Chart Exploration (Artists)

 Chart #11: Blue Valentine 
Tom Waits
December 7, 1949, 7:25 a.m.
Ponoma, CA US

 I discovered Tom Waits in the late 1980s when his album, Frank's Wild Years showed up at a rehearsal for a band that I slotted for a compilation album (I produced). I sat in a basement of a home in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood with some of the city's finest musicians listening to a man with a big musical vision and a voice like sandpaper. Soon after that listening session of the new Waits album, I purchased Swordfish Trombone and Rain Dogs.

I was immediately smitten with the vaudeville troubadour who sang about the seedier side of life backed by circus like musical arrangements. And now, looking at Tom Wait's chart, I see what he and I share in common. He has Neptune (though in Libra, mines in Scorpio) in the 10th House and Pluto in the 8th House (in Leo, mine is in Virgo). His Moon conjunct Uranus fall in the sign of my Sun Sign, Cancer, and I enjoy Tom's more sentimental songs, such as "Innocent When You Dream" and "Time," which appears on his late 1980s albums. I also enjoyed his wacky sense of humor which appear on Swordfish Trombone, a favorite album of mine, at least during the 1980s and 90s.

So let's take a look at Tom Wait's Natal Chart which receives a AA rating on Astro Data Bank. Most of Tom's life happens in the public eye, which we see from 7 planets including his Cancer Moon conjunct Uranus and Sun above the line (7 to 12 houses). His Mercury is right on his AC but at one degree Capricorn which gives him a grounded quality and he will confuse people by communicating in a more conservative manner and even be good at business (he sued a food company once who used his image or likeness without Tom's permission).

He has a Sagittarius Sun falling in the 12th House. Now, normally this would suggests that his Sagittarius identity is hidden from him. However, his AC is also in late degrees of Sagittarius so he embodies Sagittarius qualities whether he's aware or not. And this comes through with his flare for international music (tangos, rumba, Eastern European), as well as, his love for travel which comes through in his vagabond style songs.

Normally a Moon in Cancer falling in his relationship/partnership house would suggests a man who marries early in life becomes a father etc...And he did marry and father children. However, he married someone he found exciting who he met on a movie set (a writer) because Uranus conjunct Moon in Cancer would suggest someone who is exciting. And it was this marriage that took Tom's talents and musical visions to a whole new level. After this marriage he transformed from singer-songwriter to vaudeville-style stage persona. It was as if this marriage caused him to reinvent himself in almost a shocking manner (Uranus). And you notice this transition when you listen to his singer-song writer albums to his post Captain Beefheart albums (after he met Captain Beefheart).

Having Jupiter coupling with Venus in Aquarius falling in the 2nd House of gifts/talents (Jupiter is his Sun's Ruler) shows a man with immense talents. And even at his zaniest (Aquarius) his songs still possess beauty and charm (Venus). The characters in his song are either grotesque in some way (seedy prostitutes and losers on the fringe of society) or they shock us in some way, like Frank burning down his house because he liked seeing Halloween orange. The Sagittarius humor comes through loud and clear. And as Tom's career kept shifting, his talents grew to include acting and writing songs for movie soundtracks not to mention musical stage plays. By the way, Tom is hilarious (Moon/Uranus in Cancer, Sun and AC in Sagittarius).

The duet of Saturn/Mars in the 9th House (Virgo) in the 9th House is a bit tricky. This could curtail travel or cause Waits to seem immature, irresponsible, or hard to work with on the international level. Or he could run into legal problems (which he did with the food company). Saturn and Mars in Virgo would suggests that he is a fussy perfectionist, especially when building structure for his music and bringing in international flavors. He would be discerning with picking the best musicians for the job and then he might push them to the limit. Or compete with them. With Mars conjunct Saturn there's a sense of having to come first and be the one in authority. No one would be able to tell Tom Waits what to do or how to do it. I wouldn't even want to try. Mars conjunct Saturn also suggests a man who throws tantrums.

