Saturday, July 30, 2016

Whole Astrology--Last Degrees of Mars in Scorpio

Mars was at  28-29 degrees Scorpio was at the beginning of March 2016 so look back at events that occurred around those degrees. And then again, May 28 to June 2 (retrograde) and then again at the end of July 2016 (direct).

Zodiac Sign Leo--Mister and Missus Sunshine

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Since August arrived quickly I'm going to get going with my post on Leo Sun, Moon, and Ascendant despite that I haven't collected enough surveys for Leo. As you know the ruler of Leo is the Sun and so we'll look at the sun's qualities, along with qualities of the Fire Element and Fixed quality.

Originally published August 1, 2015

Let's start with the survey results which includes responses from 9 participants with either Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Leo. Four respondents said that they felt supported in childhood by parents and teachers while five said they felt unsupported. Zero responded to did you feel valued. One respondent had his/her first romantic attachment prior to 13 years of age, three during early teens and five during late teens/college age. One expressed him/herself through the performing arts, four through fine arts,one through other activities, and the remaining three felt unsafe expressing themselves. Three respondents were married right out of high school, two after graduating from college and the remaining four haven't met their mate yet.

This brings us to another relationship questions since Leos are one of those signs that requires relating to partners of one kind or another. When asked what would cause them to break it off with a partner, two claimed that their partners were too busy, one felt that his/her partner did not support his/her creative expression and five said a combination of boredom, lack of a partner's support of creative expression and the partner was too busy. Only four respondents responded to the question about their Rising Sign. Two have a Virgo Rising Sign, one has a Cancer Rising Sign and one has a Leo Rising Sign. There's a good chance that the other respondents did not know their Rising Sign because they didn't have a birth time for their chart.

Leo Sun Sandra Bullock, Wikipedia
We strike a good balance with three having a Leo Ascendant, three having a Leo Moon, and three having a Leo Sun. And the final question when asked what they felt about Leo being known as a passionate sign, seven respondents agreed and two felt unsafe following their passions. Now, I only was given a limited amount of questions with the Survey Monkey website, so I do not know the sex of the respondents or their age ranges. If any respondents (anonymous) want to tell us your age range and sex that would be helpful.

Now the reason why I created the survey is that I wanted to include some real Leos instead of the usual attributes we find in astrology books. And even though I have known many Leos on a personal level and through research of Leo celebrities, I was searching for some stereotype breakers. It's ironic that we live in a sun-centered world, but there is a vast cosmos which comes closer to the Aquarius or Pisces ideal than a sun-centered reality which actually hails from ancient times.

And speaking of ancient times, did you know that ancient Babylonians placed more emphasis on the Rising and not the Sun Sign. It's true that the trilogy of the Sun/Moon/Ascendant sums us up and not just the Sun Sign. And we still have three Leo Suns, Leo Moons, and Leo Ascendants responding to the survey questions. The Leo Sun dominates an astrological read but in reality the Leo Ascendant is what brings us the physical attributes (mane of hair, sparkly eyes, fiery glow), and first impression, though the sun also represents the outward appearance and personality (also radiant, sparkly, mane of hair), we get to know over time. The Leo Moon represents the hidden side dealing with subconscious urges and emotions.

A good example of a celebrity with a Leo Ascendant is Louise Hay (author, teacher, publisher) and when we see her on video or in photographs she has a fiery glow about her despite her Libra Sun. And as far as celebrities with their Sun in Leo, the entertainment industry is peppered with them ranging from Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman to Mick Jagger, Sandra Bullock, Kate Bush, and Madonna. And while they represent distinct personalities, they all have that extra something that makes them sparkle.

Since the Sun acts as Leo's ruling planet, think about all the qualities of the Sun. It's a star or luminary and not an actual planet (though don't tell a Leo that), and the Sun is a life-giver as well as, a life-taker such as with droughts, high temperatures, and solar flares. Too much sun and we burn out. Leo has double fire since it is ruled by the Sun and is a Fire Sign during the hottest point of the summer months, at least in the Northern Hemisphere so in that regard it is the most fiery of the Fire Signs. And one last thing, as a luminary, the sun casts shadows but could these also come in the form of psychological projections? And is this why so many Leos find themselves in dramatic roles on stage and on screen?

