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Game Changer
Nadia Comaneci
November 12, 1961
10:00 a.m.

Scorpio Sun
Capricorn Moon
Sagittarius Ascendant 

 This morning when I checked my e-mail my sister had sent me videos of the Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci's routines from the 1976 World Olympics. As many of you (who are old enough) witnessed the phenomenon who drastically transformed women's gymnastics.

So I had to look up her Natal Chart. And I found her chart on Astro Data Bank. It has an A rating. I was expecting to see a cluster of planets in Virgo (perfectionism and the Perfect 10 scores) and I was expecting to see a Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Aquarius. Since I did not find those aspects in the chart, I have had to work harder at finding the game-changing planets in her chart. The North Node in Leo can also represent the gold medals won at the Summer Games because Leo rules gold and the North Node rules fate.

I misread the chart earlier and thought she had the North Node conjunct Uranus in Leo. But in fact, she has Uranus at 0 degrees Virgo and the North Node is at 22 degrees Leo. But both appear in the 8th House along with Pluto 10 degrees Virgo. That's a lot of power in the 8th House of other people's resources. And athletes who were from the Soviet Union were part of the collective and would rely on government resources.

With several planets in Scorpio falling in the 10th (public) and 11th (network and group) houses again we see a public figure coming from behind the "Iron Curtain". This is an athlete who felt the pressure of the state upon her, especially with Saturn and Moon in Capricorn in the First House. She would have identified with the state and collective. Now, having the Moon and Saturn in the First House along with the cluster of Scorpio planets also shows us a woman who is determined and focused.

Saturn in the First House could suggests a deformity in the physical body or a strong and perfect body (which was the case for Nadia). Just watch some of those old videos from the 1976 Olympics. She has a long, lean and muscular body. Part of her perfection was how her routines showed off the lines and angles of her body. The only planet she has in Aquarius is Jupiter which falls at one degree. And she has this Jupiter in her 2nd House. It places emphasis on her shocking and iconic appearance at the Olympics. It was as if she suddenly came on the scene and surprised all the viewers. If anyone was an overnight sensation, it was Nadia Comaneci.

As a 12-year old watching the Summer Olympics in 1976, I couldn't take my eyes off her. I held my breath while I watched her performances. At like other young girls, I was poised to enter gymnastic classes. In a way, she was our modern Joan of Arc (not the martyr) but the strength, grace and courage. And she was only two years older than me at the time of the Olympics.

Neptune, Venus, and Mercury fall in the 10th House. And for Nadia she communicated glamour, beauty, and an otherworldly quality. Like many Olympic athletes she shattered old expectations and left several gymnast disappointed and bewildered as they weren't yet aware of the transformation coming to their sport. In this case, that powerful Pluto in its own 8th House and the cluster of Scorpio planets brought transformation to gymnastics. And I'm sure there was also some intriguing politics and secrecy happening at the time with Romania and the Soviet Union in particular. Who by the way, dominated the sport in the mid to late 1970s.

Finally, the Sun and Mars in Scorpio falling in the 11th House shows us a natural leader, again part of a collective. Her wins were for the team and not the individual. This makes sense given the mentality of communist countries. And the Sagittarius Ascendant shows us a woman who would later have to keep an eye on her diet and stick to a physical workout or gain weight. And this is also an Ascendant of an optimist.

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