Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Forecast for June 2014--Moons, Loons and Moody Tunes

June Brides, by Patricia Herlevi
For whatever reason, the energy of June 2014 reminds me of a calliope.  Strange whirling music surfaces along with childhood memories swirled together into mush.  June feels nostalgic even though most of that month the Sun transits in Gemini.  

Perhaps, most of our memories that surface in June have to do with early education and learning something new.  There is a return to childhood or even more, a return to enchantment in June.  Perhaps it's the summer on a beach or sunbathing on a lawn with a transistor radio playing pop music in the background. For me, it's the smell of Coppertone suntanning lotion or the smell of my plastic Skipper doll or the taste of taffy.

Gemini and Cancer share this month of college graduation, Father's Day, children getting released from school for the summer, summer jobs, summer vacations and road trips.  Some people take this time to catch up on their book lists or play word games while waiting in airports or in the backseat of a car.  It's also a time of sending cards, getting back in touch, family reunions and communication of all types. Unfortunately, Mercury goes RX in June (June 7 until the 30th) so maybe that has something to do with returning to the past.  But use this time to review past events with a realistic eye.  Much healing can happen now if we are realistic and remember life as it really was.

We start out the first week of June with an Air Trine between the Sun in Gemini and Mars at 9 degrees Libra (where Mars has parked for over two weeks).  On June 2nd, Mars finally scoots over to 10 degrees and begins picking up momentum like a locomotive train.  On June 6, the Gemini Sun sextiles Uranus in Aries which suggests people playing with words in a provocative manner and sparking heated debates or arguments.  This is a day when we will encounter know-it-all people.  People will butt into each others' conversations and could even act rude.  We might also see rudeness in the form of snarkiness on the internet or someone could cut us off in a phone conversation or in traffic.  Overall, people will act immature and we can take a few deep breaths reminding ourselves that this phase will soon pass.

Antiques & Avenues by Patricia Herlevi
Alternately, we could hear some good ideas now, but we might not get the whole gist of the ideas since Mercury goes retrograde on June 7th in the sign of Cancer.  Misunderstandings in relationships or between mothers and children could end in tears or hurt feelings.  Mercury is at its worst communication wise when the planet is stationary retrograde or direct or when it slows down which is the week preceding a retrograde or after the planet goes direct. Communication feels wobbly, glitches surface in machinery and with the Air Signs, we experience the infamous Mercury RX woes (yes, cars and computers could breakdown and with Uranus in Aries be careful when driving too).

The good news is that it's a good time to get the computer or car fixed.  It's a good time to go back and edit text or to clear out old e-mail messages and e-files or hard copy files.  It's a time to reassess all forms of communication.  For those of you who work in marketing, analyze your messages and see the results.  Do you require to tweak the words or use some wordplay or puns? Try adding a bit of fun into your marketing message since the Gemini Sun brings out the child in us.

Also the first week, Venus in Taurus forms an inconjunct with Mars in Libra which are both rulers of Venus.  This emphasizes how we get our messages across in relationships, especially intimate relationships or legal partnerships.  This also would not be a good time to sign any contracts.  It is a good time to chill and get a massage or take a mini-vacation.  Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio continue a Water Trine which brings compassion and nurturing to the mix.  And Uranus and Pluto continue their tense square reminding us that despite the summer sun and glorious beaches awaiting us, there is still much work for us in the area of transforming our lives.

We experience the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 12/13 at 22 degrees (opposes my Natal Venus exact). Since Jupiter (Sagittarius ruling planet) is in Cancer, Cancer  natives will reap rewards now for hard work or receive some type of recognition or reward.  However, a warning comes with this Moon and that is not to indulge in drink or food. Nourishment is one thing, and eating because we feel empty is another that leads to an expanded waistline or thighs that won't be easy to solve later.  We could also exaggerate emotions or philosophize into the wee hours of the morning.  Don't stuff emotions with food or alcohol which could lead to liver trouble and illnesses caused by repressed emotions, such as stomach problems or pain in the breasts. Do use this time to practice generosity.

By Patricia Herlevi
On June 9th we experience a trine between Mercury in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio so could experience intuition shooting for the roof. Women might wish to spend time alone or with a group of spiritual women.  Food, sex and passion are on our minds on June 9 and 10th. This is also a fertile time so if you don't want to get pregnant, use protection while engaging in sex.  You would also protect yourself from an STD, which is a possibility with the Scorpio Moon.  This is the time of the High Priestess and the goddess within all of us.  Children might also show their psychic side or just seem moodier than usual.

Also on the day of the Full Moon Venus in Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio.  Since this opposition happens in fixed signs and oppositions usually occur outside of us, we could see a stalemate in relationships.  Venus prefers to stay in the sensual and superficial realm while Saturn in Scorpio wants to probe beneath the surface and learn everyone's secrets. This is a case of not being able to leave well-enough alone.   Someone could be caught in an affair and the other person (the more mature partner) has trouble forgiving his or her partner.  Or this could relate to the environment verses commerce with neither side giving into a compromise.  In any case, despite the mutable Full Moon, we will experience rigid thinking in the area of our lives where Scorpio and Taurus fall in our Natal Charts.

