Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In Practice--Birthing a Business

The more we shift our consciousness on the planet, the more shifts take place in our lives, including shifting from one profession to the next.  For instance, I worked as a journalist prior to leaping into astrology and metaphysics. And this week the energies are asking all of us to follow our heart in all areas of our lives, including career.

Some of you will change careers in the world of 9-to-5 jobs while some of you will become entrepreneurs, even if you haven't ever considered going it on your own in your past. Some of you will partner with spouses or friends in starting  business, while others will go solo entrepreneur like I'm doing here. For those of you launching a business in the near future, let me give you tips in finding an auspicious date for an official launch whether that's with a home-based business or opening a brick and mortar or office location.

First, let's look at the Moon. As you know from previous astrological information, you don't want to start a business on a Dark Moon, a Lunar or Solar Eclipse, or a Void-of-Course Moon. It's best to launch a business during a waxing rather than a waning moon. And if possible, start a business when the moon is in an Earth Sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), although I have the late embers of the Sagittarius Moon for my business launch. I'm avoiding the Capricorn Moon since Pluto is also in Capricorn and I also chose to avoid a Cardinal T-Cross which takes place during the Capricorn Full Moon on July 1, 2015.

My business has a Virgo Ascendant which sextiles the business Sun in Cancer, trines Pluto in Capricorn. I also like all the planets in 21 degrees (Sacred Geometry) which include, Jupiter, Venus (Leo), Chiron in Pisces and the Sagittarius Moon. Uranus at 20 degrees Aries and Mercury at 17 degrees Gemini also combine with this energy which creates a Kite configuration along with the oppositions such as with the Moon and Mercury.

Look for Grand Trines of any of the elements, but an Earth Grand Trine bodes the best for launching a business, provided you don't drag Pluto into it, unless you're okay with wielding power or creating a business that is based on transforming the world. And look for Saturn or Mars in the 1st, 6th or 10th Houses. While some people would rather have Jupiter in those houses, Saturn builds structure (slowly) that provides a lasting legacy. Jupiter brings expansion, luck, and passion, but a business that launches and grows too quickly can also burn out or end up looking like hot air in retrospect. Think of the trendy restaurant which garners media attention and public acclaim that loses magnetism a few months later when a rival launches another restaurant in a better location. If the rival took the slower Saturn route, this restaurant might not garner a media frenzy or attract trendy foodies, but years later the restaurant continues to attract a loyal following.

However, having Jupiter in the 4th or 11th House bodes well as long as you don't keep trying to expand the place of business through speculation of future returns. Jupiter in the 11th house promises a following and group support.

Here are the highlights of my business launch chart:
  • Ascendant in an Earth Sign, Virgo
  • Mars, Mercury and Sun in the 10th House
  • Neptune falls in the 6th House (on the cusps of the 7th) which bodes well for a business that requires working with intuition and spiritual tools. The Virgo Ascendant opposes Neptune, but this helps ground the Neptune energy, otherwise, the work environment could cause space outs.
  • Grand Fire Trine that takes place in the 4th, 8th, and 12th Houses
  • (Normally, having planets in the 12th House, in this case Venus conjunct Jupiter suggests that we have little access to the energies of the planets, but since I channel and that's 12th House activity, Venus and Jupiter bodes well for this energy.
  • Uranus in the 8th House suggests surprise sources of money and other business resources coming from non-work sources like a patron.
  • And the 4th House Moon along with Pallas suggest the growth and expansion of a home-based business. Though I don't want to gamble or take unnecessary risks, this business has the potential to thrive if I nurture it.

On the downside, no planets transit through the 11th House which is the ruling house of astrology and who wants Pluto transiting through their 5th House? But then again, I find it fun transforming old school astrology and taking it into the future. Neptune on the cusps of the 7th House leaves me wary of partnering with others for this business because I might not have  clear vision of them or they could pull the wool over my eyes. I could place my trust in the wrong partners. However, the Virgo Ascendant brings the gift of discernment.

I think by now you have the gist of how astrology helps us in choosing auspicious launching dates. I also recommending choosing auspicious dates for signing contracts, creating partnerships, applying for a business license, and for electing board members, etc. Choosing an auspicious date along with putting in the effort and managing resources effectively contribute to the success or failure of a business. However, even if the business fails, learn from mistakes and start over again and hire an astrologer who specializes in mundane or practical astrology.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Solar Return for the Neptune Girl Wearing Spaceboots

Since I post charts of well-known people and historical figures on Whole Astrology and since I spend time reading charts of clients, I think it's only fair to post my chart. I decided to post my Solar Return chart for June 29, 2015. So in other words, I'm giving up some of my privacy to share my chart with others. It's to thank my clients for sharing their vulnerability with me.

I also add that I'm currently going through my Chiron Return and challenging Neptune transits which is why I'm pleased to see the Grand Fire Trine involving a SR Sagittarius Moon. You see I don't have any Fire in my birth chart so this is going to help me with getting my work out in the world.

With the dominant Neptune/Pisces in my chart as well as, my Sun and Mercury in Cancer, I have suffered through the role as the invisible woman. The Grand Fire Trine will change that, at least for the next 12 months. My last Solar Return Moon was in Leo which helped a bit. The Jupiter/Venus in Leo conjuncts my Progressed Sun in my 8th House. I'm hoping this is the year I have my big breakthrough as an author, intuitive coach and astrologer. When my ego gets involved I suffer from humiliation at my lack of popularity both on and offline. But we all have our demons to face, I suppose.

I'm also pleased that I don't have a Uranus-Pluto square in my Solar Return chart or a Saturn-Neptune square in the chart. Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are retrograde which means I'll have concentrated energies to help me work through my psychological and spiritual stuff. Pluto is still working me over in my First House where it will be for around 20 more years, Neptune transits in my Second and Uranus in my Third House of communications having me watch my words as not to tip over the apple cart.

When I added lines to Chiron in my chart I ended up with a new configuration, a mystical rectangle. I was pleased to see that configuration along with my Grand Water Trine and Kite. Yes, I have a T-Cross too and when planets transit in Mutable Signs, they ignite my T-Cross. Well, I look forward to more transformation.

