Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blame it on Yod

Not exactly a traffic jam, the yod configuration in a natal or transiting chart still causes chaos and confusion.  After reading The Yod Book by Karen Hamaker-Zondag, an astrologer from the Netherlands, I know I felt perplexed.  How, I wondered am I going to find these little devils in client's charts.  However, with practice, perhaps spotting yods, also known as "the hand of God" in a chart will feel like a cake walk.

According to Hamaker-Zondag, you can look for signs in your client's life such as feelings of restlessness, feeling pulled in three directions, or getting tossed into an event that is out of the client's control and just something he or she must endure until an endpoint with a transiting yod or until middle age, when the client learns how to handle the three-way energies of the yod.  Some times more than three planets involve themselves with the yod and it's no longer a menage a trois affair.  For instance, (and I'm getting ahead of myself), yods involve planetary conjunctions so you could theoretically have 6 planets involved in a yod.

So what the heck is a yod? A yod involves two or more planets in a sextile, with another planet inconjuncting the sextile.  The example Hamaker-Zondag gives in her book involves a sextile between a planet in Sagittarius and a planet in Aquarius with an inconjunct to a planet in Cancer.  A yod must have the sextile and conjunction with an orb of 3.5 or less degrees and the signs of the planets fall into three different modes (mutable, fixed, cardinal) as well as, three different elements (water, earth, air, fire).

So in the example the author gave, we have a planet in an fixed air sign, another planet in a mutable fire sign, and the third planet in a cardinal water sign.  Now the problem someone faces with these energies is that the elements and modes operate differently.  For instance, cardinal signs want to start something now.  They are pushy.  Mutable signs don't start something, but keep what has ever started moving along. They feel restless and bored. The fixed sign is the least flexible and I like to think of the fixed signs as bringing closure and creating permanence.  They tend to act stubbornly in a chart as well as in a person.

The element of air wants to think, the water wants to feel and the fire wants to intuit.  Imagine having three people representing those qualities trying to solve a problem together, and none of them wants to sense what the others sense.  We also must consider the houses that the yod planets fall in and the rulers of those houses.  So you see, it gets complicated, not just for the person with the yod, but also the astrologer.  It's next to impossible to give any kind of advice because yods don't bring clear thinking, but more or less a cognitive traffic jam.  Imagine if you saw a fork in the road ahead of you and each of the forks had a dead end sign posted on it.  That's how I describe a yod.

So why am I bringing up yods? For several reasons, but most important, everyone on the planet will experience a transiting yod this December involving the slower moving planets and fiery Mars.  This yod involves Saturn in Scorpio at 8 degrees, Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at 8 degrees with an inconjunct to Jupiter in Gemini at 8 degrees.  The yod will be exact on the Solstice or December 21 and continue through the holidays.  Since my moon calendar stops on December 31, I don't know when the yod will end.  Especially since the outer planets enjoy going backwards and forwards over sensitive points in charts.  Anyone with planets in Capricorn in early degrees have felt this with Pluto crawling back and forth across their sensitive points. (Note that people with natal yods handle transiting yods better than those of us who don't have natal yods).

The other interesting thing about this December yod is that Pluto is in Capricorn and Scorpio, the ruler of Pluto is in Capricorn's planet, Saturn.  What are they switching houses to see how the other lives? Feels like a cosmic joke, but let's end 2012 with huge drama and hopefully we don't take the world with it.  I cannot overestimate the powers in this yod.  I recommend finding the houses with Scorpio, Gemini, and Capricorn on the cusp. This will give you an idea of what areas of your life this yod will highlight.  Oh, and I bet you, it will pack some punch in those areas of your chart.  Steel yourself, my dears.

The other reason I'm bringing up yods this week (not just to frighten you), but to inform you that when you understand the yod, you can also see grace in action.  For instance, Hamaker-Zondag pulls out charts of controversial figures such as Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp and Kenneth Starr in regard to the debacle with President Clinton and oral sex, not to mention illegal taping of a conversation between Lewinsky and Tripp.  But before you sit yourself in the judge's chambers, view the yods and unaspected planets in the charts of the people mentioned.  You see those yods and suddenly you see that when people aren't spiritually-evolved and the hand of God pushes them into the ring (circus ring or boxing ring), they will react from their lower instincts. You see grace in action and you forgive these folks.  This could happen to any with a natal yod or even experiencing a transiting yod that aspects planets in natal charts.

Growing up with a yod brings confusion and restlessness to a person.  They don't quite know who they are or what their purpose is in the world.  They have seething anger in some cases, frustration I would guess in most cases, and more psychological issues you could shake a finger at.  They feel like they're lacking and inadequate in some ways, especially when they also have unaspected planets, then they feel disconnected too.  So if we expand our consciousness beyond the people mentioned, think of all the other people you have met in your life who you can't forgive.  Now, imagine that they have yods in their charts.  Each of these people brings a turning point to the people they touch and in some cases, an entire nation or the planet, depending the power players involved with events in which they find themselves entangled.  Imagine if for you all roads led to nowhere.  Now, wouldn't you feel uneasy and frustrated?

I understand that we all need to take responsibility for our actions, but try taking responsibility for actions coming from an empty place or from a person who doesn't know them self.  Yods are something people live with and if they work on themselves, if they can find themselves, they can extract beauty from that yod.  The author gives graceful examples of people who developed many talents and skills because of their yod and the desire to keep seeking.  Then when these people reach middle age, they combine all those skills they acquired during their restless searching days and create something of real value, whether that's a new way of living on the planet or a work of art.

Symptoms of a Yod:

Do you feel restless, always seeking, moving in several directions, taking classes, or changing jobs like changing clothing, but not knowing which direction you wish to pursue? Do you feel at odds with your family, with humanity, in a way you can't articulate?  Do you have a yod in your natal chart? Do your family members have yods in their natal charts? What about your partner?  By the way, yods run in families and lineages.  Often when an ancestor fails to live out their mission or theme, this theme gets passed down to their children, or most likely, their grandchildren who just feel like the black sheep in a family.

I recommend reading The Yod Book.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Libra: Trapeze Artists & a Tightrope

Happy Birthday Libra!

After we gather the Virgo harvest, we enter in the realm of the Cardinal Sign Libra.  This is a time to look at every area of your life and bring anything out of alignment into balance, because scales represent Libra.  For other Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn), I recommend Tension Tamer Tea (it's the tea with the pretty tiger on the box), or buying nice smelling oils and salts and dunking into a tub of hot, relaxing water, especially for Cancerians.

