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Solar Eclipse in Capricorn Conjunct Annie Lennox Natal Sun (December 25, 2019)

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Some of my posts are accidental. This is one of them. A friend sent me an Annie Lennox music video which had me guessing her Sun Sign. I guessed Aquarius, but I was wrong. 

Annie Lennox was born on December 25, 1954, in Aberdeen, Scotland. This means that she will experience a direct hit from the Capricorn Solar Eclipse coming up this December. What will it mean for her?

Solar Eclipses bring breakthroughs and new beginnings. This might represent a time of her reinventing herself yet again. Also, with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12 at 22 degrees Capricorn, Lennox will experience the conjunction close to her Chiron in Capricorn as well as, in opposition to her Natal Uranus at 26 degrees Cancer and Natal Jupiter at 27 degrees Cancer (in her 10th House of Career/Public) and the Sat-Pluto conjunction tightly sextiles her Natal Venus and Saturn in Scorpio (a sign that rules the phoenix rising from ashes).

As we arrive at the Capricorn Season, this is one person to watch mainly because of the Solar Eclipse launching a new beginning for her. The matching Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer on January 10, 2020, sextiles her Natal Venus and Saturn in her Third House of Communication (and siblings). Since she has Capricorn in her 4th House and Cancer in her 10th House, I feel like the areas of home and public are highlighted along with her career. She could launch a new musical project, an album, or some other meaningful project that with this Capricorn energy will have lasting effects and longevity. She's also officially an elder at 65 years of age so she could receive acclaim in the form of a lifetime achievement award in England (a Capricorn country) or in the US (a Cancer country). She could also sell a home.

Lennox's Past Transits

On February 18, 1989, Lennox announced that she was taking a sabbatical due to experiencing a nervous breakdown. On this day, Venus had already opposed her Natal Uranus/Jupiter and conjunct her Natal Chiron at the beginning of the month. Then, on the 18th when she made the announcement, transiting Uranus (which rules the brain and nervous system) was in a conjunction with her Natal Mercury (also rules the brain and nervous system) and her Natal Sun.

If that wouldn't be enough to fry the neural pathways, transiting Neptune conjunct Saturn (11 and 10 degrees Capricorn) conjunct Lennox's Natal Moon at 11 Capricorn. A Uranus transit to the Sun or Moon can blow out the nervous system or definitely bring up health concerns. Add a major Neptune transit to the mix to a chart that contains mostly Water and Earth in it, and we're looking at emotional instability too as an old way or structure dissolves leaving the person feeling lost and confused.

Another major event happened on September 3, 2003, when Lennox's mother died. On this day, Saturn transited at 10 degrees Cancer opposing Lennox' Natal Moon (which represents the mother). Uranus and Mars were retrograde at 0 and 3 degrees Pisces so it formed a sextile with Lennox Natal Sun and Mercury which are in the 4th House of the Mother/Home. Pluto transited at 17 degrees Sagittarius in the 3rd House and this squared Lennox' Natal Mars which is in her 6th House of Work.
Finally, Neptune was RX at 11 Aquarius widely squaring her Natal Saturn. This would have been her remaining parent since her father died in 1986 at the age of 61.

Personality as Seen in the Natal Chart

From what I've read, Annie Lennox, when she isn't on stage, is an introvert and a private person. She is also extremely sexy and even androgynous in a David Bowie way (Bowie was a Capricorn too). While people often associate the eccentric rock music personalities and actors as Aquarius, they are usually Capricorn. And when we comb through history, we find that many shocking personalities were Capricorn such as Joan of Arc, Elvis Presley, Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), David Bowie, Diane Keaton (remember Annie Hall?), and Marlene Dietrich (the iconic actress).

Annie Lennox has no planets in Aquarius but she was born a member of the Pluto in Leo Generation and she has her Neptune in Libra, also generational. Besides, she is an Earthy person with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Chiron, and the North Node in the sign of the Mountain Goat. Her Ascendant is at 23 degrees Virgo and then all the other planets are in Water Signs (Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter). This woman has a wide palette of emotions to work with. With Venus and Saturn in Scorpio, she oozes sexuality but it's also a vague and confused sexuality because she blurs the line between masculine and feminine as seen with her stage presence and videos. 

I think that she would have felt at odds with her generation due to all that Capricorn and Cancer energy. She would relate better with Gen-X with their Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. Oddly, it was Gen-X that embraced the Eurythmics.

Also, with so many planets in Capricorn, her music and legacy won't be fading anytime soon. She acts as a mentor for younger singers and musicians whether she has that awareness or not. She has the ability to reinvent herself and the image of women with Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio in the 3rd House of communication and learning. She is also a mysterious neighbor or she travels incognito.

Besides having a plethora of planets in Capricorn which gives her a Cardinal Earth Sign focus, she has two powerful duets in her birth chart (Venus and Saturn in Scorpio along with Uranus and Jupiter in Cancer). Again, this a woman with deep mystery, sexual allure, and deep emotions. No wonder she is an iconic performer. The most interesting duet is Jupiter and Uranus in the 10th House because this due gives her an Aquarius signature or at least we see her that way. 

With this little bit of knowledge under your belt, keep an eye on Annie Lennox around the Capricorn Solar Eclipse on December 25, 2019, and again on January 12, 2020.  I assure you she will be in the spotlight on those days. 

The following day after I wrote this post, I found this article on Annie Lennox buying a house. It will be interesting to see how this plays out around the Solar Eclipse and the Saturn-Pluto conjunct on January 12, 2020, which is also right after the Cancer Lunar Eclipse on January 10. Cancer and Capricorn figure prominently in her chart.

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Tithe the Astrologer

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Planets in Earth Signs (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto)--Focus on the Practical

When we launch 2020, four of the five outer planets will be in Earth Signs. Only Saturn dips into the air element (Aquarius) from March 23 until July 3, then it dips back into Capricorn until 2021. With so much focus on the Earth Element, we spend the first year of the next decade focusing on the rebuilding process. But in order for that to happen, Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn bring destruction, demolition, and revelations (not in the biblical sense).

We've known for decades, if not centuries, or at least since the beginning of the Industrial Age that we weren't living in balance with Gaia. The planetary signatures speak of this destructive force called humans who have affected everything from the actual destruction of the land to weather patterns via chemical trails and other technology. Much like ancient times when people blamed the sky gods living below the Earth or in mountains for their fate or the weather patterns, now, all this Capricorn energy tells us that we must take responsibility for our own fate.

It's like the entity Kryon tells us in Lee Carroll's videos, humans who carry the seeds of aliens within them, are powerful beyond our wildest imagination. If each of us discovered our true power we would no longer manipulate others to get our needs met. We would manifest our desires in concrete form, something we will master in 2020 and beyond, especially after Saturn moves into Aquarius in 2021 and stays there for 2 1/2 years.

Could this transit act as a marker of the Aquarius Age? And what about Pluto moving into Aquarius in 2024? So, then if the answer is yes, then the Capricorn and Taurus energy helps us to rebuild a structure that can withstand this new way of being brought by Aquarius. If we are to work successfully with electrical currents then we must stay grounded.

Those of you who stumbled upon this article have a role to play in rebuilding structure. This is done within your area of work whether that is of a legal, medical, psychological, spiritual, or artistic nature. You might literally help design and build new communities that rise up from the ashes of fires or earthquakes or floods. You don't need high education degrees to do this work because the original blueprints of this New Earth are seeded within you. We just need to get grounded into practicalities instead of getting lost in the land of Neptune where we overly focus on the spiritual world.

Even when we work with spiritual guides they came to bring us practical advice. My own guides have told me that I'll be coaching people of the work they must do in the here and now. I'll receive some health advice to be used in adjunct with medical doctors. We won't focus on the future as with predictions but focus on each moment and how to make the best of those moments. My job is as a midwife to help you manifest the plants seeded in you at birth but forgotten and buried under years of heartbreak, especially for anyone over 35-years of age.

