Born in 1966 & 1967


Overview:  Now past the mid-1960s, the various revolutions built up steam and African-Americans help a prominent place in the media with the Civil Rights movement continuing and the emergence off the Black Panther Party established in 1966.  Also the first Kwanzaa was celebrated and the Cultural Revolution started in Communist China and the National Organization for Women (NOW) was founded.  Nazi Albert Speer was released from Spandau Prison, and Mass Draft (Vietnam draft) protests occurred in the US.

And if that wasn’t hot enough, Guyana, Lesotho and Botswana all achieved independence that year, in the Civil Rights Movement, the Chicago Open House Movement took place, breaking ground for the World Trade Center took place in NYC on August 5 when the Sun was in Leo, African American youth rioted in the Watts District of Los Angeles ending in tragedy, US launched Medicare (July 1), the Road Safety Act (US) was passed on January 29 (Sun in Aquarius), Fidel Castro enforced martial law in Cuba on May 28, and Miranda verses Arizona protecting the rights of the accused took place in the Supreme Court.

The MET Opera opened in NYC on September 16 (Sun in Virgo), on October 7 when the Sun was in Libra, California made LSD illegal, on December 15, Walt Disney died at the age of 65 and J. Edgar Hoover announced evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Tarkovsky’s Andrei Rublev, Teshigahara’s The Face of Another and Leone’s The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly played on the big screen while Star Trek launched on the small screen and the world’s obsession with the Space Age continued.  Two multi-ton chunks of Mundrabilla Meteorite was found.  (Sources: and other sources).

Kate Schellenbach
Celebrities born in 1966 include: Kate Schellenbach (Luscious Jackson), A.R. Raman (Indian composer), Cindy Crawford, Robin Wright Penn, Veronica Gens (French soprano), Michael Franti, Janet Jackson, Helena Bonham Carter, Cecilia Bartoli (Italian mezzo-soprano), Adrienne Shelly, John Cusak, Mike Tyson and Salma Hayak.


1966 year marked another year with an exact Pluto-Uranus conjunction with a tight sextile to Neptune in Scorpio making this year even weirder than previous years of this decade.  Drug experimentation continued, the face of pop music turned psychedelic as did much of the foreign cinema of this time.  In July, we experienced a stellium of planets in Cancer including, Sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter.  If that wasn’t watery enough, Saturn was still transiting in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio while the asteroid Chiron was still in Pisces causing visibility issues for children born during this time.  This water dominance continued through August.  We also saw a separation in the Uranus-Pluto conjunction but the conjunction continued nonetheless resonating into a revolutionary world when freedom rung in practically every corner of the planet.

The year started off with the signature Uranus-Pluto conjunction sextile Neptune, Saturn forming a wide trine with Neptune and Jupiter squaring Uranus and Pluto.  Then in February Saturn in Pisces opposed Uranus and Pluto again.  Again, we have the rabbit hole scenario or what Mundane Astrologer Carl Boudreau calls a kaleidoscope effect with both stressful and flowing transits occurring and nearly cancelling each other out.  However, that Uranus-Pluto conjunction sparked revolutions, liberations, and Aquarian ideals across the planet and I wonder if the full effect felt anything like the Occupy Wall Street movements and Arab Spring of 2012, except our current outer planet transit has Neptune in sextile with Pluto and Uranus squaring Pluto with Pluto and Uranus in Cardinal Signs.  The 1960s was a long time ago, but people I speak to who were adults at that time, remember the sizzling energies of change on every level and possibilities of a new way of doing business or living life and people were not so afraid to speak their truth despite the consequences of violence and even death as in assassination of public figures.

In March, we experienced another exact conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, Jupiter square Saturn and Saturn trine Neptune.  With so much mutable activity happening, no wonder people were restless for change.  Children born during this time would also grow up restless, swim in two directions, think dualistically, be on the move, and possibly even relocating to other countries.  They would want to heal the world without knowing how to articulate that.  They would want to delve deeply especially into areas of spiritual discipline, but the tension of that Uranus and Pluto conjunction would work on them like an itch.  They would develop creative or healing arts talents hopefully.  And if you were born in the winter of 1966, consider these areas.  With Jupiter in Gemini squaring Saturn in Pisces we could see spiritual or new authors coming from this time period or journalist exploring brave new worlds such as quantum physics.  We would see healing and healing service as well as, drug and other addiction.

In April we experienced another exact Uranus-Pluto conjunction for the first 18 days of the month (people born with their Sun in Aries), and the sextile with Neptune continued as did the sextile with Saturn in Neptune and the square with Jupiter and Saturn.  So much of what was mentioned for previous months would continue for people born during this time.

