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Leo New Moon on August 14--The Me in We

With Venus conjunct the sun and moon in Leo on August 14 along with Mars transiting into Leo we're going to experience a lot of face and navel-gazing (then shoe-gazing at the end of the month with the Pisces Full Moon). All this Leo energy asks us to shine our creative light on the world, practice generosity, and follow our hearts. The downside is with Uranus in Aries trining the moon/sun/Venus we had better place a lid on our egos or they'll get out of control.

However, we also experience that lovely sextile with Neptune and Pluto combining spirituality with discipline and two planets transit into Virgo (the servant) prior to the Leo New Moon with Mercury trining Pluto and Jupiter moving into Virgo. And in recent photographs of Pluto, we see that this planet is full of light and in fact, if you look closely, you'll see a Valentine's style heart etched into the bottom half of the glowing planet (but technically an asteroid or planetoid).

Also before Jupiter transits into Virgo (3 days before the Leo New Moon), the planet squares Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio one last time. So here a similar theme comes up a third time which is about transformation through self-love and the generosity of sharing our gifts with others. And judging from the Neptune-Pluto sextile, I'm thinking that those gifts are spiritual or artistic in nature. But when I say artistic, I mean of the sublime type that leads to an out-of-the-body experience or the feeling of the body expanding into everything. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you hanging out music festivals during this time or watching an uplifting movie in a crowded theater, or hanging out at a spiritual retreat aren't going to experience your share of epiphanies. Get ready and attend this sort of event around the Leo New Moon.

Pluto, Wikipedia
With Venus involved, the epiphany could also come when making or viewing fine art such as painting, sculptures, or photography. It could come from growing or harvesting food. But there is an overall feeling of peace and diplomacy; of letting our guard down and loving our neighbors as ourselves, and it doesn't even require effort since this energy is a gift from the Universe. If you don't believe me, wait and see what transpires.

Since my early twenties, I have experienced epiphanies and what I call deeply profound spiritual experiences. In 2001 when I attended WOMAD USA, my life changed in one afternoon when I sat on the grass of Marymoore Park in Redmond, Washington and listened to a cacophony of world music acts performing on different stages and echoing across the lawn. My spirit expanded to encompass everyone around me and it was as if me as an individual disappeared or me became we/us. This event changed my life because it led me to explore the healing consciousness and power of music. I attended the event as a journalist and left it as a music researcher and promoter of Unity Consciousness.

Now, I'm expecting similar events to happen en mass across the globe on August 14 or thereabouts. the configuration is sun/moon/Venus in Leo trining Uranus in Aries. Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto and opposes Neptune, but Neptune sextiles Pluto. Then we have Jupiter moving into Virgo and Mars transiting into Leo with Saturn now direct at 28 degrees Scorpio. I can't think of a better way to say this is about developing self-love so that we can shine our gifts upon the world as a service to heal the world. And it only gets better on August 29 with the Pisces Full Moon because if any planet or sign teach us about Oneness and service through a spiritual practice, it's Pisces/Neptune.

In my New Spirit Journal moon forecast for August (look for it at the beginning of August), I focus on the glamour aspects of the Leo New Moon and Pisces Full Moon which is another interpretation which I won't go into here. We're all going to seem a bit sparkly and shiny in August, that is if the hot dry sun in the Northern Hemisphere doesn't completely dry us out. As I'm writing this the Sun is in Cancer so you would expect the Water Sign to bring rain, but it hasn't. The Sun in its own sign Leo will bring us more dryness and heat, most likely and the Leo New Moon isn't going to help matters, neither will Venus and Mars in Leo. However, let's hope that by the end of August, the Pisces Moon brings precipitation to places that badly need it.

Perhaps we can take Gregg Braden's advice and pray visually seeing the results of rain and then affirming that the earth is back in balance. If enough of us do this with conviction we could solve this drought problem in the western US and other places. But make sure you don't focus the rain in areas where there has been major flooding.

Chiron is retrograde at 20 degrees Pisces so those of you with your Chiron at 20 degrees Pisces are experiencing your Chiron Return. This means that childhood issues surface now so that you can make peace with them even though you can't fully heal the situation. It takes a change of attitude or perspective.