The signs most impacted by the transits in 2020 are Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Virgo. Pisces will have the most challenging time with the earth energies because it just wants to float away and not deal with practicalities. But for Pisces people (Sun, Moon, Rising Sign), pull on that Virgo energy. In any case, you will be challenged with the North Node moving into the mental sign of Gemini (could lead to psychosis if you're not grounded) and the South Node moves into Sagittarius. Venus spends four months in Gemini and Mars spends six months in Aries (last half of the year) which for Pisces falls in their house of talents, gifts, and values.

So, what are the gifts that 2020 brings each of you? Are you called to rebuild actual communities? Are you here to learn a new healing modality? Are you a teacher? An animal communicator? Are you called to plant more trees or create a healthy food product that helps rebuild body structure? Sign up for a personal reading combined with coaching with me. Don't pass by the opportunities coming your way to help rebuild life on this planet, Gaia.

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A Capricorn-Saturn Season--The Rebuilding Process

Listen up Capricorn Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign people. The last time we experienced a Capricorn Season was in 1988 to 1991 when Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune were all in Capricorn. Then we have experienced eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer (2011-2012) and more recently (with the North Node in Cancer until May 2020).

Take a look back and situations that took place during those times for you. For everyone else, look at the area of your chart with Cancer and Capricorn on the cusps. They are across from each other because the houses in the chart come in pairs of opposite signs.

The Capricorn season actually began when Saturn entered the Sign of the Goat in December of 2017. Then Jupiter catches up to Saturn when it moves into Capricorn on December 2, 2019. Following that, we experience the annular Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Christmas Day. This eclipse also concludes the decade. Whereas, the Cancer Lunar Eclipse on January 10, 2020, marks the beginning of the next decade of eclipses. Then the next big Capricorn event happens on January 12 when Saturn joins Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn (two days after the Lunar Eclipse)!

If that's not enough goat energy, consider that in December, we start the month off with Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn. The Sun joins these planets on the Solstice on December 21 and Mercury transits into Capricorn on the 28th so now our mental processes and communication take on a Capricorn flavor. But for Leo and Gemini people, all this Capricorn energy feels suffocating. Everyone is talking about karma and integrity. We're talking about responsible adults and we're expecting people to walk their talk. There's no fooling around or grandstanding with this many planets in Capricorn. Dang it, we're serious and sober-minded. We are pessimistic and cynical which drives the can-do Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo nuts.

Libra and Aries people experience authority figures testing them. Cancer people experience security issues as all this Capricorn energy feels restricting. It curbs finances. It creates an atmosphere that is confining and constricting with not much room for dreaming and fantasizing about how it could be. Life's just hard and challenging; brittle around the edges with this much Capricorn energy bringing in a frozen tundra. The weather cools off and many people experience depression because Capricorn tends to rule depression, especially when Mercury is transiting in that sign (December 28 until January 17).

Major Capricorn Transits for December 2019 & January 2020

Venus in Capricorn--November 25 - December 20
Jupiter--December 2 through 2020
Sun--December 21 - January 21, 2020
Solar Eclipse December 25
Mercury--December 28 - January 17
Lunar Eclipse (Cancer/Capricorn)--January 10, 2020
Saturn-Pluto Conjunction--January 12, 2020

Please watch the Astrologer Patricia video on the Capricorn Solar Eclipse on YouTube

And refer to my Saturn-Neptune Sextile article

What type of events or situations will the Capricorn Solar Eclipse bring us on December 25? First, the weather will be affected drastically by the Capricorn Solar Eclipse because three outer planets are in Capricorn, Neptune is in the Water Sign Pisces, and Uranus is in the Earth Sign Taurus. This cold weather will bring crop failure, freezing conditions (maybe even a mini ice age). The connective tissues of the body are affected for all signs, but especially Capricorns because Capricorn rules connective tissue.

This is a time when we need to bundle up, eat warmer foods, use alternative methods for growing food such as growing food underground or in geothermal powered greenhouses. We're going to wish that we have geothermal energy because of ice storms and frozen ground. Solar power won't be as effective and we don't want to clog up the air with smoke from wood-burning stoves either, so those are things to consider.

Karmic retribution is stronger than usual. People who have not been honest in their dealings will experience karma returning to them. This Solar Eclipse and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January focus on karma. It's like I have said in my YouTube video on the Capricorn Solar Eclipse, the meek shall inherit the Earth. This is when we see the power-grabbers fall from high places. This is when the proverbial broom comes in and sweeps out the old to make room for the new.

On the plus side, this is an era of rebuilders so construction companies, tiny house designers, and farmers experience the boon. Careers to go into are around building structure, building businesses, mentorship, bone doctors, dentists, bodyworkers, acupuncturists, chiropractors, mental health counselors (people will be dealing with depression and anxiety), motivation coaches, alternative financial resources, and people who work with gems. Let's add environmentalists to this list.

If you have kept your nose clean and you choose to stay neutral rather than taking sides in battles, you experience these transits bestowing gifts on you. But for the Air and Fire Signs, all this Capricorn energy feels stuffy and restricting. There will be restrictions on the internet, world travel, relationships with other nations and speaking of nations, those ruled by Capricorn such as Great Britain, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Mexico, India, and the Czech Republic, just to name a few experience restrictions and karmic tests. This is mirrored by countries ruled by Cancer such as the United States, Holland, Scotland, Cape Verde, Colombia, South Korea, and Vietnam also experience restrictions and colder weather.

Remember that Capricorn represents delays, time, structure, restriction, authority, bids for power, the financial markets (along with Scorpio and Taurus), body structure, buildings, ice, snow, the aging process, dryness, elders, and the mineral kingdom. Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign that rules the 10th Natal House, the father, and big changes. It rules the Cardinal directions and the major areas of our lives along with Cancer, Aries, and Libra.

So, buckle up as we venture into Capricorn. Remember to have a sense of humor and to work with the light because Capricorn also represents light re-entering the world after the darkest night. Use this time to cultivate your inner wisdom.

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Saturn Conjunct Neptune (Creating Reality)

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I don't know why I haven't delved into the Saturn conjunct Neptune transit which has been in effect throughout 2019. Saturn and Neptune are the two planetary rulers of my Natal Chart. I also align with Piscean and Capricorn energies which include places, people, and non-humans.

Consider that Saturn is in its own sign Capricorn; Neptune is in its own sign Pisces. Saturn and Neptune are not compatible either because they have two opposing missions. Saturn builds or rebuilds the structure. Saturn focuses on the mundane or the everyday stuff like getting ahead with a career, putting money in the bank, and building the physical body. Pisces/Neptune is the intangible dreamer and Capricorn/Saturn is the doer. So what happens when these two planets wed in the sky?

First, let's look at the dates when Saturn and Neptune were in an exact sextile for 2019.

January 27 - 31, The sextile was at 15 degrees direct
February 1- 6 (same degree)
June 5 - 20, The sextile was at 19 degrees with Saturn RX and Neptune going RX on the 21st
November 2 - 14, The sextile is at 16 degrees with Neptune RX

When Neptune and Saturn hook up in their purest form (which is happening now), they give us the ability to manifest our dreams into tangible or concrete reality. And at the same time, we question our reality. We might slip in and out of dimensions or spend more time (which is relative) with astral travel. Saturn prevents us from losing our minds by giving us solid grounding to return to. Without that solid reality or the mundane world, we could easily slip into insanity. This is also why it is crucial to learn astral travel or shamanic journeying from a qualified teacher.

Pisces and Capricorn are feminine and compatible signs in the Zodiac Wheel. Water and Earth flow into each other. But even without tension present, this sextile can cause weather conditions such as flooding or hurricanes touching the ground. As far as economies, more Piscean and more Saturnian types dream of new workplaces where people are treated and rewarded fairly for their work. This is where socialism and capitalism co-exist. This is also a time where we do forgiveness work and practice compassion so that we balance karma because of Saturn and Capricorn rule karma.

While we think of Saturn as the social-climber, Saturn also bestows gifts on the meek and the humble. Saturn says that if we do the work, we receive rewards but only after we pass through a series of tests. Both Saturn and Neptune transits bring us wisdom through our own life experiences and not so much from the books we read or the teachers we seek out. This is when the answer already exist in our hearts and through our life experiences do we unearth those gems of wisdom or as a former friend used to say those pearls of wisdom.

