Monday, April 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders--A Voice Given to Mutable Transits (Change. Movement & Revolution)

for educational use

Those of you in the United States have experienced a revolution led by Senator Bernie Sanders as he makes a bid for US President and younger generations who have fueled his campaign. Internationals have gazed at the United States wondering when this country finally woke up. Since Bernie Sanders (Virgo) embodies the changes brought by outer planets transiting in Mutable Signs (Saturn, Jupiter & Neptune), I produced a video for YouTube.

Since Pope Francis (Sagittarius) also ushers in changes, I ask you to watch my video on the pope as well. Now, I ask you to do something difficult during the Saturn-Neptune Square and that is to move past your ideologies and beliefs to see the men behind politics and religion. My videos are not about either, but about compassion, integrity, and doing the right thing, which is cooperation and caring.

Also I want you to note that we don't actually know if this is the correct birth time for Senator Sanders. Personally, I believe that he has a Sagittarius AC and not a Scorpio Rising Sign, but time will tell. I suspect that most clients that come to me for readings also don't have their correct birth time because most of us don't. You see, it's not a priority in the maternity ward for nurses or doctors to note down the birth time. In most cases, the time is off minutes, if not an hour. The nurses write the birth time in the records almost as an after thought unless they have an excellent memory and happen to be triple Virgos.

So with that in mind, here is my Bernie video. And yes, I support the movement, the revolution, and the man.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Astro Transits for April 17-24, 2016--A Week of Power Plays or Empowerment

If you have felt hopeless or powerless or just disgusted with the actions of others this past week, here's why. On Sunday, April 17, Mars in Sagittarius turned retrograde. The following day Pluto turned retrograde, then the following day the Sun moved into Taurus followed by the Scorpio Full Moon the next day. We end the week with the moon conjunct RX Mars in Sagittarius. These transits either lead to rallying cries or total exhaustion.

Then while all those planets are shifting directions or signs, Mercury slowed down as it prepares to go retrograde at 23 degrees Taurus on April 28. The signs most affected by all this change are Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, Taurus and Scorpio. And when planets turned retrograde they move out of the shadows and take on their purest form or energies. Retrograde planets force us to go inward and anyone who has done their inner work know how exhausting that can be. It's a time when we require extra sleep, and must fuel our brain with lean protein and plenty of water. Most important, with the combination of the Taurus Sun, the powerful Scorpio Full Moon (causes us to go inward and flush out demons), and the RX planets, it's important that we slow down.

Now for us Mutable types slowing down causes us to feel irritable compared to getting stuck in a traffic jam. We want to go with the flow and we want the flow to move us quickly along our path. We don't want to wait for anything, deal with delays, or feel like we're stuck on a hamster wheel. And yet, with Pluto and Mars RX, we get a break from aggressive people and energies, not to say that these folks aren't in the background scheming their next move, like moving pieces on a chess board. So let's take a look at each of the transits individually and then as an overall theme.

Mars RX in Sagittarius (I've covered the Mars transits) puts projects on hold and this includes job searches, job interviews, athletic training, legal documents, legal cases, some classes get cancelled due to lack of enrollment and mostly, we feel drained. People get less caught up in ideology but might question their beliefs, especially with Pluto going RX and then later Mercury going RX. We just don't feel like doing anything big or important. If you find yourself procrastinating, don't worry about it. When Mars turns retrograde it really is a time to rest our bodies and minds. Rome wasn't built in a day applies now. Take projects back to the planning stage Put off surgery if possible, unless it's emergency surgery. Mars will go direct on June 29.

Pluto RX in Capricorn is a much longer transit lasting 6 months. Pluto retrogrades every year for half the year. This represents a wonderful time for psychological counseling and therapy. We plumb the depths of our soul. We also deal less with ruthless people and energies. We find that people are less likely to manipulate, control, and use power plays against us, even though Pluto is in its purest or most solid form--energy wise. Those of you dealing with major Pluto transits find too that you get a break from all that transformation energy. It feels like a weight has literally been lifted off your chest. In fact, when the three most outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) retrograde, we get a vacation, not to say that inner work doesn't happen, but we have less pressure to shift or transform.