Personally, I've noticed that when a Leo (Sun or Moon) is deprived of outlets for creative expression as well as, encouragement from adults during childhood, they develop ego and control issues as well as, addictions and develop obsessive even dangerous relationships especially if the other person breaks off the relationship. If a Leo child does not have healthy relationships with his or her parents, then they have a more challenging time being in healthy relationships with intimate partners, bosses, and landlords as adults. It's as if they have a hole inside them that they look to the outside world to fill.

Leo rules both the heart and the ego. I wouldn't be surprised if many Leos (Moon, Sun, and Ascendant) grappled with closed hearts, and blocked heart chakras. This is a sign that has to shine and be noticed for doing so. Nothing is worse for a Leo than other people ignoring their contributions in what ever form they take. You can't shove a Leo native into a corner and not expect them to react badly. They at the very least require a creative outlet and some fans to support their creative expression. Leo gets on stage for applause whereas a Virgo might go on stage to perfect their performance or other people's performance.

Leo is fixed, stubborn, and often lazy when someone with Leo feels uninspired. They require careers with creative incentive or at least recognition for their leadership or management abilities. Like Taurus, they want to live the good life. They want to sit back and enjoy themselves without dealing with other people's drama, but they'll certainly provide their own (this is something Leos must work on--that is getting their needs met without the offstage drama). Since Leo rules the heart if they can value themselves, love themselves (not narcissism) and feel of value to the world, they ease off on the offstage drama and act generously towards family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers.

We think of the Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz) in regard to Leo, but are Leos really cowards or do they save their courage for the stuff that really matters to them? Leos also know how to conserve energy. Think of the male lion lounging around in the African savanna and even the lioness uses stealth when hunting and conserves her energy. I would guess that all large and even small cats are represented by Leo no matter what time of year they were born. Human lions (Leos) do their share of purring and roaring. Though Helen Reddy has her Sun in Aquarius, she has some lioness in her (asking women to roar).

Finally, if you know someone who is a Leo and you're wondering what to buy them for their birthday, they prefer gold, diamonds (if you can afford them), somewhat flashy clothing in gold, yellow, orange or colors we associate with the sun. Sunglasses, jewelry (not costume jewelry), tierras, crowns, silk scarves, favorite movies on DVD, acting lessons, tickets to the opera or theater, or anything they can use in their choice of artistic expression ought to do the trick. Never give anything shabby to a Leo because it hurts their feelings. If you don't have a lot of money, buy him or her a bouquet of sunflowers or take them out to dinner at a restaurant with a good waiter or waitress that treats customers like royalty. (You think I'm joking).

If I write any more about Leos, we'll end up with a post as thick as the former President Clinton's autobiography. He's a Leo. So I'll end this post here and if you're a Leo and want to leave a comment, do so below this article. Happy birthday.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Aquarius Full Moon for August 2016

As an astrologer following the moon transits closely, I would advise to take your holiday around the Leo New Moon on August 2nd and sit out the Aquarius Full Moon on August 18. We are in for a wild and woolly ride and we can expect the unexpected around mid-month.

Now, this Aquarius Moon could go either way for people with strong Uranus energies because you're already poised for change and living in the future. Or it could be annoying with so much fixed energy actually causing us to fear change.

The reason I see this particular moon so challenging is because Mars conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius which bodes well for the Aquarius Moon and Leo Sun but at the same time has us rebelling against authority. This time we are rebels with a cause and we might just use some maturity to ride past our ideologies to change laws.

The Mars/Saturn duet is locked into a T-Cross with Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter/Mercury/Venus (Triple Conjunction) in Virgo. Therein lies the problem. Aquarius wants change and Leo wants to come off as a champion of change. Here we get the smug grassroots leader or the self-righteous activist spouting off the mantra du jour. Why? Well, let's add an active square between Uranus and Pluto. Meanwhile, Saturn has gone direct earlier in the month so he's ruling again with an iron fist that is also steeped in ideologies (but ones that are patriarchal and old news). So even though the Aquarius Moon wants to bring us into the future, this is still stubborn Fixed energy--fixed on the how we will get there. Aquarius is not as open-minded as we would like to think. It just doesn't want to conform to anything, even when it gets caught up in Steam Punk group think.