Last but not least for this busy second week, Neptune goes retrograde so now we have 4 planets in the retrograde motion and during the final week of the month the asteroid Chiron goes retrograde also sending us back to your childhood to review and heal wounds.  I'm thinking we'll require compassion for ourselves and others during this time and also we will pay attention to dreams relating to your childhood--not just nightly dreams but also ambitions that we buried in our childhood or teen years due to someone not approving of those dreams. Now, we will revisit those dreams with new eyes and new hope.

On June 18, Mercury retrogrades into Gemini and this is when we'll experience or could experience computer glitches, cars breaking down but I think most of what we'll experience is misinformation in the media or publicist making exaggerated claims.  A retrograde period is a good time for us to research these claims, but not gloat when we discover lies or exaggerated claims.  We could also see a news story reported incorrectly in several sources which usually ends in amusement.  How can those reporters mess up the facts? Well, journalism and broadcasting are ruled by Gemini.  Expect delays in travel too.

Life in Retrograde by Patricia Herlevi
Mercury RX also trines the North Node in Libra this week which suggest that an injustice from the past will return for balance.  We could see retrials in court or an innocent person exonerated or a guilty person finally caught red-handed. But this trine is ultimately positive in that justice is served.  We could also see victories for the everyday person in regard to the telecommunication field or the internet.

On June 22nd, the Sun moves into Cancer and we celebrate the arrival of Summer and during this last week the Sun trines Neptune in Water with an exact degree on June 29 (my birthday).  The New Moon in Cancer at 5 degrees also trines Neptune bringing us some powerful dreams at this time.  Intuition feels heightened and again we seek the goddess or high priestess within.  We just know things without knowing how. We feel a strong Divine connection or we feel like the river meeting the ocean as we merge into a sense of Oneness or Unity Consciousness.  Definitely meditate during this phase and set intentions for the summer and beyond.

Now is a good time to focus on how we nurture ourselves.  Are we drinking enough water? Getting exercise? Are we eating foods that give us vitality or do we learn that we suffer from sugar or another type of addiction? Be honest and seek the appropriate medical help.  We feel like children now too and being around children feels delightful as we all connection to our imaginations and experience enchantment. Watch an old Disney movie or go camping near a river, lake or beach.  Take a cruise or go out in a sailboat but use precautions since all this water could lead to accidents if we are careless.  Don't drink alcohol while driving a boat for instance and check the weather first before heading out.

Tricksters & Bagels by Patricia Herlevi
Saturn forms an inconjunct with Uranus with a Mars flare.  We could see the everyday person fight a corporation or the everyday person once again questioning political and economical structures that don't serve the populace.  If anything we could see some angry words flying or some brilliant ideas coming from the average person that can solve some of our woes.  The good news is that the gap between retrograde Pluto and Uranus has widened giving us relief from on-going tension.  And the sweet sextile between Venus and Jupiter ends when Venus transits into chatty Gemini on June 24th, two days after the Cancer New Moon.  Take advantage of the Venus-Jupiter flowing aspect between June 13 and the 24th because this is a time of receiving abundance in many forms (a fruitful and fertile phase) if we remain open.

We remain open by creating space in our lives, by eliminating old clutter in our minds, hearts and homes.  If we have done the work on all levels then the last two weeks of June bring us a treasure trove.  If not, we'll have to wait another 12 years when Jupiter is in Cancer again and Venus is transiting in Taurus. So there you have it, an extremely long June forecast.  I'll go into further details in upcoming June posts.

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Archival photos by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Last Week of May--The Switcharoo Dance

While I'm still ruminating June's transits, let's look at the final week of May.  The word ruminating seems appropriate as we leave the Taurus month and boy, did this month plod along.  Not that I minded because I used the quiet time wisely, hoping all of you did too.

On Wednesday, May 28, we experience the New Moon in lively Gemini (smack dab on my Mars and centered in my T-Cross).  Since Gemini rules Mercury, start a new writing project now or at least pitch journalism articles to magazines.  Now, is a good time to plant seeds in the fields of communication, marketing, public relations, radio, television and online media.  Also if you plant the seeds now (Mercury goes RX on June 7th in Cancer), you have a better chance of writing with clarity and purpose.  Now, is also a good time to teach or pursue public speaking opportunities.  Authors will get an extra boost if they're on book tours or have book signings coming up during this Moon cycle.  Incidentally, the Full Moon in Sagittarius (June 13th) bodes well for publishing.

On May 30th, we experience a switcharoo (Blogger doesn't recognize this wonderful word) with Mercury moving into Cancer and Venus transiting into Taurus while forming a friendly sextile.  No, that's not Mercury having sex with Venus, but that would be strange.  This means that Venus awakens from her warrior mode and stops to smell the roses.  With Gemini moving into Cancer and Venus into Taurus, write poetry, garden, or spend time in the garden writing love poems.  Cancer rules the stomach and Venus loves the finer foods in life so this is also a good time to cook for loved ones or a lover.  This is a hint for couples just starting out and wanting to know when to get together for dinner they cook themselves.  Take advantage of this week.  Remember that saying, the stomach is the way to a man's heart? Of course, it helps if the cook knows her or his way around the kitchen too.  In another words, don't burn the toast.

