Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Meditation on Saturn and Mars (Parent and Child)

Enslaved children, negative Saturn-Mars aspect, image Wikipedia
For those of you who are parents, think of the Saturn role you play with your children and the Mars role they play for you. After all, our synastry charts come off as a cosmic stage play. The planets provide the backdrop, the signs provide the action, and the house placement provides the stage in which we act out our life dramas.


So let's look at Mars as representing our inner child or actual children under our care. Saturn acts as our inner authority, which sometimes includes the voices of our parents telling us what to do and what not to do, or us playing the role of a parent.

The reason why I'm bringing up Saturn and Mars is that we will experience Mars conjunct Saturn late this summer and we're experiencing both Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius at this time. Any planet transiting in Sagittarius experiences expansion or that we expand upon its themes. So think of an idealistic Mars or Saturn. What is the parental ideal and what is the ideal child? Do we even come close to meeting the mark?

We run into quagmires when Mars opposes Saturn in a transit or transiting Mars opposes our Natal Saturn, sometimes this happens at the same time and all heck breaks loose. Our parents and our children are mirrors to our inner psyche. So if we criticize them, we criticize ourselves and that's why we suffer. We sell ourselves short when we don't acknowledge every part of us. In addition, Mars represents our ego and the way we express our ego. Saturn represents our karmic self, our wise sage self, and our inner parent or even God, or our version of God. And if we equate God with a parent and our parents abused or neglected us, we won't likely trust God, not even in our darkest hour. This leads to isolation and depression, associated with Saturn. We know that releasing repressed anger leads us out of depression as we reclaim our power (Mars).

I'm going to use my own chart as an example because I have my Natal Mars in Gemini in a T-Square with my Natal Saturn in Pisces. T-Squares are a real bitch for those of us who have them in our charts, but at least T-Crosses have an outlet, the fourth corner, whereas, Grand Squares have no outlet and provide stress and on-going tension which can drive people over the edge. So my Saturn, which represents my inner parents is in Pisces conjunct moon with a one degree orb and retrograde intercepted in the second house.  Saturn/Moon oppose Uranus/Pluto in Virgo in my eighth House and if that doesn't provide enough drama, Mars in Gemini (fifth house) squares all the above--thus we have a Mutable T-Cross.

So my inner parent is wishy-washy but creative and deeply spiritual, but often delusional. This parent doesn't take responsibility and wants to blame others, especially those in authority (Pluto). My parents came across as fussy and overcritical. It seemed that I couldn't do anything right, so I internalized this voice and became a workaholic and perfectionist which just led to more powerlessness and sickness. Oddly, my sickness had Martial and Saturnian qualities (aches, pains, burning, dryness, aching joints, headaches, tension in the jaw).

Also in my childhood I encountered flaky adults who were radical as in hippies. Then in my young adult years, I met more hippie or radical types who poured nonsense into my head which I believed because I lacked discernment. But then Mars in Gemini kicked in and I learned to work with words and in fact, words became my sword of truth and of revenge. I used words to get out of tight squeezes and sometimes I told tall tales which led to me forging a career as a storyteller (a positive use of Mars in Gemini in the fifth house). Words became my friend even though they often got me in trouble due to my impulsive T-Cross energy. I wanted to stick it to authority, including my own inner authority. I showed up at rallies carrying signs, often for causes I knew nothing about. I published my poems (long before self-publishing) and worked out my angst on stage as a folk rock singer.

Mars in Gemini representing the inner child learns words quickly and how to shape reality with words. In my case, my words often had scathing and critical qualities due to my upbringing represented by Saturn/Moon (father/mother) opposing Uranus/Pluto (or personal power verses power of others) since the second and eight houses play a key role even if those houses are intercepted, unless I read an equal house chart.

I despised Mars for most of my adult life because I felt this planet got me in trouble. I knew a lot of Aries types but didn't stay in relationships with any of them for the long term. I knew an Aries acupuncturist who I worked for briefly. She told me that the relationship between Cancer Sun and Aries Sun was short lived and the main role of the Aries was to give a boot up to the Cancer Sun person. This has become a truth or reality for me. The Aries people I have known did play that role for me so I figured that Mars in my chart also had a crucial role to play besides an antagonist (it has only challenging aspects with my other planets).

