Friday, November 28, 2014

Moving Away from Sun-Centered Astrology (The Latest Spiritual Download)

My spiritual downloads from  St. Thomas
What if each Sun and Moon Sign followed the transits of their rulers? Would we get a clearer picture of events and situations in a client's life? For instance, for Aquarius we would focus mainly on the Uranus transit, in this case in Aries.  Then we would apply Aries themes and qualities to Aquarius during the Uranus transit.

Often astrologers refer to the planetary ruler of the Ascendant.  So if the Ascendant is in Capricorn then the ruler of the chart is Saturn.  However, for this article, I am referring to the rulers of the Sun predominantly and the Moon.  In this case the Sun rules the ego and outer personality while the Moon represents the subconscious and inner self/emotions.  Therefor, to get a complete picture of how transits affect a client, following transits of the rulers (for the Sun and Moon) show how we react on both an outer and inner level as well as, watching the cycles represented by the Moon's ruler.

Let's use my chart as an example because I know it well and I can directly speak from my experiences.  My Sun falls in Cancer ruled by the Moon and my Moon falls in Pisces ruled by Neptune (and traditionally Jupiter).  Now because my Sun's ruler is the Moon, I am affected directly by eclipses, New and Full Moon cycles.  So in August during the Full Moon in Aquarius I did something unexpected, but expected from Uranus.  I gave notice to move out of my apartment without any place to go.  This is a crazy thing for a lunar person (ruled by Cancer/Moon) to do.  But Neptune in Pisces has been transiting over my Saturn and Moon in a conjunction and squaring my Mars in Gemini while also opposing my Natal Uranus in Virgo.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Remember Neptune is the ruler of my Moon and it landed on my Natal Moon and Saturn (which is the ruler of my Ascendant which we're not covering here).  So my living between homes for the past three months (Pisces/Neptune) gave me an outlet with the transit to my Mars (Mercury/Gemini) to write a comical memoir of my experiences living between homes.  The Neptune transit to my Moon and Saturn has literally dissolved old structure.  And it's so dramatic that there are times when I don't recognize myself and joke that I'm going through a midlife crisis.

My watch keeps stopping for brief times (even though the battery isn't dead) and often I no longer know the day or even the month (Saturn).  While I've paid my bills on time, I'm behind on paperwork because I don't have a permanent address or even a phone number at this time.  I experience some Neptune moments where my body floats above me or I easily float off into a deep sleep and strange dreams.  I'm able to communicate telepathically during dream time and even during the regular course of the day.  And epiphanies are a dime a dozen and so are spiritual downloads at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m.

Finally, I want to mention that the Full Moon in Pisces in September brought me a clearer understanding of my past decisions which feel like a reset to me.  I also experienced greater waves of compassion and forgiveness from myself and others.  Then when the Full Moon in Taurus arrived around October 4, a Taurus Man offered me a home (even though I have yet to move into it).  I have experienced delays and complications which I now know were caused by my preoccupation with negative situations.  I expect movement now since I let go of those negative burdens.  Saint Thomas of Aquinas (who gives me these downloads), said, "Think of it as a gift when you know both the beauty and ugliness of a person. That the person had the courage to show you both sides."  With those words I was able to forgive transgressions from the past.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Then I watched a Bashar video on YouTube (which I had watched earlier in my housing search) that reminded me to let go of petty grievances and this idea of betrayal (ego machinations) in order to speed up manifestation (in this case a new home).  I expect forward movement now.

So let's get to each of the Sun Signs and the transits we can observe for those signs to get the most clear picture of current life events:

Aries is ruled by Mars so for Aries, we focus on Mars transits by sign, house placement, and aspects to other planets.  In addition since Uranus transits in Aries, we can also focus on Uranus as a secondary transit.  Often Mars has gone to battle with Uranus with Squares and Oppositions in recent months.  Aries Sun and Moon, do you feel more exhausted this year or more volatile since Mars had a recent transit in Capricorn conjunct Pluto?

Taurus' ruling planet is Venus, though soon enough a new planet will enter our galaxy to represent Taurus and it will be an outer planet.  But until then, we watch the Venus transits for Taurus (and Libra).  If the Moon falls in Taurus then pay attention to the feminine side of the psyche as well as, the blossoming of intuitive gifts.  Venus moves rather quickly through the Zodiac and each sign colors the Venus experience.  Look for aspects with other planets (especially outer planets), as well as, transiting through houses.  What do you wish to beautify? Where are you applying sensuality to those houses or aspects?

Since Venus is the ruling planet for Taurus and Libra, I'm including both signs here for the Sun and the Moon.  And because my head hurts and I would like to get off my laptop.

Gemini and Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury.  Similar to Venus, Mercury races around the Zodiac unless Mr. Quicksilver is doing the backward dance.  When that happens, people with their Sun in those Mutable Signs must take a breather or it seems like everything they touch snags.  What I mean by that is when we are frazzled we mess more stuff up like a run in stockings when we pull on a stray thread.  If the Moon falls in Virgo or Gemini, the native with this Moon placement, finds it challenging to express emotions during a Mercury Retrograde.  Everything he or she says backfires or comes back convoluted and confusing.

