Saturday, November 30, 2013

Message from the Current Planetary Transits

Since I did a lot of typing this week completing the 1960s outer planet series, I am only writing a short post for today.  What if each of the planetary transits had a universal message for us? Well, here is what is popping into my consciousness.

Sun in Sagittarius--Stop fretting about the past, stop worrying about the future, and use your inner enthusiasm to make a difference on the planet.  Take a look at what you consider ideal for life on the planet then work constructively towards reaching that mission.

Since the Moon changes signs every 2 days, we're skipping the Moon.

Mercury in Scorpio, refrain from taking words at face value and probe beneath the surface.  What does your inner wisdom (I'm picturing an owl) say to you now? Do you trust what others tell you? Use discernment and trust your gut.

Venus in Capricorn--Plain and simple, take care of your body and give it the love and attention it deserves. Adoring and loving your body does not make you a narcissist, but worshiping your body and using others as an extension of your body, does.  Abusing your body is just masochistic so love your body by feeding it healthy food, getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of purified water.  And exercise.  Go for a walk and look at the beauty all around you.  This is where you find abundance now.

Mars in Virgo--Use your energy to fix what needs fixing in your life.  Use your will power to complete all those fix-it jobs around the home, get your hair cut, mend your clothing, clean house, and make improvements in your life now.  Mars gives you the will power and drive and Virgo gives you the analysis needed to get the jobs done.

Jupiter in Cancer--Watch your diet and don't confuse self-nurturing as stuffing your stomach with macaroni and cheese or cheese cake.  In fact, give your stomach a rest and feed it the fiber, healthy fats and complex carbs that your body needs.  And don't forget to nourish those around you.

Saturn in Scorpio--Now is the time to take care of any health concerns you have.  If you have strange symptoms investigate them so you can receive the correct treatment to bring healing.  Probe into deep psychological territory now to heal and remove unwanted mental, emotional and spiritual patterns.

Uranus in Aries--Feeling fed up is one thing, but complaining and ranting does not and never will solve the problems we face as individuals and as societies.  Join with constructive thinkers or get involved with a radical spiritual practice such as Abraham-Hicks teachings.  Pioneer your way into the Aquarius Age.

Neptune in Pisces--Remember your feet which keep you grounded.  Clear your foot chakras by dancing or doing yoga.  Now is the time to connect with the earth below you and the Divine above you, but also remember that all things contain the Divine and then you move closer to achieving Unity Consciousness.

Pluto in Capricorn--Stop holding onto old structure and allow it to crumble.  Support government leaders and corporations who have yours and the earth's interests in mind.  Stop supporting anything or anyone that does not.  Think outside of the box and build a new life on solid ground, from the grassroots upward.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

1960s Outer Planet Series Completed

Whew! That was a lot of work putting this series together.  Even if you weren't born in the 1960s, you know people who were so give my series a read. See the blue tabs at the top of the blog and go from there.

You will find information about Chiron's 1960s transits under the 1968 and 1969 tab.

Thank you.

Also check out this fun video on the 1960s.  Boy, this guy talks fast!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Get Spiritualized--When Transiting Neptune Courts Your Natal Sun

I wondered what I would write about this week for this blog and then Neptune popped into my mind.  When it comes to the outer planets, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn (which is actually a transpersonal planet) grab the most attention, while Neptune just hovers in the distance dissolving what he touches.  Perhaps, the planet suffers from the same visibility issues as it's Zodiac sign, Pisces.  And something fishy is going on.

Neptune dissolves the structures it touches which then disappears into the midst of time and people with heavy Neptune influence in their natal charts have the most challenging time staying in the here and now; staying grounded with both of their feet firmly in reality or what we call reality in this time-space dimension.  When Neptune conjuncts a Natal Sun it spiritualizes that Sun in a strange sort of marriage.  People born with their Sun in Pisces are going to feel this dissolution occurring some time in the next 11 years if they haven't already experienced Neptune transits between 0 to 5 degrees.