Meanwhile, Ceres is at 28 degrees Capricorn forming an exact sextile with Saturn in Scorpio. This mirrors the sextile between Neptune in Pisces in sextile with Pluto in Capricorn (and recalls themes from the 1960s when Neptune was in Scorpio). But now we look at the food and medical industries and how these industries serve the populace. Do we feel nurturing or nurtured? If the answer is no, then what changes can we bring to the market place to serve us better? While Ceres was in Aquarius it brought us innovations, and with Ceres now in Capricorn we build new structures. Ceres is retrograde so many of the solutions come from our inner voices. We come up with practical solutions more or less, but based on innovations and we take the slower, more cautions route while Ceres is in Capricorn. Then later when Ceres transits back into Aquarius, we experience sudden breakthroughs and quickening of solutions.

Now, that you have heads up on the Leo New Moon on August 14 (at 21 degrees), what are you planning on doing with it? Every new and full moon is special and carries with it energy that we harness with the power of intention. Always look up the themes of the moon before setting intention and one good intention for this moon is to develop self-love and confidence so that you can walk your true path and shine your light upon the world. If enough of us do this, just imagine the changes we bring to the planet. Will you join me in this mission?

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Astro Forecast for August 2015--All That Glamour isn't Gold (Pleasant Nonetheless)

photo by Patricia Herlevi
While the Leo New Moon and Pisces Full Moon of August wax glamour, glitter, and illusions, the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter transits in Virgo ask us to get down to work and even find pleasure in our daily routine. If we don't find pleasure in our daily routine, then it's time to make changes in lifestyle, life, or at the least, in our attitude as we move from expecting others to serve us to finding how we can serve the world better.

At first glance, we experience clear skies in August without any T-Squares, Grand Squares or Yods to block our way. We experience a square with retrograde Venus and Saturn, which along with all the Virgo transits asks us to look at our daily regimen. If we look in the mirror and ill health stares back at us, then it's time to pull up the sleeves and find the right exercise and diet as well as, drink more water and get more rest. If we resemble a straw figure then it's time to make sure we're getting enough to eat and not running ourselves ragged. We will also spend more time with self-care, hopefully with out the baggage of guilt, and develop self-love which is actually the opposite of arrogance because when we love ourselves, we don't have to suck others dry constantly looking for their approval.

On August 2, Saturn goes direct in Scorpio and then wend its way back into Sagittarius in mid-September. Those of you with your Saturn at 28 to 29 degrees Scorpio will complete your Saturn Return. For you this is the time to assess any unfinished business, to let your old life go and embrace the new. For instance, many people get married or divorced during a Saturn Return. Those of you around 60 experience the empty nest (if you raised a family) even deeper now and those of you retiring from a career or going into semi-retirement, assess where you've been and where you would like to go next. In other words, the end of a Saturn Return acts as a rite of passage or transition into the next life phase. Just make sure you release old baggage, especially on the psychological level with Saturn in Scorpio.

Venus moves back into Leo on August 1 so we also have unfinished business around self-worth and whether or not we value our gifts/talents. We look at the ways we shine in the world and we also take a deeper look at our values. We're now experiencing in the late embers of Leo in a concentrated form. This could show up as pettiness or confidence. There's nothing more beautiful than a confident woman who owns her beauty, talent, and gifts. I like Louise Hay's affirmation: "I am beautiful and everybody loves me." I believe that saying this affirmation validates us so we don't have to run around making the right impression in the world. When we can look in the mirror and love what stares back at us then we have mastered Venus in Leo.

The big news for August is Jupiter changing signs from Leo to Virgo. Remember that Jupiter expands what it touches so beginning August 10, we turn to themes of service, servants, purifying, fixing, purity, assimilation, digestion, and other Virgo themes. While we might have spent extravagantly with Jupiter in Leo and eaten too much sugary and rich food, now we spend frugally and clean up our diets. More people either head to the gym or more likely a yoga studio. We turn to body workers for our aches and pains as well as, to meditation teachers to get back in touch with our spirit. We visit or hang out at temples or monasteries and that sort of thing, especially with the North Node also moving into Virgo in November.

