Monday, September 17, 2018

Taurus Full Moon for October 24, 2018---Charging Ahead

Image is of Montreal, Quebec (Taurus) from Pix a Bay

Where Deep Waters Meet Excitement 

Pay attention to the signs as we charge ahead. Many of us have grown tired of sitting on our hands or walking on eggshells. Our patience has worn thin as we witness too many people asleep at the wheel. Natural disaster after natural disaster and there still seems to be no environmental solutions. The rich get richer and the poor, more poor. 

But wait. We're poised for another turn of the proverbial wheel. Here we go!

You might be asking, what's that all about? Well, the Full Moon on October 24 at 1 degree Taurus weds to Uranus which is retrograde at 0 degrees Taurus. And even though this is happening in the Fixed Sign of the Cow (which can be quite bullish at times), Uranus gives us the push to charge ahead. It's like we've been in a corral for ages and then Uranus unlocks the gate and we see a wide open space waiting for us.

And the Moon, although in a stable Earth Sign, still impacts our emotions. We feel instinctual when the Moon is in a sign of an animal (Goats, Scorpions, Cows...) and our intuition shoots through the roof. We can also use this Earth energy to manifest our long held dreams on the collective level.

What transformation would you love to see happen on the planet? Would you like to see more solar power, more wind power, cleaner oceans, or peace between nations? This is all possible now if we harness our dreams into the collective energy of Unity Consciousness.

I also want to alert you to some cycle's ending which take place two weeks from the Taurus Full Moon. Uranus moves back into Aries on November 6 and on the same day, the North Node moves out of Leo and continues its journey in Cancer (South Node in Capricorn). Then on November 8, Jupiter roams into its own sign Sagittarius.

Venus and Neptune go direct in November and Mars moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces (finally!). And I would like to tell you that the Taurus Full Moon brings us some stability before November's changes in the wind, but alas, it won't with the Moon conjunct Uranus. This my friends, is a revolutionary chart. Mars is completing its 6 month tour in Aquarius. Retrograde Venus conjuncts the Sun and Ceres in Scorpio (transformation). Neptune and Pluto continue their sextile also bringing powerful transformation or alchemy on the planet. And the manifestation power of Saturn trine Uranus in Earth Signs continues as well. Change is gonna come and we can't stop it. Why would we want to stop it?

Meanwhile, Mercury (communication and thoughts) conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio (seeing the darkness and shadows) so we're either healing our psychological wounds or manipulating others during this Full Moon (more shadows than light). And let's not forget the planets in the mid degrees because they show us the work we still have ahead of us so we must protect ourselves from apathy or the urge to give up the fight.

Mars is in mid degrees, Neptune is in mid degrees and so is Pluto (mid degrees for me are 13 to 18 degrees). True mid degree is 14-15. So, I like to give the analogy that if we were running a marathon we would be between 13 and 15 miles into the race and we still have less than half the mileage to complete. Are we going to pace ourselves so that we have energy left for the last mile?

Please check out my Taurus Full Moon video on YouTube for further details. And subscribe to my Neptune Girl News if you would like to probe further into October's transits and the Scorpionic energy.

In the meantime, begin your manifestation process for a New Earth today so that we see some results during the surprising Taurus Full Moon on October 24.

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Special Note: Places ruled by Taurus will experience unexpected events and surprises around the Taurus Full Moon.

Oak Harbor, Washington, US
Hastings and Eastbourne (England)
Palermo (Italy) 
East Timor
St. Louis
The Greek Islands

And more...

Monday, September 10, 2018

Libra New Moon on October 8, 2018--Don't Give Up Now


Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize

I produced a separate podcast which you can find on my YouTube channel, Astrologer Patricia. I will cover some of the same chart features for this article and then I will give a rundown on what themes you can expect depending on which of your Natal Houses the Libra New Moon lands.

The most important aspect for me are the planets at mid degrees or just past the mid degrees. This includes the New Moon and the Sun at 15 Libra, Neptune at 14 degrees Pisces, and Pluto at 18 degrees which I still consider mid-range.

Now, the problems with mid-range degrees is that it's like we're halfway through running a marathon. We lack the initial energy that we experienced at the beginning of the race and our athletic prowess and focus wanes. We're far from the finish line and we feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. Or we have grown bored because the middle part of the race lacks the excitment that we feel at the start and at the end of the race.

And as I mentioned in my podcast, Neptune doesn't move out of Pisces until 2025 and Pluto doesn't change signs until 2024. So, we still have a ways to go. Meanwhile, Pluto has brought relentless transformation and has brought on the Dark Night of the Soul on the repeat mode, especially to people with many planets in Capricorn, Aries, Libra, and Cancer. So, who among these folks doesn't want to give up the fight? Enough already, right?

And yet, we must keep our eyes on the prize, a saying once used by the African-American solidarity movement. And that prize is Neptunian as it is Plutonian. That prize is a transformed planet where peace and justice reigns. And where we practice compassion, forgiveness and understanding. It's a vision of Unity Consciousness, but first we must expose the underbelly or the darkness operating on the planet that has worn a mask to hide its abusive behaviors.

And that mask is one of the most powerful and the most wealthy men (and women) on the planet. Oh, how we admire these folks at the altar of money and wealth.

Meanwhile, Mars is at 9 degrees Aquarius at the time of the Libra New Moon. Nine is the endpoint number in numerology and it represents completing a cycle. Pluto is at 18 degrees which also adds up to 9. And then, we have Uranus and Saturn in the early degrees so this energy is merely introducing itself. Saturn will remain in Capricorn for another year and eight months since it stays in a sign for 2 1/2 years and it entered Capricorn December of 2017. And Uranus will remain in Taurus until April 26, 2026. But first, it transits back into Aries in November and back into Taurus March of 2019.

However, the energy for the Libra New Moon is to find balance in our personal lives so that we find harmony on the global stage. And how do we find harmony in a world where injustice seems to take place in every industry and practice? By waking up our consciousness and refusing to partake in exchanges with companies and people who pedal suffering on the planet or use divisiveness to reach their bottom lines.

And this is easier than we think because new economic models are waiting on the sidelines as are other innovations that will allow us to step outside of the matrix if we choose. And well, that's another story. Yet, Libra does ask us to take a hard look at our values and whether or not we walk our talk. And Libra asks us to stop behaving in a passive-aggressive manner because people have less tolerance for indirect communication these days. So, it's time to heal our wounds that are underneath passive-aggressive behaviors. Because, really, who wants to hang out with a person who mistakes barbs for wit?

This chart also contains a Grand Fixed Square even if the orbs are wider than I would normally like. And I believe that this is the last or one of the last Grand Fixed Squares in a series we've experienced with the North Node in Leo, Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This is because Mars will move into Pisces in November, the North Node will move into Cancer in November, and Uranus will move back into Aries in November--which is only one month away from the Libra New Moon.

