Thursday, May 30, 2013

Planets Come Bearing Gifts & Blessings

Vancouver, Canada by Patricia Herlevi
With my Venus Return and Jupiter and Mercury also on my Natal Venus, I feel like writing something upbeat this week.  And why not when mundane astrologer Carl Boudreau predicts smooth sailing for June and possibly the next six months?

We are now past the shadow of the May 25 eclipse and even though we still deal with the Pluto-Uranus square, Mercury enters Cancer this Friday (May 31) and brings us some relief when the planet forms a Grand Water Trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.  And also on this day Mars moves from Taurus into Gemini, which brings some nervous restlessness and gets us more into our brains.  We have already visited these Gemini themes with the Lunar Eclipse, and stellium of planets in Gemini.  However, on Sunday, June 2, Venus enters nurturing Cancer and we give our attention to self-love and taking care of our bodies, plus eating healthier foods, that is if we don't give into the need for comfort foods in the form of sweets.  On June 4, we experience an exact Grand Water Trine with Saturn/Neptune/Mercury and then on June 7, Venus forms an exact trine with Saturn and Neptune.

Whatcom Falls Park, by Patricia Herlevi
We also experience Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto retrograde in June and Mercury goes retrograde on June 26 (days before my birthday).  When these retrograde outer planets combine with the Grand Water Trines we experience at the beginning of the month, we might not take advantage of the gifts the trine offers.  This is because we take these flowing energies for granted, but it would be a mistake not to plant seeds at this time, to do the leg work necessary to manifesting our souls' desires. When planets retrograde this represents a time to go inward so the seeds we plant now are of a spiritual and emotional (water signs).  In addition, at the end of June, Jupiter moves into Cancer forming a Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune--I interpret this Trine as spiritual progress towards enlightenment, but we still need to do the work as in keeping a spiritual practice going ie meditation.

Chiron and Juno also retrograde in June and the Sun leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer on June 22nd (Pacific Standard Time) with the Sun eventually joining a Grand Water Trine.  The vision I have is a waterfall flowing with gifts, abundance, prosperity that will come to us if we remove blocks in the form of beliefs (delete the "I'm not a good enough" belief).  It's as if the outer planets withdraw their energies (except for Uranus who doesn't retrograde until the end of July) and the water sprites have come out to play.  In his mundane chart for the world, Carl Boudreau mentioned a kite configuration which to me signifies sailing above all that heavy energy we felt in recent months.

However, despite all this flowing energy (which we're going to love), Mars forms some hard aspects with Neptune (a square) on June 8th which lingers for a few days, perhaps we encounter the spiritual warrior type or have to defend our spirituality to the status quo in some way.  The Gemini Sun forms an inconjunct with the North Node on June 7th where we want to lighten up, but feel destiny calling us to heal a situation or perhaps the planet.  We might hear disturbing news at this time (make sure all the facts are straight) and we cannot choose to act on the secrets revealed at this time or push them under the rug so that we can feel uplifted.  We might choose trivia over a breaking news story about an important topic.  Meanwhile, the Pluto-Uranus square continues until June 2nd and separates by one degree until Mid-July with Pluto still going retrograde.

So the good news is that we have multiple trines in water to help us balance emotions or if we tend to detach ourselves, to go deeper into the emotional realm where I think great healing awaits.  This is a time when food and nutrition will be first and foremost in our minds.  We will discuss and act upon ways to protect the purity of our food, helping developing countries to provide food for their citizens and food security will make headlines as well as, end up as talk at our dinner tables.  For those people living in the northern hemisphere, summer will provide a time for group gatherings centered around food, urban farming, victory gardens (Cancerians love those), food history, and I think you get the picture.

Issues of motherhood and raising children surface now as will getting in touch with our own playful inner children.  We can heal wounds sustained from our childhood (please take advantage of this opportunity to heal those wounds and let them go).  We will also see headlines about marine life, beaches, holiday places and holiday makers.  We will wax nostalgic and most likely for the 1950s and 1960s or events that happened to the Cancer in Pluto Generation.  For those of us who live in the US (Cancer Sun) we will feel more patriotic than usual and hopeful.  Cites ruled by Cancer, including the one I live in are going to experience an up swell in economics, especially if this derives from agriculture, food production or local eateries.

We will also spend more time moon gazing and thinking about the Moon since this is the Cancerian planet.  We could study the Moon cycles or pay attention to mood changes when the Moon switches signs.  It's time to heal issues with our mothers and for young mothers to explore different child raising techniques even ones from the distant past.  While I don't want to grow dark on you, all that water can also come in the form of wet weather, floods, and water damage, depending on where we are in the world.  At least we could experience a wetter summer than usual or end up taking holidays on overcrowded beaches because everyone else came up with the same idea.

As a whole, we receive some leg room and breathing space to heal the traumas we experienced in previous months. However, don't hang on to this trauma because you don't want these joyful and relaxing energies to pass by you.  If you are someone directly affected by trauma then take this time to grieve and do seek true healing (and not a support group that rehashes trauma).  And if you're not someone directly affected by events you read in the news, stop watching the news, go to a beach or hang out near a body of water.  Meditate, relax, nourish yourself and spread some love around.

