Saturday, August 23, 2014

Astrological Forecast for September 2014--Back to School

By Patricia Herlevi
September feels earthy to me despite several personal planets switching signs and Pluto moving direct on the 24th.  The Full Moon in Pisces on the 8th/9th which trines Saturn and sextiles Pluto asks us to do the work to manifest our dreams into reality.  Now is not the time to get caught up in fantasies with no substance.

However, having said all that, we will still experience power struggles, raging egos and the usual planetary mayhem in September. But the planets give us the opportunity for spiritual growth and grounding our dreams into everyday reality.  Like previous months, September offers contrasts and contradictions, especially with movement of the personal planets, the Full Moon in Pisces and Pluto changing directions.

We begin the month with Mars and Saturn still in conjunction with a five degree separation occurring on September 4th.  The Mars/Saturn in Scorpio speaks about owning our power and power struggles with others, especially those in authority positions.  We could see the student rebelling against the teacher or children rebelling against parents.  On a more esoteric note, our inner child rebels against our authoritative psyche.  We'll feel like we're pushing ourselves to stay responsible and disciplined and then our saboteur comes out and destroys our hard work.  For example, we might jump through all the hoops to land an interview for a job then blow it during the interview by placing our foot in our mouth.  Why? Because Saturn feels suffocating and Mars wants to push forward our way or the highway.  This represents a tense combination that thankfully passes after the 4th.

Also at the month's beginning, the Scorpio Sun at 8 degrees sextiles Pluto in Capricorn and trines Neptune in Pisces.  Again, we can make our dreams reality with a bit of hard work and we have powerful allies on our side in the form of authorities.  Use discernment though since Neptune in Pisces is not the best judge of character.  Thankfully, the Sun in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn bring discernment to the picture if we only listen to our intuitive hunches. Use meditation to come up with a game plan the first week.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Mercury moves into Libra on the 3rd leaving earthy Virgo for the land of airy diplomacy, sophistication and legal contracts.  Venus moves into Virgo on the 6th so that Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception, meaning they are in conversation through the transits.  For artists of any kind, but especially visual artists, this is a good time to sign contracts with agents or galleries.  This is also a good time for literary authors to sign contracts with agents and publishers with the focus on art and not so much commercialism.  Use tact, politeness and formalities at this time.  Meaning, if you write a query to an agent, make sure you address the agent as Mr. or Ms and spell every word correctly (Virgo).  This is also a fabulous time for editing manuscripts or hiring editors.  We'll be hearing a lot from the literary world with these the Mercury and Venus transits.

The Full Moon at 16 degrees Pisces with the Sun at 16 degrees Virgo brings us flowing Earth and Water energies. Astrologer Kelley Rosano says that this Full Moon promises wealth and abundance though normally a Full Moon in Pisces would feel wishy-washy and not grounding.  So what's the story with this watery Moon? As I said earlier, the Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio and sextiles Pluto in Capricorn.  The Sun trines Pluto in Capricorn (stable earth energy) and sextiles Saturn in Scorpio.  1960s born with Uranus and or Pluto at 11 to 20 degrees Virgo experience a bolstering in career and life paths during this Full Moon.  Pay attention to dreams then act on them.  Ditto for people born with Pluto in Scorpio at 11 to 20 degrees.

Coming from the 1960s Generation, I want to witness more of us waking up and using our Virgo discernment to fix the world's problems.  We were born to do just that so give up the attachments and distractions then get to work already.  Let go of everything superficial.  And what do I mean by that? If you were on your deathbed what would you regret not doing and what was a waste of your time? Well, you're not on your deathbed hopefully, so do an assessment of your life and toss out anything that doesn't hold water.  Let it go.  Get away from the television or computer and join your community.  There's much healing to be done.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Mars moves into fiery Sagittarius on the 14th and joins up with Jupiter in Leo (Fire Trine) at the end of the month when Venus moves into her own sign Libra.  The Sun moves into Libra with the Fall Equinox on the 23rd/24th and we feel the end of summer and the beginning of the academic year.  New college students feel special and might act a bit royal with Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius.  Professors might come off as cocky too or gaseous as they wax on with their philosophies not always based on facts. On the other hand, we will place a high premium on higher education and make children a priority.  We will also prioritize playfulness and creativity.  Organized religion also holds the spotlight and people are going to worry about the state of their thighs and liver.  Although some people feel like kings and queens, don't overindulge in food and drink now.  You'll regret it in January, if not sooner.  Pounds put on now will be difficult to lose later.

With the Sun and Venus in Libra at the month's end, watch out for sugar intake.  We will crave sweets and sugar can create imbalance now including obesity and diabetes.  We will see debates about the safe uses of sugar and salt in the diet.  These substances will appear as dietary culprits more than ever.  Meanwhile, people will choose refined foods over whole foods because of the glamor attached. The eye is attracted to beauty now despite the sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.  We will remember Queen Antoinette's words, "Let them eat cake."

