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Thursday, May 26, 2016

T-Crosses and Grand Crosses (Carrying Life's Burdens)

Wikipedia Painting by Salvador Dali Persistence of Time
While I was out walking yesterday a message came through about people who have either T-Crosses or Grand Crosses in their Natal Charts. These crosses have a correlation to suffering as well as, learning through overcoming obstacles and life challenges. Many people who have crosses in their Natal Charts also have Grand Trines to ease the burden somewhat.

But here's another angle to look at. Crosses in a chart lead to soul mastership. We chose our birth ahead of time and we chose the lessons we wished to glean in this lifetime, including finding joy and pleasure or rewards. After all, if we're going to run a tight race, we want to enter the winning circle at the end. If we attend school for 12 years, we join the graduation ceremony and it is the same for those of us who have crosses in our Natal Charts.

The most challenging years begin during the first activation of the crosses. So if you have Saturn at 4 degrees like I do in my chart, then the first planetary transit to Saturn at 4 degrees, in my case Pisces, and when I was still an infant, obviously, this transit activated challenges I would face during my lifetime. My Saturn is in Pisces conjunct my Moon which represents home, mother and stability. I was only a few months old when my family relocated to another US State, from Washington to California and then we moved several times before I turned five. I have moved often in my adult life and suffer from restlessness that brings on anxiety. My T-Cross has Saturn/Moon in Pisces in the 2nd House, squaring Mars in Gemini in the 5th House, and opposing Pluto/Uranus in Virgo in the 8th House. Yeah, I know.

This is just an example. Let's say that someone has Pluto at 4 degrees Virgo and it's locked into a Mutable T-Cross or even a Mutable Grand Square. And then Mars transits into Gemini squaring Pluto when it reaches 4 degrees and say that it opposes Venus in Pisces and squares the Sagittarius Moon. And let's place Pluto in the First House giving this person a Virgo Rising Sign. Now what do you think will be this person's burden he or she carries in this lifetime?

And to make this person's life a bit easier, we bring in a Grand Earth Trine that includes Pluto at 4 degrees Virgo, Jupiter in Capricorn, and Saturn in Taurus. Now, if I saw a chart like this, the first thought that would come to mind is that this person abused power in another lifetime or had power used against him or her. So in this lifetime he or she chose he lesson of getting comfortable with personal and possibly political power. Pluto in Virgo would also have something to do with technology or healthcare so perhaps this person decides to forge a career as a medical doctor because he or she suffered health problems as a child and gave his or her power away to doctors, "My heroes."

The Gemini in Mars talks out both sides of its mouth and suffers from smug intellectualism. As a child, this individual suffers in school because his or her teachers don't want to deal with a know-it-all smarty pants. The Sagittarius Moon adds to this arrogance and even leading the child to become a young adult who refuses to respect authority, especially religious authority or college professors. And yet, this young maverick has decided to pursue a career in medicine. Can you see the tension building here? So at a juncture during the university years, he or she drops out of college to roam the world with a backpack. Maybe he or she joins the Peace Corps to bring safe water to a tribal community in Africa. The Sagittarius Moon loves that and this person even learns new languages and dialects with ease. And the Venus in Pisces wants to work with women and empower them.

The person with this Grand Cross in the Natal Chart feels deep compassion for humanity but sees most people as powerless which of course is a projection of not owning the personal power as attributed by Pluto at 4 degrees Virgo in the First House. So the challenge is to learn from elders but not give one's power away. This person could move a lot, use travel as escapism, and get too caught up in the underdog story or dualism such as the 99 percent verses the one percent scenario. But is that scenario going to lead this person to own his or her power? Power after all, seems like a dirty word and then this person fears that no one will like him or her if he or she expresses power. See the trap?

Now, since this person has a Grand Earth Trine, then the good news is that by acquiring money and business skills, as well as, admitting that earthly possessions and comfort are desired by this individual then this person can attract the monetary resources to do great work in the world. Philanthropy is the end result if the person meets the challenges of the Grand Cross head on. So the person returns to university and obtains the medical degree. The person plays the game, but their way to pay off college debts and then forge a successful career, financially-speaking. Then by midlife, the person remembers their true purpose on the planet--philanthropy and doing good in the world--thus the reward and a journey into the winner's circle.

