Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ooh, La, La--Solar Eclipse in Taurus with Transits

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Most people welcome the Solar Eclipse in Taurus at 9 degrees on April 28.  This eclipse beautifies our lives and surroundings in grand style. The French have three words for it, ooh, la, la.  Everyone else says, Oh, my God.

I woke up this morning feeling like a transformed person.  Synchronicity of April's transits brought a free Intuition and Money summit my way and I've been releasing old beliefs that have kept me stuck for years.  So kudos to the Grand Cardinal Cross and Lunar Eclipse.  I'm already seeing changes happening in my life and I feel interested in the changes happening in other people's lives--both subtle and not so subtle.  These changes arrive as surprises and for Cancerians especially involve home and career with Jupiter in Cancer.  Capricorn finds themselves restructuring their lives while Libra and Aries find balance in their lives by living their truth.

On Monday/Tuesday (April 28/29) depending on location, we experience a Solar Eclipse in Taurus at 9 degrees (towards the end of 8 degrees).  This Solar Eclipse sextiles transiting Neptune and transiting Jupiter while trining transiting Pluto.  While many people fear eclipses, this one brings gifts especially for people with multiple planets in Water and Earth Signs or the Moon, Sun, or AC in Water or Earth Signs.  The types of benefits we could see now include: Deeper spiritual connections, healing of the mind, body, soul, release of toxic beliefs and patterns that prevent abundance from entering our lives, and a strong urge to beautify our surroundings as well as ourselves.

Cancers reaps the most rewards along with Taurus natives.  Capricorns get a boost of uplifting energy and witness the beauty around them as if someone plied their eyes open.  Some Capricorns have been stuck in gloom for too long (well, they have Pluto transiting in their sign, so we forgive them).  Virgos deal with the Neptune opposition if their degrees are early in their sign, but receive a boost from the Taurus Sun and Moon.  Take care of health issues now.  Leo and Aquarius natives experience the Solar Eclipse as a square if they have their Sun around 8 to 14 degrees, but this square causes them to awaken in an area of their life where the eclipse falls in their Natal Chart.  Look for Taurus on the cusps or it could fall in the preceding house.

Scorpio experiences an opposition to the Solar Eclipse but could experience a passionate sexual relationship or encounter now that's bursting with sensuality.  Or they could have health issues that come up now that require attention to do with digestion and elimination or sexual organs.  Gemini and Sagittarius might feel irritated by the Eclipse as if life is moving too slow for them.  They don't get on well with Taurus energy and the Neptune transit irritates them too.  Sagittarius can at least make jokes.

Overall, the types of activities that work well now have to do with gardening, farming, producing beauty products, food, nutrition, interior decorating, real estate, as well as, working with large animals.  On the downside, the earth could experience quakes or floods or problems in the agricultural realm.

I personally look forward to this Solar Eclipse because it sextiles my Sun/Mercury in Cancer and my Moon/Saturn in Pisces and trines my Uranus/Pluto in Virgo.  Bring it on.

If you would like an eclipse reading, I give in-person readings in Bellingham (in May I start giving readings once a week at a new spiritual center in Bellingham) and long distance by e-mail.  Sign up at Whole Music & Whole Astrology.  I'll post details of the spiritual center on my website as soon as the details are sorted out.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Smelling May's Lilacs--May 2014 Forecast

by Patricia Herlevi
After experiencing an adventurous April, we take a respite in May and with Mars turning direct on May 19th, we rebuild our lives on solid ground. Then we head in the direction of our dreams, opening our eyes to a new world.

Take a deep breath.  Imagine walking in a spring garden with dew dripping off tulips and lilacs.  This image comes up for the Month of the Bull.  In May, we still have work to do around the issues that face our planet.  However, we head into a short respite where we gather community, share our talents as well as, our stories of shifting energy in April.

Everyone has experienced transformation in their lives and now we find ourselves processing the past four weeks, even five weeks, since the shift actually began during the last week of March with Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Mars beginning their journey towards the Grand Square configuration that was exact on April 23rd and 24th.  And prior to that Grand Square moment in Cardinal Signs which promise change, we experienced a Lunar Eclipse in Libra conjunct the North Node.  Now, for those of us versed in astrology-ease, we understand the rarity of these coinciding astrological events.  We have also followed a series of squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn causing us to notice amazing shifts of consciousness within our own lives.  Let's not take any of this soul evolution for granted because the progress we are currently making on the planet in all sectors, is unprecedented.  Even if we're not hit over the head with it, the world is waking up.

So let's look at May's transits, which can actually bring us peace as the Sun and Mercury plod forward in Taurus taking in all the sensory around them and translating it into poetry, song, lush gardens and shared dinners with loved ones.  The Uranus-Pluto square separates by two degrees which is significant with slow-moving outer planets. Jupiter in Cancer forms a trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces so again we have a Grand Water Trine.  And during the last week of May, Saturn sextiles Pluto with a 5 degree orb, wide, but I still think we'll feel the flowing energy between the planets that work on tearing down old structure to rebuild a new way of living on the planet.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Oh, but there are several planets changing signs or directions in May so we won't have time to grow bored. When the month launches, May is still in the shadow of a Solar Eclipse in Taurus which took place on April 28/29.  However, I find this eclipse beneficial in that we ask ourselves what brings us joy in our lives and how to align with that joy.  If spending time with friends and family brings us joy, but we've been too busy with work, we will come up with solutions to bring more balance in our lives.  This eclipse causes us to gaze deeply at our lives and implement changes.  With the Moon and Sun in Taurus, we would usually run into rigidity and slow movement forward, but eclipses shake things up to get us moving more quickly, usually do to sudden events that force us to act in some way.

The month starts out with the Sun in Taurus so we feel grounded, take care of bodily needs and deal with health issues.  When the Sun moves into Gemini around the 21st/22nd, we shift to a mental mode and our lives pick up speed. Stubbornness gives way to flexibility; sensuality gives way to mental pursuits, writing and other forms of communication.  When the Sun and Mercury transit in Gemini, this is always a good time to teach, network, learn new skills and write.  Mercury is ruled by Gemini and Virgo, the communication signs.  Mercury moves into Gemini on May 8th so we will feel both grounded with the Sun in Taurus and adaptable with Mercury in its own sign.  Perhaps, these two energies provide an ideal atmosphere for completing a novel where sitting down for long hours and writing are required. Anyone who writes poetry, songs or novels during this time will combine sensuality with clear thought.