Sun moving into Taurus concludes the pushy Aries energy that launches us into the new season. We have less get-up-and-go and we seek sensual experiences such as basking in the sun, working in a garden, going for a hike or stroll, or enjoying food and the company of friends. We might overeat, over drink, or indulge in hedonistic behaviors. We can also create art, enjoy the beauty of the earth or show gratitude to Gaia, such as on Earth Day, a Venus event. Now, is a good time to toss out clothing that no longer suits us, buy a new outfit, get our hair styled, enjoy a massage, and laze about. Think of the stubborn bull out in the meadow. He doesn't want to budge and neither do we.

In contrast, the Scorpio Full Moon dredges up those inner demons we don't want to face. Anything we have suppressed whether that's festering hurt caused by a former partner, a childhood wound, or any other situation that begs for forgiveness and release surfaces around this moon. People who aren't used to dealing with passionate or darker emotions, blow up because we can't repress anything under this powerful full moon. Some people seek revenge while others take the higher road by showing compassion for themselves and others. Secrets are revealed, betrayals rear their heads, and some people gravitate towards dark music, taboo topics, horror movies, or some other form of exorcising their shame, guilt, and "negative" emotions. Not many people enjoy the Scorpio Full Moon, but it does have the potential to heal deep-rooted issues. And it does bring up shadows and projections that show us where we still require growth.

Finally, we arrive at the Sagittarius Moon which conjuncts RX Mars. This moon brightens our spirits but at the same time (because Mercury prepares to go RX), we question the ideologies of ourselves and others. We question where we place our faith and for those of us who have little faith, might develop faith in ourselves or take a leap of faith because the tide feels high. Some people feel like partying during this moon while others head to the mountain or get involved in an adventure.  The Sagittarius Moon also conjuncts Saturn, squares Neptune, squares Jupiter and the North Node again having us question where we place our faith. Are we chasing after moonbeams and illusions, or do we have practicality on our side? Are we practicing integrity and acting with maturity or are we acting like a complete louse?

The month ends with Mercury going stationary and retrograde. Mercury will go direct again on May 21st. Some astrologers aren't worried about this particular retrograde, but I've already noticed that it's slowing down my computer and my mental processes. Well, then, this astrologer requires a vacation anyway.

Mars goes Direct on June 29 (23 degrees Scorpio)
Mercury goes Direct on May 21 (14 degrees Taurus)
Pluto goes Direct on September 25 (14 degrees 56 minutes Capricorn)
Sun moves into Gemini on May 20

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Diving into the Subconscious--Scorpio Full Moon (April 22, 2016)

Pandora, Wikipedia
Why does Jacques Cousteau come to mind when I contemplate the April Full Moon in Scorpio? I get this image of a marine biologist deep under water with fishes of various stripes swimming past him like schools of thought. Well, with this April Full Moon, we'll be questioning those schools of thoughts and swimming past one illusion after another. We'll ask the question what is authentic for me?

If you happen to have your sun, moon, or Ascendant in a Water Sign, you could see huge manifestations during this full moon and the months that follow it. However, those manifestations, depend upon where you have placed your thoughts since Taurus New Moon. We pretty much get what we focus upon, especially during a Fixed Sign cycle. So what are your true desires and passions; do you feel deserving of them?

Ah, and this is such a beautiful moon with amazing transits. Right in the middle of the chart we see a Grand Earth Trine with Mercury in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter at the top in Virgo. Then we have a Mystical Rectangle with planets in Water and Earth Signs (MR contains oppositions, trines and sextiles). This rectangle contains Moon in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces, Mercury in Taurus and Jupiter in Virgo. And while there's probably nothing mystical about this rectangle, we want to communicate solutions that heal our deeper wounds. For any of us working with a therapist now, expect some powerful results.