The sextile between Saturn and Neptune in their respective signs also prevented us from experiencing a karmic retribution overload. We feel less vengeful when these two planets hook up in a flowing transit. We reflect on our own weaknesses and humility is the road to true redemption which we all require at this point in the evolution of humanity. Remember the saying about he who has never sinned cast the first stone (and no one did)?

On a more mundane level, humanity has cleaned the plastic out of the ocean (or began this process). Neptune rules the ocean and Saturn rules commerce and business. European countries such as France banned plastic bags, utensils, and hopefully straws. Other countries are to follow with bans on plastic bottles, bags, and other junk that ends up in the ocean. We are reaping the punishment of living destructively on the planet when we find microplastic in our sea salt and other foods we harvest from the sea. In fact, Saturn reminds us that the bubble of commerce illusion we have resided in can no longer exist without consequences.

In 2020, Saturn and Neptune will remain in orb of each other in January, the same month we experience the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 degrees Capricorn. This is powerful stuff! And while that's happening, Uranus in Taurus is in orb with Jupiter in Capricorn. We truly reap the seeds we have sown both good and to our detriment. If humanity is ripe to learn about living in harmony with Gaia, November through January (2019-20) would take us into a new age.

You don't need to believe in astrology or even follow the transits to have the planet signatures shape your life. It's just that having the tools and the knowledge prevents mental breakdown or emotional meltdowns. Neptune both destroys and creates illusions. Saturn teaches us wisdom through failures and successes, but mainly through failure. Failure is the greatest teacher of all if we have the wisdom to learn from our mistakes! Now that's Neptune and Saturn in alignment at work.

For anyone who feels that she has not gotten it right yet, don't dismay. We're all riding in the same boat with Neptune and Saturn guiding us to our authentic selves and our true paths. Ride the waves and trust that we will return to the shore.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Venus in Scorpio--Kali Energy Shakes Up the Collective and the 10:10 Portal

Since I am at a hotel and I don't have my working laptop with me, I'm going to write about Venus in Scorpio instead of produce a podcast. We are also about to enter the 10-10 Portal (October 10, 2019).

We might think of Venus as insignificant in evolutionary astrology or in transformational astrology. After all, Venus is a personal planet that transits quickly through the Zodiac Signs. When this planet retrogrades we feel it more on an individual level than on the collective one. And every year, Venus, which is close to Mercury and the Sun in proximity to the other planets, journeys through all 12 Zodiac Signs in the course of a year so it's easy to overlook her as a flash in the pan kind of energy.

Venus transits into Scorpio on October 8 and she leaves the sign of the dark lord on November 2 before the US General Election). Prior to Venus entering Scorpio, Mercury entered the sign of the Scorpion the same day that Pluto went direct. And Mercury will also retrograde in Scorpio (it turns retrograde on Halloween) and ends its full transit in Scorpio on December 8 (so, that's a long time for Mercury to stay in Scorpio).

I mention Mercury because Mercury and Venus have been pairing since they caught up with each other in Virgo and then Libra. Mercury rules how we communicate and Venus represents what we value and the outer image we present to the world along with the Sun identity energy. When Venus enters Scorpio (her downfall), she takes no prisoners. She becomes ruthless and focused in her pursuits which hopefully does not include revenge. Whether you like her or not a good example of a Venus in Scorpio person is Hilary Clinton (she has a Scorpio Sun). Julia Roberts is also an embodiment of Scorpionic energy--think of her in the movie Erin Brockovich. And believe it or not, our sweet girl-next-door Meg Ryan was also born when the Sun transited in Scorpio.

Venus in Scorpio reminds me of harem mentality--the courtesan, the manipulative and controlling feminine energy climbing her way to the top. She is Kali--the Hindu Goddess of Creation and Destruction. And the most regenerative energy in the Zodiac belongs to Scorpio while Venus represents the Divine Feminine. When Venus transits in Scorpio she loses the gift of diplomacy and her charm. She transforms into the hypnotic seductress while her flirting becomes dangerous--even toxic. Think Glenn Close's character in Fatal Attraction.

This is because Venus is naturally ruled by Taurus and Libra--two signs that prefer peace and diplomacy or to bask in warm and comfortable light. Scorpio, on the other hand, enjoys plunging into the darker mysteries of life. While Venus in Libra represents a Shakespeare comedy that provides ear and eye candy or perhaps, French Impressionistic music, Venus in Scorpio represents deep-throat journalists, spies, and whistle-blowers who delve into the underbelly of society, steamy romances, and sadomasochism.  She delves into twisted psychology because she wants to figure out the minds of serial rapists, sociopaths, and crooks. In fact, Venus in Scorpio might even rule minds of sex addicts and rapists.

However, not everyone with Natal Venus in Scorpio obsess about sex or revenge. The flip side of Venus in Scorpio is compassion, forgiveness, and humanitarianism. While I am not pleased with many of the contributions of Bill Gates to the planet (he funds chem trails and other weird science and his software spies on people), along with his wife, Linda Gates, Bill has supported humanitarian causes. I don't know where his Venus falls in the Zodiac Wheel, but his Sun is in Scorpio.

On an added note, since Scorpio rules big finances and Venus rules what we value, it will be interesting to see the money markets implode in October and through the remainder of 2019. This is especially worthy of our attention since the planets transiting in Scorpio this autumn (Mercury, Sun, Venus, and Mars, plus the Scorpio New Moon) oppose Uranus in Taurus. Hello! Will we uncover more scandals around money laundering and greed? I think so. I also think many of the Democratic candidates for US President will drop out of the race due to scandals this autumn. By January 2020, we see a more level playing field.

When Venus transits in Scorpio we could see more conceptions and childbirth since this Venus placement represents progeny, genetics, and procreation. It also represents shamanism, deep psychology, hypnosis, and healing of sexuality. It's a time when more people come out of the closet with their sexual preferences and identities. The masks come off and secrets are revealed. But we need to do this so that we become more authentic and liberate ourselves from other people's expectations.

The best use of a Scorpio transit and Venus in Scorpio transit is to delve into psychological wounds and clear our destructive beliefs/patterns. Working with therapists goes well now. Clearing DNA patterns goes well now too. Don't be afraid of deep diving and regenerating yourself through ruthless honesty. Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo folks find this challenging but do it anyway.

In any case, Venus stays in a single Zodiac Sign for less than 30 days. And then she transits into the adjacent Sagittarius where she once again becomes the life of the party even if her jokes fall on the bawdy side and she swears like a sailor who spent too many months on the rough seas. At least she is good for a few belly laughs.

Scorpio Transits

Mercury goes into Scorpio on 10/03
Goes Retrograde in Scorpio on 10/31
Goes Direct in Scorpio November 20
Leaves Scorpio on December 8

Venus transits in Scorpio from October 8 - November 1

Sun transits in Scorpio from October 23 to November 22

Mars transits in Scorpio from November 19 until January 2020

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Monday, October 7, 2019

The Reasons Behind the Missing Astrology Forecasts

Well, it's not a mystery that I stopped posting Moon transits a few Moons ago. When I first launched this blog, I lived in a permanent home. I posted regularly and I never missed the New and Full Moon transits. However, for the past several years, I have carried the burden of healing the housing crisis on the planet. I haven't done this work alone since millions of light workers and spiritual warriors shift this energy now.

I have also learned the importance of reaching out to subscribers and the spiritual community in general. I am not able to keep writing these posts for free. When I do that, I end up living in hotels or in between homes. The lack of stability translates into Moon transits falling by the wayside. I don't do this on purpose. Astrology take intense concentration and I can't just shift gears from the survival mode to complete focus and paying attention to details (which are many in astrology).

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Virgo New Moon on August 30, 2019--Purity of Intention

photo by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved
If you have strong Virgo in your natal chart or if you were born when Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo (1960s), then this New Moon is going to rock your world. It could also rock the world in the form of earthquakes because all the personal planets will be in Virgo squaring Jupiter and opposing Neptune. Plus Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto are also in Earth Signs. It won't get any more earthy than this New Moon.

So, what does this mean for each of the Zodiac Signs?