Whoa, check this video out of an 11 year old boy supporting organic farming:{%2210201335675784414%22%3A514766741909523}&action_type_map={%2210201335675784414%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map={%2210201335675784414%22%3A%22above-post%22}

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bridge over Troubled Waters (Interstate-5 Bridge Collapses--Seen in Natal Chart of Mount Vernon, WA)

Skagit River, Mount Vernon, photo by Patricia Herlevi
(Soon after I wrote this post, I checked out the local news coverage of the collapsed bridge and much of what I said here about over exaggeration, etc has already come to pass.  I'm not surprised with 4 planets in Gemini and the Moon moving into Sagittarius. This event is also receiving international attention).

My original plan was to blog about t-crosses today.  However, last night I received the news that an Interstate-5 bridge on the border of Mount Vernon, Washington collapsed and my first reaction was to revisit the city's natal chart (which I have on file).  Depending on which chart I use, the June 27, 1890 incorporation date, or the filing date of the papers, July 6, 1890 (on a Sunday?) I'm confronted with a telling story.

A section of the bridge collapsed the evening of May 23, 2013 when a semi-truck hit a beam.  The semi truck and a pick up truck next to it plunged into the Skagit River (which represents a powerful vortex in which I am familiar). Minor injuries and no deaths were reported.  The bridge was built in 1955 and engineers inspected the bridge twice in 2012.

On a more esoteric note, I needed to go to Mount Vernon this week to buy a product not sold where I live.  When I meditated, my spirit guides told me to either go to Mount Vernon on Tuesday or early on Thursday, Tuesday as the best date.  Even so, when I rode the bus to Mount Vernon, southbound I had a foreboding feeling and I felt more vigilant that normal, watching the traffic carefully.  I had fallen earlier that day on stairs and bruised my knee so I thought I was feeling shaken up over that.  However, I did not have the foreboding feeling heading northbound.  And my spirit guides had warned me that if I waited until Friday to go to Mount Vernon, something would have blocked my way.

Here's the news story from the Seattle Times on the bridge collapse,

And now let's look at the two charts.

In the July 6 chart, Saturn transits at 0 degrees Virgo, Neptune at 5 degrees Gemini, and Pluto at 7 degrees Gemini (I actually am looking at a chart for July 5 and making mental adjustments because this is the original date I have and I doubt the State filed any paperwork on a Sunday, July 6).  With the upcoming eclipse (and events can occur before an eclipse), the Sagittarius Moon, Gemini Sun, and Neptune in Pisces at 5 degrees are tightly aspected with Mount Vernon's Saturn in Virgo (an opposition and two squares), as well as, Neptune and Pluto in Gemini (conjunction with transiting Gemini Sun, opposition with Sagittarius Moon and square with transiting Neptune in Pisces for the day of the Lunar Eclipse).  Is it possible that Monday, July 7, 1890 is the correct date for filing of papers with the Secretary of State?

Meanwhile, transiting Jupiter conjuncts Mount Vernon's North Node (Gemini), sextiles Mount Vernon's Venus in Leo and conjuncts Mount Vernon's Mercury at 25 degrees Gemini which in the natal chart trines Mount Vernon's Aquarius Moon at 29 degrees.  The transiting Pluto-Uranus square squares Mount Vernon's Cancer Sun with a 5 degree orb (not exact, but close enough to cause a disturbance).

Now, I'll translate these aspects into English.  Saturn at Virgo 0 degrees represents the bridge's structure and the Lunar Eclipse planets Sun, Moon, and Neptune present challenging aspects to this Saturn, structure in Virgo and earth sign.  Neptune in Pisces represents water, (trucks plunge into the river), we can say that Gemini represents short distance travel (this is a main highway in Washington State that spans between the US-Canadian border and down the west coast, but for our purposes, between Seattle and northwest Washington).  The Sagittarius Moon reminds us that this coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend, a bank holiday with many events going on (mainly festivals) in Seattle, Bellingham and people traveling to Canada for the weekend.  Traffic will be rerouted, but it poses a hassle to anyone heading to south to the Seattle International Film Festival or the Northwest Folklife Festival (both ruled by Pisces/Neptune).

The transiting Sun's conjunction with Mount Vernon's North Node says that this event was fated and with all these air sign planets involved, I believe there will be more talk than action and a lot of exaggeration with Sagittarius involved.  It's best to keep this event in perspective and come up with a constructive plan to fix the problem rather than over analyze why it happened.  People in the region could also become critical of the government and the Department of Transportation under these Gemini influences.  Although in the Seattle Times article the people interviewed respond with Sagittarius optimism.