Pluto in the 8th House in Leo is a powerful place for Pluto because this is the natural Scorpio House. here we have secrets, taboos, and a love for the darker side of life. Waits wields his power and passion through songs about what some people (many of us) would call lowlifes. These are the people who live on the edge of society or in the underworld or in the shadows. Now, for a musician with lesser talent, he or she would not be able to pull off singing about prostitutes. But since Tom has Jupiter and Venus in the 2nd House of talent, we see beyond the subject matter. With Neptune in the 10th, he glamorizes these fringe characters, not that any of us want to become one. However, we enjoy the scenarios to some degree.

Finally, Tom has his North Node (fate) in Aries falling in the 4th House. This could suggests that either his mother or father had Aries qualities or acted immature in some way. Perhaps his parents had trouble taking responsibility in the home or shirked responsibilities and acted childlike. Or that Tom felt he couldn't stand up to their standards when he was a child. The 4th House rules mothers and the home traditionally. Some astrologers toss the father into the 4th House too. It also refers to the country of birth (the US is an aggressive country, immature, etc). So Tom's fate is to face conflicts in  dignified manner. He might have felt like the parent to his mom and dad. He's definitely one of the coolest icons to come out of the US. He's more popular internationally than in his own country.

Well, that concludes an astrological journey through Tom Wait's Natal Chart. That was actually, quite fun and perhaps you can listen to his songs while you read this post.

Chart #10: Modern Troubadour 
Billy Joel
May 9, 1949, 9:30 a.m.
Bronx, New York, US
Wikipedia page

For whatever reason, lately I've had the desire to listen to Billy Joel's songs from the 1970s-80s. And then I became intrigued with his life and delivery style of his songs so I decided to look up his chart. I'm not surprised that he's a Taurus Sun, with a Libra Moon and Cancer Ascendant because he comes across as a modern troubadour who wears his heart on his sleeve. And the love songs he composed, recorded, and performed on stages across the world have a classic appeal.

The moon and Venus rule his chart so women are never far from his mind. This is a man who courts women the old fashion way. However, with the Cancer Ascendant, he's like to hide his emotions and come across as stoic until he feels he can trust the woman. Vulnerability leaves him feeling uncomfortable so he detaches in the style of Libra, an Air Sign which rules his moon (ruling planet of his chart).

Cancer Ascendant natives tend to have sensitive skin and sensitive stomachs. They are sensitive physically and also extremely intuitive. They want love from others, but in the case of Joel who has Jupiter in Aquarius in his house of partnerships (7th), he would have a tendency to over idealize his partner or attract partners from different cultures, countries, ethnic groups, or even religions. These are all potentials. He would also enjoy traveling with a partner. Mars in Taurus squares Jupiter in the 7th so it's possible that a man (Mars) in business or groups could lead Joel astray, and that happened with his business managers, who he sued. (Wikipedia page).

However, with Mars, sun, Mercury and Venus in the 11th House, he would have had an easy time finding support for his music among his musical colleagues and finding band mates would come easily, as well as, finding and working with the right producers. I'm not aware of causes he got involved with, but I imagine that getting involved with activists groups that deal with equal rights or the environment are right up his alley. And he would be a fantastic spokesperson for a cause or two because Mercury falls in the 11th house of groups and causes.

This description on the Wikipedia page describes Uranus in the 12th even though he knew he was acting out teenage rebellion and dealing with the anger caused by his father abandoning the family.

"In his teens, Joel adopted a tough punk look, sporting leather wristbands and carrying switchblades that were never used. He was an amateur welterweight boxer. In high school, Joel played with a band called "The Hassles." They played their gigs until 4:00 A.M. so Joel began skipping classes and missing out of his exams. The principal encouraged Joel to get his high school degree by attending summer school but Joel would have no part of it. His mother worked a string of menial jobs in order to raise her children. She was disappointed that her son preferred to sing and play the organ in a band with his friends rather than receive an education. Music meant everything to Joel and he bristled when family and friends tried to discourage him to give up his dreams for a practical career."