Capricorns need to balance work with play; attend a party hosted by a Libra and lighten up a bit.  Eat chocolate cake and don't allow the guilt to cause your soul to cringe.  Aries, put the shields and swords away and attend that Libras party and also eat chocolate cake, but don't hog all of it for yourself (remember your manners).  Cancerians grab a camera and go out in nature. Go camping near a lake before the autumn chill takes over or sit at home listening to sappy songs that remind you of good times from your childhood.  You can also attend that Libra-hosted party and eat chocolate cake.

Now, is a time of refinement.  Is there a class you have been meaning to take? Would you like to redecorate your home or host a dinner party? While Libra represents balance, this sign rules the beauty planet of Venus.  Get a new haircut, replace your old clothing, even if that means going to a thrift store to do it.  For women, wear a little (not a lot) of makeup, take a yoga class, or meditate.

For Libras, make sure your kidneys are working properly, you might even get them checked out for good measure.  Kidney diseases can sneak up on us.  Enjoy the beauty in your life by taking the time to visit art museums and galleries.  If you're creative then take art classes or start a project to beautify your surroundings.  Add flowers to your home and work with essential oils for yourself and in your home. 

About Libras

The co-ruler of Venus, these diplomats, party hosts, charmers, and beauty experts dazzle us with style.  But not all Libras strive for glamour since we find beauty in many things such as world peace (John Lennon, Saint Francis of Assisi, Gandhi), just like we would in home decorating, or fashion.  Like any zodiac sign, Libras work in many professions, but do well in professions that require someone balancing the scales and bringing peace.

In the zodiac wheel, Libra rules the seventh house of partnership/marriage so there is a concern about the other.  This house falls opposite of the first house ruled by Aries and is one of four angular houses, meaning it holds a greater significance in a chart.  While many of us have this idea that Libras should already know about balance and act peaceful from the time of birth, the truth is every sign has to awaken to its particular energy over time.  It is plausible that a person born under the sign of Libra could have grown up in a home filled with drama, ugliness, and violence.  In this case, the soul had chosen those experiences to guide him or her in the direction of peace and beauty.

For instance, John Lennon experienced a rough childhood involving is birth mother and the aunt who raised him.  He found beauty and peace through music, while having to get along with a Cancerian (Ringo Star), a Pisces (George Harrison) and much easier a Gemini (Paul McCartney), which ended on a bad note, pun intended.  Lennon experienced two marriages and his marriage to Yoko Ono suffered it's turmoil, but through all of these experiences, Lennon did find peace and balance before turning 40. 

If you look at the lives of other Libras such as Saint Francis of Assisi, you will see plenty of struggle, and challenges to find peace.  Francis, born the son of a wealthy merchant found the courage to leave his family to seek peace through God, not an easy task for a Libra, who are known as people pleasers.  And why are they known as people pleasers?  I remember reading one astrologer's assessment of Libra who called this sign weak because it's whole identity is tied up in partnership.  True people born under this sign get divorced, but they don't spend too much time wallowing before they hook up with a new partner.  They need partnership as much as Pisces need water or the ethereal realm.  This is probably why people with this sign flirt a lot, are known for having affairs, and possibly they marry several times.

However, the true partnership they seek is with themselves and their true mission is self-love.  Once you have self-love, peace and balance comes more easily.  When you love yourself, you love the world and beauty shows up everywhere.  So no matter what your sign or even if you don't like Libras because you dated one once who told you to lighten up, this month focus on self-love and balance.  We all need to breathe more deeply and feel that inner peace, even Aries and Scorpio.

Featured Libras

Saint Francis of Assisi (Francesco)
Movie clip from "Brother Sun, Sister Moon"

John Lennon

Movie clip "Gandhi"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Astrology for cheaters

Perhaps, that's not an attractive title for my post for an astrology cheat sheet, but I got your attention, right?  When we visit the commerical astrology sites too much focus falls on the Sun Signs, and not enough focus falls on the houses and other planets and the more complex aspects of astrology.  I don't believe in predictive or fortune-telling astrology, but focus on the transformative power of planets in our natal charts and the current planetary transits.

Besides, transits carry many themes depending on the configurations in a chart, and when you get into astrology over your head, like diving into a deep pool of water when you don't know how to swim, and we have the progressions to consider.  Have you ever learned about yods? Ah, but we are getting ahead of ourselves, with the exception of professional astrologers who might go a bit rabid over yods in a chart--what psychological issues lurk in those yods?

So let's start at the beginning with the planets, houses, and other basics.

Astrological Cheat Sheet
(This is a document that I made for one of my clients who wanted to learn the basics of astrology when I gave her a reading).

First here are a description of the 10 planets and Chiron and their attributes:

Sun (Ego, identity, creativity, our center, strength, courage, warmth)

Moon (Inner self, intuition, reflection, mothers and mothering, emotions, how we express emotions)

Mercury (Communication verbal & written, short distance travel, relationships with siblings, hands, dexterity)

Venus (Women planet, balance, justice, the earth, ecology, flirtation, attraction, beauty, earthy physicality)

Mars (Men, war, anger, aggression, but also drive, ambition, warrior spirit, courage)

Jupiter (Expansion, exuberance, enthusiasm, idealism, spirituality, luck)

Saturn (Discipline, structure, the container which holds an astrological sign energy, fathers and fathering, authority, business & financial institutions, career),

Uranus (Lightening, the unexpected, rebellion, riots, surprises, shakeups, strikes, the Aquarian spirit)

Chiron (asteroid) (The wounded healer, childhood wounds of the emotional kind)

Neptune (Dreams, prisons, institutions, dissolution, spirituality, Oneness, Unity Consciousness, movies, music, sound healing)

Pluto (Transformation, sex, death, taxes, radiation, x-rays, nuclear energy, Hades, psychology, soul mates of the deepest kind)

The planets Sun through Mars are personal planets and these planets move quickly through a chart.

Jupiter and Saturn are transpersonal planets.  This means that you feel them on a personal level, but they also have lasting effects on events that happen within a year or 2 1/2 years of the planets’ transits.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are outer planets with universal effects.  These are slow moving planets that shape generations and are used as generational markers.  For instance the baby boomers are the Pluto in Leo generation, and Pluto in Virgo marks generation X.


Sun Signs
(I’m using Steven Forrest’s archetypes for the sign, but you can make up your own.  I did).