For those of you with a Fifth House Mars, you must get in touch with your inner child through a creative outlet. Don't use this Mars to hang out in bars and drink yourself silly or to constantly one-up others as if the world is only about competition. This Mars also wants to gamble but that could lead to losing the house, spouse, and children in worst case scenarios. Use this energy to work with children or play with children since children are attracted to those of us with Fifth House Mars, especially when it's in Gemini or Aries. Fifth House Mars is a natural born storyteller and ripe for a career on the stage or at least in broadcasting.

A Second House Saturn suggests that developing talents, gifts, and personal resources takes longer. Having Saturn either in the the First or Second House suggest a late-bloomer and a person who develops a great deal of patience and tenaciousness. I'm fifty-one now and only reaching the heights of my writing career. I started writing novels in my forties and since I don't have formal training it took more time and effort, not to mention rejection from "authority" figures. I received criticism along the way too since Saturn opposes Uranus/Pluto, but I also received support from powerful people which kept me going. I had to suppress my Mars which just felt like going to war with those folks who criticized me. What I learned is that we can tame our Natal Mars as we grow older.

So for Saturn and Mars transits and Natal positions, look to how these planets shape your inner authority and your inner child. Then look at how your parents' beliefs and your upbringing have contributed to how you treat yourself now. Neither planet is easy to work with and both planets can bring us to our knees or to the point of surrender. Saturn is a stern teacher and Mars shows us where our egos require healing and refinement. This is probably why traditional astrologer still refer to Mars and Saturn as maelific (I'm not among these astrologers). Just as adults and children teach us, so Mars and Saturn come on board as our lifelong teachers. Never kick a gift horse in the mouth by taking the lessons of the planets for granted. They lead us to soul mastership on this great ship of humanity.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Astrological Gaze at April 2016--Planets Taking a Retro Vacation

As we move out of the first set of eclipses that took place in March, April gives us some breathing room in the form of planetary retrogrades. We begin the month with two planets already doing the backward tango--Jupiter and Saturn, and then as the month moves along, Mars, Mercury, and Pluto turn retrograde.

Now, the Mars RX is problematic for people who want to speed ahead and tend to drive through life in the fast lane. A retrograde Mars has us pulling back our energy and even going into the rest mode. And Saturn is already retrograde (begun this transit on March 26) and so we're not experiencing drive and ambition with those two planets taking a breather. And then Mercury goes retrograde in slow-going Taurus on the 28th so communication slows way down also irritating people who like life to move more quickly. This will hinder college students who already have too many distractions during spring quarter and now they just want to bathe in the sun like seals on an abandoned beach. And it will be amusing to see how these energies effect birds and animals this spring as they give birth to offspring.

I pull an image of the Four of Wands from the Tarot deck which shows a group of people frolicking at an outdoor celebration--perhaps a wedding or some other rite of passage. But even a wedding takes drive and ambition on someone's part and April's energy is more aligned with Shakespeare's Much ado About Nothing. And to top it off, Pluto goes RX one day after Mars turns backwards (the 18th) so it's going to feel like projects are suspended in the air, like some surreal Saturday Night Live skit--woe, where did my job go? However, use the Mars and Pluto RX to get in touch with the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind. Now, would be an excellent time to delve into therapy or counseling since our minds are less defensive and returning to childhood wounds for healing and clearing.

We require this respite so we can take stock of all the activities of previous months. We need to slow our heart rate down, lower our stress levels, and chill. And chill is not a word I like because I like things to happen as quickly as the next person having a double-A personality. During the final week of April we move into the Taurus energy so life slows down even further, and some people are going to feel like they're feet are stuck in mud. The Sun joins Mercury in Taurus on the 20th and then we experience the Scorpio Full Moon the following day.

Now, those of you with dominant Fixed Signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius), you're actually going to enjoy April's slower pace. You haven't enjoyed the circus of Cardinals and Mutables who have brought change and transformation at every turn. And now you're heading to the hammock with a good book and a cup of ice tea (or something stronger). Those of you with dominant Cardinal Signs will enjoy the first sixteen days of the month before Mars and Pluto turn retrograde and certainly before Mercury turns RX at the end of the month. But even you must admit that your nerves are frayed and you could use a vacation--April is the month to do that.