The real changes come from the Mutable T-Cross but that opposition between Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter/Mercury/Venus in Virgo brings too much confusion. None of us are even on the same page. Then Saturn in Sagittarius tosses a bunch of ideological messages and exaggerated news stories in our face. Believe me this is crazy-making and intensified by the Full Aquarius Moon. In fact, we have a balance of strange energies--Fixed, Mutable, and Cardinal. So you're asking, "Is there any good news?"

Well, yes, and it comes with the mantra the future is now. The more mindful we can be at the time of the full moon, the easier it is to move into the future. With this crazy lineup of planets, we can actually manifest our desires, but first we must know what those desires are. So often we mistake other people's desires for our own.

We confuse the media with our own thoughts. And I would advise everyone to stay clear of the television set, stop watching the news (I hear most of it is fake),  and retreat into your own space. Get rid of all distractions and get in touch with your heart. Find out what you want from this world, then go out and get it. But you get it by aligning with it, not begging God for the changes you're afraid to make.

Wow, how did the transiting yod get past me? The Aquarius Full Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries and both the moon and Uranus form an inconjunct with Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo. Granted this is a fast-moving yod with the moon traveling quickly through Aquarius and then going void-of-course. So is this hardly worth mentioning? Through part of the day, around the time of the Full Moon, it's not a good time to launch any new projects or take action. It's a good time to lay low until the moon transits into the next sign Pisces. Yods slow us down as protection. It can also lessen violence or other unexpected events.

The Aquarius Moon and the Leo Sun ask us to become authentic. It's an individualistic set up but confined within groups whether that's family, tribe, community, or grassroots group. Show up as you instead of who you think others want you to be. This is not a time for seeking approval or validation from others. This is a time of validating yourself. Okay, so here is the breakdown for the Signs.

Water Signs:

Cancer--You will not find your life purpose satisfying other people's needs. Now, is a time to go deep within and practice self-care. Pay attention to your dreams. Pay attention to omens in nature. Pay attention to messages coming to you through synchronicity. Becoming mindful for you involves sitting next to or swimming in a large body of water. Retrieve a childhood dream, polish it and then align with it. Something you dreamed around age 10 should do the trick.

Scorpio--You have become adept at going into your deepest shadows and seeing how you project them onto others. In fact, some of you have become quite masterful at the process. Follow the late Debbie Ford's lead and teach others about shadows and projections. This liberates both you and them.

Pisces--Neptune has you swimming in confusion. But you do have the answers you seek, just not in other people, not even your favorite guru. You are your own guru so kiss your own feet, if you can reach them. You have graduated from student to teacher, but make sure you know your authentic self before enrolling students. My guides also ask me to tell you to pay close attention to your nightly dreams and your daydreams. There is some basis in reality, however you define reality.

Fire Signs:

Leo--The Full Aquarius Moon has you battling with your own needs verses the collective good. You even feel a bit guilty that you would rather lay in the hammock reading a self-help book and exploring yourself rather than join a political campaign. You ask, "Where did politics get anyone?" And you would be right. It's time for you to find and assert your spiritual power so read on my dear lion.

Sagittarius--With Saturn direct again, the vacation has ended. Neptune sends more balls of confusion your way and you often feel like you're climbing a mountain through banks of fog. You slip a few times but this doesn't stop you from heading to more adventures. You hear Joseph Campbell telling you to follow your bliss, but you wonder if that's selfish given the religious text and current legal system. I'm not asking you to enroll as a Libertarian but I am asking you to question rules and authority, which are not serving your Highest Good. It's time for the horse to seek new pastures, even overseas.

Aries--Darn that Pluto! You would actually feel free to be yourself if it wasn't for that dark-headed Pluto casting shadows on your whims. You spout off the latest conspiracy theories which just cause you anxiety. Stop! Aries go join a sports team or ride your bike on a long trip. Go camping. Do whatever pleases you and gets your mind off economics and politics. Then you'll heal that on-going headache.

Air Signs:

Aquarius--Did you ever wonder that when you engage in group think you choose to align with only people who share your beliefs? Well, how does that change the world exactly if you never engage in the diversity you tout? Admit it you want individual rights and freedom which really have little to do with any particular group. You want the freedom to cover your bodies in tattoos, to explore taboos, and to vote for a politician who thinks only about your personal rights and freedoms (whether that's owning a gun, or living in a commune with compost toilets). But wait, Aquarius, freedom of expression means that each of us can express ourselves whether you agree with us or not. Just saying.