Aries (Warrior, pioneer, daredevil, survivor), element is fire, cardinal energy

Taurus (Earth spirit, the silent one, the musician, I add farmer, builder), element is earth, fixed energy

Gemini (Journalist, witness, storyteller, teacher, I add, public speaker, radio announcer, reporter, PR Director), element is air, mutable energy

Cancer (Mother, healer, invisible man or woman, I add chef, homemaker, gardener), element is water, cardinal energy

Leo (King, performer, child, I add comedien, movie star), element is fire, fixed energy

Virgo (Servant, martyr, perfectionist, analyst, I add nun, saint, and monk), element is earth, mutable energy

Libra (Lover, artist, peacemaker, I add troubadour, party hostess, decorator), element is air, cardinal energy

Scorpio (Detective, hypnotist, sorcerer, I add, shaman, psychologist and alchemist), element is water, fixed energy

Sagittarius (Gypsy, student, philosopher, I add, university professor, world traveler, pilgrim), element is fire, mutable energy

Capricorn (Hermit, father, prime minister, I add banker, chiropractor, architect), element is earth, cardinal energy

Aquarius (Genius, revolutionary, exile, scientist, truth sayer, I add inventor, software engineer), element is air, fixed energy

Pisces (Mystic, dreamer, face dancer, poet, I add spiritualist, spiritual coach), element is water, mutable energy


Houses (Do you want to come over to my house? Says Aries)

First house is the personality and body house.  This house is marked by the rising or ascension sign and mainly focuses on your personal appearance and how you identify with yourself.  This house is ruled by Aries.

Second house creativity, talent and personal resources (has clues of how to make a living). This house is ruled by Taurus.

Third house is communication, short distance travel, and siblings. This house is ruled by Gemini.

Fourth house represents domestic issues, home & mother.  Ruler is Cancer.

Fifth house represents fun, the performing arts, flirtation, dating, and love affairs.  Ruler is Leo.

Sixth house represents health routines, health, duty, service, and pets.  Ruler is Virgo.

Seventh house represents marriage, legal partnerships, and balance. Ruler is Libra.

Eighth house represents sex, death, soul mates, rebirth, kundulini, psychology and secrets.  Ruler is Scorpio.

Ninth house represents (The law, attorneys, long distance travel, foreign countries and cultures.  Ruler is Sagittarius.

Tenth house represents father, authority, career, ambition, financial institutions and structure.  Ruler is Capricorn. (Liz Greene refers to this house as representing the mother and not the father.  This works too).

Eleventh house represents colleagues (as opposed to friends which is in the 5th house), networks, and community.  Ruler is Aquarius.

Twelfth house represents prisons, insane asylums, addiction, dreams, spirituality, escapism, dissolution, illusions, movies, and music.  Ruler is Pisces.



Saturday, September 15, 2012

Personalities behind the signs

Ingrid Bergman, a Virgo
Often when we discuss astrology it seems abstract and intangible.  We discuss energies, aspects, and houses as if these were real objects.  However, the best way to describe each of the signs is to show you the signs in action.  I chose a personality and video for each of the 12 signs.

Aries--Ravi Shankar (Sitar Player & Promoter of Indian Classical Music/India)

Taurus--Audrey Hepburn (Actress)

Gemini--Bob Dylan (Singer-Songwriter/American)

Cancer--Princess Diana (Royalty/British)

Leo--Robert Redford (Acto/American)

Virgo--Ingrid Bergman (Actress/Swedish)

Libra--Marcello Mastroianni (Actor/Italian)

Scorpio--Grace Kelly (Actress/American)

Sagittarius--Jimi Hendrix (Musician/American)

Capricorn--Marlene Dietrich (Actress/German)

Aquarius--Geena Davis (Actress/American)

Pisces--Claude Jutra (Filmmaker/Quebec/Canada)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mars in Gemini--Silver-Tongued or the Gift of Gab?

For this post, I get to poke fun at myself since my Mars falls in Gemini and in my fun fifth house.  Since Mars represents the child, as well as, men, warriors, war, guns, aggression, competition, energy, atheletes, and drive and Gemini comes across as childlike, this combination reminds me of Peter Pan.  The men I have met and dated with Mars in Gemini act like Peter Pan too, which I know is just a projection of my inner Peter Pan archetype.

I once dated a man who had a cluster of personal planets in Gemini.  Coming across as a sociopathic liar, in retrospect, I can see that this man just enjoyed telling stories.  Certainly, he oozed a type of intellectual charm, or perhaps, on bad days, smugness, but he couldn't stick to any one job or woman, at least that's what I thought.  Geminis represent the troubadour in the zodiac, silver-tongued poet (think Bob Dylan), and they use their hands expressively when they tell a good yarn, or show up for a date three hours later, just when you're about to crawl into bed, alone and upset.  These men have no problem sneaking around the back door or sliding through a window at 3 a.m.  But they will dream with you about an illusive future together while they scheme how to meet the woman next door.  And hopefully, that woman was a Scorpio who would teach that man a lesson or two.

To give you an idea, here is Madeleine Peyroux singing Bob Dylan's "You're Going to Make Me Lonesome When You Go."

Mars in Gemini is more than dating schemes by trickster souls.  You also find journalists, reporters, and radio broadcasters with Mars in Gemini.  This Mars finds its drive and energy in chatter, conversation, or some times one-sided dialogue while the other person struggles to squeeze in a word or two.  Mars in Gemini people usually have charming voices that you could easily listen to for hours and boy, can these men and women, as well as children, tell a story!  They also learn foreign languages easily or at least feel attracted to languages.

With my Mars in Gemini, I feel like a natural born storyteller, but back in my childhood and my teen years, I lacked a healthy outlet for fiction, so I turned my real life into fiction.  Once when I worked at a bulb factory (tulip bulbs), I felt bored and one day and made up a terrible story which I told my co-worker, an older lady.  The Beatles' "Long and Winding Road" came on the radio, and I told the lady that one time when I listened to that sad song I locked myself in the bathroom and threatened to commit suicide.  Of course, I told a boldface lie and I felt awful and equally delighted that the woman believed me. That my dear, is Gemini Mars in action.

Fortunately, as I grew older, and I'm certain these silver-tongued lies catch up to all Mars in Gemini people, with the exception of sociopaths and psychopaths, I stopped telling lies, and started writing fiction where my characters told lies.  Many of my characters possess Gemini traits too and I wonder if my Mars in Gemini in my fifth house has anything to do with this.  These characters rally for fun and freedom or they have libertine parents.

One last observation I'll share about Mars in Gemini, children love these folks.  My former sister-in-law once said that I'm good around children because I'm childlike.  I won't argue.  You could find Mars in Gemini people actually working with children as teachers, daycare workers, musicians, clowns, circus performers, and actors.  Last summer I met an actor on a intercity bus who I swear had his Mars in Gemini because he acted childlike as he entertained a 4-year old girl on the bus.  Watching this man interact with this girl delighted the other bus riders including me.

