Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Two More Exact Uranus-Pluto Squares (last week of February & March 11-28)

green lines represent the Yod March 5, 2015 
I'm not sure why astrologers aren't calling the Uranus-Pluto Square with both planets at 14 degrees (February 20-28) an exact square. We're certainly feeling it as an exact square. Then in March, we will experience what the astrologers are calling an exact square between Uranus and Pluto (15 degrees) from the 11-28. However, for most of this, Pluto, Jupiter and Chiron form a Yod (ends on March 24) and Yods dampen the planetary energies. This Yod acts as our saving grace.

First, let's look at the Yod with Chiron (an asteroid) in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Leo.  It's ironic that I'm presenting this Yod at all since astronomers and some astrologers demoted Pluto from a planet to an asteroid several years, if not a decade ago.  But nonetheless, any of us who have suffered the wrath of this transform-or-die planet don't agree with Pluto's demotion.  And some of you are thinking, well, Chiron is just an asteroid so why should we concern ourselves with Chiron forming a Yod with Jupiter and Pluto (not a real planet anyway)?

And here's my response.  If you experience no transformation in your life from the Pluto and Chiron transits then live with your belief that neither Pluto or Chiron play a significance in astrology.  Or maybe you believe that astrologers who do read Chiron and Pluto transits are living in airy fairy land and practicing a bunch of superstition.  Go ahead and think that, but this type of thinking won't lead to your enlightenment any time soon.  Pluto and Chiron mostly work on our deeper subconscious urges, patterns and beliefs.  They exist in the realm of psychotherapy and shamanism as we retrieve lost pieces of our souls shattered by our earthly experiences.  While Neptune deals mainly with the super conscious, Pluto deals with the darker recesses of our minds (the places we fear to go).

Chiron in Pisces tells us the places where we escape or self-medicate or suffer delusional thinking.  Perhaps an event revolving around religion or spirituality wounded us as a child. One example I come up with is parents who join a cult and drag their children into the experience or children growing up with overzealous parents who brainwash them with dogma that wounds them.  Chiron in Pisces also revolves around co-dependency and addiction themes such as a child taking care of an alcoholic parent or even grandparent.

Put this together with Pluto in Capricorn which dismantles old structure, authority, and the old way of doing business including in the area of religion (especially with Jupiter in Leo involved in the Yod).   I believe that religious experiences (past and present) will come up now as will experiences around education, foreign relations (especially on the global scale), as well as, environmental concerns.  Why environmental concerns? Wounded people are most likely to cause planetary destruction or to harm others and Chiron tells us that the healing that we receive comes from a spiritual experience.

With this Yod, we will ask some crucial questions in regard to how we delegate authority verses become our own authority.   Pluto in Capricorn represents the Earth in this Yod, Jupiter represents higher learning and Chiron represents healing our wounds so that we can facilitate the healing in others.  People most likely to experience this Yod, have planets in Pisces, Leo or Capricorn at around 14 to 17 degrees.  I have my Chiron at 18 degrees Pisces so I'm experiencing this Yod in my Natal Chart as disillusionment with institutions or even business or concepts in which I once gave my loyalty.

Where do we give away our authority? Where do we dismiss the wisdom coming from our Higher Selves in favor of a so-called expert, especially a religious or academic authority? Where do we give our power away? What is common sense and does common sense always serve the greater good? Many of our beliefs and practices find roots in ancient patriarchal structures and systems that no longer serve us (as if they ever did) or the planet.  Uranus and Pluto challenge us with this theme, but the Yod acts as a buffer so we can step back and explore our options.  Many of us are swimming in Neptune's fog these days which takes away the strength of our decision-making skills, especially if we don't feel grounded in "reality." Then I ask, who's reality?

The final Uranus-Pluto Square from March 11 - 28 acts as a culmination of the previous exact squares beginning June 2012.  Have we let go of those ideas, situations and circumstances (even people, even marriages and alliances) that no longer serve us? Have we ignored the warning signs which started popping up around June 2012? The sooner we let go of these situations that aren't in our best interest, the sooner we can get on with the integration process featured in 2015 and 2016.

Believe me when I say that these changes challenge us to the core of our being.  I, like many others have experienced complete changes of lifestyle and personality even during the series of Uranus-Pluto Squares (my Sun is at 8 degrees Cancer, AC at 6 degrees Capricorn, North Node at 2 degrees Cancer and Mercury is at 11 degrees Cancer).  To give you an idea of the types of lifestyle changes that occur, I was an arts journalist before diving into astrology (as a profession) in 2012.  And as much as I love astrology, I feared that my colleagues would laugh me off the face of the planet when I hung up my astrology shingle, "practicing astrologer", do you mean, practicing lunatic?