Mutable Signs get entangled with the Mutable T-Square but mainly Saturn and Jupiter locking horns which comes off as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde--optimistic and enthusiastic one minute, scathing the next. You don't even know what you believe as far as ideology any longer, but you hang on to your old stories for dear life, only because telling a new story takes too much work. But why tell a story at all? Follow the Neptune flow and just be or become the being, if you know what I mean.

So here is the transit breakdown for April:

New Moon at 18 degrees Aries on the 7th
Mars RX on the 17th
Pluto RX on the 18th
Full Moon at 2 degrees Scorpio on the 21/22nd (Earth Day)
Mercury RX on the 28th

By the end of April, 5 planets plus the asteroid Juno are RX (outer planets RX for 6 months)

Don't start anything new that involves a huge input of energy or ambition. Do take a vacation, take a meditation class, go into deep therapy, do something creative that's not competitive and rest. April is a good month for self-care, getting in touch with your body and taking care of health problems. It's a time to reassess recent life changes, research a new career or even new place to relocate, and it's a good time to get in touch with friends and spend time with them.

By the time late May rolls around we'll have more changes heading our way as the Saturn-Neptune square tightens (Neptune goes RX in June) and we'll experience a Grand Mutable Square with Jupiter acting as the outlet. So take your cue from the lazy bull hanging out in the meadow and take time to smell the wildflowers or head to a mountain and get in touch with the beauty of the natural world.

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Aries Sun, Moon & Ascendant: The New Kid on the Zodiac Block

To get a good idea of Aries energy think of the buds sprouting on trees or new growth of plants in a garden. I also see an image of a lotus growing in mud. Aries represents new birth even rebirth--eternal spring in each of us.

Aries 1st Sign of the Zodiac
Ruling Planet Mars 
Rules First Zodiac House 
Represents Inner Child or children
Color Red and other warm colors
Tarot Card The Fool 
Motto "Me first"
Mantra "I am, that I am

While Aries energy squares my Cancer Sun/Mercury and Capricorn Ascendant, several Aries people have played key roles in my life as far as getting me motivated.  Aries Sun, Moon and Ascendant natives stoke fires in our souls and remind us of the courage in our hearts. They also remind us about our inner child who wants to come first in our lives and who wants to play all day, every day.

The upside of Aries revolves around courage to pioneer new experiences and to explore new terrain whether that's actual land or the inner psyche. Aries natives make excellent explorers (just like Sagittarius but in a less expansive way) and they don't just want to be first, they have to be first. Think of the infant who does everything for the first time or the toddler who stands his or her ground with a vehement "NO!" every time the parent asks the child to do something. And there you have the downside of Aries which comes as the troublesome child who throws a tantrum when his or her needs aren't put above everyone else'.

In the Tarot deck, The Fool (0 card) represents Aries. In some decks, you have the curly haired child with a knapsack strapped to his back and his trusty dog heading over a cliff.  In life, we encounter different types of fools from the nonsensical drunk on the street to the child with a bright idea that bankrupts his parents, to the wise fool who has no awareness of his wisdom. He utters nonsense that transforms into profundity. Although Saint Francis of Assisi was a Libra, when he stripped himself bare in the public arena and literally walked naked the surrounding countryside, he played the role of an Aries. BTW, many Aries have problems with alcohol.  I'm not sure about the reason for this.

Aries often has no concept of consequences. This impulsive energy leaps first and deals with the bruises later. Aries loves cars especially fast cars and motorcycles too. If an Aries Sun or Moon is not involved in a sport or some type of physical activity find out the reason.  Aries possesses boundless energy that requires some kind of competitive outlet, at least in the 3-dimensional reality where most people still reside.  But I've noticed over the years that Aries has a generous side too--chivalry comes to mind. Aries men act like troubadours as they court the women of their desires, but they can also quickly leave the woman when she insists that he get with the domestic program. Aries requires something to conquer and sometimes that equates to unobtainable love either because the woman of his dreams isn't interested in him or because he can't find satisfaction with only one woman.

Aries women often have a strong masculine side because of the Mars energy. If they're not the sheep type then they tend to be loud and they gesture widely with their body often knocking over vases or whatnot. They tend to be sporty, but not always and they possess a competitive spirit. They prefer men who either act as a team mate or who joust with them either verbally, mentally or physically. Remember Mars loves competitiveness and one-upping another. This excites the Aries woman leading often to passionate lovemaking.

