Monday, February 29, 2016

Personalizing Astrology Transits (Outer Planets & Chiron)

Was Pandora an astrologer? Wikipedia
I wonder some times if I came into this life with my particular transits so that I could learn about astrology firsthand. I doubt there has ever been a dull moment in my adult life due to the configurations in my birth chart and planetary transits. It seems to me that I've never had a moment's rest given that six of my planets are in Mutable Signs, two in Cardinal, and two in Fixed all ranging from 4 to 22 degrees in my chart.

However, since 2008, when Pluto in Capricorn crashed through my South/North Nodes, deposited itself on my Capricorn AC, and then opposed my Sun/Mercury (2008-2012), I've witnessed the destruction of the structures I built in my life. Granted, those structures were mostly built from fear (not that Pluto helped me relax either). Perhaps Uranus, when it transited into Aries in 2011 did me a favor, except that I find that I battle with the two-headed monster of security verses freedom. This hasn't been the first time I've bounced from temporary home to temporary home, but it has been more challenging doing this in my fifties than when I was in my twenties and thirties. There aren't many shared homes available for people over forty-five, making me wish I could time travel back to my youth.

In 2012, when Neptune rolled into Pisces, this planet immediately set up home in my Mutable T-Cross. So now I had to keep my eye out for Cardinal and Mutable transits to my chart. I'm the kind of person who can roll with the punches and I realized I had a lot of childhood issues to still heal (wish they would just go away, already), but there have been days when I have curled up in fetal position and sobbed--rallying against my favorite planet, Neptune. Add that I've never experienced an eclipse where I didn't come unhinged emotionally since my Sun is ruled by Cancer (moon).

So why am I sharing all of this? I think it's because I relate to the clients coming my way who are also grappling with the Cardinal and Mutable transits which really are about shifting energy on the planet. It's obvious to me that everyone living through the Cardinal Transits especially are on the front line of change. I will refrain from using the phrase, holding the space, but essentially we are anchoring light through our bodies. Since our bodies are heavy in density, when this light comes through it brings up everything that isn't light. It's a detoxing process of darker energies that have become too comfortable for us. So when this old energy comes up and forces us to change our lives, we throw spiritual tantrums. We prefer the familiar suffering to the unknown emptiness. And some of the information about higher dimensions falls into the false hope category because I've lived through a string of disappointment and letdown my entire life.

Some spiritualists say that we came to the planet at this time with this mission in mind. I don't know if I believe this theory or not. I find myself questioning many spiritual teachers and teachings that I once took for granted. I find myself rebelling against their dogma. Yes, even new age teachers stuff dogma down my throat and feed my head with what I'm beginning to believe is pure nonsense. More and more I would rather tune into my own inner wisdom and stop listening to everyone else. But this leaves me in a quandary because aren't I here to teach too? And I guess the only wisdom I can teach is to tell people to tune into their own wisdom. And what is the real mission for all those "teachers" on YouTube, some of which I find are smug know-it-all's or fear-mongers posing as light workers.

See, this is where Neptune in Pisces leaves me standing. I work with what others have taught me while rebelling at the same time. Is this how Carl Jung felt when he rebelled against his teacher Sigmund Freud? I started channeling so I could bypass all the information from astrology text that I once memorized like a dutiful daughter of metaphysics. Is this what Neptune in Pisces is really about--dissolving old teachings and emptying ourselves out so that the real God can enter?

I'm curious to how Neptune in Pisces is affecting you. Please leave your experiences with Neptune in the comment section below. Think of this as research even if it's nebulous. With Neptune completing its tour of my Mutable T-Cross (2017), I can't balance a checkbook or plan my next career step without an aide de camp. It's lonely on the fringes of transcendence, but that's Neptune for you. I guess the alternative is to sit back and watch the illusions playing like movies on the big screen.

I'll leave you with this Neptune question. What is Your Truth? You don't have to tell me, but tell your truth to yourself. It might surprise you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Astrology Downloads--Uranus in Aries = Brain Science Discoveries

While brain science has been around for a while now, it has reached the masses during the Uranus in Aries transit (which ends in 2019). We have experienced breakthroughs using new technology such as brain imaging which has played a huge role in music consciousness as well as, in preventing brain diseases.

And since Uranus/Aquarius is the opposite of Sun/Leo in the Zodiac, scientists have also discovered the electromagnetic energy of the heart and how it's more powerful than the brain's electromagnetic field, as seen in Gregg Braden's videos (of his workshops).

In case you're wondering what Aries has to do with it, this Zodiac Sign rules the head, and Uranus rules the brain and our intellectual propensity. Uranus rules technology and unexpected breakthroughs. Many of the brain science discoveries have proved shocking and books about the brain such as books by Bruce Lipton have led to new therapies that clear away clutter in our subconscious minds which lead to liberation (Aquarius/Uranus).