So the burden of the Grand Cross in this case is dealing with arrogance in its many forms. Pluto in Virgo actually suggests humility and service to the greater good that brings transformation to the planet. However, when Pluto in Virgo falls in the First House, and possibly close to the Ascendant, this person focuses too much on self-identity and how others see him or her. Philanthropists who only help others as public image opportunities are really narcissists. I'm not saying that public relations does not play a part since philanthropists can only raise money and or awareness through public speaking and promotion of a cause. But anyone who only has the Noble Peace Prize in mind when doing his or her lifework has it all backwards. Life is not a pursuit of awards and rewards. It's about mastery of the soul.

So I'm going out on a limb when I say this, but everyone who has crosses in their charts carries burdens. Anyone with a cross in his or her chart came here to do deep healing on themselves which ripples out and heals others. I'm not talking navel-gazing here or spending too much time in front of mirrors proclaiming undying love for oneself. The person with a Grand Cross in a chart is already a highly-evolved being and I'm not saying that to stroke any egos. Just like a person with a big fat Yod in a chart has come to clear up the ancestral lineage so having an awareness of this destiny comes in handy. This is why astrologers are so helpful, especially the ones who work with transformation and evolution.

I know some spiritual teachers and channels say that we came here to experience joy and pleasure--well, maybe for people without crosses in their charts. Those of us with crosses in our charts came to do inner work especially in midlife around the Uranus opposite Uranus and Chiron Return transits. This doesn't mean that we don't experience pleasure and joy, but when we do experience it it's with a full heart and gratitude because we are very much aware of the contrast of suffering and joy.

One last item, a person with a cross in a chart has a tendency towards self-punishment or impulsive self-sabotage. If you find that's the case with you, there are many therapies you can work with to heal the impulsiveness caused by the tensions in the crosses. Since those tensions are on-going it's understandable that a person with a cross looks for escape routes--highways in the form of neuropathways in the limbic brain. Even volcanoes blow up to relieve tension and it's the same for all nature, and especially humans. Find safe ways to relieve tension such as athletics, yoga, hiking, brisk walks, and different types of release therapies. Try dancing or drumming.

If you have a cross or crosses in your Natal Chart and would like insights on developing your gifts and gleaning your life lessons, sign up for a personal reading. Since I have a wicked Mutable T-Cross in my Natal Chart, I have experiences taming the tension. Read the Services Page first then contact me. 

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Sagittarius Moon on May 21, 2016--Answer the Call of the Quest

On May 21 we experience the first Sagittarius Full Moon 0f 2016 at one degree. Then in June, we will experience the second Sagittarius Full Moon at 29 degrees. 

Each year we experience 13 Full Moons and an emphasis is placed on one full moon per year, this year it's Sagittarius--the Sign of the Centaur. Since Saturn is also transiting in Sagittarius, and Mars has spent more time in Sagittarius this year than usual, we gaze at the world through travel, culture, foreign relations, religion, and ideology.

The double Sagittarius Full Moons also play an important role in the Mutable planet transits that bring enormous changes and movement to the planet. We have seen changes in ideologies from religion to politics. We have seen an emergence of outspoken leaders with their Sun in Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo, mainly, which include Pope Francis who has a Sagittarius Sun. We have seen revolutions led by youth (last time we saw anything at this magnitude was in the 1960s and early 1970s) before the world was lulled back into denial. Women and young men have also shown us their outspoken side as if they were waiting for their time in the spotlight or on top of the soapbox.

Now, some astrologers tell us that these radical changes occurred because of the Pluto transit in Capricorn and the Uranus transit in Aries, and they would be right to a certain extent. Remember that Cardinal Signs merely ignite transformation, then eventually, Mutable Signs bring the actual movement, communication, and transmutation. Neptune which transited into Pisces in 2011 has ushered in changes with drug laws (legalization of pot), we have seen grassroots movements for prison reform (falls under Pisces), changes in health care (US, falls under Pisces/Virgo), the dissolution between male and female and institutions such as marriage, and we have gazed fearlessly at structures that have not supported the general populace, as with Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

So what's up with the Sagittarius Full Moon on May 21? This full moon occurs right before the planets for a Grand Mutable Square with Venus in Sun in Gemini filling the final corner of an on-going Mutable T-Cross (Neptune, Jupiter/N Node and Saturn). While we have fast-moving planets in Gemini, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn are slowing moving planets that carry more weight and bigger lessons for us to glean. Jupiter in Virgo plays the role of the public servant or our way of giving public service. Saturn in Sagittarius tells us to expand our vision to encompass the entire planet and see where we lack integrity. And finally, Neptune asks us to see where we place our faith or look for escape outlets. Neptune and Saturn in a way speak of Unity and bringing integrity on our personal path that eventually makes up the whole picture. If we don't each come from a place of integrity, the whole gig falls apart. Becoming and acting authentic bring success, while pretending to be someone else leads to destruction.