The incorporation date of June 27, 1890 chart has Saturn at 29 degrees Leo, but still close enough to Virgo to make an impact. The outer planet degrees remain the same as with the July 5 chart and the Pluto-Uranus square still square Mount Vernon's Cancer Sun at 6 degrees (with a 5 degree orb).  Transiting Pluto in Capricorn at 11 degrees forms an inconjunct with Mount Vernon's Mercury at 14 degrees and the Moon is now in Scorpio at 2 degrees forming sextile with Saturn which is just entering Virgo.  With either the June 27 or the July 5 dates, we see the same themes, which is disruption of structure (the bridge), an event revolving around short distance travel and prior to a holiday weekend.

Last, but not least, let's pull up the chart for the actual event.

Date and Time: May 23, 2013, 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
Mount Vernon, Washington  
Equal House Chart

AC is at Scorpio 13 degrees
North Node in Scorpio 16 degrees (3 degrees from the AC)
Moon at 17 degrees Scorpio (lots of water and Scorpio themes in first house)

Pluto in Capricorn in the late Second House (semi-truck carrying resources in traffic), transits near the cusps of the third house at 11 degrees (shy of 2 degrees) which squares Uranus in Aries (disruption in daily routine and at work), on the 6th House cusps (5th house themes are recreation, the arts, sports, and 6th house is health, daily routine, and in this case business as usual). The third house is empty, but watery Neptune is at 5 degrees in the 4th House of home, Mount Vernon is also ruled by Cancer which rules the 4th House, and here Neptune brings watery themes, dissolution of matter and structure further emphasized by the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in which Neptune will square the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius.

The 6th house for this event chart is empty, but Mars still in Taurus (24 degrees) and the Sun at 3 degrees Gemini will eclipse in this house of partnerships, legal manners, and relationships. Will lawsuits happen because of a result of this event? I don't know, but the potential is there.  Mercury, Venus and Jupiter form a stellium in Gemini in the 8th House, other people's resources, or in this case government resources.  Could this indicate that this event will reveal secrets? Will we hear the government talking out both sides of its mouth or will we experience exaggerations of the event? All these situations are possible, especially with the powered by the Lunar Eclipse.  Finally, Saturn at 6 degrees Scorpio retrograde falls in the 12th House (behind the scenes, Pisces's house) just 7 degrees from the AC.

The Washington State Department of Transportation will eventually (within weeks) repair the portion of the bridge that collapsed.  However, in the meantime, people might change their weekend plans and forgo the hassle of short distance travel.  I don't know how this will affect the Ski to Sea race which happens in Bellingham this Sunday (one day after the Lunar Eclipse) since many of the teams come from other towns south of Bellingham and most likely Mount Vernon.  The good news is that no one died in the bridge collapse and that the collapse happened after peak hour traffic.  We are also reminded that we have little control over events that happen outside of us, but we do have a choice on how we respond to those events.  I still think it's a good idea to focus on what's working rather than re-watch news reports of the collapsed bridge.  Bridges collapse and they play a symbolic role.  What is the true meaning here?

Please note that I don't have a time for Mount Vernon for either date I mention so I'm not mentioning any house placements for Mount Vernon's charts. I am inclined to use a noon date for both.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wild Horses Drag Us Away (Sagittarius/Gemini Lunar Eclipse for May 25)

(Update on May 28, 2013: Last night I received information to take a closer look at this eclipse, specifically with Saturn at 6 degrees Scorpio trining transiting Neptune, forming an inconjunct with the Gemini Sun and a minor aspect (irritating) with the Sagittarius Moon.  Including these Saturn aspects bring restriction, caution, and some minor irritations.  Where I live, on the day after the eclipse when the Moon was void-of-course, a large sporting event took place that involved outdoor recreation in possibly hazardous weather.  No one was injured or drowned, thankfully, but Saturn and the Moon void of course before entering Capricorn posed problems with equipment for timing the athletes and teams, according to local news reports.  The other event that ties in is the collapse of a bridge on a major arterial in which traveling athletes and other participants struggled with getting to and from the event on time. Again, we see Saturn slowing down movement).

Since I covered the last two eclipses, expecting minds hope that I'll also cover the May 25 Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius.  The eclipse falls in mutable instead of fixed signs this time and because of this placement, we will experience nervous and restless energy around this eclipse, itchy fingers, or itchy bodies, and tons of impatience. Our minds will feel cluttered with thoughts and it's probably best not to expand (Sag) upon the negative thoughts if you don't want to create those realities.

Pay attention to your communication, learning, and thinking styles and also look at the placement of Mercury and Jupiter in your chart since I believe this eclipse will emphasize those houses as well as, the houses where the Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini transit.  You might also look at a similar eclipse at these degrees from 19 years ago and see what events were happening to you at that time.  You will repeat some form of those events and if you have evolved, which I know you have since that time, you might see closure on those events. After all a Lunar Eclipse features the Full Moon or completion.  I took a look back 19 years and I turned my nose up at those events, "ooooh!"  However, I think I can handle that.

