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Astrological Forecast for December 2014--Quickening of the Soul

photo by Patricia Herlevi

I realize that the Uranus Square Pluto story has grown stale by now, but we’re in for another round of the boxing match between the Awakener Uranus and the Transformer Pluto with both planets at 12 degrees for the entire month.  This match started right after the American Thanksgiving holiday.

Besides this Cardinal floor show (expect more chaos in the world around the holiday season and well into 2015), Venus enters Capricorn on December 11th followed by Mercury entering Capricorn on the 18th. Venus joins up with Pluto exact on the 21st (around the Winter Solstice) and Mercury conjuncts Pluto on Christmas.  Meanwhile the Capricorn planet Saturn switches from the fixed sign Scorpio into the mutable Sagittarius on December 24th.  We experience relief with Chiron at 13 degrees Pisces (sextile to Pluto, Venus and Mercury in Capricorn), asking us to dig deeper into our conscience and forgive others, especially those who harmed us during our early childhood intentionally or unintentionally.

With all this energy centered on Saturn via Capricorn, Pluto and Uranus, we can expect larger events that shift consciousness on the planet.  These events play out between the old waning structures and emerging new ways of being on the planet.  Uranus in Aries plays the role of the spiritual warrior or represents the youth on the planet, especially the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow kids who have a different song to sing absent of world domination or destruction of the planet.  It’s about time we open our hearts and ears to listen to the messages these children bring.  And when I say children, this does range from 0 to 30+ years of age.

The group with the loudest message was born between 1988 and 1990 with a Triple Conjunction of planets in Capricorn.  And I’m talking the big, slow moving planets including Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.  Remember that Saturn brings a sense of responsibility and discipline to the picture along with a dose of integrity.  Uranus breaks down the old structure and has eyes on the future and Neptune dissolves structure or the old ways that reflect on the illusion of separation.  Say goodbye to any type of dualism now. There is no us and them (reminds me of the Pink Floyd song, “Us and Them”). 

It’s time to get off this merry-go-round of self-righteousness (they’re wrong and we’re right).  And this does include every area of life such as politics, economics, religion and ethnic identity.  Those of you who proclaim yourself “The chosen people of God” or set yourself above “earthlings” because you are from another planet (starseeds) experience a breakdown of ego.  The Uranus-Pluto Square offers us round #6 and if you remember round #1 happened around the time of the emergence of the Occupy Movement and Arab Spring.  Unfortunately, this square also brings violent events such as Indigo Children killing other children and or adults as these kids don’t know what to do with their pent up emotions caused from feeling alienated and unacknowledged for their unique gifts or learning abilities.

At the beginning of the month, Mars moves out of Capricorn into Aquarius.  So now ambition takes a turn for humanitarian efforts.  However, Mars opposes Jupiter in Leo at the month’s end, right before the New Year so the collective pits itself against the individual.  Mars represents technology and humanitarian efforts with its warrior spirit and Jupiter in Leo could refer to celebrities, the movie industry or even expanding one’s heart center on an esoteric level.  We foster the concept of self-love while still serving humanity in some way.  In fact, we might just heal the concept of self-sacrifice and see that self-love heals the planet in a powerful way.

With Mercury (6 degrees), Sun, Venus (12 degrees) and New Moon at 0 degrees Capricorn on the Winter Solstice, we act more sober around the holidays.  Either we have some serious business to attend to with world “tragedies” or challenging weather causing catastrophes or we gain wisdom at this time from ancestors or our elders.  We feel practical and not so much like shopping or partying.  Capricorn strips us bare and has us questioning our integrity and the integrity of others. We want to huddle with our family and brave the storm instead of socializing.  And the storm is more on the inner than outer level as we make sense of world events, most likely around economics (Japan’s economy has already entered a recession).

With Mars in Aquarius, we are less likely to support large corporations by shopping until we drop.  Big box stores won’t reap the profits of recent years, but non-profits could experience a boon around the holidays since we want to support causes.  Oddly, high tech could also experience a financial boon at this time, but in an unexpected way (Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries with mutual reciprocity). Perhaps software companies practice philanthropy around the holidays or bring solutions to Climate Change or other problems we face collectively.

On December 6 we experience the Full Moon in Gemini at 14 degrees which opposes Mercury and the Sun then Venus later in the transit (Sagittarius).  This Moon speaks of long-distance and short-distance travel as well as, how we relate to women, especially women from other cultures and ethnic groups.  We experience themes around journalism, the media in general; women in the media, anthropology, religion and university professors.  This Moon feels expansive to me as if something we learn during this time not only expands our mind/thinking but ultimately our consciousness.  It feels like a trip to the cosmos and if we can curb any restlessness we feel at this time, we could do some deep meditation.  Planets enter the Galactic Center when they transit between 24 and 29 degrees Sagittarius so this comes into play.

We start off the month with square between the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Again, I’m picking up spiritual and religious themes as well as the exploration of dreams.  Any movies released in December with spiritual themes experience box office success.  People gaze deeply at expansion of consciousness and spiritual awakening on the planet.  Groundbreaking movies arrive in theaters at this time. I’m remembering the mid-1970s when “Star Wars” arrived in the theaters and spread a message of light verses dark forces.  The movies that appear now would be more about inclusion than exclusion.  In other words, look for movies with a Unity Consciousness theme that tap into collective consciousness and shape shift reality.

Finally, Saturn transits into expansive Sagittarius on December 24.  However, this means that people with Sagittarius Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Saturn (Saturn Return) experience constrictions and restrictions in their lives.  Saturn always brings hard earned lessons and often feels like a spiritual initiation. Saturn provides a sober gaze at our dreams while giving us a step-by-step approach to achieving them. Saturn demands that we pull up sleeves and make the effort.  But the rewards are great if we follow Saturn’s lead.  So we take those pie-in-the-sky ideas and put some muscle behind them.  And anything we build during a Saturn transit has lasting quality.

We build new structure around long-distance travel, higher education, foreign relations, religion, and even discover ancient text that changes our day-to-day philosophies (such as ancient text found recently that mention the marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene). Saturn takes one more dip into Scorpio the summer of 2015 then remains in Sagittarius for 2 1/2 years.  Those of you born with Saturn in Sagittarius will either have your first, second or even third Saturn Return.  This gives you time to take stock of the direction of your life and your personal growth.  The second and third Saturn Returns go more smoothly if you have done your work.  However, the first Saturn Return (age 28 to 30) brings challenging lessons about integrity, responsibility and discipline.

All and all, December 2014 brings us many challenges on the personal and global levels.  Several planets enter the Galactic Center during the month sending us messages from the cosmos and if we do the work, we reach another level of awakening on the planet.  Happy New Year!

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