With Mars in Gemini folks you have to take the good with the bad.  If your Mars or Venus falls into an earth sign, especially Taurus or fussy Virgo, then Mars in Gemini will drive you crazy.  This placement is about three things, fun, freedom, and personal expression.  Mars in Gemini is most happy when he or she can explore the world unencumbered, take in everything, and then write or tell stories.  This one has the gift of gab, but don't believe every word you hear coming from Mars in Gemini's mouth.  We sometimes make stuff up.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Outer Planets and Liz Greene

I grabbed a few astrology books from the library shelf so that I can immerse myself in my astrology crash course.  One of the books, "The Outer Planets & Their Cycles" by Liz Greene was published while I was in college (a long time ago).  Yet, I turn to Greene's wisdom regarding the outer planets and several years ago, I recall reading her book on Pluto (the best book I've read on Pluto).  However, in 1980, when the Greene delivered the lectures in this book, she seemed apologetic for her lack of knowledge about the outer planets.  (I completed this book and enjoyed Greene's insights on the outer planets. The most interesting aspect of her talks was that Greene relegated the 10th house to the mother, not the father. Think about that.)

Astrologer Liz Greene
Expert or not, Greene engages in a Neptune-Mercury flow as she delivers information on these planets.  I'm not sure if she downloaded the information as she went along or if words just crept into her mouth, but the writing here  (and lectures) feel engaging.  I had a difficult time putting down this book at bedtime because I'm also fascinated with the outer planets, these generation markers, trendsetters, and predictors of global events. 

While Greene mainly talked about events that occurred in the 1980s with Saturn and outer planet conjunctions (I'm only on the fourth chapter), she did talk about important conjunctions that took place in the 1940s-70s, as well as, going back to medieval and renaissance times.  Her lectures come across as scholarly and entertaining to me since I love how the puzzle pieces of a natal or transit chart come together to create a whole person, events, or place.

While Greene, focused mainly on the outer planets conjunctions with Saturn, she mentioned that oppositions and squares between Saturn and the outer planets also define us, as individuals and generations.  A person, Greene mentions, that does not have any outer planets highlighted (heavily aspected or a focus) in a chart lives a relatively normal and peaceful life.  These people did not come to bring change or transformation to the planet and do not have to worry about being ahead of their time, scapegoated or treated like a heretic.

The Neptune symbol for me
These are the folks who fit in, get the right job, make money and support their families or endeavors.  They don't care if they change the world and probably think activists are hotheaded and unrealistic.  Why rock the boat, especially when they feel the waters are calm?  However, for people who do have outer planets playing key roles in their charts, life on the planet presents a different story.  They might struggle in their early life, work in the arts or healing arts, but live in poverty.  They might have ideas that are so far ahead of the times, that people avoid them or label them as crazy, especially if Uranus or Neptune are involved in the person's chart.

Uranus ruled by Aquarius plays the role as the monkey wrench thrown into the works, the radical on the street with the sign, or the medical researcher pioneering a healing modality that would heal the planet and liberate us from oppression.  Here you find the feminist, the first woman to fly an airplane or do anything a woman is not permitted to do. You find Hildegard von Bingen, a medieval abbess who healed with plants, composed amazing healing chants, and published books in an era where women were burned on the stakes for these things.  You will also find Joan of Arc here, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, as well as, Albert Einstein and Mozart.  These are the people who shake things up on the planet, and liven us up a bit.  The established order won't work for them so they rally against it, sometimes peacefully like Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. and sometimes through violent means.

Pluto ruled by Scorpio works more behind the scenes.  Often this planet feels as silent as a weasel sneaking up to its prey.  This planet abducts our souls and drags us into the darkness of the underworld where if we surrender, we eat pomegranates and grow wiser.  If we flail about and scream or act like a victim, Pluto poisons us with vengeful and self-abusing thoughts and emotions.  However, it is our choice to choose to cower like a victim or grab the hem of arc angels and wisdom keepers.  Pluto either empowers us or defeats us, but we get to choose.

Neptune ruled by Pisces desires to dissolve everything it touches into fog or mist.  It asks us to ascend and see past illusions, but even seeing past illusions proves challenging to most people.  What if we like the illusions? What if we enjoy starring in our own glamorous dramas? What if magic and the sleigh of the hand appears in the Neptune deck for us and we don't want to give it up? Getting lost in fantasies has its advantages in that we don't need to take responsibility and face reality.

On the flip side, Neptune is the most gentle of the outer planets.  Neptune doesn't need to rebel against Saturn or live in the shadows like Pluto.  In fact, I prefer Neptune transform the planet rather than Pluto blow up the old structure and Uranus excite angry mobs.  Imagine melting all this chaos that we feel and transcending into Unity Consciousness.  Why do people fear this process? I don't but then Neptune is the second most heavy player in my chart along with Mercury.  She acts as a visionary and a channel to the Divine, pouring into me what ever wisdom I need, which Mercury then writes it down or communicates it orally through me, the vessel.

I have three outer planets and Saturn highlighted in my natal chart.  Does this mean I'm so far ahead of my time that I'll never make a living? Does this mean that I'll ascend and become more invisible than I am now? And will I need to live in the uncomfortable tension that Saturn/Moon opposite Uranus/Pluto presents in my chart? Could Neptune dissolve all of that?

All I know is that I'll read further in Greene's book.  At least my fascination with the topic brings me some balm to feeling too far ahead of my time.  While in retrospect hanging out with the Van Goghs and Mozarts of the world would feel in good company, it's another thing when I'm stuck in the midst of invisibility and feeling strange looks from people when I present my case.  Still, I'm not the sort of person to toss in the towel and I have my eyes focused on the long view. Which I hope the other people born in the 2 1/2 years when Saturn was in Pisces and Uranus and Pluto hung out in Virgo will also do.  Keep your eyes on the prize, soul brothers and sisters.  At least in a hundreds years or so we will have made a name for ourselves.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Spotlight: Pisces Moon

Ah, I know this moon intimately and so does my natal Saturn with its one degree conjunction to a Pisces Moon.  Audrey Hepburn had this moon and so did Salvador Dali.  Normally, a dreamy and dissipating orb that dissolves everything it touches or sends its natives (people with this moon), off on an enchanted journey.  A person with a Pisces Moon needs planets in earth signs to keep these energies grounded.  However, for those people who prefer to lose themselves in spiritual Oneness, this moon can take you there.