On the downside, I'm concerned about the transiting Venus/Jupiter square to my Natal Jupiter in my 4th House because I've been in the process of manifesting a new home. And can someone with 6 planets in the Water Element, handle a Grand Fire Trine in a Solar Return? I'll find out soon enough. It's not just me either, I know at least two other women born on the same day and year as me, though most likely they either have a void-of-course or an Aquarius Moon and different Ascendants. They, as far as I know, do not follow astrology.

If you have any observations about my chart feel free to leave comments or e-mail me with the form on the right side of the blog. Remember that I am a vulnerable Cancerian so keep your comments on the kind and gentle side, especially since my Solar Return Mars is in Cancer. I might end up blowing lava and steam like ancient Vesuvius.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pediatric Astrology--A Tool for Understanding Your Child

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Is your child wired differently than you? Many parents have commented to me about their children's unusual gifts, behavior, or wisdom coming from their small bodies. This is no accident nor is it synchronicity. Old Souls are returning to the planet in large numbers, awakening our mass consciousness, and paving the way for the New Earth. And since, droves of Indigo, Rainbow, and Crystal Children arrive on the earth now, it's time to get to know your child on a deeper level.

So how can Pediatric Astrology help you in understanding your child? What type of education, food, activities, and lifestyles work best for your unique child? What type of health problems can you expect from these sensitive children? Why are so many children coming in the world with "learning disabilities" which suggests that their brains are wired differently than ours?

As parents you signed on to steward and protect these children as they prepare for their greater mission. They have come to shift the planet, especially those born with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries (radical child), and Neptune/Chiron in Pisces. While you might consider those outer planet transits challenging for yourself, imagine if you were pint-size dealing with the stress of your parents, the economy, and fear running rampant on the planet! Did I mention that these children are incredibly sensitive? They are the superheroes of sensitive and so we as adults better clean up our act, but this isn't a lecture.

So what do I look for in a child's chart? First, I look at the triplicity which includes the Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Ascendant Sign. Then I view the angular Houses (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th), but here's where I veer away from the average chart reading. When I read a child's chart or even teen's chart, I use a different set of theme for the houses. After all, how many five year old children do you know who have a career outside the home and they certainly don't have the emotional baggage of an adult dealing with past parental issues.

Let me give you a brief example of how I read a child's chart by using a sample chart (not of a real child). Pretend that this is the chart of your child and you come to me for a reading. I would tell you that your child has her Sun in Capricorn, her Ascendant (first breath and identity) in Libra and Moon in Leo. I would also tell you that your child will have a challenging time expressing her emotions since her Leo Moon is in a Yod configuration with Jupiter in Gemini and Pluto/Sun in Capricorn so the child will also struggle with outward expression until she reaches her middle age years at which time she will blossom in miraculous ways unleashing her unique gifts upon the world.

I would tell you not to be alarmed that your child develops slowly because this is the chart of a Late Bloomer due to the Capricorn Sun fused to Pluto and in a Yod with the Moon and Jupiter. (Actually, this chart has a double Yod and Jupiter is in both Yods).

However, the Ruler of the Chart Venus (the planet associated with the Libra Ascendant) falls in the 3rd House of communication in Sagittarius which brings a gift in expansive communication. This is a child interested if not obsessed with another culture, maybe even one she lived in a past life, though we see no activity in the past life house (12th). Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius falling in the Third House of communication and education (K-12) would normally suggest a bright mind and someone who excels in school, but with the Moon and Sun tied up in a Yod with Jupiter and Pluto, this child could suffer from depression or power issues. And with Venus in the Third House this is a child with artistic talent who is going to grow bored if not depressed in a drab environment. She needs to be surrounded by beauty and awkward people she finds ugly will disturb her.

With the Sun conjunct Pluto as well as, Mars in Aquarius in the 4th House which represents home and mother she will either experience the home as disruptive or experience a family where she perceives betrayal, power issues, and subterfuge even if this is just coming from television shows or conversations she overhears in the home. Home is a scary place for this child so make sure that you create a calm and peaceful home where people speak in quieter tones, play soothing music in the background, and bring many soft and beautiful things into this child's environment. Keep arguments and discord away from her or she's going to rebel at some point (Mars in Aquarius which is similar to Uranus in Aries in 6th house of daily environment, which she also has in her chart). If there's any abusive situations in the home deal with those situations immediately and work with healers. Even if a violent incident happens in the neighborhood or community, bring in the help of healers and therapists.

The child has Neptune and Chiron in the 5th House which is also known as the arts and recreation house. I read a book by one astrologer years ago where the astrologer referred to this part of the chart as the Fun House and it has that potential. This child has an interest in dance, theater, photography, and making movies. She will escape through these activities and even excel at them. Remember she has strong aesthetic needs which we find in her communication and educations house (3rd House). I would even suggest enrolling this child in an alternative school such as an art school or music school. Art feeds her soul and brings relief to her sensitivities. For whatever reason, I recalling that 1980s television show Fame which featured artistic students coming from broken homes or at least homes they perceived as painful. Their arts education helped them to work through their issues.

Let's take a look at the 6th House which represents the daily routine, health, and pets. I take a look at this house to see if food or other type of allergies are potentials. Sudden health problems are possible as is accidents in the home since Uranus in Aries falls in the 6th House. But this girl can handle anything that comes her way despite her sensitivities with Pallas in Pisces also in the 6th House. Pallas is the the Roman name for Athena who was considered the Goddess of Wisdom, meaning this child possesses inner wisdom which she can download to heal herself and bring healing to her daily environment. And any adjustments you make in your home to accommodate her will also assist your well-being. She might also have a connection to owls and small animals. She will feel more compassion for animals than humans because of her spiritual connection to animals.