So Leos, your run of good luck and luxury living is about to end. However, Virgo is not a party crasher, but the brakes on a sports car. Every sign balances out the sign prior to it and the sign that follows it, so in this case, Virgo helps us balance the books, pay off our debts, get our health back in order, and get back into our work routine after a year-long holiday. Well, at least that is how it feels to me.

Mars ends its trine with Saturn on August 9 when the planet moves into the fiery sign Leo. Mars loves spending time in Leo because of the fire element, but Mars can cause us to act and feel arrogant if we don't balance our emotions. The good news is that this combination gives us drive and ambition so if we have been acting lazy, we now clean up our resumes, polish our pitches, and get out our speeches so that we can further our careers. Those of you who work in the entertainment business would do well with this combination as long as you keep your ego in check. Remember that the planets in Virgo asks us to serve the world and not snap our fingers at servants and treat God like a Genie in a bottle.

On the 25th, Jupiter pulls into an opposition with Neptune which could have people trotting out as martyrs, saints, and victims. Expect some drama and melodrama played out on the world stage, especially with Venus and Mars in Leo. Perhaps we will feel mildly entertained or extremely irritated. When planets are in Virgo we feel irritated with others and fall into the trap of nit picking and nagging. Virgos and Leos don't usually play nice in the sandbox either. Just look at the generational tension between the Pluto in Leos and the Pluto in Virgos. So the question becomes how can we use our creativity to solve problems in our lives, in our communities, and the world? What can we harvest now that brings light to the world? Virgo has a tendency to take things too seriously whereas, Leo's creativity and playfulness brings us innovative solutions. Dream big, but also dream realistic--now there's an awkward balance to strike.

We aren't going to experience any major interactions with the outer planets so in this regard we experience a respite from the Uranus-Pluto Square, the Saturn-Neptune Square, but we still experience the flowing sextile between Neptune and Pluto. Take this time to breathe because both the Saturn-Neptune, and Uranus-Pluto squares return this November.

I'll be covering the Leo New Moon and Pisces Full Moon in other posts, but for now, let's just say that I'm giving mixed reviews for August. We'll want to take an extended holiday which I don't recommend because if we clean up our daily and health routines in August as well as, balancing the books and paying off debts, we will experience an easier time with the outer planet squares towards the end of the year. November is looking like a crunchy month, and I'm not just talking about pretty leaves underfoot.

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Chart Exploration: Louise Hay, Queen of Air & Master of Positive Thoughts

If anyone acts as a poster child for emerging from darkness and mastering positive thinking, Louise Hay fits that bill. With her Libra Sun at 14 degrees (she currently has a transiting Pluto square on her Sun), her life lessons revolved around balance of emotions and acting as a pioneer of the New Thought movement, also known as Religious Science. 

With her Leo Ascendant at 6 degrees, no matter what life tossed her way, she used her creative spirit and sunny personality to pull through. And with her Natal Moon at 0 degrees Scorpio she was going to descend like Persephone into the underworld and through her experiences bring wisdom to teach to the world.

I find Louise Hay's life story and birth chart endlessly fascinating and I could write a book on it. But I will refrain from writing the book now and instead take you through the process of interpreting a birth chart. Then I will include important dates from Louise' biography and match those with outer planet transits to her personal planets. Louise plays many roles from spiritual leader/teacher, to entrepreneur, trend-setter, and fire-starter. She has acted as an inspiration to millions of people around the globe and though we hear about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs more than we do Louise Hay, if more people read Louise' books and listened to her audio workshops, I assure you that we would restore balance on the planet. I guarantee it.

Since Louise has a Leo Ascendant (at 6 degrees which is a sacred geometric number), the Sun is the Ruler of her chart.  The Sun appears in the 3rd House of communication, early education, childhood, thought, and siblings (she didn't have any). Oddly, Venus, the ruler of her Libra Sun also appears in the 3rd House so this is someone who attracts rather than chases after her desires. Like the Human Design Projector, she waits for an invitation which leads her to a successful outcome. With a Scorpio Moon, she might also project her inner darkness or shadows onto others who then turn around and persecute her.