Venus changes signs twice in May, first the planet moves into Aries on May 4 and then Taurus (sign of Venus) on May 30.  Venus is weak in Aries, but gathers strength in Taurus. On Mother's Day weekend, Venus squares off with Mars in Libra (still retrograde at 9 degrees).  Mars moves into stationary direct prior to May 19th where the planet goes direct then must travel forward, revisiting crucial degrees, such as 13 degrees where Mars hung out in a Grand Square, but that doesn't take place until June. Mars remains Stationary Direct from May 19th until June 1st at 9 degrees. 

This is a rocky time and don't mistake Mars Direct for a good time to launch new projects.  Mars still needs to gather speed and pass over the degree where it first began its retrograde motion (27 degrees Libra on July 23).  So we still have our eyes on Mars type activities in the world and can expect a bumpy ride until July 23, though not as challenging as the Grand Cardinal Cross.  Do stay alert on Mother's Day weekend with Venus opposing Mars with mutual reciprocity since Venus is in Mar's sign Aries and Mars is in Venus' sign Libra.  Could be a shake up in intimate relationships around issues of self-worth and valuing.

As mentioned earlier Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron form a Grand Water Trine throughout the month, ranging from a 5 to a 2 degree orb.  We won't experience exact degrees in the trine, however, Jupiter trines Chiron exact from May 14 - 19.  This is a time of heightened intuition, a flow of psychic activity and deep healing on all levels, but especially around emotions and spiritual issues.  We could see major religions taking up space in the news, most likely the Catholic Church and Pope Francis. We also start off the month with another signifier that we will hear about the Catholic Church and that is the Taurus Sun in sextile with Neptune in Pisces.

The Taurus Sun represents established order and Neptune in Pisces represents religion and spirituality. Countries with Pisces or Taurus rulers will also make it into news headlines or we might see issues regarding the ocean, marine industries such as fishing, drug laws, pharmaceutical products, agriculture, or environmental science and pollution.  Expect more news stories about cruise ships (good or bad) and the cattle or dairy industries.

Finally, the Taurus Sun trines Pluto in Capricorn from May 1 to May 10, exact on May 4. This could play out in one of two ways.  We could experience the financial institutions and transnational corporations digging their heals into unethical practices.  Pluto would bring these practices into the light of day. We might experience greed and scarcity phobias around this time, or we might join our communities to usher in new structure that treats the earth with respect.  What we witness depends entirely on the frequency we release into the world.  Will we focus on love or fear? Love shows us projects to heal the planet in some way, such as permaculture, organic farming, and use of renewable energy.  While fear causes us to focus on corrupt government and corporate practices.  While I'm not promoting denial, focusing on positive solutions will get more bang for the buck. Fear breeds more fear and wrecks our immune systems.  You choose.

May offers us little drama.  For some people it will feel anti-climactic after April's twists and turns.  This isn't to say that natural disasters won't visit the planet or that corruption ends tomorrow, but we get time to breathe and plot out the next steps in our evolution.  We can use this time for hedonistic or mindless pursuits or join our neighbors in bringing healing to a community.  Venus reminds us to love ourselves and each other. What we value we get more of, but even that has a shadow side depending on what we value.  The good news is that in our time of repose, our inner voice or guidance has a greater chance of getting heard.  Now, we listen for the next step on our path to greater happiness on the planet.  It's a story about all of us.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stargazer Wearing Space Boots (Neptune's Transit in Pisces)

Those of us born in specific decades such as the 1960s came to this planet with a mission.  First, we undergo deep healing, then we endure a transformation process and I recommend undergoing these passages mindfully.

After reading four of Erin Sullivan's astrology books, including Retrograde Planets, I reached the conclusion, that I have experienced one outer planet after another since my Saturn Return in 1994.  That's over 20 years of outer planets transiting to my natal planets causing upheaval, rebuilding and constant transformation.  And prior to my Saturn Return, which I erroneously thought took place in 1992, several planets in the sign of Capricorn, including Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus crossed over my Capricorn Ascension, spending time in my First House. No wonder I suffered from low self-confidence and depression in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

After completing Pluto and Uranus transits to my Sun and AC, transiting Saturn hit my Natal Neptune during the past year (still in transit) and transiting Neptune hit my Saturn and Moon in Pisces (still in transit) along with a square to Natal Mars and an opposition to Uranus, with a coming opposition to Pluto in Virgo.  No rest for the weary. When Saturn moves into Sagittarius it will square my Saturn/Moon, oppose Mars and square Uranus/Pluto.  However, Neptune dissolves what it touches which I'm hoping means that all the tension and conflict I experienced between my natal Mutable T-Cross will resolve through spiritual transcendence or a greater spiritual awakening to compassion and the Divine.

I believe that we chose our birth time for a specific reason.  We chose our natal charts so that we would later undergo transits that shape our personality and lead us to enlightenment.  Now, for the average person, enlightenment means nothing.  They're too caught up in delusions of grandeur that the world offers them.  However, light workers, spiritual care givers, star seeds, Indigo and Crystal people have a different take on their role in shaping the future of the planet and all the beings on it.

If the Pluto and Uranus transits don't wake up these souls with a mission, then the Neptune transits certainly will accomplish this. It's as if Neptune plays the role of cleanup crew, following after Pluto and Uranus explosive transits.  While the person sits mourning the loss of their home and career, or possibly family members, Neptune brings either escapism or spiritual resolve.  Neptune brings the angels and opens up channels to the greater Spirit Realm.  But like all planets, Neptune has its trickery and traps.  No matter how much someone suffers, grabbing the bottle of booze or sniffing cocaine up the nose won't bring the type of release their soul desires.  Eventually, this escape route leads to a dead end if not an untimely death.