I'm going to end this reading by giving you a breakdown of the Houses for a child's chart:

First House--Identity, first breath, body type, relationship to body, other people's first impression

Second House--Gifts, talents, resources, home environment (as far as resources available)

Third House--Communication style, learning style, K-12 education, thinking style, siblings and cousins

Fourth House--Mother, home, home environment, sense of safety and security (some astrologers say this is the house of the father)

Fifth House--Recreation, sports, theater, play, imagination, friends, and fun activities 

Sixth House--Health, daily routine, (sometimes suggests home schooling), pets, and this is where I look for sensitivities and allergies

Seventh House--How the child views their parents' marriage/partnership, whether or not the child has traditional parents, same-sex parents, or single parents. The child views relationships and develops beliefs by witnessing partnerships of adults

Eighth House--Power house, other people's resources, inheritance, family secrets, betrayal, denial and addictions, sometimes represents domestic violence and child abuse (be careful using these terms in a reading)

Ninth House--Higher education, aunts, uncles, foreigners, living in a foreign country, having immigrant parents, immigrating to another country, the law, government (in some respects), philosophy, religion

Tenth House--Father, witnessing parents' work ethics or values towards work, bread winners, public life and for some children (especially those who work in the entertainment business or are involved in sports), this could represent fame and how they deal with publicity.

Eleventh House--Groups, clubs, humanitarian causes (yes, children get involved in these), gaming (with the 5th House), social media, and school mates

Twelfth House--Spirituality (usually their parents' beliefs), past lives, hidden realms, communication with angels, mental or emotion instability, learning disabilities (along with the 3rd House), spiritual gifts, channeling, healing abilities, dealing with parents with addiction issues...

I hope you enjoyed exploring Pediatric Astrology with me. If you would like to uncover your child's unique treasures and find new ways of relating to him or her, sign up for a child-size Natal Chart reading at Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living or on the right side of this blog (send me message via the form). 

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Practice--Is He (She) Compatible with Me? (Exploring Relationship Charts)

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One of the biggest question with both spiritually-based and practical astrology revolves around compatibility in a relationship. I admit that with most men I dated in the past, at some point I visited an astrologer to have a synastry chart reading (also known as a relationship chart). It asks what's the chemistry between the couple.

However, the best time to have a synastry chart session is after a few dates when the relationship starts turning serious. Don't wait until you have moved into together. And don't wait until a week before the wedding. I wonder if the Royal Family ever had a synastry chart done for Prince Charles and Princess Diana and if they did, why did they ignore the red flags which we won't get into here?

For the sake of this short post, I'll give two sample synastry charts. The first one is for Prince Charles and Princess Diana, also known as The Wales and then a synastry chart for Camilla and Prince Charles. I won't be given an in depth gaze, but I'll be using the charts to show you how a synastry chart reading checks for compatibility. We will look examples of personal planet to personal planet aspects and personal planet to outer planet aspects. For example, we'll look at where each of the individual's Suns fall in each others' charts and then the aspects of outer planets to say a Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars. Then we'll look at house placements of each others' planets.

Confused? Read on.

First, here's the synastry chart for Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Even though we know Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana were no ordinary couple, for the sake of this post, let's just say that they were and they visited me as clients.

I would first comment on the chart's complexity and as you can see the aspects appear throughout the entire chart, not just a corner of it. This chart resembles a Spiral Graph!

Diana's Venus falls in Charles' 10th or Public House, she also has Ceres which is another female planet in Charles' 10th House, right next to Charles' Moon and North Node. Any personal or outer planet conjunct another person's Moon is fateful, then toss in the North Node into the mix, and there's no way these two would have not met.

Then just opposite with Charles' Fourth House of not only home and mother but also tradition and the homeland, Diana's Midheaven and Neptune fall in Charles' Fourth House.

Meanwhile, this is a busy and important House for Charles because he has his Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Sun and Chiron in this house and Vesta (another one of those female asteroids). He places a lot of emphasis on this house as he would coming from the tradition of the Royal family and his mother acting as the reigning Queen of England. Along comes Diana with her Neptune, playing the role of the lost girl or faerie tale princess and her Neptune conjunct Charles' Mercury in Scorpio so you can bet there are some secrets lying around, but mostly hidden under the carpet. So that's an example of an outer planet conjuncting a personal planet (Neptune and Mercury) in an angular House (4th House). Remember that angular houses represent the most important aspects of our lives (Individuality with the 1st House, Home with the 4th House, Partnerships with the 7th House and Career/Public Image with the 10th House).

So let's stick with the angular houses and look at Charles' 7th House. Now Charles personally doesn't have any planets in his 7th House, which bodes well for his time as a bachelor and I would expect Camilla to show up in the soulmate 8th House or possibly the 12th (hidden affairs). She does. But with the synastry chart for Charles and Diana, Diana's Jupiter falls on the cusps of Charles' 7th House and her Moon (Aquarius) falls on the end of Charles' 7th House. And eventually, Diana did seek freedom from the confines of the marriage and also expanded upon self-exploration and getting involved with radical causes which brought imbalance to the marriage. Remember the 7th House is ruled by Libra (balance and partnership). So there you have an example of how the houses work in a synastry chart too.

Princes Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

So let's look at a synastry chart with Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. It will surprise you that this is a very private chart. Camilla is known for her privacy and staying out of the public spotlight. She was what the late Diana referred to as "the third person in the marriage."

Look at all the aspect lines in the left hand side of the chart, noting that houses 12 through 4 are private houses. However, Camilla's North Node falls in Charles' 10th House and Charles' North Node falls in Camilla's 10th House. This suggests two things--this is a fateful relationship, especially with the Ceres/Moon conjunction in the 10th next to the Charles' North Node--emotional, painful, and fateful, not to mention in the public eye.

Charles and Camilla share some causes, friends, groups, and interests in common with a Stellium of Camilla's planets landing in Charles' 11th House (natural ruler Aquarius) and they both have Uranus in their 11th Houses which we would expect since they were born a year apart from each other. Uranus is also going to shake things up, which this affair did do with the Royals. "What do to about that Camilla problem?"

I also like the fact that Charles and Camilla share an Ascendant in common, Leo and less than a minute apart! I've never seen a couple with the same Ascendant. North Node conjunct a Moon, Sun, Venus, or Mars also brings in that fated element. And if you're into past lives, take a look at the 12th House. In fact, let's do that since we have the chart here. (Are you having fun yet?)