Louise Hay, educational use for photo
Someone with a Scorpio Moon or any luminary or Ascendant in Scorpio has the potential to attract childhood abuse such as molestation and rape. Louise was raped by a neighbor at the age of 5, just as her identity was emerging. Another neighbor was also vying to rape her and then in her teens, her stepfather raped her. Decades later, these rape experiences developed into cervical cancer which Louise healed by digging deep into her subconscious mind and releasing resentment and undergoing a physical detox. The degenerative power of the Scorpio Moon and her strong spiritual center saved her from an early death.

Now a person with a Leo Ascendant is born to shine their light in the world. They often have a sunny personality and motivate and inspire others to act on their own behalf. And having watched Louise on video giving lectures, she has a warm and radiant personality which attracts both the healed and the wounded to her. She also had transiting Pluto in her First House of identity from August 1942 (Louise was 15-16 years of age and had dropped out of high school) until August 1957 in Leo and then Pluto stayed in her First House until Pluto transited to around 6 degrees Virgo. So those were transformational years for Louise' personality. The experiences from that period shaped her destiny we could say.

The Moon's Ruler is Pluto which falls in Louise' 12th House along with the North Node so here we have a destiny of transforming the planet through spirituality. But we don't always have access to planets in the 12th House and people with a Scorpio Moon often try to squelch what they consider taboo topics or darker emotions so it's possible that at some point, Louise glossed over those darker emotions and hid the secrets of her childhood so that people would love and accept her (Libra Sun and Leo Ascendant). She has admitted to burying resentment about her childhood which led to cervical cancer. In her teachings, cancer is caused by deep resentment that eats away at self.

It's also interesting that her North Node and Pluto are conjunct in Cancer which would have been triggered by the current North Node in Libra, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn. In fact, every time we experience planetary transits in the Cardinal Signs, Louise takes another proverbial bite of transformational powers. Behind the scenes, she's still grappling with inner and outer demons or challenges even if she appears unflappable. But we know it isn't that any of us don't face challenges, but it's what we do with those challenges to transform our lives and the planet. In this regard, Louise is masterful.

Having that North Node/Pluto in Cancer in the 12th House would suggests that Louise didn't have nurturing as a child, and probably not in the womb either. Her mother might not have nourished herself and harbored fears during the pregnancy. Since Louise's father left her mother when Louise was 18 months old, trouble was already brewing while Louise grew in the womb as implied by Pluto/North Node in Cancer falling in the natal 12th House. This is also the house of fate/destiny and Louise' fate was to take what was dealt to her and transform it into self-love and not just that, but an entire movement about self-love that she even took into the arena of people with AIDS! Of course, the Scorpio Moon was also involved.

Louise has Moon, Saturn, and Mercury in the 4th House which could suggests problems in the home or even some challenging life lessons presented in the home to revolving around the mother (the moon) and family secrets were suppressed with Saturn and Mercury in this house. This is one of those hard luck childhood aspects. Louise ran away from home at 15 because of her stepfather's treatment of her (rape and sexual abuse) and she dropped out of school (Mercury in Libra, possibly following the same fate as her mother). Now, Mars is in the 10th House of the father/career/public image and Mars can represent male aggression especially if there are also planets in the 8th house which there isn't in this chart.

However, for Louise, Mars in the 10th also represents her courage, boldness, and ambition which allowed her to self-publish books and build a publishing empire with Hay House publishing. This woman, now in her late 80s, is an unstoppable force filled with vitality and a motivational spirit. She has her Mars in Taurus which I believe is a powerful placement for Mars, which in this setting (10th House) brings the image of a powerful emperor to my mind's eye. Could she have played that role in a past life and channeling the spirit from that life time?

Since Louise makes her living in the spiritual realm, I want to look at the placements of Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus. She has Neptune in the 1st House and this is not an easy placement for Neptune which for some folks ends up causing delusions of grandeur or not being real about oneself. Also having Neptune in the 1st House wraps a person in glamour and charisma. Louise worked as a model in the 1950s which bodes well for Neptune in the 1st House of body image and the Libra Sun.