Yet, as soft as Neptune appears to us, its transits are fraught with difficulties and suffering because just like Uranus and Pluto, Neptune asks us to make a sacrifice.  Neptune may not blow up our house or set a fire to our dreams, but Neptune dissolves anything that is in the way of spiritual enlightenment or merging into Unity Consciousness also known as Oneness.  Now, a person can easily forget the real mission of Neptune and think that he or she has merged with the Divine when in an intoxicated state.  But the real road to spiritual transcendence is not through chemical or plant substances, but through prayer, meditation and spiritual contemplation.  It's through traveling from the mind to the heart and this takes some letting go of old structure and that for most of us feels terrifying.

Those of you born from 1964 through part of 1966 and again in 1994 through part of 1996 who have Saturn in Pisces either have already experienced or will experience a dissolution of structure.  This includes tuning into time-space reality.  This means that time has little meaning and space exists in multiple realms, if not endless realms with no real beginning or end.  Since Saturn represents time and even our bodily structure, people with Saturn in Pisces feel their bodies expanding into nothingness or space.  They space out, forget things, lose their keys, wallet, or fail to show up for appointments even if they have written them down in a calendar.  Learning anything concrete at this time, especially in an academic situation feels like fruitless activity because information goes in one side of the brain and quickly out the other side.  Nothing seems solid.

Those of you born in the 1960s with Saturn in Pisces also had Neptune in Scorpio.   This means that the current Saturn transit in Scorpio has passed over your Natal Neptune, which has the opposite effect of the Neptune to Saturn transit in Pisces.  Saturn brings structure and "reality" to Natal Neptune asking us questions about the reality of our dreams and the practical steps we plan on taking to manifest those dreams.  Those of us who work in the arts, especially in music, dance and cinema, find that we take on a more responsible role with our career.  Instead of just dreaming, we gather new business skills, balance our finances, and build new structure required to manifest success.  This acts as a balancing saving grace for the Neptune to Saturn transit in Pisces.

The problem is that the Saturn in Scorpio transit only last 2 1/2 years and the Neptune transit lasts until 2020.  This implies to me that the Neptune in Scorpio folks (1957-1972 approx), would do well to focus on the Saturn in Scorpio transit and get their ducks in order. Saturn moves into Sagittarius late December of 2014 and will square people with Natal Saturn in Pisces in 2015 and 2016.  When Neptune trines Saturn we transform our creative inspiration into solid reality, but we have to do the work required.  Transits are only as good or bad as we take advantage of their energies.  Effort is always required.  Remember the cliche when given lemons make lemon aide.

Anyone with their Sun, Moon, AC or personal planets in Mutable Signs will experience Neptune in Pisces as it aspects those natal planets or points in a natal chart.  Transits to Virgo (an opposition) asks us to serve the planet in some way, heal a critical attitude and fix the world through compassion.  Not easy for Virgo.  Transits to Sagittarius asks us to give up religious or idealistic dogma in favor of true freedom, while not seeking solace in chemical substances. Transits to Gemini asks us to get out of the analytical mind and allow the heart to lead.  Not easy for a Gemini.  And communicate on a deeper more soulful level while forgoing trivializing spiritual concepts and practices.  Geminis prefer not to meditate mainly because they feel that they can't quiet their minds and true enough, for Geminis this is lifelong work.

Originally, I had plans of writing a humorous post about Neptune's transit to Saturn, but that's not what came through here.  It's not that Neptune lacks a sense of humor either, because when you connect Neptune to Uranus or Mercury, you invite the trickster into your mind and your home.  So I'll save that humor for a future post, though I do joke these days about my forgetfulness and my concept of time by calling myself a Neptune Girl wearing space boots.  And if you happen to find any typos or syntax problems with my writing these days, it's not for lack of education.  Blame it on Neptune in Pisces engulfing my Saturn and Moon in Pisces. However, with the channels wide open, my intuition is more powerful than ever.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Feeling the Grand Cardinal Cross (Exact on April 23 & 24)

For those of you who are sensitive, you might already be feeling the effects of the Grand Cardinal Cross since Uranus and Pluto are squared at 13 degrees and have been since last week.  Retrograde Mars is pulling into its 13 degree station and Jupiter aligns for the final leg of the Cross-Square.

If you want to share your experiences, please do so in the comment section. Share how you cope with the intense energies. How are you dealing with the stress? Have you taken time off? Are you avoiding people who you normally find tense? Have you had any breakthroughs and what changes do you feel in the wind for you?

As much as I know about astrology and despite my spiritual practice, I have had moments where I've completely lost it.  I haven't been as forgiving as I would like and I find myself pushing the panic button today.  I have Mercury at 11 degrees so it's in orb of the Grand Square, but thankfully I don't have my Sun, Moon or AC involved in it.

I've heard some experts tell us to follow our passions this week.  Some tell us to practice extreme self-care and do what makes us feel comforted.  No use being hard on ourselves his week. Anything that needs to get done can actually wait.  And it's best to wait because we are not in a clear-thinking mood this week, no matter where our planets fall in our Natal Charts.

So remember these words (advice to myself too), Tolerance, Kindness, Generosity, Peace and Support. Stay clear of tense situations, follow your intuition and take a break from the grind this week.  By next week this intensity will have passed and we'll have a clearer idea of what we want to do next with our lives. 

I'm seeing an image of a dock damaged by a storm in need of repair, and in the background the sun rises above the horizon sending out sparkling light on the water.  A frog sings.  A New Beginning awaits us where we build our lives on solid ground.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Time of Taurus--Pounding those Seeds into the Ground

An image of stampeding bison pounding delicate seeds into the ground comes to mind today because on this day, the Sun enters Taurus, the Sign of the Bull.

Gotta love this sign ruled by Venus and focused on sensuality.  Like most Zodiac Signs, Taurus is often misunderstood and could use some clarification.  Besides, both of my grandmothers were born under this sign and one lived until 107.  See, that stubbornness pays off.

All jokes aside, what's really going on with the sacred cow or the sacrificial bull? True, Taurus is a Fixed Sign so that does involve a fixity stubborn quality.  Many Taurus people live in beautiful houses, surrounded by gardens of sensuality and boy, do these folks enjoy a good meal--rustic or gourmet.  If you want images of Taurus watch the movies A Chef in Love and Kenneth Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing and that will get you started.  Or watch the final scene of Zorba the Greek with the characters dancing on the sandy beach with the waves lapping at them.

