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Architecture through the Zodiac Signs (Ideal Homes for Each Sun Sign)

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I love architecture and today the concept of home styles for the Sun Signs popped into my head. I also enjoy writing witty posts once in a while and in fact, launched this blog with a sassy approach.  So here we go on a real estate tour of the Zodiac. Beginning with Aries to commemorate the Aries Moon which hovers in the sky above me as I type this post.

Caution: Read this post with a sense of humor intact.

Aries--Forget the fancy Victorian or ornamental homes and just give the Aries Sun a cabin or chalet cottage near a ski resort.  The simpler the better and make sure that there's plenty of storage space for skis, kayaks, bicycles and sporting goods.  Also make sure to build a garage for the Aries automobile and plenty of driveway so that Aries doesn't clutter the sidewalk with their cars (this does happen on occasion).

Taurus--These Sun folks prefer comfort--large couches in front of big screen televisions and a large yard for gardening.  Taurus Sun fit nicely in Victorian homes with plenty of floral wallpaper and antique furnishing.  Taurus Sun would also enjoy the wood and stone work in an American Craftsman style home or any carefully crafted home and like the other earth signs, why not a cob home for Taurus? It doesn't get earthier than that.

Gemini--These folks crave a home that's wired for high-tech communication and they'll paint their walls in bright colors like apple green and yellow. They prefer high ceilings and plenty of clean air wafting through the home so don't forget to include lots of windows.  For the Air Signs in general I see the Jetsons style home, something futuristic with lots of talking points.  Or perhaps a duplex suits the Twins.

Cancer--This Sun definitely prefers living in cozy bungalows with a well-centered hearth and large kitchen. They prefer nooks and crannies in the home where they can hide away with a book or a music listening device.  Many Cancer Suns fill their homes with antiques and historic homes appeal to them.  Just like Taurus Sun, Cancer Sun wants comfort though they don't require the the same sensual pleasures as their Taurus cousins (ruled by Venus).  These homes are filled with critters and house plants.

Leo--Give these folks an executive home with plenty of rooms painted in shades of yellow, orange and amber.  Don't forget to place mirrors throughout the home.  You think I'm kidding right? But no.  Leo Sun must have the largest television screen, a huge garage and a stately staircase that gets noticed.  Don't forget to add the solar panels so that Leo can keep their heating bills low.  They like it hot.

Virgo--The Virgo Sun folks would be happy in any home as long as it is kept clean and sanitized.  Some even prefer the cloistered effect or having their own space where they can shut the door and keep others out.  A mountain cabin will do and if not try an efficiency apartment. Virgo is too busy to clean and keep house, but a cave just won't do in the modern world so...

Libra--This is the Sun Sign that sparked the idea for this post. Libra Sun requires a symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing home since it's all about balance for these folks.  A Colonial or New Classical (Greek or Roman style) home works best or perhaps a bungalow with a porch held up by pillars.  It's a balancing act of diplomacy and beauty as the Libra defines it.  Paint the house in lighter shades as Libra finds darker shades garish eyesores.  And don't throw up an Aquarius futuristic structure on the same block as a Libra Sun home.  Then you would have some problems...

Scorpio--Paint it black or dark red with white trim then provide a darkened walkway up to the black front door.  Make sure that the family den is hidden in the basement and shore up any leaks in the home unless Scorpio Sun enjoys mold and creepy crawlies in the home.  These folks go for dim lights and prefer candle light and a room for ceremonies and rituals of spiritual nature. Everyday is Halloween.

Sagittarius--These folks are never home, but when they stay at home, expect something sporty like their Aries cousins.  Sagittarius requires lots of space, whether that includes a large garage or storage for sporting equipment or an exercise room.  Paint the walls in turquoise and purple and throw some posters of foreign cities and mountain peaks on the walls.  Sagittarius Sun aren't particular about the style of the home, but something simple like a bungalow or cabin work best, or maybe they emulate a style of home from another culture.

Capricorn--Some Capricorns want a home that screams status especially if they have worked long and hard to own a house.  They prefer the executive-style home or perhaps a down-to-earth cob home.  Then there is the other type of Capricorn who wants something simple and historic with gardening space.  Straw or hemp bale homes appeal to Capricorn Sun as does well-crafted homes with quality materials.  My caution for Capricorn is to go beyond the financial value of the home and focus on the warmth and nurturing qualities of their abode.

Aquarius--I'm hearing the theme from the cartoon The Jetson's.  These are the folks who throw up a three story tower in the middle of a residential block complete with solar panels and wind turbines.  The more Saturn types probably include raised beds and a permaculture lot to teach others about resiliency, but the Uranus type goes for shock value and homes that resemble The Tower card in the Tarot deck. Okay, so I'm poking fun at these folks.  They prefer a wired home and a lab for experimentation whether they use it for film making or inventing technology that bravely leads us into the future.  And as far as furnishing they prefer stainless steel.

Pisces--Oh, this is a hard one to house because they prefer to live in The Beatles' "Octopus' Garden" under the sea.  If they could they would sprout tails and transform into mermaids and mermen chasing after unicorn seahorses or live in sandcastles. Many of the Pisces I've known feel at home on the road with a backpack or if they do settle into a home, some Pisces Suns prefer Victorian homes with plenty of fine art in every room and an aquarium in the main room.  Don't forget to include a large screen for watching cinema and a room for dance or yoga.  The more down to earth Pisces Sun (do they exist?) creates an enchanting home environment for these folks have never forgotten their inner child and magical kingdoms.  Home is where the heart is and Pisces are full of heart.

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