Thursday, April 23, 2015

Getting under the Skin of Capricorn

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When I get an idea scratching at my brain, I usually try to ignore it. Yesterday, this post on Capricorn nagged me throughout the day.Write about Capricorn individuals and energy because it will help others to understand the real story behind Pluto transiting in Capricorn. Since I have a Capricorn Ascendant, come from a family with half of my relatives with Capricorn Suns, and because I'm an astrologer, here you go.

First let's look at the planetary ruler of Capricorn, otherwise known as Saturn. We know Saturn as a hard-luck planet and that any child with a Capricorn Moon, Sun, or Ascendant who survives childhood will most likely thrive as an adult. Saturn rules integrity, responsibility, discipline, and walking the path alone, as well as, climbing the proverbial, or even actual mountain. Most Capricorns know about the value of hard work and most Capricorns will sacrifice temporary well-being for the bigger picture. Think of the Vietnamese immigrant sleeping on the floor of a restaurant to save money to buy his own restaurant.

Saturn and Capricorn rule the skin and other connective tissue along with the knees and lower spine. Many Capricorns have health issues with the skin, knees, back, and connective tissues. Capricorns also forgo nurturing themselves even though their polar opposite, Cancer rules nurturing and mothering. Capricorn and Saturn remind me of the stern father who leaves for work every morning while the wife takes care of all the touchy-feeling stuff. He's the breadwinner in the Zodiac and also the social climber. This is a stereotype but it works in describing the Capricorn energy.

The Capricorn paradox is that he or she believes that they must go it alone on the road to success, but at the same time, look for powerful mentors to attached to like barnacles on a rock. Don't believe that the Capricorn is a self-made man or woman and that they achieved success through only hard work and sacrifice. While that's true on the surface, Capricorns know who is useful to their career and aren't afraid to pursue those leaders of industry or powerful community members. They might even worship leaders in their respective industry and emulate the leaders' behavior. Capricorn also loves attending business tycoon and motivational seminars. Anything with "leadership" in the title appeals to these folks.

Now like every Zodiac Sign, Capricorns possess a higher and a lower vibration. The Capricorns who only think of their career and what's in it for them obviously float along at a lower vibration. Capricorns who give back to their community, share their wisdom, mentor younger generations, as well as, build solid structure that sustains humanity, soar at a higher vibration. Now, we all have Capricorn somewhere in our Natal charts and the 10th House is always ruled naturally by Capricorn even if we have Leo on the cusps of the 10th. Having Capricorn on the cusps of an angular House (1, 4, 7 and 10) holds emphasis in a chart even if none of your planets fall in Capricorn. Having planets land in especially the 1st and 10th Houses (Ascendant and Midheaven) presents strong Capricorn tendencies, especially with the Ascendant.  For instance, many people think that I'm a Capricorn because of my Ascendant in Capricorn, but I have no planets in my First House and no planets in Capricorn. I do have my South Node in Capricorn so I know this energy well.

Houses with Capricorn on the cusps carry the themes of integrity, taking responsibility verses shirking responsibility, a karmic vibe (law of cause and effect), and a sense of punishment verses righteousness. Capricorn falls under the Earth element and this is a grounded, structured, and even religious sign. Now, when I talk religion, the Capricorn could be a member of any major religion or committed spiritual group. A solid Capricorn doesn't flirt with a different spiritual practice every week and they cast a jaundice eye at new age spirituality practices. Capricorn grounds itself in "reality" and this reality comes from the general consensus of reality, and not a reality dreamed up by hazy Neptune or off-the-chart Uranus.

I remember astrologers telling Capricorns that they didn't need to fear their Saturn Returns since they already embodied those energies and lessons from growing up Capricorn. Many Capricorns take on responsibilities at an early age and often feel like they are parenting their parents and thus robbed of a childhood. They tend to work hard in school and take several small jobs on the side because they enjoy earning their own way in the world. They also value money, even the Capricorns who say that they don't (they are lying to themselves). Capricorns respect people who work hard and climb their way to the top, especially seem heroic if they fought off addictions and other dragons along the way. Similar to Leo, they enjoy status symbols, but for different reasons than Leo. Capricorns love the comfort and security of status, not the spotlight. Recognition means little to them if money doesn't come with the package.

