Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taurus Full Moon--Walk in Beauty & Peace (October 27, 2015)

Last year when the Taurus Full Moon came around, it blessed me with a semi-permanent home rented to me by a Taurus landlord. This year, I don't want to wait around until the end of October to move into a permanent home, but this moon too promises bounty and beauty in one form or another. Most likely, the bounty shows up in the material form such as a new home, new clothing, or a designed garden. The full moon at 3 degrees Taurus occurs on October 27.

Let's look at the troublesome aspects first before getting into the manifestation ones. Remember that a Taurus Full Moon is a manifestation moon and most likely you'll manifest the intentions you set with the Taurus New Moon last spring. Taurus focuses on nature, gardens, farming, pottery, cows, large animals, some luxuries, but those that have to do with structure and the earth. Since Taurus is one of the co-rulers of Venus, we could also beautify our bodies, homes, or communities.

It's starting to feel like a cliche, but once again, the full moon comes with a Cardinal T-Cross, but this time the players include Mercury at 18 degrees Libra, Uranus at 17 degrees Aries and Pluto at 13 degrees Capricorn. I'm not feeling overly concerned about this T-Cross because Pluto is 5 degrees away from Uranus in Aries and the triple conjunction of Venus/Mars/Jupiter in Virgo supports Pluto in the form of an Earth Trine. However, this t-cross is still gazing at partnerships and wanting us to get the message that if we're stuck in unworkable relationship, it's time to move on, like it, or not. Wishful thinking isn't going to solve any problems, especially in the case where someone feels oppressed or misunderstood by their partner. Uranus says, muster your courage, break the ties, and move on. Unless of course you're happy in your partnership.

The North Node hovers at 0 degrees Libra which also emphasizes lessons with partnerships and creating balance in our lives. Libra also rules legal situations such as divorce, legal contracts, either forging new contracts or breaking ones that aren't creating win-win situations for both parties. With the Taurus Full Moon, some of you could be signing contracts along the lines of mortgages or selling a home. The Taurus Full Moon works well for those scenarios.

Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune with the square tightening another notch. Saturn brings us a reality check and since we're looking at creating balance in our lives, Saturn can help with this by asking us to find the truth in our situations. We all have dreams, but for most of us this involves a step-by-step process and using discernment in manifesting those dreams. Even when we use Law of Attraction tools, we're still following steps. We still have an emotional scale that we climb to bring us closer to our desires. And for me, the most challenging part is surrendering my desires to a higher power and then aligning with them through doing something that feels like fun. Saturn asks us to work hard to reach our goals, whereas Neptune counters that with faith, surrender, and trusting in alignment with a higher power.

Venus, Mars, and Jupiter have joined and travel through October as a Triple Conjunction in Virgo. During the Libra New Moon, the planets opposed Neptune and during the full moon, they now oppose Chiron. My guess is that the Triple Conjunction refers to love, desire, romance and attachment to a partner. If we're single we could meet someone new at this time that really rocks our boat. However, with Chiron in opposition, we have work to do around childhood wounds. We must accept what we can't change and learn to love our shadows. We are who we are, and wishful thinking isn't going to change us. We can't change the events from our childhood that harmed us, but we can accept that those events brought us to where we are today. And we're not alone because everyone on the planet suffered childhood trauma of one kind or another. The key is to revisit this trauma so we can accept what we can't change and then extract wisdom from the situation to help others.

The Scorpio Sun trines Neptune in Pisces (and eventually the Cancer Moon forming a Grand Water Trine), which allows us to power our dreams. In fact, it's a good time to record our nightly dreams and to pay attention to little daydreams that pass through our minds throughout the day. Pay attention to synchronicity as well as, shadows and projections since Scorpio rules that side of us. But for the most part, this is a supportive transit that allows us to explore what lurks in our minds (both dreams and nightmares). 

I think we would all love it if a fairy godmother dropped out of the sky with a magic wand to grant us our three wishes. However, we enjoy those manifestations a lot more if we come from a healed and authentic place. I don't know if any of you have ever eaten cake that was taken out of the oven too soon. It taste horrible. I'm just as impatient as the next person. I want my manna now and I don't want to go through another round of healing. However, having gone through much healing recently, I'm enjoying basking in the light for a while. This is what I wish for all of you, that you clear the way so that you can enjoy your manifestation without worries, doubts, or feelings of undeserving. Grab the brass ring.