Here's a video by Bruce Lipton:

Astrology Downloads--Venus in Sagittarius Cleanse Liver

marshes are the liver of the earth, photo by Patricia Herlevi
It seems like I'm waking up with spiritual downloads every other morning now. This morning I received urgent spiritual messages for people with Venus in Sagittarius or Gemini to take care of their liver health. I also received messages for people with Mars in Sagittarius and Gemini (this does include me), to do a liver cleanse and make necessary lifestyle changes now.

The reason for this is when Saturn transits in Sagittarius (until December 2017), it conjuncts Venus and Mars in Sagittarius, opposes Venus and Mars in Gemini, and squares Venus and Mars in Virgo and Pisces. So people with Mars or Venus in Virgo or Pisces, listen up as well. So clean up habits such as eating excessive fried foods, animal fats, recreational drug use and alcohol consumption because these activities are harming your liver now. We are also exposed to air pollution, impure water, and tainted food, as well as, exposure to chemically-laced house cleaning and personal hygiene products which end up in the liver.

The first thing to do is begin changing these habits now. Incidentally, by changing these habits you speed up your ascension process too. Second thing to do is to visit your doctor and ask if you can switch from prescription drugs to alternative natural products and practices, such as changing your diet. Also ask your health practitioner for guidance on cleansing the liver and colon (crucial now).

Now for some of you not too familiar with astrology, you wonder what the Saturn transit in Sagittarius has to do with a liver cleanse, right? Sagittarius and Jupiter rule the liver and the liver is the main organ that detoxifies the body, but it can't do its job when it's filled with fatty foods, toxins from the air, water, and lifestyle choices. When the liver is overwhelmed, the other organs try to make up for the imbalance and they too create disease in the body. So in essence a problem with the lungs could be connected to an imbalanced liver as I learned during the years I sought acupuncture treatment for my lungs and migraines.

Saturn restricts, constricts and this does include youth and vitality. So if you're using your liver as a dumping ground, not paying attention to your health and then Saturn comes along, expect illness to occur because it usually does, especially with older folks who haven't cleansed their livers. In other words, Saturn asks us to take responsibility for our health and take a disciplined approach to taking care of our bodies.

Jupiter (which rules the liver) is transiting in Virgo until September 2016. Virgo is a sign that scrutinizes and discerns. It also rules the daily environment (such as cleaning up chemicals out of the daily work and living environments) and it rules overall health. Here it points to liver health. And the death of David Bowie from liver cancer does have a universal message because of its timing with the current planetary transits (Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter/North Node in Virgo).

Now, for those of you with your Mars in either Gemini or Sagittarius, you'll know that your liver is unhealthy when you stuff your anger into this organ. And how do you know you're stuffing or repressing anger? People come into your life and push your buttons to get you to feel anger or they lash out at you with aggression and or violence. You notice and encounter more people with anger management issues. This could refer to an inflamed liver and my Guides are showing me a multitude of inflamed livers on the planet--it's an epidemic right now.

Symptoms: Hepatitis or liver cancer in extreme cases, cirrhosis of the liver for people who have an alcohol or drug problem. Milder symptoms include, loss of control over emotions leading to outbursts of anger, anger management issues, head aches (tension and migraine), nausea, tenderness or pain around the liver, swelling in abdominal area, or jaundice. If you have any of those symptoms, obviously see a medical doctor. And it's not a bad idea to get the liver tested anyway even if you don't have any symptoms but have your Mars or Venus in Sagittarius or Gemini. And I would take care of this before late May when several planets transit into Gemini.

So the overall message here is to take a good look at your Natal Charts and see which personal planets you have in Mutable Signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces). Then take a good look at your daily lifestyle. Could you cut back on alcohol and recreational drug use (if not cut it out entirely)? Could you eat healthier (fresh fruits and vegetables as well as, vegetable fiber)? What are you doing for exercise? Sweating and getting the heart rate up cleanses the body. If you do make lifestyle changes now, do them in increments with medical supervision because if your liver is full of toxins you don't want to release it all at one time.

In fact, I did that one spring before visiting England for three months. I ended up with yellow skin, yellow stools, acne that wouldn't go away and the worst allergies of my lifetime. So before doing the cleanse, change your diet by cutting out alcohol, caffeine, fatty and fried foods. And yes, you will experience withdrawals. Then ask your doctor for liver cleansing guidance. You might have to seek out a natural doctor for this since conventional doctors just dump more prescription drugs into your liver, as if that helps matters.

So this ends my health-related download. And by the way, I'm included here since I have both Venus and Mars in Gemini, which means that as Saturn transits closer to my Venus at 22 Gemini, I too have to watch my diet. I have experienced pain in my liver or at least warning signs during the past months and I have a relatively healthy lifestyle, though it could use some improvement.

As the Earth ascends into higher dimensions, our bodies endure changes of frequency. Some of us will acclimate to those higher frequencies while others will choose to leave the planet at this time or in the near future. But it's like Esther Hicks and her channeled Abraham say, "You can't get there from there." If we wish to ascend, we must cleanse our bodies and clean up our lifestyles of lower density practices. You can find plenty of videos and blog articles on spiritual ascension so I'll leave it up to those writers and teachers to share their information with you.