Since Saturn is the ruler of time and 3-dimensional reality along with the structures that go along with 3-D reality, I imagine Capricorns have the most difficult time entering the Quantum Age. They exist in the here and now, not some far off dimension with unfamiliar structure. Then along comes Pluto in 2008 entering Capricorn and knocking down old structure. To further emphasize this transformation process, Saturn spent two and a half years in Scorpio (until last December and again this summer). Capricorn might be the most grounded of Zodiac Signs (though Taurus is a strong contender for this title), but when the Earth starts shaking and slime oozes up from the underground caverns, Capricorn starts to feel a bit nervous if not outright anxious.

Pluto delivered its first blow to Capricorns and other front line Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer and Libra), with the collapse of the banking system and stock market in 2008-09. Now, we can look at the glossed over surface and say, "Yeah, but the big banks are still around and so is the stock market." But this is illusion because below and even above the surface, we see a rise in solo entrepreneurs, people leaving the cubicle world in droves, people building and living in houses under 300 square feet (which represents another side of Capricorn which revolves around conserving resources and condensing resources). Experiments in renewable energy technology, new healing modalities that bring instance healing in some cases, and new monetary systems have also missed the radar known as mass media. Pluto in Capricorn also brings up debates and issues around fossil fuels with the combination of Scorpio/Pluto and Capricorn/Saturn. Conserving resources and conserving the earth verses cashing in on what remains, foster contention among different groups.

Besides contending with Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn types have also contended with Mars in Libra for over 8 months in 2013-14, the North Node in Libra which squared Pluto January through April of 2015, and of course the squares with Uranus in Aries. Then when the faster moving planets move into the Cardinal Signs, Pluto in Capricorn experiences conjunctions, squares and oppositions, all of which are challenging transits when Pluto is involved. Even when Pluto goes retrograde, we have the task of integrating the lessons learned and wisdom gained from the six months Pluto traveled direct. Let's also not forget the numerous eclipses that pulled in Pluto in Capricorn.

Now, we have some good news as far as Cardinal Energy goes with the North Node moving into Virgo this November, but Uranus stays in Aries for another four years and Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2024. I believe that this Pluto transit in Capricorn awakens those Capricorn Sun, Moon, and Ascendant people who still vibrate at a lower frequency (the what's in it for me crowd). Transformation through Capricorn also works on us less grounded types (people with strong Neptune in their charts), in that Capricorn forces us to face reality and take responsibility for ourselves and to share our wisdom with others. However, at the same time with Uranus in Aries, we are finding that it's not just the elderly who hold the keys to wisdom because children have their own wisdom which revolves around innovations that promises to save life on the planet. Capricorn rules time--both the beginning and the endpoint. Also have you ever noticed the wisdom that Capricorn children in particular possess? Often times we refer to Capricorn children as little old men and women.

We have moved past the most challenging Cardinal transits with Pluto in Capricorn. The monster eclipses, the long Mars transit in Libra, the North Node in Libra, and the Uranus-Pluto exact squares are falling into the background. However, Capricorn and Saturn are slow movers and while they initiate changes and in the case of Pluto, transformation, these changes only appear urgent on the surface. As we produce new monetary systems, change the real estate market with alternative homes, build businesses on ethics and integrity, return to communities instead of living the motto, "Every man for himself," we slowly enter a way of being on the Earth. And just as we would expect, these changes come from the younger generations then ripple outward. It will be interesting to watch how the Pluto in Capricorn generation handles Climate Change, and other "realities" we currently face. The oldest child from this generation is a mere seven years old at this point, going through the first major Saturn transit.

However, with Pluto in Capricorn we can expect big ideas and solutions to come from small packages, meaning younger folks. Uranus in Aries also speaks of revolutionary and innovative children or at least our innovative inner children if only we would allow ourselves to step out of the box (Saturn built), and enjoy playtime where we engage our imagination. With Neptune transiting in Pisces until 2025, daydreaming could reap solutions too. Pluto doesn't just transform Capricorn types, but transforms the world so that each of us honors ethics and integrity as well as, taking responsibility for our own happiness as we climb the mountain to a higher way of being on Planet Earth.

