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Transiting Yod--Neptune in Scorpio-Pluto in Virgo Sextile with Uranus in Aries Transit

Pluto, Wikipedia
 As if a Lunar Eclipse in Libra and a Cardinal Grand Cross this April wasn't enough, 1960s-born have one more astrological nugget lopped onto their plate...

Synchronicity led me to reread Karen Hamaker-Zondag's The Yod Book. Reading this book in 2012 culminated in one of this blog's most popular posts, Blame it on Yod but after reading the uneasiness and frustration of dealing with a yod, I took a look at my transits.  Sure enough I found a transiting yod involving not only transiting Uranus in Aries, but the Sun, Mercury and other planets transiting in Aries from 12 to 15 degrees involving the mid-1960s sextile between Neptune in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo.

As if the 1960s sextile wasn't weird enough (see the 1960s transit series), which was basically the theme of transcendence through transformation or transcendence through technology, here comes Uranus (humanitarian) in individualistic Aries to toss up yield signs.  Well, really, it's more like the technology of Uranus in Virgo becoming a distraction and addiction (Neptune in Scorpio) that prevents spiritual transcendence.  I'll get more into this in a moment.

Uranus, Wikipedia
As I was meditating on Uranus in Aries, I did not pick up the grassroots verses establishment theme of Carl Boudreau, though there are some echoes of that theme.  And while Uranus ruled by Aquarius would normally get along with Aries ( fire and air are both yang/positive energy and form sextiles), when we look at the themes of Aquarius and Aries, they actually oppose each other.  Aquarius/Uranus possess humanitarian themes and focus on groups, not individuals though you do get the Aquarius person acting out their individuality by standing out in some way or rebelling against the status quo.  But overall, Aquarius is about group thought, even if it's about an alternative group who think differently than the status quo.  I think of Aquarius as a Communist sign in that it's about equal sharing among the people and not people acting like hedonists looking out for number one. (Though we must remember that Aquarius polar opposite sign is Leo).

Aries, on the other hand, is about ego and the individual.  Aries represents both the child and the warrior, but what's this warrior fighting for if not his or her own individualistic freedom?  Sure, Aries will join the humanitarian's cause if there's something in it for him or her. Or maybe Aries just likes the challenge, especially if it involves clashing swords and they won't turn away from the excitement either.  It's probably another story for the spiritual warrior types, but don't fool yourself by thinking there's no ego involved.  So Uranus in Aries could just as well represent survivalists moving into compounds and stocking up on ammunition as it represents the Occupy Movement, which had some spiritual idealism at work.  Out of those two scenarios I prefer the Occupy Movement because it felt more inclusive and had spiritual components such as sharing, cooperation and group effort.

The Neptune-Pluto sextile from the 1960s represents transcendence too, but also had its share of distractions in the form of hedonistic behavior involving free sex, drugs, and a counterculture that worshiped itself a bit too much.  However, people born in the 1960s, especially those born with yods in their natal charts, came to the planet to bring transformation.  Some of these 1960s born folks could call themselves Indigo too because having a sextile involving outer planets and a conjunction involving Uranus-Pluto in Mr. Fix-It Virgo is going to cause a restlessness.  However, just like the Baby Boomers, people born in the 1960s had their share of distractions including technology in the form of cell phones, computer games, portable music listening devices, computers, etc and this generation also had its share of addiction to drugs and alcohol.  But this generation has also been, like the generation before it, open to alternative spirituality and energy medicine.  They are especially interested in food and nutrition (look at the whole gluten-free, no-GMO trends).  Many from this generation are starting spiritual and energy healing services now.

On one hand, I predict that the Neptune-Pluto sextile folks experiencing the yod in April until June and then September 2014 to April 2015 will receive some protection from the Grand Cardinal Cross and upcoming Lunar Eclipse mainly because these folks feel restless and too stuck in the mud at the moment to act.  And according to Karen Hamaker-Zondag in her book on yods, the best way to deal with a yod is to wait it out and allow new energy in the subconscious to germinate. She advises people dealing with transiting yods to live in the moment and ask themselves, "What would be fun for me now?" Which will seem counter intuitive when the world experiences astrological events in April and beyond.  Uranus in Aries after all wants to act and act now.

Mysterious Neptune, Wikipedia
So people not experiencing the transiting yod, especially if they're the warrior type aren't going to easily deal with people living in the moment and looking for fun things to do.  Yet, the people (born in 1963 and 1964 with Neptune at 15 degrees and Pluto at 12 to 15 degrees) feel like their backs are pushed to the wall anyway and acting would feel like overreacting which would lead to health problems for some.  This yod is asking us to pull back and heal childhood wounds in some cases or to reflect back to the Revolutionary 1960s and assess what worked and what just brought chaos and narcissism (the 1960s had its share of narcissistic moments).  Thoughtfulness has its rewards.

So Uranus in Aries brings an urgency to act, but Pluto in Virgo wants to practice caution and come up with sensible solutions while Neptune in Scorpio prefers to do investigative work (spying or research) behind the scenes.  I think we will also see a theme of technology if it could be used to build unity consciousness and lead to transcendence. I feel that the real reason for technology in the first place was to accomplish this mission, but instead technology grew into a distraction and an addiction that keeps people from doing the real work which is on a deep spiritual and subconscious level.  Though one good use of technology is listening to meditation programs via a laptop or portable music listening device.

But the problem we face now is that Uranus in Aries (technology for the individual) takes on a selfish and self-indulgent glow.  Technology changes so fast that only an avid consumer or materialist can keep up with the latest trends then they spend time on the internet comparing this and that technology while also worshiping at the altar of technology with their software heroes, in some cases gods.  Technology does allows us avenues to express our individuality and to join Aquarius/Uranus by giving technology to the small entrepreneur, band, artist, etc and this technology has also given a boost to activist organizations who have for the most part, used technology to better the world.  Alternative spiritual groups have also used this technology in ways that heal us and help us evolve spiritually.  But again, we need to watch for distractions because most inner work happens away from the computer or other technological devices.  At some point we all have to face ourselves in the mirror.

Details on the transiting yod:

Involves three outer planets with an existing sextile between Neptune in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo.