An astrologer, I think it was Linda Goodman, once described the Pisces Moon as "Fey and whimsical" and I would add a touch of star child and moon beams, walking a pilgrimage in a world that makes little sense, if any sense at all.  Someone born with this moon feels out of sync with the rest of the world, or completely transcends the mundane through art, music, cinema, or spiritual endeavors.  Off to the monastery or to a mountain top.  Go on a pilgrimage or listen to ancient Celtic music. 

Pisces moon feels like a victim at times, and helpless, powerless, and loses contact with the Divine.  You find people with this moon in the breadline, in prison, or in rehab when ungrounded.  On the other hand, you'll also find artists, scientists, and intuitives here, not to mention saints.  A person with this moon placement might shift from one mode to the other; helpless one moment, and a wise teacher in the next breath.

Pisces 2 fish swimming in opposite directions
Let's follow this Moon through the 12 Houses:

First House--Pisces Moon feels uncomfortable in the Aries house.  It's not looking for new beginnings, but trying to dissolve the old.  As far as body image, this moon lives more in spirit than in the body.  After levitating in the 12th house, it's reluctant to start the cycle once again.

Second House--Still connected to the Divine and the eternal, now the moon must discover its earthly talents and gifts as well as, finding the outer resources to share these gifts.  My Pisces Moon falls in the second house and financial stability (obtaining it) has been the bane of my life.  However, channeling spirit comes easily.

Third House--In the house of communication, Pisces Moon prefers silence to chatter. Here is a moon placement that could easily forgo communication technology and try telepathy instead.  But even those channels clutter leaving the Pisces Moon in turmoil.  Off to the mountain to levitate and communicate more clearly with the Divine.

Fourth House--Pisces Moon has other ideas about domestic life. He or she might feel close to his  or her mother or distant.  Pisces prefers to wander the earth rather than stick to one home.  You'll find nomads and gypsies with this placement, as well as, artists, dancers, musicians, and actors who call the road home.

Fifth House--Pisces in the fifth house prefers not to grow up and feels that her life resembles playtime or recess.  Here you find the inner child with creative pursuits.  Dress your friends up and put on a show.  Pisces Moon prefers the drama on stage when it arrives in this house, and will share the spotlight with kindred souls.

Sixth House--Pisces wants to serve humanity or animals.  You'll find the Pisces Moon adopting too many cats, dogs, and birds in this house or founding an animal sanctuary.  I don't know what the late Glenn Gould's moon was, but it would feel at home in this placement.  After all, the musician's mission in life was to buy an island where he could house every unwanted animal.

Seventh House--Here Pisces seeks nothing short of a Twin Soul, a mirror to stare into, and intimacy that touches the hem of the Divine.  Pisces won't settle for a relationship that focuses on practicalities or legalities in this house.  That feels too much like a butterfly stuck to a rock, and unable to soar.

Eight House--Time for a deep therapy session in which Pisces Moon tackles the heavier topics of death, sex, and rebirth.  While Pisces Moon prefers to dissolve and escape transformation in favor of effortless ascendancy, the Scorpion house challenges the Pisces Moon.  On the other hand, in this house of the soul, Pisces Moon finds his or her soul mate and learns about deeply relating, while letting go of those nasty hangups.

Ninth House---Weeee!  Pisces now connects with Sagittarius energy, takes up her backpack and walking stick and takes to the road.  Whether this journey takes place in the outer or inner world, Pisces Moon feels liberated in this house and ready to explore the wide world.

Tenth House--Here's another house where Pisces Moon feels stuck and trapped in Capricorn structure.  Moving up the career ladder does not interest Pisces Moon, but perhaps, Pisces can make a career as a intuitive or healer with this placement.  Finding clients would come easily since this is the most public house in the chart.

Eleventh House--Pisces Moon floats from group to group, only making true friends with kindred souls.  Socializing on a large scale does not interest Pisces Moon, but she still finds it necessary to network and form connections.  However, Pisces Moon forms these connections only to dissolve them later.  "Sure, you'll do for now," Pisces Moon says, "but soon, I'm out of here."

Twelfth House--Pisces Moon has arrived home in this house.  If the moon has refrained from fooling itself and has done the work, it ascends.  If it hasn't done the work, the person with this moon could end up in prison or a mental hospital.  Either way, the Pisces Moon feels invisible here and anonymous.  Given the bigger picture, Pisces Moon finds wisdom from experiences and realizes that all life is illusion anyway.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Defining Movies (Cinema for Sun Signs)

Last night while I drummed up ideas for my next post, I thought of the type of movies that portray the qualities of each Sun Sign.  For instance, "It's a Wonderful Life" (
exudes Cancerian qualities of home and family life; standing up for the underdog, and standing up against ogres.  Hitchcock's "Vertigo" sums up the Scorpion experience (fear of death, psychology, and transformation), and French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve's "Malstrom" describes the Piscean experience with all those water and fish themes; even the lead actress is a Pisces. 

Of course, most of you reading this post have never seen that movie, now have you.  In that case, we will substitute "Poseidon's Adventure".

Earth signs pose a real challenge.  Hmmm, what about "Grapes of Wrath" for Capricorn, the sensual "Elvira Madigan" for Taurus and "Nuns Story" for Virgo? I choose "Towering Inferno" for Aries, especially since Uranus is currently in that sign, "A Star is Born" for Leo, and "The Fireman's Ball" for Sagittarius.  We don't wish to drift too far away with air signs.  I choose "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" for Gemini (lol), "My Fair Lady" for Libra, and "La Strada" for Aquarius because those humanitarians also like stories about the underdog living on the fringes of society.

Water Signs

It's a Wonderful Life--Cancer
Poseidon's Adventure--Pisces

Earth Signs

Grapes of Wrath--Capricorn
Elvira Madigan--Taurus
Nun's Story--Virgo

Fire Signs

Tower Inferno--Aries
A Star is Born--Leo
A Fireman's Ball--Sagittarius

Air Signs

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde--Gemini
My Fair Lady--Libra
La Strada--Aquarius

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Medieval Archetypes for Sun Signs (Here's your knight in shining armor)

Some astrologers use archetypes to describe the sun, moon and rising signs.  Astrologer Steven Forest comes to mind.  At first, I thought of taking the humorous route, but I changed my mind and decided to go with medieval archetypes. Some of which might surprise you, especially, if you're a Sagittarius who never thought of yourself as a knight in shining armor or a knight of the Round Table of King Arthur's court.