Her Jupiter falls in her 7th House of partnerships so you'd think she would be lucky in love and have many suitable partners. But Jupiter is in Aquarius so it's detached and independent energy. Her partnerships are with many people and her innovations have brought her success, though later in life.  She has Uranus in Pisces falling on the cusps of the 9th House so she came to transform the world through alternative spiritual thought, even controversial thought. But she would achieve worldwide fame doing this work.

Louise has a troublesome yod in her chart involving Uranus, Mercury, and Neptune. So this suggests that she would try different approaches and tools throughout the years and experience more failures than breakthroughs until around the age of 50 where suddenly her life began improving. I say suddenly because because Uranus brings sudden events. It would be as if an event triggered an epiphany that led to a major breakthrough. She got divorced in 1968 and in the early 1970s discovered a church of Religious Science in New York which changed her life.

Now, having Mercury in a natal yod suggests ending an education early and Louise dropped out of school at 15 years of age and most likely thought of herself as dull and unskilled until she reached her 50s because she would have had little access to Mercury which rules our thinking process and education. With Neptune involved in the yod, she would have relied on her looks and charisma to get by. But after she reached middle age, she honed up on her research and study skills thus leading to a career as a spiritual coach/therapist. Uranus suggests that she would forge an alternative path and march to a different drummer--well, she is the pioneer of positive thinking. And she emerged as a leader of positive thinking to change one's life during a time of an economic recession, the emergence of AIDS, and pretty much the decline of Western Civilization.

Just after the Harmonic Conversion of 1987, Louise experienced her breakthrough when her book, You Can Heal Your Life made the New York Times Best Selling list and would stay there. In 1988, she appeared on both the Phil Donohue and Oprah Winfrey shows on the same week. In 1988, Pluto was in Scorpio transiting through Louise' 4th House and she had been working with people with AIDS, and had overcome cancer a decade earlier. She was creating a safe haven for people battling with disease by teaching them that if they could change their thoughts they could change their lives.

So here are key dates:

October 8, 1926 Louise Hay was born in LA. Uranus, Mercury, and Neptune formed a yod. Pluto was in the Cardinal Sign Cancer and 3 years later the Great Depression would start. Neptune was in Leo and Louise was born in a city ruled by Leo and glamour. Uranus was in compassionate Pisces.

1942-43, Louise dropped out of school and headed to Chicago. Pluto was in Leo on the cusps of Louise's 1st House, Neptune was in Libra and Uranus in Gemini. Remember Uranus, and Mercury (ruled by Gemini) and Neptune appear in Louise' yod so she felt compelled to do something during this time.

1950-54 she moved to New York and found work as a fashion model. She attracted the attention of an upper class English man and married. Neptune was around 17 degrees Libra (in conjunction with her natal Sun).

1970s--Louise joined a religious science church and the New Thought movement. Pluto moved into Libra and in 1977 formed an exact conjunction to her Libra Sun as well as a square to natal Pluto/North Node (she has a natal square between Libra Sun and Pluto/North Node which I didn't get into). AIDS began emerging in the late 1970s.

1984-88 Louise experienced a breakthrough with her first book, You Can Heal Your Life and gained support of Phil Donohue and Oprah. Pluto transited into Scorpio and conjunct Louise's natal moon the first time November 1983. And then Pluto remained in Scorpio and Louise' 4th House until January 1995 or thereabouts. Pluto is one of the rulers of Louise' chart and Pluto transits have greatly affected her.

Like I mentioned earlier, I could write reams on this chart, but I'm stopping here. Feel free to explore the chart on your own. You can find the chart at Astro Data Bank and her biography is on Wikipedia.

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Jupiter (August) & North Node (November) in Virgo--Purity of Intent & Serving the Greater Good

photo by Patricia
As I have mentioned in earlier posts, Virgo represents the servant in the Zodiac and when I use that term, I'm not referring to maids and butlers or even the cleaning maid, though they too fall under the Virgo gaze. I'm referring to sharing our gifts and talents in a way that serves the world or the Greater Good. When Jupiter moves into Virgo on August 11 and the North Node transits into Virgo on November 13 (same day Mars moves into Libra), we experience our callings.