Often when a person does not have access to a planet's rays because the planet falls in the 12th house where it's invisible to the person, they act out the energies more overtly. There is nothing subtle about having Uranus in the 12th House. Joel also has Pluto in the 2nd House in Leo so he is someone who can transform the music industry and the world through his gifts and talents. In fact, having Pluto in the 2nd House, gives him a sense of power and coming from the Pluto in Leo generation, he's surrounded by creative peers. There are numerous talented actors and singers from the Pluto in Leo generation and their songs are considered classics to us younger generations.

Saturn falling at 29 degrees in the 3rd House (mind, learning, education, communication) in Leo which squares Mars,Venus, and the Sun in the 11th House suggests that Joel had a rough time with early education, and probably through high school. He might have struggled with learning disabilities around speech and reading with Saturn in the 3rd House which hurt his pride (Leo). So he would grow up thinking he had to prove how smart he is. His peers might have made fun of him with Mars and Venus and sun in the 11th House. And of course, the Cancer AC would make him extra sensitive to the jives of others, but the Libra Moon and Mercury in its own sign, Gemini, would eventually, bring the right education to Joel, most likely through books or teachers.

Neptune the planet of music and emotions (the moon) play a role in the 4th House of home, and mother. He might have seen his mother as a martyr, especially since his parents had a challenging marriage and the father abandoned the family. But there is something fateful about the father (North Node in the 10th House in Aries that led Joel to become a successful musician. Though his childhood would have been horrendously painful so that he learned to confront others fairly and deal with conflicts with courage and confidence. And of course, any father issues Joel did encounter, were public because of the 10th House involvement. People with a Cancer or Virgo AC are private, but when the North Node falls in the public realm, they experience little privacy and plenty of gossips.

Finally, Mars in Taurus forms an inconjunct with Neptune in Libra which are in the 11th and 4th houses. I'm mentioning this because both Taurus and Libra are the signs that the ruler of this chart represents (Venus). There is a tendency here for Joel to please his peers first and care too much what other people think of him and his work. He could experience some paranoia or delusional thinking or feelings around what other people think or feel about him with Neptune in Libra involved. Or he could just use this energy (which he has done) to write beautiful songs that give most of us goosebumps. Love songs do have a spiritual component which helps listeners transcend their everyday reality, daydream for a bit and align with romantic partners by listening to Joel's songs.

As always, I'm just scratching the surface of the chart represented. I only glanced at the beginning of the biography since I didn't want my interpretation influenced by what has already been written about this chart. Feel free to leave comments. And I also recommend listening to Billy Joel's songs which run the gamut from satirical and romantic. Even the cover of Glass Houses shows his defiant Uranus side and is quite shocking--him posing as a thug with a rock in his hand facing a house made of glass. Even the songs on that album possess a defiant tone.

Chart #9:
French Author of Le Petite Prince (The Little Prince)
Antoine de Saint Exupery
June 29, 1900, 9:15 a.m.
Lyon, France,_Antoine_de

I share a birthday in common with French Author Antoine de Saint Exupery and I was born 64 years after his birth.  I mostly know this author through his slim book, "The Little Prince," which I believe he wrote for his wife, "Rose," (his nickname for her).

Many years ago, even a decade ago, I read a biography on Saint Exupery that I believe was either written by his wife or from her point-of-view.  But placing that aside, I'm looking at his Natal Chart with fresh eyes.

Similar to authors Lewis Carroll and Theodor Seuss (Dr. Seuss), Antoine embedded social and even political messages in his "children's" storybook.  I never read "The Little Prince" as a child, but I did read it as a young adult who questioned the hypocrisy of authority figure and other adults around me.

The concept I took away from reading the book was to never leave that childhood enthusiasm or innocence behind.  A rose isn't just a flower, but a temperamental being and when we shed our lives like a desert snake, we ascend to other realms. And I ask, why can't we be more like the little prince who witnessed the world with enchantment in his eyes.