But over the years I searched for a modality that I could use to help other people on the planet.  Journalism, as much as I loved it, didn't allow me to offer the same deep healing I offer you with this blog.  And I didn't want to go back to school to learn energy healing or physically touch anyone.  I don't even enjoy people touching me except under special circumstances.  I'm not free and easy with hugs or handshakes, but I can offer my mind and intuition as a tool to help humanity.

So what I'm getting at here is that each of you has a unique path and if you're not currently on that path, Uranus and Pluto will kick you into gear.  They're not gentle planets and they don't even mean well because they are planets after all without personalities.  Pluto transits feel personal, but they're not, even if they open the cage door and set you free.  Face it, we have to change the way we're living on the planet period.  And humanity requires a huge kick in the rear to wake up from destructive everyday practices.  Pluto and Uranus act as foes in that they bring out the best in our abilities to survive.  Yet, we survive by letting go and not hanging on.  Giving up or quitting a bad situation is good news with this Square.  It's required.

So if the marriage isn't working, let it go.  If you hate your job, let it go.  If you spend most of your time doing self-sacrificing acts, stop it.  We are leaving the age of self-sacrifice behind and now is the time to reclaim your power and your passion. What type of life would you build for yourself if no walls contained you? Where would you go if someone opened the door of the proverbial cage? What life do you dream for yourself and ask yourself why you're not living that dream.  No more excuses.  Your dream is your gift to the planet unless it's a hedonistic fantasy which doesn't count as the life dream.  There's also that saying, "Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it," especially with Jupiter in Leo (Ruler of the Sun).

I could probably blog all day on this topic, but I'm stopping here.  Listen to your inner voice and you'll know what to do during these Uranus-Pluto Squares and the Yod.  Lay low for two months if possible and regroup.  Be easy on yourselves, get rest, eat healthy and practice forgiveness and compassion.  I know these are challenging times and I'm in the planetary transit trenches along with you.  Chiron says that forgiveness of self and others is the answer and the key that opens the cage and sets us free.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Time of Fish Swimming in Two Directions--Pisces


Inspiration strikes again.  For the remainder of the year, I will feature one sign in depth per month.  While Capricorn and Aquarius won't make the cut this year, I'll feature them in 2016.  I'm starting off this new feature with Pisces since the Sun just swam into this watery sign.  And as you know, I'm a huge fan of Neptune, at least in theory.

So I'm starting with crucial transits for Pisces in March and then we'll look at outer planet transits for the remainder of the year.  As with every March, the Sun remains in Pisces until the Vernal Equinox.  

And this Vernal Equinox is special too, not only for Pisces, but also for Aries. We experience another one of those double New Moons which is also a Super Moon (has anyone come up with a Superman "S" for these special Moons yet?) because the New Moon falls at 29 degrees Pisces and moments later the Moon transits into Aries along with the Sun.  Not only that, but we experience a Solar Eclipse on March 5th that affects both Pisces and Aries (Sun, Moon and Ascendant).  This could be a confusing day for some Pisces natives because you won't know whether to just be or to act.  That's the problem with Pisces and Aries coming out back to back during a Solar Eclipse.

Mercury transits into Pisces on March 13 and our talk in general becomes more flowing and dreamy.  We speak of compassion, forgiveness and delve easily into spiritual topics while Mercury is in Pisces.  However, this isn't the best placement for Mercury so watch out for wishy washy thinking and communication.  Bring in practical Virgo for discernment and stay grounded during this time or you could get washed out to sea, metaphorically speaking.

Now, Pisces, when I first started seeing 2015 unfolding I thought of you because with so much outer planet activity aspecting Pisces Sun, Moon and Ascendants, opportunities in career, love relationships and spiritual growth come knocking at your door.  But will you muster the courage to move past your fears and open the door? Or are you going to hang onto past events or baggage while wearing victim and martyr labels as if they are badges of honor? Get past this "survivor" mentality.  

Would you rather be known for your spiritual and unique gifts and talents or be known for "cancer survivor" or fill in the blank?  That story has gotten so old we call it ancient business now.  Think of it this way, no one has suffered more than anyone else.  This isn't a contest to acquire the most sympathy from others.  And in fact, fishing for sympathy is the psychic vampire in disguise of the sweet and helpless soul.  And if you really knew your true power and wisdom, you wouldn't even want to play this game.

Have you ever watched that Monty Python skit where each of the comedians tries to outdo each other about how rotten their childhoods were? It's a hilarious skit, but did you get the joke? Let's get past the gloom and misery and learn to enjoy our lives on this planet.  Besides, the sooner you let the past go, the sooner you can manifest the lives you really want.

Neptune, Wikipedia 
So let's look at those outer planet transits for the year.  First, Jupiter moves into Virgo on August 11 and remains in the Sign of Purity and Perfection until August 2016.  As we know, opposites act as mirrors for each other and Jupiter expands what it touches.   So I see you using Virgo's critical eyes to explore your religious beliefs and ideologies.  Do they hold up to water? And why do you believe what you do? Where do you place or misplace your faith and trust?  Virgo brings discernment to the picture and this also helps you climb out of denial, heal addictions and be honest with yourself.  What are you avoiding? Time to clear up unfinished business and claim your true spiritual power.

