Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017--Masculine Drive Versus Feminine Reflection

Leo represents the individual and this Leo Solar Eclipse has us striking out on our own or at least finding authentic people to associate or to call as our friends. A Triple Conjunction in Leo (the Moon, the Sun, and Mars), along with a Grand Fire Trine that involves the Triple Conjunction in flowing aspect with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius capture our attention. 

And several planets in retrograde motion top that off along with another Cardinal T-Cross (actually, it's the same one we experienced with the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse involving Pluto, Jupiter, and Venus/Ceres.

I'm picking up mixed energy with this eclipse chart. On one hand, we're getting a huge outburst of masculine energies coming from Mars, the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. But on the other hand, we have many planets asking us to go inward since they are in retrograde motion--this includes, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn (for another four days after this eclipse), Chiron (an asteroid), and Uranus. The good news with Uranus RX is that we life settles down despite this eclipse energy.

However, we don't have the yod here that was in the Lunar Eclipse chart. And we don't have the mystical rectangle or the abundance of flowing aspects with the Water and Earth elements. We have Fire which asks us to act bold and brazen. We have too much arrogance and impulsive actions--meaning we are less likely to think before we act with the Sun conjunct Mars in Leo. We do have a sextile with Neptune and Pluto which helps us to at least get in touch with our subconscious urges.

Now, the loose Grand Fire Trine that we saw in the Lunar Eclipse chart is now tight and now, we have a Triple Conjunction with Mars, the Sun, and the Moon joined by the North Node in Leo. Leo is the ruler of the Sun and so it is doubly strong here. We don't have any planets in Aquarius to temper the Leo energy so many people are stuck on the "Me" train. People's egos and abilities are overinflated thanks to the Triple Conjunction forming a Grand Fire Trine with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn is stationary getting ready to push forward. But when Saturn does anything, it's like that cranky old man who backs up traffic because he moves too slowly.

This means that the Aries energy wants to get the job done already, whatever that job entails. Saturn acts like a roadblock to progress and the mellow Leo energy just wants to gaze in the mirror or take a bunch of selfies and post them on social media. People want their 15-minutes of fame or some other public validation. We want to know that we exist and have an impact on others. This means that many people will either gloat or fall into the trap of self-pity. But don't take any of this energy personally because that would be a huge mistake. I know that Leo feels personal but really is not about us. Eclipses make people act with broader strokes and they come across as selfish too.

The bright side of Leo is that we have a heart. Leos can be generous and even act out of kindness with no strings attached. When we help others we help ourselves feel better. But make sure that your way of helping is not linked to codependency or a smugness of "Looking at me helping all those losers." And stay away from only helping others to look good in the hearts of others. This is an ego trap. Leo rules the heart and the ego and Jupiter in Libra tell us to strike a balance.

I've already talked about the Cardinal T-Cross in the Lunar Eclipse article. Please refer to that article for more details. I do want to mention the message of Mercury (the messenger) and the servant asteroid Vesta (named after the Vestal Virgins) in Virgo. Now, Mercury loves transiting in Gemini and Virgo because those signs co-rule Mercury. But when Mercury is in Virgo the message is about serving the world through our talents, gifts, and work ethics. And here we have the asteroid Vesta in Virgo connected to Mercury. This was also in the Lunar Eclipse chart.

Look up the Vestal Virgins online to see what significance this plays for you. The Vestal Virgins were recruited as young girls (children) and trained to watch over the vestal fires of ancient Rome. They also performed rituals and had many duties to perform to serve the Greater Good. They were also vulnerable to becoming scapegoats and if found guilty for putting out the fire or causing it to blow out, the punishment was severe (death). So, we look at areas of our lives where we serve and feel scapegoated or that we are living out a metaphorical death sentence. We communicate what we feel is unfair in our lives and we don't easily go along with playing the role of the sacrificed.

Because we are looking at a Solar Eclipse in the Sign of the Sun, Leo, we could also see an increase in forest and other types of fire. Fire, in general, plays a role and we must be careful in not playing with fire or we could truly get burned. This fire even comes up in the form of overinflated egos. I have an image of someone who calls herself an author but she's only writing her first novel. This person is pretending like she has a New York Times Best-Seller. And while it's good to visualize the outcome you wish to manifest, there are steps in the process to success and we can't declare ourselves a winner of a race until we cross that finish line.

So, keep these words in mind during this Solar Eclipse because egos are most likely going to get out of hand. People are rather touchy. Don't take this world personally. There's so much more behind the curtain where the wizard turns the knobs. We could just be dealing with a room of tricked mirrors and other distortions. It's time to face the facts, at least for the duration of this Solar Eclipse and its shadow period. If you want, take a selfie and post it on social media. But at some point, this gets old and people want you to show up as a humanitarian with a mission.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Soul Imprints Formed by Triplicity (Ascendant, Sun, and Moon Signs)

Each of us is unique based on our first breath as we entered the world. Knowing our true birth time is crucial for finding our soul imprint. In Babylonia, astrologers sent an observer into the room when aristocracy was born so that the correct birth time was recorded. In this ancient kingdom, the Rising Sign was considered more important than a Sun Sign. It determined the fate of an individual--whether or not he would become king.

While we don't live in kingdoms any longer, many of us believe that we came to the planet with a mission. And I believe that the mission is found in our triplicity which includes the correct Rising Sign. We also require an accurate birth time so that we have the correct degree for our Moon which can change signs during a day and make aspects with other planets in the Natal Chart.

And yet, we don't live in the ancient world where astrologers were respected as scientists and seers. Our hospitals are chaotic at best and unless we have a nurse with a triple Virgo in her chart or a family member in the room watching the clock, we most likely are minutes off or even an hour off for our birth time. Mine is around ten minutes off. Although I think it's around 9:00 to 9:01 p.m. since I know I don't have a Sagittarius Rising Sign and I know that I arrived in the nursery around 9:10 a.m. But not everyone even has that to work with.

Now, let's take an example of a soul blueprint. I have been thinking a lot about Mike Scott of The Waterboys because he has a Sagittarius Sun and a Cancer Moon. He sings about the sea, the Moon, and freedom. He comes across as idealistic about relationships, and he delved into spirituality too. I have never met him and I only know him through musical expression. He was born on December 14, 1958, and I don't have a chart for him.

When I learned astrology, astrologers and authors said that Sagittarius and Cancer don't get on well since Cancer is clingy and Sagittarius likes to roam the Earth. But when we blend the Fire Sign and the Water Sign, we get a poet, a dreamer, a musician, a traveler, and an idealist with a strong connection to his or her mother. And we don't have a choice about our blend of the Ascendant, Moon, and Sun in our charts. We learn through a lifetime to create a harmonious blend even when we have conflicts such as a Water Moon and an Air Sun.