The trine between Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio coupled with Venus traveling into her own sign and Mercury floating into Cancer also bode well for romance.  Though with all this water and two planets in Cancer, don't take each others' moodiness personally.  Even if an evening ends in tears, don't fret.  I know, as a Cancer native myself, I'm weeping at the drop of a hat these past days.  Cancers even when they deny it and try to act cool, are sentimental creatures.  They're also nostalgic and worry a lot with a multitude of what-if scenarios tucked up their sleeves. And here we have the communication planet landing in Cancer, but for a short visit, because Mercury (that darn trickster) goes retrograde and slides back into his own sign, Gemini, where he could actually cause havoc in the realm of communication.  But I'll get to this in the June forecast later.

The on-going square with Uranus and Pluto continues and we'll feel it in the background with its 2 degree orb.  Though I'll admit I'm used to this square now and it's out of range of my Cancer Sun and Capricorn AC (that business is behind me).  The sextile between Pluto and Chiron softens the square too since we use the tension to bring healing to our hidden and obvious wounds.  I can't emphasize enough to dig deep into the subconscious and eliminate toxic beliefs, patterns, and coding.  You'll find coaches and healers online and in your community who help us with this work.  Why do it alone?

Neptune at 7 degrees feels Mercury in Cancer approaching a trine (but the planets will keep us in suspense until July 20, thanks to the RX) and a sextile with Venus which we'll experience on June 5th, another lovely day for romance, decorating the home, buying new clothing, or beautifying in general.  Get a massage.

I'm keeping this post short and I'll try to complete my June forecast by the end of this week.  But I'll tell you that June (my birthday month), looks promising, but not without challenges.  Check out Carl Boudreau's YouTube video for June 2014. He takes a different approach focusing on the world and humanity in general, but watch his video anyway.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Upcoming Jupiter & Saturn Transits: Coming Attractions to a Life Near You

Jupiter transits into Leo on July  17, 2014 until July 2015 when Jupiter transits into Virgo.

Saturn transits into Sagittarius on December 25, 2014 and remains in Sagittarius for 2 1/2 years, at that point transiting into its own sign, Capricorn.

I don't normally make predictions. In fact, I make it a point not to make predictions based on planetary transits, but upcoming Jupiter and Saturn transits are shouting at me.  When Jupiter moves into Leo this July, I predict that corporations involved with the book publishing industry or selling books (Amazon) are going to interpret expanding energy in their sector as good fortune then overstep their boundaries.  By next summer when Jupiter moves into Virgo, these publishers and especially Amazon will come under scrutiny of the public and the publishing industry in general.  Since Saturn will still be transiting in Sagittarius (which also rules publishing), for another year and a half, we're going to see some giant book sellers and distributors bite the dust.

Also when Jupiter moves into Leo, we will witness pompous behavior coming from higher education institutes who will continue to raise the cost of tuition for especially, students with Pluto in Sagittarius (who will experience Saturn conjunct Pluto when Saturn transits into Sagittarius after December 17).  Then this party will crash for the universities a year later, when Jupiter rolls into Virgo and again the institutions will fall under public scrutiny, if not outrage.  On the religious front, we will see more pompous behavior, but hopefully, humility too based on heartfelt philosophies.  The higher octave of Jupiter could expand spiritual consciousness and bring awakening for some.

When Jupiter is in Leo and Saturn is in Sagittarius, we will witness hedonistic behavior on a grand scale, but that will have consequences a year later or earlier, again when Jupiter enters Virgo.  These behaviors could harm the environment because the exaggerated behaviors are based on consumerism at any costs.  People will also expand their waistlines and empty their bank accounts on foolish risks and gambling, such as buying homes they can't afford or driving cars they can't afford.  There will be a feeling of living in the moment and hyper optimism with some people wearing the motto, "I can have all that I want because I deserve it."  This won't be true for the more enlightened people.  But don't be fooled that all new age teachers are in the business for the good of all humankind.  We will learn that some of these teachers just want our money.  So look for integrity by watching if the teachers walk their talk.  Saturn is all about integrity and cleaning house.

On the plus side, comedy will have us rolling in the aisles with laughter.  Authors who write comedies, directors who direct comedies and comedic actors will feel boosts to their careers especially when Jupiter is in Leo.  They'll work harder at their craft when Jupiter rolls into Virgo the summer of 2016.  We'll also witness the arrival of young comedic talent.

If we travel back 30 years in time when Saturn was last in Sagittarius, in the US, we experienced the trickle down economy, budget cuts in education that caused many professors to lose their jobs, and students loans were hard to come by (I was in college during those years so I remember).  I was also an exchange student during that time.  Travel had some restrictions because of terrorists and airplanes (Libya and Scotland in 1986).  I hope we don't revisit those scenarios, but that's up to us and where we place our thoughts.  Focus on love and we can heal the world from these types of scenarios.