So, we have reached a culmination point of the fixed square between Mars and Uranus as well as, the Moon nodes. And on January 21, 2019, we will experience the last of the Leo-Aquarius cycle eclipses with the Lunar Eclipse at 0 degrees Leo. This means that we must hone the lessons and themes brought up by the fixed squares that took place between May and November of 2018. This revolves around justice and injustice, grassroots causes, revolutions, innovative thinking versus tradition, etc...And we will witness more youth rising up against injustice which Mars in Aquarius ignites and then Uranus returning to Aries in November will force us to reach a win-win conclusion to this chapter (between November 2018 and March 2019).

Okay, so now, let's take a look at how the Libra New Moon will impact each of the 12 Zodiac Houses. Take a look at your chart and look for the Libra symbol on a cusp. That's the house where the themes of the New Moon take center stage for you.

First House: You care deeply about your personal rights. And you are willing and ready to give people their walking papers if they don't honor your boundaries and pay heed to your demands. Tone it down a bit because you can reach a win-win conclusion if you employ diplomacy and a little charm goes a long way. Also, pay attention to any health concerns you might have with blood sugar and you kidneys. You could also suffer from headaches if you repress your anger and don't find a healthy outlet to express your needs.

Second House: Your concern is negotiating fair contracts with people and companies that help you get your talents and skills out in the world. Your life falls out of balance if you don't walk your talk. Know your values and live and breathe them for best results. A flow of money is possible if you play fair in the sandbox while also advocating for your side of the bargain.

Third House: You especially must watch for any passive-aggressive tendencies, especially with siblings, neighbors, and in short-distance communication. Otherwise, this is a wonderful time to send correspondence, take a short trip, or to get involved with K-12 education. You could however, run into communication difficulties with a cousin or sibling. Remember to speak softly and to carry a stick which just means to set boundaries in how other people communicate with you.

Fourth House: It's time to renovate your home or to clear up miscommunication with your mother. A cluttered home equals a cluttered mind, so clear out any clutter from your home to liberate your mind. This is also a time to negotiate a good deal on a new house or to sell a home. Create harmony in your home.

Fifth House: Throw a dinner party where you can pair off single friends and colleagues. You want to play matchmaker or you want to delve into the performing arts. Perhaps, you feel like taking risks, or dating someone new. And this is a good time to meet new people who become friends.

Sixth House: Protect yourself from low blood sugar, obsesity, and diabetes by drinking plenty of water and cutting back, if not cutting out sugar. Get your health in balance by getting your daily routine in balance. This is also a good time to settle any disagreements you have with people that work for you. And take care of the health of your pets too.

Seventh House: This is the Libra House and when the New Moon falls in the 7th House it's a wonderful time to work on your partnerships. It's also a good time to meet potential partners through dating and if you've been dating a while, why not get engaged? Settle legal disputes. And sign new contracts on the day of the New Moon and after it. This is also a good day to tie the knot.

Eight House: If you find that the people holding the purse strings are also your abusers, then end those partnerships or arrangements around the time of the New Moon. This is also a time to protect yourself with sexual partners if you don't want to bring babies into the world. It is also time to settle tax bills or disputes. And if you are signing any new contracts, read the fine print because there's  a good chance that the contract is in favor of the other party and not you. Negotiate.

Ninth House: Sign publishing or other legal contracts now. You might also embark on a journey of higher education by enrolling at a university. This is a wonderful time for cultural exchange because you are at your charming best. Long-distance travel and long-distance communication go well. And you could meet the love of your life overseas or you meet someone from overseas and fall in love. The Libra New Moon in the 9th goes well for diplomats.

Tenth House: Start a new job now or take your career to a new level. You do this best when you redefinine your image through new clothing, a new hairstyle, and by smoothing out your communication skills. If you are job-seeking, then now is a good time to take professionals out to coffee and network. When the Sun and Moon transit through the 10th House, you are in the spotlight.

Eleventh House: If you are an advocate or an activist then use Libra diplomacy to educate the public about your cause. Go on speaking tours or advocate through online media. Join a cause or network with likeminded people. Networking in general goes well. I see legal situations with large corporations settling on the side of the people or the public.

Twelfth House: If you feel invisible like no one is even listening to you, then use this time to slip behind the veil and get involved with spiritual groups and classes. Or if you want to go it alone, hone your intuition, channel higher spirits, or take a yoga class. Invisibility has its perks. Lay low and get some rest to recharge your batteries. Meditate. Buddhists are favored with this transit.

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Saturn Direct on September 6, 2018---Jump Start The Rebuilding Process


Saturn Direct--Let the Rebuilding Process Begin

If you've felt that you are lacking bodily strength or the stamina to complete projects, this is because Saturn has been retrograde since April 17. The good news is that Saturn goes direct on September 6. However, we feel frustrated that our lives are not moving forward because Saturn has been stationary at 2 degrees (RX) since mid-August. And even after the planet goes direct it stays at 2 degrees for most of September.

Interestingly, 2 degrees is critical for 2018. The Mars and Uranus square took place exact at 2 degrees. Uranus has been stationed at 2 degrees since July 1. And 2 degrees feels like someone dipping their feet into the water. It's not moving forward really and not moving backwards, at least not as quickly as we would like. (I have my N Node at 2 degrees Cancer).

And if any of us have a Node or planet at 2 degrees in any sign this feels irritating when an outer planet stays at 2 degrees for a several weeks. It is an itch that we can't scratch. It breeds a restlessness or anticipation of an unknown event. And that's not all that is strange about the September 6, 2018 chart for Saturn. The configuration are often out-of-sign or just plain wonky.

But let's look at the Saturn transit first. When Saturn is at 2 degrees backwards or forwards, it forms an exact trine with Uranus in Taurus. And in this chart, the planets pull in Mercury at 0 degrees Virgo. And this is kind of a repeat of the Grand Earth Trine that appeared in the Pisces Full Moon and the Mars RX charts except it was the Sun in the early degrees of Virgo. We are poised and grounded but life circumstances seem to be stagnating. It's as if we have all the pieces in place but we can't start the vehicle to move forward.

Saturn has been in the pause mode or at least the Saturnian parts of ourselves has retreated from the world of ambition and achievement. And for some folks there have been injuries with bones, teeth, and connective tissue to heal during the Saturn retrograde period. I actually got tendonitis in my thumb after Saturn turned RX and it is still on the mend. The family dog had teeth problems that were finally resolved right before Saturn turning direction.

There might have been healing with authority figures or in regard to authority. And add to that Saturn is in a square with Chiron at 0 degrees Aries, we might be traveling back to our earliest years to resolve our fear or our resentment toward authority.

And then there are all the people who lost their homes or their employment due to fluctuations in the market, immigration situations and natural disasters. It has been a year of enormous losses anyway. And if you are one of these people expect Saturn to bring rebuilders and rebuilding into your life. Just make sure that you don't return to the same old structures you had before. Imagine if you were one of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf blew down your house. Wouldn't you build it of heavier material if you had a second chance? Saturn is bringing us second chances.

And that is what Saturn at 2 degrees Capricorn (and in December at 11 degrees) tells us to do. To rebuild our lives on solid structure. To rebuild our bones and connective tissue. To take better care of our skin. To rest and work in equal measure. And to even rebuild our finances if we have been careless, especially when Saturn was in Sagittarius (2015-17).