We're still looking at an on-going Mutable T-Cross with Jupiter, Saturn/Mars and Neptune. So we're still sifting through facts and delusions. In the US, this plays out in the political arena as presidential candidates parade and preen in the fake polls. Well, at least I believe that the polls and surveys are fake because they leave out large segments of voters when they produce these polls according to Thom Hartmann. But I'm not here to talk about politics, but to point out the delusions fed to us by the media. And certainly I don't want to see people taking sides and going to battle either. It's time to transcend all this nonsense and find our passions that feed our souls and let go of these distractions.

The Scorpio Moon forms a trine with Neptune which has us interpreting our dreams and sifting through our deeper emotions. We're not feeling rational and we're wanting to pursue our daydreams which lead to our true passions. Take a leap of faith.

So Fixed Signs, Scorpio wants to go deep with everyone now and figure out how our minds work. They want to delve into the occult and discover past lives. Taurus just wants to engage in sensual experiences and doesn't want to go deep into their subconscious minds. Aquarius detaches and has trouble swimming in emotional waters and wonders why no one is bringing rational thoughts to the table.

With the Mars side of Scorpio playing out (Full Moon), we're all action and no thought. But by emotionally engaging with our desires and focusing on feelings we manifest our desires. Leo might get caught up in other people's drama or go overboard with hedonistic behavior. However, Leos if you get in touch with your generous heart, you could act as an anchor for those folks dealing with gripping emotions. We could see dramatic movies released now too that bring home Oscars next winter.

Cardinal Signs, get to rest out this moon unless you have your Ascendant or moon in Taurus or Scorpio. You still have the Uranus-Pluto square to contend with but you're actually starting to like this energy which brings a breath of fresh air into your life and you can't beat the epiphanies that Neptune brings your way about serving the higher good, Jupiter in Virgo.

Mutable Signs you're engage in a Mutable T-Cross that revolves around serving the higher good (Jupiter in Virgo) through compassion and understanding (Neptune in Pisces), and by engaging with other ethnic groups, nations, or religions (Sagittarius). You usher in change and transcendence but only if you transcend any xenophobic thoughts or feelings you might harbor due to the media's influence. With Mercury in Taurus, the media leans towards conservatism at the time of the Full Moon. So you run into rigid people who give you a hard time. You might want to bash heads with them as you fight about who's idealism is the correct one.

All and all, let's plummet the depths of our souls and see what lies beneath the facades. Time to rip off the masks and find our authenticity. Besides, with a Scorpio Full Moon all is revealed and there's nowhere to hide. We all stand and face our naked truth, whatever that is for each of us. It's a time of exposing the truth and it's a time of getting real.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Pediatric Astrology--How Well Do You Know Your Child?

In my community, I encounter a lot of children on a daily basis. I seem to have a magnet for drawing animals and children to me. Maybe this is because I respect the integrity and wholeness of the children and creatures I meet, instead of treating them like they're less than or only in the act of becoming. And often parents complain that their child won't do this or that or their child is too slow, too hyper, too something. They can find out those answers with a pediatric astrology reading.

Often the parents I encounter either dismiss astrology or don't give it much thought when I tell them that I'm an astrologer and I give pediatric chart readings. And yet, the parents desire a road map or an instruction manual for their child, not realizing that pediatric astrology provides the soul blueprint for their child. I understand that parents don't have time to learn the complexities of astrology much less shine that light on their child.

Besides, pediatric astrology, which few astrologers actually practice, requires deep understanding of the way a child's mind works as well as, spiritual evolution of a soul. However, this does not suggest that an astrologer need to become an expert in child psychology or child development, he or she just needs to know how to read an astrology chart well but from the gaze of a child. And a bit of channeling doesn't hurt.

So what can a parent gain from a pediatric astrology reading? Why pay the fee for a pediatric astrology reading? Imagine a theatrical production and you're sitting in the audience waiting for the play to begin. You don't have a glimpse of the chaos and aspirations that exists behind the curtain or backstage. You have no awareness of the driving force behind the performers and the crew; their worries, fears, or hopes. You don't even know the best that these actors can achieve or how well they get along, or who they get along with best.