Also look in your natal charts for any planets in mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius) at around 3 to 5 degrees because those planets will join the Lunar Eclipse dance--grab your partner dosey doe and away we go.  I know it's a real challenge, but meditate even for five minutes at a time.  Listen to soothing music, go for long walks and work off this extra energy or you'll find yourself feeling restless, critical, and worrisome.  You also might feel exaggerated intelligence at this time, thinking that you are more expansive than everyone around you--oh, those grandiose Sagittarius thoughts!  Don't assume that people are listening or hearing what you're saying at this time.  Speak clearly, don't wax philosophy, and get to the point.  Try not to come off as too dreamy or too critical--aren't mutable signs fun?

So let's look at the eclipse.  The Moon falls in Sagittarius (3 degrees 58 which we round off to 4 degrees) opposing the Sun in Gemini at 4 degrees and squaring transiting Neptune at 5 degrees Pisces (a mutable t-cross).  Meanwhile, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury form a stellium in Gemini with Mercury and Venus conjunct at 18 degrees and Jupiter at 22 degrees.  This is important because both Mercury ruled by Gemini and Virgo and Jupiter ruled by Sagittarius further emphasize the themes of the eclipse! Venus conjunct Mercury in Gemini will lead to a lot of banter between the sexes most likely with witty repartee (read my previous post on Venus in Gemini).

During this time the Pluto (Cap) and Uranus (Aries) square is exact and won't separate until June 11 so this adds even more tension and restlessness to the mix.  Instead of just venting anger at corporations or government, find ways to join positive grassroots community building efforts in your city or town.  Act locally, think globally...Make sure that you are also coming from a place of integrity at this time, which proves challenging with the Sagittarius-Gemini polarity involved.  So don't tell any tall tales, lie to squeeze your way out of a situation or exaggerate your circumstances.  You know better, right?  Pluto demands integrity at this time.

A sextile to Chiron in Pisces, brings some relief from the Pluto-Uranus square by forcing us to focus on healing our childhood issues, especially for people born with Chiron in Pisces or Capricorn.  Pluto is also retrograde so we are re-thinking and revisiting issues from the past few months, even if they are painful. We get another boost from the asteroid Juno in Aquarius who gives us a flowing trine with the Gemini stellium planets.  Juno represents marriage, fertility, equality and justice between the sexes so expect news stories with this gaze now.  Again, if we choose to usher in the Divine Feminin/Divine Masculine then we have some housecleaning of a spiritual, emotional, and physical nature to take care of first.

In conclusion, those of you with your planets and AC in mutable signs, expect some nervous tension and communication issues at this time.  Take care of your physical health, make sure you get enough exercise balanced with rest.  Keep your body in balance and watch where you're going.  Get grounded, meditate, and go for walks or jog to feel your feet on the ground.  Watch your diet carefully since Sagittarius-Jupiter cause us to binge on food and drink and with Pisces-Neptune involved refrain from drinking alcohol or indulging in recreational drugs on the day and week of the Lunar Eclipse.  You could cause some serious brain fog and liver damage if you don't refrain.  And this warning goes double for any of you with Sagittarius or Pisces Sun, Moon, or Rising.  And all mutable signs refrain from smoking for this will also cause more damage than usual.  If you're addicted to any of the above substances, go get help at this time.

Other than that, enjoy the ride.

I received an additional message on this eclipse and that is it offers a path to enlightenment.  The Mutable T-Cross creates a bridge between the material world and that of the spirit realm, with the Sagittarius Moon hanging out in the Galactic Center.  Spend the day of the eclipse and the weekend on a spiritual retreat (meditation, yoga, or other spiritual program), near a body of water or out in nature, such as camping.

However, it is not enough just to camp, there needs to be a spiritual purpose, a ritual or ceremony of some kind, or meditation on the natural world free of cell phones, computers, and other devices.  When I say retreat, I mean total retreat so you can connect with the Galactic Center, the Divine, Ascended Masters, etc...The Lunar Eclipse acts as a portal and could set you on the right path if you accept the gifts of this eclipse and act upon those gifts. This is a time to forsake the maddening crowd and spend time with like-minded people or to go it alone for the sake of spiritual enlightenment.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Venus in Gemini--Witty Repartee & Sassy Romantic Comedy

Perhaps those medieval troubadours courting unobtainable ladies with poetry had their Venus and Mars in Gemini...

I grew up with Venus in Gemini and my natal Mars also falls under the sign of the Twins. And since Venus now travels through Gemini I feel an urge to write about it.  Actually watching Kenneth Branagh's version of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing sparked my interest in Venus in Gemini because the banter between Beatrix played by Emma Thompson and Benedikt played by Branagh acts as an example of Venus in Gemini. Of course, we need to view natal charts holistically, but when Venus falls into Gemini in a man's chart, he seeks an intelligent woman who can engage in witty repartee, who can hold her own in a debate (without getting too dramatic), and who can detach from emotions by not taking anything personally.

Communication is key and a man with his Venus in Gemini isn't going to feel comfortable with a woman who sulks and refuses to communicate. The silent treatment is a turnoff.  Consequently, if you get a couple where both people have Venus and or Mars in Gemini, the talking never stops. They probably even babble in their sleep.  I have been accused of that, lol.