We know this about Saturn. It is a karmic planet that brings restrictions, delays, hardship, and challenges to test our metal. The commitments we make when Saturn is in Capricorn and when Saturn is direct have endurance and can go the distance. And yet, many people don't feel comfortable when Saturn moves direct and takes us through initiations and rites of passage.

Saturn also rules old age and wisdom as well as, patience. An elderly person with a healthy Saturn has patience and acts as a mentor. Whereas, an elderly person with a weak Saturn character is crochety and resentful of youth. We've all met this type of person and we certainly don't enjoy riding a bus or subway car with them.

If you have a Capricorn Rising, Capricorn Sun, or Capricorn Moon or many planets in the 10th House of your Natal Chart then you have a Saturnian personality. You know how to conserve energy and you tend to also conserve money as well as, to reserve judgement of others. You move more slowly in the world and you possess great patience, even if you feel like you don't. And you develop physically and mentally more slowly than others so you age more gracefully.

I'll give you some good examples of Capricorn people who aged well: Cary Grant, Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and Vicky Peterson and Susanah, Hoffs from the Bangles. David Bowie also had his Sun in Capricorn and as he grew older and wiser, he also developed into an exceptional business person. These are Saturnian people and they represent a wide spectrum of Saturn. A Saturnian person does not toss in the towel because of a perceived failure. They see that as a challenge to become stronger and more resistant to failure. However, they can also become to sober and authoritative and come off as uncaring to more sensitive types.

So, when Saturn was retrograde as it does every year for around 4 to 5 months, we conserve our energy. We conserve money and resources, and we probably save money too during those months. We simply don't have the physical energy to purchase big ticket items though some people defy this energy anyway. It is a time of preparing for the future, hunkering down, and dealing with situations that are right in front of us, rather than a year away.

On the day Saturn turns direct, we have 2 Golden Triangles representing opportunities. The first opportunity (not the first time we've experienced this triangle) includes Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto and it is about healing our subconscious so that we ascend spiritually.

The other triangle includes the Virgo Sun, Jupiter in Scorpio (again) and Pluto in Capricorn. And I feel that we get to step back and reassess our lives so that we rebuild on more solid ground. All that Scorpio and Pluto energy has brought on inescapable transformation which left chaos in the wake. And this energy helps us to gain the strength to move forward.

Some of the challenges in this chart includes an out-of-sign Grand Square with Uranus, Mars, Venus and the Moon. Two of these planets are considered feminine and two are considered masculine. So it feels like there is a deadlock between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine or is it a standoff. "How can we experience this union," asks the Divine Feminine to the Divine Masculine, "if men and women are not treated like equals?" And on one hand the feminine longs to unite with the masculine but she pulls up a yield sign. "Wait a minute, guys! Not so fast."

Obviously, there is much healing that must happen before this union occurs, including forgiving resentment for centuries of the mistreatment of the Divine Feminine. And this theme is further emphasized by an out-of-sign yod that includes Mars, Chiron, and Mercury. And this reminds me of children or the inner child not able to move forward until we resolve those old issues with authority that hide in our subconscious minds. Finally, the Sun opposes Neptune saying that we will no longer suffer delusions. Meaning, we want all the facts before ploughing forward.

No matter how you view Saturn changing directions, it is going to feel more like a bump in the road than a hiccup. And it goes direct a week after Mars turned direct and a little over two weeks when Mercury went direct. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are still retrograde. And this autumn Venus goes retrograde for a month. And the theme for 2018, still is to prepare for the inevitable ascension process whether you are in the first, second, third or other wave of ascenders.

Those of you in the first and second waves have a strong Saturn in your chart and have taken on the huge mantle of responsibility, as Saturn would expect. And you'll also have a lot of natal traffic to Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron. I think you know who you are. Keep on keeping on. You have the strength and the stamina to reach the finish line.

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Friday, August 24, 2018

Aries Full Moon for September 24, 2018

 Getting Down to Business of Launching You

The energy I'm picking up for September is that the Virgo New Moon launches a project, business or situation that requires research and the formation of an action plan. Then when the Aries Full Moon transits, launch those projects, businesses or situations.

Jupiter is direct. Saturn is direct and most important, Mars is direct. And better yet, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde so we can redirect our outer focus to inner focus. This brings a collective sigh of relief since during the past several months despite our efforts at healing ourselves, we have been drawn to world events or we've experienced crisis in our families or communities.

Now, we can push forward with personal healing and the Virgo New Moon promotes changing our daily routine and even making changes to our daily work environment so that we increase our well-being. This marks a time of removing toxins (both physical and emotional) from our environment. And the Aries Full Moon during the last week of the month gives us the drive and vitality to launch a new exercise program or to just get more physically active however that shows up for each of us.

So, let's take a look at the Aries Full Moon chart. It contains two T-Crosses and no Grand Trines. The first cross involves the Aries Moon conjunct Chiron (ouch!) opposite the Sun conjunct Mercury and Ceres and squaring Saturn in Capricorn. At least Uranus and Pluto aren't involved with the T-Cross (remember those squares from the recent past?) But Chiron is conjunct the Moon so there are mother-child issues that surface. There are troubled youth issues that surface, as if we haven't seen our share of the children's revolution already.

(And did I just hear about a 14-year-old boy running for governor in the US?)

Children want to come first or at least they deserve some consideration when our governments create policies or adults set the parameters for education, food policies, and even the cost of tuition. This Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries is also going to have us debating gun laws, street violence, car accidents involving youth, ADHD, and other issues directly affecting today's youth. Mothers and types of mothering come under question such as mothers who micro-manage their children's lives or mothers who neglect their children in favor of their careers. After all, the super mom concept is just a myth and not reality.

And you ask, then what is happening with the father which is represented by the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres in Libra. Is he talking out two sides of his mouth? Is he seeking equality in the marriage and of raising the children or is his wife seeking litigation with him because of child abuse or because of a divorce? Or this could even represent a house husband who raises the children while his wife works outside of the home. I'm also hearing about new caretaker laws and regulations.

Then finally, we draw in Saturn in Capricorn which represents karma and taking responsibility. It's about grown ups acting like grown ups. It could even represent young people becoming parents and taking on the responsibility at too young an age and requiring help from adults.

The Fixed T-Cross includes Uranus in Taurus, Venus in Scorpio, and Mars in Aquarius. The outlet is in Leo. That means if we want to solve our situations and problems then we must show up as authentic people. It's not time to please others or to even please ourselves by pleasing others. This is not a time to seek validation from anyone but to go deep within our hearts to discover our truth and then from that truth to radiate our authenticity. Imagine the excitement if everyone acting from their authenticity rather than copy or imitate celebrities.

This Leo outlet asks us to bolster our courage and confidence. It asks us to strike out on our own if we are called to do that. And it really doesn't matter if other people don't get us because that's just the ego taking center stage. And I feel that we must resolve issues around sex, gender, gender equality and freedom. If we thought the sexual revolution of the 1960s turned heads, wait until the end of this September. I'm not sure how Uranus and Aquarius are going to show up for this party, but expect the unexpected around gender. This could even come out of Hollywood or New York City. It's going to surprise us with its drama.