Now, imagine you're backstage and in and out of the dressing rooms where the makeup artists and costume designers prepare the actors. You watch each actor as he or she goes through his or her rituals, gossips about the other performers, or rehearses lines or paces the floorboards. You see their vulnerabilities and defense mechanisms come into play. In other words, you see more behind the stage than in front of the stage which gives you a more holistic view of the production and its performers.

A pediatric astrology reading gives you the nuances that take place backstage with your child. Sure, you might have a passing understanding of the child's Sun Sign which is probably based on generalizations. Your child might not even fit the Taurus Sun stereotypes, as an example, because he has his Rising Sign or Ascendant in Gemini and several planets in Gemini coloring his First House which makes him more flexible than the average Taurus Sun child. He might talk up a storm and you're thinking, he doesn't seem like a Taurus at all. Of course not because his Sun falls in the 12th House of invisibility so your child doesn't feel or act like a Taurus.

Now some parents would just tell me astrology is nonsense because their child doesn't act like a typical Cancerian or Taurus or Sagittarius. "You tell me that my daughter is a Sagittarius and that she would like to travel long distance or is interested in other cultures, but she despises travel and has no interest in even what exist across the street." Well, 12th House suns work in this way and if a child only has one planet in the Sun Sign, whatever that is, and this the Sun is in the 12th House then there is some work up ahead to unveil the strength of that Sun and to develop into its attributes. Meanwhile, let's find out who else (what other planet) is running the show, usually the Chart Ruler, but not always.

Like any blueprint, an astrology chart reveals structure in the making. It reveals the soul's aspirations, destiny, hidden and obvious talents, communication style, thinking style, learning style, type of friends the child is drawn too, passions, talents, and so on. We can find potential health concerns, strengths, and weaknesses in a child's chart. And by knowing this information, a parent doesn't waste his or her time encouraging the child to go into sports when the child would be better off studying violin or learning math formulas. Yes, I understand the need to have a well-rounded child, but not all children are suited to become the renaissance man or woman. Some really are specialists and virtuosos. Wouldn't you want to know about your child's uniqueness early on or at least long before the child graduates from high school with regrets like I did.

There are few astrologers who give a pediatric astrology reading. Yes, astrologers will read your child's chart, but from an adult perspective and they explore the child's chart the same way they would explore an adult chart with the same house themes. You won't even find many, if any, books on pediatric astrology. You will find articles online and these are helpful. I don't understand why my services are virtually ignored when a pediatric astrology reading done well is a precious gift for both the parent and the child.

Many children complain that their parents don't understand them, me among them. And while parents give so much to their children, understanding on a deeper level is often not one of those gifts. Is it enough only to clothe, feed shelter, and school a child? I mean we live in an age of huge transformation and the children coming on the planet now and in recent years have contributed to a planetary shift. Why is this? Who are these children? Where do their wisdom and gifts come from? Pediatric astrology answers these questions. It's like opening a treasure chest and oh, what sparkling gems await you with a pediatric astrology reading.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Sample Whole Astrology

Chinese Master Healer Zhi Gang Sha says that if you want to know if a pear is sweet you must taste it. If you would like to discover the effectiveness and sweetness of a Whole Astrology chart reading, including Pediatric Astrology readings, you must sample it first.

Therefore, I'm offering sample astrology chart readings via a personal report which you can receive per e-mailed report or as a 15 to 20 minute MP3 for $40. This includes a look at your Chart Ruler, Ascendant, Sun, Moon and one focal point in your Natal Chart.

Send a money order with your day, time, and location of birth to: Patricia Herlevi, PO Box 2561, Bellingham, WA  98227. Make sure you give me an accurate birth time for best results because this determines your Ascendant and moon.  Allow 7 to 10 days delivery via e-mail. So include your e-mail address with your other information and payment.

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Thank you and namaste...

Mars RX (Beginning April 17, 2016) Watch Intentions & Motivations

Mars goes retrograde in Sagittarius on April 17. I've already written a post and produced a video on this retrograde. I remind you that if any part of your life is out of alignment or integrity, this will backfire in the coming months, especially in late May and early June with the exact Saturn-Neptune Square and Mutable Grand Cross. For more information, check out my YouTube channel, Astrologer Patricia.