I strongly recommend anyone with Cardinal and Mutable Sign Natal planets to get either a Natal chart or Solar Return reading in 2015. While the Cardinal energy is waning a bit, the Mutable energies are picking up momentum. Think of an astrology reading as realigning your compass to point to your North.  I also give intuitive coaching sessions for entrepreneurs and artists.  Check out my offerings at Metaphysics for Everyday Living. Also if fees are an issue look for a friend or family member to gift you with a reading.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Moon Forecast for May 2015--Lazy Dreams

photo by Patricia Herlevi, tree in Bellingham WA
I'm looking forward to the New Moon at 27 degrees Taurus (26 56) on May 17. This Moon bodes well for farmers, gardeners, or anyone planting new seeds for projects, love relationships or other ventures. There is one caveat though that comes in the form of indulging in laziness and daydreaming.

Here in the Pacific Northwest spring came early with flowering trees, gardens in full bloom, but along with that came a proliferation of weeds of every kind. Now, what some people call weeds other people call medicine so let's keep this in perspective. Let's just say there has been lush growth of every kind and we will see this pattern continue in May, a prosperous time if you are a dandelion, I suppose.

The New Moon and Sun at around 27 degrees Taurus sail far ahead of the other transiting planets we are free and clear as far as Moon and Sun aspects go.  However, in other areas of the transiting chart, Mercury at 13 degrees Gemini sextiles with Jupiter at 14 degrees Leo both form inconjunctions with Pluto at 15 Capricorn forming a transiting Yod.  Mercury and Pluto are both retrograde which slows energy down even further. Around this New Moon we don't launch into new projects or begin new cycles due to the Yod and retrograde planets. By taking time out, we give ourselves breathing and thinking space.  Perhaps through daydreaming during this week we discover solutions or experience breakthroughs.  We can actually make more progress through being than doing.

At the same time, Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces at 9 degrees exact. This leads to even more daydreaming, lying on a beach or in the sun, or just taking time to nurture ourselves and our loved ones. We will feel especially cuddly during this time or we want to spend time in art galleries, or attend a concert or dance performances. This is also a good time for working with photography, either taking new photos or scrap booking or creating slide shows for photos taken in the past. Remember Cancer likes to look back.  It would be a great time to produce a family album of photos off or online.  Connect with family at this time, especially female relatives.

Jupiter trines Uranus so we're also feeling sporty.  The Fire Sign types will want to get out in the woods, climb rocks, or travel to far-off places while living out of  backpack.  We'll see younger generations taking the proverbial backpacking trip to Europe or the Americas.  Train travel could do well during this time.  However, Mars in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius so if we don't pay attention to details of our travel or other plans, they derail, most likely in a humorous way ending with a battle of words. Be careful what you say now though since the other person might hold your words against you at a later date.  Mercury forms a wide sextile with Uranus so we're over thinking at this time and using wit to get us out of tight situations or possibly creating text that transforms the world in a revolutionary way.

In the realm of asteroids, Chiron in Pisces forms a lovely sextile with the Sun and New Moon.  Those of you going through your Chiron Return will find this is a time to ground the wisdom you have gained thus far.  However, don't allow yourself to get stuck in your story because Chiron in Pisces dissolves old stories to make room for new experiences. Use plants for healing now, garden or get involved with some type of nature-based therapy. Spend time outdoors.

Ceres (Demeter) also known as a feminine asteroid representing harvest opposes Mars which reminds me of mothers of young boys, maybe even teenage boys rebelling against their mothers.  But the mother pulls in the reigns and shows the boys who's boss.  Ceres also squares Neptune which suggests delusions around mothers and children.  Are we seeing each other in the light of reality?