Last but not least, Pluto moves direct at 11 degrees (smack opposite my Mercury but at least trining my Pluto in Virgo).  We will definitely feel this giant awakening and bringing his usual chaos to the planet.  However, since Pluto sextiles Chiron (retrograde) at least this chaos brings deep healing.  Uranus and Neptune stay retrograde through the month so at least we won't deal with any of the perfect storms caused by the Uranus-Pluto Square.

Please note that I am moving at the end of August.  Although I am taking the next two weeks off from the blog, I am still giving readings.  Sign up at Metaphysics of Everyday Living if you require a map to get you through September's wild and woolly transits.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Diet & Nutrition through the Zodiac

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Last night I received information about specific foods and qualities for the 12 Zodiac Signs.  Although I'm giving you general information, I hope you use the information as a jumping off point to improving your diet and getting the right nutrition.  As a Cancerian (Sun/Mercury), I believe that we require proper nourishment to fulfill our life mission.  

The following relates to your Sun and Moon Signs:

Aries--The hotter and spicier the better.  Here I picture two Mexican men squaring off to see who can eat the hottest pepper without losing all the water in their body through profuse sweating.  Aries, remember that eating is not an athletic event and we don't eat to sustain machismo.  5-Star Indian or Thai food and the occasional hot pepper won't hurt you when eaten in moderation, however, add some cool liquids and protein to your diet since this keeps your active body healthy.

Taurus--You're too solid as is it so lay off on the animal products.  Practice vegan or vegetarian Monday and eat meat (if at all) sparingly.  Use your green thumbs for growing your own herbs, vegetables and fruit.  Try eating more salads to keep you light on your feet.  A baked potato once in a while gives you comfort but lay off on the sour cream and cheese, if you must go with dairy, try goat cheese or plain yogurt with your potato then toss in some herbs from the garden.  While you enjoy grilling meat in the backyard, consider the carbons you release in the environment and all that fat clogging your arteries.

Gemini--You probably suffer from food allergies of one kind or another or get too analytical about the food you're eating.  I see you reading labels carefully as you grocery shop and you enjoy eating packaged and processed food so that you can read the ads on the back while you munch your cereal or crackers.

Try not to think too hard while you eat and practice mindfulness while you eat instead of multi-tasking like eating while you talk on the phone or work at your computer or eat while you drive (Aries also has this problem).  Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed foods.  If it has a label on it, it's probably unhealthy for you.  Stay away from sugar and caffeine since you already bounce off the walls.

Cancer--This sign rules the breasts and the stomach.  And believe me your stomach will tell you when you have put poison in it.  Stay away from spicy food or the usual heartburn culprits.  Creamy brings you comfort but might cause an upset stomach later if you have too much stomach acid (or not enough).  Make sure you get enough minerals such as calcium and plenty of fresh produce in the diet.  Cancer is probably the most sensitive sign when it comes to diet so food allergy testing is a must and stay away from foods that irritate your digestive system.  Also don't equate food with affection or you might end up with a weight problem.  Caffeine and sugar could cause lumps in the breasts.

Leo--You like to live big and this means living royally on all-you-can-eat buffets or expensive cuisine.  Often you receive big portions with little nutritional substance.  Listen to your stomach instead of allowing your eyes to dictate what foods are best for you.  Good chance you pay too much for food because the marketer flatters your ego.  If you must eat like a king or queen, at least eat fresh organic food from a victory garden.

Virgo--You fuss too much over foods you eat and your food phobias prevent you from properly digesting foods from your narrow allowed foods list.  You get too caught up in what the media says about food and one week dairy is good for you and the next week, dairy lands on your no-no list.  Just like Gemini, you over analyze food labels.  You also prefer to eat alone and since you're a fussy eater, that's a good idea.

Virgo is a sign that rules the intestines so eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains and going vegan might just work for you.  Another option is raw foods, but don't turn into one of those fanatic raw food preachers.  Then no one will share a meal with you.  Listen to calm music while you eat, keep any conversations light and keep fear at bay while you prepare and eat your meals.

Libra--You're the reason why I'm writing this post.  I noticed that both Taurus and Libra (ruled by Venus) have a problem digesting sugar.  If you don't watch your sugar intake (stevia is best), you could end up with a weight problem or diabetes.  Libra turns to sweets when he or she feels stress or tension from trying to please others.  Libra pours icing over problems and feels that a round of chocolates solves any problem.  Deal with your problems directly and give up the sweets.  Chocolate is not a go-to therapist.