When Mars moves back into Scorpio, lies and secrets expose themselves. So if there is any area of your life where you are practicing dishonesty or are out of integrity, clean this up and make amends before the retrograde. Mercury also goes RX on April 28 in Taurus (opposite of Scorpio) so that could kick up dust too. Many times we act out of fear by hiding information, lying or even stealing and then rationalizing our behavior. The planetary transits will no longer buffer us from consequences for our actions. We cannot ascend to higher dimensions when we give into fearful practices. So do some mental and emotional housecleaning and decide now to live in integrity with the Higher Good.

Also if you find yourself focusing on someone else' dishonesty and you rally against it, whether that is your neighbor or a politician or Monsanto, take a look at yourself and what you're projecting out in to the world. We don't attract what we're not reflecting. And face it, the societies we live in actually reward dishonesty, well at least, up until now. That's about to change drastically.

I also encourage you to watch the Mars RX video:

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ceres--The New Woman in the Cosmos (worth a revisit)

Ceres, Wikipedia
If we require a marker to usher in the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Age, then the demotion of Pluto along with the promotion of Ceres (Demeter) by the International Astronomical Union in 2006 could act as that marker. 

Because of its location in the Kuiper Belt and other attributes, the union demoted Pluto to planetoid or asteroid, often referred to as Plutonoid. Since the asteroid Ceres, orbiting between Mars and Jupiter met the new planet requirements of the union, Ceres was promoted to dwarf planet status. And in fact, Neil F. Michelson and Rique Potteneger give Ceres planet status in The American Ephemeris where you'll also find a description of Pluto's demotion. Ceres is listed between Mars and Jupiter in the charts.

Now, as an astrologer, I must get up to speed with Ceres so that I can include this new planet and its attributes in upcoming readings. Previously, like other astrologers, I treated Ceres as an asteroid while including it in readings I gave for women and female children. And while I'm thrilled to have another planet that could be considered feminine, if you practice archetypal astrology (most astrologers do), I believe that it doesn't matter what we label Pluto because it is still a powerful mass of energy that has proven its weight as far as transformation it brings to individual lives and the world.

Ceres, dwarf planet, Wikipedia
As an astrologer I will continue to include Pluto transits in my work as I have endured some pretty powerful transits from Pluto that have transformed my life. And it's funny in a way that I would write this post at the age of 50 since in my 20s and 30s I related to Persephone (Ceres/Demeter's daughter), who was abducted by Pluto and whisked down the the underworld. Ceres/Demeter threw the earth into a long winter as she grieved for the loss of her daughter or I guess we could say the loss of innocence. I encourage anyone reading this post to pick up the Greek myths about Persephone, Demeter, and Hades (Pluto). I get the Greek and Roman names for the gods confused.

The basic story with Pluto, as many of you have experienced firsthand, is that we feel like the planet abducts our souls and buries us alive in some cases, or at least it feels that way as we plunge into darkness. Yet, this darkness derives from our own subconscious and ultimately if we face these shadows, we liberate ourselves, even if the process takes around three years. Now, in the myth of Persephone, she spent half her life below the earth surface and half her life above it, as was Pluto's promise to Demeter. This reminds us of the season of winter verses summer. And just like winter is the best time to do our subconscious work because we're plunged into seasonal darkness anyway, summer which I find Demeter represents gives us a time of integrating our wisdom into our mundane activities. We harvest through our wisdom during the lighter months.

Pluto, Wikipedia
So let's return to Ceres ushering in the Divine Feminine. What does this imply for non-archetypal astrology, (what I practice)? Ceres or Demeter as I like to refer to her, represents the harvest and the return of the warmer months. While the asteroid Juno represents the hearth and home (another feminine aspect), Ceres represents nature more and that which we grow upon the earth to nourish us. We also recognize Demeter as the mother of Persephone as well as, a mother's grief when losing a child, especially losing a child suddenly and unexpectedly.