Saturn was in Sagittarius from November 18, 1985 to February 13, 1988
Uranus was in Sagittarius from November 17, 1981 to February 15, 1988 (isn't that interesting)
Neptune was in Sagittarius from January 7, 1970 to November 21, 1984 

With Saturn in Sagittarius we could see restrictions with the internet and travel or we could see less people wanting to travel.  We could develop fear towards other cultures and ethnic groups.  This is something to watch for and respond with peaceful actions that build bridges and not walls.  The good news is that humanity has matured since the last time Saturn transited in Sagittarius and we also have the Pluto in Sagittarius generation coming of age.  Will they find another way to educate themselves besides dealing with university education? Will they create alternative schools? What about vocational training?  We could see a rise in entrepreneurs when Jupiter is in Leo since this is an independent sign focused on self.  We could also use the Jupiter in Leo energy to develop self-love.  Remember Leo represents where each of us shines. We all have Leo somewhere in our chart and this is the place where we follow our heart.

On the health front, we could see a rise in heart attacks and strokes, as well as, spinal problems.  Or we could see research come out that brings healing in this area.  But let's not get overly optimistic.  Start opening your heart chakra now and keep it open.  This could prevent heart disease on an energy level.  One last prediction, we will become obsessed with horses.  Not sure how this will play out, but for two and half years starting this December, horses will keep appearing in the news, in our dreams, and in collective consciousness.  Horses represent forward movement, power and empowerment.  Some spiritual traditions believe that we can climb on the backs of flying horses to ascend spiritually and hear the voice of God.

And speaking of horses, Native Americans also fall under Sagittarius so they'll be in the media too.  And if Finland is ruled by Sagittarius, as some astrology books say, then Finland will experience some type of restriction when Saturn is in Sagittarius.  It could be in the tech industry or something to do with travel.  We might also find that Finland has some of the best universities in the world to study abroad.  Currently, Finland's public education ranks #1 in the world.  We could also witness Finnish historians and preservationists preserving music, language, and cultural stories or a return to Finnish shamanism for younger Finns.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Venus conjunct Uranus Squares Jupiter & Pluto: Feminine Warrior, Not Boy-Chaser

While I was researching the Mars Direct transit, I saw a dance between Venus conjunct Uranus with squares to Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer forming yes, a T-Cross.  However, the degrees between planets aren't exact, but within a 5 degree orb.  Venus transits in Aries at 19 degrees and Uranus transits at 15 degrees with Jupiter at 18 degrees Cancer and Pluto at 13 degrees Capricorn.

Well, I know you're all tired of T-Crosses and the tension, not to mention lessons these configurations bring us.  And I'm picking up powerful energy around the Divine Feminine with both men and women embodying the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  Remember Venus represents balance, but here she's wed to Uranus who represents the surprise or shock factor.  How do we create balance with a bull in a China shop knocking over tables and shattering beautiful objects? That's the image that comes to mind.  To make us feel even more cautious, not to mention, paranoid, Pluto lurks in the corner representing structure of our lives and other people's resources.  Jupiter in Cancer again expands upon the feminine theme since Cancer rules the mother and possibly even our Earth Mother.  I haven't even looked at the female asteroids for confirmation.  But Mars in Venus sign, Libra further validates this theme.

Mary Magdalene, Wikipedia
However, I'm picking up an even bigger message and it revolves around us women.  I know we have heard the concept of self-love in every spiritual corner these days, but that's because it's the most important message of this era.  This applies to drug addicts as much as it does Super Woman because women abuse themselves in too many ways from the way we chastise ourselves in private or the way we refuse other people's compliments by negating their words.  "Oh, you like this old dress?"  When we eat junk food instead of fresh vegetables and whole grains, or not drink enough pure water, or fail to exercise and sit on our butts all day, we negate ourselves.  And when we chase after men instead of attracting them through self-love, we desecrate the goddess within each of us.  Become the female warrior and not the boy-chaser.

So who is this female warrior I keep mentioning in my posts?  She's the tigress in us that comes from a place of her heart center or Love.  Her mission is to bring balance and harmony to the earth through peaceful, not forceful actions (what we call inspired actions).  She refuses to cling to relationships or partnerships that don't honor her and she teaches others by example.  The Female Warrior comes from a place of compassion, humility (not denigration), integrity and passion.  She not only lives her passions, she embodies them inspiring others to take up the twin swords of truth and justice for the earth and all creatures upon it.  A Female Warrior actually exists in all of us, men and women (as well as children).

The Female Warrior embodies the whole woman and not the split between the prostitute and the saint-nun.  All her chakras flow a clear channel of love. Now, when we become the Female Warrior and love ourselves fully and completely, we don't chase after anything, and certainly not boys.  We attract through our actions and our being-ness. We are radiant at this point.  So Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries = the Feminine Warrior in conversation with Pluto transforming structure and Jupiter in Cancer making sure that every being on the planet has sustainable nourishment of the soul, mind, and body. Do you now see the bigger picture?