And this brings up Chiron in Pisces which transits between 17 and 21 degrees this year. Some of you born in the 1960's will experience your Chiron Return (this includes me).  Since Pisces rules the feet, emotional and spiritual wounds could show up as foot problems.  Definitely deal with the physical manifestations but also deal with the emotional wounds underneath.  Did you feel invisible as a child? Did you suffer from having your faith crushed at a young age? Do you have a painful relationship with your personal God? Did overly religious parents pull a number on you like dragging you into a cult they joined in the 1960's? Did you deal with alcoholic or drug addicted parents as a child? Was their mental illness in the family that no one acknowledged?

Chiron in Pisces tells us to bring compassion and forgiveness to the wounds.  And a Chiron Return actually allows us to revisit these wounds from a new and informed angle.  For instance, maybe your parents bring up an old incident and explain the true circumstances that you would not have understood as a 5 year old.  Or maybe you meet someone who went through a similar situation but has an enlightened perspective that rubs off on you.

Pisces, Wikipedia 
Now, Neptune is also in Pisces (and stays there for another decade).  This year Neptune transits between 5 and 9 degrees.  Neptune also closes in on a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn and is in a square with Saturn in Sagittarius for most of the year.  Again, I'm seeing blindfolds removed where it comes to spiritual and religious beliefs.  You're going to question old structure and dogma and probably laugh at ancient rituals still practiced in a high-tech world. Why do we still believe in pantheons of gods for instance when channels such as Lee Carroll (Kryon) are telling us that God is within us and that our Higher Selves (who we are really praying too) resides on the other side of the veil?  Well, this year this type of information rushes into our consciousness.  We're evolving after all.

Think of it this way.  Neptune comes to dissolve anything standing in the way from us reconnecting with our Spirit.  Pisces has always wanted to merge but merged with false gods or false ideals to make themselves feel more holy.  And some Pisces play that holier than thou game thinking they are more transcendent than the person who isn't meditating 5 hours a day, but perhaps, this is another mirage.  I'm not telling you not to meditate because it's a worthy practice that keeps you calm and centered.  However, get past that self-righteous act thinking that your sacrifices and suffering get you some special place in heaven. You are right however, when you believe in Unity Consciousness then practice real compassion, forgiveness and love without strings attached.  

Please understand that no Zodiac Sign is more enlightened than any other Sign.  We're all in this together and when you grow, we all grow.  That's the most beautiful gift you give to the world, not volunteering for this or that organization because it's the right thing to do, but following your bliss and healing your wounds.  Perhaps you don't want to hear these words.  Of course, if it is your heart's desire to serve the world as a volunteer then by all means, follow this path, but if you feel even an ounce of resentment because you're neglecting your life path, then back off from volunteering and understand that we can serve the world and be paid too.

Many of you will step up to the plate this year with your metaphysical, fine or performing arts. Your art is a gift to the world that many people find healing.  And a multitude of opportunities can show up for you in 2015 to get your art into the world.  Forget the old model of busting your butt with promotional efforts and just follow your bliss.  Listen to your uncanny intuition, even if it sounds outlandish at times and you'll be amazed where it takes you.  Manager, agents, publishers, choreographers, and you name it, all show up for you now. And all you have to do is live in the flow.  Follow your passions this year and push everything that blocks you out of the way.  Be ruthless with yourself, especially this summer when Saturn transits back into Scorpio for three months. Dig deep into your subconscious and see where you block yourself.  Get therapy, get coaching or whatever it takes to remove those blocks.

Pisces (I have a Pisces Moon, Saturn and Chiron), I wish you only good things and sincere growth this year. You have support from Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron and Neptune, not to mention the Solar Eclipse in March.  Dream big and never ever give up your faith.  We need you, Pisces and we love you.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

March 2015 Full Moon Forecast--Roaring like a Lion

I worked on the video for March's Full Moon yesterday for three hours and decided to include the script here along with the video.  I'm not sure if Virgo had anything to do with me talking in a rapid fashion. Perhaps Mercury loaned me some of his quicksilver.

This Month with the Virgo Full Moon the verbs are fix, perfect and serve, since Virgo represents the servant and also the sixth house in the natal chart of service.  So keep these verbs in mind for the first week of March.  And also treat those who serve you with respect and dignity.

Consequently, we also grow restless and critical during this time.  Refrain from complaining and focus on service instead.  However, if we have dealt with bad service of any kind, it will be difficult not to criticize during this time.  It’s always better to focus on solutions rather than problems.  This would be good time to contact politicians and corporations you find troublesome and share your suggestions with them, rather than send scathing reviews, which just trashed anyway.