We also have a Grand Earth Trine in this chart with Mercury stationary (getting ready to go direct) in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo. That's right, Jupiter plays double duty appearing in both the Mutable T-Cross and the Grand Earth Trine. Meanwhile, the Sagittarius moon conjuncts Mars and forms a Triple Conjunction with Saturn. We feel the contrast of wanting to live a life of ease or ease into the flow of abundance and prosperity, with grappling with ideologies spinning around us, and sometimes out of control. We either lose or gain faith at this time, but watch where we place our loyalty. We are both cautious and foolish tossing our caution to the winds of change. Changes come through expansion and contraction as we give birth to our true selves.

So let's look at each of the signs and elements in relation to this full moon.

Aries--You desperately want to instigate and ignite change with Uranus in your sign until 2019, but slow-talking Mercury in Taurus (getting ready to move direct) and the Grand Earth Trine has you feeling too grounded. However, the Triple Conjunction in Sagittarius asks you to keep the faith. Sun and Venus in Gemini has you questioning your values and also leads you to flirtation of the mind. Romance comes through word play.

Leo--With Mercury moving in slow-moving Taurus, you might find yourself lazing about or over indulging in drink, food, or other pleasurable activities. While this isn't the worst thing, the world requires your creative spirit to bring faith and hope to others. We could use your creative brainstorming abilities in addressing solutions to problems. We require real leadership, with Uranus in Aries. Are you up for that?

Sagittarius--The full moon shines its light on you as does Mars and Saturn. Where do you place your faith? Do you practice what you preach? If you don't, people are going to notice with the spotlight on you and your words. With your planet Jupiter in Virgo, along with the North Node, ask yourself why you came to the planet at this time? How can you serve and can you serve without attaching ideologies?

Gemini--With the Sun in your sign, your mind turns to romance, but it's a romance of words and possibly chivalry with Uranus in Aries and the moon, Mars, and Saturn in your opposite sign. You feel irritated when you don't practice integrity and you might project your lack of integrity onto others, thus vilifying them. Watch out for a self-righteous attitude now. (Venus is in the late degrees of Taurus and is approaching your Sun Sign).

Libra--You're still contenting with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, but you're used to those energies now. The Triple Conjunction in Sagittarius fires you up. You want to travel long-distance, join a religious group, or explore foreign cultures. Your mind turns to the legal system or you might find yourself winning a legal case. Marriage is also on your mind in that you seek more room to grow and enter a time of expansion which may or may not lead to an amicable divorce or breakup. You seek freedom.

Aquarius--You're still leading the grassroots movements and supporting other humanitarians with Uranus in Aries. The Gemini Sun has you involved with social media and other forms of communication as you get the word out. Some of you lead political campaigns while others think of running for office. You recall champions of justice and you idealize them a bit with the moon, Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius, forms a sextile with you. You enjoy the Sagittarius Full Moon and see it as an adventurous time.

Pisces--Perhaps with the tensions from the Mutable T-Cross, especially from your opposite Sign Virgo, you're ready to partake in deep healing and detox yourself of any harmful habits or beliefs. For some of you, you find your self-worth through service to others. Some of you find your path in yoga and meditation or even as a spiritual teacher. Have faith Pisces that you're finally on the right path, but first you must heal yourself. I think you know what I'm referring to.

Cancer--Health-related issues plague you now. It's time to look at health of your liver which could be causing migraines and other tension in your body. Take care of your stomach and breasts and make sure you're not harboring anger in those parts of the body. It's easy to feel frustrated by the Uranus transit in fiery Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Worrying about finances causes tension in the body. However, all is not lost. As you heal your mind body and spirit, you heal the planet. You are then able to teach others how to heal themselves.