Well, Camilla's experienced deja vu when she first met Charles since her Sun and Mercury fall in Charles' 12th House. Since Camilla even has a 12th House Sun and Mercury, she suffers from the invisible woman syndrome with little access to her Cancer energies. She's going to act out her Leo Ascendant which is dramatic, fiery, and not wanting to share the spotlight with Charles' younger wife. Camilla is not a simpering wallflower victim by any means and she is someone who knows how to play her cards well. She also has Pluto and Saturn in her First House of identity in Leo (she's powerful and authoritative and knows how to get her way, eventually). Saturn might delay the prize, but those who are patient reap rewards. I wouldn't mess with this woman.

Now, interestingly because Charles and Camilla both share an Ascendant and were born a year or so apart, Charles also has Pluto in his First House conjunct Ceres (which rules agriculture and nourishment, not to mention mothers/women). And isn't it interesting that Charles has been involved with organic agriculture and dealt with a bulimic wife in the past (two themes I associate with Ceres)?

I'm going to end my post here because I only wanted to give you examples of how an astrologer works with a synastry chart and it was fun using famous people as examples. I mean no disrespect to the people in the charts.

If you're in the dating phase and want to investigate compatibility with your partner, contact me for a synastry chart reading. For more information click on the Whole Astro tabs above or visit the Whole Astrology page at Metaphysics for Everyday Living. I do charge more for these charts because as you can see they are complex and crucial for practical astrology purposes.

If you would like me to make a video on these charts and topic, leave a comment below. Thank you.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere) Solstice--Soaring Kite

First thing you'll notice for the chart for the Summer Solstice is a Kite configuration as well as some green lines which represent inconjunctions between the planets which read as yield signs. It's as if we would like to take off and soar in the clouds but we have all those little irritations to contend with first.

But for us in the Northern Hemisphere, it's summer so we're going to get outside and have fun and maybe in having fun with family and friends, we're able to raise our frequency so we can deal with those mundane problems.

I like the sextile that happens between the Virgo Moon and Cancer both at 0 degrees that occurs 30 minutes after the official Solstice. We take better care of our health and the health of others through nurturing Cancer energies and Virgo's need to serve. In fact, we'll be meticulous about our health on June 21st and most likely fussy about other people's health, but let's not get fearful about food, the sun's rays or insects roaming around and ready to bite our skin. Virgo and Cancer both induce worrying and fear so knowing that ahead of time we can come up with tools to calm those fears and have some fun.

Prior to the moon heading into Virgo, it's at 29 degrees Leo forming a square with Saturn at 29 degrees Scorpio, but also sextiling Mercury in Gemini. Jupiter and Venus continue their conjunction in Leo trining Uranus in Aries which brings unexpected manifestation. However, let's not allow darkness to seep in and spoil the fun with Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn continues to trine Chiron which brings old wounds for us to heal now, usually involving events from childhood that hang out in our subconscious. However, this is an on-going transit along with the sextile between Neptune and Pluto. And I think its best to set some intentions on the Solstice for the next 6 months or year in regard to healing ourselves and to visualize where we would like to be on our life paths a year from now. Then after setting that intention, come up with a workable plan to heal those areas of our lives that require some clearing away. I say this because the earth is shifting and we must prepare for some huge changes on the way (some positive, some uncomfortable).

Where ever you reside in the world, Happy Solstice. Sign up for a Solar Return chart reading using the contact form on this blog and visit the new website for Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living.

New Moon Forecast for July--Miraculous Water Trine & Other Stories

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

Right now, I envision the late Masaru Emoto's beautiful water crystals. I'm thinking that we are all at least 70% water and a conduit of not only our thoughts and emotions, but also the music we hear, the words we speak, and the world of vibrations we expose ourselves to. 

July's New Moon at 23 degrees Cancer forms a Grand Water Trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces.

In viewing the New Moon chart for July 15 using Seattle's coordinates, we not only see a Grand Water Trine as mentioned earlier, but we can also pull in Mars and Mercury in mid degrees of Cancer since they fall in the same house (8th House) thus forming a stellium. So let's break this apart to see how each planet and energy creates a dynamic for transformation through self-nurturing (Cancer).

Now, as I'm writing this post, it is no accident that I'm delving into the work of Louise Hay mostly known for healing the mind-body-spirit through using affirmations. And I believe that anyone reading this post will go deeper into some type of metaphysical work or new age study in July and hopefully beyond. With any new moon we expect the sun and moon to appear in the same sign so this is nothing new here. This means that our outer and inner selves line up with the energies of that sign, and now the moon appears in its own sign.

Cancer represents how we nurture ourselves and how we nurture others. Do we find ourselves craving mothering, do we have mother issues, and do we find ourselves taking care of everyone else' needs but our own? What's our home life like? Do we have a place to call home? How do we define home? Cancer rules how we nourish ourselves with food and we look at food allergies and sensitivities now. In fact, we're going to look at sensitivities in general even if we're a power house Aries because Cancer brings up sensitivities and in this case, is there something in the home we're sensitive to?

The sun and moon in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio (last degrees of the sign) so we're finishing up old business by delving into our subconscious minds and delving into past lives or whatever we have to do to unearth those beliefs and patterns keeping us stuck. We must clean out those old wounds and let stuff go through forgiveness in ourselves and others.

Now, whether or not Seattle is a Scorpio city or not, Washington is a Scorpio State and we do have some battles both internal and external taking place in Seattle now that can and will ultimately bring transformation to the world. And it involves water, lots of water, not to mention oil. Seattle will also delve into its history of how it treated Indigenous people and make amends now, or at least start the process (planets appearing in the 8th House).

Chiron in Pisces tells us that we gain strength by facing our wounds and letting go. We must accept what we cannot change such as we can't change events of the past. Sure we can delve into various types of meditations that allow us to rescript the past as with Sandra Anne Taylor's work. Ultimately, this Grand Water trine with the stellium places the power of transformation in our hands and I hope you will take advantage of this precious transit. Release those old stories that keep you stuck in the same groove.

May Dr. Emoto rest in peace
Let's look at some other positive transits during the new moon. First, we have the continuation of the Neptune Pluto sextile which I've already discussed on this blog and in my videos. Both planets are retrograde in July so we're experienced concentrated Plutonian and Neptunian energies. But we experience this more internally than externally even if we realize that anything we experience in the outer world was first created in our hearts and minds.