I'm proud to announce that I'm now including spiritual downloads or channeling sessions via recordings as well as, astrology chart readings and intuitive coaching sessions. The fee is $100 per download session. See the services page for fees and payment options. Then contact me via the blog form. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Pisces Solar Eclipse (March 8, 2016)--1, 2, 3...All Together Now

March 2016 starts off on a murky note with a Solar Eclipse in Pisces landing on the 8th. And with all this Mutable power charging up the new moon chart, expect change. Better to go with the flow than to fight the currents and with this irreversible change (like one door closing and locking behind us), best to keep our eyes on the prize that glimmers on the horizon.

Besides the moon and sun floating in the surreal Pisces, Neptune, Ceres, Chiron and the South Node also swim in the confusion. Saturn and Mars transit in Sagittarius, and the North Node and Jupiter transit in Virgo. Well, that's more Mutable energy than usual, and come May when personal planets sail into Gemini, we visit a Mutable Grand Square so perhaps this Pisces Solar Eclipse (new moon) foreshadows the May transits (as well as, the Saturn Neptune squares coming up this summer).

Pisces Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are most affected by this Solar Eclipse and Virgo falls in second place experiencing the oppositions from several planets and asteroids. Could you be gleaning spiritual lessons from the ancient plan and swimming through intangibles? Perhaps you experience spiritual epiphanies or breakdowns caused by addiction that forced you to face wounds that require healing now.

Speaking of Pisces, those of us with our Chiron in Pisces from 18 to 25 degrees experience Chiron Returns this year. However, those of us with our Chiron at 18 to 19 degrees complete our return by the end of March. However, if you're like me and have Chiron at 18 and 19 degrees, the Solar Eclipse is going to ask us if we have gleaned our lessons.

If we take a look at the Pisces Solar Eclipse chart set for Seattle and Standard Pacific Time, we notice a cluster of planets starting with Venus in Aquarius and then a whopping Stellium pulling in Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, moon, sun and Chiron. This powerful Pisces energy which wants to dissolve what it touches, opposes Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and squares Saturn in Sagittarius and then this chart also pulls in Mars but this planet is only dipping its toes into Sagittarius at one degree. Still, it's Mars and as far as personal planets go, Mars kicks up red dust in the Sign of the Centaur.

Meanwhile, as this is going on, Uranus squares Pluto with a one degree orb, but at least Pluto has that trine with Jupiter/North Node and the sextile with the Pisces Stellium. I look at this chart and I see flashes of Fellini in my mind's eye. Life isn't going to make sense from a mundane state of mind and we're going to feel like we just landed in the Land of Oz, sans the tornado. People with heavy Mutable Signs in their charts (born in the 1960s or 1990s--2008) are going to experience the dissolution of the area of your life where you have Pisces on the cusps.

I'm going to repeat an image I used in a video from the past summer transits (I think it was the Solar Eclipse in Virgo) when I describe walking through a door and the door locking behind us and then we only have the option of walking through the next door. Chapters complete themselves; entire books end now and we find ourselves grappling with new life circumstances, which again depends on where the Pisces transits occur in your chart. Remember Pisces is the endpoint. So the question is where we heading next?

Cardinal Signs, we still have the Uranus and Pluto square bringing the wrecking ball type transformation to your lives. And I would ask you all to become proactive now. What are you dreaming about? And why aren't you pursuing those dreams? If you're trying to play it safe or do the practical thing, then here comes the wrecking ball to get you on your true path. And it's not easy and actually this is usually a painful passage which will take place now for those of you with 16 to 19 degrees Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra. But you also have Jupiter and the North Node giving you a boost and Capricorn and Cancer at least benefit from the Pisces Stellium. Like I said earlier, now is the time to walk away from whatever isn't working for you and pursue your dreams, no matter how scary they appear.

I wouldn't be an astrologer now had Uranus not come crashing down my defenses in 2011 through 2012. And my Pluto transits relocated me to a new city. I have friends who got divorced or separated during these transits (especially people with their sun, moon, or ascendant in the 6 to 12 degree range). We had the double whammy of the exact Uranus Pluto Square and often during Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

However, I'm most concern with using this energy to awaken humanity to the love that grows inside us. It's time to put away our differences and see what we have in common. Otherwise, we're going to see aggression coming from intolerance and ignorance as in fundamentalist extremists around this eclipse. We could also witness the intensity of Climate Change since we aren't listening to Neptune's message about curbing our use of fossil fuels (which has increased and not decreased) and fracking to provide natural gas (nothing natural about it).

Meanwhile, Chiron is telling us to go back to those childhood wounds and deal with them now as adults. Some of us have pieces of ourselves frozen in the moment of traumatic events and it's time to work with qualified therapists to unfreeze these parts of us and ultimately set ourselves free. Stop telling the same stories and expecting different results. Get the healing you require and many insurances will pay for this therapy too.