Libra: If it wasn't for Pluto and Uranus, you would feel some peace and quiet. Oh, Libra, personal growth is messy business just like giving birth to a baby spills blood on the sheets. It's three steps forward and five steps back, a wicked dance that has you feeling spiritually smug one day and wretched the next day. Remember that Saint Francis of Assisi, who you share your Sun Sign endured many awful days. And when he didn't he punished himself to achieve balance between good and evil. But I don't recommend self-punishment. I'm told it doesn't lead to enlightenment and Venus does not approve of bruises all over your body.  Free yourself.

Gemini: You act as the outlet for the Mutable T-Cross. It's time for you to collect information and research it thoroughly before jumping to any conclusions. Go on a media fest and meditate. Then you hear your own thoughts eventually--after all the collective mantras and ear worms wear out. Oh, it takes patience, lots of patience to sit with yourself and calm your monkey mind. But it's worth the effort to have a mind resembling a clear mountain stream. That leads you to your true manifestations. Go for it.

Earth Signs:

Virgo: With Mercury/Venus/Jupiter and the North Node in your sign, it's time to disseminate information coming to you in regard to personal health, your daily environment and your values. Now, if you think you already know your values, think again. We have been through many changes with the Mutable transits and your values have changed drastically. So reassess and only after you have a clear view of the road ahead, take your next crucial step. Jupiter moves out of your sign on September 9, so clear up any health issues now.

Capricorn: You love that Triple Conjuction in your sister sign, Virgo (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter) because this helps you come up with practical solutions. In fact, you inspire others through your leadership skills that keep us all on track. You offer a grounding presence now and we run to you for safety. It is you we turn to during an emergency (and there will be many around this Full Moon). With Saturn now direct, you go from strength to strength. Just don't go looking for trouble in the guise of problem solving. Sometimes we create our own problems. Remember that. We have enough troubles without you manifesting more.

Taurus: You also enjoy the Triple conjunction in Virgo and Pluto in solid Capricorn. You look for innovative ways to develop your business. And you get a rare glimpse into the future as far as geothermal and solar energy. You design your next home or you rethink your current home. Spend time in the natural world where you find your answers to creating a more sustainable planet. Design begins with a leaf as some green architects and theorists have touted in the not too distant past.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Practical Tools for Dealing with the Saturn Neptune Square

photo by Patricia Herlevi, a number I keep seeing
I have found myself drifting in and out of mindfulness. And some of my space outs are laced with large doses of humor. If you also feel like your spacing out or feel like you're no longer here in the physical realm, take heart. As Saturn in Sagittarius challenges Neptune in Pisces through a square, exact on some dates this summer, it is easy to lose our grounding in "reality" or to even question reality.

The other thing I have noticed is that many of us are forced to deal with psychological issues. Some of can't tell the difference between real or imagined childhood events. Or perhaps we're not truthful about childhood events because we feel it's not compassionate to look at how others treated us. Yet, we feel indignant when we see other people experiencing abuse. We become outraged self-righteous judges when viewing abuse from an objective (really subjective) place. Abuses happening in the world trigger our own unhealed issues.

The truth is that all abusers are wounded children. They are all someone's brother, sister, child, or cousin. They are the next door neighbors or the men and women in a group or community. It's not always easy to prosecute or take someone to court or to bring them up in a counseling session because we don't trust our judgement. And that person has also done nice things for us or helped us out one time when we needed it. We're all wounded. And depending on the deepness of our wounds we attract equally wounded people to us. This is not to say that we put up with abusive behavior but that we get counseling and distance ourselves from people who harm us, no matter how sunny they appear on paper.

With the Saturn Neptune Square pay more attention to people's actions and not their words. Look at their track record but not in a criminalizing or judging way. Really, we require discernment and choosing from a soul level. We also need to ask why we align with certain people who harm us because obviously (except in the case of a birth family), we chose to engage with that person or group for whatever reason. Ask yourself what is the payoff? Why do I lean towards a certain type of personality? What requires healing for me?