Scorpio--You are food detectives and as a Water Sign, you experience sensitivities around foods that affect your lower bowel and colon.  If there's poison in the food, you'll soon discover it and warn everyone else on social media or in person.  You are advocates for clean organic foods and you love getting your hands in the worm and composts bins.  Food is a black and white issue for you and you either place it on the good or bad list.  Whatever diet you choose, you practice it with intensity and conviction.  Stay away from militant thinking and action around food.  Make sure you get plenty of fluids so you don't feel as dry as a desert. Keep dry and hot foods at a minimum.  You're really big on tomatoes and food with sexual imagery.

Sagittarius--You'll try any kind of food at least once and you prefer foreign foods.  Similar to Aquarius you enjoy bizarre foods or cultural eating styles such as eating with your hands in the middle of a desert.  Eating insects or grub doesn't frighten you because you see that as an adventure. And just like Aries, you love spicy food, especially if it comes from far away and reminds you of world travel.  You could also be a philosopher around food listening to the various arguments around good and bad lists foods.  Yet, you don't always practice what you preach.  For instance, you might preach an organic vegan raw diet, then eat a hamburger instead.  It's not so much the food that interests you, but the philosophy or culture behind the food.

As always, don't overindulge with food or drink or you feel it in your heavy thighs and liver later.

Capricorn--Just like Virgo, you think diet and nutrition involves discipline.  You have no problem embracing eating and exercise plans.  You're also up on the latest nutrition and you love the food pyramid because eating a structured diet appeals to you.  You often deny yourself three square meals a day because you're a workaholic and don't have time to buy or prepare food.  Only when your friends tell you that you resemble a pale scarecrow do you consider eating a proper meal at a dinner table in a conversation with loved ones.   Or you have a structured life where you insists on three meals a day with everyone in the family joining you at the dinner table at 5 p.m. exact.  Whatever you choose to eat, make sure you get enough calcium and magnesium in your diet.  Eat foods that heal inflammation of joints too.

Aquarius--You promote fad diets, especially unusual fad diets that bunk mass consumer beliefs.  You're the first among your friends to go vegan or raw based on animal rights ethics or human rights.  You support fair trade and organic farms.  You're also futuristic about food and wouldn't mind taking a vitamin pill three times a day if that met all your dietary requirements.  Eating like an astronaut appeals to you also.  Tang, anyone?

Pisces--You probably do well on a seafood diet, but make sure you get enough fruits and vegetables. More than likely you are vegan since you love animals and don't eat them.  You also indulge in sweet and salty foods which are a detriment to your health.  You might down a glass or two of wine with every meal which could lead to addiction of food and drink.  Refrain from eating for emotional reasons and eat only when you truly feel hunger.  Similar to Virgo your sign has a tendency to develop food addictions and eating disorders.  Neptune tends to distort things and leave you living in denial.  If you experience an intervention from friends and medical doctors, except the treatment.  Food is never a substitute for facing challenges head on.

I am an astrologer and intuitive coach for creatives in Washington State.  Sign up for a long-distance or in-person reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.  Due to a personal crisis, I will take a short sabbatical from Whole Astrology.  I will post the September forecast shortly and then take a break.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Astrology, Planets & Law of Attraction

Last night before falling asleep I experienced an epiphany about each of the planets' roles in the Law of Attraction or manifestation process.   For instance, Jupiter expands upon our thoughts (negative or positive), Pluto transforms old situations into new experiences and Venus helps us to create sensory vision boards.

I will start with the fastest moving planets and end with Pluto.  The personal planets (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) bring quick manifestations, even instant manifestations when we use their energies and transits correctly.  However, these manifestations are short lived unless we ground them with Saturn or one of the outer planets.  With Neptune especially, we manifest for the Highest and Best so that the invisible doesn't return to haunt us later.

With the Moon, we pay attention to dreams, intuitive hunches and follow synchronicity threads.  The Moon helps us to center ourselves and visualize the outcome we desire by engaging our imagination.  When working with Moon energy for Law of Attraction we focus mainly on emotions/feelings.  If our emotions fall on the dark side we seek healing or clearing before plunging into the deep end of our imagination. The Moon offers healing of our subconscious beliefs and patterns too, but this takes effort and discipline.

photos by Patricia Herlevi
Since the Moon travels through the entire Zodiac every 28 days, we can also work with the energies of each of the signs (some are better than others for manifestation) and phases of the Moon.  I find the waxing Taurus Moon (Moon is exalted in Taurus) perfect for manifesting concrete and solid realities, such as homes, new jobs, and waxing Libra works well for manifesting partnerships and so on.  Waning Moons work best when eliminating something from our life such as weight with weight loss.

The Sun helps us with manifesting new identities or creating prosperity, abundance, wealth and joy in our lives. The Sun represents our heart center and heart desires are the best ones to manifest because they align with our soul paths. With the Sun, as with Venus watch out for arrogance, narcissism and destructive materialism.  You might manifest the sports car or the luxury home but feel miserable without a spiritual center to come home to.  Best time to use the Sun energy for manifestation is when it's in the sign of Leo, the ruler of the Sun.