Scorpio--Mercury in Taurus has dogged you for the past weeks. You wonder why everyone is seeking sensual pleasures while so much darkness churns in the world. Make sure you're not projecting your own wounds in your communication with others. Virgo and the North Node in Jupiter ask you to put your needs aside and clean up your community in some way. Or this could refer to cleaning up your own life of bad habits, resentment, and anything else which prevents you from experiencing freedom Remember that the Sagittarius Moon is about freedom. Perhaps confession of one kind or another leads you to this freedom. In any case, you're unable to hide your secrets any longer. Pluto in Capricorn continues to transform your life as you move more into the light. I see an image of a person shutting their eyes against bright light as if waking up from sleep.

Taurus--With Mercury RX in your Sign, you have been lazy with communication, that is if you have chosen to communicate at all. Perhaps, you have shut of your phone and computer or taken a vacation. This isn't a bad idea, but after Mercury goes Direct, those messages will still be waiting for your response. With Pluto in Capricorn, don't resist transformation and with Jupiter in Virgo, remember to serve your community in some way--even through an art project. Gardening and sharing food go well now.

Capricorn--The Full Moon in Sagittarius, even if it is in the shadow, lifts you up. You want to put your work down and travel, even short distance. You're itching for an adventure and have grown weary from career climbing or acting as a leader in your community. You really could use a vacation. Why not head to the mountains and camp for a few days?

Virgo--No one is working as hard as you this year, but make sure that you're not overloading your body with stress. The Mutable T-Cross shines light on unhealthy habits such as alcohol and recreational drug use. And this Mutable T-Cross asks you where you place your faith. Do you mean what you say or better yet, do you live your ideologies or just spout them? With Jupiter in Virgo playing double duty in the Grand Earth Trine and the Mutable T-Cross, it's time to take good care of your physical body. After all, it's the vehicle that allows you to serve humankind in the physical plane.

Sign up for a personal reading by contacting me through the blog form. Remember to read the services page first. We can even do a fun combination with an astrology reading and oracle cards or an astrology reading with totem animals attached. We have entered a historical turning point so it's time to take our natal planets and transits seriously.  Hop on board the astrology train. I also give pediatric astrology chart readings.

Astrologer Patricia video with different message than blog post

Tips for Surviving & Thriving Neptune Transits

We've heard a lot about Pluto transits, especially the transit in Capricorn which ends in 2024. And we haven't heard as much about the Neptune transit in its own sign Pisces, yet much of what we're seeing or not seeing, has direct correlations to the Neptune transit. With this transit, we're just not seeing the world for what it really is and we've found ourselves wandering like lost souls while the spiders of illusions trap us in ideologies, fantasies, and delusional thinking.

With Neptune in Pisces we find it challenging to see the line between dreams and waking reality. We choose to believe in false prophets rather than face our own power. While our hearts ask us to express more compassion and love the world through healing and merging with the Greater Good, we fall prey to addictions of many stripes or just plain escapism. Some of us get tangled in the webs of political, religious, and spiritual ideologies that actually don't serve us. We walk around with smug expressions on our faces spouting the tenets of quantum physics and Universal Law without realizing the complexities. This too is illusion.

News from all forms of media talks out both sides of the mouth. On one hand, we're told that the world is overpopulated, but then on the other hand, we don't take this overpopulation into account while building larger homes, driving bigger cars more often, and plundering the earth's water supply and choking the air breathed by 7.whatever billion humans and billions of non-humans with thousands of toxic chemicals. Neptune rules vapors, smoke and contributes to air pollution. Chem trails also fall under Neptune's realm as does water pollution.

So on one hand, we have spiritual teachers telling us to find joy by manifesting more material goods in the way of homes, cars, and money. But on the other hand, spiritual teachers such as myself warn that excessive selfishness leads to global destruction, at least for humankind. And personally, I don't know why spiritual teachers need or want so many homes (some have vacation homes and just keep building more), when millions of people are homeless. Now, how is that compassionate? How can I take these spiritual teachers seriously?

Then on the other hand, Neptune inspires and influences people to act like modern martyred saints where they give up their own well-being to carry the burden of others. Well, this is a bad practice for several reasons. First, learning someone else' lesson does not relieve them of their karmic burden or allow them to glean the wisdom from their earth experience. Second, when we focus on other people's burdens, we fail to recognize our own and then at some point we become a burden because we failed to take responsibility for our role. Third, we use solving other people's problems to boost our egos and act like superheroes or super saints. And believe it or not, this is narcissistic behavior. And finally, our role here is to support others in their growth by giving them tools or practices--not to do the practices for them.