Aries--The Page

Taurus--The Farmer or The Merchant (you decide)

Gemini--The Troubadour or The Juggler

Cancer--The High Priestess

Leo--The Court Entertainer (Jester)

Virgo--The Healer or The Saint

Libra--The Queen or The Diplomat

Scorpio--The Witch or The Wizard

Sagittarius--The Knight

Capricorn--The King

Aquarius--The Alchemist

Pisces--The Court Musician

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Your Moon Tunes (for balancing emotions by Moon Sign)

wikipedia image

Aries Moon “Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon” by the Fifth Dimension

When Aries Moon feels steamed up, give this hot air balloon song a spin.


Taurus Moon “I feel the earth move” by Carole King

No, it’s not an earthquake, but it’s time to stop lying on the grass Taurus Moon.  Try this song to revive you.


Gemini Moon “Jammin’” by Bob Marley

Gemini jives with Marley and so groove to this tune and get out of the head and into the body.


Cancer Moon “Moon River” by Henry Mancini

Find yourself near the river my precious moonbeam.  Sing it, Frankie, you’re a classic.


Leo Moon “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” by Stevie Wonder

This tune is obvious, little Ms Sunshine.


Virgo Moon “Message in a Bottle” by The Police

Even the shy virgin moon falls in love so send out your message to the world, anonymously, of course.


Libra Moon “Beautiful” by Carole King

I had to return to King’s repertoire because this song is perfect for Libra Moon, the eternal optimist.


Scorpio Moon “I heard it through the grapevine” by Marvin Gaye

Scorpio Moon, are you feeling paranoid about your lover? Here’s the song for you.


Sagittarius Moon “Don’t fence me in” by Roy Rogers

I grant your freedom Sagittarius Moon.  We will not hogtie you today.  Hee haw!


Capricorn Moon “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music

Climb, climb, climb, and share the view at the top with the rest of us.


Aquarius Moon “Age of Aquarius” by the Fifth Dimension (from Hair)

I know, we shouldn’t toot our own horn, but in your case, we allow it.


Pisces Moon “Fantasy” by Earth, Wind & Fire

Let’s lose ourselves in the mist of time, shall we?


Monday, September 3, 2012

Tromping with Mars through the houses

Yesterday we took a walk with Venus through the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  Today, we will explore Mars energy as it enters each of the 12 houses in a natal chart.  We won't explore Mars transits which is a whole other ballgame.

First, let's take a look at Mars because this small red planet has received a bad rap from astrologers and stargazers, including me.  Mars portrays a feisty, hotheaded, and aggressive image. Some of us probably imagine Mars as a 2-year old testing his or her limits, and throwing tantrums to get the right results.  Not that tantrums ever do the trick.  Sulking and pouting works some times, but...

On the positive side, we need Mars for drive and energy, not just sex drive, though Mars gets a lot of credit in this category.  Mars gives steam to the engine, and in the third dimension (which I hope to leave soon through ascension), Mars gives us the competitive edge.  Athletes thrive on Mars energy and so does a lot of technology.  It's one thing to have an idea, but another thing to invent it and get it out into the world.  Mars helps in this regard.  Mars toots its own horn, goes to war, struts and swaggers all over our natal charts.  So how do we work with Mars energy without getting burn, and while still practicing generosity, kindness, and compassion in the world.  Mars in Pisces certainly struggles with this dilemma.

Mars enters your house:

Mars loves the first house because Aries (Mars ruler) also rules over this house.  This house represents your self-image, your body type, which would have some Aries traits such as reddish hair or red highlights in the hair, a tendency towards flushed skin, a walk that reminds people of a ram leaning its horns into the wind.  This is the house of self, opposite the 7th Libra house of partnership.  In this house, we might have learned some painful lessons in childhood or adopted the belief that it is not okay to serve yourself first.  Mars in the first house deals with frustration and anger about self verses the world, that comes from childhood trauma or events.

The healing that needs to happen in this house when Mars is present, is about forgiveness and finding balance and peace, while still asserting oneself.  Build self-confidence, heal insecurities, and empower yourself.

The energies of Mars ground to a halt in the second house ruled by Taurus.  The green pastures call to the person with this placement, but even when lying on a hammock in a beach house in Fiji, Mars does not allow the second house Mars to relax.  The energy and drive here is about getting one's gifts or talents out in the world, securing resources through those talents, and removing obstacles, (usually one's own stubborn attitudes), out of the way.  When Mars enters the second house, it reminds us of a bull in a china shop, especially if the person with this placement has not dealt with anger issues.

When these issues around talents, gifts, and resources are healed, Mars brings empowerment and the energy necessary to get one's gifts out into the world so that others can enjoy the sensual pleasures those gifts bring.

When Mars enters the third house of communications with Gemini as the ruler, the room livens up with chatter.  Oh, and Mars loves to talk here, especially with siblings or people close by.  I imagine a lot of gossip occurs here, especially in regard to bashing competition.  Mars takes on a witty quality that cuts like a double-edged blade.  Here you find the public relation directors and the marketing professionals who never leave you alone.  Or you find the equivalent of a West African griot bringing you the news of the day, with some gossip about political leaders or a good story to share.  This Mars placement heals through story, and the intentional power of words.  Learn the hidden power of words, and use those words for the highest and best.

Mars in the fourth house wants to mother and smother everyone it encounters.  The image I have is of a Japanese wife ruling the home--shy and demure before marriage then transformed into a tigress with a mission after setting up home.  This also represents the chicken soup variety mother who brings comfort to those who feel scared or sick.  The problem with this Mars placement is that the individual with Mars in Cancer could feel overwrought with emotions that shake up a home, or the person feels so sensitive, he or she never leaves the house.

Heal the heart of fear and insecurities by nurturing yourself first.  Allow others to nurture you too, and don't act passive-aggressive to get your needs met, but assert your needs.  Create a healthy and harmonious home by dealing with your emotions before they get out of hand.

When Mars lands in the fifth house, ruled by Leo, fun lingers in the air.  It's party time and guess who is the center of attention?  Here you enjoy plenty of drama on and off the stage, hang out with gypsy actors, dancers, and shining personalities.  Walk in a room full of mirrors and say to yourself, "it's me, me, me, me!"  The image I have is of a 10 year old child riding a bike with no hands on the handle bars, shouting, "Look at me!"  Here we have the circus clown dropping in for a few laughs, or comedians causing us to laugh until our sides ache.

When Mars is in the fifth house it's time to play and use our imagination.  Creative Visualization feels at home here.  The downside is that we could get so caught up in our ego that we break other people's hearts.  You find the flirts here and the painful love affairs that leave everyone feeling spent.  Still lighten up and tell your story with plenty of humor.