All and all, the New Moon in Taurus ushers in a pleasant time with some conflicts finding roots in our egos. We can't have the old ways of doing business with the new energies on the planet.  It's not like the bumper sticker with the motto "Co-exist" since the planet's energies shift bringing us closer to a new and unprecedented age where we must give up the idea of competition and usher in a time of cooperation and self-love.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

12 Zodiac Lessons (Overcoming the Weaknesses of Sun, Moon or Ascendant Signs)

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Each of us comes to the planet as a unique being with an astrological blueprint called a natal chart. 
The Zodiac Signs present each of us with lessons.  Look up your Sun, Moon and Ascendant Signs here and the lessons you came to master.

Aries--You came to develop courage and boldness without stepping on the toes of others.

Taurus--You came to experience your senses, find balance, then from a centered place create art and beauty for the planet. But first, you must become more flowing and less rigid. This will solve your money problems too.

Gemini--You came to balance dualistic points of view and find the common ground. You also came to play, explore, discover and share your discoveries in fun ways.

Cancer--You came to learn about self-love and self-nurturing so you don't cling to others for affection and reassurance. And instead, you give others nurturing without smothering them and allowing others to learn the lessons they came here to learn. Avoid co-dependent relationships.

Leo--You came to shine your warmth and affection starting with yourself and then like the Sun, selflessly shining your light on others. You also came to reveal to us our inner child and creativity then coach us in shining our inner light.

Virgo--You came to perfect your view of yourself and assist others through devoted service rather than as a critic.You also communicate the ways of perfection and coaching others to be their best. You are sometimes a wise hermit.

Libra--Similar to Gemini, you came to restore balance in relationships and partnerships with all and everything. Similar to Taurus, your aesthetics and beauty bring art to the world.

Scorpio--You are the shaman of the Zodiac that dives into dark places no one else will venture to retrieve lost souls and lost pieces of souls. But you must not stay in those dark places because if you do you only completed half of the lesson with the second half of the lesson exposing darkness to the light.

Sagittarius--You came to expand our minds and our consciousness, but first you must stop believing that your religion, philosophies, or teachings are the only way to wisdom. You have us laughing in the aisles with sarcasm, but make sure you don't insult your greatest fans.

Capricorn--You came to teach us about climbing the mountain and not giving up due to challenges we face. However, first you must stop acting gloomy and heal your depression. Developing a sense of humor is a must on your upward journey. With humor, you inspire. (Your humor is usually self-effacing).

Aquarius--You came to get over your awkwardness and stop proving why and how you're different from the other 11 Zodiac Signs. Then once you stop freaking people out with far-out behaviors, you lead us into a better future. You are the true genius in the Zodiac, but your discoveries are ahead of our time so don't forget to keep your eyes on the prize.

Pisces--You came here to heal addictions and the victim-martyr complex to lighten your path and ascend to other realms. By healing your wounds, you heal the world.You are the endpoint of the Zodiac and represent where we're all heading to a place of healing, forgiveness, and immense compassion.

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Full Moon Forecast for May 2015--Stubborn as Mules

We've been through many changes on the road the transformation and in May, we're sticking our feet in the proverbial mud, refusing to budge another step. The Full Moon on May 3rd (13 degrees), pulls Jupiter in Leo into a Fixed T-Square leaving the Lion, Scorpion, and Bull to drop on the ground with a yawn. However, some souls choose to arrive on the planet during this Full Moon, expect birth and rebirth to occur.

I actually don't see this as a bad thing unless you have a deadline at work. People just aren't going to feel like cooperating, collaborating, or completing any tasks during this Full Moon. It's better to get outdoors and engage the senses rather than wait for a phone call or an e-mail which is slow in coming, if at all during the Full Moon. Normally, a Full Moon suggests the completion of a cycle or project and if that's the case, then gather with friends, colleagues, or family to celebrate. We might see a flurry of weddings around the Full Moon, but only if they were planned months in advance. Expect delays with caterers, the cake not arriving on time is also a potentiality.

Some people will deal or not deal with trust issues during this time since a Full Moon in Scorpio brings up paranoid thoughts and can heighten emotional instability as well as, sexual problems. Some people will grab onto topics around death, hopefully rebirth, secrets, betrayals, and other darker topics. However, the Sun in Taurus would rather engage the senses in pleasurable experiences and Jupiter in Leo gets in touch with the inner child while igniting the imagination into creativity and fun projects. I'm certainly not saying don't deal with the darker topics that come up, but to balance them by engaging in more pleasurable experiences.