The image I see in my mind's eye hails from cinema when the virtuous young man gives himself to priesthood and renounces the world. Or perhaps the image of Saint Therese of Lisieux appears when she begged her father to allow her to join the convent. Now, these are obvious Virgo images, but we can serve others by following our bliss or passion as well as, giving to the world from our heart no matter our profession.  However, make no mistake, that the North Node represents fate or destiny and Virgo represents our service to the world, as well as, our daily routine, diet, small animals, the 6th astrological house, purifying, perfecting, fixing, and a general clean up.

When Jupiter transits in Virgo (which it does every 12 years), we get over our grandiose desires and through the self-love we developed while Jupiter transited through Leo (hopefully, that's what we got out of the transit), we have an abundance of inner and outer wealth to share with others, and they with us. Remember that Virgo also represents the harvest and since Virgo is an Earth Sign, it also represents food and nourishment along with Cancer, but not only that, Virgo represents how we assimilate and digest food along with Cancer which rules the stomach and breasts. Virgo, I believe rules the small intestine. And while I'm not a medical astrologer, the disease we associate mostly with the small intestine is celiac disease which has to do with not being able to digest or breakdown gluten in the system so the body goes on the attack and kills off the cells in the small intestine which promote food assimilation.

I don't know what Louise Hay equates celiac disease with, but it probably has something to do with not being able to digest or assimilate information, emotions, and other input that comes to us from the outer world. There's always a connection between our emotions and disease as well as, our beliefs which give root to our emotions. Now, the North Node and Jupiter (which rules the liver and thighs) in Virgo reveals our beliefs to us which cause us disease. Instead of making food the culprit and putting a bunch of "nos" in front of it (contains no gluten, no soy, no dairy), let's take a deep look at our subconscious beliefs which science has proven programs our body into wellness or disease. Trust me, developing food phobias and spreading those phobias through campaigns or just word-of-mouth won't bring any of us well-being in the long run. Any time we fear or resist, the thing that we fear persists. And it's not any different for food.

I have found myself swept up in the "no" this or that ingredient in our food trends and it's because fear sweeps us all up as we develop mastery. I will be vulnerable here by telling you that I am constantly battling with my fears and I know those fears have caused illness, not to mention limitations in my life. I'm ready to let those old stories go. Are you on the same boat? No judgement if you're not. But planets transiting in Virgo have us questioning the purity of our beliefs and how those beliefs contribute to illness. With all that Pisces in my chart, I'm among the sensitive people on this planet so I would never knock you for fearing the "toxic" outer world. My Cancer Sun wants nothing more than a good pillow to cuddle up to in a quiet, clean, and almost sterile room.

However, this isn't possible as energies shift on the planet and transform our lives. As much as I would like to hide away from the world, I have to speak my truth and reach out to others through this thing we call astrology.

Now, before I get into the North Node in Virgo, when the North Node is at 0 degrees Libra at the beginning of November, three planets form a Triple Conjunction in Virgo (Mars, Venus, and Jupiter) and each of them had already transited through an opposition with Neptune and approached an opposition with Chiron as well as, a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. The planets also squared Saturn now in Sagittarius. When we see those types of transits we must pay attention. The Cardinal Signs ushered in change and now the Mutable Signs are taking those planets through the changes. Sagittarius does this through higher learning, religion, foreign travel, law, cultural exchange and philosophy. Virgo does this through perfecting, fixing, and being of service as well as, harvesting the fruits of labor, Pisces does this through the arts, healing, and spirituality, and Gemini does this in the realm of thinking and communicating.

Mars unites with Venus in Virgo then they hook up with expansive Jupiter. I'm going out on a small limb here and saying that this has to do for the most part with gender equality, partnerships between male and female (even if it's our inner male and female) and we're looking also at how we attract, reflect, or hunt for our desires. Mars pursues while Venus attracts. If you find that relationships aren't working out for you, first stop nitpicking or being critical towards your partner or potential partner (no one wants to be with a nagging person). Then see if you're not playing the wrong role. For instance, Intuitive Peggy Rometo teaches the concept of women attracting partners and not chasing after them or making it too easy for them. And I know this plays out different in same-sex partnerships and dating but someone is always playing the male role and someone is always playing the female role or it's not going to work.