Let's look at the time period in which Antoine was born and events that shaped his life. Born during the tail end of the Victorian Era and turn-of-the-20th Century (1900), he experienced two world wars. He was a pilot during WWII. He grew up during the Industrial Revolution and would have witnessed vast and deep changes. He was also born after Neptune and Uranus had been discovered and was living when Pluto first appeared on our radar. He has prominent outer planet transits in his chart with a Neptune and Pluto in a Triple Conjunction with Mars in Gemini opposite Uranus/North Node/Chiron/Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Saturn ruling authority and the old ways of the world falls in Capricorn in the 4th House (parents played key roles but he rebelled against home and his parents, especially their ideologies).

The Sun and Venus fall in Cancer in the 11th House along with Mercury and the Sun's Ruler, the Moon falling in Leo.I'm treating this as a Stellium in the 11th House of groups and social causes. Also having Neptune, Pluto and Mars in the 10th House with the chart and MC's ruler Mercury involved, this man was going to write books or become a public speaker. He wouldn't just write nonsense and his aim would center on visionary and transformational work. He was going to put his imagination to work and become famous in the process. With Pluto and Mars in the 10th, the potentiality to die a violent or public death were potentialities or to die on a mission involved with life work.  Neptune in the 10th as well as, Pluto in the 10th would supply a mystery around the death.  Neptune would leave no traces behind.

Having Uranus and Saturn along with Jupiter in its own sign Sagittarius in the 4th House causes a conflict with building structure or a secure environment then rebelling against it.  The grass is greener somewhere else and this is a man whose mind constantly wandered with that Stellium in Sagittarius opposing a Triple conjunction in Gemini. Yet, his Cancer Sun and Venus in the 11th was looking for a soul mate or an adventurous partner or even a stable partner to settle down.

The Moon and Mercury in Leo brings out the child-man qualities and the interest in writing a children's style book. A man with a Cancer Sun or Cancer Moon also has a challenging time growing up and pulling away from his mother's apron strings.  If the relationship with the mother wasn't a healthy one, then the Cancer Sun or Moon man could have a problem with addiction, domestic abuse or act passive-aggressive with women. Without resolving those childhood issues, he could suffer from narcissism or the need to toot his horn constantly to receive validation from others.  Cancer Sun,. Moon and Ascendant are known as the "Invisible Ones" by some astrologers such as Steven Forrest.  Then couple that with a Leo Moon, we could end up with some temper tantrums, sulking and all around immature behavior. This seeps into domestic partnerships and though talented, no doubt Antoine was not an easy partner to live with, though he would be endearing at times, especially writing a book for his wife that grew into a well-loved classic.

Finally, let's look at the Yod involving Mercury/Moon in Leo (11th House), Mars in Gemini (10th) and Saturn in Capricorn (4th).  Remember with a Yod, the person doesn't have access to those planets until around middle age, usually age 50. So Antoine would have had a challenging time communicating his emotions, especially with self-expression in regard to groups (he might have been a loner) and his words would come off as cutting (Mars in Gemini) even if that wasn't his intention. He would lack a sense of purpose and responsibility (Saturn in Capricorn/4th).  He would have had no awareness that he was dumping responsibilities on his parents, most likely his mother or even his country, France.

He died at the age of 44 which is around the time of the Uranus opposite Uranus transit which would have involved his 4th and 10th houses (July 31, 1944).  Uranus transited at 12 degrees Gemini, conjuncting Antoine's Pluto with a 4 degree orb and opposing his North Node in Sagittarius at 9 degrees.  The North Node is conjunct Uranus/Jupiter/Chiron.  He experienced his Uranus opposite Natal Uranus exact from June 1 -17, 1944.

I included the chart with his biography so you can delve in further. I would love to hear your interpretations.  Feel free to contact me or leave comments on the blog. ##

Chart #8:
Italian Vocalist Carla Bruni Sarkosy
December 23, 1967, 6:10 p.m.
Torino, Italy 

When I was searching for a soothing voice to listen to in the background while I worked, I found Carla Bruni's albums on YouTube.  I remember hearing this vocalist for the first time on a community radio show featuring women vocalists when I lived in Seattle.  I admit to having a soft spot for breathy French chansons and I especially like listening to this type of music while I'm writing.