However, Mercury by aspect to other planets can also add to confusion when Mercury squares or opposes other Mutable planets or gets involved with a yod.  And I also recommend following Mercury through the houses and signs since our communication style changes drastically when it's in Aries and when it's in Pisces.  Similar to the Moon which colors our moods by transits through the various signs, Mercury transits through sign colors our communication and thinking styles.  We think and act bolder during the month Mercury travels through Aries, and more mystical when Mercury travels through Pisces (and Mercury's ruler Gemini squares Pisces and Virgo opposes Pisces).

Cancer's ruler is the Moon.  And someone with their Moon in Cancer will feel the Cancer-effect double.  The Moon has such a powerful effect over all of us, but especially Cancerians and their polar opposite Capricorn, though Capricorn ruled by Saturn has its feet firmly on the ground.  The Moon rules daily and monthly cycles, as well as, cycles of the eclipses, Full and New Moon. So for someone with a Cancer Sun or Moon it behooves us to follow the Moon Cycles, even the progressed Moon cycles. As if Cancer Sun and Moon people aren't complicated enough!

Also look to the Sign, House and planetary aspects of the Moon transits.  So if the Cancer Moon falls in Taurus in the 4th House and forms a trine with Natal or transiting planets, the domestic scene looks pretty good and the Cancer Sun or Moon person prefers to spend more time at home or at least in a place that feels like a protective shell.  They won't engage in much social activity during that transit, but they might buy or sell a home because Taurus and Cancer rule real estate and the 4th House rules the mother and the home with Cancer as its natural 4th House Ruler. Complicated, I know.

Now we arrive in Leo whose ruler is the Sun.  So even with a Leo Moon we still follow the Sun transits for Leo by planetary aspects, house transits and by transiting sign.  We look for themes having to do with Leo such as theater, creativity, heart, ego, and finding one's center without sucking other people dry in the process.  Since the Sun is also involved with New, Full Moon and eclipses, we also look to the Moon, especially for people with a Natal Moon in Leo (or Cancer).

We're skipping over Virgo and Libra since I already covered them under Taurus and Gemini.  Scorpio's ruling planet is Pluto.  So the most important transits for Scorpio these days is Saturn in Scorpio (until December 24) and Pluto in Capricorn (an exchange between Pluto and Saturn).  Pluto currently transits in the Cardinal Sign Capricorn which is a harbinger of change.  Therefor, people with Natal Sun and or Moon in Scorpio, act as catalysts at this time.  This is why we have focused on psychology around shadow projections and the deep subconscious, more so for people born with Scorpio Moon or Sun.  These people definitely get what the Pluto transits are about.

Since Pluto will be in the same sign for another 10 years, focus on mainly its aspects to other planets as well as, the house (or houses depending on the chart) Pluto currently resides.  Do this for both the Sun and Moon in Scorpio.

Next up we have Sagittarius whose planetary ruler is Jupiter.  Jupiter changes signs once a year and is currently transiting in Leo (another Fire Sign).  Jupiter will stay in one or possibly travel to an adjacent house for the duration of the year so focusing on aspects to other transiting and natal planets is key.  This goes for Natal Moon and Natal Sun in Sagittarius.  Also note that Saturn moves into Sagittarius in late December so then we also apply Capricorn/Saturn themes along with Sagittarius themes (see other posts on Saturn in Sagittarius).

Capricorn's ruling planet is Saturn which has a 2 1/2 to 3 year cycle. For people with a Capricorn Moon or Sun we focus on the Saturn transits which come in increments of 7 years (7, 14, 21, 28, etc).  We also make special note of the Saturn Returns (roughly ages 30, 60 and 90).  Both the Sun and Moon in Capricorn have a "hard knock life" theme. These folks believe strongly that one gains wisdom through suffering (Pisces also falls into this belief).

We mainly look at the house where Saturn resides for it's 2 1/2 to 3 year cycle as well as, all aspects to other transiting and natal planets.

Aquarius' ruling planet is Uranus which has stirred up drama in the past 6 years with its infamous squares to transiting Pluto in Capricorn.  Uranus also transits slowly through a chart (will stay in Aries until 2019) so we just look to the house of the Uranus transit and especially aspects to other planets such as Pluto.  Aquarius also benefits from Uranus in Aries trining with other planets transiting through Fire Signs such as Jupiter in Leo and in the near future, Saturn in Sagittarius.  So if the Natal Moon or Sun falls in Aquarius, pay attention to Uranus transits as well as Aries themes applied to the house where Uranus transits.

Meaning, if Uranus in Aries falls in the Second House (gifts, confidence, talents, personal resources) expect both unexpected situations such as pleasant windfalls or unpleasant downfalls that bring out the warrior spirit. That's just one example.

Finally, if you or your client's Natal Sun or Moon falls in Pisces, look to Neptune as the ruler.  Neptune marks another super long and slow transit lasting around 12 to 13 years in a single sign.  Currently Neptune is around 4 to 5 degrees Pisces. I mentioned already what you can expect from a Neptune in Pisces transit with my personal experiences with my Pisces Moon.  Look to the transiting house and any aspects to other transiting or Natal planets.

If you have any questions about your Sun or Moon ruler transits, sign up for a Transit or Natal Chart reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.  I'm accepting limiting payments through PayPal each month. So sign up early for a reading.


  1. Cap. Sun and I have noticed for quite some time that transiting Saturn's placements do have a notable effect.

  2. I have found the same for the Moon with my Sun in Cancer. Eclipses and lunar cycles have a strong impact on my daily life. Saturn is the ruler of my chart (Cap AC) so Saturn's placement has an impact too. My Saturn Return was horrendous.