However, on a more profound level, Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo lead us to our callings. Why did we come to the earth at this time? What is our purpose here? How can we serve others when we judge them or ourselves harshly? Virgo's dark side is critical and judgmental. Virgo's shadow leaves us with the impression that we're damaged goods or not good enough, but none of this is true, as we witness on the Pisces flip side. We're not here to judge but we are here to heal and shine our light on the planet. The nurse doesn't rush into a war scene and chastise the soldiers bleeding on the ground. She or he pulls the soldiers to a safe place and attends to the wounds quickly before too much lifeblood loss.

Well, why should it be any different as we heal the gaping wounds on the planet? Are we going to stand on the side lines criticizing everything going on around us or are we going to act like the nurse and tend to the wounds with healing balm? I've done my share of rants in the world and none of those rants have saved any lives or healed any situations because all rants do is lower our vibrations so we feel hopeless, helpless and outraged. Then of course, rage turned inward is disease. So when the North Node and Jupiter transit into Virgo, it's time to stop ranting and take inspired action (Pisces and Sagittarius). Nothing ever gets fixed by just looking at it and complaining. Now, we look at ways to take new approaches to fixing situations and developing solutions. We first grab our insights from Pisces, take it through the riggers with Gemini and Sagittarius, communicate our efforts through Gemini and then take action with Virgo.

Jupiter stays in Virgo until August 2016 and the North Node stays in Virgo until May 10, 2017 (1 1/2 years). So we'll also look at the purity of our intentions or purity of intent. Those of you with many planets in Virgo or Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Virgo must step back from criticizing self and others while replacing those impulses with searching for your life calling then walking on that path. Those of you with a lot of Pisces energy use Virgo transits to ground yourself. This allows you to take your spiritual and artistic gifts in the world to be used in a practical sense. Sagittarius connects the dots between nations and cultures. And Gemini acts as the communication arm sparking ways we can use social media to usher in required global changes and shifts.

I'm sure I haven't covered everything about the North Node and Jupiter transits in Virgo, however, I trust that if you read several astrology posts on the topic and then fill in the rest with your inner wisdom, you'll take advantage of the Virgo energy and put it to its best use. Those of you born with Pluto and Uranus in Virgo as well as, Chiron in Pisces will experience a push now towards a rebirth experience. And I can hear some of you moaning and saying, "Not again. When will this transformation experience end?" From what I hear, not for a long while. So it's better to focus on what you can do and take baby steps if that suits you.  Just keep moving forward and know that the North Node always leads us to our destiny and now that destiny is to serve the planet.

North Node in Virgo since 1959

December 16, 1959 to June 10, 1961
July 1978 to January 13, 1980
January 26, 1997 to October 1998

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Friday, July 3, 2015

The Future is Wacky--July's Aquarius Full Moon

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Aquarius as a sign asks us to detach from the world--to live in the world but not be of it and to stand apart from the maddening crowd. Aquarius individuals (Sun, Moon, or Ascendant) often times watch and avoid trends from afar. It's not that they're anti-trend, but that they fit in elsewhere, in the distant future, but for them the future is now. We will explore these concepts during the Aquarius Full Moon on July 31st.

Individuals with a lot of Air in their charts or with their Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in an Air Sign will breathe a sigh of relief and feel that they have room to roam during this full moon. Fire Signs will detach somewhat from their passion and Leos will create less drama during this moon. Water Signs will find the world feels cold to them and unfeeling, but they too experience a respite from the overwrought emotions of the Capricorn Full Moon that occurred on July 1st. Earth Signs will get down to work despite falling into traps of relying too much on analytical thought or swimming in a loop of "what if" scenarios. Virgos and Cancers will tend with annoying worries that they can remedy with positive affirmations. Replace your thoughts and transform your reality.