With Mercury, we manifest through the power and hidden power of words.  Mercury also tricks us and attaches double-meaning or double speak which brings obtuse manifestations.  So we get the house, but the house has mold or a leaky roof.  However, if we use the key phrase "I Am that I Am" with positive words following and we practice mindfulness, we manifest through affirmations, mantras, and everyday language.  If we don't like what we create, then watch the words slipping from our tongue.

Practice honesty and integrity while using words wisely.  Never underestimate the power of words and their magnetic attraction.  Working with a combination of Moon and Mercury (words with emotions) while communicating clearly, manifests more quickly.  Stay away from drama and victim thinking.  If you stay positive, you're well on your way to creating a desirable life.

Venus works best with manifesting material desires such as a new home, a garden, travel to exotic places when combined with Jupiter, a retreat in the woods, or culinary delights.  Venus manifest beauty, elegance, refinement, friendships, diplomacy (peace), a yoga or exercise practice, new clothing, and sensual pleasures.  When combined with the Moon, Venus represents the Divine Feminine and so bodes well for spiritual manifestations too.

The downside of Venus is greed, manipulation (when combined with Pluto or Saturn), and an obsession with material wealth to the point of excluding real love and spiritual substance.  Though I won't sit here and judge since this Venus experience brings with it lessons that can eventually lead to a higher purpose. Just be careful what you wish for because with Venus in the right sign for manifestation (mainly Taurus), will act like a Genie in a bottle.  Abracadabra!

Mars brings drive, will and motivation, but align your will with God's will for best results.  Watch out for impulsive wishes and think things through.  Create vision boards of your true desires because Mars has powerful magnetic abilities.  Don't play games unless you're not afraid to lose.  Mars in Aries manifests cars, sexually attractive partners, careers in leadership or athleticism and the usual Mars stuff.  Mars also attracts courage and confidence to help us solve problems and move ahead with our personal game plans.  Use Mars energy wisely because it has unwanted side effects involving the outer world and other people who bring challenges and obstacles.

Jupiter expands what it touches, especially when the planet is in Sagittarius or Pisces (co-rulers).  So if your thoughts are mostly negative then guess what shows up in your life?  The good news is that Jupiter tends to fall on the positive rose-colored glasses side of life.  Jupiter boosts our enthusiasm and gives us a boost of faith just when we require it.  However, pull in some Saturn energy so that we bring discipline and responsibility to the Law of Attraction process.

Depending on how we mindfully use Saturn's energy, we either feel trapped and depressed because nothing goes our way or we use discipline to manifest our desires.  Saturn requires a step-by-step structured process.  Think of programs like The Artist's Way or Sonia Choquette's Creating Your Heart's Desire which involves process.  Saturn loves structure.

However, don't wallow in pessimism or doubt when working with Saturn transits or energy because with Saturn patience and staying positive are rewarded.  Watch out for cynicism, worry and doubts (3 predators of Law of Attraction manifestations).  Best to start with the personal planets and work your way up to Saturn since this planet works best for the super disciplined and highly advanced spiritualist only.

Personally, I wouldn't work with Uranus for manifestations because this planet (similar to Mercury) is a trickster.  When Uranus is involved with a major transit in the chart, be careful what you wish for because you'll get the unexpected experience.  True, you can learn from those surprises, but you'll also break free from limitations.

Combine Neptune with the Moon while working with dreams, imagination, vision boards, vision videos, dance, singing, playing music with mantras etc...Neptune helps us to get in touch with our spirits/souls where our true wishes reside.  However, don't fall into the trap of only dreaming and not taking inspired action or escaping into imagination and staying there.  Creating vision boards is one thing, but taking practical steps is another.   Ultimately to succeed you imagine then take the next step.  Action is always required at some point, even if that action represents a required healing or clearing.  And when the going gets tough, don't escape into your usual addiction or sink into depression.

We don't invite Pluto as part of the manifestation process.  Pluto just shows up and transforms old unworkable experiences into new realities or experiences.  We can't run and hide from a major Pluto transit nor is this a good idea.  Watch for Pluto transits to the Sun, Moon and AC or MC for major life changes.  Having experienced a Pluto-Moon, Pluto-Sun and Pluto-AC and Pluto-MC transits, my best advice is let go of what no longer serves you, rest in the void, then when it's time, take action to move forward.

Since I'm only now combining Law of Attraction with astrology, I can include some of this in personal chart readings.  I give both in-person and long-distance readings.  Sign up at Metaphysics for Everyday Living and also check out the monthly specials on my site.