Having said that, activities such as editing, proof reading, critiquing, polishing and cleaning go well this week.  Just make sure that you don’t take on a loved one as an improvement project.  And remember that not everyone appreciates a makeover.  If you must do a makeover, do it on yourself and thus inspire others.

Remember the old saying for March, “In like a lion, out like a lamb”?  This month, the winds of change bring us a roaring lion.  This is because Uranus prepares for its final exact square with Pluto and later in the month, we experience a Solar Eclipse in Pisces, right before the Moon and Sun transit into Aries ushering in the Vernal Equinox.

And forget the lamb this year, March ends with the same lion, hopefully pacified by Venus when she arrives in stabilizing Taurus.

On the 5th of March, we experience the Full Moon in Virgo at 15 degrees (rounded up).  With the Full Moon in Virgo, we want to perfect, purify and fix our lives, but especially around themes found in the House where Virgo is on the cusp. 

So if you have Virgo on the cusp of your 2nd House, you’ll want to polish your skills and talents.  If you have Virgo on the cusp of your 12th House, you’ll explore the purity of your spiritual practices and so on.  And since this is a Full Moon, this perfecting comes at a ripe time.

As we struggle to find the purity of intent, we gaze critically at the world and those closest to us.  We also wonder how to serve the planet in which we find fault.  And I advise focusing on service rather than the problems or we end up in a festival of rants.  You do know what I mean, especially those of you born in the 1960s.

Since this is the first Full Moon of the year in a Mutable Sign and several planets and Chiron transit in Mutable Signs in 2015, pay attention, especially for children born in the 1960’s when Uranus and Pluto were conjoined in Virgo and Chiron transited in Pisces. 

Prior to the March Full Moon, the Moon, squared Saturn, opposed Neptune and then moved into an opposition with Chiron and the Sun.  This suggests a number of potential scenarios, but I prefer people serving the planet through compassionate acts.  As we serve through these compassionate acts, we heal our deeper wounds as revealed to use by Chiron.

I also get an image of wounded feet.  Take better care of your feet in March because I see foot injuries, tired feet and blisters.  I’m thinking of the blistered of feet of spiritual pilgrims.  This is symbolic and actual.  Refrain from wearing high heels and make sure that you stretch out your feet or give yourself foot soaks and massages.  Feet figure prominently, especially around March’s New Moon.

In addition, the Moon trines Pluto and forms an inconjunct with Venus/Mars/Uranus in Aries.  And, Jupiter in Leo trines Venus/Mars/Uranus while powering up Fire energy.  Now, we could use that Fire energy to give wings to our chosen service.  However, if we align that Fire energy with critical thought we could misdirect our anger and cause harm to others.  With Venus and Mars conjunct Uranus hedonism gets out of hand and sex becomes a weapon of destruction.
Other planetary events happening around this earthy Full Moon include a Saturn-Neptune Square and Jupiter in Leo forming a Yod with Chiron and Pluto (which ends on March 24). 

This suggests that we hit dead ends with our plans so it’s best to concentrate on hobbies now instead of professions or larger projects.  Yods don’t just slow movement, but throw up the stop sign to remind us of Divine Timing.  And meanwhile, the Saturn-Neptune square dissolves old structure also leaving us in limbo land.  Signs most affected by the Yod are Leo, Capricorn and Pisces.

The Full Moon Virgo opposes Neptune and Chiron in Pisces suggests to me service with compassion.  Or we can broaden what we normally think of as service such as cleaning, customer service or nursing, and instead take this idea of service into fine and performing arts.
For you creative folks (which really is all of us), think of ways you can employ photography, moviemaking, dance, choreography and music as a service to better the planet.  For instance, we will visit music therapy, dance therapy, photo therapy, sound healing, and feel free to add to this list.

Movies that speak to us now focus on compassion, love and forgiveness.  Watching movies with characters that overcome addiction and stop acting like victims have more meaning for us during the Full Moon in Virgo and the New Moon in Pisces.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Marzo, Marzo, Marzo--Astrological Transits for March 2015

photo by Patricia Herlevi 
I've always had mixed feelings about March.  By the time March rolls around most of us have had enough winter rain, snow and sour moods.  The promise of spring comes during the last week of March and hope arrives in the form of crocuses pushing through moss and snow to reveal their purple and white petals. 

And this March, we also require hearty petals as we push our way through challenging aspects, mainly the final Uranus-Pluto Square, a Solar Eclipse and a triple conjunction (Venus, Mars, Uranus) in Aries.  Ready, set, go!

Since the transits in March remind me of a Seattle traffic jam with a semi-truck blocking two lanes and service vehicles zooming their way to the scene, I'm going to personalize this article.  I urge you to pay attention this month to road changes up ahead.  While on the surface this looks like the average everyday commute, big changes are underway and some happen without any warning, at least not any conscious warning.  This is because Uranus takes the helm in March and this Great Awakener is in conversation with Venus/Mars through a conjunction a the beginning of the month, Jupiter throughout the month (Fire Trine) and Pluto (the infamous Square you are tired of hearing about).