Princess Diana had her Sun in Cancer and she had an Aquarius Moon. Again, we have strange bedfellows between an extremely emotional sign and a detached mental sign. Yet, Diana managed to blend the humanitarian elements of the Aquarius Moon (Cancer people are ruled by the Moon), with the caring and emotive energies of her Cancer Sun. On the dark side, she fought against tradition, her mother country, and the public's expectation of her because of her Aquarius Moon. She also had a stubborn will and she used rebellion to balm her sensitive heart.

We can find examples of soul imprints in the charts of famous people or in the charts of people with accurate birth times. The first thing I look at when I read a chart, even when I'm reading transit charts is the Triplicity. I want to know how the client blends energies. Are they favoring the Sun over the Rising Sign because they have a Fourth, Tenth, or Seventh House Sun? Or are they favoring the Rising Sign over a Twelfth House Sun? And where does the Moon Sign come in? Men most likely favor their Sun Sign over their Moon Sign, as many women do too. Unfortunately, we live in societies that emphasize masculine attributes. We are about doing instead of being.

So, when you work with an astrologer, get an accurate birth time. It's going to make a difference in determining your fate or life mission. Your first breath provides the theme or themes for your life journey. And your life journey begins on your Ascendant and with any planets that crossed your Ascendant at the time of your birth. If you have a Sagittarius Rising Sign, then Jupiter is the Ruler of your chart. But if Neptune is crossing the Ascendant, then you have Neptune and Jupiter as the rulers of your chart--which signifies an expansive person who either roams with the mind or the body. This is significant!

I believe that every client needs to start out with an accurate Natal Chart reading before looking up transits or progressions. We must know ourselves on the deepest level so that we understand our life journey. The transits provide upcoming events, but we have to know our themes, strengths, weaknesses, and our personal stories so we can handle those events. Therefore, your first astrology reading is a deep look at your Natal Chart. And then we go from there. And the most important relationship to dig into is the one between the Ascendant, Moon, and Sun signs.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mind Games, Trances, Delusional Thinking & New Age Cults---Neptune Sextile Pluto

Some of us were born with a sextile between Neptune and Pluto. If we work with whole sign astrology (I don't), then Neptune was in flowing aspect with Pluto in the 1950s when Neptune was in Libra and Pluto was in Leo. Then again, in the 1960s, when Neptune was in Scorpio and Pluto was in Virgo. Then in the 1970s, when Neptune was in Sagittarius and Pluto was in Libra...And how we have a tight sextile with Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn.

So, you ask, what is the problem if these outer planets are in flowing aspect to each other? And yes, it would be worse if these planets entangled in a square or an opposition. The problem is that Neptune is doubly strong in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn is transforming how we view and engage with the material world. When Neptune was still in Aquarius and Pluto was in Sagittarius, the new age teachers and promoters gobbed onto this idea that we create our own reality. And with Pluto in the happy-go-lucky Zodiac Sign Sagittarius, this idea was overstated and exaggerated well out of proportion. Neptune in Aquarius wanted us to rebel against anything we had ever been taught as if everything was fake up until we discovered quantum physics. Eureka, we thought, we finally have the truth. But wait a minute...

Aquarius represents the collective and not the individual. We will see this energy play out with the eclipses with the Aquarius-Leo polarity. Meanwhile, that sextile with Neptune and Pluto is playing with our minds in a dangerous way. It's as if we have allowed ourselves to be brainwashed into a huge new age cult lead by a variety of New Thought teachers who get rich off our hard work. How many people do you know, outside of these teachers, are sitting around manifesting wealth and then having that wealth arrive without real effort? Actually, what you've probably seen instead are depleted bank accounts and a spiritual crash.

Several months ago, or perhaps it was last year, a woman e-mailed me and warned me about spiritual crashes. I was following Abraham-Hicks and other new age teachings at the time. And I wasn't getting anywhere with it except for the buzz I felt when I listened to the videos on YouTube. These spiritual teachers seemed to have an answer for every problem, and that alone should have clued me in. I'm not saying that the Law of Attraction is fake and I do believe that quantum physics is valid.  But I have seen people become disempowered by hooking up with New Thought and other similar teachings. And remember that Neptune spins delusions and illusions. Pluto brings out the patterns that hide in our subconscious. When I didn't manifest wealth after doing the videos and other practices, I blamed and shamed myself. I felt horrid and that I must be a super negative person to attract painful situations in my life.

I got caught up in this and I got caught up on the flipside which is to focus on people with Cluster B personalities and narcissistic abuse. Again, I'm not saying that these things don't exist because they do and people going through these rites of passage feel the pain. However, we have treatments now to heal neuro pathways in the brain. We have treatments to get past the trauma and heal our lives, but only with we let go of the stories instead of rehashing them (which I have done). Pluto is asking us to look within and see the patterns and frequencies that are causing our grief. Then through release work, we liberate and transform ourselves. And that's when we attract better life circumstances. Only we can do this and no one will do it for us.

Most Law of Attraction practices are band-aids that we slap on a gushing wound. My guides have shown me gruesome images. When we suffer trauma this creates a frequency. And this frequency runs the show until we process those emotions, practice forgiveness (sorry Scorpios), and take charge of our lives including the energies we send out into the world. But Neptune in Pisces would rather have us wallowing in self-pity and spinning spiritual teachings that are based on false premises. And yes, we could get very wealthy doing this, but is it honest?

Pluto is about power and how we use our power over others or for improving our lives. Neptune spins illusions, creates escape routes, leads to addictions (including to spiritual concepts and teachers), and Neptune glamorizes yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices. This is not to say that we don't meditate or practice yoga. Do those things because they will lead you to heal. However, you don't need to buy into the hype by comparing yourself to trendy yoginis that appear on the covers of magazines. Please don't let this become the new supermodel mentality that leads young women to develop eating disorders and an obsession with fitness.

Now, with all this energy in Leo (this summer), look out for faster moving planets transiting in Leo which form yods with Neptune and Pluto. This will lead many seekers to spiritual crashes because they misunderstand the energies of Pluto and Neptune. Ultimately, these planets bring transformation, transcendence, and enlightenment, but we cannot obtain any of that through other people. We alone must take a leap of faith, get in touch with our Higher Wisdom, and forge our own path. We cannot expect spiritual teachers to weed wack the trail ahead of us just like we can't expect our mothers to chew our food for us.

This is a harsh and timely message. Take it or leave it. I don't have the answer for the road to enlightenment. I only have the messages that pour through my body each morning as I wake up. I have endured outer planet transits for over 20 years, and they have relentlessly carved out my life path in the way that a sculptor chisels form out of a stone. I am stumbling along with the rest of you. I have fallen into the same traps along the way. And I even quoted some of these teachers in the past because I thought they held the truth in their hands. And I still believe that they think they do. The teachers I followed are not deliberately hurting anyone. They believe what they believe. But I've decided to apply more discernment to my life because when I followed those paths, I did not become wealthy. And instead, I experienced a spiritual crash. I'm still searching for the truth.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017--By Zodiac Sign

Please refer to the Solar Eclipse post for overall details. I'm including the messages for each of the Zodiac Signs here.