So here are tools in dealing with space outs and feeling of floating in un-reality caused by the Saturn Neptune Square:

Ground yourself. Look for physical meditations that leave you feeling grounded to the earth and embraced by Gaia.

Pay attention to the here and now by staying in the present moment. Now is not the time to wander into the past or float into the future. 

Practice grounding meditations as opposed to meditations where you float around in the cosmos because this leads to space outs.

Don't practice astral projection during the square (it will be hard coming back to your physical body)

Refrain from recreating with drugs and alcohol which can lead to blackouts

Don't get caught up in conspiracies but at the same time, understand that the collective unconscious is breaking down and we are departing from the matrix 

Sift through what is true and what is false for you

Tune into your inner guidance and learn to trust it

Spend much quiet time alone so you don't get entangled with others energy fields

Spend time a large body of preferably salt water

Take Epsom salt baths at least one a week (if possible)

Where something from the earth on your body (feathers, gemstones, pebbles, plant medicine or wear aromatherapy oils (organic if possible)

Stay clear of crowded places (rock concerts, shopping malls, even outdoor events with large crowds during the Saturn-Neptune squares exact

Go for walks and pay attention to each step you take on the earth (make sure that your entire foot touches the ground)

Engage in non-competitive physical exercise

Make sure you get enough sleep, drink adequate water (filtered), and eat a healthy lighter food diet (I'm find grains disrupt my digestive system so I've cut down on grains)

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Jupiter Moves into Libra on September 9, 2016

While I'm leaping ahead of myself, it's the right time to finish up business with Jupiter in Virgo. It's time to clean up, get organized, and fix anything broken that's attracting our attention. Jupiter moves out of Virgo into the Air Sign Libra on September 9. Venus also transits in Libra at that time and Mercury is retrograde in Virgo (another reason to clean up and move on).

Jupiter won't return to Virgo for another 12 years.

Now, some of you will breathe a sigh of relief when Jupiter transits out of the uncomfortable and fussy Sign Virgo. Yet, when Jupiter transited in Virgo, it helped us ground ourselves in day-to-day reality. It helped us solve problems and use discernment--much needed with Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in spacey Pisces. Jupiter had also formed trines with Pluto in Capricorn, thus taming the Pluto energies and helping us to transform our financial situations.

Jupiter in Virgo also boded well for nurses, social workers, teachers, and anyone working in a helping profession. Also people working in the media were able to discern and disseminate information. The thing I most love about Virgos is that it's a challenge to get anything past them without hard evidence to back up your claims or observations. While Gemini collects information, Virgo disseminates and makes it easier to digest. BTW, Virgo represents the small intestine which disseminates foods we eat.

When Jupiter moves into Libra it will challenge Uranus in Aries through oppositions and square Pluto. While we think of Jupiter as jovial and in Libra it's usually well-placed, this planet also exaggerates what it touches. So if it touches a volatile situation, then fires result, both proverbial and metaphorically. Imagine the combination of wind and fire, for instance. Remember Jupiter's ruler is Sagittarius, a Fire Sign. Both Jupiter and Libra contain masculine and outward energies. Fortunately, Jupiter also rules balance, justice, and the legal system. We could see a lot of news and events to do with the legal system when Jupiter transits in Libra.

I imagine that we will revisit the Occupy Movement and grassroots movements in general when Jupiter opposes Uranus around December 23 to the 30 (first hit). And we will experience legal tensions with authority in November around the US Thanksgiving holiday. However, Jupiter in Libra will sextile Saturn starting in late October and exact in the beginning of November so we could see stabilization of laws or balance restored in some areas for individuals and the planet.

Although I will discuss this in a future post, in September, four planets are retrograde including Mercury in Virgo which goes direct on September 22, around the Equinox. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde. We experience a Solar Eclipse on September 1 and a Lunar Eclipse on September 16. The eclipse fall in the Pisces-Virgo polarity. So again, we're looking at Mutable Energies playing out and bringing huge changes to each of our lives (where Pisces and Virgo is in the Natal Chart).

Take this time (July and August) to reassess your life. Are you fulfilling your destiny? Are you in the right place with the right people? If not, what can you do to change your circumstances? It's best to take a proactive approach rather than waiting for the planets to bring life-altering events. When we're proactive we at least feel like we have some control over how events shape our lives. If we're not proactive we end up feeling like victims of fate. At least Jupiter in Libra promises balance and justice.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Leo New Moon (August 2, 2016) Let it Shine, Let it Shine...