Mars enters the sixth house and you feel like you entered a convent or a monastery.  You have entered the house of service and since Mars usually likes to serve itself, it could feel stifled in this house or transform into a martyr.  Mars takes on a nursing role but it feels like Nurse Ratched from One Flew over  Cuckoos Nest or you have a mother superior with an overly authoritative attitude.

On the other hand, Mars in the sixth house can bring the drive to organize one's daily life, get a health routine going, and serve humanity as a healer.  Mars brings drive and energy and it's up to us to channel that energy for good.

Oh, boy, does Mars despise the seventh house ruled by its opposite sign Libra.  Mars doesn't want to balance the scales, to compromise or to give in a relationship.  No, Mars in this house wants to take all that it can to further it's own ambitions.  While Libra possesses Venusian qualities and leans towards refinement, Mars acts like a real toddler here, impatient, and going through the terrible twos.

Yet, in a relationship that has lost its spark, Mars energy can reignite the partnership and the sex life.  Mars can also bring protection to a partnership because it will fight for what it thinks is a good cause.

When Mars moves into the eight house, it takes on a serious demeanor feeling the gravity of the Scorpion energy weighing it down.  While Mars prefers uncomplicated sex and will liberate itself from psychological mind games, here Mars meets its soul mate, deals with death, rebirth, and the heavier stuff of life.  Mars can bring the energy needed to heal these issues and the caution here is to not turn against oneself through violence or self-sabotage.  Deal with the deep psychological issues and experience true rebirth.  Rise like the eagle that transforms into a peaceful dove.

Mars in the ninth house wants to pack its bags and travel the world.  Here you find the love 'em and leave 'em Mars that dabbles in foreign languages, food, and culture.  It's all about freedom, man!  Mars enjoys philosophy and might even dabble in spiritual idealism.  Mars feels free here and allows the world through the crack in the door.

When Mars enters the tenth house, career takes center stage.  The problem with Mars in this Capricorn-ruled house is that it wants its mana now and not after years of toil and climbing one's way to the top.  You'll find the temper-tantrum-throwing young executives in this house, as well as, the college graduate upstarts who lean on entitlements.  However, when Mars in the tenth house cools its jets, and gets to work, it has the energy and drive to climb that ladder to success.  Just don't stomp on too many heads along the climb.

Now Mars enters the eleventh house where it takes on the role of the social media marketing guru.  This Mars knows everyone whose worth knowing and has the annoying habit of name-dropping.  He could be the life of the party, as long as he doesn't fight with his competition or embarrass himself with a sharp word towards his competition that makes the news headlines.  Be weary of gossip and watch your back around a person with Mars in the eleventh house.

On the other hand, you couldn't ask for a better public relations person.  The person with Mars in the eleventh house has healing issues around anger management, ethics, and integrity.  This placement lands in the public sector of a chart, and handled best with kid gloves.  Borrow refinement and diplomacy from Libra.  "And don't mention the war," (Faulty Towers sketch).

Finally, Mars makes its journey into the twelfth house where hopefully it learned its  lessons along the way and prepared for ascension.  Mars energy becomes invisible or fogged up in this Piscean house.  Drive and energy could land this Mars in prison or a mental institution or a rehab center.  But this same drive and energy can bring healing by turning over one's will to God and Divine Intervention.  Hard luck transforms into Unity Consciousness and ego dissolves into Spirit.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

12 Personalities of Venus

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
I choose the moon as my favorite orb and Neptune as my favorite planet.  I doubt there are many people in the world who choose the beautiful blue Neptune as a favorite, unless they work in a glamorous industry, the arts, or work as musicians.  However, today we focus on Venus, the planet associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, women, and with the rulers Taurus and Libra.  We travel through the zodiac revealing the 12 personalities of this personal planet.

I once learned about our planetary evolution from an astrologer in Seattle.  She claimed that we evolve when we master a planet's energy and then we move onto the next planet to master its energy.  Most people on the planet I would imagine have not moved past the planetary energies of Venus.  As long as we focus on only the sexual allure and sexual games associated with Venus, as long as we only flirt with the planet and not embody its true essence, we have not evolved past this energy.  And to think we need to make our way through all the lessons of the planets until we reach Pluto and Neptune seems daunting to me.

So before we go around the zodiac with Venus, let's take a look at Venusian weaknesses and strengths.  When we finally experience liberation for both male and female, when we finally experience true peace on the planet, and stop playing mind games or shattering hearts, then we have mastered the lesson of Venus.

Venus represents ecology, harmony, peace, feminine power, motherhood, allure, beauty, grace, diplomacy and plays a huge role with the emergence of the Divine Feminine.  On the weak side, Venus plays sexual games, flirts with disaster, pouts, sulks, throws tantrums, and ignites wars by feeding Mar's aggression and competitiveness.  Most of this is done on the unconscious level and so we need to become aware of how we represent our female side to the world.

So now let's walk with Venus around the Zodiac:

Venus prefers not to travel in Aries since this opposite sign and energy feels too manly and aggressive to Venus.  Having said that a woman with her Venus in Aries comes off as a warrior and this could be a good thing if she uses this energy to fight a good cause, but ultimately, peace is the best cause of all, and not something easily obtained when Venus falls in Aries.

For men, Venus in Aries feels conflicting.  The man's feminine side will take on Mars-like energy (Aries), and relate to women on a competitive level.  Here you find men in a relationship with a woman or a man, where one-up manship rules the day.  Again, Venus in Aries could be honed to protect the earth and to apply this energy to ecological causes.

Since Taurus co-rules Venus, the planet loves hanging out in this part of the zodiac.  Venus in Taurus enjoys sensual experiences such as camping in the woods, eating a well-cooked gourmet meal, wearing silk pajamas, and taking in all the sensations of the world. This Venus leans towards things that are aesthetically pleasing and shies away from vulgarity, ugliness, and poverty.  In fact, this Venus could overspend on the finer things in life, needs beautiful things to feel secure, and most likely an expensive home and designer car.

The problem with this Venus in either sex is that the planet seems lazy and stuck in the mud.  Why leave that spot on the sunlit sand to take a dip in the ocean when it feels wonderful? Getting involved with ecological causes seems like a stretch to Venus in Taurus, until the beauty of the earth is threatened or the Venus in Taurus fears losing a secure job and home. 

Venus in Gemini gets lost in the world of analytical thought or just doesn't want to grow up.  This Venus doesn't search for sensual experiences, and instead looks for intellectual challenges.  Venus in this air sign flits about from job to job or mate to mate, with his or her eyes roaming the room for another mind stimulant.  On the other hand, Venus has fun in Gemini, gets involved with the arts, and turns into a writing machine.