Aries: You might want to sit this one out. It's not that the eclipse in a fellow Fire Sign is detrimental since you benefit from a beautiful Fire Grand Trine that gets you motivated to show up as a leader. It's that any impulsive move on your part now could have you stepping on other people's toes which lead to heated situations. Perhaps, the solution is to temper your attitude and behaviors. Tread with caution, Aries and you'll get ahead.

Taurus: Your ego is going to ask you to get involved with hedonistic behaviors. But I would rather see you getting in touch with your heart and reaching out to others. Perhaps, you get involved with a community garden or start one. If you break bread remember to share it with others, even a neighbor going through a rough patch. Rewards come in the way of good feelings all around.

Gemini: Slow down, Gemini. You're speaking too fast and we're having a hard time following your tangents. If you suffer from hyperactivity, find a yoga or meditation teacher to give you some brain calming tools and practices. You could also try sound healing tools such as tuning forks and singing bowls to calm your frayed nerves. Then when you slow your mind down a bit, your true messages come through to share with the world through writing or speech.

Cancer: All that Leo energy feels crushing to you. But this is because you lack the confidence to keep up with roaring lions. So, instead of putting the proud lion types down and begging off any involvement with them, work on raising your self-esteem. No one should ever have to lower their standards to make you feel better. And who knows? A Leo could come on as your teacher and share their spotlight with you. Heal through the stomach. Cook food to share with others.

Leo: The second Leo New Moon for 2017 brings you a powerful new beginning. You could be launching a new business or starting a new job. Some of you are getting married and leaving the single life behind. Others are giving birth to a first child. While others are giving birth to creative projects. Whatever new energy comes into your life now, embrace it and remember to show gratitude for this new start. And you can also expect huge spiritual breakthroughs. Shine your light.

Virgo: You are basking in Leo's shadow until your new moon coming up in September. It's time to clean up old business such as clearing up misunderstandings, especially since Mercury is RX. Return to old communication projects, brush them off and start over again. Return to old friendships, old communities, and problems from the past. Now, is a time of resolutions.

Libra: You still feel lucky even if your current life circumstances look unrewarding. You can see the bigger picture looming on the horizon. And you are aligning with your next best steps. Since Saturn is still in Sagittarius and in a trine with Uranus in Aries and Mars/Moon/Sun in Leo, you feel motivated and inspire others to get their acts together. Use diplomacy and you'll go much further. Throw a dinner party to thank all those folks who held your hand during rough seas.

Scorpio: Allow the Leo and other fiery energy to light your way. Stop dwelling in the darkness that lurks in your subconscious. Yes, it will still be there the morning and even the week after the eclipse. And you can deal with the psychological garbage later. For now, go do something glamorous or get up on stage and express your creative talent. It's okay to allow sunlight to seep in through the cracks. Let go of your gloom and really live.

Sagittarius: Travel does not go well around the time of this eclipse, but that's not going to stop you from embarking on an adventure. Some travelers reflect later on their worst travel adventures as the best days of their lives. And this is what I see for you. The best-laid plans fail but bring you closer to your true self and bring new people into your life. If you can let go, and let God, then you will make progress around the eclipse.

Capricorn: Don't use this eclipse as a time to get caught up in dark conspiracies. Even if the world is traveling to Hades in Persephone's handbasket, see the light in others. At first, you catch a glimmer of light and then that light grows like a radiant sun. Show up as a Pollyanna and watch the world light up leading you onto a golden path. Well, Leo does provide that gold glitter.

Aquarius: You're going to see this eclipse energy as selfish. How dare people only think of their best interests at this time. And who cares about their 15-minutes of fame. Well, you don't actually think that, do you? Wouldn't you like your turn on the soapbox to get your points across? Face it, Aquarius, there is a lot of Leo in you and there's nothing wrong with grabbing the spotlight for a good cause. Organize a benefit with celebrities for your cause du jour.

Pisces: Now is not the time to play shy and fey. Speak up, Pisces if you want others to hear your spiritual messages. Or if you want others to notice your talents then it is up to you to climb up on the stage and perform. Dance, sing or write songs that reflect your deepest soul desires. And who knows, your soulmate might be in the audience watching you. He or she has been there all along except you were invisible up until now.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on August 7, 2017--Opening the Portal to New Understanding

Although I pulled up a chart for the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse, I'm going to channel this post. The reason why I'm seeing a portal opening up around the time of this eclipse is that this eclipse begins at 11:11 a.m. in my part of the world. And this master number represents a portal or doorway opening. Since this eclipse falls in the Fixed Air Sign Aquarius, and since we are on the edge of the Aquarius Age, we are opening to new understanding.

Now, the Lunar Eclipse chart contains a yod (although a strange one in that it does not conform to a yod structure), a Cardinal T-Cross which brings in Ceres conjunct Venus (Divine Feminine) in Cancer opposing Pluto (I completed a fantasy novel with this theme) and squaring Jupiter in Libra (the Zodiac Sign associated with Venus). The chart also contains a Mystical Rectangle in Water and Earth Elements. Venus/Ceres, Pluto, Mercury/Vesta and Neptune all figure into this rectangle. So, the soup thickens as the new energy topples the old guard but with charm, diplomacy, and feminine wiles. Oh, yes, those Divine Goddess themes continue, whether we are Pagan or not. Even religions have a divine feminine principle because we cannot have the Yang without the Yin. The day always follows night and night always follows day.

So, let's look at Aquarius and Leo first. Now, I know we have looked at both signs in depth in my videos and blog posts. But what are these signs doing in this chart? What are their message for humanity and the planet around the time of this powerful Lunar Eclipse? Aquarius represents the future and is often referred to as futuristic. Aquarius is where we innovate and experiment to get the right results. We are so ahead of the masses when we work with this Uranus-ruled energy. Aquarius is a mental sign and is often accused of showing no heart or compassion. But we must remember that Aquarius rules the circulatory system and its polar opposite sign Leo rules the heart and the ego.

And if this chart only focused upon the Moon eclipsing the Sun, then this would be revealing enough. An eclipse can often hide what's going on in our subconscious despite the Moon's involvement. It's like a veil hides important information from us or that the information is suspended for us to gaze at for another time. But at the same time, the Universe asks each of us and as a collective to show up authentically and stop hiding secrets. Now, whether or not you liked the former President Obama, as a true Leo, he campaigned on transparency in goverment. And whether or not this idea actually happened, a Leo strives towards authenticity. They don't want to show up as everybody else because they want to stand up and away from the crowd. They want the crowd to applaud them.