So in a woman's chart, Ceres represents careers that serve the greater good as well as, motherhood. The planet (remember Ceres was promoted from asteroid to planet), also represents people who grow and harvest food. The Celestial Guide 2015 lists Ceres as an asteroid represented by the Earth Signs Taurus and Virgo--"They deal with food, possibly as a vocation, and they provide nourishment to either sustain health or express love and compassion." Hmmm, that sounds a lot like a combination of the Moon and Venus.

In a man's chart, Ceres represents his ability to nurture others, especially children, as well as, to grow and harvest food. Ceres could also represent a stay-at-home dad or a man who teaches or works with children in some way. I would even add that Ceres represents a man who works with abused children while returning them to the light, as a metaphor. Ceres can also represent a man who teaches elementary or preschool children.

What if the promotion of Ceres which coincided with the demotion of Pluto holds some symbolic meaning? As we transform Earth and enter a new age which many call the Divine Feminine Age, Pluto represents the old autocratic way of doing business and governing the masses whereas, Ceres reminds us how to love and nourish ourselves, the Earth, and each other. And how can we keep describing the transformational process representing by Pluto without mentioning Ceres' new role? How long is it going to take practicing astrologers to transform the old story told by astrology of the Patriarchal Age? And why are we still referring to the planets as gods instead of masses of energy that represent different aspects of our psyche? Personally, I'm ready to move onto the next age of astrology. Hey, I loved the Greek and Roman myths as a child, but I find it silly to say that the planets represent gods from myths. No wonder astronomers want nothing to do with astrology.

It's strange or synchronicity that I'm writing this post while Ceres transits in Aquarius. The planet will turn retrograde on June 2, and it will transit to 25 degrees Capricorn on September 15 (harvest time). While Ceres will not connect with Pluto (too far in degrees), I doubt it's a coincidence that the planet transits in the same sign as Pluto this summer. Will we see more women transforming the business world and more men opting out of the corporate ladder lifestyle to stay at home with the children? What will transpire in the food industry during Ceres Aquarius transit which continues until January 29, 2016? I think we'll see some revolutions with the food industry led by women and men who care about true nourishment and healing the earth. Along with Pluto transforming big business, this is a real possibility. We shall see. (This post was originally written in April 2015 and re-posted a year later).

In the meantime, I ask you to consider Ceres as a planet with true impact on our lives. Let's stop treating Ceres as an asteroid and see how we can direct our clients with this new energy. We require more planets with feminine attributes (such as nurturing), when we only had the Moon and Venus to work with previously. How can we talk about the Divine Feminine and still work with ancient masculine energies? Face it, we have talked about this new age until we're blue in the face, but we're still acting like we're living in the old age. The challenge now is catching up so we're on the right page of the proverbial book and even that page is about to turn. We're looking at a wild ride up ahead.

If you would like an astrology reading with Ceres as well as Pluto, sign up through the contact form. Also check out Astrologer Patricia on YouTube. It's time to shake up the astrological world, would you like to join me?  

Friday, April 8, 2016

Watch Taurus New Moon Video (May 6, 2016)

New Moon in Taurus on May 6, 2016. This new moon appears in a Taurus Stellium anchored to a Grand Earth Trine. And we have the on-going Mutable T-Cross...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Perky Planets of May--Astrological Forecast for May 2016

artwork by Patricia Herlevi
In May, Mercury and Jupiter go Direct, Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio, and a Mutable T-Cross transforms into a Mutable Grand Square the final week. At the start of the month, five of the ten planets are retrograde which has us searching inward. More fiery types feel like a boat grounded on a rocky shore and airy types long for breathing space.

The first half of the month responds to the Taurus New Moon's earthy and grounded energy while the second half of the month, has us shooting arrows at the sun (Sagittarius Full Moon) even if the Mutable planet energies tangle us in blue (to quote Bob Dylan, a Gemini). At least we don't have the specter of the Uranus-Pluto square hovering over our lives any longer, even if Capricorns, Aries, Librans and Cancerians experience deep transformation and liberation when Uranus and Pluto make transits to their sun, moon, and Ascendants.