Mutable Signs

Virgo--Nervous energy could cause panic attacks if you don't find a physical outlet to relieve mental energy. Practice yoga, go for a swim, or a hike. Get your body moving. You'll want to take care of the small details before diving into the bigger picture. However, you are thinking holistically and every area of your life gets a boost from the Virgo energy. Go on a maiden voyage or somewhere in the physical or the mental realms where you have not been before. Just don't get caught up in perfectionism since all of us are already perfect in our imperfections.

Pisces--Use this Virgo energy to pay attention to details and for a reality check. You have drifted out to sea for too long. Come back to the earth and get grounded through meditation and yoga. Dance or playing music will also help you with any stressful situations that surface around the Moon. Make friends with practical people but also own that side of yourself. You are not a helpless victim but a powerful force. Harness your dreams to Neptune and adopt the optimistic attitude of Jupiter in Sagittarius. Realize your dreams by combining manifestation with physical effort.

Sagittarius--Virgo energy feels too critical and scathing to you. You talk about your dreams and the Virgo people crush those dreams. But we still need your optimism to help us from falling into the trap of analysis paralysis. Remind us what it means to live an unexamined life and to live our lives on our own terms. Jupiter squares Neptune but this just takes you into deeper cosmic territory. Go where no Sagittarius has gone before. I know, that's a tall order.

Gemini--Even though Virgo energy squares your sign, you both share rulership with Mercury. Use this energy to edit or perfect projects. Use this energy to promote a book or give a lecture. Use this energy to pitch projects that involve writing and speaking. Just like Virgo people, you'll need a physical outlet to release tension. You might suffer from insomnia between the Virgo New Moon and the Pisces Full Moon (9-13).

Cardinal Signs

Cancer--With the North Node still in Cancer, Chiron in Aries, the South Node, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn, you're not able to resist death, rebirth, and transformation. You might find this Virgo New Moon brings on panic attacks and digestion upset. Go easy on foods that might cause you allergies and stick to a bland diet for at least two weeks.  You're feeling extremely emotional but with so many planets in the Earth element find ways to ground yourself. Like Virgo and Gemini, exercise is going to help you stay in balance. Hang out near the sea for the best results. And listen to the songs of whales. Animals especially require your loving attention.

Capricorn--You earthy goats will experience a financial boost or windfall when you take your eyes off your bank accounts. When you stop looking for work, employment finds you and in unexpected ways. You've been too hard on yourself and have spun on the wheel of perfectionism and or whipped yourself for too long. I have an image of the famous saint whipping himself. The Universe wants to bless you but it's going to wait for an unexpected moment and surprise you. If you're looking for a loving partner, make room in your life for him or her to enter. You deserve love. We all do.

Libra--All of the personal planets are hanging out in the unseen realm of your 12th House. If you want to unlock the magic of those planets, it's time to go on a spiritual retreat or at least take a meditation workshop. Take a break from pleasing everyone else or becoming hypercritical due to resentment that has built up. Forgiveness is a verb as much as a noun. Through the act of forgiving others and forgiving yourself, you discover a whole new world as you give birth to a new you during the Libra New Moon a month away.

Aries--You rebel against the earthy energy. Boredom has struck. Well, all that Earth energy asks you to show up as an adult. Pay attention to the details of your life that require careful handling. Learn a lesson in diplomacy from Libra and on nurturing from Cancer. Turn to a Capricorn for financial advice because I get a sense that your well has run dry or is about to. We all want to go on adventures and enjoy our lives but for some reason, I feel that the Virgo New Moon is asking you to pause and reflect on your previous actions. Take responsibility for your life or someone else will take over the role of the captain of your ship. Chiron in your sign asks you to heal or at least accept childhood wounds.

Fixed Signs

Taurus--The Virgo New Moon and all the Capricorn planets bring you a Grand Earth Trine. This boost finances but only if you put in the effort. If you have had your nose to the grindstone then it begins to bear fruit. If you have gone on a diet or changed a habit you see results around this New Moon. Refrain from becoming too hard on yourself. Believe it or not, you are making progress and Uranus in retrograde motion gives you a break from relentless shakeups and surprises. The only caveat for places ruled by Taurus is the potential for large earthquakes. But even they bring mass awakening.

Scorpio--With Uranus moving backward and Saturn turning direct in September you are in the rebuilding process. Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node help you with building a new structure in the area of education and communication. Perhaps, you revamp your computer or learn new communication skills. Some of you organize neighborhood gatherings and some of you delve into deeper politics combined with spiritual tools. You are feeling powerful while still getting a boost from Water Signs Pisces and Cancer. Visualize a new world and don't allow your focus to waver.

Aquarius--I see a yield sign blocking your path. This means you need to pause and reflect on where you have been and where you would like to go. Remember that if you go with familiar situations you will get the same results. Try something daringly unfamiliar, something completely out of your league. Now is the time to turn left instead of right. Stop acting like a creature of habit. In fact, explore your habits. If the habits are damaging to the body then delete them from your life. Get your body in tip-top shape as we venture more deeply into the Aquarius Age.

Leo--It's time to take a look at yourself in the mirror. I don't mean as a form of navel-gazing. It's time to explore your inner workings and to clean up those nasty childhood wounds you project onto others. This isn't for all Leos because some of you have shown up on the page or the stage and done your inner work. But for those Leos still living in the dark, white-lighting "negative" energy won't clear the air. Burning sage or incense won't protect you because those dark energies are coming from your shadows and your unhealthy lifestyle choices. I know these words sound harsh but they come from a loving place. As we leave the time of Leo and venture into Virgo, it's time to remove the blinders and let the real light into your heart.

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Photo by Patricia Herlevi All Rights Reserved 

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Zodiac Sign Forecast for August 2019--Shine on

Many people took their summer vacations in July which featured two powerful eclipses and Mercury retrograde. While we couldn't make traction on projects or any other area of our lives, July still wasn't the best month to travel afar but it was a month retreat. August presents a different animal which actually asks us to take a vacation and experience joy.

While we won't be experiencing powerful eclipses in August, we will experience three yods starting with the yod that arrives with the Leo New Moon on July 31/August 1 which includes a sextile with Neptune and Pluto in a yod with Mars in Leo. This last until August 4 when Mars moves to 22 degrees Leo.

Then Venus replaces Mars in the yod on August 11 until the 14 followed by Mercury forming a yod with Neptune and Pluto on the 22 until the 24th of the month. Write down those days on your calendar because those are the times we experience the big yield sign that tells us to back up and rethink whatever we are working on at the time. Those are also times when fated events are most likely to occur which is why slowing down helps us take advantage of those encounters.

The good news is that Jupiter goes direct on the same day Uranus goes retrograde. Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, and Pluto are also retrograde except Saturn moves direct in September so we'll feel like getting work done again. With all this planetary excitement firing up our senses, what can we expect for the Zodiac Signs in August.


Cancer--If you spent too much time in your shell in June and July, you'll join the fray in August. We all want to shine brighter with the Leo Sun energy as well as, Mercury, Venus, and Mars also transiting in Leo. We launch the month with Leo energy since the Leo New Moon falls on August 1 (July 31). It's time to count your blessings and reassess your values. Are you aware of your gifts and talents? If the answer is no, it's time for self-exploration.

Scorpio--You breathe a sigh of relief when Uranus turns retrograde on the 11th. This is because of Uranus in opposition to your Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign (1st House), has caused chaos in your life. Since you are represented by a Fixed Sign, you don't adapt well to changes which cause you psychological stress. But on the other hand, your planetary ruler Pluto is all about change and transformation. You represent the birth and death process. So, let the old stories go so you make way for the new. The Leo energy squares you causing you to avoid the light. Come out and play in the sunshine, Scorpio. Your career and public image are highlighted.

Pisces--Are you tired of spacing out and feeling like Mr. Magoo driving his car blindly through life? You earned your spiritual wings but now you must ground yourself with mundane feet. I have a feeling your checkbook is out of balance, especially with the Mercury RX transit which messes everything up. The Leo and Aquarius Moons ask you to get your daily life in balance with your spiritual life. Remember that manifestation requires some legwork and that's what you're asked to do this August. Also, I'm hearing that some of you have been invited to audition for performances. Show up and give it your best. You never know where it will lead.


