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Mars in Capricorn--Strength, Endurance, Maturity & Forward Movement

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Every transit has its weaknesses and strengths.  The strengths of Mars in Capricorn, especially when Mars conjuncts Pluto includes the energy and drive to undergo huge transformation. 

The downside includes petty ego issues, control and manipulation of others and blowouts as the Capricorn or Aries individual (especially with degrees that square Uranus in Aries) forces their will on others.  Dark projections and violence also result from less mature individuals experiencing these transits.  I will give you two real life examples that occurred recently with these transits.

After Mars moved into Capricorn at the end of October, Mars formed a sextile with Neptune in Pisces which gave a much required push to manifesting dreams.  I imagine this transit gave musicians, photographers, dancers and movie makers a much needed boost too in the right direction.  So often those types of productions require large amounts of energy which Mars thankfully provides, especially when the planet is exalted in Capricorn (a good Cardinal placement for Mars).

Then on November 7, Mars transiting at 8 degrees conjuncting Pluto at 11 degrees.  We could even go with a 5 degree orb that occurred on November 5.  This conjunction fires up Pluto which we know brings transformation through a Dark Night of the Soul process and any Capricorn especially with degrees ranging from 7 to 11 degrees feels immersed in this fiery energy. Alchemy is possible, but so is self-sabotage, projection of shadows onto others and violence.  Any decisions or actions pursued at this time leave permanent results and in the case of self-sabotage, permanent scars.  The danger with Mars is that it causes us to act impulsive and regret our actions later.  However, in Capricorn, Mars does provide a brake pedal if only we choose to become mindful of our actions and stay in the moment with a look towards the future.

An exact conjunction of Mars occurred on November 11 (Tuesday ruled by Mars) at 11 degrees.  And here we have the magic number "11" which refers to transformation and the High Priestess.  Could we have fueled transformation through empowering the Divine Feminine? Certainly women feel more "executive" at this point and experience their male side.  Unfortunately, in my past housing situation with a Capricorn women with an Aries Ascendant and planets in Libra at 14 degrees (Jupiter and her Sun ruler Saturn), this came with an obsession with boundaries and keeping other people out of her "bubble" space.  She actually grew more aggressive and tension built until the end of the week where she caused emotional harm to at least three individuals sharing a household with her, not to mention alienating some of her friends.

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While it's not a bad idea for a woman, especially a mother to assert her boundaries, shouting profanities at others or using an accusatory voice does not bode well for anyone.  This is Mars asserting its immature and rash, even self-indulgent side.  Women are not comfortable for the most part with Mars anyway and Uranus also comes into play as with disturbances and abuse with the Pluto conjunction, in this case, the abuse of personal power.  Mars moves out of orb with Pluto on the 17th and out of the square with Uranus on the following day.

Then during the final week of November Mars sextiles Saturn in Scorpio which again refers back to Capricorn, but this time as a flowing aspect with Scorpio/Pluto.  If a Capricorn or Aries (Libra or Cancer) person navigated the choppy Uranus-Mars-Pluto waters without blowouts and any damaging effects to others, they actually make headway with the Mars-Saturn transit.  They use their drive and ambition to propel their business ventures further and could even win a promotion on the job front.  Physical stamina is either at a high or a low, depending on the physicality of the person.  Capricorns could suffer from head aches, bone and skin problems this month.  Aries suffers from tooth and head problems, including injuries so be careful in November.

Now, my mother shared another incident with me involving a middle school child in Oak Harbor, a small town in Washington State.  This young boy (Mars) threatened violence to another child that would have taken place at a school dance (Pluto/Uranus).  This sudden event caused the school to cancel the dance and of course, my nephew, an Aries who had looked forward to attending his first school dance, felt disappointed.  But at least violence was averted.  Again, we have trouble with the Indigo-Crystal children reacting violently because of something they saw in the media (copycat action) or just acted impulsively from a negative Mars space while asserting some kind of authority in the world through a violent act (Pluto).  I don't know the Sun Sign of the child in question.

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I don't require to tell any of you reading this post that any time we have Mars-Uranus-Pluto and Saturn energy involved with a situation, we have growing room and the energies to transform our lives if we so choose that route.  These planets ask us to let go of the old, but we have to face our fears in order to do that. Yesterday I watched a Teal Swan interview on YouTube about Negative Spiraling and how it often takes a leap of faith to get out of a long-standing negative spiral.  Teal used a midlife crisis as an example and for me this relates to getting out of rut through a Mars or Uranus transit.  But we must stay level-headed when doing this because acting impulsively or thoughtlessly with these powerful energies leads to self-destruction and sometimes self-annihilation.  After all, Pluto represents death and Uranus represents sudden events and Mars brings in the aggression or violence.

I know as a Cancer Sun native (and Capricorn) Ascendant I had to remain calm and act quickly to get myself out of an abusive situation in the past two days (the situation was escalating over the past few weeks) in which another person was trying to control me by telling me what I think and feel.  I was becoming too dependent on her because I was already in a shaky transformation shift when I first encountered this situation.  And not having a strong sense of self after taking a huge leap of faith weeks earlier, I was ripe for walking into an abusive situation.  Fortunately, I knew the astrologically terrain and kept my ego in check while practicing self-respect and self-care.  The next lesson for me involves forgiveness and letting go of the past week's events as I allow a new chapter of my life to unfold.

This is the type of scenario that plays out in November and in December but without the Mars influence.  As you know, in December Uranus moves into another perfect Square with Pluto.  And Chiron in Pisces forms a flowing aspect to Pluto helping us to heal old wounds from childhood especially regarding parents.  This is a good time to heal those projections we place on our parents instead of owning in our personalities.  I have seen this played out with women with Scorpio and Aries mothers in which they embody in their own personalities despite their Sun, Moon and Ascendant Signs.  Thus a Capricorn women with a Scorpio mother can act out the darker shades of Scorpio (control and manipulation with paranoia on a subconscious and impulsive level).  Healing does involve forgiving the mother and taking responsibility for one's actions.

I will discuss the Uranus-Pluto square further this December.  For now if you have a Cardinal Sun, Moon or Ascendant affected by the current transits, sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

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  1. Actually, Uranus and Pluto form their perfect square the final week of November leading up to December. The square last until December 27 and then we're up for another round January 22-24. Uranus and Pluto playing tag.