Friday, August 15, 2014

New Moon in Virgo--Service with a Smile

The New Moon falls at 2 degrees Virgo on August 25th.  The Moon represents many themes from the harvesting of seeds both metaphorically and literally as well as, service to humanity.  During this Moon cycle look at ways to serve your family, community and the planet.  There's always more we can do and whatever you do, do it with pure intention.

Since Virgo has a critical side, she just wants to fix everyone and everything, don't fall into the habit of complaining.  Do something constructive.  Join a group that brings healing to others such as a sound healing or drum circle.  If you're a performer, take your talents to places that could use some uplifting (prison, hospitals, retirement homes, shelters etc).  In fact, I'm thinking of the Emergency Circus troupe in Bellingham, Washington who does just that.

If you work as a healer, don't allow your patients to rant about their illnesses, instead redirect them to self-forgiveness and compassion for their bodies.  I read Marianne Williamson's book "Return to Love" again and she provided an exercise to her students to write letters to their diseases with the diseases responding to the letters. I highly recommend this exercise and not just for diseases, but also stressful situations in our lives. We all have stressful situations dogging us right now.

The New Moon in Virgo also asks us not to focus on our problems (yeah, I'm guilty of this), but to focus on helping others or finding ways to serve.  And when I use the word serve, I'm not equating it with household servants or menial labor.  Sharing any talent or skill and even receiving payment for it still counts as service.  But what it really comes down to is to serve the world with a positive attitude, serve the world with love, compassion and forgiveness.  Remember New Moon phases represent giving birth to new energy and we can't do that when we hold on to the old energy.

Think of the overflowing closet where the only way to put something new in that crowded mess, is to clear out the old stuff.  We can also recycle thoughts or release them into the light.  So this clearing happens on many levels.  But this is a good time to clear out material possessions that no longer serve.  It's also a good time to change the diet and eliminate junk that's clogging up your intestines and toxins that float around in your bloodstream.  If you do a de-tox diet seek medical advice first.  Some of these diets have side effects that make the solution worst than the problem.  I think the best cleansing is through elimination of certain foods such as cow dairy, processed sugar, gluten, GMO ingredients etc...But expect some withdrawal symptoms as you go this route.

Okay so let's look at the Virgo Moon aspects.  The Moon opposes transiting Neptune (4 degree orb) and anytime we have Virgo planets opposing Pisces planets, we come up with spiritual themes and in this case, we question the validity of spiritual practice as service.  The other idea that comes up for me is that we must ground our beliefs in real life situations.  Sure, it's great to promote the idea of spiritual practices through pithy sayings but what good are those words if we don't follow them up with action? And the other scenario I see is non-spiritual people criticizing spiritual people for not walking their talk.

It's easy to judge, but hard to actually follow a spiritual path.  I've met my share of cynics who believe that those of us following a spiritual path are completely nuts.  They ask, "Where' the proof?" and as I said earlier they stand on the sidelines judging us because they notice when we fall short of our spiritual goals. But I say to those cynics, "You try walking a spiritual path perfectly and let me know how that goes for you."  A true spiritual seeker messes up, but the true spiritual seeker realizes that he or she has messed up and they make amends or go back to their lesson plans.  I would rather spend my time with spiritual people who don't always get it right than with cynics who don't even try to live a better life.  Cynics send out low-vibrational energy to the planet and they complain more than they contribute anything constructive.  Don't hang around these types and instead focus on your service to the world.

Mercury in Virgo sextiles Mars and Saturn.  This tells me that purity of motive and how we communicate our motives matter.  Don't just serve so that you can boost your ego. Clear your heart of any ego concerns and serve with love.  Don't ask, "What will I get out of this?" Sometimes we serve just to make the world a better place and since we're all connected, your pure service comes back to you with indirect rewards.  Mercury also feels at home in Virgo, but we could still feel nervous tension if we don't ground this energy.  Physical exercise helps with this as does grounding forms of meditation.  Go for a walk and feel your feet on the ground or sit on the roots of a large tree otherwise you could come off as a chatter box or a Mexican jumping bean.

Finally, Mars catches up to Saturn forming a conjunction in Scorpio with both planets squaring Venus in Leo.  While Venus in Leo leans towards material extravagance and dramatic sexual plays, Mars and Saturn focus more on the business world and practicing integrity.  However, since Mars rules sexual drive, and Scorpio rules the psychological aspects of sex, we could see lessons in sexuality coming up or people feeling the desire to treat their bodies with more respect.

We could also see an interest in Tantric sex since that falls under Scorpio's gaze.  On the downside we could also see more sexual harassment on the job front, more domestic abuse and more sexual game-playing by people who have not awakened spiritually.  Saturn does bring discipline and disciplinary action to these scenarios and if anyone is experiencing sexual abuse or domestic violence, get help now.  Everything else will work itself out.  Don't put up with abuse of any kind.  Mars and Venus bring courage to leave these situations once and for all.  The New Moon in Virgo also brings help in the way of spiritual teachers, healers and social workers.  The details will take care of themselves once you take those initial steps.

