Hello and welcome to Whole Astrology. I am astrologer Patricia, also known as, the Neptune Girl Wearing Space Boots. And I'm here to help you discover your own super powers.

Through an astrology/coaching session with me, you will uncover your hidden superhero talents. You will learn about your power days, your power color, your planet helper, and your strengths. We all came here for a reason--what's your reason?

I give several types of astrology chart readings through various formats including Skype sessions, reports with MP3s, reports without audio clips, or you can meet with me in person if you are in the Whidbey Island and Port Townsend area. Sign up today to begin the rest of your superhero life. We need you to shine your light on the planet.

Yes, I accept PayPal payments. The address is wholemusicexp at 

Or send a money order to: Patricia Herlevi, PO Box 370, Port Townsend, WA  98368 

I must receive payment prior to producing a reading.


Payment is through PayPal (wholemusicexp at

Choose type of reading (see below) and then pay the fee associated with the type of reading.

For an astrology reading, please send me your birth date, time of birth, and location of birth along with general questions and the type of reading you have chosen.

I will send you a confirmation and from that point, expect delivery of your reading within 7 business days via e-mail.

For Skype sessions, we have to set up an agreeable time and your reading is delivered at that time via voice, which you may record. (Based on 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time).

For card readings and channel sessions, contact me first to find out my availability. For MP3s, expect the same procedures as narrative chart readings (delivered via email within 7 business days after your payment is received through PayPal).

For Skype sessions, please contact me first for availability. These may or may not be possible given my schedule. Make a payment only after we have scheduled a time and date.

Types of Chart Readings 


Astrology Chart Readings and Astrology Coaching for Businesses 

Will include relationship charts as well as transits for your business

Fees: Starting at $200 a session

Natal Charts OR Solar Return (birthday readings)

With Natal Chart readings I walk clients around their charts, discussing planetary placements (houses and signs), flowing and challenging aspects between planets (how planets communicate with each other in the form of trines, squares, etc), and we also look at career, relationships, health and other issues as presented in the natal chart.

These sessions only focus on the natal chart and transits are covered in subsequent appointments. Hour in-person, by phone, or e-mail report (depending on availability).

Look at:

  • Vocation/Career
  • Interests/passions
  • Relationship style
  • Communication, learning, thinking styles
  • Ruling planets in chart
  • Overall personality
  • Life path or mission
  • Past lives

$100 - $150 for personalized report and chart e-mailed to you
$150 with consultation (by Skype or in person) and personalized report

Hybrid (Natal and Key Transits)

I offer a narrative reading. Transit charts work well for clients going through major transitions, working on soul mastery, or just wanting a cosmic weather report of the months ahead. This report includes transits from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto as well as, relevant New Moons, Full Moons, and eclipses.

The first half of the report focuses on the Natal Chart. The second half of the report focuses on the major transits for the year as they impact the Natal Chart planets. I mainly focus on outer planet and eclipse transits since they have the longest effect and the greatest impact.

$100 for a year Personalized Report
$150 for a year Personalized Report and 30 minute Skype or In-Person Consultation
$150 for a year Personalized Report and a MP3 Overview
$200 for Year Personalized Report or a 60 minute Skype Session

Add $50 for Ceres and Chiron Transits

Skype sessions and MP3s are only available when I have a quiet space to work and a reliable internet connection.

We look at:

  • Outer planet transits
  • Eclipses for the year
  • Moon cycles that impact Natal planets
  • Retrograde planets
  • Transits that affect the planet rulers of the Natal chart
  • Transiting Yods, T-Squares, Grand Crosses
  • Progressed Moon, Sun, & personal planets when appropriate (extra fee applies)
  • Chiron and Ceres transits (extra fee applies)
Synastry and Composite Charts


Pediatric Astrology 

Natal, Synastry, and Solar Returns only
$100 Natal or Solar Return  (includes chart and printed report)
$200 Synastry charts with parent and child 

Send money order to Patricia Herlevi, PO Box 370, Port Townsend, WA  98368 or payment through PayPal (wholemusicexp at

Payment is up front with a 7 to 10 wait for a report. Although I do try my best to send reports sooner. I don't give refunds so make sure you can commit to the reading.

Policy for Long Distance Sessions

Long distance consultations are in the form of an e-mail report with a chart.  These readings are the equivalent of an hour consultation.
Payment is through money orders or PayPal.

Google Voice is not available in all areas and I only use the free service in the US and Canada.


(Report any errors within 30 days and I will correct them). 

Disclaimer: Whole Astrology and Whole Music articles and practice are meant for educational and informational purposes for people on a quest for self-development and transformation.  Whole Astrology, Whole Music, and Patricia Herlevi do not give medical or psychological advice.  Working with sound healing principles and astrology act as adjunct therapies, however, consult with health practitioners for health problems and other related issues.  Patricia Herlevi, Whole Astrology and Whole Music are not responsible for how you apply information on the blogs, book, or readings.

Privacy Statement: I only keep astrological natal charts and notes of clients on the site for two weeks unless they are returning clients. After two weeks, I delete the charts from  I keep the charts for up to 6 months on my computer in the event that the client returns. And I keep templates reports on a back up drive. I protect your privacy and I do not share your information with businesess.  And only with your written permission would I share your chart on a blog or public forum.

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