Finally, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune continue a Golden Triangle which bolsters our power to ascend. Fortunately, the Virgo energy of the month helps us stay grounded. Otherwise, we swim off to the cosmos and believe just about anything anyone tells us as long as it is spiritual in nature. People are prone to joining cults, to getting involved with strange spiritual practices, or believing that their neighbor flew in on a space ship from Adromeda. Use discernment folks.

So, the overall message revolves around getting grounded and doing research so that we launch something spectacular on a personal and on a global level by the end of the month. Well, we are in for an exciting ride no matter what transpires.

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Holy Virgo Season--New Moon in Virgo on September 9, 2018

On September 9, we experience the Virgo New Moon at 17 degrees. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury form a Triple Conjunction. And this is important because Mercury is in one of its two signs, Virgo which rules personal health, along with your daily environment and communication. It also rules high-tech.

This Moon comes during a Grand Earth Trine that involves the Sun, Moon, Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus. Granted, the Sun and Moon are in a wide orb with the other planets but I am lumping them into a Triple Conjunction with Mercury which is in orb with the Saturn and Uranus. Uranus went retrograde in August and Saturn is stationary direct (it went direct on September 6). This is important because now that Mars, Mercury, and Saturn are direct, it's time to get down to business.

Virgo is a sign for getting organized and becoming more efficient. This is with personal and global finances. People could be more conservative and spend less money on products during this time, but more money on services. Massage therapists, for instance, and energy healers, align with more clients requiring body work, especially from all the strain of the eclipse season that passed.

But the Grand Earth Trine is going beyond finances and consumerism. We also grow more concerned about Gaia and living in balance with the planet, especially during the last week of September around the Equinox when the Sun moves into Libra (a Cardinal Sign that rules justice and balance). It is crucial that we take care of our bodily health and the planet's well-being. But what else does this Virgo Moon represent?

When we think of Virgo (the Virgin) we think of celibacy or sexual virgins as pure as the driven snow. But Virgo really represents the maiden voyage. It represents serving from the heart instead of the ego. It desires purification and clearing the slate. It is on the polar opposite of Pisces which rules compassion and forgiveness.

Yet, when Virgo is out of balance, she judges others harshly. She grows sensitive to her environment and shields herself against other people. Instead, of seeing others as projecting shadows onto them or using other people as mirrors, Virgo tries to fix others so she feels better about herself. Unfortunately, this just leads to stress, digestion problems, and other health concerns, such as hypochondria caused by nervous tension.

While Pisces can live and let go, Virgo has trouble letting go. Virgo requires purification from doubts, worries, fears, and limitations. Virgo is meant to assimilate information that it gathers during the course of a day. It is one of the signs that represents the media (the other sign is Gemini). But Virgo is an Earth Sign so it wants solid facts without any embellishment. "Just give me the facts, m'am." Virgo can also get lost in the details and refuse to gaze at the bigger picture (Pisces and Sagittarius).

However, for the Earth and Water Signs in September (and last week of August), getting finances in order is the call of the day. Getting one's health in order is another call of the day. If you lack vitality how will you handle the work load coming your way? And we also must take time to meditate and practice some kind of gentle exercise such as yoga. Spending time in the natural world helps us ground ourselves but make sure you are grounding yourself in the crystalline grid and not the matrix grid (be specific when you work with your guides).

I get a sense from my guides that we all benefit by blessing the Earth, her creatures, the land, the water, the air, and the warmth. It is time to think of ways we can live more sustainably, even if that involves doing some research (Virgo loves research). We rely more on our analytical minds connected to our heart center during this Virgo season. And it's time to turn to the master builder signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo).

Golden Triangles take the edge off the Fixed T-Cross that involves Uranus, Venus, and Mars (which is at 29 degrees Capricorn and almost in 0 degrees Aquarius). And the on-going square between Mars and Uranus continues to play out. This tension speaks of revolution and speaking our minds about taking better care of the Earth, and the rights of all creatures. It is also about the rights of children, women, and men. This T-Cross shouts for justice and equality and it's not going to let its hands off the power elite. Ironically, we could just as well reclaim our inner power and the power elite would no longer be a problem since they control through fear and making each of us feel less-than. We can choose to reclaim our authentic selves and connect to the crystalline grid.

The Moon, the Sun, and Mercury are in opposition to Neptune (Pisces). This means that we are asked to connect with your heart center even when our analytical minds are spinning judgements of others and trying to fix what's wrong with the world. Neptune is asking us to step out of this 3D way of thinking and just go with the flow of our heart energy (not easy for Earth energy). But Jupiter is still in Scorpio in a trine with Neptune and Neptune is in a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. So, if we do get in touch with our hearts, we expand our consciousness into the vast cosmos. Why not take this journey when Jupiter is in Scorpio (it leaves this sign in November)?

Now, I'm breaking down the Zodiac Signs by Elements:

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)

With all this Earth energy, you feel stuck and you go to battle with complacency. You prefer passionate and ambitious energy with an action plan. You prefer to chase windmills and lop the heads off your competitor. But that's old world thinking and if you think this way, you're still living in the matrix. Use your passion to innovate and to motivate others to show up as their authentic selves. Use your vitality to coach others into healthier minds and bodies. We need your encouragement now and your courage. And the adventure this time is in the spirit realm. Are you up for something that will blow your minds and get you into your hearts? The heart is where it's at. That is where your true power lives, especially for Leos.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn)

Finances and rebuilding represent the key words for you along with grounding. You are grounding yourself after experiencing fallout from the past months or even the past decade (especially Capricorn). You play a serious role here as the master rebuilder, however, take time to play and to nourish your mind-body-spirit. Take time to breathe and give thanks to Gaia for all she has provided for you. Practice gratitude every moment of the day if possible. Meditate so that you stay connected with Higher Guidance for as master builders this higher guidance acts as your lifeline. Learn to give and receive in equal measures. There's a lot of shaking going on so make sure you stay in touch with your inner GPS so that you are in the right place at the right time, far away from the cracks forming on the Earth.

Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio)

Dream big and not just for yourself. What do you envision for your community and for the world? People literally float into your life now as you engage with synchronicity. You are a wild-eye child of the Moon and Neptune living on Moonbeams and the wings of prayers. And this works for you. You get a clear sense of your cosmic destiny. And Fire Sign people will keep you motivated and help you build your confidence to manifest and live your dreams. Earth Sign people help you build new structure and the Air Sign people teach you out to detach from your monkey mind. The path is before you and it is up to you to step on to it and walk your way into destiny.

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra)

While I understand your need to detach, getting in touch with your heart works wonders for you and your personal development. Spending too much time in your mind causes you to lose your footing in the higher dimensions which are ruled by the Heart. Someone once told you that expressing your emotions leads to vulnerability. Since you don't enjoy vulnerability you shy away from feeling the sensations in your body and if you could, you would live in your mind full-time. The problem with this approach is that it leads to stress and disease. Regain your balance by delving into your heart and allowing your passions to emerge. Yes, this feels uncomfortable at first, but you'll get used to balancing your heart with your head, resembling a high-wire act.