In May, the exact Uranus-Pluto conjunction took place for the entire month, and the Jupiter-Saturn square occurred from the 1st to the 5th and on the 5th Jupiter moved into the Water Sign Cancer which would eventually lead to the stellium of planets in Cancer in June and a watery summer (much like the summer of 2013 when Jupiter was in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio instead of Pisces and Neptune in Pisces instead of Scorpio).  At the beginning of May, we experienced a Grand Water Trine with Venus in Pisces, Saturn in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio which separated on the 6th when Venus moved into Aries.

We saw the similar transits in June, but July brought us another exact Uranus-Pluto conjunction (1-22), sextile Neptune, and Jupiter trined Neptune. Throughout the month, 7 planets were in water signs, 2 in earth plus the N Node in Taurus, but at the beginning of the month Mercury was in Leo with Venus and Mars in Gemini and during the last week of the month the Sun moved into Leo.  However, like I said earlier, my 1960s transit series focuses on the outer planets.

Still wouldn’t someone born at this time seek a career in the arts or a healing profession, and not a regular 9 to 5 job? Water is a flowing element and it needs to move or it stagnates. The stellium in Cancer would push for change in areas of mother, children, food, nutrition and the home.  The Taurus North Node would want people born during this time to ground themselves and enjoy pleasures in life or the sensual world and the planets in mutable signs such as Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces, and the personal planets in Gemini, would causes restlessness, the feeling of wanting to be someplace else than go someplace else and still not feel satisfied.  There would be a push-pull between wanting to settle down, buy a home and wander the world with just a backpack.  But the children born in July 1966 would need to use their imagination in a creative rather than destructive way or they would suffer from neurosis, depression or some type of escapism. If they grew up with conservative and practical parents who would not understand their creative or even psychic gifts this would lead to even more neurosis and these children might have lied or created stories for themselves, but not out of spite, but out of a need to express themselves in the world.  And yet, they went on to feel invisible until they found the right teachers if they found the right teachers.  It’s still not too late because even in your 40s, you can start over.  But stop buying into programs shared by the mass majority.

In August we experienced a beautiful exact trine between Jupiter and Neptune which would have spiritualized people (1-5) and oddly breaking ground for the World Trade Center in NYC occurred on August 5.  Jupiter also sextiled Uranus-Pluto exact from the 6-10.  This would have been a big month for Jupiter and anyone born under the sign of Cancer (this or any year) would have experienced a boost of spiritual energy and blessings.  Those born under signs of Scorpio and Virgo would have also felt particularly blessed.  This was a month of smooth sailing which again was echoed in the summer of 2013 when once again we experienced an abundance of water and Jupiter in Cancer.

In September, Uranus sextile Neptune exact (1-11), Uranus conjunct Pluto, Jupiter Trine Saturn and then Jupiter moved into Leo (not staying a full year in Cancer).  Could this have been a hopeful time with Jupiter, the expansive planet moving into Leo, and Uranus in Virgo in an exact sextile to Neptune or would it have been a time of religious pompousness and arrogance as a whole?  Someone born during this time, as for the 1960s in general would have had powerful outer planet transits in their natal charts, shared by their subgeneration of Pluto in Virgo.  An exact sextile with Uranus and Neptune would have brought innovation and more weirdness to cinema, Hollywood, popular music, alternative healing modalities would start arriving on the scene (I would imagine) or people would be open to new age spiritual thought such as past lives, astrology (Uranus), and deep psychology or the use of LSD as to probe more deeply into the subconscious mind.

Someone born with the Uranus-Neptune sextile and the Jupiter Trine Saturn would either grow up into an atheist, join a cult of some kind or get involved with out-of-the-box spirituality or a religion from another culture, perhaps Eastern religions if in the West or Christianity if in the East or something to that effect.  Perhaps these transits led to the hippie versions of Christian movies that arrived on the screens in the late 1960s and early 1970s such as Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell.  Certainly, these transits would lead some adults of that time to discover other types of consciousness than the stiff regimens they were already taught, such as the hippies heading to India to study with gurus.