Personally, I'm not looking forward the the Pisces Solar Eclipse and I don't know how to plaster a happy face on it. The message is healer heal thy self. We inspire others when we heal ourselves and this eclipse tells us to stop acting like victims and carry the sword of a warrior which is integrity and compassion for ourselves and others.

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Libra Lunar Eclipse--Balancing Act (March 23, 2016)

We'll experience the last Lunar Eclipse in the Libra-Aries cycle on March 23, 2016, at least until the North Node moves into Aries, several years from now. However, this cycle ends on a powerful note with plenty of planetary congestion--imagine LA traffic.

I set the chart for Seattle or Standard Pacific Time. As you can see from this chart, a cluster of planets falls in the Second House, leading off with Neptune on the cusp in Pisces, followed by Venus, Ceres, Chiron in Pisces and then Mercury, Sun, and Uranus in Aries. The square with Uranus and Pluto is still present but widening the gap, and then Jupiter and the North Node gets entangled with Saturn in Sagittarius and Ceres conjunct Chiron in the form of a Mutable T-Square (we had better get used to them). And Venus and Neptune square Mars (Divine Feminine verses the old guard).

Meanwhile, Mars in Sagittarius and Sun/Mercury in Aries offer a Fire Trine (Mars sextiles the Moon in Libra); as does Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries so we're fired up with all this Mars energy, which is the overall theme of the Lunar Eclipse in Libra. I feel that Cardinal Signs are going to feel this push in whatever area of the chart Aries and Libra rule (look on the cusps). Also look up Capricorn on the cusp.

We stand at another crossroads and we can tell two tales. The first one (the one I prefer) is about dissolving the status quo and healing ourselves so that we drop any masks and walk the road of our authentic selves. The other road revolves around wounded egos and everyone trying to grab his or her piece of the pie. The weaker or shadow side of Libra focuses on one-upping others through gossip, passive-aggression, or with violence. Even though Libra has a reputation for diplomacy and peacemaking, I have found that Libras have just as much of a warrior in them as Aries, except Aries is more upfront about its warrior energy.

A weak Libra person hides anger and resentment behind charm, which at times reminds me of those southern belles of old times--sugary sweet and lethal at the same time. This Lunar Eclipse brings out both sides of Libra and with so many planets in Pisces, forgiveness holds the key to healing during this transit. Libra Moon people are especially vulnerable to using charm to get their way at this time. Find out what's really going on with your emotions and look for a spiritual source to satisfy your needs rather than looking to another person to fulfill your needs (which won't go well at this time).

The Venus conjunction with Neptune squaring Mars highlights the above scenarios. When Venus attaches to Neptune we experience glamour and glitz, which if we're smart realize it's all illusion, but if we're young and impressionable (man or woman), we believe the hype which leads to all sorts of distortions such as media-induced eating disorders. We forget about the magic of photography and Photo Shop, as well as, illusions created by fashion and make up artists. Women fall into the trap of trying to fit an image of a fantasy girl so that they can attract young men (Mars). And even in this day, the post feminist age, women still fall prey to the fashion industry, as do some men who expect their girlfriend to resemble a supermodel (which is an illusion in itself).

We also experience heightened narcissism or it's all about me mentality. People are more interested in the outer package rather than the contents of the heart. But on the other hand, Neptune also rules faith, compassion, understanding the the transcendence brought about through the performing arts such as dance, photography. music, and cinema. This Venus-Neptune Duet also causes us to reflect on the Divine Feminine and goddess cultures. We might place women on pedestals and call them "holy" or worship young women such as they do in India (Hinduism) where young girls are sanctified divas and expected to live in temples (where devotees come to worship them). This also reminds me of the Vestal Virgins of ancient Greece. And Jupiter in Virgo locked into a T-Cross with Chiron/Ceres and Saturn further emphasizes this theme. Imagine taking the blame when something goes awry with crops or the environment or the economy.

Since the eclipse sun and moon fall in Cardinal Signs (Aries and Libra), the most affected signs are Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn in the 0 to 5 degree range and 17 to 19 degrees. Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini experience the Mutable T-Cross. First they heal deeper wounds and then share their wisdom through writing or other forms of communication. Fixed Signs, (Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, and Scorpio) can sit out this eclipse unless you have an abundance of planets (or your moon) in a Cardinal or Mutable Sign. On one hand, you don't want to move with the flow, but on the other hand, we might turn to you to provide our anchor as big change rips at us, like hurricane winds. These winds continue to blow throughout 2016.

Having said all that, the world desperately requires change and transformation now. We must tell a new story that includes all of us. We must lay down our swords except the swords of truth and integrity. We must create an equal playing field that is fair to everyone despite their gender. And since this Libra Lunar Eclipse ends the Libra-Aries eclipse cycle, we also reflect on other eclipses within the cycle as well as, changes caused by the Uranus Pluto Square. Change in this case comes on quickly and is once again, irreversible. If you must, grieve the loss, then take heart as we move into the unknown, which despite its void, is more promising than any thing that came before it.


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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pisces Special Video from Neptune Girl with Love

Since I have so much Neptune-Pisces in my Natal Chart, and because we're swimming in Pisces transits in 2016, I produced a special video for Pisces. Happy Birthday, Pisces!