So, with this eclipse, we get themes around selfishness and a lot of us versus them. Or me against the world. Refrain from intellectual smugness or having your own way at the expense of others. And if you're joining a political rally research the agendas for the rally. Do you really want to get rounded up and carted to jail for a cause that's actually confusing to you? And there will be rounding up of people during this eclipse. My spirit guides guarantee it. Make sure you believe in the cause and understand it thoroughly because it's easy to get sucked up into other people's charisma and hidden agendas.

The Yod also glamorizes people and situations. It pulls in a conjunction with the Sun, and Mars which squash the Aquarius Moon. And then we pull in the sextile with Neptune in Pisces (feminine) and Pluto in Capricorn. We're dealing with the subconscious mind and symbolism, especially dream symbolism. Along with the Mystical Rectangle which contains both Pluto and Neptune, we're asked to pay attention to our dreams and even our fantasies. Where does your mind roam? It will be hard to stay consciously aware of life around us during this eclipse. But we know that we can expect the unexpected even if it is tempered by the yod and the mystical rectangle.

Venus and Ceres in Cancer allow women to show up as the Divine Feminine. It's not about setting goals or taking action. It's not even about getting motivated (sorry, the bouncy guy on YouTube who says that we need to get motivated). Cancer is a sign for reflection and getting in touch with our Higher Self. Astrologer Mark Husson used to say that Cancer is God's favorite sign. And whether that's true or not, the energy of this sign, along with Pisces, opens up a portal for us to connect to Higher Beings. I'm able to channel because of a Grand Water Trine in my chart with Neptune on my MC. And in fact, I learned that the way out of my Mutable T-Cross is through Sagittarius and the Galactic Center or channeling spiritual information. My life runs more smoothly when I do this every day.

Venus and Ceres are going to harp about food security and agriculture. We will be looking for innovative ways to feed us that don't destroy the environment. And we will take radical approaches to diets such as more people becoming vegan or raw food eaters or even a new approach to the Paleo Diet. Venus and Ceres want us to connect to Gaia and stop making excuses for abusing the Earth and then blaming corporations for our actions. Saying, "They made me do it." isn't going to cut it any longer. We need to stand up and take responsibility for any exploitation of the Earth where we directly play a part. We can always make better choices and Venus/Ceres asks us to consider babies and children and all the poisons we subject them to. And don't stop there, think about the animals and plants affected by our bad choices.

Venus/Ceres also asks us if we value women and the true roles women play? I say this because too many women think and act like men. This is because we were told centuries ago that it is a man's world and we must enter the arena through playing by man's rules. And many women have done a bang up job acting like men. But that's not our role and that has never been our role to play as women. And we're going to get into androgyny too since Aquarius rules that sort of thing. What makes a woman a woman and a man a man? It will surprise you that it goes well beyond genitalia or the male or female brains.

There are two more configurations to mention--the Grand Fire Trine (if you include the North Node) and the Cardinal T-Cross with Venus/Ceres, Pluto, and Jupiter. And if you know Greek mythology or is it Roman mythology, you will understand the significance of having Ceres and Pluto in the same configuration. Remember, Pluto/Hades abducted Persephone/Kore from her mother Ceres/Demeter. An innocent young woman is abducted by the Dark Lord of the Underworld and stolen from her mother (who represented agriculture and earth light). And when Persephone/Kore is held down under she is given a test. If she ate even a seed from a pomegranate, she would have to stay Pluto/Hade's wife for eternity. But given the grief of Ceres for the loss of her daughter and the barren state of the earth caused by Ceres, the gods took favor on Persephone and made a deal. She could visit the Earth 6 months of the year.

I'm retelling this myth because it plays a huge theme with the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on August 7, and on the West Coast of the US (I set the chart for Seattle), the eclipse begins at 11:11 a.m. and this is the number for the High Priestess and the spiritual doorway or portal into ascension. I was thrilled to see that time on the chart even if time-space reality is an illusion constructed by humans.

And the final thing I mention about the Cardinal T-Cross is that Jupiter is in Libra (Venus) and this also reflects on women and thinking about the Divine Feminine or giving it some thought. What if we cooled our jets, reflected more, meditated more, and practiced stillness instead of all this hyperactivity that poses as progress on the planet? I don't know about you, but I can't stand to hear any more fast-talkers who make my head spin. I realize that I'm also a fast-talker and I'm tired of hearing my own voice too. Our minds will race during this eclipse and meditation is the best way to slow our minds down, which is necessary when finding our way in the world.

And it's going to be very hard to stay on our spiritual paths despite all that Divine Feminine energy because we experience all that fire. Mars and the Sun in Leo along with the North Node trine Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This brings us enthusiasm and loads of energy. It could even provide loads of faith, even blind faith. But it also brings impatience, selfishness, arrogance, over enthusiasm (thank God for the yod that tempers this high-octane energy), and the masculine principle of doing--do-do, and go-go-go. Now, those of you with dominant Fire in your charts, you're going to love this Grand Fire Trine. Everyone else will just put up with the hyperactivity.

Okay, so in a nutshell, the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on August 7 provides us with powerful energy to propel ourselves into an unknown but innovative future. The air feels electrically-charged. Some people experience circulatory and heart problems. Take good care of your hearts now because this energy can cause fatal heart attacks and strokes for people who are already at high risk. This is super-charged energy and we won't have all the answers it brings until much later down the road, such as six months to a year from now. Hang on, Sloopy, you've been tossed into the Aquarius Age.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Whole Astrology--July's Leo New Moon for Each Zodiac Sign

On July 23, we experience the first Leo New Moon for 2017. Then on August 21, we experience a Solar Eclipse in Leo. So what can each of the Zodiac Signs expect for the July Leo New Moon? The first Leo Moon is tamer than the second one. So, we won't be hearing the lion roar this time.

Aries: You have loads of energy and you brim over with enthusiasm. Make sure you challenge this energy constructively. Even though Saturn in Sagittarius is blessing you, it's still Saturn we're talking about. This means that you require a step-by-step plan in manifesting your dreams. Yes, you do have to show up and do the work. However, you have the vitality to get the job done.

Taurus: I feel a big yawn coming from you as you roll over on your hammock. You just want your day in the sun and you don't want to deal with anyone's problems. The downside of this approach is that you forget to show up and do your service in the world. People find you selfish and will cut you off. Not to worry though, this just gives you more time in the sun to read your favorite novel.

Gemini: You have a lot of good ideas, but you don't see the bigger picture. Ask your Sagittarius friends to fill in the gaps for you. Your lightheartedness heals others and you find buddies to go out and to join you in pursuing fun activities. This summer feels relatively light to you despite all the Mutable T-Crosses. Spread your messages in the world. Write a book.