We're back to self-love and knowing this journey well.  We don't get there over night, but we keep walking the path.  Each day we see another shadow fall away or we find another crumb of enlightened energy on our path leading us to the Divine inside each of us.  This journey is so important that we have no time to play games, sexual or otherwise.  Venus represents what we find attractive and how we attract while Uranus represents sudden events such as someone coming into our lives because we attracted that person with our brilliance.  If we vibrate at a low frequency then watch out because the trickster is at work.  Either way, we're involved with a steep learning curve.  Aries of course represents our adventurous spirit and our playfulness.  Whose to say that the journey of the Feminine Warrior isn't playful?  Think of Archangel Ariel as she watches over the natural world and finds delight in the myriad of creatures.

Let's become the Female Warrior and stop chasing boys or clinging to toys (gadgets and other addictions).  Will you grab the gauntlet and take control of your destiny or let others do that for you? When we hope for this or that person to come into our lives to make us whole, we shoot ourselves  in the foot and ooze our personal power (like blood) on the earth.  We lose our life force and clog our chakra channels.  The T-Cross with fast moving Venus lasts a week, but it's one heck of a powerful week.  Wake up.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Parked in Traffic--Mars Goes Stationary Direct on May 19

Recently I had the great pleasure of sitting on a local Seattle bus in traffic not knowing if I would catch my Bolt Bus on time (back to Bellingham).  I'm not fond of cars anyway and at that moment, the equivalent of fire-breathing dragons surrounded the bus.  My calmness and poise from the weekend gave way to raging Mars energy.  I wanted the bus to move and I wanted it to move now.  I think I stomped my feet and if I was a cartoon character, smoke would have flown out from my ears.

Well, Mars (which has retrograded since March 1st) finally goes Direct on May 19, but it's slow-going at first with Mars remaining at 9 degrees until June 2nd.  I don't know if this is technically Mars Stationary Direct since the minutes of the degree move forward, but I predict that we will feel like we're sitting on a bus stuck in Seattle traffic.  We will feel impatient and push projects forward, even if it feels like ramming our head against closed doors.  But on the other hand, other people (the ones we've been waiting to hear from), are going to feel that push forward too even if this leads to little progress.

Since Mars transits in Libra, Libras (Sun, Moon or AC) will feel the brunt of Mars turning direction, just like they felt the brunt of Mars turning direction on March 1st.  They won't feel diplomatic and might even have to deal with their Aries side, just as long as they use that energy for direct communication and not passive-aggressive games.  Aries feels Mars going Direct also because Aries rules Mars and the planet falls in Mars opposite sign, Libra.  The lower vibration of Aries could react violently at this time or at least act like a fire-starter.  The higher vibration of Aries will use this energy to create balance and harmony in their lives, realizing that it's easier to accomplish goals through cooperation and diplomacy.

Seattle, 2009, by Patricia Herlevi
Cancer natives (Sun, Moon, AC) experience stomach upset if they hold all their tension inside and don't find healthy ways to vent frustration.  Stay clear of spicy foods now and also keep any food sensitivities or allergies in check.  You know how your stomach responds to certain foods now take responsibility for your health.  We could also see aggressive mothering now (suffocating or smothering) since Cancer natives could feel insecure and fearful about the future as Mars moves direct.  On the plus side, Cancer natives can use this energy to push projects forward (after June 2nd) which involve food security, children, and issues related to the home.

Capricorn (Sun, Moon, AC) also feel a forward motion, but with career and finances. Some of you landed new jobs recently and some of you are planning on relocating into a new home. Congratulations! With Pluto also in your sign along with Uranus in Aries crashing against your secure walls, you feel like letting go of old unworkable situations and putting plans (which you developed since March 1st) into action.  But wait until after June 2nd and you can even wait as long as July 23rd when Mars transits over the degree that it went retrograde on March 1st (27 degrees Aries).  Better yet, wait until Mars moves into Scorpio and forms a sextile with Capricorn on July 27th.

Other signs who feel strong energy with Mars going direct are Gemini and Aquarius who experiences Air Trines with Mars in Libra and Leo and Sagittarius who experience sextiles.  For the Air Sign people, you will clear mental blocks that have plagued you since the beginning of March.  You will notice more clarity and that tension you have felt loosens up.  Fire Sign natives, which includes Moon and AC, you're rearing to go forward with your career and I'm also hearing "relationships and love life".

Taurus, Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio will feel this energy indirectly or on a minor level.  Your life feels a bit jolted like driving on a bumpy road, but mostly you will feel relief from other signs which have felt tense and irritated for the past two months.  You will feel lightness in the air and notice that other people relate to you now with clear minds and open hearts.

Overall, we have learned many lessons and grown considerably with the Mars transit in Libra.  And it feels like Mars has been in Libra for eternity.  Mars moves into Scorpio (an emotional Water Sign with Mars as its traditional ruler) on July 27.  Then Mars meets up with Saturn, also in Scorpio on August 25th. And I know you're all sitting on pins and needles waiting in anticipation for that conjunction, lol.  But, let's take it one step at a time and celebrate Mars moving Direct.  It's time to put our plans into action and believe in ourselves.  Mars tells us that life is an adventure and its up to us to respond to its call.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio--Step into Integrity

Persephone's ascent, Wikipedia
I had no idea what I would write about this week then I listened to Mark Husson's Power Peak show yesterday.  Mark waxed on about the Scorpio Full Moon and voila I had my topic for the week.  Normally I don't write about New and Full Moons, but my intuition nudged me with this one.

