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Here's to Your Health--Saturn Transits as They Affect the Body (Aries through Virgo)

Over the years I have noticed a correspondence between physical health and Saturn Transits.  When Saturn transits through a specific sign, we experience physical issues in the parts of the body ruled by that sign.  Then as Saturn completes its transit (the last three months or so), Saturn hones in on those physical ailments and discipline we can bring to the healing picture.

For instance, with Saturn in Scorpio, we would have experienced health issues around the colon, sexual organs and possibly blood deficiencies of some kind or another.  At first we could easily ignore the symptoms coming up, but then eventually, that part of our body screams at us which leads us to get medical attention.  However, without discipline such as changing diet with the colon, relieving inflammation with herbs (or conventional treatments), the physical ailments could spill over into the next sign transit, such as Sagittarius which rules the liver.

As Saturn gets ready to leave Scorpio, I am having digestive problems (mainly with my stomach) that causes problems with my colon.  I realize that I have been lazy with my diet, eating foods I know harm me and I have also been under a great deal of stress which exasperates the problem.  But it is my colon that brought the concept of the Saturn transits and health issues to my conscious awareness.  And I recommend for the general populace to pay attention to colon health as well as reproductive health.  Get physicals at this time, change your diet if it's required (especially if you're over 40 when the digestive system starts heading south).  And it wouldn't be a bad idea to do a liver and colon cleanse (with medical supervision) as we move into the Saturn in Sagittarius transit which begins right smack during the holidays (December 24). Sorry, folks.

Let's take a look how Saturn transiting in Aries through Virgo affect our health, especially if that transit takes place in the 6th or 1st houses.  The 6th House represents health and the 1st House represents our physical body and our awareness of our bodies.

Aries--Pay attention to health issues involving the head, brain, teeth (co-rules with Capricorn), face and eyes.  Pay attention to high fevers that come on suddenly for they indicate an infection in the body. Aries people tend to rush through life not bothering with health concerns until they're in an accident involving the head, face and especially the teeth.  Also those with the Saturn in Aries transit in the 1st (Ascendant) or 6th House could experience disruptions in life to help you slow down and take better care of those parts of the body ruled by Aries.  Remember to wear a bike helmet when riding a bicycle and the proper safety gear when engaging in sports and getting into a pub brawl isn't a good idea either.

Taurus--Pay attention to health issues involving the neck, throat and shoulders.  Does your throat feel constricted as you attempt to speak your truth.  Do you suffer from a sore throat, scratchy voice, or strained shoulders? Time to pay attention to these parts of the body by drinking warm lemon tea with honey (add slippery elm bark), get a massage for neck and shoulders and don't strain to hard as far as lifting heavy furniture or overworking yourself doing garden work.  Also I'm hearing don't smoke since this could lead to throat cancer.  For those of you who experience Taurus transits in the 1st or 6th houses, pay double attention to health of the throat, neck and shoulders. (Be weary of accidents that lead to a broken neck or shoulder).

Gemini--This sign rules the hands, fingers and arms.  And since Saturn rules bones, tendons and other connective tissues watch out for health problems coming up as rashes, hives or blisters in those areas of the body as well as broken bones (especially fingers, arms and wrists).  Massage your arms and hands as well as keeping them limber through stretches.  Make sure you get enough minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and vitamins K and D in your diet to keep your bones strong and supple.  Gemini also rules the lungs so stop smoking and get plenty of clean air in the lungs.

Cancer--This sign rules the breast and stomach (though some astrologer correspond the stomach to Virgo) and esophagus.  Dietary enzymes and developing enough stomach acid help with digestion.  If you are a woman who suffers from tender breasts during this transit, try applying primrose oil and taking hormone balancing herbs such as Vitex.  Similar to Virgo, discipline for the Saturn in Cancer transit involves diet and nutrition.  And in fact, I changed my diet several times during the last Saturn in Cancer transit.  I'm a vegetarian and I even started eating poultry again during that time (briefly) to gather my strength.

If you're like me and have Cancer in the 6th House, watching your diet is crucial and is learning about other types of diets and nutrition.  Don't forget to take herbal supplements to help with digestion and if hormonal imbalance causes mood changes, find hormonal balancing herbs as well. If this transit happens in the 1st House pay attention to breasts issues and make necessary routine and dietary changes to help with those symptoms.

Leo--I haven't seen any studies correlating Saturn in Leo with a rise in heart attacks or heart problems, but my feeling is that such studies must exist.  The reason why I believe this is because Saturn constricts and blocks so if a person is blocking their arteries with fatty foods (the bad fats), they're really going to feel this during the Saturn transit.  Remember Saturn rules discipline and creating healthy structure in our lives.  Saturn rules integrity including integrity towards our bodies.  Time to stop lying to ourselves and get on board with a healthy diet and an exercise program (with medical supervision) when Saturn transits in Leo especially near the Ascendant on the 12th House side and the 6th House.  The 12th House represents death or dissolution of life and the 6th House rules the daily routine, diet, etc.

Virgo--This sign rules the digestive system and some astrologers include the stomach under Virgo.  Virgos are usually the nutritionists in the Zodiac and diet is already important to them.  However, a Saturn transit in Virgo brings up dietary issues and can go to extremes especially around such allergic and sensitive foods. Since Saturn constricts during this transit (especially in the 1st and 6th houses), we could become hypochondriac around food or too controlling about what we and others eat.  We could experience extreme weight loss as we either switch diets or eliminate too many foods from our diet without replacements for those foods.  I'm thinking of the candida diet in particular, but celiacs without proper nutrition guidance can also find themselves lost at sea, especially if they ate mostly gluten-containing foods before a diagnoses.

Saturn in Virgo transit could also bring up awareness around other food sensitivities and food allergies.  It is a good time to try an elimination diet and keep a food diary.  It's a good time to get food allergy test then find replacements for those culprit foods.  Our food tastes could also change during this transit.  For instance we might have loved eggs in the past, but now find them repulsive.  We might have found avocados disgusting in the past and now love them. 

I will continue with Libra through Pisces in a future post.  However, besides just reading these as Saturn transits, also consider the above information that corresponds with your Natal Saturn.  So if you have Saturn in Leo in your Natal Chart then the transit description applies to you at all times, not just during a transit.  Double the effect when you experience a Saturn Return.

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