The Jupiter/Venus Trine (Leo) to Uranus (Aries) also continues and many astrologers are telling us that this transit brings instant manifestation and unexpected manifestation with Uranus involved. Now, the only caveat is that Uranus at 20 degrees Aries squares the sun/moon in Cancer which not only brings tension to the Grand Water Trine, but causes us to act, hopefully not impulsively, on our own behalf. Uranus in Aries wants actions so just talking about a situation would cause restlessness and thus rash behaviors.

Meanwhile, Pluto at 14 degrees Capricorn opposes Mercury at 13/14 degrees and Mars at 14 degrees Cancer and this is an exact opposition with shadows and projections playing out. This could occur in families or with partnerships or with self. Cancer wants to take care of the home front, spend more time at home, more time with children or parents and more time practicing self-nurturing. Meanwhile, Capricorn wants to dismantle or build structure outside of the home such as tending to a business or becomes so ambitious that it fails to see the forest through the trees causing disruption in the home and with family life.

We also have Jupiter/Venus squaring Saturn in late degrees of Scorpio. Fixed Signs represent rigidity and you can't find two signs less alike than Scorpio and Leo ruled by Pluto and the Sun. Here we have the darkest places of our souls in an intense transit with our creativity and the part of us we shine in the world. It's as if the subconscious mind goes to battle with our heart center. What do we truly believe about ourselves and why do we give our power away to others? Do we make up excuses such as I can't get involved in a creative project because my dad or mom told me I have no creative talents? Clear away those beliefs and follow your heart's desire. I know, this is hard work, but you can do it. Also remember what I said about aligning with our true values in previous posts? This message applies here too.

Those of you with planets or your Ascendent or Midheaven between 13 to 20 degrees in Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra are going to see these scenarios playing out in your life. How can you balance emotions now? How can you create balance between home/family and business/finances? For some of you this is going to be an emotional time, but thankfully, that Grand Water Trine which leads us to spiritual tools and practices brings deep healing now.

We could even say that we're dealing with a wide T-Cross with Mars/Mercury/Sun/Moon in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. This involves 4 planets and 2 luminaries so it's a big deal and there's no way we aren't going to hear the winds of change calling us. Overall, I want to say this is a pleasant new moon for some folks, especially those of you with lots of Water Signs in your charts, however, if we don't learn to master our emotions and ride the waves of change/transformation, this could also be a horrendously painful passage. And it's the start of a cycle because it's the new moon.

I would advise setting intentions now of what you would like to see transpire from the Cancer New Moon. Set the intention to stop sweeping problems underneath the rug because they're too painful to face. Find a therapist or support team to help you heal what requires healing. We're all in the trenches with you, but let's not turn this into rant sessions, like the two women I overheard on a bus yesterday comparing notes on their bizarre medical conditions and blaming the medical establishment. They keep up that attitude and I guarantee that they'll never heal themselves but continue to play starring roles in their life dramas.

Pluto in Capricorn is asking us to take responsibility of ourselves. Uranus in Aries is asking us to take our power back and realize that even the problems we face our gifts that help us build the strength of warriors. The Cancer stellium with Mars reminds us that no one can make us feel anything and we choose emotions from our own creative palette. How many of us respond with knee jerk reactions or canned emotions which reminds me of canned laugh tracks from American television comedies from the past. Try new approaches and know that you decide the reality you experience and no one really has the power to do that for you, unless you give them your power. And why would you do that? What do you get in exchange for selling your soul? These are the messages I'm receiving from the new moon transits. I hope you will take these questions to heart.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

1st Full Moon for July 2015--Bookend Full Moons

Realizing that we're still at the beginning of June, I'm giving you heads up on the two full moons for July. I'm calling them bookend moons even though they're wildly different. On July 1, we experience the Capricorn Full Moon which carries the themes of status quo, business, building structure, traditions, and lineages. The Aquarius Full Moon on July 31 rebels against status quo while dismantling old structure. Will be interesting.

I'll write about the July 31 Full Moon in a separate post.

Another interesting aspect of the Capricorn Full Moon (9Cap55) on July 1 is the Fire Trine involving the moon that occurs earlier in the day involving Moon in Sagittarius with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter/Venus in Leo.We get this beautiful opportunity to manifest our desires riding into the Capricorn Full Moon. However, we must remember that the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto, opposes the Sun/Mars and squares Uranus during the course of the full moon.

This tells me that if we don't keep our egos in check and we insist on having things our way, then we'll run into trouble. It's like we're all fired up with passion and fury but old man Saturn applies the brakes. But wait a minute. If we allow our emotions, mainly anger with Mars involved to get out of hand we could end up in a tense or even violent situation. And why is this? Because we don't feel like others, especially mother figures our meeting our needs. Now, for children this is understandable but for us adults, we must take the next steps in self-nurturing and self-care as opposed to asking others to do that for us.

Ceres and Earth, Wikipedia
Now, with Ceres retrograde at 6 degrees Aquarius, we might find some unconventional ways to meet those needs or we might just detach and handle our needs from an intellectual standpoint, though this hardly satisfying. Perhaps we introduce an unusual diet into our lives or we get involved with feeding the hungry. Often times helping others meets our needs for nurturing. Do unto others as you would want done to you sort of thing. We'll also hear more about bulimia since it's an unconventional eating disorder which combines themes of Aquarius and Ceres.

Then we have a planetary traffic jam of Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo forming a sextile with Mercury in Gemini and an inconjunct with Chiron and trine with Uranus. So there you have it again, the inner child crying out for nurturing but not knowing how to handle this situation. Do we reflect on our values and use materialism to satisfy our need for loving attention? Do we intellectualize it, write about it, communicate this need to others on social media? Will others seem overly clingy and needy or outraged at this time because they refuse to practice self-care and project that onto others? This lesson really hits home with folks born in the 1960s when Chiron was last in Pisces. It's hitting home with me.