First, let's look at the sign of Scorpio. This Zodiac Sign has a reputation for sexual activity, waxing on about death and mortality and of course, the transformation theme.  Scorpio also rules big finances, large corporations, big government, banks, entitlement programs, other people's money, other people's resources, the subconscious mind, psychology, self-sabotage (along with Pisces and 12th House) and it's the place where we dive into the dark recesses of our mind and soul.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if we can call it that, Taurus brings us sensual experiences and connects us to the earth (and all its hedonistic pleasures).  While Taurus feels grounded (the most grounding of the Earth Signs), Scorpio takes us into deeper waters or into a vast desert.  With Scorpio we don't know how far we must journey to find the oasis with the watering hole.  Yet, Scorpio is a fruitful sign, even if most of the fruits we harvest come to us through psychological exploration.  While Venus teaches us self-love, Scorpio-Pluto teaches us self-honoring and setting firm boundaries.  But with Scorpio, lessons of integrity come up (ours and the integrity of others) and that's the theme coming up with this Full Moon.

Spiritual Warrior Joan of Arc, Wikipedia
The Full Moon in Scorpio conjuncts Saturn and during the actual opposition to the Taurus Sun, the Full Moon has a 4 degree orb with Saturn.  But that's not all.   The Saturn-Moon conjunction (which is a conversation between two planets in the same sign in close proximity), trines Jupiter in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces.  This Water Trine (though not exact) sends us a powerful message of self-transformation by getting in touch with our authentic selves then expressing our truth in the world.  To do anything less than that is to walk out of integrity.  Saturn and Scorpio represent integrity or the old saying, walking our talk.  Who will take us seriously if we say one thing and do the opposite?

To further emphasize this theme Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries (again a conversation between two planets in the sign of the Spiritual Warrior) which square Pluto (Scorpio's planet) in Capricorn (Saturn's sign).  Practice integrity, not just now, but always.  Don't lie. Don't cheat then rationalize that you're not harming anyone.  Don't point the finger at a "greedy" corporation then act greedy yourself.  See where this is heading? Remember that Full Moons are powerful and the power resonates for several months (at least 6) until we experience the Full Moon in Taurus next autumn.

Be careful what you say during this time too and double check facts.  Mercury in Gemini (its own sign) squares Neptune in Pisces (its own sign) around the time of the Full Moon with a 3 degree orb.  This square began last Saturday so some of us might feel foggy and confused.  I attempted to teach a workshop with this square in place and let's just say, I lacked clarity and direction (even with careful planning and organizing the material)!  Neptune and Mercury are the two most aspected planets in my chart (traffic jam with other planets) so I don't always get my point across, and certainly I struggled to get through my workshop material last Saturday when the orb was exact.

Perhaps, this signifies at time of going inward (which is easier to do when the Moon wanes then when it's Full) and find our truth before presenting it to the world.  We could find ourselves reassessing our entire lives or just the part of our lives represented by the House where the Full Moon in Scorpio transits.  And as we go inward, at least we can avoid the scandals that surface in the news or droves of people carrying clouds of doom (which usually occurs around the Scorpio Full Moon).  Personally, I would rather meditate then hear gossip about the latest sex scandal involving politicians or corporate executives.

Watch for vengeful feelings now or any blaming & shaming games.  Forgiveness is key now.  Walk in another person's shoes and change our perspectives.  Admit that we don't have all the answers and in fact, we still have a lot of probing and detective work to do on ourselves.  So let's not focus on what others are doing wrong and stop the victim talk.  We are responsible for our own happiness and once we acquire true happiness because we act like authentic people, no one can take our happiness away.  It's like love, the more we give away, the more that comes back to us.  As we stand at another crossroads, let's choose love and leave fear in the dust.  We can do this.  Let's do this.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Turning the Page--Major Transits for May through August 2014

We have entered unprecedented times and an era where spiritual awakening is possible to the everyday person.  This does require the everyday person turning off the TV, spending less time on the computer (doing mundane things), and tuning inward.  This involves meditation on a daily basis (at least for 15 minutes), listening to sacred music, and spending time in nature.  This also involves dietary changes by eliminating foods which the body suffers adverse effects.  Cut out sugars, caffeine, gluten, and casein (cow dairy) and see improvements in your overall well-being.  Switch to whole gluten-free grains, seeds, vegetables, fruits (lower in sugars), beans and super foods.  As you make these changes, your life transforms and you feel more spacious.

So let's look at upcoming transits and themes with those transits.  Mars goes direct on May 19 and remains stationary until June 2nd.  We will feel like pushing ahead on projects that remained stuck during the winter and early spring months.  Since Mars in Libra we strive for balance in all areas of our lives, but especially in how we relate to other people and how we relate to our bodies. Do we get enough exercise or too much exercise? Do we spend too much time in mental pursuits and not enough time in contemplation? Do we move full-steam on projects in which we feel no passion or do we pursue projects of our heart?