Neptune transit in Pisces also brings up trust issues. We have trouble trusting our intuition or inner guidance. And we have trouble trusting other people or situations. Many of us suffer from PTSD so this makes it difficult to trust the safety of any situation. However, Neptune tells us that the situations that feel most comfortable to someone suffering from trauma actually lead to more trauma. We find safety in the familiar, but for many of us familiar equates abusive family situations which we distort into love and affection or think we have to win love and affection from others. We fail to realize that God loves us unconditionally and we can learn to empower ourselves with unconditional love from the Divine instead of expecting other humans to provide that for us. Most people simply are incapable of loving anyone unconditionally, except in the case of healthy parents of newborns.

As I was typing a paragraph about dissolution, a glitch in the computer deleted the paragraph. And unfortunately, there isn't a key stroke to bring the paragraph back. This is the way Neptune works too. It dissolves illusions but also spins illusions leaving us standing in an empty space that resembles amnesia. We take a trip into madness or enlightenment--both ruled by Neptune. Those of you with strong Neptune in your Natal chart (hopefully you have flowing aspects and Neptune in an angular house, 1, 4, 7 or 10th houses), will have an easier time traipsing through Neptune's surreal landscape. Those of you with a Pisces Sun, Moon, or Ascendant or 12th House planets also have an understanding of Neptune's ethereal energies.

The best ways to navigate a Neptune transit or the deep ocean of forgetfulness and dissolution with dreams that meld into other realities is to engage in performing arts or deep spirituality that doesn't cater to any religion. Sagittarius rules religion and Neptune rules the personal spiritual path of channeling higher beings through meditation, and convening with nature spirits. With Neptune we also must ground ourselves through practices such as yoga or dance or even drumming.

It's not that I don't have an interest in the other outer planets, but I call myself the Neptune Girl because I feel that I'm on the planet to master Neptune energies as an astrologer, author, and musician. Neptune leaves us feeling out of sync with humanity at times, but at other times, we experience the melding into Oneness. Neptune could come off as a pastel-colored weakness like a French Impressionist painting hanging in a dentist office. But don't underestimate the power of light, fog, and mist. Don't underestimate the power of rainbows, crystals, and true spiritual connections.

A mundane gaze at Neptune in Pisces focuses on drug culture, tobacco products, alcohol, movies, pop culture, trends, pop music, dance, and all kinds of spiritual practices both delusional and real. We see wild tempests occur on the planet, as well as, cruise ships sinking, whales and dolphins grabbing our attention, stories about pollution in the ocean, and drugs in the fish we eat. Fantasy novels sell well as do any form of escapism. Gaming also falls under Neptune in Pisces and pretty much anything you see trending at this time and until Neptune moves into Aries in 2025, and at that point our delusions will change.

Very few people on this planet will master Neptune, if any. I wrote a comical magic realism novel featuring Neptune and Pluto, which I hope sees the light of day in the publishing world. This novel which I channeled reveals the secrets of our current astrological transits. But until then, I leave you with this nebulous post hoping that you pay more attention to Neptune's transits in your chart and the transits occurring with Neptune this summer. Please listen to my podcasts on the Saturn-Neptune Square on my YouTube channel, Astrologer Patricia. You're going to need this information ASAP to navigate rough waters ahead in the near future.

I am currently giving hybrid astrological readings. Sign up for a personal reading after reading my services page. If you suspect Neptune is a key player in your Natal Chart, give yourself the gift of a reading. You will value the tools and practices I give you.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Bernie Sanders Natal Chart--Champion of the Underdog

Even though there's concern over the correct time for US Senator Bernie Sanders' birth time, I'm going to give my astrological interpretation of the chart we do have. Astrologer Robert Phoenix has a birth time of 12:25 p.m. which has only a two minute difference than the chart I'm interpreting. Either way, Bernie has a Scorpio AC and a 10th House Sun in Virgo.

I'm going to start with the Scorpio Ascendant at 25 degrees because this shows us a Mars or Pluto-driven person. Most people don't handle the Scorpio Rising well and I've met some vindictive people with this Rising Sign. So Bernie has co-rulers for his chart, Mars and Pluto. Mars represents passion, men, or the male side, sexuality, war, and other attributes or themes we would not associate with Bernie Sanders. Pluto is about power and we can see two sides of Pluto, one in which we use the power to transform (Bernie) and power for the sake of power over others (Hilary Clinton who has her Sun and AC in Scorpio).

