Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Moon in Sagittarius (November 22)--Dream Big

Sunset in Sunnyland
On November 22 with the New Moon (Sun/Moon) conjunct Venus in Sagittarius, we're all itching for a world adventure.  Whether that involves hopping a plane across the sea or engaging with foreigners via the worldwide web, we believe that the grass is greener somewhere else.

I have an image of Joseph Campbell as I ponder this Sagittarius New Moon at 0 degrees. See, 0 degrees marks a whole new cycle or the beginning of a quest to adventure.  And adventure could be anything that gets us out of a rut from going back to school to study a subject dear to our hearts, traveling to another country, marrying a foreigner or seeking higher learning on a spiritual level.  It could even imply following one's heart about a spiritual calling.  What I can say is Sagittarius energy is big and expansive full of passion and enthusiasm.  When we hear other people tell their stories, especially funny stories, we delight in them.  But we want to hear stories now that begin with, "A long time ago and far away..."

With this New Moon in Sagittarius, we're not realistic about our dreams and the New Moon and Venus square Neptune (also a dreamy planet with no feet on the ground).  However, what a great time to meditate and hang out in the greater cosmos.  As the Moon moves in Sagittarius it hits the Galactic Center which is between 24 and 29 degrees Sagittarius.  Then the Sun also enters the Galactic Center the week prior to the Christmas holiday also bringing some spiritual insights and shifts in consciousness.  Prior to that Venus enters the Galactic Center around December 6 and remains for four days before Venus heads into Capricorn (a good sign for building dreams).

The Mutable Signs, especially Sagittarius feel this urge to travel, pursue higher education, and expand their worldview or expand other people's worldview.  Gemini feels an urge to move past details and small talk and pursue deeper studies or conversations.  Pisces and Virgos feel the squares of the New Moon, Sun, and Venus leaving Virgo feeling rather itchy with no place to go.

Fire Signs, Aries seeks the spiritual warrior or just warrior experience ripe for an adventure and requires more physical exercise than normal to burn off restlessness.  Leo (Jupiter is in Leo) experiences an exchange of enthusiasm with the Sagittarius New Moon.  Leo Sun especially wants to come first in religion, philosophy, higher education or feel like they're traveling first-class or world-class.  However, all signs benefit from this fiery New Moon that asks us to respond to the call to adventure and keep our fears in check.  Go for it!

BTW, it will be interesting what occurs when Saturn arrives at 0 degrees Sagittarius crossing over the New Moon degree on December 24.  More on this later.

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