Mars picks up speed in June and as the planet picks up speed our projects pick up momentum as if they have minds of their own.  If our hearts are not behind these project, then we could end up creating Frankenstein creatures or regret projects created from the ego.  When Mars picks up speed we also must speak our truth, but that truth also must come from our hearts.  If we insists on racing through the world with an activist sword in our hands just for the sake of a good fight, we face consequences.  Pay attention to levels of anger and upset then find appropriate and safe outlets to release these toxic emotions. Sometimes anger leads to rightful action that make the world a better place.  The trick is to discern between ego and heartfelt actions.  Feel before you act, but feel from the heart.

Why am I going on about the heart and heartfelt actions? Jupiter transits into Leo on July 17. We leave the realm of water and Cancerian nurturing and protection into the fiery realm of ego and heart.  Leo represents both the ego and the heart. We might say that the low road represents the ego and its posturing and the high road represents a generous heart. Since Jupiter expands what it touches, we might witness an explosion in creativity especially in the performing arts. People might experience receiving their 15 minutes of fame via the internet or another form or media.  People will expect to be treated like royalty or we discover our innate royalty and the responsibilities that come with those roles.

Leo's ruler the Sun implies that's time to develop and expand our inner light and know the difference between self-love and narcissism.  Self-love serves the planet, whereas, narcissism causes great harm to others.  It is negative behavior that sucks other people dry through an overindulgence of self.  Living is about giving and receiving and not just taking from others because we feel high and mighty.  Jupiter in Leo unfortunately, expands narcissistic behavior and not just in youth. So let's keep a watchful eye on this type of behavior which is psychologically based.  We might also witness the Law of Attraction used in self-serving ways such as an obsession with materialism with the motto attached, "because I deserve it."  The planet deserves stewardship too.  The problem with Leo is it's lack of maturity and pensiveness. However, the bright side of Leo is that it represents the part of us that shines forth in the world.  See where Leo lands in your natal charts and that's where you are meant to shine.

Mars transits into Scorpio on July 27 after spending 8 months in Libra.  On July 30, Mars squares Jupiter and we see the dark side or the ego coming out to play.  Mars acts as the warrior that keeps narcissistic behavior in check, whether that involves transnational corporations, the President of the United States (Leo Sun) or Hollywood (Leo Ruled).  We might see a lot of posturing in the media with public relation and photo opportunities used to sway public opinion, meanwhile, scandals erupt at this time, uncovered by investigative journalists and grassroots activists groups.  The end of July will feel like a flood of shaming, blaming and humiliation or we will discover humility and forgive those people still stuck in 3D fear-based reality.

Saturn goes direct on July 20 at 16 degrees Scorpio and remains stationary until August 11.  This gives us time to review any restructuring of our lives we did during the Saturn retrograde (past 6 months).  Where did we make changes in finances, career, health, partnerships or the area of the chart where Scorpio rules? Did we discover and integrate our personal shadows (type of work that bodes well with Saturn or Pluto in Scorpio)? Did we go through therapy during this time, even physical therapy since Saturn rules bones and connective tissue? As Saturn gains speed in August, we will implement these changes into our lives, if we chose to make the changes.  Those of us who ignored the song of change, will experience consequences in finances, career, and other areas of the chart that Scorpio rules.  I have a saying, denial is an okay place to visit, but you don't want to live there.

On July 22, Uranus in Aries goes retrograde at 16 degrees where it forms an inconjunct with Saturn stationary direct.  Themes of liberation and change surface but now Saturn brings structure to those changes and Uranus sends our revolutionary spirit inward.  This would be a fabulous time to take up a new form of meditation that involves frequencies or brain waves.  Sound healing and working with astrology bode well at this time and joining like-minded communities focus on spiritual enlightenment is also ideal. Then when Uranus goes direct on the Solstice (December 21st) we can put our new experiences into action.

Mars conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio on August 25th and we experience this combustible combination throughout the last week of August.  Mars represents both the warrior and the child and Saturn the voice of authority. Will younger energies battle with older energies? Will we see new ideas opposing those of the patriarchs? Will Mars feel like blowing up old structures? We could experience powerful earthquakes and forest fires at this time.  But if we do, we question the structures of society based in consumerism and materialism.  We ask ourselves about our true values.  What matters most to us, our children or material possessions we hoarded over the years?

On the personal front, caution is required as far as sports, exercise and even driving cars because fractures, bruises, broken bones and serious injuries to the head could result.  Violence could break out between youth and authority. We could also see an increase in domestic violence against children, especially boys.  The news will bring us stories about youth suicide and depression.  Saturn and Mars in Scorpio hopefully will cause us to delve deep to the roots of these problems and come up with practical solutions.

Venus transits into Leo on August 13 and conjuncts Jupiter. This week feels like the ship coming in and will feel prosperous and abundant to most people.  We could feel more generous and giving during this time too as a flow of wealth and love come into our lives. Again, the theme of self-love verses narcissism comes into play so we must strike a balance.  Venus squares Saturn the last week of the month where Saturn casts a dark shadow over Venus and her materialism.  What's too much?