But what would all that mean for children born during this time? Would they have grown up in a household with mixed spiritual beliefs, even adding to confusion? Would they have a mother experimenting with new age practices, getting back to the earth, or going deeper into Jung and other psychological practices? As these children grew older, their teachers would expose them to progressive views if they were young themselves (as was the case with my early education) or they might have had babysitters tripping out on drugs or having sex with their boyfriends which they sneaked into the household where they babysat.  In the background, the clang of the Vietnam War would have been viewed on television news, while older brothers or neighbors worried about getting drafted and sent to Vietnam.  And we know one thing, that conservatism of the 1950s had exploded a part with so many revolutions across the planet. The air was zinging with new energy thanks to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction and Saturn in a trine to Jupiter was giving change the green light, at least until Jupiter moved into Leo when all arrogance would break loose and you would see a division between authority and youth; dominant religions and new age practices and keeping up with the Jones verses dropping out of society.  Oh, there was still yet more to come.

In October, Saturn energy dominated as this planet opposed the Uranus-Pluto conjunction again and formed a sextile with Neptune.  But Saturn was in Pisces which rules Neptune so what was going on with religion at this time? And what wounds did the children born during this month in Libra and Scorpio bring to the planet to heal?  Chiron was still in Pisces so the themes would have revolved around Saturn, Pisces, and Neptune opposing this idea of service and transforming the planet Uranus and Pluto in Virgo.  Children might have been born to dogmatic religious parents, but felt too psychic to live by their parents’ religious morals and standards.  These would have been gifted spiritual leaders (born at this time), future healers, future life coaches, future spiritual authors with an immense inner life and light, that is if the adults didn’t snuff it out.  There would be wounds to heal, especially for the children born with their Sun in Scorpio, but these children would rise like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes.  Perhaps they were abused as children or dealt with addicts of one kind or another or someone they found weak and vulnerable and the Saturn in them would refuse to allow them to show their own vulnerability.

In November, Saturn opposed Uranus exact while Uranus was conjunct Pluto (4-16), and Saturn continued its trine with Neptune.  See above description.  In December, we ended the year with an exact trine with Saturn and Neptune (1-7).  On the first the Moon in Cancer formed a Grand Water Trine with Neptune conjunct Mercury and Saturn.  A person born at this time was born spiritualized with a greater sense of compassion and forgiveness, especially someone born on the 1st with the Cancer Moon.  These children are incredibly psychic and most likely work in a spiritual or psychological field.  If they don’t then I ask why not? They also possess creative and artistic gifts and would make excellent healers especially with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo which they share with their subgeneration.


Overview: The big event in the US for this year was the Summer of Love and the Monterey Pop Music Festival. But we also saw the arrival of the Swinging 60s in London, the thin model Twiggy (and thin is still in for super models), the death of revolutionary Che Guevara, the first Super Bowl, the Six Day War in the Middle East, Stalin’s daughter defecting the Soviet Union, the first African-American man, Thurgood Marshall elected to the Supreme Court (US), and three US astronauts killed during a simulated launch according to and other sources.

In the online article, “The Astrology of the Hippie Movement,” Skip Stone reflects on the Neptune sextile with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction with emphasis on Neptune’s role.  “Neptune is symbolic of the higher form of’s no wonder there was an explosion of creativity and new ideas in the arts and music, as well as, spiritual, sexual and chemical experimentation.  This aspect, following after the previous one, probably helped people refocus their energies towards transforming themselves, and creating new forms of expression.  There’s no doubt that this aspect set the stage for the summer of love.”

However, there was no higher octave of love playing on the big movies that hit the silver screen such as, Penn’s Bonnie and Clyde or Nichol’s The Graduate or Buñuel’s Belle De Jour (though that movie fit the Neptune in Scorpio sex and psychology theme with a bored housewife turning into a call girl to ease her boredom and explore sexuality).  All three movies mentioned carried the theme of restlessness and the feeling of disfranchisement with the status quo.  All three movies pushed boundaries of genteel society while also bringing innovations to cinema which was growing hipper than ever.

Liz Phair, bold, controversial
Celebrities born in 1967 include: Emily Watson (a powerhouse of an actress), Javier Camara, Laura Dern, Kurt Cobain (grunge music icon though with a pop song sensibility), Liz Phair (pushed boundaries with neo-feminism and rock music), Frances O’Conner, Nicole Kidman (pushing boundaries in Hollywood and her personal life), Harry Connick, Jr., Toni Braxton, Amy Carter (pushed boundaries in socio-politics and at Brown University where she was kicked out), Julia Roberts (remember her performance as the firebrand Erin Brockovich? and the call girl in Pretty Woman?), Toni Braxton, French filmmaker François Ozon (pushes boundaries in art movies), and the actress Miranda Otto (who played roles in art movies).  I believe these celebrities carried the energies of the on-going Uranus-Pluto conjunction sextile Neptune in Scorpio to one degree or another.  I wouldn’t call any of these celebrities compromising and all of them are considered gifted and outspoken whether that came through song lyrics, movie images (Ozon), dramatic performances or fringe politics (Amy Carter).