Let me give you another example of a fiction character with Venus in Gemini which is the character Kate, played by Meg Ryan in the comedy French Kiss.  She's intelligent, sassy, and extremely direct with Luc, played by Kevin Kline, who probably has his Venus in Sagittarius, you know putting up with the awkward foreigner with a vengeance for his people, French people.  Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy also come to mind.

Venus in Gemini thrives on language, words, double-meanings, word puzzles, untangling grammar, writing, verbal communication, public speaking, and radio production.  These people love to hear their voice on the airwaves or they just love hearing themselves speak and if there is Sagittarius planets in the chart or if Jupiter aspects Venus, then these folks desire to speak in foreign tongues, which they excel at. They enjoy listening to songs in other languages, watching movies with subtitles and watching documentaries with forums and audience dialogue following the presentation.  They show up at community meetings to share their opinions and they will sign on for public speaking opportunities.

Venus in Gemini women are turned on by hands, arms, and fingers.  I once dated a Gemini man and I fell in love with his forearms and hands.  Crazy, I know, whoever heard of a hand fetish?  The strong silent type turn off Venus in Gemini women and they will show men who grunt instead of speak in eloquent words, the door.  Well-written poetry spoken turn these women on and so do good radio voices, though Venus still discriminates whether the woman feels the man is physically attractive or not.  Both men and women with Venus in Gemini desire variety and prefer to get involved with a partners who has many interests, especially shared interests.

All this assessment and analysis reminded me of both William Shakespeare and Jane Austen so I went over to the Lois Rodden's to look at the charts of these two prolific authors.  Now, I recently heard that Shakespeare hired ghost writers for his plays, but if this is the correct chart for Shakespeare (the chart isn't validated), then this is a chart of a gifted author.

Jane Austen's chart surprised me because I thought for sure her Venus or Mars would fall into Gemini or Sagittarius, when instead her Venus falls in Scorpio (women and transformation, women with a vengeance?) and her Mars in Capricorn.  However, Austen's Sun is in Sagittarius (born December 16, 1775, 11:45 p.m. Stevenston, England), her rising sign is in Virgo so her chart ruler is Mercury, which falls in the Mercury/Gemini Third House.  Oddly, Austen has no planets in the 6th, 7th or 8th or 10th houses, but her 4th house of home, mother, country, is loaded with the Sagittarius Sun with Mars and Pluto in Capricorn (both considered strong male planets).  Austen also sees herself as creative, even secretly creative with Neptune on the ASC and also the Moon in the First House.  She's refined with Saturn in Libra falling in the second house and just kissing her Libra Moon that falls in the First House.

Jane Austen's chart: 

This is probably why Austen's gaze at protocol of her society especially in the realm of relationships, marriage and inheritance appears in all of her novels.  Her Venus in Scorpio however, causes her to look at the dark side too in the form of treatment of women and injustice.  However, Mars and Pluto in Capricorn hardly questions the status quo in domestic matters, but philosophically, we see a contradiction with Jupiter and Uranus in Gemini falling in Sagittarius' 9th House of mind expansion, religion, higher education, travel, and foreigners.  While Austen never married she did at one point fall in love with a man of the cloth (religion) which would fall under the 9th house.

Let's now take a look at William Shakespeare's chart and pretend that this is his real birth data, since this chart is under question on the Lois Rodden site.

William Shakespeare
May 3, 1564, 8:30 a.m.
Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

Right away, we see Mercury in Aries in the 10th House of Career and Public Image.  The Taurus Sun lands in the 11th House of networks, friends, colleagues and communities (the Shakespeare company of actors and artisans) along with Neptune (and centuries later, Shakespeare's plays ended up on the silver screen or in cinema).  Uranus is in Sagittarius in the 5th house of performing arts and Shakespeare's plays were innovative and rebellious as well as, appealing to people of both genders and all economic classes.  Shakespeare wasn't a snob.

The Moon is the ruler of his chart which falls in the 4th House in Libra, and Venus (ruled by Libra and the Taurus Sun) falls in Gemini.  Voila!  Mars falls in Cancer and so on.

William Shakespeare:

While it's not always the case, professional writers usually have a strong Mercury in their chart, and my guess is that the Mercury is in an angular house, but not always.  I have Mercury in my 7th House and I'm a professional writer and I write a lot about spiritual topics with Neptune near my 10th house and conjuncting my MC in my 11th House when using an Equal House system, which I use these days, otherwise I have Neptune in  my 10th.  Someone who identifies themselves as a writer or communicator could have Mercury in the 1st House or Gemini or Virgo Rising so that Mercury is the Ruler of the chart.