Many people mistake sensual types for greedy or lusty, but that's not what's going on below the surface.  The Bull or Cow (depending on the sex) came to the planet (mistaking it for a lost Eden) to experience their 5, maybe even 6, senses.  So can you blame these folks for surrounding themselves with luxury, eating fine food and hanging out in aesthetically-pleasing places? The mindset of the Taurus is live now, pay later. Is there even a later for them?

Similar to Leo, they are a sensual cuddly sign who enjoy soft materials against their skin.  Yes, just like Leo they lean towards hedonistic behavior and just like their polar opposite Scorpio, they enjoy sex with a sensual partner, but please don't get into the heavier stuff.  Venus prefers light to darkness.  She's a creature of the day while Scorpio is a creature of the night and subconscious.

By Patricia Herlevi
Everyone has Taurus somewhere in their natal chart and any of the ten planets in a chart plus Chiron could fall in the sign of Taurus.  For people who have their Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign in Taurus, you enjoy the finer things in life. These things bring you joy, not so much because of the wealth and abundance attached, but because you find security in beauty, high quality goods, and finer foods.  You have good tastes, unless there is an affliction in your chart such as a square or opposition with Pluto, Saturn or Mars to a Taurus Sun or Moon or those planets falling in the First House near the AC.

People with their Mercury in Taurus talk slower than others, especially slower than Gemini or Virgo.  They might even start talking later than their childhood peers (which freaks parents out).  I'm sure there are Taurus extroverts in the world, but I've never met one.  The Taurus people I've met come across as thoughtful and slow to respond to questions or requests, if they choose to respond at all.  They are known for digging their heels in and refusing to budge. I see the image of a donkey with his butt on the ground and a poor farmer yanking on the lead to no avail.  One astrologer joked that if you want to get a Taurus to do something, tell them to do the opposite thing.  A little trickery goes a long ways with a Taurus. And they don't always get the joke, at least not as quick as a Gemini or a Sagittarius.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Stephen Forrest assigns the Farmer Archetype to Taurus, but he also assigns the Musician (I believe).  I've known Taurus musicians and I'm remembering one bassist in particular.  I worked at an university bookstore in the music section with this guy and he always showed up late from his lunch break.  However, the guy was so mellow and pleasing to hang around that I never felt angry with him.  Bands sought him out too most likely for these qualities and of course his versatility as a player.  I never heard this man talk about not having money and he possessed confidence that I have yet to see in other musicians.

Take the good with the bad; the stubborn attitude, hedonistic behavior, and complaints about gloomy settings, along with the Taurus person's loyalty, steadfastness and love of the finer things in life.  I've not known any Taurus farmers, but I have known numerous Taurus musicians and poets. They show us the beauty of the world through their work and their music calms are troubled minds--think Stevie Wonder.  Taurus grounds us and in return we set fire under their feet so that they don't grow roots keeping them stuck in one place.

If you have Taurus family members, colleagues or friends, here's a tip.  Tell them to arrive at an earlier time than the time you have scheduled because Taurus people always arrive late.  If you date a Taurus take them to a finer restaurant or at least one with a spectacular view and the freshest food possible or they will complain. Spend time together outdoors, preferably near a mountain, forest, or garden setting.  When buying a Taurus person a gift, don't skimp on quality or you'll depress them.  Write a poem or a song for them and watch the Taurus' eyes light up.  And never, ever rush a Taurus or you'll end up with dirt kicked into your face.

The Sun transits into Taurus on April 19/20 depending on where you reside in the world.  My planet guide has the Sun at 0 degrees Taurus on April 21st so that's the time I've been using in my posts. Mercury enters Taurus on April 23 (same day as the Grand Cardinal Cross exact). Saturday, April 19, with the Moon in Capricorn and Sun moving into Taurus, spending the day in a garden or on a mountain reaps health benefits. When the Sun transits in Taurus we slow down, smell the roses, and rejuvenate.

Also see Eclipse post since the Solar Eclipse falls in Taurus on April 29.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lunar Eclipse Check-In (Standing ground)

Now that the Lunar Eclipse called the "Blood Moon" has passed, what's next? Can we act diplomatic and still say no and mean it?

Okay, that was one powerful Lunar Eclipse. I woke up around 11:00 p.m. and had a difficult time getting back to sleep because I had some emotional issues to purge.  Oddly, those issues came up in a dream I experienced too.

I noticed that the Moon went void-of-course right after the Eclipse and enters Scorpio today. The Scorpio Moon brings up emotional issues, usually around forgiveness, betrayal and power struggles so it looks like more purging is the order of the day.

I hope you are all well, realizing that some of you, especially with the Sun, Moon and AC in Cardinal Signs will experience the full thrust of the Lunar Eclipse and North Node in Libra's energy.  I encourage you to take the day off and spend some time in a natural setting or just sleeping so you can process heavier emotions coming up now.

Personally, I woke up feeling rage for how men have treated me in the past, and how they still play games with me, especially older men, such as those of the baby boomer generation.  It's like they toss me a bait and fish for my affection and something more, which I don't want to give them. But then I wonder how to be both diplomatic and protective of myself with these men (a Libra theme).

Both the Lunar Eclipse and the North Node aspected my Natal Venus (unaspected and retrograde in Gemini) as well as, my progressed Sun in Leo (8th House, subconscious and psychological games).  Psychic rape is damaging too and that's when men send women their sexual energy which ends up stuck in the women's first three chakras.  If this is the case for any of you, clear out those chakras and ask Archangel Michael to cut cords to those toxic attachments.  Women with a strong Venus signature in their chart will experience this scenario. Also women with a strong Moon signature or even Neptune's signature.  We have to say NO, even if we think it will hurt someone's feelings. Oddly, I was listening to Kate Bush's ravaging "Get out of My House" yesterday on YouTube, not an easy song to listen to and it brought up rage, which I'm happy to heal and release.