Transiting Uranus in Aries forms the apex when it inconjuncts Neptune and Pluto in a natal chart.

This yod began June 12, 2013 and ends in April 2015 when Uranus completes its transit to 15 degrees Aries.

Break from yod June 17, 2014 to August 28.

Look for the Houses in a Natal Chart for Neptune and Pluto.  Next look for the House with the Uranus in Aries transit between 12 and 15 degrees.

We are working with a 3 to 3.5 orb as Hamaker-Zondag recommends in her book.  The yod separates when Uranus moves into 16 degrees.

While I haven't looked at all of the possible yod opportunities for 1960s born people, I predict that people born in 1965, 1966 and 1967 will also experience this yod and people born in 1968 and 1969 at different degrees.  You'll find clues in my 1960s Transit Series (see links at top of the blog).  Check an ephemeris to see when Uranus in Aries comes within a 3 or 3.5 degree orb of your Natal Neptune and Pluto sextile.

You can also book a reading with me if you were born in the 1960s and think you might experience this transiting yod or if you are currently experiencing it.  I am among you since I have Natal Neptune at 15 degrees Scorpio and Natal Pluto at 11 58 degrees Virgo.  For myself, I'm using an Equal House chart which places Pluto in my 9th House of religion and higher learning and Neptune in my 11th House of astrology, networking, groups and Uranus in Aries transits through my Fourth House which I'm seeing as home and nation of birth and how distractions of this nation prevent me from spiritual transcendence.

Book an appointment at: Whole Music Experience or if you found this article useful, please make a donation through Pay Pal.  Thank you.

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Alone, but Not Lonely--Unaspected Planets (Focus on Singleton Venus)

Don't dismay if an astrologer mentions a singleton (unaspected planet) in a Natal Chart. 

Like the virginal single girl on a quest for love, a singleton planet also hangs out alone in a chart, hiding in the corner. Singleton planets represent planets in their purest form untainted by conversations with other planets through what astrologers call aspects. However, the downside, which is irritating to the person with the singleton planet is that they feel that they don't have access to the planet's energy or message.

In her book, The Yod Book, Dutch Astrologer Karen Hamaker-Zondag covers the unaspected planet in several chapters. Similar to the yod, a person with an unaspected planet feels like he or she doesn't have access to the planet, but different from a yod, an unaspected planet forgoes the interpretations of multiple planets in multiple modes and elements. Karen gives an example of a boy with an unaspected Mars who is loud and disruptive without his awareness. When the boy's mother tells him to simmer down, he honestly doesn't know he's causing a disturbance, as if he's blinded to the experience--thus the unaspected planet at work.

This leads me to wonder if singleton planets are the culprit in situations where people feel like they're victims and don't see themselves as others see them. For instance, we might see someone as capable and competent and wonder why they keep messing up and not taking responsibility for their actions. Could he or she have an unaspected Saturn. Or what about someone who lands in trouble constantly for overspending, seeks therapy, but doesn't heal this problem? Could this person have an unaspected Jupiter? What about someone who fights the battle with obesity and never seems to win? It seems that the first two elements to look for in a natal chart of a client with these types of issues would be yods and unaspected planets.

For many years, I disassociated with my Natal Venus which is unaspected to other planets in my chart and has a square with Chiron (asteroid aspects don't count). This planet is also retrograde in Gemini in the Sixth House. My quest has been around femininity and beauty, never feeling like I measured up. The retrogade for me points back to past lives in which I played the roles of geisha, courtesan, harem member, saloon singer and other roles where beauty counted for everything and other women were my rivals.

 In my teen years (in this life), I wanted to melt into the walls because while other young women blossomed with womanly figures, I had a coltish figure. I would gorge on food and never gain weight and I despised my monthly cycle too, which led me to experience extreme PMS. If only I had known about unaspected Venus at the time or the Artemis Archetype. When I was around 19 years of age, my mother was watching an Audrey Hepburn movie (Funny Face or Roman Holiday) and I finally found a woman I could identify with, a Taurus woman ruled by Venus who also had a coltish figure, long legs, long neck and big eyes like me. It felt like I landed on a planet that was truly my home.

I didn't live a normal college life for a young woman because I didn't date.  I felt awkward around men, thinking I was better off as their friend and not an intimate partner.  Men I had zero attraction to chased after me and one guy slept on the door mat of my dorm room.  Men I felt an attraction for, seemed to run in the opposite direction as if my neediness (which I had no awareness) frightened them.  When I finally, did date a man, he was a Gemini (my Venus is at 22 degrees Gemini) and he broke my heart.  I dated other mutable sign men and either grew bored with them quickly or ended up with a broken heart.  That went on for years.  Had I known about unaspected planets I wonder if I could have avoided those traps.

I did what any sensible woman with an unaspected Venus in Gemini falling in the Sixth House, I fell in love with journalism and pursued a career as an arts journalist where I met "beautiful" people making beautiful music or movies. 

But the unaspected Venus came out in other ways such as distorted friendships with Gemini or other mutable sign women, who subtly manipulated my thinking to the point where I could no longer think for myself.  Then in 2008, I rented an apartment from a Gemini landlady who turned out to have a twisted and paranoid mind.  A Uranus square  to my Natal Venus played a role, as it did with an earlier incident with a male stalker (just a year prior to me renting the apartment).  Pluto in Sagittarius was opposing my Venus when I dealt with the stalker as Uranus was pulling up to a square with Venus.  At those point, I met a less diplomatic side of my Venus and decided not to play nice girl any longer. She transformed into Kali light.

Without giving anymore details of my personal life away, I can say that working with an unaspected planet, (especially when we don't have an awareness of an unaspected planet ), leaves us feeling like victims of circumstance.  And knowing about the unaspected planet explains past events but doesn't exactly cause me to forgive those people who hurt me along the way.  I feel even to this day, that I've been tossed into a theatrical play without the director handing me a script.  And add to that, unaspected Venus' quest never ends as I hunger and thirst for beauty, feeling depressed around anything that seems drab to me.