As always look to the house in your chart where the New Moon in Virgo lands.  The themes in that house will play out for around 30 days, possibly longer if you have transiting aspects with the New Moon such as a Sun in Virgo at 0 to 7 degrees or any planet in a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius) at those degrees.  Other Water and Earth Signs experience trines and sextiles, but make no mistake, we all have lessons to learn represented by Virgo, the teacher-healer.

Feel free to sign up for a New Moon transit reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.  My readings are fee-based and Virgo receives $10 off for Solar Return readings through September.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pediatric Astrology--A Child's Instruction Manual

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

In the movie Mermaids, the mother played by Cher tells her eldest daughter (Winona Ryder) that children don’t come with instruction manuals.   

Obviously, the writer of this screenplay did not dabble in astrology because an astrological natal chart provides a blueprint of the soul for each of us.  Therefore we come with an instruction manual but we require an expert to interpret its symbolism into everyday language.

Pediatric Astrology, a little known branch of Western Astrology, veers away from traditional chart reading in that we gaze at a natal chart from a child’s perspective.  For instance, when an astrologer reads an adult chart, the angular houses 7 and 10 represent partnerships (marriage and business) and career/public image respectively.  In a child’s chart, I look at the 7th house as representing a child’s development in relating to others through witnessing their parents’ marriage.  The 10th House represents how the child relates to their father through observing the father’s attitude towards career and public image.  (Some astrologers refer to the 10th house as representing the mother, instead of the father).

I started out reading charts for adults, but Archangel Metatron kept appearing in oracle card spreads or during my meditation encouraging me to read charts of Indigo and Crystal Children.  Now, I’m not a parent or a child expert, but I am a sensitive Indigo with similar outer planet aspects in my natal chart to the children born in recent years.  These children have also communicated telepathically with me for over a decade. 

In fact, my 11 year old nephew communicated to me from his mother’s womb month’s before his birth, which I found intriguing. So through meditation and reading books on Indigo and Crystal children (most of the children born now are Crystal or Rainbow), I have come up with my own method for reading children’s charts.  I don’t predict future events nor do I believe that planetary aspects in a natal chart are etched in stone.  I also, with the good advice from Astrologer Donna Cunningham, don’t predict illness or conditions such as autism or ADHD.

Instead, I set up the houses to represent a child’s learning and communication styles, their ways of interacting with siblings, neighbors, parents and their environment as well as, gifts/talents and potential life mission.  In fact, the life mission of a child shines the brightest in the natal chart.  I look to personal planet aspects to Neptune and Uranus mainly as indicators for a light worker or planet shifter with a powerful mission.  I also look to Pluto and Saturn aspects to personal and outer planets.

I have kept an eye out for children born since 2008 when Pluto moved into Capricorn then 2010 when Uranus moved into Aries and 2011 when Neptune transited into Pisces.  Of course, many of you have heard about the Uranus-Pluto square of recent years which lands in the charts of children born after 2010.  We often focus on this square when looking at transformative world events.

In addition and less known is the sextile between Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn which reflects back to the 1960s when Pluto in Virgo formed a sextile with Neptune in Scorpio.  At that time, Pluto was in the Earth Element like it is in current times and Neptune flowed in the Water Element as it does right now.  And the 1960s-born are now grandparents of children born with an Earth-Water sextile which means they bring support to these children.  And as the open hearted folks born in the 1970s through 1990s give birth to Crystal Children mainly, I can’t think of a better gift than an astrological-based instruction manual for these children.

First, we can’t over emphasize the uniqueness of children born during a time of a Uranus-Pluto Square and Neptune-Pluto sextile, especially when Uranus and Neptune provide indicators for the birth of transformers and shifters.  Second, since these children are more sensitive and self-directed than previous generations, their soul blueprint provides us with information that helps us transform the education system and food industry for starters.  And third, by understanding the unique gifts, communication and learning styles of these children, we’re less likely to make mistakes in child rearing that deter these children from fulfilling their life paths.

While each of us grapples with unprecedented astrological transits in our daily lives, imagine what it would feel like born under these aspects.  We owe support to these courageous souls landing on the planet now that came to bring transformation and lift the planet’s frequency.  Instead of shaking our heads and forcing these children to comply with a broken system, better to get on board with them by studying their instruction manuals, aka astrological natal charts.

I give astrology readings for adults and their children in-person or long-distance.  For more information (and find other articles) at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Super Full Moon in Aquarius on August 10, 2014--Get Ready for Liberation

Wikipedia, "Make my day".
In a series of Super Moons, the Aquarius Full Moon that falls on August 10 closes a chapter in history that lasted thousands of years...