There's something about the Leo New Moon or even the Leo Full Moon that has me singing about sunshine. You must remember that Leo is ruled by the Sun and this sign is associated with gold, yellows and oranges. 

Leo also rules creativity, the astrological fifth house and fun in the sun. So whether or not you're walking on sunshine or not, Leo exists somewhere in your Natal Chart. And this is the place where you shine your rays of sunshine onto the world.

With the exception of a Mutable T-Cross, which we have grown accustom by this point, the Leo New Moon actually gives us a respite. Now, is the time to get those creative juices flowing. Now is the time to plant new seeds in the form of a creative project. I hear some of you more earthy types scoffing at me and saying that you don't have a creative bone in your body. But you must know I consider myself a creativity coach and yes, you are creative in some area of your life. It's in your Natal Chart. Look for Leo on the cusps.

Incidentally, Leo also rules children so think of either fun things you can do with your children. Or go out and do something fun you did as a child. Go on a short road trip and sing at the top of your lungs in your car. Go to a spiritual camp for adults and romp around on a beach. Sing around a camp fire or in a canoe Finger paint. Play in the mud. Build sandcastles or get out your coloring book and crayons.

Draw pictures. Dance under the moon. Go to a dog park and watch dogs play with each other. Ride a horse. Ride bumper cars. Do something fun that delights you and has you chuckling. Clown around or watch a funny movie. Get involved with an flash mob improv troupe. Do something fun because by the time the intense Aquarius Full Moon comes up you're going to need your reserve.

Now, I must mention the wonky Mutable T-Cross. Jupiter has sped ahead of Saturn and Neptune who remain locked into a square. However, Mercury and the North Node square Saturn and oppose Neptune. So this means that if we want to keep our stress levels down to avoid the news, gossip, and all the misinformation swirling throughout Neptune's cosmos. We'll also notice more xenophobia playing out between nations and within ethnic communities within nations. We can expect more hotheads, fanaticism, especially in politics and religion. However, the Leo New Moon is asking us to put our differences aside and reach out to others with a generous and loving heart. Leo rules the heart and heart chakra.

I think a solution out of this T-Cross is to attend world music festival or world cinema festivals. It's a time for community gatherings and mustering courage to face our fears. If you look at this chart we see the Sun, Moon, and Venus in Leo (though Venus is 16 degrees ahead of the luminaries). This means we want to spend time with what we value, including people we value. We want to shine our light in the world and experience others reflecting that light back to us. We also muster the courage to stand up for what we value because the polarity of Leo is Aquarius, as we'll soon experience at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon (August 18).

So instead of looking at each Zodiac Sun Sign, I'm going to look at the Houses with Leo on the Cusp because this is where you will experience the Leo New Moon And of course, if your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in Leo, then look at those houses in your Chart too (includes the first house for the Ascendant, unless you have your Ascendant at 29 degrees Leo. Then you read for your 12th House).

First House: It's time to take care of your body, especially your heart. Now, while most of you won't consider changing your diet fun, eating more fresh vegetables is enjoyable. Visit a farmers or outdoor market and choose from the freshest of ingredients. Try new recipes. Join a potluck where people share organic seasonal foods. Take a cooking class. The other message is to strengthen your backbone by mustering the courage to face one fear. The victory boosts your confidence.

Second House: Buy something gold, even a pair of earrings or a ring. Or buy jewelry with orange or yellow or amber gemstones. Buy an object with the sun emblazoned on it. Now, is a good time to spend time alone contemplating your values. What do you value in the material world? What do you value emotionally, and so on. Then clear away everything that does not match those values. Once you're done with that, head to the beach or some place you can enjoy Brother Sun's rays on your body.

Third House: Have you ever wanted to start your own YouTube channel or host a radio show? Now is the time to launch those dreams. Get online and research available online radio shows. Or go on YouTube and watch video production tutorials. Network with other video makers and radio hosts. Then go for it. Perhaps you would rather write a memoir because you don't want to shine your light in public. That goes well now too.