Other messages coming up have to do with how people relate to each other on a sexual and intimate level or how they violate another person's space.  This can come up in any type of relationship, homosexual or heterosexual and even with people practicing a celibate lifestyle, especially with the Moon transiting into Scorpio. Watch for subtle manipulation, power struggles and inequality in relationships or even with colleagues who have ulterior motives in mind.  Remember that you have a right to boundaries, you have a right to respect and you have a right to feel angry when someone has violated you in some way.  Release the rage in a healthy setting and then take an Epsom salt bath, sage your space and fill your space with amber or white light of Divine Love.

Archangel Michael
The Lunar Eclipse in Libra brings balance and justice, but only after moments of upheaval. We will all know now if our lives are built on sand or solid ground.  Anything not built with integrity will crumble now.  Any relationship where people use each other out of fear and limiting thoughts will break up or simply dissolve now.  Anything that is out of balance will grab our attention and we must act immediately to correct any imbalances that come up, including health, home, family, friendships, career, etc...Legal issues could surface now too, especially with large corporations that haven't practiced integrity, but even on a personal basis for the same reason.  Have you been aboard and honest? What's your level of integrity?

With the Moon in Scorpio, secrets will seep out now and we won't like what we witness.  But remember the saying, what we expose to the light becomes the light and I will add that what we leave in darkness wounds us even deeper.  So this is about surgical removal of metaphorical pus and infection from the body of humanity.  If we keep meeting dishonest people then we must look at our own projections. Like attracts like and if we don't like what we see in the mirror, we only have ourselves to answer to.  Yes, these are powerful lessons to learn now.  And this is a time of powerful transformation that looks ugly and wicked on the surface, but hides a glittering diamond of soul mastership.  How far are you willing to dig to find your diamond?

One last thing, eclipses have a long-lasting effect that continues for several weeks or months.  On one hand, this gives us more time to evolve and shift our consciousness, but on the other hand, if we choose not to shift our consciousness, we could experience upheaval of many stripes on the planet.  If we breed more fear, then more suffering and victim mentality ensues.  But if we choose to heal our wounds and send out waves of love then we heal the planet that much faster.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Lunar Balance (April 15 Lunar Eclipse in Libra)

The Lunar Eclipse at Libra 25 degrees brings upheaval that ultimately brings greater balance.

As the Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra fast approaches, our focus shifts to the areas of our life out of balance.  This happens on an individual and global levels.  Libra represents justice, balance, harmony in relationships or disharmony, partnerships, commitments and how we attract and perceive beauty.

I find that this Lunar Eclipse has some unique features. First, it's at 25 degrees Libra mirroring a polar opposite Lunar Eclipse in Aries 25 degrees that took place in October 2013.  Either events from six months ago come to completion or they repeat themselves until balance is restored.

Second, the Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees conjuncts the North Node in Libra at 28 degrees direct (usually the nodes are retrograde).  North Nodes represent destiny so where we are heading as a planet and as individuals.  In this case, we look at how we process emotions and how we relate to others in committed relationships or partnerships.  We must heal passive-aggressive behavior and other mind games we play on the people in our lives.  Libra has a tendency to compromise its best interests to make peace and then resent the situation and people involved with the compromise.  It's the "I'm alright dear, you do what you want" attitude when the person desperately wants the opposite scenario.  When people act passive aggressive they end up pleasing no one and lack a real personality.  It's easy to abandon passive-aggressive people because they're overly pleasing and boring.  They also drain other people of energy.  This North Node helps us heal passive-aggressive attitudes.

Third, the Moon passes over Mars in Libra (RX) prior to the Lunar Eclipse.  Again, we get the message of healing passive-aggressive behaviors. We learn about self-honoring and pleasing ourselves so that we have more energy to offer others.  It's time to heal repressed anger and come out of denial about our deeper emotions.  Stop judging ourselves for feeling darker emotions and stop projecting our darker energies on others.

Fourth, Pluto is stationary retrograde as the Moon approaches the eclipse which calls our attention to transformation.  Pluto is also moving into a Cardinal Grand Square with Mars, Uranus, and Jupiter (exact on April 23).

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Outer Planets & Earth's Future (Generation by Generation)

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto shape our future by calling our attention to the present.  But first, we must find the planets as they transit in our natal charts... Each of us carries a piece of the puzzle that pertain to the Earth's future.

Much of the focus of astrologers has been on Uranus transits to the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign in recent years.  Neptune and Pluto transits received the same treatment.  However, I have an intellectual itch to explore the outer planet transits to outer planets.  These transits affect us on personal and generational levels and we read each chart individually since none of us have the exact combination of transits. For instance, someone with a stellium in Capricorn would experience the Pluto transit in Capricorn differently than someone with only one planet in that sign.  Ditto for the Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces transits.

My parents have their natal Pluto in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Virgo, while others from this same generation could have Uranus in Taurus.  The larger Pluto in Leo/Neptune in Libra generation (baby boomers) have three Uranus placements (Cancer, Leo and Virgo) depending on when they were born.  My generation had Pluto and Uranus in Virgo (some had Uranus in Leo and some had Uranus in Libra) and Neptune in Scorpio.  So let's look at these three generations first.  Then we will look at the Pluto in Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius folks. I'm leaving out Pluto in Capricorn because these children are not developed yet and the oldest children of this generation are age 6.

Those of you with Pluto in Cancer and Uranus in Aries experience a Pluto-Pluto opposition, Uranus-Conjunct-Uranus and Neptune-opposite-Neptune with the current outer planet transits.  Transiting Saturn in Scorpio forms an inconjunct with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer conjuncts the natal Pluto of these folks now in their 80s.  They are and will experience a Uranus Return which brings empowerment and freedom.   Even with the Pluto-Pluto and Neptune-Neptune opposition, these folks have come into their own power hopefully.  As retirees they can make a difference in their communities by sharing their collective wisdom.  Many of these folks have great grandchildren now, some are widowed and some are dealing with illness as they age.  However, despite all of that, they still have much to contribute to society so let's not write them off.  In any case, I find that this generation who lived through the Great Depression and World War II have more maturity and common sense than the generation that followed them.  They might not get new age spirituality and might promote outdated traditions, but they are waking up spiritually and could use our support.