With Pluto currently transiting in an Earth Sign, Capricorn which trines Virgo, this planet gives Bernie a boost in his career and his campaign fund raising. Pluto in the First House suggests a powerful personality, and it's the same for the Scorpio Rising Sign though not as prominent. Bernie's Natal Pluto (co-ruler) falls in the 9th House of religion, foreign cultures, the law, and idealism. Bernie's campaign is based on political ideology and he's also a passionate and expansive speaker that rallies crowds that also keep expanding. But Chiron is dangerously close to Bernie's Natal Pluto, also in the 9th House, so what's the wound that Bernie must come to grips with--the theme of the Underdog.

Bernie has three powerful outer planets in the Seventh House including Saturn in the last degree of Taurus, Uranus at 0 degrees Gemini (that will work the nervous system) and Jupiter at 19 degrees Gemini. Having Saturn in Taurus means that Bernie holds business partners or in the political arena government and corporations accountable. The Seventh is the House of partners, usually intimate partners and in that case, Bernie attracts intelligent and handy women with a sense of integrity and responsibility. His current wife is a president of a university. However, Uranus in Gemini in some charts could refer to a bisexual partner or that the person with this aspect in a Natal Chart is bisexual, which doesn't seem to be the case with Bernie, though he does push for justice for the LBGTQ communities. Jupiter in Gemini has a love for the media and attracts international media and travel.

Bernie has had numerous careers during his lifetime and he is now a sage leader in that brings wisdom which is why he comes off as a grandfather figure. So we look at his career house which is loaded with the Sun in Virgo, the North Node in Virgo (and NN is currently transiting in Virgo), and Neptune (planet of dreams and imagination, spinning illusions or visions) is also in Virgo. Mercury falls in Libra which is about the legal system or government in this case and here we have Bernie tipping the scales towards justice, also ruled by Libra. Libra is about civility and fairness. Notice Bernie is a fair man and he has not attacked the character of his opponents, even though that must be a challenge for anyone.

Bernie has Venus in the 11th House in its own sign Libra. So we have intelligent women or young scholarly women such as college students joining the grassroots movement. This house could also represent Vermont, a farming community with small family farms. Bernie is for US politics what Tom's of Maine is to toothpaste. And we also think of the folksy Ben & Jerry's ice cream. But this Venus in Libra opposes Bernie's Moon/Mars in Aries which represents emotional young men or that he was emotional as a young man, bursting with passion and drive for change, of course. Mars also represents youth in general and even making rash decisions. This Moon/Mars in Aries does not think before it speaks, but with age, this is tempered by Venus in Libra bringing balance. Still, Bernie is cautioned to avoid speaking off the cuff and to do his thorough research, fortunately, something Virgo Sun people do.

I want to end with talking about the Virgo Sun. We don't usually equate this fussy Mutable Sign with leadership, especially not world leadership. But Bernie sees the role of US President as a public servant role. He brings humility to this role, if he is elected president. And his Neptune in practical Virgo can bring practicality to a vision. Virgo does need to be weary of overcritical thinking and spouting because this wears down the public at a certain point. But Neptune in Virgo stays on point and does not sway back and forth. Bernie has a vision, dammit, and it's an easy one to understand. He gives it plain and straight.

Now, I saw this silly forum online about which signs are mostly likely to fall into narcissism. A few people said both Virgo and Scorpio fall into this trap. Yet, I've not known any Virgo narcissists simply because Virgo is the most humble sign in the Zodiac. Many Scorpio Rising folks struggle with power issues and could fall into then narcissist trap, though I just don't see that in Bernie, not to say that he's perfect.  However, if you want to see true narcissists look to the Republican Party, Donald Trump and the Clintons (Bill and Hilary). In fact, all the above take narcissism to a new level.

When I get a feeling from Bernie's natal chart the theme folky underdog comes up, a champion for the people. He's what former US Congressman Dennis Kucinich was in 2004, also a champion of the underdog, compared to the vintage racehorse, Seabiscuit. So whatever you think of Bernie, his popularity continues to expand and the man seems on fire with his message. In this season of Mutables, Bernie is the man to watch, along with Pope Francis and unfortunately, Donald Trump.

Current astrological support for Bernie comes from Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Virgo, Mars in Scorpio (then in Sagittarius), then in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries (to his Moon/Mars), Neptune (even though it opposes his Sun and North Node), and of course the North Node in Virgo which feels like coming home for Bernie. 

