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Overview: Images from the animation television show, “The Jetsons” pops into my mind as I approach 1962 because this year Seattle hosted the World’s Fair and introduced the world to its iconic symbol the Space Needle and the monorail.  Also in 1962, the Pacific Northwest (US) experienced a windstorm on Columbus Day that left 35 dead in Oregon and 7 dead in Seattle.  Iran experienced a devastating earthquake as did other regions around the world that year.

And speaking of shakeups, 1962 was rife with them including Marilyn Monroe’s death, the Cuban Missle Crisis, Rachel Carson published Silent Spring, and California experienced the first escape from the prison on Alcatraz Island.  On the iconic side, Andy Warhol appeared in Pop Art with his famous Soup Cans and the first James Bond movie appeared on the silver screen.

People were watching Mulligan’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Kubrick’s Lolita, Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia, Kurosawa’s Sanjuro, Polanski’s Knife in the Water, Truffaut’s Jules and Jim, Buñuel’s The Exterminating Angel, and Tarkovsky’s Ivan’s Childhood.

Celebrities born during 1962 include: Jodi Foster, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Jim Carey, Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Sheryl Crow, M.C. Hammer, Bo Jackson, Matthew Broderick and Stephen Daldry.

Coming up in 1963, Wikipedia

A sober January began the year with Saturn moving into Aquarius joining Jupiter in Aquarius, but we knew something was unexpected.  Neptune and Pluto continued its sextile fusing the world with new age spirituality, new music, deep psychology, and revolution in the air, if not in actual revolutions than at least in revolutionary thinking.  People born at this time would march to the beat of their own drum and probably play the drum too.  Saturn would stay in Aquarius for another 2 1/2 years.

In February, Jupiter squared Neptune possibly bringing a spiritual crisis of one type or another or a crisis of conscience.  Uranus went retrograde bringing another color to the Aquarius theme that begun the year.  People born during this month might feel jaded as they grew older or just felt like they didn’t fit into the game plan.  Perhaps they felt that religion did not have answers for them either, but fell prey to alternative religions or dubious practices due to the gullibility of having a Sun in Pisces or Aquarius and feeling the Jupiter-Neptune square.

Jupiter opposed Uranus in March, adding more to the strange brew of emotions and rational thought.  Children born at this time could grow into narcissists or humanitarians or just feel like they ride a see-saw between their personal needs and those of humanity, but seeing the whole picture proves challenging.

Finally, Jupiter moved into Pisces in April, while Saturn formed an inconjunct with Pluto and meanwhile, Neptune continued the 10 year sextile with Pluto.  Could the children born this time become more open to new age spiritual practices as they grew older or alternative healing? Certainly they would have felt the world in need of deep healing growing up, but they would have felt skeptical of status quo practices in medicine and other areas.  They might have been born to radical parents or immigrant parents.  No matter the case, these children grew up with a strong urge  to fix what they felt was broken.

In May, Jupiter (what an active planet!) trined Neptune bringing a balanced view to spirituality and opening the door to spiritual practices from other countries and cultures.  Jupiter also opposed Pluto so critical thinking about these practices kept people grounded.  Children born at this time would be visionaries, dreamers, and open to heighten spiritual awareness which may or may not have been shutdown by their parents or authority figures.  Or they would grow up in a home with an open view to spiritual practices and embrace other cultures.  These children might have been born to more nomadic types whether that included military families or they were the children of celebrities such as rock stars.

Saturn squared Neptune exact, and Neptune and Jupiter formed a trine until June 11. Again, we were dealing with spirituality and religion as well as, profound changes in the performing arts, mainly cinema and music.  This would have been an extremely creative and flowing time to be born and these children would have most likely grown up to work in a creative field and if they don’t work in a creative field currently or a healing profession, now is the time to question why with these birth aspects.

In August, Jupiter opposed Pluto, Uranus transits into Virgo, and the Jupiter-Neptune trine continued.  The major sea change was Uranus moving into Virgo and out of feiry and arrogant Leo.  With Uranus now in Virgo, we would see children born within the next seven years bring revolutionary changes and inventions to the planet during their adult years.  We can safely say that many of these children are Indigo in that they knew they came to the planet to solve and fix centuries old problems, but not until recent decades, have their life mission revealed itself.  This group is either fully awake at the present or will be shortly.  And boy are they powerful, especially when Pluto and Uranus form a conjunction later on.

September brought confusion with Uranus in Virgo inconjunct Saturn in Aquarius, as well as, Uranus opposite Jupiter in Pisces. The themes from August continued with a yield sign thrown in the face.  Uranus in Virgo wanted to bring revolutionary ideas or revolutions to fix the problems that humanity faced, but Jupiter in Pisces sought a spiritual solution by gazing at spiritual practices from other cultures or traditions.  But authority figures would hold up a yield sign snce they would have felt confused by all the rapid changes happening in the world.  Definitely, sparks of a great awakening that would occur decades later were already presenting themselves but the mass majority wasn’t ready for the transformation so the tension would have caused conflicts and war.  We also saw tension between political ideologies and tension mounting between Communist Cuba and the US, both claiming that their idealism was the will of the people.