However, the highlight at the beginning of the month falls on the Fixed and Mutable Signs. With Mercury retrograde in the Earth Sign, Taurus until May 21 (22), communication comes at a relaxed pace, if at all. None of us feels like hanging out on a technical device or checking e-mails. Some of us choose to take a vacation at the beginning of May or attend a retreat. We want to commune with trees, birds and soak in the sun's rays, instead of hanging out in the office.

Vocalists and speakers return to older material and audiences appreciate the trip down Memory Lane. Taurus vocalists such as Barbara Streisand or Stevie Wonder (and Cher) make news headlines and we prefer music that leaves us feeling grounded. We prefer songs with sensual details where we lose our senses during Mercury's transit in Taurus. We want to communicate with practical people, as opposed to dreamers, and we also want to talk about ways to increase prosperity and abundance. Some people will return to old jobs, especially those born with their sun, moon, or Ascendant in Taurus or Leo, but for Leo, that job must have creative potential and avenues to show leadership abilities.

Mercury RX in Taurus also affects agriculture, farming and food security. Food safety could become an issue as people who inspect food or handle safety regulations in food processing or packaging plants aren't as detailed oriented as other times. The media will also pounce on past food poisoning and neglectful incidents that happened as reporters pull out archival articles. I see an e-coli breakout coming out of a major feedlot (remember Taurus rules cattle) that finds its way through fast food restaurants and possibly through a major sporting venue (ie: hotdogs at a baseball game sort of scenario). This isn't to cause paranoia, but to realize that food safety is not at its optimum level in May. Forgo the hotdog. Go vegetarian in May since slaughter houses and feed lots come under scrutiny. I would even stay away from free range meat products, but they are usually a safer bet.

Retrograde Mars transits from Sagittarius to Scorpio on the 27 around the same time the Gemini Sun and Venus lock Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn into a Grand Mutable Square. It's going to be difficult to get anyone to budge during this time. Mars retrograde gives us less energy to work with so we want to lay low and when Mars is in Scorpio, it's a time for deep inner work, especially with delving into the workings of our subconscious minds. We search inward for clues to our true life paths if we're not already on our path.

And again, the outlet is Jupiter in Virgo since this planet appears in the Grand Square and a Grand Earth Trine with Mercury and Pluto. We discover, for those of you reading this message, that our life path dovetails the the transformation and shift happening on the planet. We find that when we lend our talents and skills towards a greater service, we align with our true desires and life magically unfolds for us. We reclaim our personal power (Pluto) and stop manipulating others with charm or guilt to get our needs met. This leads to liberation on personal and global levels.

Important Dates:

May 6, New Moon in Taurus
May 8, Jupiter goes Direct
May 21-22, Mercury goes Direct in Taurus
May 21, Full Moon in Sagittarius
May 21, Sun moves into Gemini 
May 25, Venus transits into Gemini 
May 27, Mars transits into Scorpio RX 
May 29, Grand Mutable Square commences (Sun/Venus in Gem, Jup in Vir, Sat in Sag & Nep in Pis)

RX Planets

*Mercury, *Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Mars 
* Go direct in May 

These could be off a day since I'm using a daily planner...

Signs most effected by May's transits:

Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini 
Uranus is the strongest planet moving direct in Aries unspected except for a wide square with Pluto RX

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Aries New Moon (April 7, 2016)--Put Steam Behind the Dreams

It's probably too early to post about the Aries New Moon coming up on April 7. However, this moon gives us some hope like a glimmer on the horizon as we endure the changes brought to us by the Pisces Solar Eclipse. Once again, we will experience a powerful Super Moon in April, but one that launches new beginnings for us, if we can muster the courage to take a leap of faith.

As you can see from the Aries New Moon chart, we won't be experiencing any Cardinal T-Crosses. However, Uranus is still squaring Pluto and the focus is on Aries with the sun, moon, Venus, and Uranus in the Sign of the Ram. Mercury just exited Aries and Ceres approaches the Fire Sign. Also Uranus conjuncts the Aries Sun and Moon so this in itself is probably more powerful than a Cardinal T-Cross. We can use this energy to innovate our lives, pioneer a new way of life, or to just get physically fit. It carries the theme of liberating ourselves from boxes and living authentically.