Pisces--A Fish with Two Heads

by Patricia Herlevi
Spotlight on Pisces
Sign: The Fish
February 18 - March 20 
Planets: Jupiter and Neptune 
Rules: Feet and lymphatic system

I once read in Linda Goodman's "Love Signs" that there are two types of Pisces men--the hapless dreamer who drifts through life living in poverty and hope, and the hardworking kind with their feet more securely grounded in mundane reality.  I have met both kinds of Pisces men and I have met Pisces women who come across more like a bold Aries than a fish with a soft heart.  And I have known a lot of Pisces since my Pisces Moon/Saturn and strong Neptune in my chart acts as a magnet to the fish.  Consequently, I have known many Virgos on the polar opposite of Pisces.

True for some Pisces you could say they don't have a mean bone in their body.  These are the folks who will sacrifice themselves for you, for the ideal partner or on a bigger scale, the planet.  More than any sign Pisces has the urge to merge into Unity Consciousness or Oneness with all that is.  This is the most watery sign of the Water Signs since it is the only sign that actually swims in the sea and for humans, that represents the sea of consciousness. While Aries launches the signs in the Zodiac (technically a new year starts in March on the Spring Equinox according to the Zodiac wheel), Pisces ends the wheel with hopefully a transcendental experience or we come back and do the entire cycle again.

Pisces lacks defense of any kind.  The Cancer crab has a shell for protection and the Scorpion has a toxic stinger.  Sure there are poisonous fish who swim in the ocean and jelly fish could cause physical damage, but for the most part the Pisces fish lives on faith and trust as it explores its dreamy version of the world that usually comes straight out of a fantasy novel with a bit of romance tossed in.  This sign never grows beyond believing in magic and there's another part of them with a Peter Pan complex since facing adult reality doesn't appeal to the dreamer fish.

You'll find Pisces men and women at spiritual retreats, seminars or at spiritual bookstores.  They gravitate towards anything mystical, unexplainable, and of greater consciousness.  Similar to Sagittarius who they share the planet Jupiter, Pisces loves vastness and the freedom to wander in that vastness, only Pisces seems more cosmic than Sagittarius who seems more practical and philosophical in comparison.  On the other hand, as much as the fish love their freedom, they can also cling to a relationship that is long past its expiration date or fantasize for years about an unobtainable partner (if only I could save him).

When they don't have a structured spiritual practice they lose their footing and this is when Pisces falls into addiction of any kind.  They lose hope, they feel heartbroken, disappointed and it is easier to slip into denial or the illusions they feed themselves rather than face hard cold facts.  Perhaps they suffered abuse as a child and this shattered their ability to trust or they married a con artist and now feel disillusioned about relationships.  Pisces are so soft that cruel people take advantage of them.  Remember Federico Fellini's movie Nights of Cabiria when the plucky prostitute played by Guilietta Masina suffers another loss from a man who cheats her out of her fortune? That scene sums up the way a Pisces gives his or her heart away to a deceptive person.

Fortunately, children playing music (Pisces' loves) reignites the spirit of the prostitute and she realizes no matter how hard her life is, she recovers her faith.  Pisces love music, cinema, dance, glamor as well as, swimming, being near the ocean, and daydreaming.  If it flows, it floats Pisces boat.

Parts of the body ruled by Pisces include feet. The Spanish filmmaker Luis Bunuel, a Pisces, had a foot fetish which showed up in his movies.  Pisces women tend to have sensitive feet but they still wear high heels and other foot damaging shoes.  They also enjoy going out dancing and many Pisces girls take ballet classes and dream of joining a ballet company some day.  They might also dream of acting in movies or working in a creative field where they can lose themselves in their craft and merge with whatever.

If they don't find a career in the arts, they might go into alternative healing, teach yoga, meditation or work in the travel industry especially if that involves water. Pisces desire to heal the world and when they blend with their opposite sign Virgo, they find ways to serve as healers in the world.  They could become hypercritical or suffer from hypochondria given the Pisces/Virgo axis or they might not have a problem with germs and travel to developing nations to treat people suffering from epidemics.  Audrey Hepburn had a Pisces Moon and she became a spokesperson for UNICEF and even continued doing that work until her death from cancer.

I could go on all day about gentle Pisces, but instead here is a video of Elizabeth Taylor (Pisces Sun):

A video of Neptune:

And music by Nino Rota (movie soundtrack composer, most famous work with Fellini):

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Sagittarius Man that would be Pope--Chart Interpretation of Pope Francis I

After I saw a headline for an article about Pope Francis (Sagittarius) denouncing Republican front runner Donald Trump (Gemini) for his proposal to kick Mexican workers out of the US and ask Mexico to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of the US, it was time to explore Pope Francis' Natal Chart and transits. Pope Francis declared that Trump's mentality isn't Christian and this create a stir in the media. All this plays out in the foreground of 2016's Mutable Transits, which includes Mutable T-Crosses with outer planets, a Grand Mutable Square in the spring, and exact Saturn Neptune squares throughout the summer months.

