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Evolution through the Zodiac (Signs Representing Childhood, Young Adult and Elder Years)

Last night I thought about the inner child of the first 4 Zodiac Signs (Aries through Cancer) and this lead me to this post about the soul's evolution through the Zodiac.  I realize that I'm not delving into new territory here since astrologers have grouped the Zodiac Signs in the same way for decades.  However, by revisiting the topic each of us delves into the energies of our Sun, Moon and Ascendant and stop squelching our natural tendencies.

Early to Late Childhood 

So let's start with the Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer since these signs reflect early to late childhood.  Aries represents the infant flowing out of the womb (or more like rushing out of the womb) and taking his or her first breath in the material realm.  Aries, a Cardinal Sign carries the impatience and pushiness associated with this quality.  On the plus side Aries possesses a pioneering spirit and lives in the moment.  This is why Aries (and it's polar opposite Libra) want things to happen now because there is no future with this active sign that grows bored too easily.  Aries also relates to the Mars Return also known as the "terrible twos" and any mother with a two year old can relate to the tantrums, screaming, and urgency of their children.

Taurus represents the child entering the world through his or her senses.  These children glow in sensations of fragrances, touch of soft fabric and the tastes of different food.  A Fixed Sign, Taurus moves much slower in the world than Aries and wants to take his or her time exploring the environment and drinking it all in.  Never rush a Taurus child or Taurus in general.  Only then will you experience the fireworks which usually doesn't last long.  Taurus simply makes the point than moves onto the next sensual experience with or without you.  These folks are easily enchanted by the natural world and many believe in nature spirits.  For adults the inner child comes out through baking cookies and cakes, face painting, working with fragrant oils and through fine arts as well as domestic crafts.  Some of these folks love getting their hands in the soil and garden or farm for a living.

Gemini invented word play and must have invented word games.  They enjoy using their wit and outsmarting their parents or peers. Gemini has fun with computer games, social media, and talking for hours on their mobile phones. They enjoy impressing others with bits of knowledge they picked up here and there or connecting people to each other.  I'm reminding of those dot-to-dot pages in my old coloring books.  The inner child of Gemini resembles Peter Pan in that these folks choose not to grow up and become part of the boring adult world.  While sharing the news with other appeals to them, it's only because the news provides talking points and ways to engage with others.  Similar to Libra, Gemini must relate to others unless they're going through their inward phase then they resemble Virgo more.

Cancer has such a strong connection to the Mother that they either cling to their childhood so they experience mothering/nurturing from others or they play the role of the "little Mama".  This applies to both men and women Cancerians. They nurture goldfish and plants, talk to trees, and if they were raised in a non-toxic home, they feel comfortable slowing down and practicing self-care which usually involves some activity that reflects back to their childhood or mother.  They enjoy scrap booking or revisiting childhood or young adulthood photographs. They keep birthday cards from their childhood and bring those out when no one is looking because they feel sentimental. Or they listen to old songs from their childhood so they can rehash old scenarios and feelings associated with those scenarios.

Alice in Wonderland, Wikipedia
Late Childhood to Young Adulthood 

We start off with Leo representing the teen years.  Here we have all the drama of the first date, the prom (getting asked out or not), skin blemishes, humiliation/peer pressure, and the desire to shine in the spotlight.  Here we have sports teams and star athletes, cheerleaders, prom queens and other high school and early college royalties.  There's the drama of slamming doors and shouting back at parental or authority figures then charming one's way back into a person's affection.  There's the boyfriends, girlfriends, breakups and heartache and sometimes early marriages to the high school sweetheart.

In the adult years, the drama continues to play out with more door slamming,. more demands of another person's affection and attention as well as, having to shine in the spotlight.  When used positively, the Leo folks use their charisma to further a cause (think Robert Redford) or to create theatrical entertainment (Kate Bush).  They are creative and generous with their creativity bringing inspiration to others who choose to collaborate with the Leos (Sun, Moon and Ascendant).  They bring out creative talents in others and coach them along, as long as everyone knows who the real star is.

Virgo represents a different young adult or teen.  This one is fussy about health and nutrition and strives for perfectionism.  They are meticulous and thrive in environments that require excellent communication and organizational skills.  Unlike Leo, they prefer to stand in the background and focus on the purity of intention. If these folks aren't careful they take perfectionism to extreme and the result is eating disorders or acting overcritical towards others alienating friends and relatives. Yet the role of Virgo is to purify his or her surroundings and to bring a sense of order to the world.  They are solution-oriented when they don't focus on flaws in others or situations.