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Pisces Full Moon on August 26, 2018---Welcome to Cosmic Pisces

Astrologers have waxed poetry about the Pisces Moon. This is the Moon that is whimsical, otherworldly and the Moon to take us closest to Unity Consciousness. And with Neptune also in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio, we're slipping on our space boots and losing ourselves in the vast cosmos.

We experience this year's Pisces Full Moon on August 26. And for many people with dominant Water and Earth in their charts, they welcome the soothing tones of this Moon. The more fiery and airy types will struggle through the spiritual and emotional depths of Pisces. And this would be a mistake because Pisces represents freedom as well as, unity. It represents deep spiritual insights and in its own way, Pisces represents passion as we follow our bliss.

Pisces, similar to Sagittarius, is a big picture Zodiac Sign. Pisces people often miss the details because their minds and hearts are swimming in the cosmos and hearing the subtle songs of Neptune so far off in our galaxy. Pisces enjoys getting lost on a path or set loose on a vagabond road. Pisces is Jack Kerouac's journey On The Road as it is equally, Jacques Cousteau's underwater adventures. But Pisces can just as easily lose footing in solid reality through a myriad of addictions or mental illness. And even then, Pisces has a way of transcending addiction and emerging as powerful healers and teachers.

But whereever Pisces is in our chart is where we feel this sensitive and vulnerable fish energy. It's where we are able to express compassion and forgiveness. It's where we wear our spiritual mask or hide our spirituality from others, especially if we have Pisces in the 12th House or were born with Neptune in Pisces (births since 2012). And when the Pisces Full Moon conjuncts Neptune (the following day after the Full Moon), we get a triple dose of Pisces energy. Use this time to meditate and connect with Higher Light Beings.

The veils between realms thins and even the most stolid person feels that they communicate with their ancestors and angels. It's a time when everyone feels that they honed their intuition. And this is how Pisces gifts each of us. We know without knowing how we know. We think of someone and then when our phone rings it's that person calling us. We think of a song and then we hear that song moments later coming from the computer or a radio. We remember a movie and then someone mentions that movie later that day. Or our nightly dreams take us to otherworldly places.

So, let's take a look at the Pisces Full Moon chart because it contains a pyramid configuration which combines a Grand Earth Trine (Uranus, Saturn, and the Sun) with a Golden Triangle (Uranus, the Moon and Saturn). And it looks like there is an additional Golden Triangle off to the side (Pluto, Jupiter, and Neptune).

We don't see any challenging configurations such as a T-Cross, but we we have Venus squaring Mars and Mars in an out-of-sign square with Uranus. Venus is also squaring Pluto and Saturn is squaring Chiron. So, we're not without tension between male and female or children and adults. And the answer exist in our hearts--and it is love of the universal and not the romantic nature unless we plan on romancing the cosmos. This is a good time to manifest our desires but be careful what you wish for because it will materialize.

Neptune and Pluto remain in a sextile and Jupiter and Neptune remain in a Water Trine. This energy can only lead us to ascension. And this includes the collective since Neptune and Pluto rule the collective. These are the planets that shape entire generations. Yet, people are pulled along kicking and screaming because they would rather deny love to fill their hearts rather than accept the changes that swirl around them.

I see a bird in a cage that ignores the handler opening the cage door. The bird has grown accustom to imprisonment and is too fragile in the mind to seek freedom. People on the planet who are conditioned to be fed and watered by the power elite (corporations, big religion, government, etc) lack the confidence or the courage to breakout and pursue new ground or the open sky. And we can't really blame them when they thought that their loyalty and duty to the powerful ones made them good and righteous citizens. No one appreciates learning that they have been duped. So, let's have patience and Pisces compassion for everyone.

And then there are those who fall into the gullible trap. They can't think for themselves either. They require a guru to light every step of the way for them. But the Aquarius Age is a guru-free era. The guru is in your own heart and in your own mind. So, destroy the illusions of not being good enough or worthy of love. You don't need to prove yourself or earn love. Pisces showers love on everyone regardless of what we've done, left undone, left unsaid, or haven't done yet. Pisces tells us that everyone is worthy of forgiveness and everyone is worthy of grace. And everyone is part of us in Unity Consciousness regardless of the illusion of separation (ego).

Activities that go well during the Pisces Full Moon are everything that is in service to others, teaching spiritual workshops, spiritual healing, yoga, meditation, the performing arts, photography, getting lost in a healthy fantasy, writing fantasy novels, creating worlds inside worlds, ascension, and healing addictions.

Welcome to the Pisces voyage...

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Leo Solar Eclipse for August 11, 2018 (18 degrees, 42 minutes)--Open the Gate


Roar!!!!--Here Comes the Leo Solar Eclipse for 2018

Today, I downloaded information about the outer planets representing the 5th dimension and the personal planets representing the 3rd and 4th dimensions. And Jupiter and Saturn act as the gateway to the higher dimensions. For the Leo Solar Eclipse (less intense than both the Cancer Solar Eclipse and the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse), I see a gate flinging open. It's a gate to a sheep pen. The gate opens and only the boldest sheep exit the pen. The others are still seeking a guru.

The other part to this is that even the outer planets contain two experiences depending on where someone resides the most (the 4th or the 5th dimensions). If I'm doing a reading for a client who spends time in the 5th dimension through light work, energy healing, yoga, meditation, or other forms of spiritual development, then the transits in a Universal chart or even their Natal Chart holds the more positive influences (positive and negative are perceptions). And for those clients still operating mostly in the lower dimensions, will experience the transits as more challenging.

I am not placing a judgement here. We are where we are and whereever we are on this spectrum is where we need to be until the next step appears for us in an event or through a challenge. We are all holding a space, says the Leo Solar Eclipse whereever we are in the spectrum of light and dark. We all shares a greater purpose, especially when we recognize that other people are holding mirrors for us to gain self-knowledge and wisdom. When we understand that, then there is no need to judge anyone. This is not a contest between cowboys wearing white or black hats. We are not residing in the Wild West even if it feels like that sometimes.

The mission here is for each of us to discover our authentic self and for some of us, that revolves around clearing old wounds. The older the wound, the more yucky the process is of cleaning it. And the medicine is delivered through forgiveness of others and the past. And really, isn't it ourselves who we must forgive first? Others don't make us feel bad, we allow them to make us feel bad. And we do this because we believe what they tell us about us. However, only we know who we truly are and the rest of it is mirrors and projections.

Now, the big player in this chart besides, the Sun and the Moon eclipses each other is Jupiter. Jupiter is direct in Scorpio locked into a square with the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, the South and North Nodes, as well as, the asteroid Pallas. Jupiter is also in a flowing aspect with Neptune (which is on-going throughout most of 2018). So, this tells me that the heart represents the higher realm and the ego represents the lower realm because Leo represents both the heart and the ego. And it is through exaggerated darkness that we find the light. Our answer lies in the deep subconscious.

And while this might seem like elementary school math, what does this mean for you personally? Are you at a crossroads asking yourself whether or not to follow your head or your heart? Are you falling into logical instead of spiritual thinking. The spirit just knows without knowing how it knows.  And who is Leo? Leo is our authentic self. Leo gives us permission to bring our unique creativity and joy to the world no matter how that shows up. We all create something, even chaos or drama.