Pope Francis I

Chart Ruler: Moon
Sun Ruler: Jupiter
Moon Ruler: Uranus 
Pluto in Cancer Generation 

Angular Houses: First, Seventh, and Tenth activated

So this piqued my curiosity and I wondered about Pope Francis' Natal Chart and how this drama is a reflection of the Mutable planet transits, the upcoming Virgo Full Moon, and the Saturn-Neptune Square (though not exact at this time, but still churning in the background). Then what will conspire around the Pisces Solar Eclipse a few weeks from now?

It turns out that Pope Francis has his Sun in late degrees of Sagittarius landing in his 6th House of work or vocation. Not only that, his Sun conjuncts the North Node in Sagittarius which tells us that he was fated to do the work of a public servant and in his case, a religious public servant, though many people would not view a traditional pope as a servant.

When we think of service, we don't think of the pomp of the Vatican or the old-style pope. But as we have seen in the news since 2013, when Francis was elected Pope, we have witnessed someone radical more aligned with the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi and less aligned with the conservative and even right-wing popes prior to the election of Pope Francis. What must author Dan Brown think about all of this?

And even though Pope Francis comes across as a humble servant declaring rights for the poor and the environment, don't dismiss this man as powerless. He has Pluto in Cancer falling in his First House. Anyone who has Pluto in the First House has the power of personal transformation and also acts as an instrument for global transformation. Now, Pluto in Cancer is part of an out-of-sign T-Cross with Uranus in Taurus and Moon/Venus in Aquarius which falls in the 7th House which in this case represents Catholics or his followers (some of which aren't Christian).

Having Pluto in Cancer (but close to the cusp of Leo), Pope Francis honors the sanctity of motherhood which I have seen with his anti-abortion stance (aligned with the Vatican).  Then having Uranus in Taurus (will be interesting to see what happens in 2019 when Uranus transits into Taurus), near the MC, the Pope is traditional on some topics and radical about others. But either way, he communicates strong opinions and doesn't sway from his values (Mars in Libra in the Third House).

In a statement to the press about whether or not Brazilian women exposed to Zika virus could have abortions and the Pope stood firm on his anti-abortion stance, but recommended that both men and women use contraceptives (Mars in Libra). We must remember that the Catholic Church is anti-contraceptives so in that light is radical.

With the Sun conjunct North Node in Sagittarius in the 6th House, we see fate playing a role. Sagittarius rules organized religion, religious leaders, and here it falls in the Sixth House of service and vocation. Then we see Uranus in Taurus (a radical planet in a stable Earth Sign) falling in the 10th House of public image and career. Even with the Pope's radical stance on many topics, he seems like a reasonable man. And his approach to wealth astounds us as he is driven around in a regular car, kisses diseased feet and faces, and forgoes the pleasures normally associated with Taurus. Is this giving us any indication of what will transpire when Uranus moves into Taurus three years from now?

I also want to bring up the opposition between Saturn in Pisces in the Eighth House and Neptune in Virgo in the Second House. Now, having been born with my Saturn in Pisces (in my Second House), I know that this Saturn placement can appear unrealistic at worst, but a visionary at best. It's a somewhat lazy and hazy placement for Saturn and then this poor planet gets a double dose of Pisces since it opposes Neptune in Virgo (the Sign of the Servant). But in this case, this man had a vision of becoming a religious leader where he could make a difference in the world, especially where poverty and hunger were concerned and he succeeded.

The other thing I want to mention is that people born when Pluto was in Cancer experienced or at least witnessed the effects of the Great Depression. Pope Francis was born during the flip side of Pluto's current transit in Capricorn so it seems appropriate that this energy would have shaped his views on hunger, poverty and social justice. Pluto in Cancer would also transform the concept of motherhood and many mothers were forced to abandon their children or send them to foster homes during the Great Depression. It wasn't that there were a lot of bad mothers, but that mothers just didn't have the means to nourish their children, much less themselves. The Pope was born during this energy. It will be another interesting time when Pluto reaches 28 degrees Capricorn (2024?) since the Pope has his Pluto at 28 degrees Cancer.

So let's look at some dates for the Mutable Sign transits for 2016 since Pope Francis has his Sun (25 degrees) and North Node (24 degrees) in Sagittarius, Saturn in Pisces (16 degrees), and Neptune in Virgo (18 degrees). The Saturn Neptune Square this summer will take place between 10 and 12 degrees Pisces and Sagittarius so it won't have a direct impact on the Pope's Natal planets. However, he'll still play a crucial role during the summer months, as most prominent people with several planets in Mutable Signs will.

We do want to keep an eye out for Jupiter and North Node transits when they reach 16 to 18 degrees or 24 to 26 degrees as they will interact with and ignite the Saturn Neptune opposition and the Sun conjunct North Node in the Pope's chart. We also want to keep an eye out for Neptune and Chiron in Pisces (not to mention that Ceres is currently transiting in Pisces) as well as, Saturn in Sagittarius as these transits interact with the Pope's planets. He is most outspoken when his Mars at 19 degrees Libra are activated by Uranus in Aries (opposition) and Pluto in Capricorn (square).