Water Signs won't fret too much since the chart for this full moon contains a Grand Water Trine with Saturn in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces, and Mars in Cancer. We're all going to get down to the business of healing ourselves by releasing unworkable thoughts, beliefs, and patterns in our subconscious. Since both Chiron and Saturn are retrograde, this suggests that we will travel far back in our lives to unearth these beliefs and I recommend using self-help tools such as positive affirmations, and energy releasing techniques. There are plenty of self-help books, online videos and workshops that are free or inexpensive which act as launching off points.

The good news with Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio is that now is the time to dig deeply within ourselves and face the music. The first reason for this is that Saturn's energies which are now focused through the gaze of Scorpio are in concentrated form. This means if we apply the discipline we can deeply heal our mind-body-spirit. And Venus has moved to 0 degrees Virgo so we're going to look at our daily routine, eating habits, exercise habits and health in general now, that is until Venus retrogrades back into Leo on August 1st (it's at 0 degrees Virgo from July 19-31). While I love the Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo, this combination has caused us to act lazy and indulge in unhealthy foods with the motto that we're worth it. However, eating junk food and overdoing it on desserts, even fine desserts, does come with consequences which we can hardly lump into the concept of self-love or self-nurturing.

The second thing I want to say about Saturn in Scorpio is that we only have a short window to work with this energy because Saturn moves into Sagittarius on September 18 and moves into direct motion in Scorpio on August 2nd so we lose the concentrated energy around the Aquarius Full Moon (two days prior to Saturn turning direct). We're also going to experience a square between Jupiter in Leo and Saturn around the Aquarius Full Moon and of course, the Aquarius Moon pulls into a fixed T-Square (short lived) with Jupiter and Saturn on August 1 so we're going to see some tug-of-war energy between the individual and the group and we will question how we fit into groups and any psychological challenges with the individual needs verses group needs.

In other words, we ask the question, "How well do we play in the sandbox?" Are we acting like megalomaniacs or are we so involved with a cause that we don't notice the forest through the trees? Those of you with Saturn, Jupiter, or the moon in your natal 11th House or transiting through your 11th House are going to feel this energy directly.

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Another planet to look out for is Ceres which is also transiting in Aquarius. Remember how I mentioned earlier issues and themes revolving around food, agriculture, food security, and eating disorders? Well, when the Aquarius Full Moon conjuncts Ceres it will be as someone shouting through a bullhorn in regard to the future of food, not to mention some strange scientific experiments revolving around food and human health. How is humanity as a whole going to address these issues? Are we going to bury our heads in the compost or are we going to put our innovative minds and compassionate hearts together and work with current technologies and even ancient farming practices? Ceres is retrograde so its acting in a concentrated Aquarius energy. This energy is further emphasized with Mars in Cancer (ruler of the moon) squaring Uranus in Aries (ruler of Mars). Our focus therefore will be on mothers, children, nourishment, food safety and new technologies and science which for the most part come under scrutiny, even leading to heated debates.

Some of you might ask why I keep harping about food and self-love in my astrology posts and videos. My response is that without food and nourishment we would perish. And it's not just about feeding ourselves and our families healthy food because with all this Aquarius energy focused on food and agriculture now we must ask ourselves why people are still going hungry on the planet or why people living in food deserts suffer from malnutrition even when they're 100s of pounds overweight? Until humanity figures out a way to feed the world food that actually nourishes us and makes us physically strong, we don't have much else to work with. First and foremost we must take care of our basic physical needs (food, water, shelter and air).

Other than the food themes, the Aquarius Full Moon will also unveil new technologies in medicine, science, and social media. We will experience sudden breakthroughs in all areas of our lives, but mainly in areas ruled by Aquarius and Leo with Scorpio playing in the background. This could be an exciting time for some of you as you break through barriers of your subconscious mind that kept you stuck for years if not decades. There is a genius waiting to be born in each of us. We all have a specific gift that if we unleash could transform the world. The Aquarius Full Moon doesn't focus on the individual, but the collective, and how our individual talents and skills benefit the Greater Good (especially when combined with Ceres in Aquarius and Venus in Virgo). But first let's heal those shadows lurking in our subconscious minds and ensure that we all have healthy food on our tables and in our bodies.

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