Rider Waite Tarot Card
Mercury in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius during the Full Moon which brings us mutable energies around communication, travel, higher education, K-12 education, the mental process and so on. As far as opposites go, Gemini and Sagittarius have more in common than not and compliment the other. Gemini sees the details while Sagittarius sees the bigger picture. One deals with short-distance travel and communication while the other deals with long-distance travel and communication. Now, would be a good time to plan a journey with Gemini taking care of the itinerary and details while allowing Sagittarius to choose the locations.

The Moon trines Neptune but as we mentioned earlier squares Jupiter. We dream now, but don't take steps towards manifesting our dreams. I sense wishful thinking where we believe that all we have to do is visualize our desires because we read that in a spiritual book. However, no dream manifests without some effort. Are we getting caught up in Neptune's fog? On the other hand, pay attention to nightly dreams or intuitive hits since they lead us closer to our true desires. Daydreaming goes well and reveals our innermost wishes.We surprise ourselves with our desires, saying, I had no idea I wanted that.

With Venus and Mercury in Gemini as well as, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and with Saturn in Sagittarius, we can work with this mutable energy to keep our lives in the flow. This actually counterbalances the rigid energies from the Full Moon and Fixed T-Square. Open up channels of communication with friends, cousins, siblings, and lovers. Get on social media to join other like-minded people and envision the world you'd like to birth into being. People will talk out both sides of their mouths (Gemini and Pisces), and hopefully we don't engage in more dualistic thinking and communication. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces promote Oneness, but planets in Gemini double think while having a difficult time making any decisions. It could manifest in interesting ways, even comical ways.

As far as stories in the news, I think we'll see articles about solar energy, organic farming verses GMO, and the real estate markets. Big banks and big industry will hog up headlines as usual and around this Full Moon we will hear something intriguing about Bill Gates or Hilary Clinton--hopefully something positive. We could also hear about famous Leos, Tauruses, and Scorpions, something in the lines of resistance on their part or others resisting decisions they have made. Hopefully it doesn't lead to high drama but it could with Jupiter in Leo. Shakespeare once said that the world is a stage, but that doesn't mean I necessarily want to be in the audience or even on the stage. Some of you'll join in this sentiment around this Full Moon.

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The Lazy Days of May--Forecast for May 2015

When I first took a glance at the transits for May, I yawned. Have I turned into one of those drama-obsessed astrologers? Since I have felt exhausted and sensed other people's exhaustion, I look forward to the stubborn energies of May. I look forward to warmer, lazy days ahead. Get me to a hammock.

Venus energies launch May since the Moon transits in Libra and the Sun and Mars in Taurus on May Day. Mercury moves into Gemini (later in the month Mercury retrogrades) so despite a tendency to relax, we still engage in lively communication. Venus also transits in Gemini on the first leading to flirtation, especially at dinner party or more congenial settings. Jupiter continues to hold court in Leo now direct and quickly gathering momentum as Jupiter approaches the summer months. By mid-month Jupiter pulls into a trine with Uranus leading to all types of manifestation coming on suddenly. We could experience a few lovely financial windfalls seemingly without effort.  But what's really happening is that we release resistance to manifestations from occurring and we manifest desires from previous months or years.

Saturn and Pluto are retrograde which gives us a break from relentless transformation and paying instant karma for our actions. This doesn't mean that we shirk our responsibility and toss integrity out because that would be a mistake, in which we'll pay double the consequences during the autumn months when Saturn and Pluto go direct. The good news is that we can use this time to integrate recent lessons and share our experiences with others in the form of teaching our wisdom. Having said that, May offers pleasantries in which no one will entertain a conspiracy theorist. Some of us have had enough gloom, manifestos, lists of should and should not activities, judging others, as well as, shaming and blaming. Take a vacation already.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
By the end of the month, Uranus and Pluto separate with a 4 degree orb giving our nerves a rest. With Saturn retrograde and Neptune gaining momentum, we also get a break from the Saturn-Neptune square until the autumn months.  Saturn transits back into Scorpio for three months which completes Saturn Returns for those of you with Saturn at 28 or 29 degrees Scorpio. Welcome to adulthood if you're around 30 years of age, and welcome to your wisdom years if you're around 60 years of age.

