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In 2012, an astrologer talked me into becoming a professional astrologer. I had dabbled in astrology since my early adult years and I was enamored with people's Sun Signs since the age of 10. In 2012, I also launched Whole Astrology and I latched onto Neptune as my focus. Eventually, I came up with the brand name, Neptune Girl Wearing Space Boots because Neptune is the heaviest planet in my chart and I have a Pisces Moon.

 In alignment with Neptune, my videos feature photography, several watery images, and I connect astrology to spiritual transcendence. I am also a musician and music researcher with my focus landing upon music consciousness. See my other blog Whole Music Experience. Besides this blog, I also host a metaphysical website for my astrology practice, I am a pediatric and adult astrologer, and I enjoy astrological research when I have time to delve into it.

I believe that I don't need to make predictions because each of us is the powerful creator of our own destiny. It's time to reclaim our power using astrology as a star map.

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