An egotistical Leo acts like a tyrant frightening everyone with his roar. But a heartfelt Leo brings generosity and even philanthropy so that everyone feels special, seen, and heard. Leo says that we all deserve our 15 minutes of fame and that includes everyone. And if you had 15 minutes to get your message across Ted Talk style, what is that message? What can you say that no one else can say in the same way? Do you even know your authentic self? If you don't then there is a long road ahead of discovery presented by this Solar Eclipse.

Venus challenges both Saturn and Chiron. This to me says that we will finally deal with the painful blows to the female psyche. Venus is fighting back. This might have to do with protecting Gaia from more destruction or it might have to do with women's rights. Or it might have to do with women feeling safe to express themselves fully in the world--and that includes the softer side. How many times have women had to fight like men and are now sword-weary? War does little for the complexion and destroys good posture...

Mars squares Uranus and Chiron squares Saturn. This is a double dose of children rising up in a revolution (on social media or on the streets). We must admit that children are no longer accepting the status of invisibility. During the Victorian Era, I'm told, parents expected their children to be seen but not heard. Charles Dickens understood this dymanic when he penned Oliver Twist. But in the US, the novel Little Women at least had us delving into the lives of daughters, their aspirations, and their dreams.

Today, children aren't living such innocent lives (not that those girls did either). They are dealing with violence, vulgarity, and enslavement to cultures that never did serve them. These children are brilliant and even foolish because they will take that leap of faith into the unknown and without any sort of map. And this is because the maps were created by the Patriarchs and they must create new blueprints for the planet.

Mars and Venus are in flowing aspect with Mars in Aquarius and Venus in her own sign Libra. And we do notice that younger folks get along much better with the opposite sex. They have even blurred the lines as we would expect to happen with the Aquarius Age. We all face the challenge of balancing the masculine and the feminine. It's just easier for the younger generations. They carry less baggage than us older folks, but not necessarily less trauma.

So, now, let's take a look at the breakdown for the Zodiac Signs. Since I am in the process of healing my right thumb I am lumping the signs together under Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable qualities. I really don't want to type 12 descriptions.

Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn):

With Chiron in Aries, Venus in Libra with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, there's a lot going on with the Cardinal Signs. The biggest message for you is change which comes from sudden endings and new beginnings. I see an older teacher erasing a chalkboard. And then this teacher prepares a new lesson. This a time of master rebuilding and going back very far in the past to come up with new structures for this new age. The old meets new. But we question those old traditions.

Fixed Signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio):

This is not a time to dig in your heels and you must step way out of your comfort zone. This is especially true for Taurus. You're still mining your subconscious to release patterns and beliefs as well as, reworking timelines and healing your ancestors through the healing work you do on yourselves. Some of you might be suffering from neurological symptoms around this eclipse. Be mindful of your heart and your neurological system because they could suffer under the intensity of the eclipse season. Your main message is to reclaim and to proclaim your authenticity.

Mutable Signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius):

Neptune in Pisces and Vesta in Sagittarius are asking you to consider the bigger dream. You also step up your spiritual practices or take them more seriously. You are actually getting some relief at this time and can take this time to retreat, regroup, and to rest. And I would advise laying low too, especially if you are a teacher because there is information that is still hanging out in the ethers that you don't quite have access to yet. And that information is a game-changer and possibly a career-changer for some of you. Meanwhile, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn bring strength to those of you born under Virgo or Pisces. And Chiron brings healing to those of you born during the time of Gemini and Sagittarius.

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on July 27, 2018--A Sudden Game-Changer

I am writing this post on the Lunar Eclipse on July 2 so this gives you three weeks to prepare for a sudden game-changer. My sense is that two things are happening. One, people are scare-mongering as they have been doing since ancient times in regard to eclipses. And two, our inner children are screaming at us and even throwing tantrums. The solutions really are spiritual in nature or delving into fine and performing arts.

Please also refer to my video on the Lunar Eclipse on my YouTube channel, Astrologer Patricia. It has different text.

Why? Well, because our inner children are tired of playing the same old game the same old way. They want to be heard outside of the collective trance of consumerism, of competition, and of self interests. What's really happening is that most of us feel empty inside. We played the game and we didn't win the prize. We went to the fair and we came back poorer. And all the riches in the world seem to weigh us down.

What we really want is to live outside of the brands, the labels, the identities, and the group-think mentality. We long to rip off masks and live authentically outside of the box. We desire to matter to ourselves and to others. The irony is that when others treat us like we're invisible it's because we feel invisible and we don't even take care of our own needs. Perhaps, we are cheap with ourselves and instead of spending money on a quality item or experience, we search for bargains. Instead of eating an organic peach, we eat the one sprayed with chemicals because it's a few cents cheaper.

Or we do the opposite scenario and we shop until we drop only to find more clutter in our homes that prevents us from getting real with ourselves. Some people shop to escape the reality of their souls and their soul paths. And the Leo Sun is telling us, yes, to consider ourselves, but the Aquarius Moon eclipses the Sun by reminding us that we are a member of a collective. And sometimes, the mob rules. Not that it should, but is life always fair?

And again, I'm seeing hot-headed activists who are really re-activists because instead of responding to situations with calmness and logic, they blow up in anger. And there is a huge difference between responding and reacting. If we keep reacting from our heads instead of responding from our hearts (Aquarius versus Leo), then we end up alienating others. And we don't want to do that because during times of climate changes and upheaval and displacement we really do need to stand together in Unity.

So, let's take a look at the transits because they are HUGE. First, the chart reveals a Grand Fix Cross and this is happening during a time of shakeups brought on by the Moon eclipsing the Sun also in Fixed Signs. The Aquarius Moon aligns with Mars and the South Node. And this alignment opposes the Sun, Pallas, and the North Node in the fiery sign Leo. Then Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio (in opposition) square the Sun and the Moon, etc... Is this starting to sound like the song "Age of Aquarius"?

How do we move into this new age when we're still fighting among us? Where is this brotherhood that Aquarius represents? Where is the sisterhood? Where is the love that Leo wishes to spread througout the planet? Why are we allowing the ego to win over the heart? Oh, I know, it's because the other guy is wrong and we are right. Really? Who is going to take the higher road here?

That Fixed Grand Square contains a powerful Lunar Eclipse which brings fruition and completion. It tells us which path we walk on the karmic wheel. And it's going to rock the earth or some would say, "rock our world." We must get past this idea of being right and instead let's play fair. And we must play fair with ourselves before we can play fair with others because as the saying goes, "There's only one of us here." It's odd how people can speak of Oneness and then turn around by judging others who aren't part of their oneness. Sorry, but it just doesn't work like that.

Uranus in Taurus asks us what do we value? What do we hold dear? And this includes beliefs even though that is more of the mental process. We might also find that we feel overburden with our things and our belongings. We want to clear the way for a new life but we are unable to get rid of our stuff because no one wants it any longer.

Meanwhile, Jupiter in Scorpio asks us to clear our ancestral DNA and to practice radical forgiveness, especially around childhood issues with the flowing aspect between Mars/Moon in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries. And we need to build new structures which is highlighted with the trine between Saturn and Uranus (both RX) so we're looking back at ancient models to do this work. Jupiter in Scorpio can help us uncover ancient societies too. I hope we learn from our mistakes.