Venus in Cancer takes on mothering, some times smothering role as it reaches out to nurture everyone.  This Venus loves having children around or spends time along working as an intuitive--think High Priestess.  This Venus cares deeply, but is easily wounded due to oversensitivity.  However, Venus in Cancer offers strong shoulders to cry on, and makes others feel at home.

Shine the spotlight on Venus in Leo, the life of the party.  Here you will find lots of drama, both on the stage and off it.  This creative Venus knows how to have fun, but sometimes at the expense of burning everyone else out.  Certainly, both men and women with Venus in Leo possess loads of charm and sex appeal.  Even if they have not made it in Hollywood, they act like celebrities and most of the time, pull it off.  However, look behind the curtains of this one-person act, and you will see insecurities and vulnerability hiding behind hot air balloons.

Venus in Virgo comes across as the pure virgin type or a saintly servant.  She or he longs to serve the world in some way, but slips on the stairs of compassion when he or she judges others, criticizes and fusses.  Oh, there are so many problems in the world to solve, they lament, and not enough hands to help.  Watch out that the Venus in Virgo man or woman does not enlist you in a cause you have no time to serve.  This Venus smothers on the guilt on occasion or shines the critical eye on the manner in which you live your life. 

Venus finds her intellectual home in Libra, but this time she looks beyond the sensual experiences of the planet.  Venus in Libra folks cultivate refinement and diplomacy. You'll find this Venus leading causes for the performing arts or promoting world peace.  You may find this Venus working in the political arena or in working in the hospitality industry.  Attractive and charming, this Venus loves to flirt, flitting like a hummingbird from person to person. However, the goal for this Venus is to find balance in all areas of his or her life.

Venus in Scorpio feels rather dark and foreboding.  This Venus focuses on sex, death, taxes, rebirth, and deep psychology.  Perhaps the Kali archetype plays a role here or that this Venus rises from the ashes in the form of a dove.  Venus prefers not to hang out in the Scorpio constellation, but a person with this placement has powerful healing abilities for themselves, humanity, and the planet.  Stop acting like a dark cloud already.

Venus in Sagittarius enjoys mind expansion, travel, and foreign soil. The grass is always greener somewhere else and this Venus finds it challenging to settle down.  He or she is most likely to marry a foreigner if he or she marries at all.  Freedom is the name of the game here, that and philosophizing to the wee hours of the morning.

Venus feels too grounded in Capricorn, and unlike Virgo where this Venus serves humanity, Venus in Capricorn serves his or her economic bottom line.  This Venus rules over structure of the body, a building, or a corporation.  Learning compassion and expanding awareness brings peace and balance to this insecure Venus and heals a cold heart.

Venus in Aquarius reminds me of the Women's Liberation Movement, feminism, equality, and the rights of all humans.  But don't stop there, Venus in Aquarius thinks outside of the box and fights for equality for all creatures.  With so many causes swimming in Venus in Aquarius' thoughts, he or she comes off as an absentminded professor.  Always losing things, perhaps this Venus will find his or her heart in the lost and found.

Venus in Pisces ends our trip around the zodiac.  Here Venus learns the lessons of ascension and blisses out to the point of no return.  She's all about Oneness and Unity Consciousness.  Lose the body and gain the soul.  If this Venus gets too caught up in glamour and illusions, she won't ascend but will more likely end up with a wicked addiction.  Don't confine this Venus, she needs to swim two directions at once or soar like an albatross.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Crawling our way to Ascension

Photo by Patricia Herlevi, 2011
I started the spiritual ascension process around 10 years ago, perhaps longer than that. Though in recent days I sped up the process by joining an online 2012 shift network where spiritual teachers share their tools and meditations. Some of the teachers are more powerful than others including Panache Desai, Kenji Kamara and Derek Rydall, whose meditations blew my mind, then dropped me down into the abyss.

This is actually what the ascension process does. All Spiritual Masters went through many dark nights of the soul. Even Jesus allegedly wailed to God from the cross, "Why have you forsaken me?"

It's perfectly okay to yell, scream, wail, lament, punch your mattress, and cry your eyes out until they're too raw to touch and to cry so hard that your nose bleeds, when you go through this spiritual cleansing. It hurts. It feels like you have been sent to hell. You feel absolutely no love and you do feel that the Divine has forsaken you. However, God has not abandoned you, but has lead you to the places of your deepest wounds and asks you to heal those wounds. It's not easy, not pretty, and most people avoid this messy process. But without this death, there is no rebirth, and without rebirth there is no ascension. If you forgo this process (I didn't have a choice), you miss out on removing veils of illusions and delusions. You miss out on true wisdom, that you will never receive from books or classes.

You can pay gurus and teachers tons of money, attend every spiritual workshop and retreat possible, and pose with all the other new age folks, but this in itself will not lead you to ascension. The problem with all these gurus, and I have fallen prey to this myself, is that they feed you their reality. You must remember that they're not God and I think it's best to run from the ones who don't give you the tools to heal yourself because they foster co-dependence otherwise.

I know following intuition is not easy. It does involve training and if you can find a teacher to help you work with your intuition, then that is a good match. And there is nothing wrong with getting information from intuitives when you feel stuck, just don't make this a bad habit. If you allow others to feed you and your ego, you'll never evolve spiritually. You'll wonder why you feel stuck and it's because you buried your feet in the deep mud of your ego and your need for constant approval and validation. Get over yourself already.

When you do find the right teachers, they'll lead you through the dark tunnel first. They'll lead you to your wounds, not so you can stay stuck there analyzing your experiences or spending too much time reliving past lives, but so that you can do the dirty work or really, holy work and heal those wounds. And the way to do that is to feel them and release them. I've never known any painless meditation or tool to heal those wounds. There are some teachers using mantras to delete old beliefs, patterns, etc...but I find that this is not working for me. No, sorry, you got to do the work. There is no magic pill you can take either. You're going to feel the pain and then release it.

So you find yourself or your soul impaled on the rocks. You wonder at this point how you will ascend when you feel paralyzed by your grief, anger, and heavy emotions that you were not permitted to feel in the past. These emotions are now coming out for you to transmute them into personal power. First, you feel them, then you release them, then you engage in the long forgiving process which releases a lot of baggage. Only then will you ascend.

Sadly, you can't take anyone with you. You'll leave loved ones behind. You might lose friends who can no longer relate to you, you might lose your low frequency job and anything that doesn't connect with your higher vibration. Yet, you gain self-love, self-understanding, and wisdom unimaginable. You finally kiss the hem of God, realizing that you are part of God and then you have ascended.