Aries--It's time to take the lead with colleagues and friends. Some of you get involved in sports while others shine your light in the performing arts. But it's not enough to go it alone this month. Join other likeminded people. Explore the concept of cooperation versus competition. You're usually a competitive sign but this month it's more about joining forces with others instead of battling others. United we stand strong. Remember those words, Aries.

Leo--I know you love the month of August. It's your time to join your pride and to reflect on your accomplishments from your previous solar year (happy birthday). The Leo New Moon which launches the month sends you shopping for a new image to match your personal evolution. Give away clothing and other items that no longer resonate with you. Free up space for new and exciting experiences to enter. The Aquarius Full Moon on the 15th, have you wondering where you fit into the greater scheme. Try not to pit yourself against the collective while also not falling into the trap of groupthink.

Sagittarius--Are you taking advantage of your benefactor Jupiter in your sign? Yes, it's true, life circumstances slowed down for you during the spring months, but Jupiter goes direct on the 11th at the midpoint degree. We also experience a Grand Fire Trine this month which uplifts you and sets you on a new adventure. Long-distance travel goes well after Jupiter goes direct so if you have a trip planned, go for it. Reach for the stars.


Taurus--Just like Scorpio, you sigh with relief on the 11th when Uranus goes retrograde. Uranus wakes up our consciousness but when the planet moves in direct motion it brings unexpected situations. Taurus you and the themes represented by your sign undergo swift changes. Fortunately, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node support you while you navigate the transformed landscape. Since you're the most grounded sign, take some risks in August that lift your feet off the ground.

Virgo--The highlights for you include Uranus going retrograde at 7 degrees and Jupiter going direct which has you scrutinizing your spiritual beliefs. You might even venture into galactic territory. Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node ask you to clear away old karma so you can begin a new cycle launched by the Virgo New Moon on the 30th.

Capricorn--You grow stronger by the day. Unfortunately, you take life too seriously and you are a relentless leader suffering from workaholism. Take a vacation or at least go and explore a creative gift that allows you to shine in the world. If you have thought of trying acting, audition for community theater. If you want to explore your voice give a lecture or join a choir. If gardening is your thing, then get your hands dirty in rich soil. There's more than a way of manifesting abundance than old fashion hard work. Listen to the advice of the Jackson 5, "Enjoy Yourself."


Aquarius--You have the task of educating people about the ins and outs of the collective. Try explaining that socialism is not a dirty word to people bent on Capitalism. You might lead rallies or you just rebel against the latest trends. And anyway, you already did those things years ago. The Leo energy seems selfish to you but that's only because you are afraid to explore your inner workings. You're afraid to show up as an individual so you hide behind a cause or a group. But August is asking you to shine on like your Leo brothers and sisters. 

Gemini--Jupiter goes direct on the 11th and this direct motion asks you to expand your horizons. Get on a plane or a ship and travel afar. Take a college-level class or take a writing workshop where you explore a new genre. The Virgo New Moon on the 30th leaves you feeling agitated but you get involved in mental pursuits during the Aquarius Full Moon mid-month. If there's something you always wanted to learn but didn't have the time, take time out in August to delve into this topic. Research, writing, and editing go well. If you are a writer, you could see a contract coming your way between August 11 and the 15.

Libra--Are you tired of swimming in Cardinal stew? You stand at a crossroads once again and you have to make a decision. Not only that, you do have a message to communicate about diplomacy even if you struggle with the words. Short-distance and long-distance travel are highlighted for you. You try to hide behind the ivory walls of higher education because you don't realize that you already have all the wisdom you require to succeed in a leadership role. Take up the mantle. It's time to lead us to a more peaceful way of living.

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Aquarius Full Moon on August 15, 2019--Heart Versus the Mind

Let's talk Leo. I have been seeing lion images and noticing lion motifs for the previous year. We are all lions even if we don't have our Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Leo. Or I should say that we all have Leo somewhere in our charts. And that is the place where we shine.

The Aquarius Full Moon also shows us where we bask in the light. It's where the Universe tells us to show up authentically. If you have Leo in the First House (a Leo Ascendant), then people notice you when you walk in a room. But you tend to attract detached partners usually innovative or geniuses in some way with Aquarius ruling your 7th House of partnerships and partners. All Full Moons come in pairs or two houses are highlighted depending on where the Sun and the Moon oppose each other. And sometimes if a third or fourth planet square the Full Moon and the Sun we get a T-Cross and it's rare but it happens in that we get a Grand Square with the Full Moon.

But the chart for August 15, 2019, asks us to celebrate ourselves. I remember a TV show from a long time ago called "Up with the People". That's what this Full Moon chart reminds me of. It's revolutionary because of the Aquarius Moon but we are more in our hearts because of a stellium of personal planets in Leo (Venus, Sun, Mars, and the asteroid Juno). This day favors women or celebrities with generous hearts--think Sandra Bullock or Robert Redford (celebrities born under the Sign Leo).

To get a better idea of the Leo energy, think of those old programs featuring lions and their habits. Or perhaps, watch the Lion King twenty times, if you care too. If that's not your thing, watch Cats. And if you have a cat study that animal's behavior. All cats fall under the sign of Leo. Notice that the female lion does most of the hunting while the male lion has his pride and he lords over it. There is a harem mentality to it but there is also a feeling of the collective working towards a goal. We will be looking at feminism and issues facing women.

But you're wondering why I'm talking about Leo when the Full Moon is in Aquarius, right? Aquarius is squashed by all the planets in Leo and it does get personal. This is a detached Moon that causes us to hide in our minds. Or we play hide and seek with our hearts. We fear anything with sentiments attached to it. The revolutionaries want to stand center stage with a bullhorn in their hands. But a true humanitarian has a heart and that is where Leo comes in.

The Sun conjuncts Venus (the planet representing women) exact. And men aren't excluded because Mars is also in the Leo stellium. When Mars and Venus hook up in Leo, sparks fly and it's a time for exploring passion with another human being or an art project. If you are an artist, meet with gallery owners to show your work, query agents, or go to that audition. Don't let this golden opportunity pass by you. You'll regret it. This is the best Full Moon we've had in 2019.

The North Node in Cancer is in an exact trine with Neptune which is retrograde. Five of the planets are retrograde (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron--not a planet but...). We are self-reflected and self-directed so make sure that you show generosity towards others. While it's a fabulous opportunity to shine in the world, don't forget less fortunate people. We are moving into a heart-centered era, believe it or not. Astrologer Pam Gregory says that the Cancer North Node is about taking care of the vulnerable people in the world. May I add vulnerable animals too? Now, is a good time to rescue animals, if you enjoy saving lives.

And there is a fireman quality to this Aquarius Full Moon. I feel like we want to rush in and save the day. We join our favorite causes or we donate money to those causes. It's a time where the arts flourish but we also feel unmotivated to move forward despite the planets in Leo. This is because of the retrograde planets and that Leo and Aquarius are Fixed Signs which move more slowly. This is not Gemini or Virgo we speak of. Although we have a Virgo New Moon at the end of August so get ready to move forward in a quicksilver fashion at the end of the month.

The downside of the Aquarius Full Moon is the danger of group think or leaders posturing instead of acting from the heart. Egos get in the way of well-meaning activities. People want their 15 minutes of fame and they lord over the camera. We can all show up authentically and contribute our piece of the puzzle. Use this Full Moon to shift energy on the planet so that we promote love and generosity. Leo is just as much about love as it is conceit. And Aquarius has its own way of expressing love too.

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Uranus in Taurus Trine Generational Uranus in Capricorn and Virgo

I am officially an astrology geek after tackling the Uranus in Virgo and Capricorn transits for the 1960s and late 1980s into the early 1990s. Why the heck am I spending a quiet Sunday (right before the Sagittarius Full Moon) researching these transits?

The best reason I have for you is transiting Uranus in the first seven degrees of Taurus and the conjunction with Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in the later degrees of Capricorn. Now, all of those birth transits if you were born in the 1960s when both Uranus and Pluto were in Virgo or from 1988 and 1996 when Uranus was in Capricorn (along with Neptune) are highlighted now. If you are a late bloomer (Capricorn) then now is your time for your fruit to ripen. 2019 and 2020 offer you golden moments or opportunities if you step up to the plate.