The good news about a Pisces Sun is that it already understands Neptune's energy and so the dissolution would feel natural and even comfortable. This would be an excellent time to follow a spiritual path, to do creative or healing work for a Pisces Sun.  Take up photography or film making or music as a habit, take a dance or yoga class. This would not be a good time to work at a 9 to 5 job where paying attention to detail and multitasking are required.  But it would be a good time to venture into alternative healing, metaphysical arts, spend time in the natural world or near a large body of water, if possible.  This is a time of pulling away from the madness of the crowd rather than slip into madness oneself.  This is a time where the person might feel like going on a spiritual retreat, hiking in the mountains which would feel solid and grounding.  And watching surreal movies might be interesting during this time as would reading stream of consciousness novels by Anais Nin who had a Pisces Sun.

Maurice Ravel, Pisces Sun
For practical Virgos, Neptune in Pisces forms an opposition and it's not a good time to pay attention to details, not that you could anyway. The questions Virgo Suns will respond to is how can I serve humanity or the planet? What are my spiritual convictions?And why do I prefer to spend time alone in a quiet space where no one disturbs me?  Virgos, with their practical and analytic minds will have a hard time expressing compassion and forgiving events that happened to them in the past, unless they can step out of confined and limiting thinking and expand the upper chakras (heart through crown).  Body work such as getting massage, taking yoga classes or just doing yoga and guided meditation work wonders at this juncture.  Any Virgos who cling to old, especially patriarchal structures will have a hard time with this transit which last roughly three years as Neptune goes back and forth across the degree where the Sun is located and creating an opposition.

For Virgos, someone or some idea will come into their lives at the time of the oppositions and challenge them in some way.  This could be a spiritual teacher who seems radical to the Virgo mind or a spiritual crisis that brings the Virgo Sun down to his or her knees. When you're already down on your knees, you might as well pray, right?  Too much thinking will keep the Virgo Sun up at night which alternates with the heart chakra opening up to a deep well of feelings and emotions that the Virgo Sun can no longer rationalize away.  And really this is the time to let go and let God.  It's either that or suffer a breakdown of nerves or experience a circulatory problem.  Illness is possible as a wake up call for the Virgo who doesn't get out of his or her mind and into the heart.  Better yet, since Pisces/Neptune rules the feet, take a dance class or just dance freestyle in your home.  And take good care of the feet in the process.  This Virgo Sun could be a wonderful passage into higher consciousness if you can just move past your analysis because there is no explanation for what you're experiencing anyway.

Luis Bunuel, Pisces Sun
Geminis and Sagittarius Sun people receive the Neptune in Pisces transit as a square.  This does not bring ideas or people to oppose them, but brings tension into situations. The Sagittarius Sun will be able to expand his or her mind, but better yet get into the heart space or again, dance because the feet will have something to say with this transit.  And to both of these signs, get out of your head space and stop looking in the outer world for the answers you seek which you'll only find in your hearts.  Neptune is a water sign planet so it's about flow, expansion of consciousness (at least Sagittarius loves expansion), but don't let the booze flow or you'll just miss the boat of getting spiritualized.  For Geminis who want to articulate what's happening with the Neptune-Sun transit, write articles, host a blog, or just write in a journal.  You might try hosting a radio show on spiritual topics or speak in public about your spiritual experiences--and yes, you're going to have spiritual experiences during this transit.

Other water signs (Cancer and Scorpio) will experience trines with Neptune and they will feel more creative and more likely to delve into spiritual topics and practices.  Capricorn and Taurus might move more slowly in accepting the spiritual changes that Neptune in Pisces brings them with a sextile, but at least they can ground the experiences whereas water sign Suns are unable to ground the experiences.

Fire (Leo and Aries) will feel like Neptune in Pisces drowns their enthusiasm and optimism and that they just come off as steam rather than a raging fire.  Both of these signs which are centered on self will face the challenge of feeling compassion for others and the act of forgiveness since everything seems to be about them, and Pisces is about Unity and not individual consciousness.  Leos would experience the Neptune transit as an inconjunct, perhaps a mild irritation, but irritation nonetheless and they might feel threatened by any spiritual experience that forces them to think of others first and the highest good for all.