Cancer: You no longer have Mercury, Mars, Sun, and the Moon in your sign. Not to worry. You can still show up like a lion, instead of a crab. This means that it's time to step on stage and grab the spotlight--not an easy fete for Cancer people unless they work in the performing arts. Still, I'm seeing some of you trying your hand at acting whether that's joining a local improv troupe or appearing in community theater or heading to a city with bright lights and big stages. If acting is not your thing, try something else that highlights your hidden gifts.

Leo: Show up like royalty and people treat you that way. It doesn't even matter if you drive a VW Bug from the 1960s framed in rust. People are going to notice you even if you dress in rags. And there's a good chance that you'll be at the right place, at the right time, and receiving notice from the right people. Apply for new jobs. Ask for a raise. But don't be like Icarus and fly too close to the Sun. Humility goes a long ways in pleasing your people. And keep the drama on stage.

Virgo: Your planet Mercury is in the last degrees of Leo getting reared up to move into your sign. However, in two weeks, Mercury goes RX in Virgo. So, it's time to get your proverbial ducks in a row.  Double check your books and don't overspend. If something feels too good to be true, walk away from it so it doesn't come back to haunt you later. You have a lot of work to get done so pace yourself.

Libra: With Jupiter still in your sign, it's time to tie up loose ends. Sign the divorce papers and move on with your life. Settle disputes in court now. Sign contracts before August 12 when Mercury goes RX. It's also a good time to host a dinner party and invite your Leo friends over for a good time, fun, and laughter. Food tastes exquisite and you want to treat others like royalty. Don't forget to treat yourself too with the love and care you deserve.

Scorpio: With all that bright Leo energy, you want to find shady corner to rest. It seems like everyone is heading to La-La Land and you have no interest in that type of place. You want people to get real and deal with the murky substances hiding out in their subconscious, if only. Well, the parade will pass by soon enough and take its noise with it.

Sagittarius: You're feeling pleased as punch that Saturn is in the resting mode. Restrictions are lifted off travel and you head to the open road or friendly skies, whatever is the case for you. Go and shake the hands of foreigners and act like a diplomat for your respective country. Remember Jupiter is still transiting in Libra until October.

Capricorn: Use the Leo New Moon to get ahead in your career. This might involve traveling overseas or giving a presentation on the internet. The world is your stage with the Leo New Moon because this moon shines a light on your 9th House of the world stage. Practice diplomacy and you'll go further than you ever imagined.

Aquarius: Authenticity is the key for you that opens the proverbial door. But this means that as you show up as an authentic individual you also recognize authenticity in others. You don't have patience for copy cats or people who show up on a superficial level. You also prefer drama stay on the stage and you walk away from melodramatic people now. But aren't they members of humanity just like you?

Pisces: Go to a movie. Stop worrying about other people's concerns. It's time to take a long, hot, bath, dress in your finest clothing and head to a movie that is pure fantasy. Yes, that is a long sentence. Slow down and smell the flowers. Better yet, buy yourself flowers and then stare at them for an afternoon. Don't worry, you're not going crazy. You're just meeting your soul on a deeper level. It's where you end and other's begin. Set boundaries and you'll feel better.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Support Astrological Research and Interview Podcasts

I launched a fundraiser so that I can research the three phases of the Pluto transit in Capricorn, based on information that I channeled. And the funds would support an interview podcast series with other astrologers--discussing the important metaphysical topics of our time.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Chiron in Pisces (3-2011 to 3-2019)--Shedding Light on the invisible One

The Invisible Woman artwork by Alan Davis
When I was a child, I was a fan of the television animation show, "The Fantastic Four" and I was especially interested in the superhero who could turn invisible. Oddly, while I did not feel like a superhero, I could make myself invisible. And later I learned that was a blessing and a curse that Chiron in Pisces bestowed on me and other children born in the 1960s (and children born since 2010). We were a subgeneration of "not seen and not heard" children.

Last time Chiron was in Pisces was March 26, 1960 until October 18, 1968. And Chiron dipped into Aquarius from August 19, 1960 until January 21, 1961. So, some 1960s-born folks have Chiron in Aquarius and any 1960s-born person born after October 18, 1968, has Chiron in Aries.

Around 50 years later, Chiron transited into Pisces from May to July of 2010. And then, transited long-term into Pisces on March 2011 where it stays until March 2019 (I don't have the exact day of the transit into Aries). So that means, people born during these dates has their Chiron in Pisces. And people who were born in the 1960s (or 50 years prior to the 1960s) are experiencing their Chiron Return. So, please keep these dates in mind while reading this article. If you don't have your Chiron in Pisces, you will know others who do, and you'll think about that person, "Oh, this totally makes sense!"

The following information is a blend of my own experiences and breakthroughs working with Chiron as well as, channeled information that comes from a spirit collective I named the Holy Ones. They assist me with my astrology posts and YouTube videos.

For most of my childhood, I grew up as a latch-key kid. My father was away in the Navy often and my mother took a job outside of the home after I turned 10. My younger sister was around 6-years-old. My parents also liked to socialize on the weekends, so often they hired hippie teens to babysit me and my siblings. The only time I remembered the family spending time together was during the holidays or on a summer vacation road trip. Sometimes we went camping.

At school, I also felt insignificant and invisible. I found early in life that the way to grab attention was through injury, illness, or causing some kind of drama--thus the victim psyche developed. Later, I would pretend to fit in so that I could grab attention. And I dated men who felt familiar because they ignored me and I never received validation from them---oh, but I tried everything in the book to acquire attention from these "bad choices" of men.

While those were personal choices on an individual level, I come from a subgeneration who also suffered from invisibility. Now, those of us born with more introverted signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio), the invisibility was a drag but also a godsend because we felt protected by the cloak of invisibility. We could do our own thing under the radar or perfect our talents before hitting the big stage.

However, those of us born with Fire Signs (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries) suffered greatly because no one seemed to care what these people had to say. We would have to develop charms and some would use their charm to manipulate and control others. We would engage in off-stage drama or daredevil adventures and fetes to grab the attention of the public or even our significant others. We acted like victims. The Air Signs (Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius) put in the efforts to get perfect grades and to prove that they were geniuses. They used wit to get attention or defended themselves by pretending that they didn't care if you noticed them anyway.

The childhood wounding revolves around not feeling seen or heard. It revolves around feeling dismissed or unimportant by parents, teachers, or other authority figures. It revolves around other people talking for us or about us in front of us, while not allowing the Pisces Chiron individual to have a say in the matter. However, the invisibility served a purpose when the child grew up with emotionally-disturbed, co-dependent, or addicted parents. The invisibility protected the children from more harm by bullies and other wounded individuals.