The Earth Signs Virgo and Capricorn expect us to roll up our sleeves and work hard. Virgo handles the organization and the details while Capricorn brings in the practical know-how and the boots to ascend the mountain. Please note also, even if you weren't born during the 1960s, late 1980s, around the Harmonic Conversion of 1987, or the early 1990s, if you were born with your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in the first 7 to 8 degrees of Capricorn (that's me!) then you also experience the ripening and it doesn't matter how old you feel.

The people who must pay the closest attention were born between 1988 and 1990 when Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune formed a Triple Conjunction in Capricorn. And those of you born under the signs Capricorn and Cancer are doubly affected because Chiron was in Cancer and during 1989 and 1990, Jupiter was also in Cancer opposing the planets in Capricorn! Ouch! Remember all those family values touted in the late 1980s and Reaganomics in the US or Thatcherism in the UK? Well, these transits spell out conservative values. Jupiter and Chiron both worshipped and attacked motherhood and women's reproduction rights. This does this sound familiar?

Oddly, my music career spanned from around 1988 to 1996 when Uranus was in Capricorn and then it fizzled out. I have my Ascendant between 6 and 8 degrees Capricorn and my Sun at 8 degrees Cancer and my out-of-bounds Mercury at 11 degrees Cancer in a sextile with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. And boy, did I work hard at my music during those years. In fact, it seemed like Seattle (possibly a Capricorn city) swarmed with musicians working hard at their craft, many of which were Cancers and Capricorns. Incidentally, Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn also brought on a mysterious illness for me that wasn't diagnosed as multiple chemical sensitivity until 1997 when Uranus was in Aquarius, but enough about my personal experiences with the transits. Uranus in its own sign brought strange situations for most people. Aquarius is wacko, what can I say?

I'll do my best to write a user-friendly article on the Uranus transits but I'm going to use technical terms which you can find on the Astro Cheat Sheet which you'll find up in the page tabs. Study the cheat sheet if you're new to astrology. Otherwise, I'm using the terms conjunction, trine, sextile, and triple conjunction to describe the Uranus transits to other planets. Briefly, bear with me if you are an advanced student or practitioner, conjunction means that two or more planets are in the same sign within a 5-degree orb but I go wider on some of the transits. A trine and a sextile mean that the planets are in flowing aspects with planets that are either in the same element or polarity such as another water sign planet in flowing aspect with another planet in a different Water Sign or if a Water Sign is in a flowing aspect with a planet in an Earth Sign, we call this a sextile.

Uranus in Capricorn


In 1988, we're a few months out of the Harmonic Convergence that occurred in 1987, the shift that brought us forward into 2012. Please don't ask me for an exact date for the Harmonic Convergence because I don't feel like looking it up. Google it. Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all transiting in Capricorn. Pluto is in Scorpio launching the older Millennial Generation which continued through Pluto in Sagittarius, ending in 2003. Chiron was in Cancer.

Now, our planet, Uranus (The Awakener) transited into Capricorn on February 16, 1988. It dipped into the Sign of the Goat until May 27 when it returned to the late degrees of Sagittarius. Then on December 3, Uranus transited back into Capricorn for its 7-year transit where it hooked up with Saturn and Neptune and experienced oppositions with Chiron and Jupiter in Cancer. I remember this era as gloomy with Goth rock and grunge music at the forefront of Seattle-life. The color black was in and it wasn't enough to wear any black, you had to wear the right shade of black along with Doc Martens and black tights or ripped jeans. Meanwhile, black clouds hung over Seattle--the Emerald City and the gold diggers appeared in the guise of software engineers, rock musicians, and real estate tycoons. Meanwhile, people in England were dealing with Thatcherism.

If you were born in the 1960s with Uranus in Virgo (I believe that started in 1962 - 1969), then your first Uranus trine Uranus occurred somewhere between 1988 to 1996 (look up the degrees in your chart). This was the ripening of the Generation X folks as they ventured into the world of software and dot.coms, rock music, or independent moviemaking. Otherwise, the conservative ones when into speculative ventures in real estate or some Reaganomics kind of thing (these folks annoyed me). Sad to say it because I'm one of those Uranus in Virgo folks, but we also fought against the Baby Boomers who blocked us from entering the job market dominated by yes, Baby Boomers (Pluto in Leo people). They waxed on about their movies and music being better than ours. Maybe they were right, maybe...

If you were born between 1988 and 1991, then you are the master builders or the master rebuilders in every industry. When Pluto transited into Capricorn in 2008 and 2011, when Uranus transited into Aries, the planets of transformation and revolution rocked your world more than anyone else. You were either in college or around the age of 20 and you experienced an awakening (hopefully, otherwise you missed an opportunity). If you were born from 1991 to 1996, you still have an important role to play since Uranus and Neptune formed exact conjunctions in 1992 and 1993 and that to me is as powerful as the Uranus and Pluto in exact conjunction in Virgo at the end of 1965!

So, in 1988, we experienced conjunction of Saturn and Uranus in Capricorn while Neptune was also in Capricorn at mid-degrees. This conjunction continued into 1989. That's odd conjunction because the two planets nearly cancel each other out. Uranus is ruled by wacko Aquarius and Saturn is ruled by ultra conservative-let-me-climb my mountain alone, Capricorn. Meanwhile, Chiron is in Cancer opposing the planets and Jupiter also transited into Cancer in 1989.

So, here we have the collective (Aquarius) opposing the clannish Capricorn/Cancer, more or less, the nuclear family of two point five kids and two cats and a dog. The climbers clashed with the movers and shake 'em up, folks. One signed on for family values while the other side joined punk bands and dyed their hair pink. (My poor sister was confused with her Capricorn Sun and Aquarius Ascendant and all this chaos occurring on the 12th House stage).


In January of 1989, Uranus and Saturn are in conjunction but then Saturn pulled into a conjunction with Neptune in Capricorn. Saturn flows into exact conjunction with Neptune from February 10 until March 4 and again, from March 7 to the 18th at 12 degrees. Then the two planets stay within tight one-degree orb conjunction (or as we like to say, the planets have separated one degree from the exact conjunction). On April 23, Saturn went retrograde. On May 1st (this must have been a red letter day), both Uranus and Neptune went retrograde (Uranus at 5 degrees and Neptune at 12 degrees). Pluto in Scorpio was also retrograde and in a sextile with Neptune and Saturn. This is as gloomy and probing as it gets.

On June 14, retrograde Saturn and retrograde Neptune form exact conjunction at 11 degrees Capricorn (I love the number 11). This lasts until June 27 (two days prior to my birthday and I received a lot of presents that year). Then on July 4 through the 11th (there's that number again), Saturn and Neptune form another exact conjunction at 10 degrees with both planets retrograde forcing us to take an inward journey. I bet you on the 4th of July in the US and Canada Day for the Canadians sucked that year.

In August, the speedy Saturn retrograde caught up with the Uranus retrograde. But on September 10, Uranus turned direct at 1 degree Capricorn and Saturn I believe also turned direct at 7 degrees on September 11. Meanwhile, Jupiter formed an opposition in the sign of Cancer and Pluto in Scorpio formed sextiles with Neptune and Saturn.

On October 29, Jupiter turned retrograde in Cancer in opposition with Neptune and Saturn but in a trine with Pluto in Scorpio. Neptune forms a sextile with Pluto (that's always nice). On November 10, Saturn forms an exact conjunction with Neptune which is as strange as conjunction with Saturn and Uranus. Saturn and Neptune stay at 10 degrees until November 20. They are still in opposition with Jupiter and a sextile with Pluto. This is powerful destructive energy. This is where we experience ideologies clashing, as Billy Bragg once sang. All the "isms" come into play and the Neptune types, Uranus types, and Saturn types tried to find common ground while they bashed each other in the sandbox.

On a more serious level, do any of you remember what 1989 was like? We were still quoting George Orwell's "1984" thinking that Reagan (1981-89) was going to accidentally press the red button and blows us all up, that is if he didn't blow up the economy first. In a way, 1989 is a much tamer version to what we're currently going through. At least we have Facebook now and political situations bear transparency that we didn't have previously. And fewer people were waking up in 1989 than in this era of spiritual awakening. We didn't even know about the Law of Attraction yet and we were still practicing Creative Visualization and dreaming of becoming shamans.