Anais Nin, erotica author, Pisces Sun
Libra and Aquarius will feel that their mental processes are threatened by Neptune in Pisces and they will work hard on detaching from their emotions.  While Aquarius can and does see the bigger picture of humanity it wants to solve problems through radicalism, and not spiritual prayer and meditation.  If you have ever brought up the subject of prayer to a hardwired activist, you'll know what I mean.  They scoff at you, "So you're just going to pray? What good is that?" They would rather you grab a picket sign and join them in a shouting match, but Neptune isn't about getting radical or rebelling against the system.  Neptune dissolves the system and we forget it existed in the first place.  Now where did that go?

Libra (inconjunct) might be able to handle Pisces glamor in the form of movie stars, rock musicians, and beautiful models or perhaps Libra likes the idea of peace of mind that Neptune promises to bring.  But Libra's idea of love and balance doesn't come close to describing the grand spiritual experience Neptune in Pisces promises them.  Libra is not big on compassion or forgiveness and they do tend to stay too much on the surface with the fear of looking too far underneath the skin. Neptune in Pisces leads them in a subtle way underneath the surface, but in the process, Libra still needs to let go of what other people think about him or her if he or she lets go of all that posturing and posing as the good host, the good mother, the good father, and the person who needs everyone to like them.  Neptune in Pisces doesn't look at individual crayon but sees all the crayons melted in a huge puddle.

So for the next ll years, pay attention to Neptune in Pisces as it transits in the same degree as your Sun and write your experiences in a journal which you can refer to later.  By losing yourself, you find your authentic self.  This is what Neptune in Pisces gifts us with, the reminder that we are indeed spiritual beings having a physical experience and we live on borrowed time, if time and space exist at all.  Welcome to the Trident god's realm.

One last note, Virgos make sure you are drinking enough water and keeping your muscles hydrated and your blood circulating properly.  People born with Pluto and Uranus in Virgo will experience an opposition with the Neptune transit to their natal Pluto and Uranus in Virgo and this is subgenerational (see 1960s transit series in the blue tabs on top of the blog).  However, this generation will also experience transiting Neptune trine Natal Neptune (which was in the water sign Scorpio) and that will be interesting, even a fascinating time for those of you who are on your spiritual path.

My orb for an inconjunct is 0 to 3 degrees, but for this particular article, I'm looking at whole signs and using generalizations. Please keep this in mind.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Cardinals are Coming--December 2013 Forecast

Mars, Wikipedia
We are only at the halfway point of November and already my thoughts are drawn to the upcoming December transits because once again, we will be visited by the Cardinal energy with most of the planets in Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer by the second half of December.  We have already experienced the long-going dance (does this ball ever end?) with Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn and while we are not currently dealing with an exact square, the orb is close enough to shake up events in the world and in our personal lives depending on where this transit hits in our charts and the natal planets within orb of this dynamic square.

On December 8, Mars moves into Libra (the weakest location for Mars since Libra is opposite Mar's sign Aries) and due to a retrograde, Mars will complete its transit in Libra in July of 2014 (I will get to this in a future post and for now we will just deal with December's transits).  Venus is already in Capricorn at the start of the month and though it looks like she's heading into another sign, wait, she does the backwards dance and due to a retrograde stays in Capricorn until March.  As we know, Jupiter remains in another Cardinal Sign, Cancer until late next spring.

A few nights ago when I was suffering from insomnia, I sat up reviewing the planetary transits for December in my planetary guide and my eyes opened even wider.  So I wrote this piece in my journal the next morning, after I squeezed in a little sleep.  It's amusing and terrifying at the same time to think that this amount of change and transformation hits us within a short span of time, but we have had plenty of earlier activity with the Cardinals to withstand this pressure, I hope.