Baby boomers with Uranus in Cancer experience Uranus Square Uranus and Uranus opposite Neptune but experience a fire trine with Pluto in Leo and transiting Uranus in Aries. When Saturn transits into Sagittarius and Jupiter into Leo later this year, the Pluto in Leo folks receive a boost, though they might also experience fateful yods with their Neptune in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius and faster moving planets in Taurus.  I'm not sure what the message is here except I see a line up of cheerleaders on a side of a road waving at traffic.  The Uranus in Leo folks experience a fire trine with transiting Uranus and the Uranus in Virgo folks experience Uranus inconjunct Uranus, but the Virgo-Aries connection actually support each other as some astrologers have mentioned.

Dare I say it, it's time for this generation to grow up and face adulthood.  We can't act like children forever and it's time to stop looking for their parents' generation for entitlements or shoving their values down other people's throats.  That said, with all this fire in the transits, this generation could move past cynicism and reclaim their original dreams of bringing harmony and more creativity to the world.  They did have it right to promote ideals such as cooperation, sharing resources, enjoying the natural world and growing organic food.  The Uranus in Cancer folks who experience the opposition with Pluto in Capricorn could heal their clannish behavior and set about building new structures with younger generations. Some of those old ideas from the 1960s and early 1970s (beyond drug culture and free sex) could heal the planet now. I'm thinking of folk music revivals, permaculture, cooperative living, conservation, etc...The rainbow society is still a possibility.

Pluto/Uranus in Virgo-Neptune in Scorpio folks are experience trines from transiting Pluto in Capricorn to Pluto/Uranus in Virgo and a sextile to natal Neptune.  Uranus in Aries forms inconjuncts with Uranus, Pluto and Neptune providing yod opportunities for the 1960s born.  Those of you with Uranus in Leo (late 1950s) experience a trine with transiting Aries giving you a boost of inspiration and energy. You have an adventurous can-do attitude during this transit so if you know your path, go for it. Full steam ahead.  Those with Uranus in Libra (1969 onward) experience a Uranus-Uranus opposition which is another term for midlife crisis.  You now assess your life thus far and have the urge to break away from anything that doesn't serve your bottom line.  With the children away at college or off starting their own lives, it's time to return to those old dreams.

The 1960s born provide solutions now to age old problems while bursts of wisdom appear suddenly out of thin air.  New technology appears now too that promises renewable energy at affordable prices and clean air.  Healing cynicism and transforming restless energy to problem solving skills challenge us now.  Analytical thinking combines with intuitive insights as we get to work on solving societal and global problems.  We too have wisdom to pass on, but we must crawl out of our caves and cooperate with other generations. That does require healing differences first.

Pluto/Uranus in Libra with Neptune in Sagittarius experience oppositions with transiting Uranus in Aries and a square to transiting Pluto in Capricorn.  However, transiting Uranus forms a fire trine with Neptune in Sagittarius.  The main theme I get for these folks revolves around healing passive-aggressive behavior and learning assertive leadership. Yours is a small generation born in the 1970s to 1984 though some of you have Uranus in Scorpio and these folks experience transiting Saturn conjunct natal Uranus, which causes a feeling of suffocation and a realization about human justice the cost of true freedom.  Uranus in Scorpio possesses darker tones as opposed to the diplomatic Uranus in Libra, meaning they don't play nice in the sandbox and have much healing to do around forgiveness.  The Uranus in Sagittarius overlap now experiences a fire trine with transiting Uranus in Aries and a square to Neptune in Pisces.  I predict this brings up issues around religion, world travel, higher education and other Neptune/Jupiter themes.  Refrain from dogmatic idealism and remember we are all different faces of the same God.

Pluto in Scorpio, Neptune in Capricorn, Uranus in Sagittarius and Capricorn.  This part gets tricky and I lose the thread not being able to keep up with the outer planet changes. This generation ranges from 1984 until 1996 and we find the Capricorn triple conjunction and stellium folks in this group when Neptune and Uranus transited in Capricorn.  I'm actually keeping my eyes on this generation to see how it will handle the Pluto transit in Capricorn hitting all their stellium planets and Neptune in Pisces forming sextiles with those planets.. The Uranus in Sagittarius currently experience a Uranus trine Uranus in fire while the Uranus in Capricorn folks born at the later end of this generation feel that they carry a large burden on their backs and most likely suffer from depression or feeling like they're aging quickly.  Neptune offers spiritual solutions as long as these folks don't turn to alcohol or recreational drugs for relaxation. Try yoga, meditation and other forms of exercise instead.  Better yet, pack your bags and take a holiday.

The final group with Pluto in Sagittarius, Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Aquarius and Pisces experience a transiting Neptune square to Pluto and a conjunction to natal Uranus in Pisces.  Transiting Uranus in Aries forms a fire trine with natal Pluto and a sextile to Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius.  Transiting Pluto forms a sextile with natal Uranus in Pisces. I predict this group will grow into their Indigo nature.  They must practice the same integrity they expect from others.  With their idealism and visions they could usher in a time of new technology along with the Pluto in Virgo generation and alternative healing along with the Pluto in Scorpio generation.

The problem I have noticed with this generation (in their late teens and early 20s) is that they have addiction problems with either substances or technology.  While some people from this group get involved with the community, study hard at a university to eventually solve the world's problems, other people from this group just want to get wasted and then brag about their exploits.  Two student riots (Bellingham, Washington during October 2013 and Santa Barbara, California in April 2014) involved members of this generation along with members of the late Pluto in Scorpio generation.  They appear as rebels without a good cause when the world could provide them with multiple causes as well as, humanitarians as mentors.  Let's redirect these folks by transforming their hopelessness into an adventurous attitude.  What do they have to lose anyway at this point?

Perhaps, we could put these young adults on planes and send them to developing nations to get their hands dirty and learn about other cultures.  We certainly don't want to see them entering rehab centers in droves in the coming years or languishing in prison due to uncontrollable behavior.  Sadly, children of the later generations endured mislabeling from doctors, put on uppers (Ritalin) and had to deal with rapid cultural and societal changes, not to mention threats of climate change, overpopulation, obesity and diseases related to toxic food. 