Fortunately, Hamaker-Zondag gives excellent advice in her book of handling and working with unaspected planets.  Having an unaspected planet asks us to develop a deeper awareness of ourselves through other people's responses to us, which we turn into feedback.  We are asked to stare honestly at ourselves in the mirror and see how we reflect back to the world.  However, unaspected planets appear secretive and they shut the door to their energy.  It's like having an invisible director in the room that whispers commands we can't hear.

But don't despair, Hamaker-Zondag says that just like the yod configuration, we develop unique gifts from our unaspected planets once we develop an awareness of them.  Look up the house, sign and house ruler for clues to unlock the gifts and to shine light on the pitfalls of the singleton planet or even duets (two singleton planets that connect through an aspect).

Check out "The Yod Book" by Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Samuel Weiser, Inc.

I just glanced at the chart Bernadette Brady has for Saint Joan of Arc in her book, "The Eagle and the Lark" and Joan of Arc had an unaspected Mars in Virgo (Third House).  The real reason Joan was burned on the stake was for dressing up like boy/man. This was illegal at the time and the academics who judged her did not have enough evidence to try Joan as a witch.  Mars = boy/male, especially warrior and Virgo = maiden or virgin and the Third House = Messenger.   So we can add Joan of Arc to the list of famous people with unaspected planets.

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Astrology Expert Carl Boudreau on April 2014

I believe that Carl Boudreau and I are on a similar page, astrologically.  Here's his forecast for tumultuous April.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Expect the Unexpected...April 2014 Forecast

Don't be an April fool, lay low this month, practice self-care and refrain from arguments...

If at all possible, put off negotiations, surgery, major events, travel until May or at least the last week of April when the Sun and Mercury move into stable Taurus.  April is going to feel like fireworks even to the most steely and resilient among us. On the other hand, for those who crave adventure or initiation by fire, will probably roll with the punches and tell their stories later.  The Grand Cardinal Cross and the Lunar Eclipse at Libra 25 degrees signal a time of great change and transformation with resistance pushing back.  However, the planets in water and earth signs bring us relief throughout the month as does the Solar Eclipse in Taurus at 9 degrees on April 29.

On April Fool's Day, we experience the lingering Aries New Moon, Sun and Uranus square off with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer.  The next day, the Aries Sun conjuncts Uranus exact and fireworks will explode launching one of the most intense months we have experienced in a long time.  Aries is a fire-starter and fires come in many forms from volatile relationships, a tantrum at the job site that leads to loss of employment, an argument that causes a rift in an intimate relationship, or the sparks of a new business venture.  But this isn't a time to push the envelope, something Aries energy loves to do.  Others will push back and it could get ugly.

Remember these three words, Kindness, Compassion, and Generosity.  We could add tolerance to the list. This is also a good time to get physical exercise to work off tension and irritations which if not dealt with, could quickly transform into inflammation and disease. Head injuries, stomach problems such as ulcers or heartburn, skin rashes, tooth problems etc could erupt now, if we don't deal with extra tension in the home and workplace (not to mention on the planet) which is why self-care is crucial this month.  Remember, if we don't take care of our basic health needs, then we won't be able to help anyone else.  Don't put off taking care of health concerns because of a busy schedule. Prioritize a healthy mind and body by clearing out repressed emotions, asserting yourself etc in a healthy way.  Meaning, don't yell at the kids to relieve stress. Go for a walk instead.

I already covered the eclipses in a previous post, April's Eclipses so let's look at the Cardinal Grand Cross and then the flowing transits in April that bring us relief.  The Grand Cross which we'll call GC begins on April 1st with Sun/Moon/Uranus in Aries squaring Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun conjuncts Uranus exact on April 2nd as mentioned earlier, squares Jupiter exact on April 1 and squares Pluto exact on April 3.  The Moon in Cancer conjuncts Jupiter on April 6-7 and takes its place in the cross, most likely bringing up food security issues and issues around mothering and mothers.

April 8th marks another red-flag day with Mercury transiting into Aries, and Jupiter squaring Uranus exact.  On the 14th, Pluto turns retrograde so now it will backtrack over previous degrees bringing up unresolved issues.  It's time to start a reassessment of themes in the area of the chart where Pluto transits or where Capricorn is on the cusp.  The following day, we experience a Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra conjuncting the North Node (fate) giving this eclipse much power.  The following days (16 and 17), Mercury joins the Cardinal GC with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto exact at 13 degrees and Mars in Libra forming the final leg at 15 degrees.  Mars is at 13 on the 23rd and we experience a GC with all four legs at 13 degrees.

Let's take a look at that.  Mars in Libra RX could be waving a peace banner, while Jupiter in Cancer deals with mothers, children and food issues, not to mention represents Cancerian nations such as the United States, Canada, Vietnam or even cities and towns with a Cancer Sun (such as my hometown).  Meanwhile, Pluto represents big government, banks, financial institutions, corporations and in Capricorn also represents rumblings  beneath the earth that result in volcanic activity and earthquakes (we're already seeing this happening in the Pacific Rim) and finally Uranus in Aries represents a volatile attitude of the populace who feels fed up and has had enough of big government, underhanded deals etc...And on a more positive note, Uranus in Aries could represent new technology such as with renewable energy that levels the playing field or maybe the square off with Jupiter and Uranus bring a fair food distribution system.  This GC hangs tough until the end of the month, but wait, there is relief on the way.

The first transits to bring relief include Mercury Trine Saturn during the first week though this will cause us to put on our thinking cap and do some investigative work around health, work or other personal as well as, global issues.  Try not to play the shame and blame game as we uncover secrets or information that feels like hot potatoes in our hands. Mercury in Pisces helps us to feel and express compassion, kindness and hold off on judgements during the first week. Jupiter trines Neptune with a 5 degree orb the first week which causes us to seek spiritual solutions for mundane problems as well as, to break through limitations by confronting our fears. Jupiter also trines Chiron which causes us to accept the wounds we cannot change and to develop spiritual grace because of those wounds.