I call this journal entry, "A Bandwagon Full of Cardinals."  Let's think of the Cardinals as the ones who where red and hail from the conservative Catholic Church or old order and they're riding in a bandwagon into the Wild West.  Think of the Wild West as a group of cowboys--the good guys and the bad guys with the different colored hats--black for bad and white for good.  They ride in a separate than the cardinals because they are the transformation wearing guns, chaps, and riding fancy horses.  They carouse, flip attitude and have their way with women or women slap them in the face.  Anyway there is a lot of male pride involved and everything seems up for grabs.  They shake things up an kick up dust then after they have completely transformed the town and dried up the liquor in the process, they ride off on their fancy horses into a sunset or a sunrise depending on whether they are the good or the bad guys.  The cardinals stand watching with their mouths gaping and trying to hold up their version of morality.

Meanwhile the town folks stand around scratching their heads and gaping that is if they did not lose all their money gambling with the out of town cowboys or the ones who did not lose their lives in a dual of smoking pistols.  Well, the month of December feels a lot like the Wild West with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in Cardinal signs by the second half of the month.  And eventually, the Moon rides into town in Libra becoming the 7th planet in a Cardinal Sign on December 26.

Here is the breakdown:

Sun moves into Capricorn on December 22 (Solstice)
Mercury moves into Capricorn on December 25 (interesting holiday present)
Moon is in (Capricorn on the 5-6th, Aries, 11-12, Cancer 18-20, and Libra on 26)
Venus is already in late degrees of Capricorn
Mars moves into Libra on December 8
Jupiter is in Cancer
Uranus is in Aries (8 degrees)
Pluto is in Capricorn (10-11 degrees)

Challenging Transits:

Sun and Mercury conjunct squares Uranus on December 30 exact
Mercury moves into a conjunction with Pluto on December 31 (exact in January)
Mars opposes Uranus on December 25 (another present)
Mars squares Pluto on December 31 (happy new year's eve)
Uranus and Pluto square with a 3 degree orb (mainly effect persons and countries with planets at 10 to 11 degrees cardinal signs for Pluto and 8 degrees for Uranus)
Cardinal T-Cross on December 30 with Sun/Mercury 8 degrees (Pluto at 11 degrees) Capricorn, Mars at 8 degrees Libra and Uranus at 8 degrees Aries (the cross starts forming on December 28 and separates on the 31 but we will still feel the tension into January)

Vesta and Ceres are also in Libra. Ceres forms squares with transiting Jupiter in Cancer from December 8th onward and Vesta from the 19th onward.  Venus is in a Cardinal sign but she's out of orb with the other planets in Cardinal signs.  She is about to go retrograde however).

Flowing Transits:

Mercury in Sag trine Uranus in Aries (December 10 - 13, exact on December 11)
Sun trine Uranus first week of December (another fire trine)
Chiron sextile Pluto (entire month of December with a 1 to 2 degree orb)
Jupiter in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio (exact 8th to the 18th at 18 degrees)
Mercury sextile Neptune (25-29, exact on the 26th)
Sun sextile Neptune (22-27, exact on 24th)
Pallas in Virgo trine Pluto (all of the December, exact on 10-13 at 10 degrees)

Uranus goes Direct on December 17
Venus goes Retrograde on December 21
Jupiter is retrograde (already in progress from November)

If I left out any important transits, I will cover them in an additional post.  We are going to push for change in December and this is going to be a rough time for family, relationships of all kind, work situations, and any of the themes we find in the angular houses.  The first part of the month is better for socializing and spreading the holiday spirit, while the second half of the month asks us to do our inner work and keep our egos in check.  This will be a stressful time by nature of the planets transiting through Cardinal Signs, some fast moving through the signs such as Mercury, Moon and Sun, and some through retrogrades staying in signs longer than usual (Venus and Mars) and then we have three outer planets (Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto) in their respective signs for a year or much longer as with Uranus in Aries until 2015 and Pluto until 2014, but I'm being approximate with these dates since I don't have the information in front of me).