And speaking of Pisces, Neptune in Pisces forms a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. In the 1960s, we also had Pluto in an earth sign, Virgo forming a sextile with Neptune in a water sign, Scorpio. And once again, Scorpio is involved with the current sextile since Scorpio rules Pluto. It's like we all want to put on a big dramatic show just short of resembling a Fellini movie. And as this sextile tightens with Pluto and Neptune, such a show plays out on Seattle's waterfront as activists in kayaks battle with big oil that wants to drill in Alaska. And there you have the Neptune and Pluto themes too--oil, water, and land. A sextile bodes well for the activists as long as they stay in the realm of compassion and don't get trapped in dualism. For a lot of people this plays out like a large stage play or a movie on the big screen, but is a real battle nonetheless.

By Patricia Herlevi
The wide Cardinal T-Cross involving Sun/Mars in Cancer, Moon/Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries is going to add fuel to the fire or in this case, water. Now, this is a wide t-cross since Mars is only at 4 degrees Cancer and Pluto is at 14 Capricorn and Uranus at 20 degrees Aries, but through the course of July 1 and 2, the moon opposes Mars, then opposes the Sun, then conjuncts Pluto and then squares Uranus so the moon ties the t-cross together. And because the planets are forming wide aspects, we're not going to see the chaos and drama of previous Cardinal T-Crosses involving Pluto and Uranus. However, we might experience deja vu of previous events ignited by these transits. Then when the Sun transits at 14 degrees Cancer we experience the opposition with Pluto and then the square with Uranus at 20 degrees Cancer. Breathe and remember compassion.

Themes of liberation surface. Themes around food security, food allergies, mothers and children surface. Some adults act childish and have tantrums in public (reflecting on their level of maturity). And one thing I noticed that happens with oppositions is projections and people not owning their shadows. So we get a lot of blame and shame, especially aimed at authority figures or big corporations as if we don't have choices we can make. Of course we can make choices. If we don't like the ethics of a certain corporation then don't consume its product. We're not helpless children with a wicked stepfather. And the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Leo reminds us that we create our reality with what we choose to think or perceive the world. Remember the world might not feel capable of loving us, but God loves us unconditionally. So plug into the real source and leave your friends, family, parents, and lovers off the hook.

I received another image for this the Capricorn Full Moon which involved how we battle with nostalgia in resisting junk food. Yesterday I passed by a vending machine filled to the brim with junk food which to me had nostalgic value. Now, I refrained from consuming any of it but I will say the temptation was strong. And since Capricorn and Cancer are nostalgic and look back to the past, especially childhood while using food as comfort, many of you will want to consume a candy bar or bottle of Coke because of childhood memories attached to it. Refrain if possible because this leads to health problems down the road. Cancer also rules the stomach and Capricorn the skin. I was picking up universal energy so I know this is going to be a problem for many of you around the full moon on July 1. I suspect a lot of binging for people with food disorders around the time of the full moon. Be easy on yourself, forgive yourself, and get proper help.

On the other hand, this gives us an idea or impression of why people have a hard time resisting foods containing GMO ingredients. Those ingredients end up mainly in junk food though not with the same recipe as our favorite childhood brands. We know there are psychologists behind the scenes knowing how our minds work, especially when we're under stress and we reach for those comfort foods. So stay alert and substitute with super foods often. It's a real challenge for Americans around the Fourth of July too when they roll out the barbecue and toss hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill. Look for alternatives at your health food stores and food coops if possible. Plan ahead. Eating unhealthy food around a full moon coupled with emotions leads to digestive problems and food allergies.

So use the Capricorn Moon to apply discipline and develop wisdom while also owning your shadows as the Moon-Pluto conjunction will ask us to do. Prepare yourself for rebellion, either you rebelling against your own routines and structures; or a rebellion happening on the large canvas. Young children will also present anger issues, but that's because they pick up our repressed anger and act it out. If your child acts up, turn to your inner self to see what anger you're repressing then find a safe outlet to release it. Let's get down to the business of healing ourselves and thus the planet. I realize this is a grim post, but cheer up, the New Moon in Cancer brings respite.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gemini--The Sign of the Twins and Choices

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Often when I think of the Zodiac Sign Gemini, I envision The Lovers tarot card. It's not because Geminis are terribly good lovers, but that they have a love for discovering new information and a curiosity for the world around them. Many Geminis are often good poets too since playing with words comes naturally to them--but I wouldn't go as far as to call Geminis troubadours. I leave that to the Fire and Water signs.

Gemini represents a two-sided coin, a fork in the road (do you turn left or right), and similar to the Zodiac sign Libra, Geminis perform a type of balancing act, though it looks more like juggling. Gemini also shares traits with the sign Pisces in that Gemini also moves in two directions and as I mentioned earlier (and so have other astrologers such as Mark Husson with Hay House), has two personalities. This reminds me of a gingerbread man stuffed toy I had as a child--one side was bright yellow featuring a happy face and the other side of the toy was pink featuring a frown. You might say this toy represented the sign Cancer, but Cancer portrays a rainbow of moods, not just two. Gemini appears to have a switch with the options of "on" or "off".

The upside of Gemini is that these guys and gals possess a childlike quality while enjoying mysteries, puzzles, boardgames, and anything that piques the mind. Gemini rules the mind, analytical thought, learning styles, communication, communication styles, the gift of gab, and the third house of an astrological chart. Gemini is co-ruler of Mercury and in itself is a bit of a trickster. Now, these qualities comes through in any of the personal planets that land in Gemini and can even refer to the Pluto in Gemini folks (which are quite elderly now if they're still on the planet). Whether you have your Sun, Mars, Venus, Moon, Mercury, or Ascendant in Gemini, you will possess Gemini traits in the themes of the planet.

For someone with a Gemini Ascendant and First House, has prominent arms and hands as well as, a quick mind though that trait would come through in the Third and not the First House of a natal chart. They could suffer lung problems depending on other planets aspecting the First House, but health is usually indicated in the Sixth House. For instance, I have been plagued with lung problems for most of my life and I have Venus in Gemini falling in my Sixth House. When I was a teen I ran on the track team which exasperated asthma and I have Mars in the competitive Fifth House also in Gemini. And it's strange that I was on a team with a few allergy and asthma sufferers.