We astrologers love that Venus and Mars travel together as a couple through the Zodiac in 2015.  Venus' charm and allure coupled with Mar's drive bodes well in initiating businesses, intimate relationships and creating money flow through personal effort.  However, in March, Venus and Mars attached themselves to Uranus like barnacles on a beached log.  Now, for some of you, if you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Capricorn, Aries or Libra, you're going to feel this energy intensely.  This is because this Triple Conjunction (3 planets transiting in the same sign) Squares Pluto in Capricorn.  The exact square with Pluto and Uranus happens between March 12 and 28 with Mars conjunct Uranus (exact Mars/Uranus-Pluto Square at 15 degrees) on March 12th which launches the finale of a 7-part series.

Wikipedia, Occupy Montreal 
Globally, I envision unrest with the everyday people pitting themselves against big government, even local government and large corporations.  I believe that we will revisit the Occupy Movement in the US and abroad because many people have awakened and demand a world where we get along and treat the earth with respect.  I also get a sense that with Saturn turning retrograde on March 15 (in the midst of the Square), authority weakens its hold over the masses.  Haven't you noticed more people turning to organic foods and demanding GMO labels on their food products? Haven't you noticed more people growing their own food and communities taking back their power as neighbors get to know each other? And haven't you noticed brilliant children bringing their innovative ideas to the world stage? By the way, that hardly ever happened when I was a child.

However, none of the changes we demand come without chaos and confusion.  People lose their jobs (that subconsciously they didn't want in the first place), work forces reshuffle, stocks slide into the abyss, big businesses file for Chapter 11 as more innovative businesses attract the attention of a changing populace who desires transparency and fair treatment of workers.  But that's not all, the Earth goes through changes too as temperatures rise, the earth quakes and floods damage property (again freeing people from burdens they subconsciously felt were dragging them down).  In other words, not everyone enjoys getting saddled with a mortgage or living in a house stuffed with things when they would rather travel the world.  Uranus comes to liberate, not punish.  Remember those words during March.

If you have planets, especially the Moon and Sun in Cardinal Signs (and Ascendant) around 13 to 15 degrees, you'll experience the brunt of this life-changing energy the hardest.  Build your support network of friends, family and colleagues now and accept the changes as they arrive in your life.  Fortunately, Uranus gets a boost from Jupiter in Leo, which could replace everything that we lost during the square with something of greater value.  So if you're a Cardinal Sun or Moon and you go through a divorce, your next marriage comes as a boon, provided you did your emotional healing and developed self-love instead of beating yourself up.  Please be kind to yourselves and Jupiter blesses you.  In fact, Jupiter in Leo tells us to look for creative solutions. And if you can't come up with creative solutions, speak with your children.

Cherry blossoms reflected in a puddle, by Patricia Herlevi 
Venus moves into Taurus on the 17th and those of you with Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo are going to feel attractive and not only that, if you spend time in nature or taking care of your bodies using natural products, you could enjoy a sensual three weeks (heading into April). Water Signs experience Venus in Taurus as a sextile, though Scorpio experiences the opposition which might just bring steam to a relationship that was starting to dry out.

Water Signs also find relief with the Mercury/Neptune conjunction from the 15th to the 21st. You might wish to express your dreams through creativity and spiritual pursuits. Water Signs notice their intuitive abilities soar through the roof from the 13 until the 30th while Mercury transits through Pisces.  Neptune types and Water and Fire Signs experience restrictions with the Saturn Neptune Square which is featured throughout 2015, going exact this fall.  See previous posts on this square.

Finally, we experience a Full Moon at 14 degrees Virgo (15 degrees rounded up) on March 5 which leaves us all working on improving our communication and analytic skills as we solve problems on a personal and a global scale.  At this time, we focus on the ways we can serve the world better and some of you might leave one profession for another to be of greater service.

On March 20, we experience three events. First, up is the Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces.  Less than an hour later, the Moon rushes into Aries followed moments later by the Sun also moving into Aries ushering in the Equinox.  And Mars (Aries' planet) separates from his conjunction with Uranus (in a tight square with Pluto). All Fire Sign Sun, Moon, and Ascendant natives experience this fiery push into spring (or fall if you're in the southern half of the globe).  And Jupiter in Leo expands upon this energy whether it comes off as restless anger or exuberance.  Air Signs experience a boon too, but more on the level of inspiration and epiphanies leading to revolutionary breakthroughs.

Water Sign natives could suffer burnout so practice self-nurturing.  Earth Signs will experience all this fire as exhaustion in the form of muscle aches and headaches.  Ground yourself by hiking, walking, biking, kayaking or other outdoor physical activity. Hang out near trees or garden.  You could harness the fire energy to get more work done, but part of you will beg for time out.