Some Chiron in Pisces people suffered from addictions themselves or eating disorders--look how small and insignificant I can make myself. Some tried to escape their original wounds through escapist behavior or found that they inherited mental illness from their parents or grandparents. And this doubled the effect of feeling invisible and misunderstood. They might use mental illness as a badge to merge with others with similar experiences so that as a collective can grab the attention of others. But this is not healing for anyone.

Healing Chiron in Pisces issues requires returning to the original wound. And this is best done with a qualified therapist or coach who works with deep childhood wounding. Joining an AA or similar group is healing too because it brings in spirituality and a feeling of belonging to a tribe. Chiron in Pisces people tend to isolate themselves from others because as children they developed an attitude that they would abandon others before others would abandon them. Just the fear alone of abandonment which is present with this group, causes a Chiron in Pisces person to reject others before others can reject them. This leads to isolation which we know leads to mental instability and emotional issues.

The opposite scenario (and this does involve other transits in a Natal Chart), is that the person develops a grandiose version of themselves (read narcissism) to cope with the pain of not feeling like they are enough. Since they feel empty, they suck on other people's energies to fill themselves up. They search for soul mates to complete their other half or complete them in total. And if they don't get therapy, they ended up causing trauma to others, as well as, a deeper sense of abandonment for themselves.

All 12 Chirons (Chiron transits through the Zodiac Signs) all contain wounds. However, the wounding for Chiron in Pisces and Chiron in Cancer is the feeling that no one notices the person with these Chiron placements. However, with Chiron in Cancer, the person feels unseen by their mother or are dealing with a Medea type mother. Chiron in Pisces is often dealing with a mentally ill parent or delusional people or situations. Their childhood is nothing short of surreal and they tend to gravitate towards fantasies, movies, glamorous people, celebrities, musicians, sports idols, and escapist behaviors.

The good news for those Chiron in Pisces people who accept and forgive their wounding, develop spiritual gifts of empathy, compassion, kindness, and transcendence. They are gifted spiritual teachers or artists. They are natural-born healers and they heal by acknowledging others. They know what it feels like to blend into the wallpaper so when they heal themselves they become voices for children, animals, and the Earth. They speak for others who feel like they don't have a voice in the world. And some become famous spiritual teachers, also known as gurus. Just watch out for the charismatic ones who have not healed themselves and could become cult figures.

Remember also that invisibility has its place. If you are walking down a dark street and you want to protect yourself from harm, invisibility comes in handy. We learn to master the art of cloaking oneself. And when it's time to appear on stage under the spotlight, we know how to show up and give the performance of our lives.

(Yes, I do switch between the pronouns we and they).

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Uranus Transits from June 2017 until March 4, 2019--Detours and Unexpected Side Trips

Uranus transits fell under my radar in the past week. I noticed that Uranus is currently at 28 degrees Aries and as you know, each sign ends at 29 degrees. That alerted me to Uranus dipping into Taurus in 2018 and then moving into Taurus long-term on March 4, 2019. This means that we get to experience previews in 2018 of the master building process that takes place between 2019 and 2021 when Saturn and Pluto transit in Capricorn and Uranus transits in the other Earth Sign Taurus.

I can't even imagine yet what Uranus in Taurus will look like. Uranus is the planet of unexpected events, eccentricity, innovations, mad professors, etc... and Taurus is ruled by  peace-loving Venus. It's the most solid of the Earth Signs and the most fixed. Uranus' Zodiac Ruler, Aquarius is also a Fixed Sign, but of the Air quality. It rules the brain and nervous system.

Here's what Astrologer Jessica Adams forecast with Uranus in Taurus. Also, check out My Astrology Book. I did an online search and every entry for Uranus transiting in Taurus focused on creating a new economy. I also forecasted Taurus having a stablizing effect on the economy after Uranus in Aries brings the wrecking ball through economic revolutions. We experienced foreshadowing of a new economy with the Occupy Movement, Transition Town, and various communities experimenting with barter and exchange economies on a small scale. We have witnessed the European Union dissolving one country at a time, until it's final collapse when Uranus rolls into Taurus in 2018.

Meanwhile, Neptune continues its transit in Pisces dissolving what it touches or awakening us from illusions until 2025. And Pluto continues its transit in the other financial sign Capricorn until January 2024 when the bad boy planet transits into Aquarius, Zodiac Ruler of Uranus! Meanwhile, we have the Master Builders arriving when Pluto transits in the last 9 to 10 degrees of Capricorn, Saturn moves into Capricorn in December 2017, and Jupiter transits into Capricorn on December 3, 2019. Some astrologers are calling 2020 "The Golden Age" because we will have several planets in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus.

For now, let's take a look at the Uranus Transits until 2020:

(Uranus transits in Taurus from 2018 - 2025)

June 2017 Uranus transits from 26 to 28 degrees and is in a Grand Fire Trine with the North Node in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius. This Fire Trine continues until December 20, when Saturn transits out of Sagittarius into Capricorn.

July 2017 Uranus remains steady at 28 degrees (2 degrees away from Taurus)

August 2017 Uranus goes RX on August 1 at 28 degrees where it is stationary for the entire month

September 2017 Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus starting September 7 and continuing until October 10 when Jupiter transits into Scorpio

October 2017 At the end of October Venus in Libra opposes Uranus, Mercury opposes Uranus from the 13 -18. The Libra Sun opposes Uranus from the 16 - 23.

November 2017 Uranus is at 25 degrees Aries

December 2017 Uranus transits to 24 degrees

January 2018 Uranus goes Direct at 24 degrees Aries and starting on January 8, Uranus is in a 5 degree orb square with Pluto. This wide square continues until March 3, 2018.

February 2018 Uranus gathers speed at 25 degrees Aries. Mercury in Aquarius forms a sextile with Uranus  mid-month. Venus in Aquarius sextiles Uranus at the beginning of the month. Mars in Sagittarius trines Uranus at the end of the month. And so on. Also look for flowing aspects with the Sun mid-month.

March 2018 Uranus picks up speed and momentum and transits from 25 to 27 degrees--almost out of the shadow of its retrograde.

April 2018 This month feels like the completion of unfinished business. Uranus plows through to the end of Aries (29 degrees). We grow bored of Uranus in Aries by this point and are poised for the next chapter for Uranus energies.

May 2018 On May 17, Uranus dips into Taurus. It has been 84 years since the last time Uranus transited in Taurus. That was from 1934 to 1942 when the world was plunged into Nazism in Europe, World War II, the Great Depression, President Roosevelt's New Deal, and the rebuilding of world economies (the seedling stages).

June 2018 Uranus transits to 1 degree Taurus and forms an Earth Trine with Saturn in Capricorn. This has a stabilizing effect or just the opposite, and the current economy implodes. Look for changes in big agriculture via a farmers revolution. We could see laborers striking and unions either dissolving or transforming into more powerful entities powered by the people/workers.