Now, back to Venus in Gemini, I believe that this is a native that relies and thrives on wit and the power of words. In relationships, this Venus needs variety as I mentioned earlier and intellectual challenges.  She or he possesses quick wit and a man with this placement might use words even poetry to win a woman or man over, depending on his sexual preference.  If he is gay, then he will still feel attracted to witty women, even catty witty women even if this is a platonic attraction or he might feel enamored with witty celebrity women and read women authors who specialize in high-brow comedy.  Either sex could find themselves writing romantic comedies or acting out these roles on stage or on the screen.  Banter is everything to these folks and words are the magic elixir.These folks have the gift of gab and if you need a good conversation partner look no further than men and women with Venus and Mars in Gemini.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Can you Feel Them? (Getting Energetically Intimate with Planets)

Wikepedia, Solar System
Perhaps this is off the wall for some of you, but feeling the energies of the planets goes a long ways in reading transits in charts.  For instance, when a client sends me their data and I pull up his or her chart on my computer, I feel like I'm staring at a spider web strung with symbols.  In order to do a reading, I need to interpret those symbols into archetypes and then into scenarios.  I found that connecting with each of the planet's energy helps me with this process.  I have also spoken with one other astrologer who has taken this route.

I am by nature a feeling-emotional person with Neptune in Scorpio near my MC, a Pisces Moon, Cancer Sun and Saturn also in Pisces, Mercury in Cancer.  I can think clearly with all of that and even to the point of over analyzing situations, but mainly I'm a feeler and this is my main function.  So when I started feeling the energies of each of the planets, I knew I was well on my way to relating to them deeply, like long lost friends or cosmic totems.

The Sun, Wikepedia
Let's start with the Sun because we are all familiar with him or her depending on which translation you wish to use.  There are actually cultures who define the Sun as female--the giver of light and life so depending on your comfort level and belief system, you can experience the Sun as Divine Feminine.  The Sun equates the hearts of all creatures.  She or he is the center of our universe, our bodies, and our experience.  Sun radiates outward energy, brings us to the point of action, while providing us life in the form of warmth, light, and magnetism.

I once learned a meditation where we visualized the Sun in our chest radiating light.  This caused our bodies to heat up and boy, could we feel that Sun shining in our bodies.  So in getting to know the planets on a physical feeling level, start with Brother Sun (Saint Francis of Assisi considered the Sun a creature).

Next we have Sister Moon.  Again, you can visualize or experience the Moon as either female or male because some cultures around the world see the Moon as male.  But please don't ask me to tell you which ones since I read a lot, absorb a lot and this all this information mingles in my brain.  Then I flow information out in my writing.  The Moon's energy feels cool, comforting, like eating cucumber soup on a hot day.  To bathe in moonlight represents a mystical experience where secrets reveal themselves.  The Moon feels romantic, tender, caring, nurturing, and sheltering.  And you don't need to be a Cancer Crab in order to feel the Moon's energy deeply, but you do need patience since this energy changes, waxes and wanes on a daily basis.  The Moon teaches us about cycles, even the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth as the Moon dies every month and is resurrected to go through the entire process once again.

Ah, Mercury quickens the pace, fills our brains with babble and rabble, and sends us out into the world with a message or in search of one.  Neither male nor female, the energy of Mercury brings balance between the sexes.  The griot, troubadours, and storytellers have a strong kinship with Mercury.  We feel this planet in our lungs, hands, arms, and fingers.  People who talk with their hands and gesture have strong Mercury energy as do people who think for a living, have quick wit, and can squeeze themselves out of tight situations with the gift of gab.  But what does this planet feel like?  To me it feels like a sprinter in a race zipping his way to the finish line with strong breath pulsating through his lungs, his heart pumping away, and his feet pounding the ground in a staccato rhythm.  It's that butterfly that flutters past, that animal that zips past and that message that came so quickly you didn't have time to grab it.

Mars has several types of energy from the child learning how to say no and throwing tantrums to get attention to the warrior in battle fighting for a cause.  Mars feels like strength in the limbs, and courage in the heart, and a focused mind.  The higher octave of Mars feels like a masterful martial artist who knows that stillness is sometimes the best defense.  Mars feels hot, dry, but sometimes sweaty.  It feels like time in a sauna or in a desert.  Mars feels like the color red, tastes like the hottest pepper, and sounds like battle drums.  I think you get the point.

Venus, on the other hand, feels sweet, seductive and juicy.  She tastes like all our favorite foods, but especially like dessert and a good wine.  Venus exudes refinement and graciousness, peace, and calmness.  Venus doesn't need to do anything in the way of action since she magnetically attracts her desires to her through enchantment and charm.  Venus is all Feminine energy and she is the spider in the center of the web who trusts that dinner will arrive shortly.  She's flirtatious and fun energy, life of the party (move over Leo) and the belle of the ball.  When we feel Venus energy we might feel a bit petty or jealous and somewhat competitive when experiencing the lower octave. When we experience the higher octave (Neptune) we merge into One with all Creation. (Obviously, Venus comes before Mars in distance and planetary transits, but for the sake of this article, the planets appear in this order).

Jupiter possesses Santa Claus energy who comes bearing gifts.  Jupiter feels large, expansive and endless filled with idealism, optimism, and laughter.  In fact, I dare you not to laugh with delight when you get a sense of Jupiter's energy.  This energy takes us into a place of mind expansion as we delve into philosophy, religion and spirituality.  We feel like traveling long distance and merging with other cultures, learning new languages, and sharpening our intellect through higher education.  Jupiter's energy is in a word "Hope", but some times Jupiter feels sarcastic, cutting and overly optimistic.  We see brighter and warmer colors, taste fiery foods like Thai and Indian foods.  Jupiter smells like clove, comes off as purple and turquoise.  He is spicy warrior energy and reminds me of India.