May and June will be particularly busy times for the Pope with several planets forming a Grand Mutable Square (when fast moving planets transit in Gemini) oppose Saturn in Sagittarius, and square Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter and the North Node. Saturn is currently in orb with the Pope's Neptune and Saturn.

The Virgo Full Moon on February 22nd trines the Pope's Jupiter (Sun's Ruler) in Capricorn and trines his Uranus in Taurus. And the Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees 57 minutes Pisces conjunct's the Pope's Natal Saturn (March 8) and opposes his Natal Neptune. This affects other people's resources verses his own resources. And we will hear about such deep and taboo topics as abuse of power, big government, financial institutions, sex, procreation, abortion, taxes, and other Eighth House related themes.

I will end my post here and add more later if I feel the urge. Whether you like Pope Francis or not isn't the point. He has the power to shape the destiny of the planet and help us in awaken to the love that is inside each of us. I know that I'm moved every time I hear him speak and I'm not a proponent of organized religion. I don't agree with all of his views, but I do admire the Pope's integrity. I haven't seen any spiritual leader of his stature embody compassion for a long while, with the exception of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama (a Cancerian).

Also watch the accompanying video on YouTube (Astrologer Patricia).

Monday, February 1, 2016

Aquarius Sun--Zigzagging Your Way thru the Zodiac

Aquarius, I had a dream last night where I was sitting next to Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) and Robyn Hitchcock. Hitchcock turned to Stipe and asked, “You’re Capricorn, right?” and Stipe responded in a hush tone, “We’ll discuss this later.” Then I butted into their intimate moment, as any rock music journalist-turned-astrologer might and I asked Hitchcock if he was an Aquarius. And he retorted, “Aquarius is overrated.”

And true enough while I was growing up in the 1970s, indeed Aquarius was overrated thanks to the Broadway musical, Hair and the song, “Age of Aquarius.” As a child, I thought there were only three astrological signs, Cancer, Capricorn, and Aquarius so when another child said that she was Gemini or Leo, I scratched my head, “Huh?” When I was in kindergarten only one girl (who was also labeled with learning disabilities), befriended me and she was the first Aquarius I encountered. We held hands on a field trip to the beach so I have a water association with the Water Bearer.

Her family moved away, but we reunited in middle school where she had grown into a star athlete and a fashion trend-setter since all the other girls played copy cat and held their bated breath while our local Aquarius was the first to wear Nike sneakers, the first to wear “star” jeans, and the first to shop for fashion at the out-of-town mall. Her slumber parties exhibited equality in action since she invited the popular and the underdog girls too where everyone mixed and mingled as they swooned over their friendship with the Aquarius girl who collected us like other girls collected horse statues. Later, this Aquarian projected her Leo traits onto her rival, a Leo cheerleader, who she had a cat-dog like rivalry with all through middle and high school. I was friends with both women—the cat and the water bearer. 

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Why am I telling you these stories other than waxing nostalgia for my formative years? I’m giving you illustrated examples of how the Aquarius personality shows up in the real world. In my adult years while I was a movie journalist, I interviewed an Aquarius filmmaker from Canada and we struck up a brief long-distance (by e-mail) friendship. And at one point during our first interview, he briefly mentioned that he was an Aquarius, well, he kind of boasted about this with the aside, “You know that we’re entering the Aquarius Age.” Did I know this? Having heard the famous song ring throughout my childhood, how could I not know that Jupiter would line up with Mars and bam, we enter the Aquarius Age?

Is Aquarius overrated like my dream rock musician character believed? Aquarius is the most misunderstood sign of the Zodiac. And not all Aquarius people sport tattoos, nose rings, and green streaks in their hair. In fact, you’ll find people from all Zodiac Signs following those trends. If the room is filled with bikers and biker chicks sporting tattoos and black leather, then the Aquarius person ambles in wearing a business suit or the garb of a Best Buy Geek Squad employee. Aquarius follows the beat of his or her own drummer and if this means they start tends, so be it. They’re certainly not trying to start any trends and once people start copying them, they venture off into new territory and thumb their nose at all those folks who can’t seem to think for themselves.

Aquarius thumbs his or her nose at conventions and traditions, though this doesn’t mean that Aquarius represents progressive types hanging out at peace rallies. They might not care at all about politics or economics unless they are affected directly or take on a cause that involves an underdog or two. Aquarius rules technology such as wind power, rules permaculture and energy medicine along with space travel and far out aliens coming to the earth to share secret knowledge, especially if Scorpio also figures prominently in the natal chart. Aquarius collects friends but doesn’t always know what to do with these diverse friends. They join groups or lead them because remember that people love following  their Aquarius leader, even though a weakness of Aquarius is to not fit in on purpose and then complain that no one gets them. But Aquarius isn’t as mysterious or quirky as they want us to believe.

