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Outer Planet Transit Zone (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)

Your life goes swimmingly along and then suddenly you experience an identity crisis and disruptive energies stirring up inside you.  Perhaps, you have entered the Outer Planet Transit Zone.

If you have your Sun, Moon or Ascension Sign in a Cardinal Sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) or a Cardinal combination such as Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra and Ascendant in Capricorn you chose to lead the Grand Shift on the planet.

First, Cardinal Signs always lead the way. Think of the season changes lead by Cardinal Signs and in the Zodiac Wheel, the flow begins with Aries pushing the way out of the cosmos onto the Earth plane, then Taurus, a Fixed Sign follows grounding the energy until Mutable Sign Gemini comes into adapt the energy for the next cycle which begins with Cancer and so forth.

Second, those of us with Cardinal Signs on the angular houses (1, 4, 7 and 10) also experience the Grand Shift on a personal level in the houses of identity, home/mother, partnerships, career/father.  And remember the saying as above so below meaning everything we experience on a personal level as far as challenges and successes ripples out to the collective experience.  This is why self-love and self-honoring are crucial to master.  When we love ourselves, we love others and the planet requires a lot of healing love now.

Kalevala, Wikipedia
Finally, all the big planetary transit pushes in recent years have occurred with Cardinal Signs.  Think of Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn in alignment with the personal planets, North Node and eclipses occurring in Cardinal Signs.  The next series of eclipses in 2015 occur in the Libra/Aries axis.  And we will still contend with the Uranus-Pluto Square.  Anyone with Cardinal planets between 11 and 20 degrees will experience the Cardinal push in 2015.  And those of us with degrees before that are still reeling from the transformation and changes already brought to our lives.

Neptune currently transits in a Mutable Sign and it brings changes too, but on a more subtle almost invisible level.  We don't experience the tower falling as with Uranus, the Great Awakener or the unintended plunge into the underworld as with Pluto, but Neptune leaves us in nebulous territory where the fog appears so thick we lose our footing and want to give up.  And that's a good thing because surrendering to the unknown is a lesson we receive with all three outer planets!

While each of us experiences these transits differently (I'm referring to conjunctions, squares and oppositions), I'll share my experiences with Uranus and Pluto transits to my Ascendant in Capricorn, North Node in Cancer and Sun/Mercury in Cancer.  Then I will share my current experience with Neptune conjunct Moon/Saturn, square to Mars and opposition to Uranus.  I believe that we share a commonality with our transit experiences and by sharing my experiences, you will feel less isolated.  These transits do resemble a midlife crisis in that we question all areas of our lives as we go through the transits.  And if we stand on shaky ground or live in denial, these transits wake us up and set us out on the right course.

Archangel Michael, Wikipedia
Prior to Pluto arriving in Capricorn in 2008 and Uranus arriving in Aries two years later, I relocated from Seattle to a small town in western Washington.  I moved into a toxic apartment and took a freelance gig covering the arts for a newspaper supplement.  I relocated again after Pluto conjuncted my South Node in my 12th House because of a mold and paint fumes problem.  But while my physical conditions improved in the new location, I dealt with an emotionally unstable landlady and neighbor which later blew up in my face during the spring of 2011, leaving me to live with my parents for the summer while I searched for a new home.  Now, all of this occurred when Uranus squared my Ascendant and Sun/Mercury and Pluto opposed my Sun/Mercury and conjuncted my Ascendant.

I kept hearing astrologers talking about a huge transformation that would leave me on more firm ground.  And while I did feel a wrecking ball bashing into my life, I did not experience the boon that follows.  I did not find employment, a new home, or start a relationship with a significant other nor did I publish any of my books (not yet anyway).  Although I did have an unsuitable publishing situation for a non-fiction book.  And part of the reason I did not experience the boon, is that Neptune in Pisces transited over my Natal Moon/Sun and squared my Natal Mars (still active) and Saturn in Scorpio conjuncted my Midheaven and Natal Neptune leaving me living in a fog.

However, as I'm completing the Pluto opposition to my Mercury and the Neptune conjunction with Moon/Saturn I learned about Human Design.  I'm a Projector who was acting like a Generator and yes, experiencing resistance from others in the form of rejection in all areas of my life.  The Neptune transit has washed away a shore for me to land upon and left me out at sea.  Or you might say that the rug was pulled out from under my feet in such a way that those things I held dear were slowly dissolving around me.  Those things about my life I deemed important suddenly slipped away, including all the work I did on my music blog, The Whole Music Experience.  Suddenly all my time is spent on astrology and survival issues.

Kalevala (Finnish Legend), Wikipedia
And yet, I am quickly moving into the new way of being on the planet where I follow threads of synchronicity and practice the Law of Attraction everyday while basking in the glow of the Vortex.  I'm adapting to this new way of being because of a Mutable T-Cross in my Natal Chart involving 5 planets and now activated by Neptune in Pisces.  I believe that we chose the configurations and alignment of planets in our Natal Charts so that we could play a role in the Grand Shift occurring on the planet.  And anyone with configurations aligned with this shift call themselves Light Workers.  We do have a purpose here and if we can go with the flow of the Outer Planet Transits, we head in the right direction.

I'm thinking of a scenario told by Abraham through Esther Hicks about putting our boats on a river.  We place the boat in such a way that we paddle downstream instead of upstream.  Well, that's logical, right? The problem is that others taught us to effort our way and that struggle is the norm.  This might have been true in the past, but now we have entered a stream of manifesting through our intentional and unintentional thoughts/feelings/emotions/actions.  We aren't hapless or helpless victims either, but we must understand the energetic power we radiate in each moment then consciously shift our realities.  The Outer Planets in Cardinal Signs teach us how to do this, but first, we surrender (that's Neptune's lesson).

Remainder of 2014:

Uranus 13 to 12 degrees
Neptune 4 to 5 degrees
Pluto 11 to 13 degrees


Uranus 12 to 20 degrees
Neptune 5 to 9 degrees
Pluto 13 to 15 degrees 

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