Gemini New Moon--Grand Mutable Square

While I'm writing this post from a hotel room, thanks to the ever-changing housing market in the US, I'm basking in the rays of the Taurus New Moon. So it's hard to imagine that the June moons tell a different story. The Gemini New Moon on June 4, 2016 comes with a Grand Mutable Square with sun/moon/Venus in Gemini, Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Thank God then for the Grand Earth Trine which gives us the strength to deal with all the changes tossed in our faces. We also have stability in the communication sector with Mercury completing its transit in Taurus which is also part of the Grand Earth Trine.

Kelley Rosano (astrologer) had mentioned that it's better to have a Grand Square in the Mutable Signs as opposed to the stubborn Fixed Signs or combustible Cardinal Signs and I agree. But the Mutable Signs still don't play well in the sandbox. Sagittarius seems too detached and self-centered for Pisces who just wants to meld into Oneness and show compassion for his or her fellow human. Gemini and Virgo focus on details while Pisces and Sagittarius focus on expansion. Virgo and Gemini seem overly critical while Pisces empathizes and does the co-dependent dance with others. Virgo says sit down and get practical while Pisces and Sagittarius lean towards escapism and adventure.

We are asked to adapt to numerous changes that come into our lives as individuals and as the collective. We feel like we dropped into multiple universes or upside down worlds. When the Mutable Signs aspect one another it's surreal at its best. Life feels like a movie or movies feel like reality. We can't draw the line between where our reality begins and another ends. We find ourselves tripping over words and the Grand Square makes a Mercury RX look tame in comparison since none of us are even on the same page! Objects seem intangible and dreams meld with waking life. Did I dream you said that or did you actually say that. People honest now either or they evade the truth as a form of denial. But what are we denying exactly?

Now, the Grand Earth Trine comes as a gift from the Universe, but like any gift, we could take it for granted. It does allow us to feel more grounded and focus on the material realm while all the changes knock us around. It also helps us manifest what we truly desire, but with that Grand Square do we really know what we value and desire? Everything is changing including our minds and we try new lifestyles. Still this moon is tame in comparison to the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 20, right before the Summer Solstice.

I'm not going to list all the signs with this post simply because I'm in the survival mode at this time. However, if you have a lot of Earth and Water in your chart, expect changes with prosperity, abundance and employment. If you have a lot of planets in Mutable Signs, expect change and go with the flow. You will mostly be affected by these transits if your planets are at mid-range degrees (12 to 16 degrees).

Also watch my Mars RX, Saturn Neptune Square series on YouTube, Astrologer Patricia.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Gemini Sun--Both Sides Now (May 20 - June 20, 2016)

I don't know Joni Mitchell's Sun Sign, but her classic, "Both Sides Now" gives reference to Gemini Sun, Moon, or Ascendant. Similar to Libra and Pisces, Gemini walks a tight rope between extremes. Gemini can go either way, up or down; right or left. Sometimes Gemini even plays the role of devil's advocate because they're curious about the reactions of others. Gemini sees both sides.

Words such as handy or ambidextrous describe a Gemini Sun or Ascendant person. They are crafty as in keeping busy with their hands. They have exceptional eye-hand coordination and I have an image of a tennis player or drummer with forearms to die for. I dated Geminis in my twenties and I mostly remember their sexy hands. Geminis also gravitate towards words themselves, or writing or speaking so they can hear the deliciousness of words. Wordplay belongs in the Gemini realm and some of the best wordsmiths are Gemini, including Bob Dylan. But this Air Sign does not lace words with sentimentality like their Water Sign brothers and sisters.

The Sign of the Twins, often Geminis are born in a set, as in twins or they have a brother or sister that resembles them so closely that you would mistake them for twins. Sometimes Geminis have first and surnames that begin with the same letter such as Marilyn Monroe (even though she was born with a different name it was the double "M" that gave her power). And speaking of famous Geminis you couldn't get more variety than Judy Garland, Prince, Cindy Lauper, J.F. Kennedy, Bob Dylan, Jonny Depp, Natalie Portman, the Olsen twins, Nick Drake, and Miles Davis.

Positive attributes of the Twins include, playfulness, good communication skills, handy, writing and penmanship, champions at debate, spelling bee winners, scientific, analytical, whimsical, magical, objective, intelligence and ability to multitask and pay attention to details. In fact, Gemini as well as, Virgo are your most detail-oriented Zodiac Signs. They also have an affinity with birds, kites, and airplanes. Gemini is ruled by the wind, especially winds of change, and they adapt well to new situations by following their curiosity about their new place or situation. They decorate their home in brighter colors and require lots of air and light. Living in a basement apartment would kill the spirit of a Gemini person (so don't do it, Gemini).