The focus is on the individual with all this Aries energy, but since Uranus is involved, we also focus on the collective, but in this case, the grassroots version. Oddly, we have no planets transiting in Air Signs which represents thoughts and our mental process. And half the planets are transiting in Fire Signs at this point with Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus, Venus, Sun, Moon in Aries, might as well, include Ceres in Aries too since it's only a few degrees away from it. Mercury is only two degrees in Taurus. So basically, we have a mix of Water, Earth, and Fire which equals full steam ahead in business, in physical achievement, in physical manifestation through spiritual paths (water element).

Aries experiences the biggest push with this new moon, but we're all wanting to begin a new cycle, launch a new project or reinvent ourselves. With all this energy, spring cleaning of all kinds is also under way. But Aries you need to find a healthy outlet for your physical energy so that you don't become restless, irritable or take your anger out on others. You'll feel pushy and impatient now, especially with people who have Fixed Sign moons, suns, or Ascendants. I know you don't like censoring your words or curbing your impulses, Aries, but if you don't you could ruffle feathers now and everyone is feeling touchy and individualistic, meaning they don't want to do your bidding or take your wrath.

So get outdoors and exercise. Ride your bike, go for a hike, or get involved in a sport, but not by watching it on television. Time to participate in life. Libras use this Aries energy to assert themselves. Many of you are coming out of uncomfortable partnerships or marriage where you feel that the other person doesn't hear you or respect your boundaries. Now, is the time to assert those boundaries and stop with the passive-aggressive games. Stop complaining about your partner to your friends and colleagues and confront your partner. You might require a counselor for this, but better to face problems head on rather than dancing around them. Charm won't save you, but bringing out your inner warrior will, as long as this doesn't turn into a battle of wills. Libras you know how to compromise, but don't compromise your well-being.

Cancers and Capricorns, this is a good time for you to focus on your business or career. Do keep these endeavors in balance with your home and family life however. This is also a time for you to assert yourself and pursue your dreams because the energy, even if it comes in the form of a square, still bolsters your drive and courage. Those of you with an Aries Ascendant or moon leave the old cycle behind and take a leap into the unknown. But do this with elegance and diplomacy.

Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius ride through the energies of the Mutable T-Cross that includes Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter/North Node in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. We can also rope in Chiron in Pisces. So again, we're still riding through the energies of the Pisces Solar Eclipse that occurred on March 8 and soon this Mutable T-Cross will transform into a Grand Mutable Square (end of May and beginning of June). What area of your life requires change? Where has life grown stale or where do you feel stuck? Now, is also time to question your spiritual and other beliefs. Where do they come from and are they your beliefs? How can you live more authentically?

During the Aries New Moon only one planet, Mercury transits in a Fixed Sign, Taurus. So while all this Cardinal and Mutable energy flies at us (reminds me of the arrows flying towards us on the Eight of Wands Tarot card), Mercury in Taurus wants us to slow down and relax. Communication is slow and thoughtful or just earthy. We feel like it takes forever for someone to respond to a phone call or e-mail message or maybe the postal mail shows up later than we expect. We might have to deal with throat problems such as a cold because we failed to get enough rest or eat a good diet. Or we might hear about famous vocalists since Mercury in Taurus rules communication from the throat. Or we could decide to take voice lessons, go on a lecture tour, or anything that revolves around communicating with the voice.

Despite any tension that the Triple Conjunction in Aries (sun, moon, Uranus) bring to us, we'll still experience a fresh breath of air. We're also going to take this warrior energy to fight injustice in our communities, families, and countries. People will seem more outspoken and uncensored now (think Bridget Jones). We'll witness ourselves and others doing foolish things, even laughable things now. It's like someone let Wiley Coyote out of his den and he's up to his old tricks. This could be a fun or violent time, depending on where each of us lands on the consciousness scale. But we do know one thing, we must leave the old behind and embrace the new cycle. Take a leap of faith and become a fool for love. And having a sense of humor helps.

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