PS You might want to check out Kelley Rosano's horoscopes for October 2015. They're glowing.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Aries Lunar Eclipse--Follow the Red Lines

Am I the only one who gazes at the Aries Lunar Eclipse (also a Super Moon), chart for September 27 seeing double? No, I don't require a new pair of glasses, this chart includes double t-crosses with multiple planets joining the crosses. It's so surreal, I find myself detaching and fortunately, both the Mutable and the Cardinal t-crosses have wider orbs.

First, some people experience  Lunar Eclipses as plugging into cosmic electricity. With Uranus and the Moon in Aries opposing Sun, North Node and Mercury; squaring Pluto we're going to bust out of any situation that no longer serves us. Aries and Uranus represent the individual and the way we express our uniqueness. The warrior (Aries) moon either brings out rash or bold energy. If we find ourselves in a uncomfortable situation, we can draw on the Aries moon to embolden us to speak our truth.We won't be acting like the Cowardly Lion, but more like an action hero.

The Sun, North Node, and Mercury in Libra will try to keep the peace, but hopefully not in a way that turns us into doormats. This is not a time to practice passive-aggressive behavior. Mercury is retrograde so people, especially partners could rehash old problems instead of seeking a final solution (such as leaving an unworkable relationship). Some couples are going to tap dance over old pains and grievances, which I don't recommend. What is the fate that brought you together with your partner? Have you completed lessons from that partnership so you can move on now? Remember that full moons, especially ones involved with a Lunar Eclipse, are about completion.

But then again, with the North Node in Libra, restoring balance in partnerships or at least learning how to create this balance in future partnerships is where we are all heading. The North Node is where we are heading, but Mercury RX reflects on the past causing us to revisit people and scenarios so that we can heal them now. People who have a hard time speaking up for themselves will be tested now with situations that appear out of the blew knocking them off balance. But any event in the outer world first began in your subconscious because your soul wants to experience growth and evolution.

Pluto asks us to let go of old structure, old ways of thinking and even traditions that no longer serve us so that we reclaim our power. Pluto is in a weak stationary position having just gone direct two days prior to the Lunar Eclipse and Mercury in Libra gains momentum after going retrograde on the 18th. This will be a confusing month, especially from the 15th onward. We want to leap into action, but that's not a good idea with Mercury RX, Pluto stationary, and the Lunar Eclipse. As with all eclipses, it's best to respond to events that come up and not react to them. Responding means we come from a place of heart centered wisdom, whereas, reacting places us in the role of the victim. I'm thinking that the Uranus-Pluto square is about moving past victim mentality and grabbing the ram by the horns. Become the spiritual warrior and do only what is yours to do while allowing others to learn their own lessons. Otherwise you get entangled karmically with others.

The Mutable T-Cross features a tight orb between Mars in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius and also pulls in Jupiter in Virgo which opposes Neptune. So the t-cross has Jupiter/Mars squaring Saturn in Sagittarius, and opposing Neptune. Saturn is the only planet with concentrated energy. Jupiter and Neptune possess expansive energy and Neptune is a higher octave of Jupiter, both planets figure into spirituality in one way or the other, but Neptune's spirituality has no structure whereas, Jupiter represents religions and dogma. Mars doesn't enjoy transits in Virgo and is only at one degree sort of testing the proverbial toes. Yet, Mars is touchy and critical, even scathing in Virgo so we'll have to watch our tongue during this Lunar Eclipse or cause severe damage to another. We all feel emotions much stronger during a Lunar Eclipse as if we wear our emotions on our skin.

On the other hand, with everything that's going on, this t-cross (I wish Mars wasn't in it), could act as a great benefactor. We could see many stories about philanthropy now or perhaps Pope Francis ends up in the news taking on another humanitarian cause that touches our hearts in such a way, that we return to a spiritual practice of one kind or another. Perhaps we hear a story about the 14th Dalai Lama and decide to practice random acts of kindness which leads to a feeling of Oneness. Not everyone will experience this Lunar Eclipse as traumatic, but many unfortunately will. And those of us placed in a more peaceful place can lift the others up, even with just a kind word. Compassion comes to mind with Jupiter and Neptune playing into the Mutable T-Cross.

The strongest energy I'm sensing when gazing at this chart is that it's time for us to take our masks off and become authentic. This won't happen overnight, but it could too. Let's stop quoting other people, having knee-jerk reactions to life circumstances, and speak our truth. Now, for those of you who have suffered abuse of any kind or feel abandoned by life, this will act as an initiation for you. And like with any initiation, find a teacher or healer you can trust to provide you with the tools that you'll require. And since I'm posting this Lunar Eclipse over a month prior to the event, start working with a teacher now.