The downside of Gemini is that they flip the switch between happy and gloomy moods, they tend to pick apart other people and situations, they are often faithless in relationships (their eyes wander due to their curiosity), they seem too detached to Water Signs, and too flighty to Earth Signs, and they come off as know-it-all types which irritate others trying to have a conversation with them.

Health-wise, Gemini suffers from allergies, sinus infections, and issues with their lungs. If they don't eat healthy and boost their immunity they catch seasonal colds and flu; ditto if they don't keep stress and negativity under wraps. They fall prey to addictions that involve the hands such as smoking and finding healthy outlets for their hands is crucial (such as crafting or making things). Speaking of hands, if they don't stay flexible, they could suffer from arthritis to the hands, fingers, and arms. Injuries to the fingers, arms and hands could also occur when Gemini rushes around or loses touch with their physical bodies. Spending too much time in front of a computer screen leads to nervous exhaustion so get outdoors.

Since Gemini is represented by the Air element they require freedom and room to roam with ideas, concepts, and short-distance travel suits them best. Although if they travel to a foreign country, they learn new languages with ease that other people envy. I know one Gemini woman who easily picks up new languages and even when she uses a word out of context, it's a form of amusement. Many Geminis have a fabulous sense of humor. Similar to Joni Mitchell's song, Gemini has a choice of where to place his or her focus--choose the lighter option.

Careers for Gemini include, Carpentry, writing, public speaking, radio show hosting, working with numbers such as accounting or mathematics, science (especially jobs that are out in the field), marketing and sales, and jobs that require attention to detail. Most Geminis prefer working in lively and not cloistered environments. However, if other planets in the chart challenge the Gemini Sun or Moon, the Gemini Native is less gregarious and more likely to don a hermit cape. By in large though Gemini is a social sign who enjoys spreading ideas. If you meet a Gemini hermit, look to see if the Gemini Sun falls in the 12th House.

Since the spotlight shines on Mutable Signs in 2016, what can we expect for Gemini? Well, any Gemini that complains of boredom now is missing the point of the Mutable transits. We haven't experienced this degree of social, economic, and global changes since Pluto was in Sagittarius and Uranus was in Pisces. With Saturn in Gemini's polar opposite Sign, Sagittarius, travel or travel restrictions play a role for Geminis in 2016 and throughout 2017. And with Neptune in Pisces until 2025, Gemini takes a closer look at beliefs and ideologies. Are they really worth going to war? Do you say you desire world peace then go argue with your neighbor?

Gemini finds him or herself trying out new spiritual practices. But Gemini, you must embody those practices and not just talk them to death. Reading self-help books is one thing and actually doing the lessons is another. Do you practice what you teach others? If you coach others for a living, do you embody integrity in your coaching? Do you find that other people ignore you because you enjoy hearing your own voice too much? Remember that listening is a form of communication and learning has as much value as teaching. Gemini, with Jupiter, Neptune, the North Node and Chiron squaring you and Saturn the constrictor, opposing you, it's not just time to open your mind, but also to heal your heart. Stop rationalizing your pain and feel it. Then set it free like a bird from a cage. Uranus in Aries will assist you in freeing yourself and accepting changes coming to you now.

The most challenging time of year is around your birthday in late May and early June when the Gemini Sun and Venus lock into a Grand Mutable Square with Saturn, Jupiter, N Node, and Neptune. When the asteroid Chiron squares your Sun (Moon or Ascendant), it's time to go back to your childhood and feel the wounds so you can set them free. Stop rationalizing why you don't have to forgive the people who harmed you. Stop hanging onto this old baggage and then life will seem lighter and you notice your mood lifts too and suddenly you bring fun back into your life. Go fly a kite. Ride a horse in full gallop, hop a plane, or write your memoir.

For more astrological transits affecting Gemini Sun, watch my Saturn-Neptune Square video series on my YouTube channel, Astrologer Patricia. Some Geminis will have the exact Saturn Neptune Square in their Solar Return chart for 2016 and those of you born during the last week of May and beginning of June will have the Grand Mutable Square in your chart. Sign up for a personal reading to get tips on how navigate these challenging transits.