The Cancer Moon trines Venus in Pisces as Venus heads into a new sign on April 6.  The Moon also conjuncts Jupiter who will expand on beauty, grace, and health of the body.  This is a good day to tackle those dietary issues, but do so with love and not fear.  I like what Michelle Patterson says on her Angel Souls Oracle video for April about not acting negative around food.  She recommends that we stop telling ourselves about we "can't" eat and just make wiser choices by focusing on what we can eat.  In other words, cut the drama and enjoy your food.  The conclusion I reached about food phobias is that eating a little bit of gluten that you blessed is safer than eating something without gluten if fear or obligation are attached to it. Fear is not good for digestion and causes inflammation in the body. If we want to eliminate anything from our diet, let it be FEAR. Enough said.

Chiron in Pisces continues its sextile with Pluto in Capricorn bringing us personal transformation as we explore collective wounds in our societies or generational groups.  This is especially true for people born in the 1960s or even the stellium group that Donna Cunningham mentioned in an earlier interview of the Capricorn Triple Conjunction folks born between 1988-90.  Towards the end of the month Neptune forms a wide sextile with Pluto (6 degree orb) in which we will see the world structures spiritualized.  Expect some about faces around this time where people or entities we never thought would have a change of heart do so in a powerful manner.(April 24-30).

Finally, the Sun moves out of fiery Aries into secure Taurus on the 21st and we start off with a Sun-Moon trine with the Moon in Capricorn.  We will feel like our feet are back and securely on the ground.  Or oddly, we could experience earthquakes that day or old structures crumbling to make way for the new.  Mercury moves into Taurus on the 24th bringing even more grounding.  Other flowing aspects include Sun sextile Neptune from the 23 to 30 (grounding our dreams into reality), Sun sextile Jupiter on the 29 onward and Sun conjunct Mercury from the 24 to the 30th.  And I would like to emphasize that I see the Solar Eclipse as a positive event that ultimately will bring us stability but built on higher ground. (We could also deal with water contamination issues in some parts of the world, especially if an earthquake, hurricane or other type of disaster occurs).

For anyone who catches a viral or other type of infection or is in an accident that lands them in bed, don't think of this as a punishment.  The Universe finds ways to keep us out of our own way.  When we look back later, we realize that we got sick to keep us out of worst trouble, especially for people with a pushy personality during a time when pushing could get us killed.  Don't push any agendas or take any foolish chances in April. Hold off on important decisions and focus on taking care of the health or self-care.  Spend as much time alone, especially in meditation as possible.  Remember to breathe and get some necessary physical exercise (even taking the dog for a walk around the block a few times).

Finally, remember these words: Kindness, Generosity and Compassion.  Say those under your breath as a mantra if that keeps you focused.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it comes during the final week of the month.  In the meantime, we get new opportunities to develop soul mastery and show up as our authentic selves. (Also watch uplifting or peaceful movies and listen to music for stress release. See Whole Music Experience for more info).

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April's Eclipses--Door Opening to Soul Mastery

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
April's Eclipses and transits reflect on being in the right place at the right time or straying into the danger zone...These transits fall nothing short of Soul Mastery.

I'm still in the process of downloading information about April's transits.  And I will say two things in advance.  First, April's transit aren't for the feint of heart because they involve soul mastery at a high level.  Second, the walls will tumble down for anyone living in denial, addiction, escapism, or still pining for people, situations, etc and not facing the music.  We have had at least two decades of opportunities for soul development and too many people decided to sleep at the wheel instead of walking the path to mastery.  The good news is we have two weeks to get our mind body souls on the right path, to take the time to heal our deepest wounds, to remove obstacles from our paths, and to call on Divine Powers such as angels, saints, ascended masters to work with us.

Some humans have chose to hang out at the metaphorical disco and bliss their minds out--partying hard, feeding addictions, and living in illusions.  These folks have little chance of surviving upcoming transits.  Some humans have misunderstood the Law of Attraction and decided to selfishly pursue a life of riches beyond their wildest dreams without taking care of their spiritual house, meaning, they pursued materialism above everything else.  Some folks have not done the work on themselves such as developing self-love and instead focus on meeting their soulmate without realizing that high level soul relationships don't occur until both parties are evolved to handle high level spiritual energy.  You can't do that by fantasizing and constructing vision boards only.  You have to heal the wounds first and honor your soul.  No one, soul mate or not, wants to play the role of rescuer.  That only happens in Hollywood movies and romance novels.  This is real life.

Before I mention the upcoming eclipses, I want to tell you that it's not too late to get on the path to self-mastery.  Start a meditation practice if you don't already have one.  Use meditation CDs or DVDs or listen to guided meditations online such as at YouTube or many spiritual websites.  Get energy clearing done on your mind body spirit, DNA cleansing, emotional release, and get professional help for dealing with addiction.  This isn't a time to party hard, but a time to wake up and discover true paths for this lifetime.  Learn Emotional Freedom Technique tapping, take yoga classes to align the body with spirit.  And if all else, pray for guidance and it will show up immediately.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Refrain from using negative words.  Refrain from ranting about social issues and world problems.  Refrain from focusing on hopeless situations and sinking into despair.  Refrain from repressing anger because it could turn into violent acts (especially around the April 15 eclipse and Grand Cardinal Cross-Square).  Refrain from watching the news, which is fear-based anyway. Refrain from hanging out with negative soul-sucking people, which seems like my equivalent to hell. Kick anything or anyone who isn't serving you to the curb.  That's the Pluto lesson.

As a remedy to violence and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, practice kindness and generosity.  Cultivate compassion.  Listen to high frequency music such as sacred chants, sound healing CDs, some types of classical music such as Mozart, Bach, Renaissance sacred chants or Indigenous music (traditional).  Spend time in the natural world, sink your feet into the earth, allow the rays of the sun to penetrate your skin, and bless the earth with every step.  Most important develop your intuitive skills (everyone has them) and then listen to inner guidance while acting on it.

These last two weeks of March are not about manifestation, but about developing soul power and pure intention. Both Mars and Saturn turned retrograde which suggest that setting and achieving goals now represent futile efforts.  There are times to plant, times to harvest and times to contemplate and times to prepare.  Now represents a time to prepare for the upcoming transits.  We can't avoid this time of mastery given to us by the planets.  And we actually don't want to avoid this time of mastery since we birth a new planet and lift ourselves to a higher dimension.  We have Divine Help which comes when we prove our commitment to soul mastery and ask for guidance.