If you know a big event is on the way, you make preparations and this Lunar Eclipse is an enormous cosmic event that promises to shake up the planet. I don't know how it will play out because it represents a great unknowable with Uranus and Mars involved. But I do know it's going to test our maturity level and show us what we're made of. We're not the boxer entering the ring even if that image comes to mind, but we are the monk entering the mountain monastery in search of balance, and personal power. There's a saying in the spiritual community, "There's only one of us here." What we experience on the individual level is experienced by the greater whole and any lesson we learns now is a feather in everyone's cap. Only the ego wants to claim our victories as our own, but as each of us shifts our individual consciousness, we clear the path for everyone walking on the path behind us. This is how we heal humanity and the planet.

Flowing Aspects (which I didn't cover in this long post)

Neptune sextile Pluto
Venus trine Uranus (Leo and Aries)
Jupiter trine Pluto (directly affects people born in the 1960s)
Saturn sextile Sun 
Moon trine Saturn (Aries & Sagittarius)

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Virgo Solar Eclipse--Initiation Begins (Get ready)

I'm not a fan of eclipses because many times, I have experienced upheaval during eclipses. Lunar people (Cancer Sun, Moon, or Ascendant) as well as, Solar people (Leo Sun, Moon, or Ascendant) experience the direct impact of an eclipse especially when it lands within a 5 degree orb of their natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or other personal planets.

Watch Astrologer Patricia's video on YouTube highlighting the Virgo Solar Eclipse.

However, think of all those other eclipses as training for the big initiation coming up on September 12. Just like an aspiring shaman undergoes training with an elder or master shaman before going through an initiation, so shall we. If you have done your spiritual work, looked deeply at yourself in the mirror, and cleared out the cobwebs in your soul that trigger ego responses, then you'll be leading the pack. People are going to look at you as a lifeline and all that stuff you have been telling them for years about spiritual evolution is going to finally hit home, at least I hope so.

Like with all eclipses, patience is required as is laying low. If people want to start a fight with you, duck out or dodge the bullets so to speak. Don't engage in other people's ego issues; don't climb on the high horse and judge them either. In fact, remember how it was for you at the start of your spiritual journey. Remember how you kicked and screamed your way into it. We all did. The weaker side of Virgo causes us to wear the hat of a critic and we actually think that we help others by criticizing them. Wrong! Instead, praise people for what they're doing right because no one wants to be punched when they're already on the ground writhing from pain and this eclipse provides a painful passage. Have compassion for your brothers and sisters and just love them where they are to the best of your abilities. Besides, when we point the finger at others, we are actually pointing it at ourselves.
Photo by Patricia Herlevi
The Virgo Solar Eclipse has two t-crosses which I find amazing. When I saw that I nearly fell out of my wood chair. All my poor planets in Mutable Signs said, oh-oh, we're in trouble now. The Mutable T-cross is strange because it pulls Saturn (out of sign) into a wide t-cross with Jupiter and moon/sun in Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces. This is a clumsy t-cross but I think it will work as one. I used the coordinates for Bellingham, Washington so we have the sun/moon/Jupiter in the Fourth House representing the home and mother, Saturn on the cusps of the 6th house (we're going to get down to work), and Neptune in the 10th House which represents career and the public.

Originally I focused on what aspect of Bellingham that my guides told me wouldn't go over well and that I wasn't showing patience with a healing process occurring. So I turned the computer back on and decided to rewrite this paragraph. The Mutable T-Cross in Bellingham's chart is gazing at the home, the work environment and career, but this is a t-cross so there is tension between these three areas which is going to play out differently for different people. Could it be that more people decide to work from home so they can create an environment that is conducive for the type of service they wish to give the world? Could it be that we focus on stay-at-home mothers who create home based businesses? Could it be that the buy local campaign comes under scrutiny again as it does not provide enough high wage jobs?