Carla Bruni hadn't married the former French President Nicholas Sarkosy (Aquarius Sun/Aries Moon) when I first heard her and at that time, she was known as a controversial figure in the European entertainment business.  She began her career as a supermodel and then turned to a music career in 2000 or thereabouts. She released her first album to critical acclaim.  Her controversy wasn't so much with her talent, but the men she aligned herself with having been intimately connected to Eric Clapton (Aries), Mick Jagger (Leo), Donald Trump (Gemini) as well as, having been involved with an older man and then she had a child with the man's son.

So when I first saw pictures of Carla, expected to see a less than wholesome image.  Yet, she resembles the girl next door in some ways.  She comes off as extremely polite, charming and gracious.  This sparked the idea of taking a look at her chart.  However, when I saw the Capricorn Sun, Cancer Ascendant and Virgo Moon this left me feeling confused.  After all, this combination would usually suggests a conservative and cautious individual who is shy, introverted and sticking close to home.  This is not a jet-setter type or femme fatale so what else was going on in the planets when Bruni was born?  True the Capricorn Sun under the wrong or perhaps right conditions, is a social climber and I've definitely seen that in Bruni's hehavior.

Right off we find the Ruler of Carla's Sun (Saturn in Aries in the 10th House along with the North Node). Saturn then forms a Cardinal T-Cross with the Capricorn Sun and Uranus in Libra (Virgo 29 degrees). Uranus falls in the 4th House of Home/Mother/Heredity/Family) and I'm guessing Carla is the iconoclast or at least ground breaker in her family of origin, a wealthy Italian family that relocated to Paris when Carla was a child.  The Uranus is part of a triple conjunction with Pluto and the Moon in Virgo landing in the 3rd House next the the cusp of the 4th House. Uranus is on the cusp of the 4th House.

When the Moon combines with Pluto this suggests subconscious dramas and urges playing out in the outer world.  While this woman seems calm on the surface she has a wilder side that when unleashed is either violent or destructive in some way. especially with the Moon, Uranus and Pluto combining their energies.  Her face might resemble a placid lake, but it's a deep lake with turbulence occurring beneath the surface. She might have some issues with her birth mother or women in general.  And she might even find herself competing with her father or competing for her father's attention with Saturn in Aries in the 10th House of the Father/Career/Public.  This Saturn placement also suggests a competitive social climber and this would include hooking up with powerful men, especially with Mars in Aquarius landing in the Power 8th House.

Incidentally, Bruni's Mars suggests an attraction to brilliant men who can hold a conversation and who come off as intelligent in their public life.  Though if the men come off too brainy or awkward, she could grow bored easily with these men and her eyes start to roam over the field of men vying for her attention. And these men are lining up too because Bruni has Neptune conjunct Venus in Scorpio in the 5th House of love affairs and children (she has two children, one from the son of a former lover).  Men are drawn to both the sexy and charming sides of Bruni.  And she does seem to attract older men who have a fear of aging and death who are prone to date or marry glamour girls or trophy wives.

When I explored Bruni's chart, I felt a deep sadness for all the pain and drama she must have endured with these planetary placements.  I know there are some people reading this who will ask why do I feel sad when Bruni was born into privilege, has had two successful careers and can marry any man she chooses? However, with these planet placements in a Natal Chart a person has to grow up and face the music eventually.  And in 2008, when Pluto formed a conjunction with Bruni's Capricorn Sun (at 1 degree), she met the President of France and married him a few weeks later, but when most of the transiting planets were in Aquarius (remember Bruni has her Mars in Aquarius in the 8th House, of other people's resources and other people's power so marrying an older prominent man probably wasn't a good idea at that time).