Although people freak out when Mercury goes retrograde, I think we'll actually enjoy the Mercury RX this May if we can pull our eyes away from electronic devices, turn our phones off, and spend time in nature. Use the retrograde period from May 19 to June 12 as a time-out. Reunite with old friends, go on a long-distance trip (Mercury RX mainly affects short-distance travel), go on a camping trip, or a writing retreat. Other activities that go well are editing manuscripts or other documents, reassessing a life path, reinventing oneself, especially with Pluto and Saturn also retrograde, and all the other activities that begin with "re".

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
We begin the month with the Full Moon in Scorpio. The Sun and Moon lasso in Jupiter in Leo forming a Fixed T-Cross. People just aren't going to budge now and many people will take a vacation at the time of the Full Moon or at least be in a vacation mode even if they are working. It's like we all want to slow down, experience our senses and our sensual surroundings while getting to know our inner child (Jupiter in Leo). It won't be a good time to start projects or even complete them because partners or collaborators won't be in a cooperative spirit.  Some will feel paranoid and deal with trust issues (Full Moon in Scorpio), other people explore the true meaning of selfishness and then some will just want to hog the stage and suck you for attention (Jupiter in Leo).  This is why we'll want to pull back from activities and lie in a hammock reading a book that engages our senses. I'm not kidding you when I tell you May is a lazy month.

Venus transits into Cancer on the 8th so we're going to stay at home, especially if we share the home with a loving partner. This is a time when home decoration, learning new recipes, inviting others over for dinner parties, gardening, beautifying, and having fun with children go well. Most of us will choose to celebrate the mothers in our lives, even women we consider motherly especially around Mother's Day, May 10th. Women will seem more moody than normal and this would be a good time to get those female hormones under control, otherwise they could rage in the form of emotional storms. Sorry, guys. However, that trine with Venus and Neptune on the 16th looks delicious as far as love relationships and partners go deeper (even if they experience conflicts) when Venus opposes Pluto at the end of the month. Conflict is good in this respect because we get in touch with our inner desires.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Mars moves into Gemini on the 12th and suddenly we feel like talking a lot. We banter, we argue, we provoke with words. When Mars is in Gemini I think of Beatrice and Benedick crossing swords in Shakespeare's "Much Ado about Nothing".  And in fact, May is going to feel like this Shakespeare play. Go and watch the movie or a stage production. Towards the end of the month Mars joins with Jupiter and then it really gets fun. Mars attacks anything spiritual or in the realm of performing art (think art critic or just critic), around the 25th when the fiery planet squares dreamy Neptune. I'm probably going to spend the week chuckling since I have my Mars and Venus in Gemini while Mars squares my Moon and Saturn in Pisces so I'm used to this energy.

On May 21, the Sun joins Mars and Mercury in Gemini. The vacation has ended and everyone gets back to business. E-mails and phone calls take up most of our time as well as, lively engagements on social media. Projects that were placed on hold gain momentum. In fact, we go from slow and lazy to frantic activity and this is when we'll notice Mercury retrograde. Computer glitches occur as do over charging (not on purpose) at cash registers. Pay attention and leave extra time and space in your day to deal with frustrating experiences and delays. Leave earlier than usual for appointments and plan ahead.

Finally, let's take a look at the New Moon at 27 degrees Taurus which falls on the 17th. This Moon (and Sun), won't aspect any of the planets so we're free and clear to enjoy ourselves during this time. In fact, set intentions for what you would like to manifest in your life. Spend time outdoors, do some gardening, go for a hike, and experience the sensual world as Kate Bush would describe it.