Please see my Moon Forecasts for details.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Trilogy--Three Champions of Justice with Common Astrological Aspects

Cesar Chavez, Wikipedia 
Here's another unintentional Whole Astrology post.  Last night I watched the 2013 movie Cesar Chavez and I kept noticing Pisces attributes for Chavez, but I noticed a fiery Aries quality too. So I had to look up his chart, you know how it is with astrologers and strong personalities. And I saw similarities between his chart and the charts of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi.  So a blog post was born.

First let's look at Cesar Chavez' chart and I'll give you some background information in case you are not familiar with the Chicano activist and the grape worker boycotts that took place in the late 1960s winning a stunning victory in 1970.  Chavez, a son of a farmer who lost his farm during the Great Depression, eventually found work as a social activist in Los Angeles, but after aligning with the plight of the farmer laborers in California, he chose to lead the workers to joining a union and even forming a credit union.  Chavez employed civil disobedient tactics and promoted non-violence similar to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi who King derived his inspiration for his Civil Rights efforts. Chavez, similar to Gandhi also went on a hunger strike for 25 days to get the laborers to make a pledge for non-violence.

So let's look at Chavez' chart.  He has an Aries Sun, Pisces Moon, and Virgo Ascendant.  He is the only activist leader of the three mentioned in this post who wasn't martyred or assassinated.

Add caption

What you will notice right away if you're following current transits is that Chavez has his Uranus in Aries, just like MLK and his Saturn in Sagittarius. His Sun does not conjunct Uranus in Aries but they're both in the 8th or Power House, also the House of other people's resources and talents.

His wife as portrayed in the movie is also a power player and a powerful partner that supported her husband.  And there she is appearing as the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in Chavez' 7th House of Partners. We can also view this as a justice house and with Jupiter there, Chavez was going to win a battle against his open enemies, the grape farmers and food industry in general.

We have Venus in the 9th House so this suggest that Chavez was a great speaker and could rally the farm workers with Venus representing the earth or farms in his case.  He was also a religious man.

Also let's look at Saturn in the 4th House because Saturn is currently transiting in Sagittarius and I think that gives power to the movie that I watched in that it would grab my attention. Chavez spent a great deal outside of the home and away from his wife and children in order to fulfill the long hours of his work.  He also garnered support from Europe so he traveled to Europe to get Europeans to boycott American grapes and wine thus winning the battle with his hidden and open enemies.

This brings me to Neptune in the 12th House falling in Virgo, the Sign of the Servant.  And remember that Chavez had his Moon in Pisces along with Jupiter and Mercury.  He didn't only align with the farm workers, he strongly empathized with them and merged with them as Neptune in Virgo will do, especially in the 12th House.  His activist work was more than a calling, it was a mission that he would sacrifice everything for to achieve.  And he did just that, almost losing his eldest son Fernando in the process, and almost starving himself to death to achieve his mission.

The Aries Sun and Uranus gave him strength and power some of which he wielded in secret or behind the scenes.  He was out to to the right thing and bring justice no matter what it took. And his health for the most part held out even when beaten, even when jailed and even during the starvation strike, though I read in an article that the starvation strikes led to poor health which took his life at 75 years of age.

So let's look at what Chavez has in common with Gandhi.

Gandhi does not have  Pisces Moon or Uranus in Aries, but he does have Uranus in a Cardinal Sign, Cancer.  And he shares a Cardinal Sun with MLK and Chavez, but his is in Libra along with his Ascendant.

He also shares the Saturn in Sagittarius with the other two activists.  With the Libra Sun and Ascendant, along with Uranus in Cancer in the 9th and Pluto and Jupiter in the 7th, I can see Gandhi following a career in law then branching away from it.

Though oddly I see no planets in the 11th House of humanitarian and grassroots work.  He would have had some trouble accessing his Libra Sun in the 12th, which is also the House of the martyr.  Then speaking of martyrs, Neptune in the 6th House and the Mars in Scorpio in the 1st House could make an argument for martyrdom too since it's conjunct the ruler of the Sun and the chart, Venus.

Saturn in Sagittarius falls in the 2nd House which meant that Gandhi would have to build confidence in his abilities as a leader and bring much discipline to a slow and painstaking process.  Success would not come easy to him and if he lacked integrity, not at all.  He also went on hunger strikes like Chavez and the Neptune in the 6th along with the Sun in the 12th would suggest this type of sacrifice for a greater cause.

Finally, let's take a look at MLK's chart, even though you'll also find a chart exploration of MLK in the Chart Exploration of Champions of Justice also on this blog.

Similar to Chavez, MLK has his Uranus in Aries, falling in his 12th House along with Jupiter, a planet often representing higher learning and religion.  Speaking of religion, look at MLK's Capricorn Sun in the 9th House of religion, right near the cusp of the career 10th House and conjuncting the MC.  I believe MLK was the son of a preacher, but I would have to double check.