Since my plate is full at the moment, I'm unable to write a regular post about the Full Moon in Aquarius that falls on Sunday, August 10.  However, having watched Kelley Rosano's YouTube video on the Full Moon, I can tell you that it is a Super Moon (one of several this year), and as I mentioned earlier the Sun/Mercury in Leo, Moon in Aquarius and Saturn in Scorpio form a tight T-Cross in the fixed element.  So we could experience stubborn resistance around self/independence, the collective/humanity and responsibility/authority.  Rosano also mentioned Dark Moon Lilith (a point like the Nodes) that falls in Leo conjunct the Sun.  Lilith represents a Kali-like energy female in nature demanding liberation from all BS now.

Since Moons are about emotions and subconscious energies, in this case repressed energies, I'm leaving you with Kelley Rosano's video and some music videos to release feelings of oppression, especially for women who have put up with too much oppression over the centuries. Now, is the moment to finally break free.

Remember that when we oppress anyone, we repress ourselves and the collective. The only road to healing is to liberate everyone from oppression. This includes all creatures and the Earth too.

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Kelley Rosano Full Moon in Aquarius

Helen Reddy's famous liberation song

Ruthie Foster

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shifting Realities--Choosing from a Quantum Physics Menu

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For anyone who wonders what quantum physics has to do with planet transits, I bet that it's all connected--multiple dimensions and outer planet transits.  The planets merely shift our reality so that we partake in a vast menu of choices.  Instead of what type of tea would you like to order, we ask, which dimension would you like to visit?

Last night I experienced the downloads of downloads! I don't usually leap out of a comfortable bed when these downloads begin to tease my brain.  I feel groggy, exhausted from the previous day with a dream still lingering on the edge of my mind.  However, had I not awakened, grabbed a pen and a notebook, the messages you're about to read would have either disappeared into the cosmos or shown up in someone else' consciousness with the hope that they would share the message.


An astrologer once said to me that if I felt like I had dropped down a proverbial rabbit hole, I'm on the right track. This happened in 2001 roughly and I'm still traveling through the strange land down the hole.  When we surrender a little more each day to quantum realities, we live in different worlds than we did 20, even 5 years ago.  I get that many of you are still clinging to the old way of being and doing in the world and you're running up against fortress walls or broken bridges that would escort you to the past.  Here's the big message: You can't go back so lighten your load and trudge forward.

So what's happening here? Why do I feel like I'm choosing from a menu of realities that reads like: Hell on Earth, Heaven on Earth or a transition lounge? And what's all this business about choosing a frequency like tuning into a radio station that creates your reality? And trust me the reason so many people argue these days is because they are not experiencing the same reality and might not even be operating in the same dimension! Love and fear can no longer co-exist-another big message coming up.  Choose one or the other, but choose.

Why are some people walking around anxious/depressed and tripping on drama? While others manifest soulmates and dream homes in Maui? And what's all this business about shifting realities, quantum physics, multiple dimensions and the quest of Pluto in Capricorn?  Why do so-called "Awake and aware" people discuss these topics sitting comfortably in a living room or a spiritual bookshop when others are decimated by war and other violence?  Allow me to explain and explore what I've learned thus far (since 2001).

Welcome to the Smorgasbord

Think of this period of time as an all-you-can-live menu. The Universe exists as multiple dimensions, parallel realities, parallel lives and all time as no time.  We can compare the Universe to a radio dial and each dimension represents a frequency connected to a radio station.  And we have both low and high frequencies, the higher frequencies bringing you closer to love/peace/harmony and the lower frequencies dropping you into suffering/misery/persecution etc  Now we tune into these frequencies as individuals and as collectives which is why thousands of people can suffer from the same war or catastrophe while others living in intentional communities connected to the earth in positive ways usher in a time of peace, at least their corner in the world.

We choose individually and collectively whether we will experience an apocalypse or the return to Eden.  God does not make that choice for us because we have free will.  If we choose to return to Eden or the equivalent then we must raise our frequency.  I have written about this in posts on Whole Astrology, Bonjour Bellingham (Intuitive Coaching 101) and Whole Music Experience.  Like I said earlier, none of this information is new to me, but the download I'm typing now explains the information so that everyone can understand it.

When we choose one dimension we actually disappear from the others.  I had read in the past of Indigenous cultures opting to disappear from the Earth.  Now, they weren't talking mass suicide, but they were talking about raising their frequencies to rise to a Fifth World or Fifth or Higher Dimension.  They would appear as spirits or spirit guides to those folks still residing in the Third and Fourth dimensions.  We are all indigenous and some of us are Star Children, if not all of us.  I like what I heard from the book The Afterlife of Billy Fingers that we are stardust. (I heard this on an interview that Cari Murphy did with the author of the book).