July 2018 The Cancer Sun forms a sextile with Uranus in Taurus (end of June and beginning of July). What a radical idea nurturing is? We see new food programs arrive. And new farming techniques or technologies for good or ill. There is a smothering effect.

August 2018 Uranus and Saturn continue their bonding effect in Earth Signs. Uranus goes retrograde on the 6th. Saturn is already RX.

September - October 2018 Uranus transits from 2 to 0 degrees Taurus

November 2018 Uranus transits back into Aries on the 6/7th.

December 2018 - January 5, 2019 Uranus remains in Aries. Uranus goes Direct on January 6 at 28 degrees Aries.

February 2019 Uranus transits to 29 degrees, the last degree and last time in Aries until another 84 years from March 6, 2019.

March 2019 Uranus transits into Taurus on the 7th where it will remain until July 5, 2025 when Uranus transits into Gemini.

April - July 2019 Uranus transits from 1 to 6 degrees Taurus. It's not aspecting any of the outer planets.

August 2019 Uranus goes RX on the 12th.

September - December 2019 Uranus is RX and the RX ends at 2 degrees Taurus on January 10, 2020.  Jupiter forms an Earth Trine with Uranus beginning in December of 2019. This trine continues through the first week of January 2020.

I'll stop here and we can explore Uranus transits in Taurus until 2025 in a future post.

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Neptune Girl Celebrates a Birthday in June

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Solstice on June 20 (21), 2017--Huge Shifting Energies Rock the Planet

Many of us are feeling exhausted. It's like we resemble the man or woman carrying the burden on the 10 of Wands Tarot card. I don't know about you, but I feel like I've been carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I suffer from a stiff neck and sore shoulders, not to mention headaches. And part of this has to do with the fact that many of came to the planet at this time to transmute energies. Why am I mentioning this with the Solstice reading? Read on...

Anyone who is consciously aware now or became consciously aware within the last 20 to 30 years has waited patiently for a grand shift. This reminds me of the play, "Waiting for Godot" or the Peanut's Halloween Special where Linus waits for the Great Pumpkin to arrive and save the day. Some of us, thought we would experience a dramatic shift in consciousnes during the end of the Mayan Calendar which took place on the Solstice from December 21, 2012. And yet, the world looks pretty much the same to the casual observer.

The wise ones told us that the shift would not happen overnight. How could it without each of us imploding? We exist on a planet with many dimensions. We exist in a quantum world with people eminating a spectrum of vibrations ranging from super low and distorted to super high and angelic. The current shift or the one that we will experience a climax on June 20-21, 2017 began when Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008. Now, here's an experiment for you. If you journal or create videos and you recorded them in 2008, go back and watch them. Or if you have journals, go back and read them. And then answer the following questions:

1. What problems were you facing at that time? Are you still facing the same or similar problems? And if you are, do you realize that you now have a different vantage point?

2. What were your goals and desires around that time? Are they the same now?

3. What as the biggest challenge that you faced from January 2008 to December 2012? How did you overcome that challenge and become empowered?

4. Name three or four beneficial changes that have occurred in the world since 2008.

Now, tell me, are you living in the same world you resided in 2008?

The planet has grown both darker and lighter--it depends on the person and the situation. We are learning now that it is not our job to take on other people's tragedies. We have no idea why people go through these tragedies and we must stop projecting our beliefs and ideals on others. It's not our job to fix anyone and this message comes across loud and clear with the upcoming Solstice.

The other message I'm picking up is for us to forgive ourselves. Seek total atonement. And seek your joy or bliss without feeling like you are depriving others of theirs. It's not your job to provide joy for others. Let God lead the way for others. I'm not telling you to act selfish and not practice compassion. But my guides and I are asking you to release your burdens and other people's burdens to a higher power or a bigger picture, that you can't understand right now. There is nothing to figure out. There is nothing at all to figure out. Please understand that.

Each of us came here with a mission. But first we must get practical and take care of our survival needs. We can do this inside or outside of the Matrix. If you are outside of the Matrix then meditation brings you answers and tells you what you truly desire. Then you are given steps to your manifestation that comes through synchronicity. You must focus on what brings you joy and not what crushes other people. You can pray affirmatively that others are given the comfort and resources they require. And if God or the Divine tells you to step in and help in some way, follow through with that, but only do your part and stop hogging the ball. Allow others to show up and do what they came here to do. It's a bit like team work. The younger generations really get this, the older ones don't because they are still stuck in a competitive rather than the cooperative model.

Okay, so now, let's talk about the Solstice. We see repeated themes with slightly different players in the configurations of a Mutable T-Cross, a Cardinal T-Cross, and a Yod. Interestingly, the yod ties in to both T-Crosses since Jupiter and Neptune are both in the yod. Venus is in her own sign Taurus which also appears in the yod. And I think Venus holds the solution or release to the tension in both T-Crosses because she is telling us to allow the Divine Feminine to rise up in each of us--male or female. Venus tells us to get in touch with nature through a Solstice celebration or ceremony or even a quiet walk or hike through nature. You decide how you will embody Mother Nature or Gaia on June 20-21, 2017.

The Cardinal T-Cross contains Mars in Cancer (not a good placement for Mars) opposing Jupiter and the asteroid Juno and squaring Jupiter in Libra. Please watch both my Oracle card and astrology videos on the Solstice for further details. Mars might be a personal planet but in this chart Mars is powerful, even in its fallen sign Cancer. Jupiter brings in justice and social activism going up against Plutocrats and wives of Plutocrats. Or we can see the end of the long-suffering housewife who finally takes up the gauntlet of the Divine Feminine energy. She wakes up and asks, "Who the hell's dream is this because it's not hers. She isn't just somebody's slave. She is mighty and powerful!"

The Mutable T-Cross features Saturn in Sagittarius, Chiron in Pisces (and I'm pulling in Neptune in Pisces despite the wider orb), and Mercury in Gemini and the Sun at 0 degrees Cancer. We are communicating ways to overcome personal suffering. And we seek freedom to roam and for spiritual mastership. We do need to overcome escapism and addictions now if we choose to transcend the Matrix. Note, not everyone wants to transcend the Matrix because some people will sacrifice their freedom for the convenience of an authority figure taking care of them. Some people just want to lie about on a couch with a remote in their hands switching the channels of illusions spun by those in power. And we walk away and allow that. Don't worry, they're not going to spoil our world--that's an illusion too. Remember we have multiple dimensions to choose for our home.

The Yod includes a sextile with Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Taurus, which in itself is glamorous and delusional at its worst. We have trouble seeing beneath the surface and keep ourselves at a superficial distance from others. Except that Jupiter in Libra (also a co-ruler of Venus) ask us to strike a balance and use harmony and diplomacy in the world while taking offenders to court. All of a sudden, social justice resembles more of a fashion show than the serious business that it is.