Fourth House: Spend time with your mother and take a good look at her talents and skills. This house could also represent your father and his gifts. If that doesn't float your boat, then decorate your home with splashes of fiery colors. Hang a gold sun on the wall and open all the windows to allow sunlight in and just for you, but also your plants. You might even wish to buy a small sun dial for your garden.

Fifth House: Have you ever thought of teaching at summer camp? Your own children are begging you to take them somewhere fun, and to stop dragging them around on your errands. Take the pets out too. Go to the park. Go watch a parade. Create tent theater in your backyard complete with homemade costumes. Bake a silly cake. Sing silly songs. Blow bubbles. This is the Fifth House of fun after all. Leo rules this house. Keep drama on stage.

Sixth House: Oh, no, this is the work and daily routine house. But it doesn't have to be dull with Leo on the cusp. Buy treats for your pets. Take Fido to the dog park and watch him show off. Play with the cat as she rolls on a sunny patch of grass or hides in the shade of a parked car (in which case you'll have to lure her out with catnip). Remember Leo rules cats of all kinds. Watch funny cat and dog videos on YouTube. I know this is the work house, but the Leo New Moon tells you to go have fun and leave the work for later. You could practice self-love though.

Seventh House: (I have Leo in my 7th House and Cancer on the Cusp). Go on a date. It doesn't have to be a hot date, but do something extremely silly and embarrass yourself. Think of the great comedians such as Lucille Ball or even Meg Ryan. If you're coupled, then go on a romantic and fun date. Take the ferry some place you've never been. Watch funny movies together or with your phone or camera, create your own funny movies to watch around the time of the Aquarius Full Moon when we'll all need cheering up. I'm not kidding you.

Eighth House: This is a house that could use some sunshine. Oh, it's so dark and gloomy in the Eighth House and egos come creeping into this house. It's a sexy house though since Scorpio rules it. So dare I say if you're inclined, have fun safe sex. Or maybe you can just flirt with a soul mate. This is a house where drama ignite quickly and burn everyone out. Stay away from topics of death, taxes, and deep psychology. Unless your Sigmund Freud, those topics aren't much fun.

Ninth House: If you have Leo on the cusp of the Ninth House there's a good chance you will travel overseas or to a foreign country during the Leo New Moon. Or you will meet people from other countries and learn about diplomacy. Perhaps you'll delve deeper into religion, but I hardly consider that a fun activity. Be careful where the law is concerned because if you break it, you'll pay for it. This is because Leo is shining light on you in the areas of law, religion, foreign travel, long-distance communication and diplomacy now. Some astrologers say that astrology is represented by the Ninth House. I toss astrology into the Eleventh House.

Tenth House: A fun activity for this house is to appear on TED Talks or to give a public speech. It's a time to shine in your career or to polish your public persona. However, if you have not practiced integrity recently, that will come back to haunt you. The Tenth House is the most visible area of the Natal Chart. So go have fun at no one's expense.

Eleventh House: Network at a potluck, community picnic, or gardening party. Network at chat rooms or forums but keep the conversations light. Now, would be a good time to learn astrology too. Find like-minded people and befriend them.

Twelfth House: Explore past lives. Go on a spiritual quest or read books about spiritual quests. Stay away from intoxicants or end up looking like a drunk fool. Go to a movie or make a movie. Go to watch a dance performance or concert or be the one on stage. Photography also goes well. Join a sound healing circle or play drums. Go to the beach and feel yourself melding with All That Is. With Leo on the cusps of the 12th House, you experience Rumi's poetic drama of transcendence--drunk on love while your heart expands into nothingness.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

10 Reasons to Hire an Astrologer (and not just for consultations)

Some astrologers are making a fine living doing astrology full-time, while others receive a few nibbles and bites, here and there (that's my category).  This led me to the idea that astrologers or people practicing astrology even part-time, even as a hobby, possess marketable skills needed in today's job market.  For instance, astrologers excel at creative problem-solving, unravel mysteries of the soul, have better than average math skills, and use both sides of the brain with ease and grace.

(Archival Article originally published on April 8, 2013)

Here is a list of 10 skills astrologers can not only bring to their workshops, consultations, radio shows, YouTube videos, but also to the job market.  In other words, here are 10 reasons to hire an astrologer.