Now, you're free to choose a life punctuated with melodrama, victim-thinking, and punctuated with low-vibe words also known as, profanity.  You're free to engage in low-vibe activities such as smoking (any plant substance), partaking in recreational drugs, drinking alcohol, indulging in processed foods and gossiping about your neighbors, colleagues, friends and co-workers.  But if you do any of those activities don't expect to return to Eden any time soon.  First, you have some healing to do.

On the other hand, someone who chooses a life of synchronicity and manifestation using the Universal Laws experiences heaven on Earth.  And they are not out of touch with reality.  They've just created a healthier version of reality free of victims, violence and all those ugly images most people take for granted thinking they're trapped in it.  The only trap is the mind and by clearing the mind through intense release of beliefs, patterns, etc, anyone can enter the gates of Eden.

Now, if someone aligns their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and emotions with war of any kind and devastation of any kind, then rest assured they will experience even more of this darkness almost like mice breeding in the basement.  When we tell someone to face reality, the question is which reality? Why does it seem that the planet is getting both hotter and colder? Which is it? Why does it seem like human populations are exploding and declining at the same time? Why is it that one scientific experiment proves a theory while another experiment cancels it out? Do you ever wonder about these contradictions? 

While it seems to some of us that more and more people are choosing love others have chosen to climb into the proverbial basket to hell. Well which is it as we throw our arms up in frustration. Remember those multiple choice tests that we took in high school and college with the option of "all of the above"?  Well, we are experiencing an all of the above moment.  All of the above explains multiple dimensions, parallel lives and an unending universe that folds upon itself.

Crows are reality shifters.  Photo by Patricia Herlevi
A New Way of Checking Out

Not long ago when we referred to "checking out" we referred to suicide as a means to escape this chaotic planet.  But now, checking out refers to checking out of this or that dimension as we ascend to a higher dimension and a new reality.  Some people live in a reality of disappointment and they say things like, "Yeah 2012 came and went and where are those Mayans?" or "Why does the world appear exactly the same as pre-2012?"

For folks who practice low-vibe lifestyles life on the planet seems catastrophic.  How could it not? Yet, others of higher minds see the world as a wonderland ripe for potential of instant manifestation and that includes living in a peaceful place. For these folks everyday feels like a trip to Disney Land even during darker moments because these folks know that they have the power to shift reality through cleansing and clearing old beliefs and patterns.  As these folks rise out of bed each day they ask their guides to lead them to manifesting their dreams or to enchant them or open their hearts even further while pouring in gratitude, love and abundance.  And sure change doesn't happen overnight, but with practice anyone can live this way.

Meanwhile in other countries people flee for their lives as if they caught up in some low-vibration vortex or corrupted morphongenetic field.  And we don't heal these situations by attending rallies and holding up signs or even signing petitions.  We heal these fields through mindful and intentional prayer and meditation done better in groups than alone.  Gregg Braden has proven the effectiveness of quantum prayer in his DVDs, some of which you can find on YouTube.  Whether or not you believe in the possibility of a total Earth healing or not is entirely up to you.  But why not believe in world peace? Why not intend it? What do you get from a violent world? Is there a payoff for you like cheap goods or oil? This is where the rubber hits the road and we take responsibility for the energies we release upon the world.

We choose our realities by the words we speak, the foods we eat, the music we listen to and how each of us treats our body with either respect or disrespect.  And when we treat ourselves with disrespect we treat others the same way.  I have witnessed that people who seem to suffer the most, at least where I live, punctuate their sentences with low-vibrational words, treat their bodies like garbage cans, and often listen to self-defeating music, which under no circumstance will ever raise a person's vibration.  A descent occurs taking these people into deeper suffering.  However, when groups practicing mindfulness and healing intentions gather, we send out healing energies in waves to the people still playing in the sandbox of 3rd Dimensional reality.

I've even noticed people bringing these low-vibes to YouTube videos meant to raise frequencies by punctuating their comments with mean and profane words.  Putting someone down on YouTube or any social media because they think differently, will not lead to manifesting dreams, but people who do this manifest nightmares on a daily basis.  If hell exists, it is self-imposed.  Sure we can claim ignorance, but information about shifting and awakening is everywhere.  You can listen to Reiki and energy-raising videos on YouTube, join a spiritual group or pick up self-help books at a local library. And none of this will cost you anything except your time.  Instead of spending time with negative people who find only fault with the world, hang out with intentional healers while taking the time to heal yourself.  Only then will you rise to a new world or a parallel Earth plane.  And yes, this is possible and that's what the Mayans left for us.

For more information about quantum physics, shifting realities, sound vibrations etc, please visit Whole Music Experience or Bonjour Bellingham (Intuitive Coaching 101).  As I find new ways to connect quantum physics with astrology, I will include those post here and on the other blogs.