However, the vision I see of Aries individuals (Sun, Moon or Ascendant) is the new kid on the block or the new baby in the household.  Aries is represented by Cardinal energy and in this case, the Cardinal energy of spring when we thaw out the ice of winter, trudge through the mud and watch new flowers and trees blossoming around us. The temperature rises and so does our enthusiasm for starting something new. However, while Aries loves to start new projects or relationships, follow-through is not Aries' strong point because Cardinal energy is about igniting and Fire can quickly burn itself out.  So my message to Aries natives don't bite off more than you can chew. While it's beneficial to keep the home fires burning, don't burn down the house.

For Aries individuals wishing to work in a healing profession, look to careers as motivational coaches, personal trainers, yoga instructor (hot yoga) and energy work where you only see the client one or two times while giving the client tools to help themselves. I've also known Aries chefs, police, and musicians. Whatever Aries does, they have to be the best or the first at it.  Taming the ego is a lifelong quest for Aries and so is developing patience.  Happy birthday Aries.


Friday, March 11, 2016

Venus & Mars in Gemini--Intellectual Elitist or Cultural Snob

Intellectual Elitist King Louis 14th
Recently when I re-watched Diary of Bridget Jones, I enjoyed the message about loving someone with flaws--even intellectual flaws. This led me to shine the light on one of my flaws--intellectual smugness and having to prove how smart I am. I won't even get into the amount of stress these intellectual pursuits have added to my physical body.

So last night I experienced a dream where a intellectual snobby professor (I met last summer) visited me. He poked fun at people less educated than him and he criticized everyone less intellectually endowed as himself. In the dream, I pulled a Bridget Jones and I told this man off by calling him an intellectual elite and I kicked him out of my home. Boy, that felt satisfying until I realized that this dream character represented my Venus and Mars in Gemini. Darn!

Not to get down on anyone with either their Natal Mars or Venus in Gemini (or sun for that matter), but the shadow side of Venus in Gemini is the cultural snob and the shadow of Mars in Gemini is a man or a woman who has to compete with others to show how smart they are--every conversation feels like a game of Trivial Pursuit or a guest spot on Jeopardy.

So the first step in healing these tendencies is to acknowledge them and apply a sense of humor (why I enjoy romantic comedies). Ah, I'm acting like Jane Austen's character Emma again. Because I guarantee you that if you don't get this Venus and Mars under control or at least make peace with them and give them what they really need, you're going to end up a lonely camper. No one likes having their words or ideas corrected by us. No one likes joining a conversation where they feel ridiculed by those in-the-know. And there's nothing more uncomfortable than ending up at a party of intellectual elites who genuflect their egos--look how smart I am.

We've entered the age of the heart and you can't think with your heart. In fact, if we get caught up in the machinations of our sharp brains, we don't even have access to our hearts. The hearts are about feeling our way through life, and not overthinking our way which only creates more quagmires to figure out. The heart doesn't require any figuring out--it just loves everyone no matter their intellectual IQ. And besides, don't we live in a time where people are discussing emotional intelligence? An emotional brain isn't intelligent, it's just ill. The heart expresses emotions in a healthy way thus creating balance on the emotional scale.

So how can we use Venus and Mars in Gemini in healthy ways? For instance, sharing information in a loving way helps educate others. But also listening to others no matter their education level helps us learn new things too. Teach what you know in a way that doesn't demean others and this can be done through lectures or books. Writing self-help books with easy-to-do exercises helps too as does producing educational videos or even hosting a radio show. In fact, Venus in Gemini folks have lovely radio or broadcast voices. These signs are good at engaging others in conversations as long as we we remember that conversations involve two or more voices. We do have a tendency to enjoy the sound of our own voice (Venus in Gemini) or win debates (Mars in Gemini).

And we still can use our witty comebacks when necessary. Think of Bridget Jone's witty comebacks, especially the one to her former boss (and lover played by Hugh Grant). I also like the speech she gives to Mark Darcy (played by Colin Firth), about how she still likes him despite his choice in holiday sweaters and him saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

So if you have your Venus or Mars in Gemini, use your mind to engage with others, no matter their education level or cultural awareness, in creating a more peaceful world. Remember that Venus and Mars also reside in 11 other Zodiac Signs and each adds another color to the rainbow of humanity.

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