Look at the houses affected by the eclipse in your birth chart and these are the areas where you evade facing problems and necessary changes instead of coming up with Virgo-inspired solutions. Virgo is the least hedonistic signs in the Zodiac, and in fact, it's not hedonistic at all. This is  sober sign that focuses on fixing problems and analyzing data. It's a sign that wants to get to the point and make changes now, not way off in the future. Saturn in Sagittarius is joining Jupiter in Virgo in a way since Saturn is also a party-pooper or how some people will describe Saturn. It's authority stepping in and telling everyone to clean up their act and get to work. Then finally, we have Neptune in Pisces and this is where we want to escape either into the Higher Mind or through drugs, alcohol, or other addictions. But these addictions can also include too much television, too many movies, music overload, or for performing artists, overwork while trying to get it right (Virgo).

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
We also have a Cardinal T-Cross in this Virgo Solar Eclipse chart which involves Mercury in Libra opposing Uranus in Mars and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This occurs in angular houses in the Bellingham chart which means it's incredibly powerful. Uranus is on the cusps of the 11th House which suggests group or activist activity dealing with partnerships, could even be business partnerships such as big business (Pluto) with Mercury in Libra communicating justice and balance. Are these partnerships really win-win or is that just PR talking? I imagine city government especially in the way of a city attorney is involved with this Cardinal T-Cross. With a general election on the way (November), we can expect heavy campaigning this September and not everyone playing fair. But these are just potentialities since Uranus brings the unexpected which I can't or won't predict.

The good news is that this Cardinal T-Cross brings us intellectual or mind power with Mercury and Uranus opposing each other. The Cardinal T-Cross represents the mind/ego while the Mutable T-Cross reflects more on our heart center. Both t-crosses possess strong masculine energy with the exception of the Virgo Moon getting crushed by the other planets. But let's not think our way out of problems because the answers still reside in our hearts. And the conclusion of this Solar Eclipse is 6 months away when we experience a Virgo Lunar Eclipse (which I haven't looked up yet).

So then, the initiation we face is to leave behind the known and the knowable such as creating economies out of commodities and embracing heart consciousness and healing for all. Getting wealthy off practices and products that eventually harm people doesn't serve anyone in the long run. Money and profit are illusions, but souls are eternal. If we have problems that are so bad that we must find relief in intoxication, then it's time to look at the real wounds and seek appropriate healing outlets. When we heal ourselves, we heal others. Healing ripples out and awakens consciousness. The greatest bliss of all is plugging into the cosmos without any help from chemicals. Try meditation instead and you'll blow your mind in a good way. True, meditation doesn't boost economies, but this Virgo Solar Eclipse isn't about business or economies, it's about healing love en mass.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Moon in Libra--Balancing Act

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Some of you have already grown tired of the Cardinal T-Crosses and I don't blame you. Fortunately, the Cardinal T-Cross for October's new moon features supportive Virgo transits including Venus/Mars/Jupiter. We strike a balance between spiritual and practical with the Virgo Triple Conjunction opposing Neptune as well as, the Cardinal T-Cross with Sun/Moon in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto.

Mercury is at 1 degree Libra and moving direct again so our communication focuses on diplomacy and striking a balance that brings justice and equality to all. It's a tall order, but one we've been working on since Uranus moved into Aries in 2010 and then Mars parked in Libra for 8 months in 2012 and so on. Astrologers have already gone in depth explaining the significance of the Cardinal transits in recent years, but now we also have Mutable transits which bring relief on one hand, but also push us into tight squeeze that demand flexibility on our part. This is easier for people with several planets in Mutable Signs, but a real challenge for people with many planets in Fixed Signs such as Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Besides, the t-cross that comes with the Libra New Moon, this is still a good time to heal partnerships or to forge new ones. This is a time to look at our daily routine and fix what's out of balance. But the emphasis is going to be mainly on one-to-one partnerships with Venus and Mars in Virgo. It's about not fixing what isn't broken, and stop nitpicking and start coming up with solutions and acting upon those solutions. New moons represent new beginnings or setting intentions for a new cycle. So we set intentions to improve our partnerships or if we're single to be clear in our expectations from a partnership so that we don't end up compromising our dreams and values.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Venus and Mars join up with Jupiter in Virgo and oppose Neptune in Pisces. So now we explore whether or not our partnerships are standing on solid ground or just full of hot air. If we tend to glamorize or gloss over our partners then we run into trouble. Perhaps that charming fellow is really an alcoholic but you failed to notice the signs or just pushed them under a rug making excuses for bad behavior. With Venus, Mars, and Jupiter coming together we might dive into our passions and pay the price later, but with these planets transiting in the Earth Sign Virgo, there will be less of a tendency to throw caution to the wind. And Virgo will either get a sense that the relationship is on solid ground or heading into a tempest. Neptune isn't going to help matters except in the case of warnings that appear in dreams.