Besides, the Fixed T-Cross at the beginning of the month, I believe that May will give us ample time to rest and enjoy the little pleasures in life. This doesn't mean that we shirk all our responsibilities or act like jerks because eventually Saturn and Pluto move direct again and who wants to pay for bad behavior during the rainy and cold autumn months? Focus on spiritual growth but let go of the hardships. In May we're going to question any needs for suffering and we're going to indulge in pleasures, hopefully guilt-free. Welcome the flowering of souls in May. We really do live on a beautiful planet.  Enjoy.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

May forecasts coming up later this month

I'm feeling overwhelmed from the last two eclipses and Uranus-Pluto Square so I'm taking a breather before diving into the May Moon forecasts and the general forecast for May.

I hope you're all surviving the perfect storm of planetary transits. The good news is that Jupiter goes direct on the 8th.  I certainly look forward to having money flow again.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Love-based Zodiac: Astrology for the Next Age

The Universe, Wikipedia image
I'm receiving a message loud and clear from others about the old ways of astrology. I practice transformational and practical astrology which I combine with coaching because I know that those of you reading these posts are master souls having an earthly experience. Yet, so many of you have trapped yourself inside astrological generalizations, which is okay for astrology humor but not for a path of transformation.

Let's get clear about a few things. The astrology we practiced prior to December 2012 has ended. As far as I'm concerned there are no malefic or beneficial planets, there are only planets and corresponding energies to the planets. Planets don't have personalities and they're not out to get revenge on us, but to usher in a time of transformation and healing which we sorely require upon Mother Earth.  Astrological signs are merely filters for the energies we desire to experience on our Earth walk and people with opposite signs or "incompatible" signs act as mirrors to our subconscious minds and inner heart yearnings.

While I know about archetypes and studied astrological archetypes I choose not to work with them because they represent old astrology which has little to do with the Quantum Age. I work with actual energies I feel coming from the planets and images that appear in my mind when I look at transits or Natal planets in a chart. My job is to help you move past your ego and locate your spirit so you can experience the path that brings you the greatest fulfillment.  Now, when I use the word fulfillment that doesn't necessarily suggest that you will end up living in a mansion and driving an Italian sports car, but it does suggests that you will discover and explore your unique path leading to soul mastery on some level. The mission is for contentment no matter how that shows up.

Sometimes astrology and astrological readings become traps, especially when we use that time to bicker about the people in our lives instead of taking responsibility for our role in these scenarios. This is how the ego shows up and prevents us from experience true growth and real expansion. While some of you might find it narcissistic to focus on yourselves, it's actually narcissistic not to focus on developing true self-love because when a person doesn't love themselves (more or less loathes them self), they control and manipulate others in order to acquire validation or acceptance. I believe that is the true description of a narcissist-someone who loathes themselves so they suck others dry with their neediness for validation.

I prefer to use astrology as a tool for transformation and navigating our everyday life experiences. I still read compatibility charts for couples, but I reveal the desires for growth that each partner has and I suggest giving the partner the freedom to expand and explore what they came here to explore. This doesn't suggest that we stay with abusive or neglectful partners, but that when we are in a partnership we take responsibility for our own growth and allow our partner to focus on their experiences. Sometimes this doesn't work and ending the relationship is the healthiest course to take. And there is truth that some signs just aren't compatible with other signs and the result of two incompatible signs reveals two people controlling and manipulating the other or playing the other' game to please them at the expense of swallowing one's self.  This results in disease by the way.

So what is this new astrology? Well, it isn't the horoscope books or Linda Goodman's "Love Signs" as much as I enjoyed reading that book in my twenties. The new astrology revolves around transformation and awakening to Oneness.  It is quantum and exists in multiple universes so making predictions no longer works either especially for those of you awakening and evolving. The new astrology does not cater to the whims of ego, but instead honors the spirit and soul within each of us that is connected to the Greater Whole.  Everything we do matters and ripples out into greater consciousness.  So if we spend our time bickering and controlling others, we fuel wars and other atrocities that occur around the world.  That is the power that each of us holds and why personal growth is paramount to bringing peace on the planet.