The Moon appeared at 17 Sagittarius and it will be interesting to see what happens when Saturn reaches 17 degrees Sagittarius (November 2016), because this will bring a test to this marriage. Someone might be wishing to experience freedom from the marriage at that point.  The Marriage Moon is in the 8th House which reflects on Bruni's 8th House Mars in Aries.  She could be the one that leaves the marriage due to personal transformation.  She could even relocate to another part of the planet at that time.

Jupiter, Pluto and Venus appear in Bruni's Sun's Sign, Capricorn which does signify that this marriage has potential for bringing spiritual and personal growth.  However, as a woman approaching 50 and her menopause years, she could also fear aging and death with Pluto in Capricorn, but it's not a physical death that's most likely to happen, but a spiritual one.

 Capricorn wants to tear down old structure and start anew. There could also be health problems to deal with that bring Bruni closer to her spiritual core, problems with skin, bones and the digestive system.  Perhaps she seeks natural healing and this brings a new path or new opportunities to her as well as a change in perception.

We know one thing, with Pluto in Capricorn hovering over this marriage, there will be hard times, especially dealing with older men or father figures.  But we also see maturity in that Bruni ended her life of affairs and seduction in favor of marriage.  Did she do this out of fear of aging or a true feeling of love? It's hard to say and only she knows the answer to that.

Then we have the Aquarius Stellium (Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and North Node) in the 11th House of colleagues networking, and grassroots.  And in fact the Aquarius planets fall in the Aquarius House and Bruni married a man with an Aquarius Sun and Aries Moon. They certainly have a popular following or they are seen as "out there" because of the Aquarius association.  And we also must remember that this is a fated marriage or alliance because of the North Node also in Aquarius.  Either these two have a bigger vision together or they enjoy sending shock waves throughout the world.

Mars appears alone in the 2nd House of gifts and talents and Saturn falls in Virgo in the 5th House of affairs. Sarkosy has a Virgo Ascendant and Bruni has a Virgo Moon so that 5th House Saturn in Virgo holds some weight here as well as the theme of settling down.  However, both parties could be questioning past marriages and love affairs in search of a purity of intent or gripe about past relationships which cast shadows on their current relationship.  Or Sarkosy at some point could cast a jaundice eye towards Bruni's past affairs and former lifestyle. The potential is there.  Personally, when I look at this chart, I feel uneasiness as if something isn't quite right and the truth is mostly hidden from the public eye, as you would expect it to be.

Now, this marriage does have potential for spiritual growth and transformation if both parties are willing to do the spiritual work which involves clearing out old emotional baggage and coming from a place of integrity. But if there are any superficial reasons behind this marriage or if either party suffers delusions of grandeur we will see a collapse of the marriage.  Remember there is a huge spiritual awakening on the planet and the planets challenge any breach of integrity or scruples.

Now, I'll let you explore the charts and reach your own conclusions.  I found the dates on Astro Data Bank where you can do your own exploring.

Chart #7:
Iconic Legend James Dean
February 8, 1931, 9:00 a.m.
Marion, Indiana US


Right away we have a strong Uranus chart of an iconoclast and yes, rebel without a cause.  The Sun is at Aquarius 19 degrees (in its detriment since the Sun is ruled by the opposite sign Leo), and Uranus is on the Aries AC exact with the North Node at 17 degrees Aries also in the First House.  North Nodes represent fate and it's in the house of identity, image, and body or the house of self.  Aries also rules cars, violence, youth, and a pioneering spirit.  Uranus rules unexpected events and with Uranus in Aries, this includes accidents.  As we know, James Dean died in a car accident at the age of 24.  Again this reflects on youth.  He also died in 1955 when teen age angst appeared on the scene along with the first rock music and movies such as Blackboard Jungle which reflected on angst-ridden youth and rebellion.

If you read the biography (see above link), Dean's sexuality was also in question and true to his Uranus nature he experimented sexually.  He also experienced a troubled childhood with his mother dying from Cancer and being sent off to live with relatives after his mother's death.  Dean has Jupiter and Pluto in Cancer in the Fourth House (mother) with Pluto representing death of a mother.  (Oddly, at this time we have Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries which are the same in Jame Dean's chart).