On November 27, there was also the watershed event of Mars joining Pluto in Scorpio forming exact conjunction. Well, we got George Bush, Sr. as president. And we were listening to the New Kids on the Block if we were complete nerds. If only we had something that innocent these days. When did the Pet Shop Boys arrive on the scene? From November 27 until December 5, good old Jupiter in Cancer opposed Uranus--more of those family values knocking us in the head like baseball bats. Don't you dare take my birth control pills away, fundies?

If you were born in 1989, your Natal Uranus is between 1 and 7 degrees Capricorn. Uranus in Taurus is currently trining your Natal Uranus and Saturn (possibly). Sign up for an astrology reading if you want to know more.

Please note that 1989 was also the year the Soviet Union dissolved, the Berlin Wall came down, and the protest in Tiananmen Square in China occurred. Apparently, everyone wanted to pursue the Capitalist Dream except for folk-rocker Billy Bragg, his fans, and punk rockers.


Chiron in Cancer opposes Saturn conjunct Neptune in Cancer. For Cancerians and Capricorn, the battle cry was getting me into therapy so I can heal my co-dependent behavior. Fundamentalists Christians were still attacking women's reproduction rights. Generation X women and men also decided to start families around this time, some putting it off until their late twenties. The first waves of Gen-X people experienced their Saturn Returns and started dreaming about white picket fences and having their own homes. Climbing out of poverty was the dream of others if only those Baby Boomers would move to the side. (Meanwhile, my own music career was starting to take off and I landed more gigs and attention).

Chiron started the year in exact opposition to Uranus at 5 degrees. Bring out the radicals, please. I recall musicians suffering from depression getting the most attention in the media. For whatever reason, we glorified musicians suffering from addictions and depression, especially bipolar disorder. Lyrics didn't matter so much as long as you could confuse audiences. Bands like the Cocteau Twins from England with nonsensical lyrics wowed listeners with their ethereal songs (Neptune). The musicians who worked their butts off grabbed the spotlight because those planets in Capricorn demanded hard work. Bands such as R.E.M. and The Bangles with Capricorn musicians recorded albums in 1989 and 1990 that have become classics. Capricorn David Bowie (1980s) reached the height of his popularity around this time too.

On February 25, Jupiter went direct at one degree Cancer opposing Uranus. This opposition continued into March which I'm sure brought up conservative politics and family values. Then on May 1st Uranus and Neptune turned RX and Saturn turned RX on May 4 while the on-going conjunction with Jupiter and Chiron continued in the background. I was in therapy during this time and screaming on stage in the guise of a folk-rock musician. On September 15, Uranus went direct. On September 23, Saturn went direct. On September 24, Neptune went direct.


The Uranus-Neptune conjunction continued until January 31. Meanwhile, Saturn reached the critical mark of 29 degrees Capricorn poised and ready to head into Aquarius. The Uranus-Neptune conjunction continued and we were probably already tired of the surreal-reality of this bizarre conjunction. Uranus went retrograde on April 18 followed by his best friend Neptune going retrograde on the following day.


From April 15 (Tax Day) until May 1st, Uranus formed exact conjunction with Neptune, but on April 21, Neptune turned retrograde followed by Uranus moving retrograde on April 22. (The planets went direct on September 21 -22).


From January 7 until the 18, Uranus formed another exact conjunction with Neptune at 18 degrees Capricorn. On January 24 through 31, another exact conjunction with the two outer planets occurred at 19 degrees until February 10.

Here is a list of the exact conjunctions between Uranus and Neptune.

February 16 - March 3 at 20 degrees Capricorn

March 30 - April 4 at 21 degrees Capricorn

May 1, Uranus and Neptune go RX

June 23 - July 4, the exact conjunction is at 20 degrees RX

July 18 - August 10, at 19 degrees RX

August 15 - November 9, 18 degrees RX (retrograde)

September 28, Uranus went direct

September 30, Neptune went direct

November 17 - December 2, exact conjunction at 19 degrees

December 20 - 21, exact conjunction at 20 degrees

If you were born with any outer planets at 19 degrees Cancer or Capricorn and you were alive during these transits, this is significant. Look for Pluto at 19 degrees Capricorn (more recent transit) as well as, Saturn and the South Node at 19 degrees Capricorn and then next year, Jupiter at 19 - 21 degrees Capricorn. Actually, go with 19-22 degrees Capricorn. You might experience a deja vu from 1993.


Uranus transits into the final 10 degrees in Capricorn (20 to 25 degrees). It is still in orb with Neptune but separating. Everyone is grown tired of diving into the rabbit hole and can't wait until Uranus transits into Aquarius two years away.


Uranus dips into Aquarius on April 2 and Pluto is at 0 degrees Sagittarius, ushering the second half of the Millennial Generation, cell phones, and the internet. I worked as a music journalist and published poetry and prose this year. I also lost a good friend (an editor) at the end of the year. In fact, for the most part, 1995 was a year of losses for me. Saturn in Pisces formed sextiles with its own planet, Neptune.

On June 10, RX Uranus transited back into Capricorn and forms a conjunction with Neptune for the final time as the two planets finished up old business. Then, in Uranus in Capricorn went direct on October 7 where it would speed up and reenter Aquarius on January 13, 1996.

The Exact Uranus-Pluto Conjunction in Virgo (1965)

Those of you born in the 1960s when Uranus and Pluto were in Virgo, refer to my 1960s-born series which you'll find in the tabs at the top of this blog. If you would like the entire series sent to you as a PDF, then become a patron on my Patreon campaign.

October 8 - 25, 1965 Uranus and Pluto were in exact conjunction at 17 degrees in one-degree orb sextile with Neptune in Scorpio and again on November 8 - 18. This exact conjunction would continue into 1966.

This concludes my second article for the Uranus Exploration (the first article focuses on Uranus through the decades beginning in the 1940s).

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse (June 16, 2019)--Building a New Earth

Wow, the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse that lands with a thud on July 16, 2019, contains several astrological bells and whistles. This chart includes a Grand Fire Trine, a Triple Conjunct in Capricorn and a stellium (Cancer and Leo planets) opposing the TC. Meanwhile, Mars/Mercury/Juno in Leo square Uranus and Vesta in Taurus. So, what does this mean for you?

I set the chart for Seattle. I don't particularly hold the city in esteem. In fact, I wonder if the city will pull itself out of dark energy. The Emerald City won't heal its wounds (traffic, pollution, greed, homelessness, and enslavement) until it heals the original wounds that occurred when the industrialists (logger barons, gold diggers, builders) massacred the Indians and stole the land. And that's for starters. This eclipse will strongly impact Seattle and other cities founded on blood and suffering; displaced people and scarcity consciousness.

The Capricorn Triple Conjunction (Moon/Pluto/Saturn) coupled with the South Node brings up our deepest wounds in the area of ambition and industry. This energy opposes the Cancer Sun/Venus/North Node and the out-of-sign Mercury/Mars/Juno in Leo which tells us to develop compassion and the ability to nurture ourselves, others, and the Earth. If we fail to do this inner work, we pay the karmic debt and suffer through karmic consequences.

Meanwhile, Chiron in Aries forms a wide square with the Cancer and Capricorn planets as well as, anchoring a corner of the Grand Fire Trine along with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mars/Juno in Leo. We are asked to shine our light onto the world and to stop playing small.

If you feel the urge to speak out about injustice, now is the time. You don't need to get on a soapbox and rant. You don't even need to write a letter to a newspaper editor. What the planets ask us to do is to stand in our light and our truth through our daily actions. So, you want to see us clean up the pollution on the planet? Great, drive less or don't drive at all. Use natural cleaners and hygiene products, eat organic, eat fewer animal products, and so on. You already know what to do and now it's time to walk your talk. Remember Capricorn represents integrity and on the shadow side, the lack of integrity.

With all this Cardinal energy clashing (reminds me of the Billy Bragg song where he sings, "Ideologies clashing..."), it's too easy to go to battle with others. But remember, people, act the way they do because they are living below the veil of consciousness (a term I borrowed from Lisa. A. Romano). They run on autopilot or on faulty programming wired into their nervous system or a bad diet. Diet is important because Cancer rules the breasts and the stomach which represents nourishment and absorption.

