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In 2012, an astrologer talked me into becoming a professional astrologer. I had dabbled in astrology since my early adult years and I was enamored with people's Sun Signs since the age of 10. In 2012, I also launched Whole Astrology and I latched onto Neptune as my focus. Eventually, I came up with the brand name, Neptune Girl Wearing Space Boots because Neptune is the heaviest planet in my chart and I have a Pisces Moon.

 In alignment with Neptune, my videos feature photography, several watery images, and I connect astrology to spiritual transcendence. I am also a musician and music researcher with my focus landing upon music consciousness. See my other blog Whole Music Experience. Besides this blog, I also host a metaphysical website for my astrology practice, I am a pediatric and adult astrologer, and I enjoy astrological research when I have time to delve into it.

I believe that I don't need to make predictions because each of us is the powerful creator of our own destiny. It's time to reclaim our power using astrology as a star map.

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"I will begin with my first impression... Wow! This is so accurate in terms of my intentions for this year and many of this have already happened or is in motion. 
This report is thorough, validating and invigorating. The insight for the aspects I was unaware of is huge. I will need some time to process all of this. I may reach out in a few days with questions and more feedback. 
I appreciate your passion and authenticity. It is clear to me that you are well-versed in astrology, writing and communication in general.
Thank you for supporting me in my journey. Your skills are a blessing in my life."
Client Marie-Louise, Canada
“Patricia is a very competent and versatile astrologer but her fortes are transformational astrology and pediatric astrology.  Few astrologers can handle pediatric astrology with sensitivity as by it’s very nature it deals with young persons in their formative years but Patricia has the maturity to specialize in this subject. Patricia has much life experience which makes her a wise and confident astrologer.”
–Jane Ritson, Certified Psychological  Astrologer, England
“I have hired Patricia to perform astrological readings for my three children and myself. I have found the readings to be insightful, informative, and uncannily accurate. She obviously puts a lot of time and passion into each reading and possesses a certain intuition that guides her well. I have recommended her services to family and friends.”
–Sara Young, Bellingham, Washington, USA

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