Libra acts as the hostess and host of the Zodiac.  This sign is in balance when everyone acts agreeable with them and answers to their demands, not always presented in a diplomatic fashion (remember the Aries polarity).  Since Libra is Cardinal energy, these folks can come across as pushy and demanding, especially when they tip the scales.  Yet, they bring refinement to the picture and cleanse any vulgarity left behind from the earlier signs.  As far as childlike urges, Libra finds playful outlets in dance, yoga, gymnastics and trapeze.  They also find pleasure in traveling to other cultures and extending diplomacy.  At their best, they practice cooperation and share what they have with others.  At their worst, they are petty gossipers who get off on harming the reputation of others, especially others they find more charming than themselves.

Scorpio acts as the therapist in the Zodiac or as a detective dredging up the truth.  Their main lesson is that of integrity.  Remember as children when our parents told us not to lie to others? Scorpio also despises people who don't practice what they preach.  As adults, Scorpio revisits childhood issues, especially regarding parents or siblings.  When done right, they release those wounds and practice forgiveness. When done wrong, they allow those wounds and their resentment to fester thus clogging up their energy field.  Try manifesting when you clog up your energy field and only more suffering results from those efforts.

The inner child of Scorpio remembers childhood pain and slight all too well.  When they revisit painful scenarios intense emotions come up.  The Scorpio Sun or Moon will either shut down those feelings and act coldly detached or will seek out matching situations where they enact revenge. More than any other sign, they project their darkness onto others instead of bravely delving into those shadows to own them.  The Eagle or Phoenix Scorpios do the inner work and this leads them on powerful healing paths. I don't know the sign of the late Debbie Ford, but I imagine she has Scorpio in her chart since she embodied the Phoenix type of Scorpio.

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Adulthood, Elder Years and Transition (known as death)

By the time the Sun or Moon moves into Sagittarius and this also includes the 9th House, we find our inner child through travel, academics, exploring other cultures and through humor. Here we experience the midlife crisis and leave a marriage that felt suffocating.  Or we sell the house which felt like a burden and travel the world or buy a mobile home and roam the country of our origin.  Here you have the traveling or retired university professor, the world musician or the anthropologist.  On the more conservative side we have the religious leader or politician.

The dark side of Sagittarius occurs when the Sun or Moon comes off as overly pompous or too idealistic.  They recall their childhood dreams and wonder why they failed to manifest them.  They could end up blaming others such as parents, teachers or spouses, while not taking responsibility for bad choices they made along the way.  They find their inner child through risk-taking in the form of gambling, rock-climbing, or numerous sexual conquests.  However, if the Sagittarius Sun finds positive ways to express the inner child such as sharing wisdom gained from those earlier experiences, travel or engaging in other cultures, they move into their elder years with grace.

Capricorn and Aquarius represent two sides of the elder years.  We have the elder who looks back to the past for answers (Capricorn) and the other elder who looks to the future (Aquarius).  We have known the Aquarius elders as the women wearing purple and red hats, elder activists, and semi-retired professors who teach new methods of architecture and urban planning or promote permaculture.  The Volunteer Simplicity movement and aging Baby Boomers also come to mind as do aging rock stars.

The Capricorn elder follows the usual retirement model with plenty of savings in the bank or invested in this or that company.  They have lost their pushy Cardinal quality and settle into their elder years while sharing wisdom they gained to grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Many of these folks suffer from bone and connective tissues ailments which leaves some immobile and while some form of exercise, especially playful exercise (such as going for a stroll or spending time in a natural setting) benefit them, many sink into depression instead.  Movement of any kind is crucial to the Capricorn Sun, Moon or Ascendant especially during the later years of life.

Finally we reach the end represented by Pisces Sun, Moon and Ascendant.  Here we prepare and hopefully with grace and forgiveness, for the final days on the material plane.  In their elder years, Pisces Sun and Moon recall childhood events in vivid details usually provoked by hearing an old song.  Pisces of any age benefit from flowing activity such as painting, dancing, singing, or playing a musical instrument.  Watching or making movies (easy with today's technology) bring up the creative inner child.

Since nursing homes, hospitals and hospices are ruled by Pisces, any type of art or music therapy helps with the transition as do spiritual practices such as prayer, prayer circles (others praying for the Pisces or dying person) and meditation.  Religious practices from childhood, especially early childhood surface now and appeal to the person on the precipice of ascension.  For those folks suffering from dementia or memory loss of some type, listening to childhood music acts as a boon (or music from early adult years).  Memories (remembering, forgiving and letting go) play a larger role during these final years or just the everyday Piscean experience.   The trick is to not get lost in those memories and to ground them into daily reality.

So there you go, a journey through the Zodiac Signs as we acknowledge each sign's role in the evolution of humanity.  I hope you have enjoyed this journey and have explored your role in the Zodiac Wheel.

I am an astrologer/intuitive coach and author residing in Washington State.  I use a multimedia approach in my work and I prefer to work with creative types (the inner artist).  Sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

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