MLK was a greater speaker and he has Mercury in Aquarius in the 10th House of public image and it's mostly what we remember him for, those powerful and humanistic speeches!

Venus and Moon in the 11th suggests that he had many women supporters and he had some affairs too, Neptune in the 5th.  Uranus and Jupiter in the 12th suggests a religious sacrifice or martyr for following one's beliefs.  Mars in the 2nd means he had an abundance of confidence in his abilities and Pluto in the 3rd suggests a powerful speaker.  Pluto falls in Cancer which was the era of the Great Depression, born during the same years as Chavez.

Chavez and MLK both stood up for people of color in the United States in regard to basic Civil Rights, though Chavez' main concern was to do with farm workers. They both used similar non-violent tactics and both had immense compassion and the ability to forgive their enemies, Pisces Moon. In fact, when it comes to compassion, the Pisces Moon rivals the Pisces Sun, and since the Moon rules emotions, compassion is heartfelt by a person with a Pisces Moon, which trumps everything else going on in a chart.  (I an attest to that since I have a Pisces Moon in my Natal Chart).

I'll let you explore the charts on your own and see what you come up with.  Watch footage on YouTube of these leaders and also movies based on their lives.  I believe you will feel inspired by their work for justice, especially since Uranus is currently transiting in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius.  Neptune in Pisces also leads us in this direction of justice as we merge with everything that is.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Photo Therapy Video for Aries, Leo & Sagittarius--Get Fired Up

For this video I chose fiery nature images of autumn leaves, flowers, cherry blossoms which I combined with images I found on Wikipedia. I chose Mozart's Overture to Figuero for the background music.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Photo Therapy Videos for Zodiac Signs

Photo by Patricia Herlevi 
Since 2012, my passions have torn me in three directions until now. I finally found a way to combine photography, astrology and music research.  I uploaded videos that combine sound healing with nature photography with Zodiac elements in mind.

I started with the Water Signs, Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces since most of my chart lands in deeper waters.  I don't just include water imagery as I include imagery that appeals to each of the water signs sensibilities so you will find images from Earth, Air and Fire in some instances.

Since I don't work with a composer currently, I selected the piece of music, a composition called "Luna" from YouTube's selection of audio tracks.  Luna of course refers to the Moon which is ruled by Cancer.

Once I uploaded the Water Sign video, I set out to produce a video for Air Signs, but how do you convey an invisible force? I didn't have photographs of hot air balloons or kites or even eagles handy so I did the next best thing and included birds, trees and a single butterfly.  I ended up making two videos for Air because I wasn't completely satisfied with the first one, but I liked the imagery of angels which I found on Wikipedia and the beautiful music with my name in the title.

For the second video, I included a piece by Bach on the soundtrack and stuck with the bird, clouds and tree themes.  I found the Bach music both relaxing and stimulating to the mind.  As you may or may not know, Bach's repertoire if often used for psycho-acoustic recordings (study of sound on the nervous system) and is considered healthy music choices by experts in the areas of music therapy and sound healing.  I also used animation on some of my photographs since Air Signs tend to have a shorter attention span than the other signs, although Fire Signs aren't far behind in this regard.

Once I completed the Air videos, I immersed myself in nature images for the Earth Signs.  I thought of all the ways I could convey this element from showing urban farms to farmers markets and the great outdoors. Again, you'll find images of birds, but also a cat and deer.  Again, I returned to psycho-acoustic experts and chose Claude Debussy's Claire de Lune which I found on YouTube's list. How fortunate!

I have yet to produce a video for the Fire Signs.  This one will take longer because finding imagery is a real challenge and I don't feel this element physically or spiritually since I have no fire in my Natal chart.  But it will happen before March arrives so hang in there, Aries, Leo and Sag.

I'm a practicing astrologer in Washington State who specializes in Transformational Astrology without archetypes and Pediatric Astrology. I'm also an Intuitive Coach for Artists and Entrepreneurs.  Visit Metaphysics for Everyday Living to sign up for a reading or learn more about my offerings.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Special Valentine's Day Forecast (For all you Lovers of Life)

Wikipedia image 
When I was a child, I loved Valentine's Day which I associated with little Valentine's Day cards that elementary school students exchanged with classmates.  Then later during my early adult years, I associated the day with lingerie, romantic dinners and chocolate truffles.  And now, entering my crone years, I associate the day with self-love and sharing one's heart on a deeper level to the planet.  So what can we expect on February 14, 2015?

Well, if you're in Paris on that day, you could find romance at home, especially if you're married or in a long-term relationship.  A romance found at work could bring out childhood wounds.  Or if you're single you could meet a partner suddenly on social media or at a social event so don't just sit at home having a pity party.  The Fire Trine with Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn bring luck in the area of daily environment routine, social groups and home.  So you could meet someone without ever leaving home, if you're in Paris on Valentine's Day.  Plus, everyone is so chatty and curious with the Gemini Ascendant.