I would advise to lay low the second half of December to the best you can.  If you can put off travel and spending time with extended family for another time or another holiday season, then I would advise you to do that.  People are going to feel volatile now, especially if they have not done their inner spiritual work.  People are going to push like mad for their various agendas, but we will also be asked to live with integrity now and with Mars in Libra to make peace with what is and what needs changing.  Cardinal signs are pushy and they push constantly for change and this change comes on all levels of our societies.  Big government and corporations have a lot to lose now as their structures further collapse.  People are going to demand their rights with Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra and they're questioning meglomaniac structures that only serve themselves.  This will be a time of sudden surprises and it's not all good or bad, but it is leading us further into transformation of our planet and how we plan on living on it.

Children will seem especially unruly not just for December but for several months after that with Mars in Libra. They want what they think is fair.  With Uranus also in Aries, yes, children will demand, youth will demand and it's impossible to see what direction that goes in. Will youth demand employment? Will they demand better education? Will they demand a fair playing field that is level?  When I say youth, I'm mainly talking over 18 for the second half of this statement, but the younger ones will demand fairness too and they're going to speak up now more than ever.  As will women, especially mothers.

Change is in the air and how it plays out is anyone's guess.  Take care of your health, eat healthy, get rest, and say no when you need space for yourself to recuperate, a lot of that going on.  While the energy will seem pushy, don't add to it, but step back when possible and speak up when necessary.  We will come through this "storm" wiser and on more solid ground.

Caveat: The Sun sextile with Neptune from the 22 to the 27 asks us to practice compassion and forgiveness now. The Neptune in Pisces will bring us this spiritual lesson and make it easier to forgive when we see people from their vulnerabilities. The Sun in Capricorn will make each of us accountable for our unforgiving thoughts and temper that with sage wisdom.

Another scenario worth considering is that Mars transit in Libra comes to bring peace to the Uranus-Pluto square.  When I woke up in the middle of the night (for my 4:00 a..m. lecture from my Spirit Guides), I saw Mars bringing doves, which to me represent peace.  This could also be asking us to return to our childhood innocence and pay attention to what children are doing and saying during those 6 months when Mars transits through Libra.  For individuals, ask what Mars represents to you.  Is your Mars association positive or negative (like in my case)? And what are you associations with Libra, Aries, and Capricorn as well as, Pluto and Uranus?  Perhaps, Mars is telling us to make peace with all of that, if we have not already done so.

Other Astrologers' forecasts:

Carl Boudreau,

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Big Dreaming: Transiting Mercury Trine Transiting Neptune

Neptune, Wikipedia
Since I mention mostly challenging transits here, I thought I would mention a bright spot, with the Mercury and Neptune transits starting today, November 9 and ending on November 19, with a 5 degree orb.  Transiting Mercury in Scorpio (which goes Direct on November 10) and Transiting Neptune in Pisces (which goes Direct on November 13) form a Trine, which means it's not only time to dream big, but to communicate our dreams.  The trine is exact at 2 degrees until November 14, but the lingering effects of the separation until the 19th or 20th of the month are still in effect.

Since both planets begin this Trine while they are retrograde, we will incubate our dreams a bit longer and feel shy about setting them loose in the world or announcing our intentions.  However, after both planets are direct on November 13, it is time to announce those dreams and put a plan into action.  With Mercury in Scorpio, we had ample time to research the material to put a plan into action now, that is if we have done our leg work.

This is also a good time for healing in the form of visiting an energy healer and communicating your health concerns. You might not need to probe to deeply into any beliefs or patterns that have caused a health condition since Mercury in Scorpio is similar to a medical investigative reporter.  So if you have any nagging doubts about your health, now would be a good time to address any health concerns.  After all, you want to feel your best as you pursue your big dreams full steam ahead.

Neptune (Water) = flowing
Pisces (Water) = flowing 
Scorpio (Water) = flowing
Mercury (Air & Earth) = messages & communication (mind and grounding energy)

Look for the houses in your chart where Neptune and Mercury are transiting and any natal planet aspects with these planets. This will give you an idea of how this Trine will manifest in your life.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Grace under Pressure: Venus Transits for November 2013

Wikipedia (The calm before the roar)
We've been hearing about the Divine Feminine for decades now and some of us are asking, "Well, when is she going to arrive?" And our attention has mainly been placed on the outer planets which all have male gods and male energy attached to them, such as big government, economic trends, big banks, corporations, etc...And I guess if we want to give any of the outer planets a female facelift, we could go with Neptune which is a higher octave of Venus and ruled by the feminine sign Pisces.