Mars appears in the Fifth House in Leo and James Dean did launch his acting career on Broadway as a stage actor.  He was also seen as a manly actor along with Marlon Brando, another method actor of that era.  It would be interesting to see Brando's chart since the two actors seem similar in my mind.  Neptune appears in the Sixth House in Virgo which is Neptune in its detriment.  Would he have a practical work ethic or a delusional one?  Neptune also rules cinema and music.  James Dean has come up as the topic of pop culture songs.

He had a Seventh House Moon in Scorpio, but this caused him to deviate sexually even though he had a chaste girlfriend (to please relatives).  I'm not surprised to fine Mercury in the Tenth House since this actor had a huge public impact, especially for his own generation and Saturn appearing in the Tenth House could imply that the older generations just didn't get James Dean, would have felt disturbed by the actor and his message he conveyed to young people.  Finally, the Aquarius Sun lands in the Aquarius House so James Dean would have felt comfortable with his image and the people he associated with.


1. Why would someone with this chart desire an acting career?

2. What message did James Dean have for the world, given the planet placements in his chart?

3. Why do we still see him as a youth icon?

4. How did he represent his generation (born during the Great Depression years)?

5. If you have seen any of the three movies James Dean acting in (East of Eden, Giant, and Rebel Without a Cause), how do you see the features in his natal chart playing out in his performances?

Personally his performance in East of Eden blew me away and I felt devastated from it.

Chart #6:
Fantastical Filmmaker--Federico Fellini 
January 20, 1920, 9:00 p.m.
Rimini, Italy



I'm a cinema buff and in 1995, I became obsessed with Federico FelliniOn New Year's Eve, I watched nine hours of Fellini movies and than dragged a friend over the next day to watch "Nights of Cabriria".  She didn't like the tragic ending.

So for all these years, I've wondered what made this wild and weird Capricorn filmmaker from Italy tick. So let's look at his chart to see where he came up with his phantasmagorical images, especially with sober Saturn hanging out near his Virgo AC.

Adding to that strong Saturn energy, Federico had three planets in Capricorn, the Moon, Sun, and Mecury (I always suspected he had a Pisces Moon).  His Uranus was in its own sign Aquarius, with his North Node in Scorpio (which you might see in the chart of a journalist and he started out as a journalist).  Jupiter in Leo would want to put on a dramatic show and would expand creativity.

Uranus in the 6th House would suggest Federico liked to shake up the work environment or experience sudden and unexpected events in regard to his daily routine and work, like dwarfs showing up or the circus troupe coming through.  This would also give Federico an iconoclastic reputation in the area of daily work, which for him was making movies.  The North Node in Scorpio in the third house suggests that he needed to delve into deep psychological areas (Satyricon and Juliet of Spirits), plus his fascination with surrealism and stream of consciousness.  His creativity also shows up with a cluster of Capricorn planets in the fifth house (Moon, Mercury and Sun).

Here are your questions:

1. Can you find the relationship with his actress wife?

2. What would attract him to the unusual and even the grotesque?

3. What aspects and planets would bring him worldwide fame and a lasting legacy?

Answer in the comment section below.  Thank you.

Chart #5:
Prolific Songwriter-Recluse Carole King
February 9, 1941, 11:42 p.m.
Brooklyn, NY USA



1. What do you see in the natal chart that would cause a Carole King to suffer from stage fright and be extremely shy and private?

2. Where does the songwriting gifts for mainly love songs fall in this chart?

3. How does the Air Trine between the Aquarius Sun and the Libra AC come into play? How would this trine shape a personality of a woman?

* Standouts in this chart include Aquarius Sun, Mercury and Venus falling in the Fourth House (a Cancerian flavor).  Mars and Saturn in Taurus occupy the Seventh House forming a stellium with Uranus on the cusps of the Eight.  Jupiter also falls in the Eight House but in its detriment Gemini.