On the other hand, these planets lay down the groundwork for manifesting our desires provided we leave some legroom for our desires. Sometimes we think we desire one thing then it shows up and we realize that we desired something entirely different. That's the sort of thing that can happen with this planetary line up. Fortunately, we experience a square with Venus and Saturn that also helps us to slow down or put the brakes on completely. With Saturn we can always delay a situation and come back to it later in the month or even months later. If the timing feels off on a partnership (intimate or business), then wait it out. Women might also find that they are dealing with father issues that crop in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

Overall, the Libra New Moon asks us to create balance in all areas of our lives but the emphasis is on partnerships and even contracts. It's time to speak our truth about what we find fair or unfair while seeking justice for everyone, not just the usual power players (that's what Uranus in Aries is about--leveling the playing field). I actually feel that the Libra New Moon is going to challenge us, but the Taurus Full Moon at the month's end will bring us a well-deserved respite. If you feel like kicking back the last week of the month, go for it. You'll need your rest because November looks crunchy with the Cardinals playing hardball and an exact square with Saturn and Neptune.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Virgo Post--Mister & Missus Fix It (or not)

Even though I was planning on keeping the Virgo survey open until September 5, life circumstances cause me to write this Virgo post while I have a place to stay (until I rent a permanent home). Yes, I'm doing that tour thing of my home town again. Let's get to the 10 respondents for the Virgo survey and Virgo in general because this is another sign who receives a bad rap, but most of that comes through misunderstanding of the Virgo mind, body, and soul.

First, Virgo is the Zodiac Sign that completes the summer (or winter) season, depending on where you reside in the world. This is usually seen as a harvest sign, but that would occur in the Northern Hemisphere since I doubt countries in the Southern Hemisphere are harvesting grains at the end of their winter season. While Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo currently and in classic astrology some astrologers are making the argument that Ceres is the modern ruler for Virgo.

So let's take a look at that because it actually changes how we see the Virgo energies. Ceres, also known as Demeter in ancient Greek culture (what we now call mythology), was the mother of Persephone, the maiden abducted by Pluto/Hades and taken to the Underworld. When Demeter or Ceres lost her daughter, she plunged the world into death or a perpetual winter where nothing could grow. Therefore we see Ceres as an agricultural planet, but also a planet reflecting on fierce motherhood. I like to think of Ceres too as how we nourish ourselves, our digestive system, and the way we assimilate food, energy, and love.

Vestal Virgins, Wikipedia
I also equate the asteroid Vesta with Virgo, referring to the Vestal Virgins. Virgo also represents the nun or the monk as well as, saints and holy people who walk the sacred path and sometimes gaze jaundice-like at society. Virgo also represents the wise hermit living on the edge of a village and only consulted for serious matters. When I see a lot of Virgo energy in a chart, I'm usually dealing with a sober-minded person who resides in the analytical side of the brain and prefers practical rather than spiritual solutions. However, the polar opposite of Virgo is Pisces which is about spirit. So the challenge for Virgo is to bridge the gap between practical and spiritual solutions/practices. Virgo has the ability to become a visionary and see the bigger picture, especially through meditation or spiritual devotion.

So let's look at the results of the Virgo survey (which is closed now). Nine of the ten respondents are women so I thank the lone man who responded too. One respondent is under 20, 3 are ages 21 to 35, 2 are 36 to 50 years of age and 4 are over 50 years. Five respondents consider themselves fixers, one did not, and four were unsure, but they could ask their friends and colleagues. Four respondents were born from 1962 to 1970 when Uranus and Pluto were in Virgo shaping a sub-generation who came to the planet to usher in changes through innovative solutions found in the deep subconscious (Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio).

Since sex is something that comes up with Virgos (either they engage in a lot of sex or are practice celibacy), three of the respondents had their first sexual relationship in their early to mid-teens, six had their first encounter in their late teens or college and one is a late bloomer. As far as finding the perfect mate, 5 are still looking, 2 say that the perfect mate does not exist, and 3 prefer to be alone. Virgos are known for being choosy about mates. When asked if they consider themselves perfectionists, 7 responded yes and 3 no, but you must remember not all the respondents have their Sun in Virgo. Only 5 of the respondents have a Virgo Sun, 2 have a Virgo Moon and 3 have a Virgo Ascendant. And out of the Virgo Sun 1 has Mercury in Leo and 4 in Libra. Two respondents said that they didn't know where the sign of their Mercury but I'm guessing they have a Virgo Moon or AC and not a Virgo Sun.