1. Astrologers use both sides of their brain while taking a complex system of symbols and archetypes to unravel the mysteries in a natal or other astrological chart.

2. Astrologers are both analytical and intuitive, both skills necessary for any type of work.

3. Since astrologers work with math (even when working with computerized charts as oppose to hand drawing a chart), they have above average math and problem-solving skills.

4. Astrologers have people skills since they deal with clients coming from diverse backgrounds.

5. Astrologers who host radio shows and produce forecast videos, also have public speaking skills.

6. Astrologers see the bigger picture and also the finer details of a situation, person, or event.

7. Astrologers who study transits plan ahead and have organizational skills.

8. Many astrologers (not all) are optimists who also provide life coaching for their clients.

9. Some astrologers understand traditions, but also have the ability to innovate new systems that dovetail for our current era.

10. Astrologers practice diplomacy and many have a strong sense of ethics when working with clients (but you need to discern the astrologers who don't have this quality).

Eat, Pray, Astrology (Liz Gilbert's Chart)

Liz Gilbert, TED TALKS
Whole Astrology is now over four years old. I'm pulling this article from the 2012 archives. It as popular when I first posted it so I'm sure it's still of interest. I mentioned Liz Gilbert in my article on meditation by planet.  Then a colleague sent me sent me this chart  You can also view the chart below.

Cancer Sun
Aries AC
Virgo Moon 

I doubt that Liz Gilbert was born at 12:00 p.m. and usually when a person is given an Aries AC at 12:00 p.m. it is because a birth time is missing, not always though.  I don't see any yods in the chart, but if these are the right houses for Liz, then we can see where the events of "Eat, Pray, Love" came from.

Star IQ Astrology site
In the seventh house (of marriage), Liz has Uranus and Jupiter at 0 degrees Libra, a perfect conjunction.  Since the planets are at 0 degrees Libra, they have just entered that sign, and the Libran energies of partnership would feel new to the natal Jupiter and Uranus.  Uranus is also a party crasher in this house with Liz expecting the unexpected in the area of relationships.

With Jupiter in the seventh house, she could have an abundance of suitable partners in her life.  Which Liz mentions in her book, that she was never without a boyfriend so going it alone for her tour of Italy, India, and Indonesia would have felt like a rebellion against her norm (Uranus).

However, with her natal Sun/Mercury in Cancer in the fourth house, there's also a strong need for a nurturing partner, as well as a mother who believes that marriage and the home are sacred, something you just don't give up on a whim.  This also appears in Liz's book since her mother didn't approve of Liz's divorce.  The Sun/Mercury sextile Pluto in Virgo and the nodes, and trine to Neptune in Scorpio, which are generational markers for Gen-X and late boomers, which emphasized more freedom for women in the area of traveling solo, journalism and marital status.  This is also a generation that has delved into psychology to fix what is broken (Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio) and women of this generation supported Liz's book and the subsequent movie for the book.

Liz's Saturn in Taurus (second house) is unaspected, which could cause the person with unaspected planet to feel restless, undisciplined or unstructured, especially with Saturn falling in a stable earth sign.  Liz's Venus falls in Gemini (communication, variety, intelligence, writers) in the third house of communication (but again these houses could be wrong without an accurate birth time).

Though with Mars in Sagittarius opposite Venus (wide orb of 10 degrees) falling in the ninth house, you could see where the urge to travel fits in.  And Liz's second partner (husband?) is a foreigner and someone with a Sagittarius personality (well traveled, idealistic).  The Mars in the ninth house sextiles with Uranus/Jupiter in Libra (seventh) which could also indicate a foreign man as a partner.

While I haven't found any yods in this chart, there are few aspects between planets and the planets are spread through the chart with an emphasis on relationships, whether with parents (fourth) or partners (seventh and eight).  The Node in Pisces falls in the twelfth house, I can see why Liz went on her transcendental trip around the world.  Her South Node in Virgo reveals a person who served humanity in some way or another in past lives.

With the South Node in Virgo, Liz is a meticulous person, detail-oriented and could feel spaced out with the N Node in Pisces.  In her book, we see this author take a journey from a pragmatic travel journalist to a spiritualist, even to the point of suffering through ashram life in India.  With this placement we see someone climbing the mountaintop, surrendering to the Divine and getting in touch with her soul.

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