Let's see what the romantic atmosphere is like in Venice on Valentine's Day.  Again, we have the Gemini Ascendant and only a few differences.  With the Venice chart we have a stellium of planets in the 10th or Public Life House.  I do get a sense for single people to get out in public and network if you want to meet a new love on Valentine's Day.  However, you could still find love unexpectedly in your home or daily environment with the Fire Trine in the 11th, 6th and 4th Houses.  If you're in a long-term relationship then use this time to reflect on ways you can transform your relationship for a deeper soul connection (Pluto in the 8th).

And for those of you in Honolulu, what can you expect on Cupid's day?  Since the Moon is in Capricorn that day and Saturn falls in the 7th House, this is a day when you can hardly tear yourself away from work or duty.  Or maybe there are some legal complications in a long-term relationship. Also with the Taurus Ascendant, and Saturn in the 7th, this could be a day of building long-term structure to a solid relationship.

Just like the other two charts, the Sun, Neptune and Chiron fall in the 10th House of Public Life and Venus, Mars and Uranus fall in the 11th House which I like to call the House of Social Networking and Social Causes.  If you're single, get involved in a humanitarian or community project on Valentine's Day.  And as you open your heart to compassion, you could unexpectedly meet the love of your life.  The Moon and Pluto in the 8th suggests meeting a kindred soul mate type lover who transforms your life.  And Mercury in the 9th House suggests meeting an academic or philosopher type from another country or culture.

If you're not in Venice, Paris or Honolulu on Valentine's Day, look at where the transiting planets land in your Natal Chart.  You find romantic affairs in the 5th House along with the arts and creativity, long-term and legal partnerships are in the domain of the 7th House and meeting a love interest at a public place takes place in the 10th or 11th Houses. Does Venus and Mars transit through your 12th on this day? Then you could meet someone at a dance performance, yoga studio or spiritual retreat.

Of course, the transit chart for Valentine's Day is more complex than what I mention here.  We all experience the Fire Trine with Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn. We all experience the square with Saturn and Neptune, and the coupling of Venus and Mars in Pisces along with the sober Capricorn Moon with Saturn as its ruler.  But the good news about the Capricorn Moon is that it's about building long-term structure and taking care of the more serious side of a relationship.  But if you're looking for adventure, then celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday the 13th when the Moon is in Sagittarius.  (I hope you're not superstitious).

And if you're curious, I can run a quick transit chart for Valentine's Day for you with a Pay Pal donation of $30.00.  I also offer synastry charts for you and your love interest (at the regular rate).  Sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February New Moon in Aquarius Setting off Unexpected Fireworks

It's confusing enough that the New Moon for February lands at 29 degrees and 59 minutes Aquarius since it's one minute from a Pisces Moon.  Add 5 planets in Fire Signs and outer planets in tight squares and fireworks of one kind or another result.

Aquarius represents the wildcard in the Zodiac Wheel.  When the Water Bearer comes along expect the unexpected with surprises at every turn.  And this winter we enjoy Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius along with two New Moons, though theoretically, the February New Moon could also fall in Pisces.  See how zany Aquarius is with a New Moon transiting at 29 degrees and 59 minutes, one minute away from a Pisces Moon.

And this ambiguous New Moon takes place on February 18, launching planetary fireworks.  On February 19 the Sun and Moon arrive in Pisces.  Meanwhile on the 20th, Mars leaves watery Pisces and travels into his own sign, Aries where he feels comfortable.  His consort Venus follows him the following day.  You can hear the squawks of all this planetary furniture moving in the cosmos.

And that’s not all folks.  The Saturn Neptune Square continues, as it will do throughout 2015.  Saturn in Sagittarius a Mutable Sign squares Neptune in Pisces (where Neptune transits until 2025 dissolving structures and taking us closer to Unity Consciousness).  But with the Saturn-Neptune Square organized religions could constrict or block less formal spiritual practices and beliefs that are spreading over the planet.  Will Saturn succeed? Most likely not since Neptune is mighty powerful.  Don’t let that beautiful Neptune blue fool you.

Jupiter in Leo continues his Fire Trine with Uranus in Aries.  And speaking of Uranus, (which is the same as speaking of the Water Bearer), the bad boy planet moves into a square with Pluto in Capricorn--both at 14 degrees until February 28th.

Meanwhile, Pluto, Chiron and Jupiter form a yod which you can read about on my blog, Whole Astrology under the February 2015 forecast.
With these aspects expect to see hairy egos flying off the handle.
With five planets in Fire Signs and outer planets in tight squares, expect a lot of drama around the Aquarius or Pisces New Moon.

With the Sun, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces expect a lot of steam too.
Dare I say it, starting anything new with these planetary transits is both foolish and courageous.  However, I recommend laying low until March.

Thank you for your support of Whole Astrology. If you would like a personalized reading sign up at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.