Ah, poor Saturn, who has received such a bad rap over the centuries.  Malefic he isn't, but his energy feels confining to many of us, restricts movement and thought, and can keep us feeling stuck.  Saturn tastes like health food without sugar, preservatives or any of that bad stuff.  He is that feeling of exhalation while we contort our bodies into an impossible yoga pose.  He is sweat, hard work, but also a feeling of satisfaction.  He feels like a slow growth economy, cautious, like treading on thin ice.  Saturn can also feel heavy and plodding like a draft horse plowing a muddy field.  For me Saturn feels like carrying a heavy backpack and walking up a steep hill, but once I reach the summit of that hill, I feel rewarded for my efforts.  That's Saturn.

Uranus gives me the sense of flashbulbs going off, lightening crossing the sky, energy that suddenly arrives and leaves just as quickly.  Uranus tastes like health food without any flavor, except that which you imagine. Uranus is silver and white, electric blue or a shocking combination of colors that wows the mind.  Uranus is so strange I can't describe his energy other than it feels like electric static that appears on clothing after you pull it out of a dryer or electric static hair (that stands on end).  Uranus feels like an electrical shock, jolts us and then leaves us numb afterwards.

Neptune feels like levitation or that we are floating in a realm of nothingness. We feel Neptune when we enter deep meditation and slow down our brainwaves.  We feel Neptune while we dream at night or during the waking hours. Neptune comes to us when we gaze at a large body of water or into a starry sky.  Neptune appears in endless blue, tastes like frozen dessert or coconut water or just plain water.  Neptune is that cool ice cube melting on the tongue or just a feeling of melting into oneness.  But Neptune also feels like the sparkle and glamor or Hollywood or any other illusion spun to us by the media.  We reach for Neptune, but that's like grabbing at air.

Pluto feels heavy, dark, and dangerous.  Pluto feels like ghosts lingering in a building, that feeling of walking into a cool spot surrounding by warmth. Pluto feels like we're descending deep into the earth or stuck in a underground coal shaft.  Pluto plunges us into darkness and tells us to show him the light.  His tastes is pungent and smells like sulfur.  Pluto burns in our nostrils, causes our knees to knock and our hearts to stop.  We feel like fainting around Pluto mainly because of his overwhelming passion and intensity.  The higher octave of Pluto is transformation and rebirth through death.  Pluto awakens consciousness and once you enter Pluto's realm, there is no turning back.

The ancients brought personalities to the planets by merging them with gods and goddesses.  But as we have moved into a time of sensory and opening up new senses and awareness, we are ready to feel the energies of the planets and learn from those energies.  

Friday, May 3, 2013

Outer Planet Transits--Ignore at Your Own Peril

I feel so fortunate to have been born in the mid-1960s with Pluto in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio, Uranus in Virgo, Saturn and Chiron in Pisces because these days these planets are kicking my butt.  Okay, so I write with a bit of sarcasm, but for anyone born during the first week of a cardinal sign in the 1960s can relate to this huge wake up call Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Neptune bring our way.

For instance, I'm getting first hand information from the front line of this outer planets dance and my guess is that I can serve clients better having endured these transits first hand.  I sigh in sympathy with anyone born around the same time as me calling into Mark Husson's Power Peak show (Hay House Radio), especially if they just completed a Pluto or Uranus transit.  And if you haven't experienced the conjunction, square or opposition of Pluto or Uranus (I'm experiencing both to my Sun, Mercury and AC), all I can say is that we have no words to describe the experience.  Excruciating comes close.  So let's take a look at Chiron in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, especially for anyone experiencing a Chiron return, dealing with the Uranus/Pluto square directly in their chart at this time, and with Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Scorpio.  I add that for me transiting Neptune is conjuncting my natal Saturn until 2015!  Whoa, space girl just bought her space boots and off I go to never never space land.  Beam me back down, Scotty.

Wikipedia, I'd like to spank Uranus
First, I need to tell you that we are all unique. Some people won't experience hard angles to any of the outer planets at this time, depending on their chart.  Some people will only experience the Chiron return and Pluto, Uranus and Neptune.  Some people will experience Neptune now and Pluto and Uranus later.  And some people won't have to deal with Pluto for another 11 years (late degrees in Capricorn, Libra, Aries, Cancer).  But some of us are getting the full effect of these transits now and some of us are feeling the impact of another exact Pluto/Uranus square at 11 degrees for the next few weeks.  I have this on my Sun/Mercury so here I am talking about it.

Chiron in Pisces and the Chiron Return--You could experience feeling insignificant or invisible or that you're just floating through a life with little meaning.  Or you could have a breakthrough and heal a deep childhood wound around visibility issues.  For instance, I'm in the process of releasing feeling dismissed, rejected and ignored.  I had some dreams come up around the last eclipse that brought me release then I learned of some family history which shows other members of my family having learned this same theme.