Then when we gaze at the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury) only two of those planets or orbs are considered feminine, the Moon and Venus so then we could be thankful for a cluster of female asteroids.  So if you would like to take a break from Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, or at least a little breather then take a journey with me through Venus transits after she enters Capricorn on November 5.  Suffice to say, 2013 has been a powerful year for women since so many planets have floated through the Zodiac in water signs and we had that beautiful, no, gorgeous Grand Water Trine June through August.  And now we have the Venus transits, though some of them are going to frighten people, not that they need to.

After Venus moves into Capricorn, she squares Uranus in Aries on the 10th with a 5 degree orb, since Venus is a faster moving planet, I count this 5 degree orb as a conjunction.  The square is exact when Venus reaches 9 degrees on the 16th.  And since Uranus is tied up with Pluto in Capricorn, we will see Venus conjunct Pluto on the 10th with a 5 degree orb and also be in an exact conjunction on the 16th.  Okay, so let's look at the energies that are at play.

Uranus takes on the role of the grassroots warrior demanding justice while Pluto in Capricorn blasts through old structure to create a new world.  This involves a lot of macho energy that keeps treating the new way like the old one.  So basically it would be like replacing one political party with another still using the same political structure but with different idealism.  This is because we are still dealing with patriarchs, but with different color ties.  So here comes Venus who like Persephone weds herself temporarily to Pluto and maybe we're hoping that she'll have some influence as a first lady.  "Play nice in the sandbox boys, or else."

But this is no Kali figure because this Venus is not out to destroy, but instead she wants to rise out of the depths of her collective despair and regain her power which was lost thousands of years ago.  And as this is happening in the collective consciousness of women, there is a sense of righteous anger.  Just the other day, I saw a white hippie man wearing a woman's Indian skirt (India) and I felt upset.  I joked to the woman sitting next to me that the man had not earned the privilege to wear a skirt.  And the odd thing is I meant that as I felt myself raging inward.  Yes, ladies, we have a lot of healing to do.

The trick here is to release this anger and search deep inside for the power that will bring us inner peace.  We must learn to accept our true worth now as women and contribute our gifts and wisdom to the planet without apologizing.  Why do women always apologize for everything as if we're the ones who put the planet in its current state? I don't see many men apologizing for the state of the planet, a few maybe, but they're coming from their feminine side.  Find ways to connect to the earth and make it a better place, don't be afraid to cry repressed tears and don't refrain from screaming into your pillow.  Let it all out now and start anew.  In November, Venus is taking on the bad boy planets and this is to wake up the feminine consciousness in all of us, women and men.

On the 5th Venus forms a sextile with her higher octave planet Neptune and this is exact on November 8th.  Get in touch with your feminine side through music, meditation, yoga, dance, cinema, photography or just spending time in nature, preferably near a body of water.  We will feel creativity flowing through us and we might feel like we are starring in one of Luis Bunuel's (Spanish movie maker and Surrealist) movies. We might feel like we are floating in a nonsequential universe.  Synchronicity is everywhere.  Now is the time to dream big and manifest a healthier planet.

Oh, and the journey continues as Venus approaches an opposition with Jupiter from the 23 until the 30 and exact on the last two days of November.  If you were born in 1964 for instance, you will have a Jupiter in Taurus (ruler of Venus) opposite Neptune (Scorpio) in your natal chart so you'll be wired for this transit.  This time we have Venus in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer RX so the energy is different because it is cardinal but still involving an opposition between an earth and a water sign.  So this again speaks of Divine Feminine Energy but in its expansive mode, though Venus in Capricorn wants to restrict and constrict this pie-in-the-sky expansion so it will feel like full steam ahead on a dream, but no, wait a minute.  We need to put some thought behind our dreams with a step-by-step plan (Virgo and Capricorn love those step-by-step plans).  When Venus is in Capricorn this is also a good time for putting a weight loss plan together and implementing it.