Wikipedia, eclipse
The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 25 degrees Libra (Moon) and Aries (Sun) on April 15 (Tax Day in the US).  A Grand Cross (Square) accompanies the Lunar Eclipse with both the eclipse and the Grand Cross falling in Cardinal Signs.  Add to that, several planets join the Grand Cross. So let's look at the Cross first.  Mercury and Uranus in Aries square Jupiter in Cancer (12 degrees) and Pluto in Capricorn.  We can also pull in the Libra Moon before it eclipses (when it's 11 to 15 degrees) into leg of the cross.  Uranus/Mercury and Pluto form an exact square at 13 degrees.  Mars in Libra is retrograde at 16 degrees, but having seen the power of this Mars with recent events in NYC, don't under estimate Mars potential to knock over the cart. He means business.

We receive help from Chiron which sextiles Pluto and trines Jupiter, but again, we are looking at healing old wounds so we can move forward.  Neptune also forms a wide trine of a 6 degree orb to help us with our transformation process.  The danger here is that people who feel unable to handle the intensity of the eclipse and Grand Cross will escape into addiction and denial or act out violently towards self and others.  The other route available revolves around embarking on a spiritual path and asking for spiritual guidance.  Hence the spiritual mastery earlier in this post.

Pluto goes retrograde two days before the eclipse. We'll see how that plays out since Pluto will be stationary during the shadow of the eclipse.  Venus in Pisces brings some relief since it trines Jupiter and forms a sextile with Pluto.  Again, I'm seeing the theme of self-honoring playing out. We need to explore all the ways we can honor self, others and the planet.  When we honor ourselves, we honor everything.  This feels like the opposite of enabling people and co-dependent relationships, which the transits won't put up with any longer.  Release guilt and feelings of obligations that leave you feeling heavy and depressed.

April 16 and 17 (shadow of the eclipse) also look intense with Jupiter lining up exact with Pluto and Uranus and Mars still in orb of the Grand Cross.  I actually don't see relief coming until the Sun transits into Taurus on the 21st when it trines the Capricorn Moon and then Mercury transiting into Taurus three days later.  Now, for all of us who have survived the Grand Cross and Lunar Eclipse, will experience a respite with the Solar Eclipse on April 29.

Archangel Gabriel
The Taurus Moon ruler Venus now at 25 degrees Pisces trines Saturn in Scorpio (20 degrees). The Sun in Taurus trines Neptune (7 degrees Pisces) and forms an exact trine on the previous day.  Mars separates from the Grand Cross slowly and by May 8 completes the separation though still leaving Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in a T-Cross.  However, Jupiter has moved one degree and is no longer in exact orb with Uranus and Pluto.

To sum up the Lunar and Solar Eclipse, the Lunar Eclipse brings a series of tests and initiations into soul mastership.  Whatever we refused to clear away or heal in the past rears heads now and we can either fight a battle with a relentless dragon called ego or we can surrender to the Divine in each of us.  This Lunar Eclipse represents a crossroads where one road leads to more fear/limitation and violence and the other road leads to soul mastery and entry into a higher dimension.  Soul Mastery takes effort and a willingness to give our lives over to the Divine.

The Solar Eclipse at Taurus/Scorpio at 9 degrees brings respite with several earth-water sign sextiles and water trines as well as, a Moon-Sun Trine in the Earth Element.  I actually see the 4 of Wands card from the Tarot deck with people celebrating a victory in a sunny garden.  The Solar Eclipse occurs on the 29th which breaks down to an "11" which is one of the Master Numbers of numerology that to some mystics represents a door opening to a higher dimension and to others represents Ascended Masters coming to our aid.

Lastly, I received the message that all of us have received warnings or alerts of areas we need to work on in our lives (in recent days). For instance, I received the message for myself to stop multitasking and be careful when cooking food.  I burned out a toaster oven this past week.  Each of us has received different warnings in the form of taking better care of health, paying attention to the needs of loved ones and are own needs and to stop working so hard because we have a guilt-induced work ethic.  Could be anything.  Pay attention and then act accordingly so that you avoid traumas and dramas in April.  Tune into your Higher Self and Divine Guides to navigate through the quagmires of April's Eclipses and transits.

Total Lunar Eclipse,  25 degrees, April 15, 3:46 a.m. EDT

Solar Eclipse, 9 degrees (rounded off), April 29, 2:04 a.m. EDT

If you need help with soul navigation and the message of the transits, I'm taking limited appointments in April.  Book early.  Long distance readings are by money orders only unless you are a returning client, then you can send a check as payment.

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Practicing Astrologers Series: Donna Cunningham Talks about the Importance of Stelliums

Interview with Astrologer Donna Cunningham--Capricorn Stellium & Other Major Outer Planet Events

When I was in my 20s and first discovering natal charts and moon signs, I came across Astrologer Donna Cunningham’s book Moon Signs: The Key to Your Inner Life and I became acquainted with my Pisces Moon, not to mention the Moon signs of my friends, family members and men I thought of dating. (I thought I was an astrology expert at that point).

Then in 2013, I took on the task of combing through the transits of the 1960s with a focus on the outer planets-Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  A German friend supported these crazy efforts (I spent hours researching and tracking those transits) and she connected me with Donna Cunningham who sent me a complimentary copy of her e-book, The Stellium Handbook.  I found the book fascinating, especially the section on children born with a Triple Conjunction of planets in Capricorn-Saturn, Uranus and Neptune (a mix of energy akin to Alice dropping down the rabbit hole and discovering a strange array of characters).  Since I grew up with Capricorn energy and have an affinity for Capricorns, I asked Donna for an interview.  The following conversation occurred via e-mail.

Whole Astrology: In The Stellium Handbook, you mention people born between 1988 and 1990 with a triple conjunction of Saturn/Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn and more planets in Capricorn if they were born in late fall or early winter. How are the current Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries transits affecting this large segment of the population who are roughly between 24 and 26 years of age? (They also experienced Saturn in Libra two to four years ago and are now experiencing the North Node in Libra).