However, having said that, these old souls learn from their experiences and with this higher learning, they can bring solutions to the proverbial table.  Many people look to the younger generations to save the planet which I find unfair.  After all, we're all in this earth experience together and each of us has our piece of the puzzle to contribute.  We don't grow old and then cast out the world.  As long as we're still using the earth's resources we have a responsibility to live sustainably and harmoniously. If us older and mature folks don't share our wisdom with youth then I guess we get what we paid for.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Astro Message for the Week of April 7 - 13

Stay alert this week.  Intoxication and escapism are equivalent to being in the wrong place at the wrong time...Huge shifting energies on the planet this week...

As we prepare for the Lunar Eclipse in Libra/Aries on April 14/15, I received the message of staying alert.  This message isn't to alarm anyone, but think of it as preparing for an initiation or as Michelle Patterson (Angel Souls Oracle) tells us, for a foot race.  All that spiritual training or other types of training such as balancing emotions, developing courage, and good management skills pays off this week.

I've received numerous warnings to tell people not to get drunk or stoned this week.  If you do that, you won't be able to act on your feet nor will you have your wits about you. The challenges this week come on suddenly and depending on the location, some people will deal with earthquakes, fires, floods, and other disruptive natural events (I'll refrain from using the word disaster).  Think in the mindset of an athlete.  An athlete would not get wasted or seek an escape route before a big event.  An athlete prepares in mind and body.  The athlete focuses on a goal, in our case, it is a major shift of energy on the planet.  What we experience this week is much bigger than an Olympic event and involves every single being on the planet.

Fiery types (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are up for the challenge.  They bring positivity and hope, as well as, courage and leadership.  Earthy types (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo), keep us grounded by helping out with practicalities and helping us to stay calm.  Virgo is the star player in this regard because Virgos know how to fix things, get organized and keep things moving in the right direction.  Watery types (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) bring nurturing, healing, comfort, intuitive insights and keep us on our spiritual paths.  Finally Airy types (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) help us keep our thoughts in order.  They are the engineers, the planners, and the ones that keep us from losing our heads.  They bring detachment thus quelling any drama or melodrama that comes up.  All four elements must cooperate and make peace with each other.

This week Jupiter and Uranus form a perfect square as they move into place for the Grand Square/Cross that takes place on the 23rd when Mars transits to 13 degrees Libra.  We will witness numerous sudden events between now and then, from natural earth shifting events like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mud and rock slides (and sink holes) as well as, breakthroughs in government as far as the people joining together to usher in new government leaders such as the election happening now in Afghanistan in which the people voted despite threats from the Taliban.  There is a lot of power to the people energy this month. Think back to Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement when Uranus formed its first Cardinal Square with Pluto.  Except now we have expansive Jupiter forming a square with Uranus.  People are literally fed up with the status quo, have had enough of the old game and demand justice and freedom.  Jupiter and Uranus are both freedom seekers who thrive on ideologies. Out with the old, in with the new. 

The above article link is a good example of Uranus-Jupiter Square.

We see this on the collective and individual levels now.  So expect a lot of chaos and excitement this week.  If you can take time out to meditate, go for walks, take warm baths in Epsom salt and practice extreme self-care.  Even though the Lunar Eclipse Moon is in Libra, a detached air sign, people will appear wrought with emotions and logic isn't going to come into play.  The Aries Sun causes us to act like spoiled children who want our desires met now and this could get out of hand, especially with this eclipse in Cardinal signs.  Stay calm as possible and keep your head about you.  I see us giving ourselves time outs this week as if we are children.  Instead of focusing on what other people are doing or not doing, focus on your inner voice and listen closely for your next step.  Partner with intuition this week because it could save your life.

Now is not a good time to start new projects, but keep working on the old ones.  Be patient with delays and strange behavior in others.  Don't let anyone pull the wools over your eyes and refrain from enabling bad or destructive behavior in others.  Stand up for yourself, but with compassion for everyone involved. Still this could mean walking away from relationships that are soul damaging.  Some of you will relocate now, some of you will switch jobs now, someone of you will break up a relationship, and some of you will seek freedom above all else.  However, make these choices with love in mind.  Be gentle with yourself and others.  If you feel angry then back off and clear your mind before addressing any issues.

When we clear out the old, we make room for the new.  And the new is better than you could have ever imagine.

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A note about the Sun transiting into Taurus.  My emphemeris has the Sun at 0 degrees Taurus on April 21, but the Sun actually moves into Taurus on the 19th, depending where we are in the world.   So for the sake of my posts I'm going with April 21st because it's the first full day of the Sun in Taurus.  Obviously if someone is having a chart cast for the 19th, the Sun will either coming out Aries or Taurus depending on the time of day and region of the world.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Luxury of Swimming--Venus in Pisces (April 6 - May 3)

Even during a tumultuous month such as April 2014, charming Venus moves into soft and diffused Pisces.  We can find relief with Venus joining Chiron and Neptune in this flowing sign.  

Since Venus has to do with the body, the earth, our feminine psyche and how we attract or radiate beauty, I'm thinking that this is a time to beautify the body and the home.  We reassess what we find beautiful and how we attract beauty in the form of fine art, lovely gardens, luxurious or even simple and elegant homes.  We practice feng shui and clear our space of anything we find cluttering and unattractive (such as a ratty couch or dusty rug).

With so much chaos happening in the world (already and it's only April 4th), we need an escape route and somewhere pleasant to take our minds, spirits and bodies.  Gardening would help us ground the Aries and Cardinal energy we feel tensing up in our muscles.  Practicing yoga or getting body work done now would also relieve tension leading to better moods and higher frequencies which can actually curtail natural disasters and violence on the planet.  Venus says take a holiday if possible.  Lie on a beach and watch clouds float past or swim in the ocean or a lake and get close to nature.  Venus in Pisces asks us to get lost in nature, not literally, but to quell those monkey mind thoughts and what if scenarios that run circles in our mind now.