In October, Uranus in Virgo opposed Jupiter in Pisces and the main conflict would appear as the mystic verses the savior.  Do I go into a mountain and meditate and seek my own spiritual path or do I find a way to serve the planet.  With the North Node in Leo, the children born during this time would need to find a way to serve the planet that did not turn them into martyrs, such as working in the arts, or using theater in a healing way.  They would need to bring some element of play into their work, forgo the urge to sacrifice their own needs for another and find a way to empower others through their hearts.  The year would end on this note.  The words by Bob Dylan, pop into my mind, “Something’s happening, but you don’t know what it is, Mrs. Jones.”

Death of JFK in 1963, Wikipedia

Overview: As the 1960s built up steam, so did the revolutionary spirit, battles between ideologies, as well as, the cries for human rights and dignity.  Change was definitely felt lingering in the air.  Highlights from that year include the March on Washington (Civil Rights) where MLK Jr. delivered his infamous “I Have a Dream” speech.  In Vietnam, a Buddhist monk sets himself on fire against the civil war in Vietnam, the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing also happened in 1963, as did the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  On the stranger side, the first episode of Dr. Who hit the television screens and the first woman was sent into space and a Great Train Robbery took place in England.  On a literary note, Betty Friedan published The Feminine Mystique.

Playing on the silver screen: Imamura’s The Insect Woman, Mankiewicz’s Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor, Hitchcock’s Birds, Fellini’s 8 1/2 (the first of his surreal movies, when he transitioned from Social Realism to Surrealism), Godard’s Contempt, Visconti’s The Leopard, and (Satyajit) Ray’s The Big City.

The Beatles gained popularity in England and prepared to tour the US (1964) and popular music underwent a facelift with a British accent influenced by the American blues, but this was yet to hit the American shores.

Celebrities born in 1963 include: Johnny Depp, Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt, Whitney Houston, John Stamos, Mike Meyers, Lisa Kudrow,  Jet Li, Helen Hunt, Charles Barkley (athlete), François Girard (Director of The Red Violin), Steven Soderbergh, Kathy Ireland, Conan Chris O’ Brien, Natasha Richardson, Anne-Sophie Mutter (German violinist), Tori Amos, Elizabeth Frazer (Scottish singer for the Cocteau Twins), and American singer-songwriter Natalie Merchant.

March on Washington, Wikipedia

1963 was a year of yods involving outer planets (so slow moving yods) with Neptune and Pluto sextile at the apex and Jupiter in Aries forming inconjuncts.  We saw this May, June, July, October, November 18 when it separates.  (For more information about yods, read my article, Blame it on Yod.

In January, we continued the outer planets from December and in February, Jupiter trined Neptune exact from February 1-5, creating a spiritualized experience so Aquarius children born during that week would most likely grow up to explore energy medicine and more far out or forward-thinking spiritual practices.  They might end up as the only Buddhist among Christians or the only Christian among Buddhist.  It’s possible that they would rebel against religion and spiritual practices all together based on a philosophical belief and they might rebel and thumb their noses at religious people.  With Jupiter also opposite Pluto in February, this rebellion against formal religion specifically, would be based on exaggerated idealogy or intense skepticism with Pluto in Virgo opposing Jupiter in spiritualized Pisces.  The child could start out religious, brought up in a religious environment and then rebel during adolescence or college years.  Or the child was brought up in a non-religious home and becomes a seeker or pilgrim trying out various religious practices throughout his or her lifetime.

In March, Saturn in Aquarius squares Neptune in Scorpio again, while Neptune is tied at the hip to Pluto in Virgo (on-going sextile).  Could the children born during this time be born into eccentric homes? Perhaps the parents argued about opposing ideologies or the mother was a feminist while the father expected her to play the role of stay-at-home wife and mother, but she sneaked feminists into the home for meetings.  Something secretive was going on with one or both parents and at least one of the parents pushed the limits of respectibility. Perhaps, there was a problem with drugs, sexuality, or revolutionary thoughts appearing in an otherwise conservative household.  Children born during this time would end up with confusing mixed messages (Neptune in Scorpio squared Saturn in Aquarius) and could end up with hypochondria or phobias around germs, Neptune in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Virgo.  Or they could grow up into healers due to the compassion they developed for the wounded parents.

In May, Uranus in Virgo went direct and Jupiter in Aries slid into a yod with Pluto and Neptune adding to the already intense confusion of this surreal year.  No wonder Fellini started making nonsensical movies in 1963!  Though one Dutch astrologer I saw on YouTube mentioned that Virgo and Aries actually boost each other so perhaps that brought relief to this outer planet yod that continued through July and then picked up again in October, finally separating on November 18.  In July at least, Jupiter in Aries formed a sextile with Saturn still in Aquarius which would have also brought some relief to the yod experience.

But this does not take away from the fact that children born during this time would feel the yod’s tension until they reached their late 40s or early 50s when they could finally synthesize all the threads caused by the yod and all those seemingly past failures turn out to be alchemist gold thus creating a wonderful new path in midlife or a fabulous career. Who would have thought? That’s how yods work.  In September, Uranus in Virgo finally caught up to Pluto and the planets conjunct while sextiling Neptune.  Life got even more weird.  Meanwhile, the sextile with Jupiter and Saturn continued and we have a temporary separation in the yod that forms again in October.  The yod separated on November 18 (according to my notes, which I wrote under December).  In any case, December looked like the lightest transit month in 1963, an eventful year that hinted at times to come during the revolutionary 1960s.

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