Friendships and love partnerships prove challenging with the Gemini unless you have your main planets in Fire and Air Signs. Geminis often require space as Air Signs do and they prefer to keep situations and conversations on the lighter side since they don't thrive on drama even if some Geminis thrive on adrenaline, that is until they collapse from nervous exhaustion (Gemini/Mercury has a connection to the nervous system and brain). Some Geminis thrive on adventures like their polar opposite Sagittarius, but short-distance travel and short-distance communication satisfies them. Some Geminis are quite happy just to wander around their neighborhood or community such as checking out a new business, school, or bookstore. And many Geminis love books and learning.

"Twins" photo by Patricia Herlevi
However, having said that, I've known many Geminis whose lifestyle involve overseas travel, learning new languages, and delving into foreign cultures. This is because every sign contains its opposite sign and the trick is to balance the two. I've met many sarcastic Geminis too and some full of hot air or pie-in-the-sky ideals, similar to Sagittarius. Both of these signs enjoy their freedom and lots of space to pursue their interests, which could be romance for short-term or even marriage, though I wonder if either of these signs are actually content in a marriage. They definitely require independent and not clingy partners who travel lightly through life and to other countries with them. Relationships with foreigners could go quite well for them as long as they don't get caught up in false patriotism or debating which culture is superior to the other.

As a Cancerian with a Pisces Moon and a powerful Mercury in my birth chart, I've dated my share of Geminis, at least in my youth. These relationships were on the short side and often left me with bitter feelings because I have my Venus and Mars in Gemini and this confused the Gemini boyfriend. Once the Cancer clinging and domestic routine set in, the Gemini men bolted. I learned that they don't do well with watery or even earthy types. Routines of any kind bore them, but they will stick around if you have many interests and are a good conversationalist. They enjoy glib and urbane people best. Geminis easily grow bored with Taurus individuals and Scorpio comes off as too dark and dramatic. Put a Virgo and a Gemini together which results in too much critical thinking leading to picking people apart--not pretty to witness. And water plus air for the Water Signs just causes tempests leaving both parties bitter and resentful.

Famous Geminis include: Bob Dylan, Judy Garland, Josephine Baker, Jacques Cousteau, Anne Frank, Donald Trump, Igor Stravinsky, Angelina Jolie, Bill Moyers, Paul Gauguin, Art Bell, Rachel Carson and Helena Bonham Carter for starters. Many Geminis work in the communications field since they are excellent journalists, researchers, broadcasters, and bloggers. They are also good with their hands, eye-hand coordination, and bring freshness to fine art. They are excellent crafts people so they could make jewelry, wood work, musical instruments, as well as, carpentry. They are also excellent authors who create fun and curious characters so they would excel at writing children's and young adult books.

Geminis are also the tricksters in the Zodiac, but usually they enjoy playing with words, especially puns, metaphors and word games. Give them a crossword puzzle and send them off to a corner and they'll complete it in no time. However, if you're a parent of a Gemini child or even twins, don't allow boredom to set in or you'll end up with a Curious George on your hands. Keep it light, keep it fun, and keep exploring so you can make new discoveries together.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Venus Transits from June through August--Dang girl, look at you!

The plan was that I was going to take a stroll through the park, come home and have a nice restful evening, but then I picked up my planetary guide and saw the Venus transits for the summer/winter months. So here I am writing another Whole Astrology post. I suppose Aphrodite seduced my mind into writing about her planet.

In June, Venus begins the month at 25 degrees Cancer with a wide square to Uranus. This brief transit suggests unconventional women or Aquarius women in particular who feel a bit more emotional than usual. We could also focus on food security from a humanitarian or unconventional standpoint by combining Cancer, Aquarius, and Venus themes.

On June 5, Venus moves into Leo, forms a sextile with Mercury in Gemini and trines Saturn in Sagittarius. This transit suggests that we will discuss our values and expand upon those values and how they align or don't align with our integrity. This is actually a theme I picked up from the July moon transits so we'll be grappling with values aligning with integrity all summer. Let me give you an example. Say that you tell people that one of your values is that you're community oriented. But in reality, you would rather go it alone and make money in your community rather than sacrifice yourself by volunteering your time. So in this respect you're out of integrity and the Venus transits help you get back on track by admitting the truth to yourself.

On the June 21, Venus catches up with Jupiter forming a conjunction and now trining Uranus in Aries while forming inconjunct with Chiron. Again, we are forced to explore our values, but this time with our wounds or fear of not fitting into the status quo. We don't feel rich enough or pretty enough, or charming enough, etc...Then Uranus wants us to explore our uniqueness, especially for women.

Venus and Jupiter roll into July, hand-in-hand (both at 21 degrees Leo) forming a trine with Uranus. Certainly this is a good time for all three Fire Signs, but especially Leo and Aries. Do you have unconventional values? Are you willing to stand naked in your truth even if you don't share your community or country's values? Women, do you have courage to live your truth and align with your true values? And what do you place your faith in? Look at which house in your chart with Leo on the cusps and this is where the drama of values plays out.

Starting around July 12 and ending on the 18th, Venus squares Saturn (28 degrees Scorpio) and once again we grapple with values verses integrity. Are you walking your talk? If you're not, there's a good chance children, students, or young adults will call you on your stuff. They act out and rebel, especially the Indigo and Crystal children. They too could act out of integrity and require compassionate lessons.

On July 19, Venus transits into Virgo and turns retrograde on the 25. On August 1, Venus squares Saturn again with both planets now retrograde. This means that the planets' energies are concentrated and drawn inward. Instead of witnessing our lessons in the outer world, we get in touch with our subconscious through dreams and watching our daily habits. Now, if we act out of integrity we suffer from dis-ease. We could suffer from allergies, sensitivities, food intolerance and digestive disorders.

At the beginning of August, Venus reunites with Jupiter in Leo until Jupiter transits into Virgo on the 10th. On the 18th, Venus trines Uranus again and then on the 27th, Venus reunites with Mars so our minds and hearts turn to intimate relationships. What do we value in relationships and are we acting integrity to our values? Skipping ahead, Venus goes direct at 14 degrees Leo on September 6 while she forms a sextile with Mercury in Libra (Venus' ruler) and Venus is still conjunct Mars and trining Uranus.