We do get some relief from two Golden Triangles in the chart which both involve Pluto, the transformer and Jupiter, the expander. These triangles also bring us an outlet from the Grand Fix Square through Jupiter because this planet is plugged into both triangles.

Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Pluto in Capricorn

Jupiter, Pluto, and Venus/Ceres in Virgo.

The triangles ask us to transform the world through compassion and spirituality that brings in more light. This is a time of deep reflection and self-exploration. Certainly, it couldn't hurt to revisit some of your favorite self-help books and DVDs, especially for meditation and yoga. Do they still resonate with you or do you need more masterful tools? Or perhaps, you find a new layer in the teachings previously hidden from you.

One last caveat, follow your own inner guidance now. Do not get caught up in the teachings of others. Use those as stepping stones but do not build your entire structure based on someone else's beliefs. We are all human. And even the most accurate channels still have an ego (including me). Take only what resonates with you and use that as a launching pad for your own inspiration, passion, and to deepen the conversation. The student is also the teacher. And if you're here reading this then you are a masterful soul capable of great things. But first you must get in touch with your soul.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Capricorn Full Moon on June 27, 2018--Here Come the Master Builders

The Capricorn Full Moon transits two days before my 54th birthday on June 27, 2018 at 9:53 p.m. and it's right smack on my Ascendant at 6 degrees and 28 minutes, opposite my Sun. And it brings in Saturn through a conjunction. Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius on the same day. And Neptune turned retrograde eight days prior. Oh, this will be an interesting week!

Capricorn Full Moon at 6 degrees and 28 minutes--Oh, man!

The Moon chart contains three T-Crosses. The one that I first notice contains Venus in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Mars in Aquarius. The outlet is through Taurus where Uranus transits. Yeah, like that's a relief. Venus in Leo seeks her authentic self which she values and wants to shine in the world. But Jupiter in Scorpio brings up and exaggerates the shadows. Perhaps, people just want to enjoy a more hedonistic lifestyle or some pleasure in their life.

But some bigger event calls for our attention and we get bogged down by our shadows and survival guilt. And then Mars in Aquarius is coming up with some farout conclusions and solutions. Scientists come out of the woodwork and they remind me of the 100s of musicians ecking out a living in Seattle during the late 1980s.

High tech thinks it has the answer. Big pharma thinks it has the answer. Big transnationals flount their solutions, but Mars in Aquarius asks the people to rally for justice and to shed light on the real culprits. Step back, detach, and watch another circus of chaos roll into town.

The second T-Cross contains the Sun in Cancer, the Capricorn Moon, and Chiron at 2 degrees Aries (squaring my N Node in Cancer exact). The outlet for this cross is Libra which ask us to beautify the world, search for our true values, and work for justice. She asks us to live a balanced life and with this T-Cross, we are asked to balance karma.  And since Saturn is conjunct the Moon, we pull in this old guy planet into the cross. This brings up issues of time-space reality, bones, teeth, skin, connective tissue, aging, elders, timelines, and karma. It also brings up integrity and responsibility.

The final T-Cross contains Mars in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, and Mercury in late Cancer (out of sign). The outlet is Scorpio. We need to delve into the deep end. How do our childhood wounds affect the world. When we don't heal our wounds which we think are only personal, really does ripple out to our families, communities, and into the collective. Think of every drop of rain that makes up the ocean. We can no longer distinguish each drop of rain from the ocean water. Neither can we know how our unresolved issues affect the world and the cosmos because in Unity Consciousness, we are all One.

All is not lost with the trine between Uranus and Saturn/Moon giving us the strength and energy to rebuild what has shattered or fallen into ruins due to natural disasters. And even as early as June, we will find ourselves rebuilding towns, communities, and cities due to natural disasters. And we need to also rebuild humanity through kindness and compassion. Face it, we've been unkind to each other ever since you-know-who went into office of US President. Don't worry, I'm not going to get political. But I will say this, there are no excuses for snarkiness or bullying. And we have a lot to clean up on our side of the street. Racism and sexism are not acceptable, neither is shooting people.

This Capricorn Full Moon is asking each of us to grow up and play our part with integrity. Besides Old Man Karma is not going to let us off the hook if and when adults act like children. And speaking of children, let's take our cues from them since they don't have their acts together. When 4 and 5 year olds show us how to treat others, let's listen and watch them. No, let's not just sit on the sidelines. Let us actually treat others, homeless, addict, or not with dignity. Everyone deserves a second chance and who are we to judge another person?

Although Capricorn rules elders, we will be focusing on the acts and deeds of youth. And we do need to also take better care of our elders. I don't want to see any more elders living on the street because countries such as the US don't find elders glamorous or worth their time. And come to think of it, let's rebuild communities to include affordable housing for everyone. And let's create a world where corporations don't enslave their workers and turn them into zombies who don't have time for their families or their passions.

Remember, that Joseph Campbell once proposed the idea of following our bliss. And in order to to do that, we must be free. Mars in Aquarius sings the song of freedom. Let's join hands and sing along.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Gemini New Moon on June 13, 2018--Clarity Or Confusion

Since Gemini rules duality the Gemini New Moon that lands on June 13 brings us clarity versus confusion. In fact, when I pulled up the chart set for Port Townsend, Washington, I felt like I was looking at a Spirograph. I thought I was looking at a series of T-Crosses but no, those aren't real T-Crosses. I feel like Dorothy landing with a thud in the astrological equivalent of Oz. 

And away we go.

Both Sides Now--The Gemini New Moon

The Gemini New Moon usually represents a lively or a chatty time. Conversations range from trivial nonsense to serious philosophical discussions. They could revolve around technology. And communication electrifies the air, especially since Mars transits in Aquarius and Uranus has changed signs and now transits in the earthy sign Taurus. With the Moon coupled with the Sun in the sign of the Twins, we literally get a sense that we are standing at a crossroads. And yet, this crossroad seems surreal like it came out of a children's story. Nothing makes sense.

And this is because we are shaping and forming a new world in the same way that a ceramic artist shapes clay into usable items. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, we take on the roles of master builders. Now, this can mean anything from building a business to building a house. Gemini rules the hands and forearms as well as, handy-crafts and carpentry. We notice more buzzing saws, and hammers at this time because of renovation projects and new buildings going up.

We hear a lot in the media about eye-hand coordination and learning disabilities. We reflect on the mental processes and mental illnesses. And we debate on whether or not people with mental illnesses who commit crimes belong in jail or mental health facilities. This is not a heated debate but one based in practicalities. Remember that Gemini is a detached Air Sign with a mutable quality. Gemini people are the most flexible and adaptable of signs. They are ruled by Mercury which also rules Virgo. Gemini people immerse themselves in words, short-distance communication, short-distance travel, computer technology, word games, and just like Gemini Cindi Lauper once sang, "They just want to have fun," and they add, "stop depressing me."