We all have super powers, Wikipedia
One last thing I want to mention simply because I feel disturbed by this ego trap is people who separate themselves from others because they sense that they're different.  This actually borders on narcissistic or navel-gazing behavior. And in actuality, everyone on this planet suffers from the illusion of separation and the ego either causes us to do what others are doing so we can fit in with the crowd or separate us so that we can go lick our wounds in a cave somewhere while cursing humanity.  There is only one tribe here folks and that is the diversity of humanity.  It is the ego that causes us to feel this separation, not our Spirits. The ego represents the wounded part of us and instead of stabbing those wounds with hot irons thus trying to squelch the ego, why don't we embrace that wounded part of ourselves? The ego isn't the enemy, it is just a scared and hurt child part of us. Besides, we actually require the ego to survive and set proper boundaries so that others don't trample upon us.

The new astrology takes us into the Age of Uncertainty as the channeled Kryon describes it. We are powerful quantum beings with more wisdom and talents that we can hold.  But first we must heal our addictions, our wounds, and our paranoia that others are out to get us. In reality, there is no us verses them.  But there is a choice we can make between peace and love. The new astrology helps us grapple with our wounds, find our strengths and our inner tools for transformation.  There isn't anyone here who can't transform their lives if they put their hearts and souls to the tests.  Astrology offers the tests on this journey of learning, discovering and just being.

I will never treat astrology as a parlor game because I take my craft seriously. This doesn't mean I don't have a sense of humor because I believe that laughter is a great medicine for us. Sometimes I poke fun at our weaknesses because it's better than pointing the finger and delivering harsh criticism. We all have places that require bolstering and polishing, I'm no exception. As I forge ahead with challenging transits (I've had one outer transit occurring for the past two or possibly three decades), so that I can help others as they stumble on the path. While I will never think for others or offer predictions, I will give my support and share my wisdom in any way that is possible for me at this time.  I dedicate my practice to the awakening of the planet and I invite others with the same mission to get a reading or at least follow this blog.  Thank you for bringing your love and light to the world. You are sparkling threads in the grand tapestry.  We are One.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Peaceful Times up the Pike

I know we are experiencing a challenging week with the Lunar Eclipse in Libra.  We're all faced with the final chapter of transits that began 7 or 8 years ago for some of us (Cardinal Signs) and some of us are experiencing new challenges that shake us to our core.  

However, the second half of April and May bring us a peaceful time, which I'll write more about in the May forecast. For instance, both Saturn and Pluto are retrograde and Jupiter is direct.  Uranus and Pluto separate from each other and we have passed through the eclipse season for the first half of the year. Venus transits into Cancer in May which reminds us to nurture ourselves and take some time off to integrate lessons we gleaned in recent months and past years.  The only caveat is that Mercury goes retrograde in mid-May.  But this too brings us the space (and time-out), we require to integrate new energies into our lives. After all, by looking back and reassessing where we've been, we set our compass to a new destination.

So hang on and treat yourself to your favorite songs, a space to meditate, warm salt baths, and comedy during this first week of April. Nurture yourself, do something creative, walk in  park, stroll through a favorite neighborhood, get out your sketchpad or camera and create the world you desire to experience. Stay away from the news, stay away from negative people but send them love. Read books that uplift you, sing, chant and dance. Eat a balanced diet, stay away from sugar and caffeine which will just agitate your adrenal system causing you to react to life events instead of respond with love. Don't take anything anyone says personally during this time and know that wounded people are searching for someone to argue with now. Don't take up their gauntlet.

Definitely stand your ground but do so lovingly without pointing the finger of shame or making accusations.  If you must fight, fight fair or fight the good fight as Paulo Coelho refers to it. Pick up spiritual literature or write your own stories. This eclipse will show you where in your life you're out of balance and it's up to you to research or pray for the next steps in your journey. We will make it to the other side and peace awaits us, if we choose peace.

I'm chuckling right now because when I wrote this post, I had not yet seen the Full Moon in Scorpio locked into a Fixed T-Cross with the Sun and Jupiter. Yet, I believe we will find solutions to any stagnation that comes up by delving into our subconscious mind while releasing unworkable patterns. Uranus in Aries offers an outlet telling us to innovate and not get caught up in group think. 

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