Donna Cunningham: As you mentioned, there was a huge generation born with this extremely rare combination— 138 million that year worldwide and half again as many in 1988. The triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune occurs only once in about 650 years, and the last one was in 620 5AD. With massive numbers incarnating in those years, I can only conclude that it’s a vast soul group with an important mission. Since the combination is in the Cardinal earth sign, Capricorn this time, my guess is that they’re here to help save the earth itself with their amazing gifts and potentials.

They’re at a crucial stage of young adulthood now and struggling to find their identity and life path. Being far outside the experience of most of us, they can’t live by our rules or meet our expectations. They have to find their own way. We astrologers can help them, but we must first fully understand the meaning of this and other stelliums ourselves. The Stellium Handbook can help anyone with a stellium, but it was written specifically with this audience in mind.

Seldom have a generation faced difficult transits like these in their 20s, an age when we all make life-changing decisions, including careers, relationships, and where we fit into the scheme of things. To have such a rare and difficult trio of natal planets impacted by transits from two powerful outer planets—Uranus and Pluto—at once is a challenge beyond any of our experience. The most we can offer them, as astrologers, is validation of who they really are, what they’re dealing with from the transits, and what gifts and strengths they have that are being developed through this period of worldwide political, economic, social, and environmental crisis.

WA: Referring to the same group, how can we as astrologers guide these folks through their upcoming Saturn Return? Knowing that many Capricorn types are late bloomers who suffer many setbacks early in life, including their 20s and 30s?

DC: Their Saturn Return will happen when Saturn returns to the degree of Capricorn it was in at their birth. We should note that Saturn rules Capricorn and is one of the planets in their triple conjunction, so the Saturn return is an even more significant stage of life for this group than it is for other generations.

For those born in 1988-89, that Saturn Return would be sometime in 2018 to 2019. A lot will depend on what they do with that upcoming Pluto-Uranus square to their natal conjunction of Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune in mid Capricorn. Awareness of their astrological chart and the way it interacts with current cosmic conditions can help them get through the current and coming aspects to their stelliums.

If they make use of the current Pluto-Uranus transits to bring out their unique contribution, then the Saturn Return could be a time of fruition and accomplishment. If they’ve only gone further into self-destructive patterns or retreat from the world during the current Pluto Uranus square, then the Return could be a time when they face the consequences of those patterns and have to start building from scratch. That’s why I feel an urgency about getting this book out there to the general public, written in language anyone could understand. Self-awareness is a major boost in getting through these periods.

Patricia: You mention many tools in your book for people with triple conjunctions and stelliums to deal with stressful transits, with some of the tools requiring in depth work of charting planets, reading the qualities of the planets etc...However, some of these people might feel too busy to do the astrology work, so what else would you recommend for them? EFT tapping?

WA: Yes, there are self-help tools throughout the book that wouldn’t require an extensive knowledge of astrology. There’s a self-inventory sheet produced by a cut and paste procedure that alerts them to both the constructive and self-defeating ways of using the energies of their stellium planets. If reviewed from time to time, the inventory can accelerate their progress.

A variety of other tools can be found in the final chapter, “Making the Most of Your Stellium.” They include EFT (also called tapping), goal setting, using the power of intention, and ridding yourself of the obstacles to success called thought forms. There are also stress busters for each of the planets in a stellium.

What’s needed in order for any of these tools to help, of course, is the sincere desire for self-improvement, the willingness to put in the sweat equity to use them, and the ability to be honest with oneself about ways we contribute to our problems, rather than blaming others.

WA: Many people with a strong presence of outer planets in their charts feel great tension and suffering. Some of these people don’t realize the power that they obtain from these planets and they fall into the victim role, yet, you recommend a variety of flower essences from both Bach Remedies and F.E.S. to help with this stress. How do we convince people who lean towards logic brain to try the flower essences without us receiving the woo-woo gesture from them?

DC: If you’re dealing with a hardcore skeptic, you probably wouldn’t even want to go there. (On the other hand, what hardcore skeptic would be going for a consultation anyway?)  It’s most convincing if you yourself have tried some essences and experienced valuable growth from them. Otherwise, mentioning them doesn’t carry a ring of conviction. Without going into detail about your own situation, you might mention a change or two that you’ve seen in yourself. Then mention some essences that might give fresh insight into some of their own issues and concerns. When they asked me how the essences, I say I don’t know that, anymore than I know how astrology works. It just does.

(For astrologers who might want to explore using essences in their practice, I’ve just finished an updated edition of my e-book, Flower Remedies: How Plants Can Heal Us, which includes chapters on astrology and essences, and how to use them with clients. You can download a sample chapter describing the essences, how to take them, and where to get them on my blog, Skywriter, under the FREE tab.)

WA: Now, I’m curious about my own sub-generation born in the 1960s when Uranus and Pluto formed a conjunction in Virgo, Chiron was in Pisces (like it is now) for part of that time, and Neptune was in Scorpio. When will this generation wake up and take its leadership role?

Right now, many people are complaining that the “Shadow Boomers” or “Generation X” is asleep at the wheel suffering from addictions and distractions. (Personally, I have seen many people of this age group waking up spiritually and choosing alternative healing or coaching as professions).

DC: The long Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo was within an 8-10° range during parts of 1962-9, so there were millions born during that era, and so it would be wrong to generalize about them without knowing the rest of the chart. Many of them are hard-working, capable, skilled employees with high standards and a concern for doing things correctly and well.

For people with a stellium that includes Pluto and Uranus, living up to Virgo’s high standards is very stressful. The workplace has changed fundamentally in the past several decades in ways that greatly diminished job satisfaction. The bottom line became God. To save money, job descriptions for professionals were broken into ever-smaller pieces and reassigned to technicians.

With Virgo strong in their charts, they’re likely to have a strong commitment to integrity, but we’re seeing a widespread erosion of ethical standards for conducting business. That makes it extremely challenging to feel the pride in their work that Virgos aim for. Fueled by Uranus’ conflicts with authority and Virgo’s strong work ethic, they often have contempt for bosses and coworkers who are incompetent or who slack off in their jobs. Yet their motivation is to improve themselves, those around them, and the world at large and above all, they wish to be helpful and to serve.