In January, Saturn trine Neptune exact from 1st through 14th, Jupiter moved back into Cancer and formed a trine with Saturn opposite to Uranus-Pluto in Virgo.  With Jupiter returning to nurturing Cancer and joining both the Neptune/Saturn and Uranus/Pluto energy, children born at this time embodied (and would still embody) a balanced disposition.  This is the type of person who could follow a spiritual path and keep his or her feet on the ground (Saturn).  However, while Neptune formed a sextile with Uranus and Pluto, Saturn opposed Uranus/Pluto so there might be problems with authority. 

In February these aspects continued and we also experienced a Grand Water Trine with Saturn in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in Scorpio.  Someone born with this Grand Water Trine would have spiritual gifts such as heightened intuition and also creative/artistic and even healing gifts.  However, these gifts are offset by the Saturn opposite Uranus/Pluto, but this would bring enough tension for the person born at this time to cash in on the flowing aspects of the trine. Remember trines are the places where we take our talents for granted and an opposition or other challenging aspects in a natal chart bring us enough tension to cause us to focus on the gifts in the trine.  Meaning, we need challenging aspects.

In March, Saturn moved into Aries on the 4th and the Grand Water Trine (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune) continued to March 4th.  Jupiter sextiled Pluto/Uranus and of course, Uranus/Pluto conjunct sextiled Neptune.  Saturn moving out of Pisces into Aries would have fed the people born during this time a “warrior” spirit, but one that felt at odds with authority.

The following months have too similar aspects to previous months that I’m skipping ahead to June rather than keep repeating myself.  From June 20 - 30, Jupiter (which moved back into Leo) forms a Fire Trine with Saturn in Aries which continued into July and August.  A person born with this the Jupiter-Saturn trine in fire signs would most likely athletic or full of energy, enthusiastic, boisterous and impatient.  This is not a person of high mental intellect but someone more in tune with the physical body and possibly not the best conversationalist in the world, especially when the Sun and other planets were also in Leo.  The person born at this time of the fire trine needs to keep their temper in control and find ways to relax, remembering to breathe and think before acting since fire is an impulsive element.  On the plus side, a person with a fire trine especially with Jupiter involved (despite brooding Saturn), leans towards optimism and could be a sunny, exuberant and charming person.  But there is also the danger of narcissism.

By fall we saw Uranus beginning a separation from the sextile with Neptune in Scorpio and its conjunction with Pluto which continued to and through December.  However, Neptune continued a tight sextile with Pluto in Virgo.  With Uranus separating from Pluto and Neptune, this opened up transformation through more peaceful means such as music and the arts.  Since Uranus was at the tail end of Virgo (28 degrees), a revolutionary spirit and urge to fix society or what people felt was broken would still linger in the air, but without the urgency felt when Uranus formed a tight conjunction with Pluto.  Still tempers would flare with Saturn in Aries and Jupiter in Leo.  Where the outer planets were concerned this was a time of Earth, Water, and Fire with Air lacking and probably not a lot of impulsive action without forethought going on. 

A person born at this time would not possess an easy ability to detach from emotions or even passions and could easily burn themselves out.  But the warrior spirit would feel suffocated with Aries in Saturn, Jupiter would be singing “all about me” in Leo while Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus would be bent on healing and fixing others and society.  Though I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people born during this time dreamed about or manifested a career as either a stage or screen actor or possibly a celebrated athlete. 

Though the athlete would suffer setbacks with health and body injuries with Aries in Saturn because Saturn would have and still would (if the person is alive) slow down the physical process in some way and forces a person who would rather act childlike to grow up and take responsibility.  People born at this time might be hard workers or they could be lazy, expecting others to take up the slack.  And people born at this time would have a challenging time with the give and take required in personal as well as, professional relationships, not that they wouldn’t acquire these skills with the right effort.  Virgos and Cancers would have an easier time with these transits knowing more about humility where as, Leos, Sagittarius and Libras would struggle with these life lessons.  Capricorn would feel resentful to hardship, but still put in the effort, and Scorpio would seek a deeper meaning from life experiences and would need to practice becoming less rigid and more open to change and transformation.


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  1. Hello - When you say "spritualized people", what do you mean. I started wondering what was going on when I was born on August 4th, 1966. I have a grand water trine and a lot of trines with Neptune in my chart. Thanks!

  2. Hi Cat, I can relate. Born in 64 Neptune is a big player in my chart. And this year is a big one for Neptune girls and boys.