I recall reading a description in an astrology book about people born with Chiron in Pisces standing in a room and hearing parents talk about them as if they're not present.  The wound no matter how it turns up can lead to martyrdom, addiction, victim consciousness or co-dependency and must be dealt with during this time, especially for people around 49 or 50 going through a Chiron Return.  If you experience a trine to your Chiron with Saturn in Scorpio and later Jupiter in Cancer, you will have the discipline and enthusiasm to finally heal this business.

Saturn, Wikipedia
Saturn in Scorpio--Born with Saturn in Scorpio? You are about to or are in the process of going through a Saturn Return.  You also feel the energy of this placement if you have planets in any of the fixed signs in the early degrees now playing hardball with Saturn in Scorpio.  In fact, if you have fixed sign planets at around 3 to 9 degrees, the eclipses of April 25 and May 9 will impact your planets. Expect changes and expect to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Saturn demands discipline and you are your own authority as you create your own reality.  Ooh, another catchy phrase.

Uranus in Aries--Don't you want to give this brat a spanking?  On one hand, Uranus in Aries is shaking things up on the planet, getting people to demand their rights and shout out of windows, "I'm not going to take this any more" (like that movie, "Network").  However, Uranus shows up these days as a humanitarian but also as scary terrorists that blow up people and buildings.  He's the kid with the gun on the playground just as much as he's the human rights activist going on about 99 percent verses one percent.  And by now some of us would like Uranus to move into Taurus already and bring us some peace.

On a personal scale Uranus in Aries brings unexpected surprises and not always to our liking.  You suddenly lose a job (you didn't like anyway), your partner of 10 years parts company, and your best friend dies in an accident.  Uranus kicks up dust with the tough stuff and when he's square Pluto in Capricorn, over there breaking structure, most of us quiver in our bones.  And what exactly are Uranus in Aries demands on us?  While Saturn tells us to grow up, what exactly does Uranus tell us, go throw a tantrum and make sure you damage someone or something?

But on the other hand, people who enjoy warrior energy and taking on causes could harness that energy and transform their part of the world.  I'm not a revolutionary type myself so I'll go hang out on Neptune for the duration.  Good luck guys.

Blue on blue Neptune, Wikipedia
Neptune in Pisces--Well, what's so wrong with Neptune returning to his own sign? Nothing really and for some people, especially creative people, Neptune in Pisces offers a fabulous trip, that even the Beatles with their Magical Mystery Tour could never have imagined.  Neptune doesn't blow up structure or send lightening bolts, but dissolves structure leaving us merging with gooey cosmos.  Suddenly, we feel like we're on the Star Trek Enterprise or floating around like a giant jelly fish in cosmic soup.

For anyone with Saturn in Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer, they're going to feel like they're swimming in an aquarium with tropical fish.  It feels frustrating when nothing feels solid or secure any longer, time disappears and life feels surreal, especially for people with Saturn in Pisces.  Dream life feels intense, but we also float towards the edge of madness.  Your world dissolves, but hopefully something better replaces old illusions.  It's time to face the truth, that is if you can find a truth to face.

Pluto in Capricorn--I've already talked a great deal about Pluto in Capricorn. Since Pluto acts in a secretive below the ground manner, and sometimes, below the belt, we can't really predict how this planet will show up. Except if we find ourselves hanging onto things no longer of use, Pluto strips us of those things, people, places, you name it. In some ways, Pluto teaches us how to travel light by letting all that baggage go (relationships, jobs, harmful beliefs, regrets).  Learn the art of letting go and you're well on your way to mastering Pluto's energies.  Every psychologist needs to experience a hard angle Pluto transit to help them go deeper with themselves and their clients.

And if it makes you feel better, think of a Pluto transit of a hard angle (square or opposition or conjunction) as a shamanic initiation, for in essence that's what it is or think of it as Kundulini rising.  Pluto brings power, but first you have to prove yourself worthy of wielding that power.

I hope my humor helps in grappling with these outer planet transits.  They do bring transformation and empowerment, but most of these transits take 21/2 years because outer planets Neptune and Pluto in particular move at a snail's pace.  Chiron spends more time in Pisces and Aries than the other signs because of its elliptic journey.

A sense of humor helps, reading spiritual books helps, understanding the Dark Night of the Soul helps as does reading Joseph Campbell books.  It doesn't hurt to find a safe place to vent, seek therapy at this time or consult with an astrologer who understands these transits intimately.  You are growing rapidly and your soul is forced to evolve which is why you feel this do it or die urge to change your life circumstances. The main problem we face as humans is that we despise change.  In the past, we might have been able to go on living humdrum lives and fading into the wallpaper, but this is no longer an option.  So face your fears down one at a time, learn to love yourself unconditionally, and beg the planets for mercy, lol.

These transits hurt no matter how optimistic you feel about life or that you claim determination as your middle name.  Persevere, yes, but better yet, go meditate.  Let go, and let God float you to the next station on your journey.  Bon voyage.