore this area of your psyche. Journal and create a dialogue or conversation with your inner child. Try the Artist's Way program.

In any case, Capricorn/Saturn asks us to spend time alone, even in a smaller space. And if we don't do this work we suffer from headaches, tooth aches, problems with bones, knees, skin, and joints. The degree that you suffer from pain in those areas means that you have work to do. Saturn gives us strength and Mars gives us courage. Let's be warriors of the inner self and delve deeply with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune (and Chiron) in Pisces.

I wish you healing on your journey to ascension.

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