St. Raphael, Wikipedia
The responses for the career surprised me because I expected to find the Virgo Sun folks working in the medical profession, social services, high tech or communications mainly, with a few working in the arts (because of the Pisces polarity). However, only 2 respondents work in fine and performing arts, 0 in social services and high tech, 1 in the medical field and 2 in communications. Five respondents checked the box for career not listed in the survey questions so that leaves me wondering what fields they work in.

However, having said that, Virgo Suns especially do well in any career that involves coming up with solutions to problems. They also make excellent healers, practical intuitives, yoga teachers, astrologers (they pay attention to details), and teachers, though they are better at one-on-one teaching rather than teaching an entire class or large audience, unless they have a lot of Leo and Libra energies in their natal charts. You will find Virgos working in high tech because they are solution-oriented and work well with technology, even though some say they despise high tech or are too stupid to learn software (not true). Virgos also make good engineers and architects because they are detail and solution oriented. They see what others miss.

Virgos aren't so good at sales or marketing, but they are excellent writers and editors. Any job in publishing that involves taking care of details works well for Virgo. And if they don't want to work on the publishing or editorial end of the industry, they are excellent authors too, especially authors of non-fiction such as self-help books.

Now, let's get to the shadow side of Virgo which is the perfectionism and overcritical thinking. They sometimes have a challenging time making decisions because they get too caught up in the details, and when that happens I advise my dear Virgo friends to hop on over to the Pisces polarity so they can see the bigger picture. Meditation is your friend, Virgo. Yes, Virgos nitpick, and yes, they criticize their loved ones. But one astrologer whose books I read many years ago said that Virgos criticize others because they are overly critical of themselves. So we get a projection happening. And it's true that your Virgo friends and colleagues are dying to give you a makeover, if not your physical body then your entire life. They really do mean well, even if it's annoying at times.

Is it a myth that Virgos are hypochondriacs? No. Virgos do tend to dredge up illnesses and health conditions from either too much stress in their lives or from the delusional side of the Pisces polarity. Many Virgos, despite their Earth Sign status are empathic so they pick up on other people's illnesses or imagine that they have illnesses that they read about or learn about in the medical and healing professions. I'm guessing many Virgos suffer from allergies, especially food allergies and intolerance. Virgo rules the small intestine and so digestion and assimilation come up leading the Virgo Sun, especially to watch his or her diet. Gluten-intolerance and lactose-intolerance are most likely issues Virgo Sun and Virgo Moon face. However, with the Virgo Moon, it's more of an emotional issue and can be healed through affirmations and doing manifestation work.

Virgos will be in the spotlight for some time because this sign is Mutable and because Jupiter and the North Node will be in Virgo and Chiron and Neptune remain in the polar opposite sign, Pisces and then Saturn will be transiting in Sagittarius until December 2017. Also the Pluto in Virgo folks play a larger role now bringing innovative solutions to the planet. If you fall into this sub-generation, please refer to the tabs for 1960s born folks. I want you to get that information and use it in your lives.

In closing, Virgos have many attributes which go unacknowledged because they're not as shiny as the Leos that precede them or as charming as the Libras who follow them on the Zodiac Wheel. Virgos are the go-to fix-it person, they work hard, pay attention to details, bring us practical solutions and sometimes inspired practical solutions. They have integrity and expect you to have integrity too and they believe in the purity of intent. Once they heal themselves, they have powerful healing abilities and they are excellent body workers, especially massage therapists. Virgos roll up their sleeves, get to work and don't clamber for attention the way other signs do. They give without expecting anything in return and even when they annoy the heck out of us, they mean well.

Although Virgos don't make a grab for the spotlight, many celebrities have Virgo as their Sun Sign including: Chrissy Hynde (Pretenders), Elvis Costello, Michael Jackson, Greta Garbo, and Richard Gere, to name a handful.

As far as relationships, Virgos remember that you need space. You require a room in your home that you use as your sanctuary. You're not the type to leap into a relationship without weighing the pros and cons, but you also don't jump into a relationship because of what you might get from it. You expect the other person to walk his or her talk and if they don't, you lose interest in them. And most of all, you prefer work to romance. Work, after all, pays the bills and puts food on the table. And when it comes to food, you're always present at the harvest.

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