(Oops, made some corrections here because I was looking in the wrong page of my planetary guide). From the 17th through the 30th, Venus trines Saturn, exact on November 24, so will we see women authority figures prominently in the news or in our personal lives? Meanwhile, two of the female asteroids Vesta and Ceres will be transiting in Libra (Venus).  This will be an interesting time and I hope it doesn't turn into a battle of the sexes because this energy is not about women verses men, but a deep healing that is needed so that we can move forward in a peaceful way on the planet.

For now, please don't press the panic button and just breathe through your fears.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Strange Bedfellows--Mutual Receptivity with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn

In April of 2012 when astrology found me again through a Bellingham-based astrologer, I had no idea I would be spending my days discussing and teaching about the conversations between planets.  However, here I am a year and a half later sputtering on about the outer planets.  I guess it's not a coincidence that Pluto, Neptune and Uranus found me in 2012 because I feel strongly that a Great Awakening is occurring on the planet and my heart's desire is to get as many people on board as possible.

I'm also a likely candidate to discuss Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn since I have Capricorn as my Ascendent and Saturn as the Ruler of my Natal Chart.  I also understand Saturn's lessons because I am a teacher too, but not always a sage like Old Man Saturn.  I play the role of the fool more often than not and I supply a sense of humor to this blog to bring comfort to readers, who I understand wouldn't be here if there wasn't some type of quest involved.

So we are going to focus on two planets today, Pluto and Saturn and their two signs.  For those of you already aboard the astrology train, bear with me as I simplify the language of the two planets and signs. And those of you who are just diving now into astrology, I hope I can impress upon you the power of these two wise planets, especially since Saturn, Pluto, Scorpio and Capricorn have received bad raps over the centuries.  Is this because humans just don't want to learn our lessons and hang out in Jupiter-Venus heaven eating juicy grapes? Well, now we enter the classroom and come out on the other side transformed.  Otherwise, we get detention which is a life of hard hitting lessons.  In other words if we don't go along with the flow, we get pummeled in the process.  It's not pretty.

Let's start with Saturn ruled by the sign Capricorn.  As we know from basic astrology, Capricorn is represented by a mountain climbing goat on its way up a treacherous mountain.  Some astrologers refer to Capricorn as the Fish-Goat and it is the most watery of the Earth Signs.  If you know any Capricorns, watch how they react near a body of water and you'll see what I mean.  So maybe Capricorn represents the evolution of each of our souls, we started out as fish, transformed into reptiles and eventually grew into humanoids or so the old science tells us.

Capricorns begin their lives often in hardship, through a hard birth (my brother and sister were born with serious illnesses that nearly took their lives).  Capricorns are known as late-bloomers, but some of them excel in school right off the bat, often showing early signs of genius.  But really what's going on is that Capricorn recognizes him or herself as an old soul and even the children are wise teachers--little professors.  They know things without knowing how they know.  And these kids are kind of cute when they place their hands on their hips and tell us adults how to act responsibly.

As Capricorns grow they deal with all types of struggles from family difficulties to deaths of friends and family members.  They might struggle at school or take on a sport that leaves them with injuries to the knees or they might struggle with teeth or bone problems.  They might be underweight and eat like hogs and not gain an ounce.  They could resemble scarecrows or beanpoles.  They do have beautiful bone structure if they're not dealing with deformity.  If they don't follow their own counsel and stay on the disciplined path they grow materialistic and try to impress the Jones (next door neighbors) and they grab for status symbols.  But eventually, this faltering off the path, leads to consequences.  No one suffers karma quicker than a Capricorn, though Scorpio comes in a close second.  What you reap is what you sow should be the Capricorn motto.