Perhaps they don’t appear to be leaders because they’re modest at heart and focus on the task at hand rather than on being in the spotlight. This modesty may be another reason they’re not high profile in the astrology world. Many of them are out there, quietly doing good capable astrology consultations, but they don’t toot their own horn at conferences or on the web. However, as you noted, I do see many more of them working in alternative health fields and doing high-quality work—Virgo, after all, can be deeply involved in health matters.

astrology book on vocations
I first got to know the Virgo generation in their middle 20s, just as the Capricorn stellium group is just now starting to come to astrologers, because that is the age when we all make major life decisions about career, relationships, and where we fit into the world. When the Virgo group was at that age, many of them had been mired in addiction for a number of years because of their discouragement and disenchantment with society for the reasons noted above. I saw many of them begin to break free of the addictions at around age 28 to 29, under the Saturn return that you note above, as well as the transit they were all having of transiting Pluto going over their natal Neptune. That is one of the reasons I believe that the Capricorn Stellium generation will begin to come into their own at the Saturn return.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Combustible T-Cross (Pluto-Uranus-Jupiter) & Explosion in NYC

Astrology transits tell stories.  Here is one of those stories.

I sometimes dabble in mundane astrology and today when I saw a news headline about a gas explosion in NYC that left buildings in rubble, I automatically thought of the current Cardinal T-Cross with Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto between 10 and 13 degrees.  NYC's Sun is at 10 degrees Capricorn (11 if you round it off) and it's AC is at 9 degrees Libra. The Aries Moon is at 26 degrees experiencing a Mars in Libra at 26 degrees opposition. Also transiting Neptune in Pisces squares NYC's Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius.

I will write more on this later and I'm leaving a link to an article about the event after the chart.  I think this event emphasizes that planets, especially outer planets play roles in major events.  Transiting Mars is also squaring NYC's North Node at 27 degrees Capricorn. North Nodes represent fateful events and Capricorn rules legacies and events we don't soon forget.

I think what has happened is that the outer planets in the T-Cross formation set the event up, and then transiting Mars (even though it is RX) triggered the explosion.  Neptune which rules gas and vapor is currently at 5 degrees Pisces and as mentioned earlier, it square Saturn (structure) and Uranus (unexpected and sudden events such as explosions) which are both in Sagittarius.

A past historic event in New York City's past plays a role here too, something to do with a previous wound, perhaps the 9-11 Twin Towers plays a role.  Transiting Saturn Retrograde conjuncts NYC's Chiron which brings up a wound from the past that needs release and healing now.  A sextile with transiting Saturn in Scorpio and NYC's Mercury in Capricorn (22 degrees) suggests that this healing will come through conversations and other communication.  Unfortunately, this talk could come off as too aggressive laced with outrage since transiting Saturn inconjuncts NYC's Moon in Aries.  This would come off as a minor irritation and would block healing efforts.

Since transiting Mars and Saturn are both retrograde, I wonder if a warning about the event came at the end of February for Mars and on March 1st for Saturn.  Since Saturn is in Scorpio, could someone have kept this information from the public? It will be interesting to see how this event plays out in the news and what comes up during investigation of the cause of the leak and the infrastructure involved with the event.

Here's NYC's chart found on Astro Data Bank:

 (News Article)

Transit Chart for Event which took place on March 12, 2014 (9:30 a.m.)  I'm using NYC natal chart as a reference point.  You could also do an event chart with the location NYC.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tips for Reading Children's Natal Charts

Who said that children don't come with an instruction manual? A natal chart provides all the instruction a parent needs to raise their child well.

When I meditate or do oracle card readings for myself, I keep receiving the message to teach astrology workshops about children's natal charts or to read charts of children for new age parents. 

This seems an odd request to me since I have no children and my experiences with children have seemed limited beyond the occasional child I meet on a bus or at an event.  However, I have had experiences with Indigo and Crystal Children (plus I'm Indigo born in the 1960s) and I feel like I can help parents understand their children better by seeing their child's blueprint in the form of an astrology chart.  I'm also Cancerian with a Pisces Moon so I feel deeply for anyone who appears vulnerable in the world, which includes children and the elderly, or anyone who feels like an outsider (Indigo Children feel like outsiders).

For infants and young children, I think it's best to focus on the personal planets (Moon, Sun through Jupiter and include Saturn when they enter school).  However, in the case of a child with Sun conjunct Neptune, Uranus or Pluto, consult with a professional astrologer versed in transformational astrology and not one that makes unwanted predictions about your child's future. 

While the outer planets represent generations or at least larger groups of people born during the same time period, (such as Uranus-Pluto conjunct in Virgo in the 1960s or the triple conjunction of Saturn-Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn from 1988-1990 which astrologer Donna Cunningham mentions in her books and articles), the outer planets become more personal when conjunct to the AC, Moon, or Sun. 

They also have a powerful influence when conjunct to the Mercury, Venus, and Mars.  Strong outer planets in a chart could also reflect a child coming in the world as an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow child, especially with strong aspects to Neptune and Uranus (which from my own experiences leave a person feeling like an outsider or in some cases, a freak).

If you suspect that your child fits into one of those categories, I recommend reading The Indigo Children (The New Kids have Arrived) by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober or a similar title.  Doreen Virtue has also written extensively on Indigo and Crystal children.  For now, I'm giving you an alternate view of the natal chart that focuses on children. I've played around with the themes of the houses and attributes of the personal planets.  I advise serious students of astrology to pick up books on yods, stelliums, and the outer planets which play a bigger role as your child develop, especially in the teen and young adult years.