I watched a video recently where a doctor lectured about the ways eating junk food keeps us on a metaphorical hamster wheel. If our brains don't acquire the fuel to run efficiently (healthy fats, sugar from fruit and vegetables, and protein), then we end up with mental illness and brain disorders such as dementia. Eating GMO foods doesn't help either because we don't know the longterm results of eating these modified foods. Ditto for chemical preservatives, dyes, and flavor enhancers (MSG). Eating too much salt and not enough iodine as well as, not getting enough magnesium and B-vitamins will also lead to disease. Most of you reading this already know the basics of nutrition so, I'll let you do your own research.

And if we already eat a healthy diet and exercise, then why do we muck up our efforts by using dangerous chemicals in the home or worse yet, use those chemicals on our bodies? Did you know that one of the main ingredients in synthetic perfumes is the same chemical used in bug sprays that destroys the nervous system of the insects? I'm not joking. And which signs are more sensitive than Cancer--the Sign of the Nurturer? Only Pisces, Scorpio, and Virgo are as sensitive as Cancer which is featured in this chart. I suffer from chemical sensitivities so I know what I'm talking about. My Sun is in Cancer and my Moon is in Pisces! And all of that is tied in with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in my 8th House (past lives where I was poisoned to death).

The other message with this Lunar Eclipse revolves around authority figures enslaving their workers or citizens as in government leaders of countries. Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn won't stand for this enslavement for much longer. The closer we move towards the end of Pluto's transit in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus (2020-26) we will see unscrupulous leaders fall from grace and from power. It's inevitable. The Cancer energy in this chart is calling us to connect with the Divine Mother and Gaia who sustains us when we don't muck around with her living and breathing body.

By the time, Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2024 and squares the energy of Uranus in Taurus, technology will receive an overhaul. If you are awake and aware then you've noticed the dark energies around technology and the abuse of it. You already know what I'm referring too and we're already seeing the backlash for these dark practices which by the way, are meant to keep humanity enslaved. This belief that if we work hard and give our due diligence we will become millionaires is based on scarcity. Again, it's about riding the hamster wheel of never having enough.

If only we work harder and invest our money in more markets or buy more real estate then we exude riches beyond our grandest dreams. But that's scarcity consciousness. That's a delay tactic for experiencing peace and happiness now. And what if you died tomorrow with this belief stuck between your ears? You can take contentment with you to the other side of the veil, but you have to leave the palace behind.

The Grand Fire Trine calls to the hearts of lightworkers and asks us to keep our egos in balance with the heart. It's time to heal any belief around "not enough". It's time to transform our self-talk by flooding our hearts with light and then sharing that light with the world. Leo represents the world stage and Chiron in Aries asks us to heal the male psyche in all of us. That masculine or patriarchal energy planted the seeds of not enough eons ago.

This Lunar Eclipse tells us to wake up and pay attention to the signs. The planets play hardball with us in a major league. It's time to sift and sort through previous lifetimes and also the lessons presented to us in this lifetime. Amanda Ellis' words about getting booted and suited apply here. It's not time to stand on the sidelines or to sit in the bleachers. We must get onto the playing field and rally for the light. This is one game we must win. We came here to achieve victory. Get ready, folks. It's a team effort.

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Cancer Solar Eclipse (July 2, 2019)--Voice of the Collective

 The Collective Shouts, Enough is Enough!

Many people focus on the power of the Lunar Eclipse when the Moon opposes the Sun and we explore opposing energies. However, let's not forget the powerful Solar Eclipse we experienced the summer of 2017 in Leo. While the July 2 Solar Eclipse does not contain bells and whistles of eclipses falling in Cardinal Signs that we experienced in recent years, it still ushers in sudden and drastic changes.

This is because Mars at 0 degrees Cancer squares Uranus/Vesta in Taurus. Mars is at 0 degrees Leo and this is a critical point in Western Astrology. It's certainly a critical point in determining our evolution as souls. But Mars is stabilized by a wide out-of-sign opposition with Saturn. Wait a minute. How can an opposition with Cancer and Capricorn bring stabilization? Saturn in Capricorn acts as the father figure who tells us to step away from the drama-infused by Mars at 0 degrees Leo and take a more mature approach to resolve the tension associated with this Solar Eclipse.

The Mars-Uranus square in fixed signs (Leo and Taurus) also pits the individual will against the collective will. We most likely experience a clash of values with the more creative types and the more traditional types (such as old school values pitting against people with innovative lifestyles). Values come up now and we pit those values against stewarding the Earth and pursuing a sustainable future. Yet, many people shout, "Enough is enough!"

We focus upon maverick celebrities (Aquarius and Leo Sun people). We would like to mellow out and take it easy or kick back with a favorite song but there seems like too much trouble coming our way. But if we can step back and get into the flow, we are able to adapt to the changes that the Mars square with Uranus brings to the planet. The best advice is to become selfish in a good way by following our hearts. We won't be thinking clearly anyway during a Solar Eclipse.

I don't like to make predictions but I have a strong image of a Leo rock musician dying from a heart attack or heart failure. An iconic Taurus musician also suffers from ill health and this might even come on suddenly with Uranus in Taurus. A conflict between the US and Canada could erupt due to tariffs since this Solar Eclipse lands close to Independence Day for the US and Canada Day for Canadians. We'll be focusing on Mexico but the tension builds with the country north of the US. I do see resolution but only if the American people have the political will to end the crisis in the White House. (I hope this does not come to pass. I respect Canada and I don't want to see a conflict between the US and Canada. Send light to these two countries).

The other energy in the potential (and I hope this one does happen) is the American youth rebelling against the collective slavery that has kept them trapped. If you thought the Baby Boomers were movers and shakers for social change wait until you see what transpires this summer. The youth represent fearlessness and authenticity while shouting, "Enough is enough!" And yes, it's time to step out of the illusion spun by a few families who are actually living in scarcity consciousness.

When we experience abundance we don't hoard and we pay our fair share of taxes because we know that money will benefit the collective. And if these words carry communist or socialist vibrations it's what Uranus in Taurus is all about! President Roosevelt's New Deal was launched during the last time Uranus was in Taurus. So is it a coincidence that the US Congress is now presenting the Green New Deal? Face it, when Uranus is in Taurus we use our minds to innovate. And our hearts are involved too as we ask what is best for the greater good, not just for individuals. Just wait until Pluto arrives in Aquarius in 2024. Uranus in Taurus paves the way.

Now, let's look at the Solar Eclipse Sun and Moon both in the sign of the nurturer. We gaze at motherhood, mothers, and homes while millions of people don't even have a home. We come up with sudden insights on ways to provide homes in the way of affordable housing. Perhaps, we build tiny hemp homes or American families join together and rent or buy a home which they run as a cooperative home (it has been done successfully in the past). Artists, single mothers, and fringe groups look into this option.

We will be looking at overpriced real estate and overbidding for homes as well as, developers who own ghost homes (homes bought for investments and no one lives in them). We must end these greedy practices because they are at the core of the homeless problem. The other issue is around job security and workers not paid their worth.

The Sun/Moon conjunct the North Node and oppose Saturn/South Node. If we keep doing things the same way we did in the past, we will continue to suffer the same woes. Chiron is also in a wide square with the Sun/Moon. I read an article by Astrologer Jessica Adams who spoke about Chiron in Aries representing fathers and sons. So, let's watch for themes around the relationships men have with their fathers and their male offspring. We all feel like The Fool starting a new cycle or a new journey into the unknown. Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius tells us to take a leap of faith into the void. But we do have historic lessons to pave the way forward. Let's learn from the mistakes we made in the past.

Finally, I noticed a zigzag pattern in this chart that resembles Aquarius-Uranus thunderbolts. This is why I feel that we're in for some surprises. They feel unprecedented and they bring permanent transformation. I hear the words, "Lay of the land." I'm not sure how to interpret those words. Does this refer to earthquakes or weather patterns that transform the landscape or is it more of a metaphor? We'll find out on or around July 2, 2019.

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