On a mundane level, Capricorn represents structure, authority and life lessons which we will apply to the mutual receptivity in a moment.  Capricorn rules Saturn and once co-ruled this planet with Aquarius.  Pluto is now in Scorpio, which we will get to in a minute and it is as other astrologers report, breaking down structure that are Scorpio ruled including government, big business, taxes, the way we view death, the way we death, sex and psychology, though the emphasis has been placed on big banks, corporations, the elite and government.  With Pluto (who unveils secrets) in Capricorn we must bring discipline in the form of integrity and transparency.  In 2008, when the US President promised a transparent government, Pluto had moved into Capricorn.  We're still waiting for the transparency though.

So let's look at Scorpio-ruled Pluto. Lately, I have been given a gift of the ability to feel the planets in my body and third eye.  Pluto comes off as a low bass boom of an explosion or an earthquake.  Pluto is the volcano eruption and the sound of death that leads to transformation.  I'm not surprised Pluto is bringing people down to their knees and then once these pilgrims rise form that prayer position, they find themselves on a path from darkness into light.  This is also happening for the entire planet.

People born under the sign of Scorpio tend to keep secrets while revealing the secrets of others.  In fact, you cannot lie to a Scorpio because they have x-ray vision on a metaphysical and spiritual level.  Nothing gets past their deep probing eyes, nothing.  And when you lie to a Scorpio, they see this as betrayal and it hurts them deeply even if their icy exterior reveals none of this hurt.  To give you an idea of what Scorpio represents look at its symbol, the scorpion, and also the eagle and the dove, not to mention the phoenix rising from the ashes. This sign knows about regeneration because it represents it.  Snake is another creature that represents Scorpio and snake is the symbol of regeneration and healing on a deep level.

Now let's look at Saturn the fourth player in this astrological drama.  Saturn is a wise teacher and teaches through hard knocks.  Pluto also teaches us through hard knocks, but he knocks us into a metaphysical grave first and asks us to be reborn again. Saturn brings us the laws of karma or cause and effect, a term I prefer to karma. Saturn reminds us of past lives and the lessons we learned or did not learn.  Saturn is the authority who rewards and punishes us depending on our level of responsibility and discipline.  We can't get away with anything for long, especially if Saturn rules the chart.  Tenth House, Saturn and Capricorn all have these themes.

So I'm going to end this post with notes from my journal regarding the mutual receptivity.  We are receiving themes of letting go (as mentioned by astrologer Magala Arts on YouTube), transformation and speaking our truth twice with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn.  That's how important this theme is for us now on the planet.  If what we're doing, how we're living is not conscious, then here comes a Wake Up Call. It's not personal but it is karmic in a sense that is if we act destructive towards ourselves or the planet.  Even if we act destructive in small ways we will experience circumstances to place us on the right path. For instance if you smoke or abuse a substance which dishonors you, Saturn and Pluto won't put up with that behavior.  So these energies will bring wake up calls, subtle at first, but could lead to death or imprisonment later, especially if the 8th or 12th Houses are involved.

So with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio, the Universe asks us to pay attention and grow our consciousness.  Doing drugs, abusing alcohol or other toxic substances is not practicing consciousness no matter how many yoga poses you do a day.  Eating unhealthy food, working too hard, and not finding joy in life won't serve you either.  Though we are not meant to suffer and wallow in misery, I admit Pluto and Saturn bring a certain amount of suffering if we refuse to let go and let God.  And I'm not saying we should throw ourselves into a religious practice since all major religions fall under scrutiny now.  But find God somehow and some way so you can walk an honorable path.  That is what is asked of us during these transits.  Saturn stays in Scorpio until December 25, 2014 and Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2024.  So we had better learn the lesson now or suffer the road.

To give you an idea of how this theme plays out on a personal level, when I first rediscovered my astrological gift, I did not want to give readings or share this gift with the world.  I struggled with the fear of harming my reputation as a journalist and music researcher.  I also feared that no employer would hire an astrologer which they would see as "woo-woo".  But I persevered and launched this blog and a website.  Since facing my fears and living my life in integrity with transparency, I have received e-mails from you telling me that I have helped you.  This is my greatest reward.  If any of you find yourself in a similar situation where you fear exposure, ridicule etc for following your path, take heart.  You will find joy on your true path and who cares what the others think anyway.