Sun-Self-identity, youth, creativity, radiance, ego, strength, courage, and heart-center

Moon-Emotional-self, feelings, nurturing, caring, how we are mothered, our mothers, home life (especially early home life), secrets, feminine energy, spirituality, childhood

Mercury-Learning, communication and thinking style, how we use language, siblings, siblings, short distance travel, school (K-12)

Venus--How we attract, beauty, attractiveness, connection to the earth, girlfriends, artistic ability, aesthetic tastes, interest in gardening

Mars--Ambition, how we get our needs met, drive, how we stand up in competition, boys we attract or pursue, the hunt, the chase, sibling or peer rivalry, action-oriented, athletes and sports, this could also represent competitiveness in academics

Jupiter--Religion, philosophy, foreign countries, culture, higher education, sense of expansion, where we feel happy-go-lucky, love of food, parties, good times, a sense of what is fun, humor, there is some risk-taking here

Saturn--Discipline, how our parents discipline us, responsibility, adults, teachers (also teachers under Jupiter), hardships in early childhood, developing grit, maturity, wisdom, structure, skin, teeth, bones...

Leaving out the three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto since these planets tend to represent trends and generations more so than individuals.  These planets are slow moving and matter later as a child reaches teen and adult years


These 12 Zodiac Wheel Houses are interpreted for a child’s chart so the themes of the houses differ from the usual natal chart read for an adult or teen.

First House--Natural Ruler is Aries (Mars)

The key words are to act or action. This is the house of self-identity where we find our ascension sign and where we give off our first impression to others.  This house represents new beginnings and birth.

Planets in this house could overshadow or color the Sun Sign.  Mercury causes this child to become talkative or interested in learning, and he or she learns quickly.  The Moon in this house colors the child’s emotions and a parent needs to ward off selfishness, but at the same time encourage a healthy expression of emotions and feelings.  The Sun further emphasizes ego and core identity.

Saturn brings a sense of responsibility, usually for the parent and siblings.  The Sun in this house could represent the eldest child or the one who feels like he or she is responsible and more mature than the parents.  Here we find the little mother or father or the caretaker child.

Jupiter in this house the child loves to indulge, especially in food and anything he or she finds fun or funny.  This child seems happy-go-lucky and loves parties.  He or she probably has lots of friends and acts generously with time and other resources.  The child is an optimist but might have pie-in-the-sky ideas.  However, allow this child to dream and use his or her imagination.  Let them believe in wishes on stars. They can always develop practicality at a later age.

Uranus could represent a rebellious or innovative genius type.  Neptune represents a dreamer or artist of some kind.  Neptune in the first house walks the line between intuitive and delusional, especially if Neptune is on the cusps.  Pluto gives this child a sense of authority. The child could be secretive or enjoy solving mysteries or have a passionate interest in medicine and healing.

Second House--This is the house of steadfastness, peace, and serenity and the natural ruler of this House is Taurus and Venus.  This is a down-to-earth house where we find talents, gifts, and personal resources.  Depending on the planets in this house and their signs determine whether or not a child is given the opportunities to pursue gifts and talents.

Third House, ruled by Mercury and Gemini, represents learning/communication/thinking style/siblings, cousins, K-12 education and short trips.  Planets that land in this house color these areas.  Mercury in this house could represent a more rational child bent on learning new and interesting things or a child who is talkative (a chatterbox) depending on the sign Mercury lands.  The Moon in this house represents a child with tender emotions and sensitive feelings that make him or her vulnerable.

Fourth House ruled by Cancer and the Moon represents the child’s mother and early home life. A child with many planets in this house might do quite well with homeschool and might not want to venture outside of the home much.  This child could be shy, introverted, tender in emotions and attached to his or her mother.  This child prefers home cooked meals to restaurants and might be phobic of food cooked by strangers.  This is the Moon house feels nurturing and intuitive.

In the Fifth House, we find fun and games since Leo rules this house.  This is naturally the house of children so, in this case, would represent the parents’ attitude towards children. This is the house of sports, games, competition, theatre, dressing up in costumes, play, imagination, and let’s put on a show.  We also find parties, holidays, favorite plays, television shows in this house.

Sixth House ruled by Virgo represents the daily environment.  Do parents work from home, is the child homeschooled or does this house represent the public or private school?  We find health issues (usually psychosomatic), allergies, services such as children volunteering and this house could represent work for older children, such as pet sitting, a newspaper route in this house. 
Planets here color the daily environment, health, and the people we spend our daily lives with.  Children with personal planets in this house are also mommy or daddy's little helper.  This is also the house of childhood pets and in traditional astrology, household servants.

Seventh House ruled by Libra, represents balance, parents’ marriage, projections on others, childhood sweethearts, and a sense of balance and justice.

Eight House ruled by Scorpio, family secrets, death, birth, rebirth, regeneration, taboo topics, other people’s resources (parents, teachers and other adults) and in this house, we find childhood soulmates that come along and change our lives leaving us to remember them 20+ years later. On a darker note, planets here could also represent violence and abuse in the home or at school (use caution with this description).

Ninth House ruled by Sagittarius represents long-distance travel, living overseas or in another country and being born to a religious or military family. This is a nomadic house or one of higher education, philosophy, world cultures, and anthropology. Exposure to other cultures or a foreign teacher leaves a profound effect on the child.  This house represents freedom and how we find freedom.

Tenth House ruled by Capricorn represents the father, father figures, the father’s career, or absence of a father.  In a child’s chart, this house represents the child’s views on work, career, and public figures such as government, banks, and other institutions.  For the younger children, this house represents the type of fathering he or she receives.  Children with a 10th House Sun or Saturn enjoy playing with money.  I suggest opening a savings account early for these children and teach them the value of money.  They enjoy having jobs too such as pet sitting, babysitting, or a paper route (do we still have these?) as they grow older.

Eleventh House ruled by Aquarius represents the house of friends that are part of a group or sports team or even debate team, school band, or peers at school.  In this house, children are impressed by humanitarians or choose to serve in a humanitarian way.  This house represents the community, social behavior among peers, peer pressure and the need to be different.

Twelfth House ruled by Pisces represents spirituality, intuition and the need to escape into addiction or imagination.  This is the house of religion, spiritual experiences such as epiphanies. Think of Joan of Arc and other child saints.  We also find mental illness, psychiatric treatment, and psycho-somatic illness and for older kids experimenting with drugs and alcohol in this house. 
For the younger children, this house focuses on religion and spiritual yearnings.  Children might also recall past lives if they have Moon Nodes or planets in this house, especially Neptune or Pluto.