On April 9, Venus approaches Neptune then forming an exact conjunction on April 12, right before the Lunar Eclipse.  It's best to lay low during an eclipse anyway so it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a massage or energy healing during this week.  It would also be a good time to meditate and discover any obstacles or beliefs we could let go of so we can live more fulfilling lives.  Eclipses have a way of churning up the areas of our lives that no longer serve us and not always as catastrophic events. It helps to meditate and stay on top of this transformation process.

Venus trines Jupiter in Cancer exact on April 18 and she also sextiles Pluto that day.  In this regard Venus brings some relief to the Grand Cardinal Square.  Venus brings us even more healing, especially of childhood wounds through energy medicine or spending time in nature when the planet conjuncts Chiron on April 20.  Then finally, Venus trines retrograde Saturn on April 26. This could also bring deep healing, but more on a psychological level.  We ask ourselves how do we balance our feminine and masculine sides? What are our views of women that need healing?

Women are you chasing after men or ambitions instead of attracting them to you? I was listening to a replay of David Kessler's interview with Marianne Williamson yesterday on Hay House Radio when this topic came up.  Williamson mentioned that when a woman over accommodates a man or chases after him, she emasculates him.  Then the man is likely to seek a relationship elsewhere because a man has hunting instincts. However, Artemis types will have a hard time swallowing this concept, not that Artemis types search for mates.  Not, usually anyway, but in the rare instance that an Artemis type hunts for a man, beware that he could stray towards a more feminine woman.

Look for Pisces on the cusps in your natal chart and you will locate the Venus transit.  See where the current transits play out in your chart and you'll find healing and relief from tension in those houses. If Venus transits through your Sixth House, take a spiritual retreat because you've worked too hard and you would benefit from reconnecting to the natural and spiritual realms.  If Venus transits through your Fourth House, beautify the home.  Depending on where Venus transits in the chart, we want to glamorize and create some illusions, not as deception, but to amuse ourselves.  Though there could be some deception and game-playing since Pisces and Venus have shadows.

Enjoy the transits of planets in Water Signs.  In July, Jupiter will move into fiery Leo and in December, Saturn will transit into fiery Sagittarius.  Neptune and Chiron remain in water signs, but we will lose the opportunity to deepen our meditation process and receive deep healing when the Fire Trines replace the Water Trines.  On the other hand, we will feel more energetic and adventurous with Jupiter moving into Leo, as well as, more arrogant, "It's all about me" attitude.  When Saturn moves into Sagittarius we will experience restrictions with foreign relations, higher education, and long distance travel as well as, scrutiny of major religions for alternative spirituality.  So enjoy the Water Sign activities before they disappear.

Activities for Venus in Pisces:

Listen to softer music such as chamber classical, acoustic folk, new age, indigenous music

Watch uplifting movies especially ones with eye-candy photography 

Photography, especially travel and nature photography

Attend a dance performance

Join a choir

Spiritual retreat

Meditation and yoga

Feng shui

Garden or spend time in a garden

Nature walks

Spend time near a large body of water

Get a massage or body work

Relax and daydream or practice creative visualization

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April's Big Transits Simplified

 Many astrologers and intuitives see April as a volatile month or if they gaze positively at the month, April represents another big shift. 

First, we will experience a Lunar Eclipse in a cardinal sign, the North Node in Libra and Mars spending a long transit (8 months) in Libra plus a Grand Cardinal Cross involving several planets in Cardinal signs.

What does this mean?

First, let's look at the Lunar Eclipse.  A Lunar Eclipse happens when the transiting Sun and transiting Moon oppose each other.  The Moon is full which brings out emotional responses in others as well as, releases repressed emotions often times anger erupts.  The earth also releases tension around the time of a Full Moon and especially around Lunar Eclipses (volcanic activity, earthquakes, mudslides, rock slides and the crumbling of buildings).  Research has also proven that more crime happens around the time of the Full Moon.

On a positive note, we also experience inspiration and a flurry of ideas.  We feel full, pregnant and ready to give birth to something new.  For some people, Full Moons represent manifestation of deep desires.  We feel more courageous and energetic around Full Moons.  Eclipses release old emotions and bring up desires.  We find that events happen more quickly and have a greater impact.  We feel impulsive or reactive as if stuff flies at us.  The Tower card of the tarot deck represents a Lunar Eclipse, but nothing happens without forewarning or out of the blue.  We just ignored the subtle and not so subtle hints.

Let's now look at the transit of Mars in Libra.  When Mars transits in Libra its energies are repressed and like any bottled up emotion or energy needs release.  But Mars isn't going to get relief in Libra, especially when the planet moves retrograde (more repression).  So think of this scenario.  A Mars type person (think athlete, brawny, not a man of many words, but a man of action) shows up at an elegant dinner party (Libra) where he's forced to make nice conversation and follow the protocol.  Mars types would consider this scenario hell, basically.  Mars spends eight months in a sign that represses its energy.  And in April Mars gets invited to participate in a Grand Cardinal Cross.

So let's break that down.  First, we have planets in high-energy Cardinal Signs. Cardinal Signs are fire-starters or presenters of change on a grand scale.  They are powerful and in a chart represent the Angular Houses which deal with the major themes in our life (self, home/family, partnerships and career).  The planets for April in Cardinal Signs include Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus, Sun & Mercury in Aries and Mars in Libra.  The North Node also falls in Libra as does the Lunar Eclipse on April 14/15.

A Grand Cross happens when two planets oppose each other and two planets square the opposing planets.  So we have four squares and two oppositions forming both a Grand Cross and Grand Square.  Pluto opposes Jupiter, Mars (Libra), Sun, Mercury, Uranus (Aries) provide the squares at different points in April.
Uranus wants freedom from repression and it falls in warrior Aries.  Pluto takes us into our subconscious through showing us our shadows and projections.  Jupiter expands what it touches, focuses on higher ideals, higher education, religion, the law (along with Libra) and it currently transits in nurturing Cancer (bringing protection to Cancerians) and Mars represents the warrior/fire-starter and change bringer. Mars also represents children and the ego.

For more information on the Grand Cross/Square and eclipses see April 2014 Forecast and the April Eclipse post. 

Also check out Bill Attride's article on Sun Square Jupiter.