Other standouts Pluto in Leo in the Tenth, someone who could transform the music business.  First, of all she performed in a few concerts because of her shyness.  Finally, Neptune and the North Node fall in Virgo in the Aquarius (Eleventh House).  She has her Moon in a Fire Sign, Sagittarius and no planets in the Water Element which is unusual for a musician and only one planet in Gemini (the writer-communicator) and that's Jupiter. 

Chart #4:
Feminist Songwriter Helen Reddy 
October 25, 1941, 5:50 p.m.
Melbourne, Australia  


Take a look at the Mars aspect to the Moon and the fire trine between Mars and Venus.  Uranus conjunct Saturn falls in the Second House of Talents and Gifts, North Node falls in the Fifth House of performing arts and Neptune falls in the Sixth House (Helen Reddy also has a spiritual/service side).

She is interested in partnership with the Sun/Mercury in Scorpio falling in the Seventh House of partnership and many of her songs deal with partnership issues.  Venus in the Eighth brings empowerment issues in regard to women which you'll find in the lyrics of "I Am Woman" and "That Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady."

Feel free to leave your comments below.  Enjoy exploring this chart.

Chart #3:
20th Century Troubadour Billy Bragg:
December 20, 1957, 4:00 a.m.
Barking, Essex, England 

Billy Bragg performing "Accident Waiting to Happen"


Known as the "Bard from Barking" England, Billy Bragg is a sociopolitical singer-songwriter who champions the everyday person or worker.

1. Where do you find humanitarianism in this chart?

2. Where do you find idealism and conviction for beliefs?

 3. Where so you see the lovelorn image heard in his songs about failed relationships?

4. Where do you find his sense of humor, often self-effacing sense of humor?

Chart #2:
Eat, Pray, Love, Author, Liz Gilbert
July 18, 1969, 12:00 p.m.
Hartford, Connecticut 

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 1. Where in Liz Gilbert's chart do you see a career as a travel journalist?

2. Where do you find a need for space and freedom in partnerships?

3. What would prompt a spiritual quest?
You might have to explore progressed planets for the time period of Gilbert's book "Eat, Pray, Love".

4. Where in this chart do you find spiritual seeker?

5. Where in the chart do you see partnership or marriage to a foreigner?

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Chart #1:
First Landing on the Moon, July 20, 1969

1. Where would you find the relationship between the Earth and the Moon? Which house and which planet reflects on this?

2.  What planets and houses reflect on achieving the impossible dream of floating out there in outer space? I'll give you a hint, it's fishy.

3. What planets and house placements signify the patriarchal need for progress and landing upon the Moon's surface?  Hint: Look at the two planets in the same house with the natal Moon.

4. What aspects in this chart give us a sense of breathlessness?

5.Do you see any sentimental Cancerian themes in this chart? If so where besides the Sun in Cancer?

You can look this chart up on Astro
"First Landing on the Moon"

Astronauts were: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.


  1. On the chart "First landing on the moon" . Neil Armstrong was born on the same day as me ( august 5) .

    1. Funny to see the connection between Saturn in the 5th house in Taurus and the moon in Libra in 10. the moon being conjunct Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. We all saw the beauty of it. :).

    2. Neptune in 12 in Scorpio, conjunct mars in Sagittarius. And what about the north node with no connections at all in Pisces in 4th house, were there great doubts if the could return home?

    3.Uranus and Jupiter (?) they make a conjunction with the moon.

    4. (?) sorry.

    5.Mercury in cancer, and connected with Pluto in virgo in 10. mercury. and of course Neptune in 12 conjunct the ascendant. this is what the people saw ( In black and white) if they saw the earth for the first time from out of space.

    This is how it always goes, i start fresh, then i start doubting ;) . but it is ok for now. I saw Buzz Aldrin speak at our university in Delft a few years ago. He was invited by our much loved dutch astronaut and teacher Wubbo Ockels, who recently past away.

  2. I have July 20 as the moon landing date. This places it in the sign of Cancer.