Again, just like with the women's march last January, we see celebrities grabbing their extra fifteen minutes of fame by taking advantage of the causes of the day--one of which is famine facing many communities and countries on the planet. And no, Monsanto does not have the answers for world hunger. Dis that one. Hunger exist because we are plummeting the Earth and hoarding food because the world is still controlled by the monetary elite (greed).

There are some powerful flowing aspects in this Solstice chart too including the on-going Fire Trine with Saturn, Uranus, and the North Node (in Leo). And of course, we have that beautiful sextile with Venus and Neptune. The Moon, Venus, and Mars are in flowing aspect with Neptune. This gives us room to dream, visualize, and manifest the world we wish to reside. And I'm including the Solstice Chart in this post so you can view it and interpret the transits for yourself.

Now, is the time to thank the Earth beneath your feet and the air above your head and in your lungs. It's time to both dig down our roots into the Core Crystal of the Earth and reach for the cosmos to the God Source. You can find meditations on blogs and YouTube to help you do this or follow your own inner guidance. Happy Solstice and Welcome to the New World.

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Thank you for newsletters subscribers

I have had many of you sign up for the Neptune Girl Newsletter. The June issue went out on the 1st of the month. If I figure out how to send the newsletter out (Mail Chimp is not easy to use), I will send the newsletter out to any of you who subscribed after June 1st. Otherwise, expect to receive the July newsletter on the 1st of that month. Thank you for your patience as I learn how to use the software/website.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Capricorn Full Moon (July 8/9, 2017)--New Themes with Cardinal T-Cross

It wasn't so long ago that we feared the Uranus-Pluto Square especially when it formed a T-Cross with Mars, Jupiter, Venus, or another fast-moving planet. And on July 8 or 9, depending on where you are in the world, we experience another Cardinal T-Cross with the Capricorn Full Moon. While Uranus is not a player, except it forms a Fire Trine with Saturn and the North Node, the Moon conjuncts Pluto while opposing Mars conjunct Sun and squares Jupiter...

Cancer Sun 17 degrees
Capricorn Moon 17 degrees
Mars 21 degrees Cancer 
Pluto 17 degrees Capricorn (RX)
Jupiter 14 degrees Libra
Juno 9 degrees Capricorn (RX)

Now, if you're new to astrology, let me explain what this planetary traffic suggests. And if you're not new to astrology, I thank you for your patience, a luxury the time of this full moon. Let's first look at the Mars conjunct the Sun in Cancer. Cancer is a Cardinal Water Sign that rules evokes emotions and rules the stomach and breasts. The Zodiac Sign Cancer is considered maternal, nurturing, and intuitive on its positive side.

On its darker side, Cancer can act clingy and appear to have insatiable needs. Men born under this sign tend to suffer from emotional imbalances, lack of patience and tolerance with others different from their tribe/clan, old fashion, and often have addictive or codependent tendencies. In other words, this Water Sign is challenging for men unless they tap into their maternal side, heal their childhood wounds, and stop clinging to their mother already. It helps to tap into a spiritual practice.

You wonder why I'm picking on men or our male sides. I'm doing this because all of the planets entangled with the Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon are considered male. Mars the most masculine of all the signs is joined to the Sun. And then the Sun/Mars oppose Pluto (an autocrat planet that rules men in powerful positions like big government or corporations) and Pluto joins the Capricorn Moon which has the energy of social climbers, ambitious, and driven people. It's a moon that represents finances along with the Taurus Moon. But the Capricorn Moon is associated more with status and position. Remember that Capricorn rules the Zodiac 10th House of Career/Public Image.

But wait, the soup gets even thicker. Jupiter which transits in Libra (relationships, partnership, legal system, diplomacy, and the arts) squares off with the Moon/Pluto and the Sun/Mars. Jupiter also expands what it touches. Fortunately, Jupiter is in flowing aspect with Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Leo. Pluto/Moon are in flowing aspect with Neptune, the planet of big dreams and expansive cosmic fields of love and light. And Juno, the asteroid that represents wives is joined to the Moon/Pluto. Chiron is in flowing aspect with the Sun/Mars and Pluto/Moon/Juno.

So, we're going to be looking at balance between the family/home/children and career/public image. Any partnership that can't find balance here might be heading to divorce court. This is not a death sentence to a marriage and is honest assessment with our desires and values. If a marriage ends this does not suggest a failure in a person's life. And there are no right or wrong answers revolving around family versus career. Some people run themselves ragged trying to have it all. And it's not that they don't love their spouses or children. But trying to juggle career and family isn't going to suffice or work any longer. We are going to look at our values without judging them too much.

Now, if this does not apply to you, then think of this as a time of judgement and weighing the scales in your life based on your new values. Do you want to pay a mortgage on a home or do you want to travel the world? Do you want a corporate job that sucks you dry and uses up your precious time on the planet or do you want to spend time with you family? We can no longer have it all and if you choose to work at a different job that pays less then you'll consider selling your home and those trappings you thought mattered but in the end really don't.

Ask yourself this question. If today were your last day on Earth, what would you do? Who would you spend it with? What type of unfinished business do you have left to do? This will get you in touch with your true values. So, you see a lot is coming up with this Capricorn Full Moon, and mainly this is because it's a Cardinal Sign that represents the zenith of an astrology chart. The home/mother, partnerships, and career/father are highlighted.

Now, let's talk about the Grand Fire Trine with Saturn, Uranus, and the North Node which is now in Leo. Fire lights us up. It gives us passion and enthusiasm with a lot of drive to get things done. We can achieve great things with this energy. However, we must step back and think about what it is we are passionate about. If we are working towards a long-term goal then it helps to conserve some of this Fire energy for the long road ahead. Think of running a marathon. You don't start off the first few miles with a sprint. You pace yourself or you don't complete the race which ends 26 miles later. You plan ahead.

Finally, Uranus is at 28 degrees which is towards the end of Aries. The planet goes retrograde on August 2 and by December it will be at 24 degrees Aries where it continues to trine Saturn until Saturn moves into Capricorn on December 20. I just learned today that Uranus will transit into Taurus briefly in 2018, but will transit into Taurus permanently in 2019. This reminds us that we need to get to work on creating a fair economy that is based on equality. That was one of Uranus in Aries jobs or intentions. Remember, when Uranus transited into Aries in 2011, we experienced the Occupy Movement and other revolutions, mainly focused on big government and the economy.

So this is my long post on the Capricorn Full Moon. Expect changes to occur because the Moon conjuncts Pluto, the Transformer and opposes fiery Mars in the nurturing sign Cancer. It's time to stand up and be counted. It's time to speak our truth and heal our partnerships. It's time to ask the question regarding whether we value career or family. We are finally going to reach the conclusion that you cannot have it all. We need to show up where we are most passionate. The road signs will appear and they are obvious.

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