Welcome to Neptune Girl Astrology! I started my astrology practice in 2012 and it has morphed from typed reports to MP3s and now I offer Zoom calls. I'm now combining the chart reading with cards and spiritual channeling while playing the role of a metaphysical coach.

Spirit has guided me to try a new approach as we delve more deeply into the Age of Light. We will gaze at the Natal Chart to extract themes, shadows, hidden talents, and health issues in regard to the question or situation you bring to the session. I am also focusing on 5D consciousness and your soul blueprint which you brought to the planet. I am here to verify and validate what you already know is true about yourself.

The only time I will look at transits will be if those transits are directly related to your question or situation. Otherwise, expect some exploration and an action plan so that you can move forward on your life path. Now is the time.

(I schedule appointments Monday through Thursdays only 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time).

Book your appointment below and send payment prior to your session.

If I don't have payment 24 hours prior to your session, I will cancel the session. This screens out clients who aren't serious about getting a reading.

The 60-minute session is $200

The 30-minute session is $100

If you are not able to Zoom, I offer MP3 recordings sent to your email box. However, there is an extra fee of $25 per hour of editing the audio file.

I'm only accepting payment through PayPal at this time.

Disclaimer: Please combine and use this metaphysical exploration in alignment with any medical or psychological work you receive from medical professionals. I'm not a medical doctor or psychologist so I do not diagnose or prescribe and any medical insights gleaned from a reading must be interpreted with discernment on the client's behalf.

The client will not hold me responsible for their interpretation of the insights or potential practices or action plans that come up in the session. It is the client's responsibility to follow up with a medical doctor or psychological professional, legal or financial advisor due to the insights that appear in the reading. 




"I will begin with my first impression... Wow! This is so accurate in terms of my intentions for this year and many of this has already happened or is in motion. 

This report is thorough, validating, and invigorating. The insight into the aspects I was unaware of is huge. I will need some time to process all of this. I may reach out in a few days with questions and more feedback. 

I appreciate your passion and authenticity. It is clear to me that you are well-versed in astrology, writing, and communication in general.

Thank you for supporting me on my journey. Your skills are a blessing in my life."

--Client Marie-Louise, Canada


"Patricia is a very competent and versatile astrologer but her fortes are transformational astrology and pediatric astrology.  Few astrologers can handle pediatric astrology with sensitivity as by it’s very nature it deals with young persons in their formative years but Patricia has the maturity to specialize in this subject. Patricia has much life experience which makes her a wise and confident astrologer."

--Jane Ritson, Certified Psychological  Astrologer, England

"I have hired Patricia to perform astrological readings for my three children and myself. I have found the readings to be insightful, informative, and uncannily accurate. She obviously puts a lot of time and passion into each reading and possesses a certain intuition that guides her well. I have recommended her services to family and friends."--Sara Young


Disclaimer: Whole Astrology and Whole Music articles and practice are meant for educational and informational purposes for people on a quest for self-development and transformation.  Whole Astrology, Whole Music, and Patricia Herlevi do not give medical or psychological advice.  Working with sound healing principles and astrology act as adjunct therapies, however, consult with health practitioners for health problems and other related issues.  Patricia Herlevi, Whole Astrology, and Whole Music are not responsible for how you apply information on blogs, books, or readings.

Privacy Statement: I only keep astrological natal charts and notes of clients for one week after giving a reading.  After one week, I delete the charts from my account with and my computer.  I respect your privacy.



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