So, then, what can we expect from the Gemini New Moon? This new moon is livelier than the last two year's Gemini new moons because Saturn is no longer in Sagittarius opposing the Moon. Unfortunately, Saturn transits in the Earth Sign Capricorn, Jupiter transits in Scorpio, Pluto transits in Capricorn, and Uranus transits in Taurus during the time of the Gemini New Moon. So, that feels like serious business to a Gemini. That's like throwing a wet towel on someone's passionate moment.

Fortunately, the planet of love, Venus transits in Leo so this brings creativity and romance to the mix. Chiron transits in Aries which mainly reflects on children and our inner child demanding to be heard. Perhaps, this comes through written communication such as poetry, or radio broadcasts or YouTube podcasts. Children definitely feature into the picture and they have a lot to say. They're not going to keep quiet, not for one moment.

And finally, Mars in Aquarius brings out precocious or genius children. They come off as know-it-alls and they won't show adults respect.  But guess what? They're probably spot-on with their keen observations and they are inventive to say the least. Should we listen? You bet we should listen to the younger voices in the room. They don't only represent the future, they represent the sanest path to the future.

One caveat is to watch for the silver-tongue con person. The dark side of Gemini is the trickster or the person who twists words or uses flattery to get what he or she wants. It is a good idea to learn the tricks of narcissists and sociopaths so that we can avoid their pitfalls and uncover their clever disguises. If it sounds too good to be true, it's a trick. Watch body language and if the body language is incongruent with words then run. This is a Moon of used car salespeople who sell us lemons. And it is also the Moon of a fun person filled with rainbow light. Don't let anyone fool you. Use discernment at all times.

Now, for the breakdown of the Zodiac Signs:

Aries: How does it feel to have Chiron entering your sign? You already experienced similar energy with Uranus in Aries. And now is not a time to run away from childhood wounds. Become the warrior you were meant to be. And instead of lashing out at the windmills of the world, take your sword and face your own fears and cut away at your deepest wounds. Courage, my friend.

Taurus: Do you feel the Earth rumbling beneath your feet? The elementals call to you and their message is change or be changed. No one can avoid the changes happening on the planet at this time. Sure, we all enjoy our creature comforts but if your possessions are keeping you stuck in the mud, the earth will find a way to release you from your burdens. Now, is the time of revolutions and freedom songs. Sing your freedom song and find new meadows to roam.

Gemini: Isn't it wonderful that Saturn no longer opposes you? Wow, what a breath of fresh air. Neptune still squares you, but she showers spiritual growth on you and inspiration for artistic ventures. You choose the fun road at this time. You choose to look on the lighter side and take the brighter path. Hang out in nature and talk to the elementals. They have words of wisdom to share with you at this time. And happy birthday.

Cancer: I'm hearing that song from My Fair Lady, "Wouldn't it Be Loverly" because you too are undergoing a transformation from a flower girl to a leading lady, even if you are a man. It's time to get in touch with the Divine Feminine that exist in all of us. Although for many the DF has yet to evolve from a fetus to a child or from a child into a woman. Stop acting childish and wear the mantle of adulthood or better yet, of the wise priestess that exist in everyone, and especially you, ruled by the Moon.

Leo: Shine your light in the world. While any Zodiac Sign calls itself a lightworker, you represent the light. You sparkle like the late spring sun and remind us of summer delights. You hang out in the 5th dimension and show others how to have a spiritually good time. But don't chase your shadows away. Shine even more light on them so that you integrate every part of you. Then, and only then, do you show up as the leading man or lady behind the footlights.

Virgo: Your time is coming. You are one of the most patient signs and yet, why are you fidgeting? Stop fussing and allow others to evolve in their own time and in their own way. How do you know what others are thinking? Even if you have super psychic abilities, people hide secrets from you now, not out of malicious intent, but out of shyness or fear of your critical gaze. Go hang out with Leo people and delve into a creative project. Then, people magically transform in front of your eyes. If you can see it, you can believe it. Isn't life grand?

Libra: Mars is working you over in a good way. You learn to stand your ground and you join revolutions. After all, someone needs to cater the political gatherings, make peace between warring parties, and to beautify the surroundings. That's you, Libra! And you might even show up to lead a movement with Mars transiting in Aquarius for several months. If you could change only one thing in this world what would that be? Now, make that your next project. Others gravitate to your peaceful attitude. Everyone loves a winner.

Scorpio: The digging up truth continues. You work your way through your family tree. Who knew Uncle Mark was involved with smuggling? And who are all those detectives and spies in the family lineages? You also delve into taboo topics such death, sex, and taxes. Big finance is on your mind but so is forgiveness and spirituality. Perhaps, you forgive other peoples' financial and karmic debts. Even that lightens your load and helps you to ascend more quickly.

Sagittarius: You want to think big. You experience impatience with all those detail-oriented talker types. Sure, you like strategies and you think practicalities keep us on point. However, could we just get past the planning stage and take action? All this talk about problems puts you on edge. You wonder why people don't possess more faith in their beliefs. You take a leap of faith and you demand that others leap with you. It's the least that they could do. Dang it.

Capricorn: All the master builders of the world unite under the banner of humanity. You have your shovel in hand. You have your hammer in hand. You set the foundation and expect the building party to show up and roll up their sleeves. You care less about trends, fashion, or even the square footage of a house. The point is to build the field of dreams now so that they will show up. And they will, eventually. Have patience, Capricorn.

Aquarius: Zing, zing, zing...Buzz, buzz, buzz...I see an image of a beehive and you lording over it. The role of the queen bee is open to both men and women at this time. How is that for revolutionary? And did I say revolution? Oh, yes, I did. You spread revolutionary ideas like honey on the land. You join grassroots groups and movements even when you don't yet know the causes they represent. You love the term grassroots and non-profit work appeals to your heart. Oh, yes, Aquarius, you have a heart and it beats to a different drum--the drum of the rainbow gathering.

Pisces: Gemini energy bothers you. It feels like wading in the shallows instead of diving deep with the fishes. You feel like going back to school and yet, you desire freedom from structure and others telling you what to do. In fact, you desire to retreat to an ocean cave and experience wordless conversations with mermaids, whales, and other sea creatures. The world feels harsh to you like a bright light burning your eyes. Go join Aquarius and play music at the rainbow gathering. Seriously. Dance and sing your cares away. Music therapy works.

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The Importance of a Birth Time

I've had clients come to me without a birth time. A birth time is crucial for an accurate astrology reading. The reasons for this include, a birth time gives us an ascendant sign because the ascendant happens the moment the baby takes his or her first breath.

A birth time also helps an astrologer come up with the right degrees for the Moon. This is important because astrologers need to know the house placement of the Moon and any aspects the Moon has with other planets. And this brings me to the last point, without a birth time, we don't have an ascendant and without an ascendant, we don't know the correct houses for planet placements.

The best way to get an accurate birth time is to look at the birth certificate. And if the time is not on the birth certificate then contact the hospital or center where you were born. The hospitals keep the times on record. I had to do this for my own birth time. If you were not born in a hospital then see if your mother remembers your birth time. They usually do.

So, remember that an astrologer requires the following to create an accurate Natal Chart.

Birth date, time, and location of your birth (city or town and country).

If you don't have this information, then sign up for a channel session or a card reading to answer your questions or concerns.