Aquarius is represented by the Tarot cards The Tower and The Star (although one Tarot Reader I saw on YouTube said that Mars represents The Tower card). Aquarius rules electric blue and lightening and the planet Uranus. Aquarius people don’t move in a straight line, but zigzag through life. Just like lightning strikes unexpectedly, an Aquarius can change direction and this is when they shock us. This is when they show up with a Mohawk dyed green at the business office. This is when they shock moviegoers with strange body language and expressions (James Dean), or the math geek shows up at a party of dilettantes.

I recall a game published in newspapers along with the comic strip that asked which object in the  picture didn’t fit into the general scheme which reminds me of the Aquarius Sun. Aquarius people stand out in a crowd because they don’t fit the normal pattern of humanity in that situation. For instance, everyone in the room is dressed in black, white, and gray then the Aquarius person walks in wearing all red or wearing a silver spacesuit, but that’s an exaggeration. When I was a young adult I thought that everyone strange that I met was Aquarius and I was wrong fifty percent of the time. Often times, the most conservative person in the room dressed like Michael J Fox’s character in the television show Family Ties represented the Aquarius person. Sometimes they lead fashion trends (if Venus or Neptune is prominent in their natal chart), but often times they're dressed so strange we turn our noses down at them. "How dare you come to my gathering dressed like that."

In my late teens and early twenties, I had a crush on an Aquarius folk-rock musician from Scotland. He didn’t join a punk band which seemed like the obvious rebellious thing to do during the punk era, but instead wore a fringe leather jacket and played love songs on an acoustic guitar. He claimed to have had David Bowie as an influence, but the only resemblance he had to Bowie was the time that he sported an androgynous hair style dyed red. And if you want to know which musicians sport either an Aquarius Sun or Ascendant, look to the androgynous musicians, who at least have their Venus transiting in Aquarius, if not their Sun, Mercury, Ascendant, Moon or Mars at the time of their birth. Venus rules our fashion sense.

So then what can we expect from an Aquarius Sun person? They’ll never follow a trend and they simply can’t go along with a program for a long period of time. They get away with dressing differently in the workplace because they are brilliant innovators who can focus on their work. They don’t walk in a straight line, but zigzag, and even though they are normally detached sometimes their Leo polarity takes over and they experience sudden drama that leads to breakthroughs. They don’t enjoy the spotlight, but can handle the attention if required though some Aquarius actors have appeared on the silver screen and become legends such as James Dean. And who can forget Aquarius actress Geena Davis in the movie Thelma and Louise or as the quirky dog trainer in The Accidental Tourist?

There are two types of Aquarius, one ruled by Saturn and the other ruled by Uranus since Saturn was the first ruler of Aquarius along with Capricorn. Aquarius people appear in rock bands and on Wall Street. They practice energy healing or work in the arts. They invent new technology or play the role of the absent-minded university professor who gets lost (more like distracted) on the way to the lecture hall. They collect people in their lives, but aren’t so good at expressing deep emotions (unless they have planets in Water Signs in their charts). 

They call everyone a friend except those they have crushes on, and they act mean towards those folks. They certainly have their quirks. They act like humanity is the most important thing, but forget that humanity is made up of individuals who want individual and not collective rights (oh, how selfish of us). And I believe that Aquarius invented the concept of grassroots. Believe it or not, the United States of America sports Aquarius ideals even if it’s Sun is ruled by Cancer (July 4th).

If we listen to the famous 1960s anthem, we’ll hear that the Age of Aquarius is dawning, not that we are already in it. And this was sung by a colorful band of hippies born when Pluto was transiting in Leo, the opposite sign of Aquarius. Think of what dawning means. Think of the darkest hour before dawn approaches and all we see is a glimmer of light dancing on the horizon or perhaps zigzagging just below the darkness of the night. We too are only catching a glimmer of the Aquarius Age, and true to the nature of this sign, no one really knows when this age will begin. But with all the new technology on the planet to make the Jetsons proud, and energy medicine on the rise (a household phrase), we very well could be close to an Aquarius-ruled renaissance in which we truly feel equal with our brothers and sisters. If we want to capture the true spirit of Aquarius think of the American city Philadelphia, “City of Brotherly Love”.

Famous Aquarius people include: James Dean, Geena Davis, David Bowie (Ascendant), Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera), Ronald Reagan, the television character Michael Keaton, movie maker and Oscar Nominee Philippe Falardeau, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, and most likely the character Harry Potter. As far as professions, the sky is the limit for Aquarius, but whatever they do in life, they bring innovation and a brilliant mind.

Aquarius quirks include, forgetfulness, detached emotions, stubbornness especially when it comes to ideas and concepts, rigidness, too futuristic, rebellious, and too focused on the collective until they lose sight of the individual (Marxist Communism falls under Aquarius). They also give us the impression that we're a special friend of theirs when we are merely an acquaintance or colleague (they might not even remember our names). We’ll all experience these quirky and the positive traits of Aquarius when Pluto begins its transit in Aquarius in 2024.

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