Hopefully this post sheds some light on the planetary weather ahead this summer.  I will go into the transits in more depth with the monthly forecasts.  Since I'm Cancerian I like to know what's coming up on the road ahead so I can plan accordingly.  Between June and the end of 2014, we will experience Saturn and Jupiter changing signs in the element of Fire.  This brings us three outer planets in Fire Signs (Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus) and only one outer planet in Water (Neptune) and one in Earth (Pluto).  We will feel ourselves moving away from emotional expression and exploration into the world of impulsion and action.  Oh, well, us Water Sign people had a good run of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Venus and Mars Transits for May: Reflected in the Other

Since May appears as a calmer passage than previous months, I have found little to write about and post here.  Then yesterday I watched astrologer Veerle's May forecasts and she inspired me with her explanation of this month's Venus and Mars transits. Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries on the 15th and 16 forming a one degree orb square with Pluto.  Venus also opposes Mars on May 11th and 12th exact which will send interesting sparks flying in all directions.  Also in May, Mars finally goes stationary Direct finally moving forward on June 2nd and 3rd when Mars moves to 10 degrees Libra.

Now, since Taurus rules the first three weeks in May, we feel Venus' energy strongly, if not powerfully.  Talk of the Divine Feminine sweetly falls from our lips, but Venus is in the sign of Mars (Aries) so we could be looking at an Amazon warrior type and not the demure Libra girl next door.  Mars in Venus' sign (Libra) reminds of the man who messed up in a relationship and he's using all of his charm to get back on good terms with his woman.  This could also represent men making peace with their feminine psyche.  Remember we all balance yin and yang.  We are all feminine and masculine.  The lesson here is that women must step up to the plate and call a spade a spade.  She must demand her rights when others don't see the Divine in her and treat her with disrespect.  I don't know where Aretha Franklin (an Aries) has her Venus, but when she sings "Respect" she embodies Venus in Aries.  

The late Marcello Mastroianni embodied Mars in Libra.  His Sun was also in Libra.  Remember the scenes with his raging girlfriend in La Dolce Vita? While she railed against the character also named Marcello (I believe Fellini preferred that name), he oozed insincere charm to make peace. His real issues were with his philandering father and long-suffering mother.  Sadly, Marcello never balances his masculine and feminine, thus joining a life of debauchery which to the elite in that movie represented the sweet life (another Venus theme).  But let's get back to the transits...

Astrologer Veerle mentioned the Venus transit interacting with the on-going Uranus-Pluto square.  She saw this as us claiming our independence and choosing to empower ourselves by living authentic lives.  I have heard other astrologers mention this theme too.  She goes into great detail so you'll find her video at the end of this post.  I think the equality we seek is with the masculine-feminine energies. I believe that relationships where the couple doesn't share equally will end now.  Any relationship where the partners disrespect each other will end now. Of course, Mars in Libra does suggest couple counseling and this might save a partnership.  However, Venus in Aries suggests that women will appear more demanding and if they feel fulfilled outside the partnership, they'll most likely show their partner the door.  "Hit the road, Jack" comes to mind.  If men use charm to get their way now, it won't suffice. Women demand equality more than ever and some will achieve this mission.

The lesson with Mars in Libra and Venus in Aries also revolves around exploring our opposite side.  Women are more able to make executive decisions now, demand their rights, organize their lives and empower themselves by following their passion.  Men might feel like developing their feminine side by honing intuition, nurturing some being and explore feminine arts such as cooking.  This brings up the question why is cooking seen like a housewife's work when a woman cooks, but when a man cooks dinner, he becomes an automatic chef? Okay, out with these double standards.  Cooking is cooking no matter who boils the vegetables.  Although, some men look sexy wearing an apron, but if you give a man a mop he ends up resembling a janitor (not that there's anything wrong with janitors).  Now is a time to examine protocol, the acceptable and the unacceptable. Let's examine our perceptions and perspectives.

Fiery Mary Magdalene  Wikipedia
Now, I don't have an ax to grind with men.  I've met balanced and conscientious men in my life time.  They usually hang out in new age or spiritual settings or in the arts.  I'm fortunate to have worked in the arts and to have been a member of spiritual communities.  These men are in touch with their Venus side and sometimes neglect unfortunately their Mars side which comes through in a shadow of repressed rage. 

With musicians this comes out sounding like screechy guitars and shouting vocals. Or the man could show one sensitive face in public but in private criticize his partner or hurl emotional abuse.  The men who exude the most charm in public come with a caution sign taped to their foreheads.  We all have a shadow and I believe Venus and Mars transits especially with aspects to Pluto or Uranus bring out those shadows.  We walk in a world of shadows and projections; our own and everyone else'. 

So to end this post, I leave you with Veerle's May 2014 forecast for Pisces.  I encourage you to head over to YouTube and watch her video for your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign.  She also has series on the outer planets worth checking out.  I enjoy her delivery style so you'll be seeing more references to Veerle on Whole Astrology.  In the meantime, the assignment for this week is to become more conscious of Venus and Mars energies.  We don't call them personal planets for nothing.  

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