Signs most affected by the Venus transits are Cancer, Leo, and Virgo, however, look for those signs on the cusps of your natal houses to see where the dramas will take place. Leos are going to explore their values in all areas of their lives and see where drama could be less played out. When Venus transits in Virgo we question our needs for material goods and tighten the money belt. Service takes precedence over having lots of glittery things, especially when Venus opposes glamorous Neptune in October.

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The Summer/Winter Transits (Riding the Waves)

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
I was actually hoping for an uneventful summer (or winter if you're residing in the Southern Hemisphere), since we've experienced one powerful outer planet transit or eclipse after another for not just the past few months, but years. However, we're required to stay alert as arrows of change and movement head our way, at least for those of you with Mutable Sun, Moon, Ascendant and so on. 

This includes me with six Mutable planets plus Chiron, with five of those planets locked into a Mutable T-Cross. Believe me, I started experiencing some real challenges in May that has left me blurry-eyed and disoriented on most days. The Mercury-Neptune square has nearly wiped me out and that square continues until June 23.

Now, the Fix Signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius), get a break with the exception of Saturn moving back into Scorpio on the 15th of June and then moving back into Sagittarius on September 18. Leos especially would do best to take advantage of Jupiter in their sign which ends on August 11 when the Great Benefactor rolls into Virgo. Cardinal Signs actually get a bit of a respite too with the exception of the Lunar Eclipse coming up on September 27 at 4 degrees Aries/Libra (but technically this is an autumn/spring transit).

Mutable Signs prepare to ride the big waves because they're coming at you and lasting well beyond the summer/winter months. Hope you enjoy the excitement of surfing the waves. Although the Mutable transits which involve Jupiter moving into Virgo, Saturn moving back into Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, Chiron in Pisces and a Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 13 (then this November the North Node moving into Virgo).

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
During the last week of June, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde. In July, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde through the course of the month. In August, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde and Saturn goes direct on August 2. In September, Pluto is still retrograde until the 25th, Venus goes direct on the 6th, and Uranus and Neptune continue the retrograde motion. Now, retrograde planets act like a double-edge sword. On one hand, we no longer feel like experiences from the outer world dog us, but on the other hand, we experience concentrated planetary energies working us from the inside out. The good news is that any of you doing psychological work on yourself or working with a therapist, get to do a lot of digging and releasing of beliefs and patterns in the subconscious, especially if any of the retrograde planet transits occur in your 8th or 12th houses or aspect Natal or other transiting planets in those houses.

So now I'm listing the transits standing out to me at this time by month. I will also mention which signs are most affected by the transits. However, don't just look at the signs of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. Also look at any Mutable Squares or T-Crosses as well as, natal yods that have a Mutable sign planet. Also look at the houses in your chart that has Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Leo or Scorpio on the cusps and any natal planets in those houses, especially if you have any of those signs on the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses also known as angular houses because those houses represent major areas of our lives.

June 21 - September 23, 2015

June (21-30)

21 Summer/Winter Solstice

Everyone celebrates this new energy when the light begins diminishing in the Northern Hemisphere and increasing in the Southern Hemisphere. Perform a ceremony or ritual or at least set an intention for the next 6 months or the year lasting from June 21, 2015 to June 21, 2016.

22 - 27 Jupiter trines Uranus exact (transit continues into July but not exact)

Leo and Aries are most affected along with Sagittarius. Get fired up now to manifest your dreams. You inspire and motivate others to do the same. Water and Earth Signs feel burned out with this Trine but still benefit depending on which houses Uranus and Jupiter transit. Air Signs focus the mental process to manifest dreams and develop faith that quells cynicism during this transit and possibly beyond.

23 Mercury D squares Neptune for the final time

Mutable Signs already weary from this transit experience more brain fog, restlessness, and disorientation. Take a time out for the next week and get reoriented with the changes that occurred in your life. Capricorn and Cancer benefit by tuning into their mental processes while aligning those with their spiritual pursuits. Aries and Leo benefit too by paying attention to how their mental processes prevent them from experiencing spiritual expansion. Scorpio and Taurus go deeper while Taurus moves away from mental constructs and obsession with the material world. Air Signs in general gaze at their spiritual beliefs, but may have trouble going deep in meditation because they're afraid of losing their egos.

On-going transit

Neptune sextile Pluto

Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio benefit by exploring spiritual insights and rebuilding structure of their lives. Cancer and Virgo feel challenged. Though for the most part this sextile has a planetary affect of grounding spiritual practices in everyday life and shifting consciousness on the planet. Refrain from drugs, especially drugs that cause hallucination or leave one feeling intoxicated. Escapism of any kind is a bad idea now and Pluto in Capricorn asks us to ground ourselves.


(Two full moons on the 1st (Capricorn/Cancer and 31st (Aquarius/Leo)

1-7  Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Leo Trine Uranus in Aries

Leo and Aries benefit the most with Sagittarius also benefiting. Air Signs feel a boost in enthusiasm. Water and Earth Signs feel more enthusiastic, courageous, and bold, but also burned out.

16 Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Cap

Cardinal Signs, especially Cancer and Capricorn are most impacted by this power play. Fortunately, it's a fast moving transit.

25 Venus turns RX in Virgo

Mutable Signs feel this as going inward and some confusion.

26 Uranus goes RX in Aries

Impacts Cardinal Signs around 20 degrees. Feels like a bump and mostly impacts Aries and Libra.


Jupiter square Saturn

Challenges Leo and Scorpio as well as, Aquarius and Taurus. Mostly involves dealing with ego issues and finding the root causes in the hidden subconscious.

Neptune sextile Pluto (See June)


2 Saturn goes Direct at 28 degrees Scorpio

Scorpio around 28 to 29 degrees most impacted along with Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. Feels like finishing up old business. Saturn moves back into Sagittarius in mid-September.

9 Mars moves into Leo

Important mostly because of the previous Venus conjunct Jupiter and Sun transiting in Leo and mostly benefits Leo. Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio feel this transit as irritation. Sagittarius and Aries and the Air Signs Libra and Gemini benefit from a boost of vigor. Everyone wants more action. I see egos posing as plastic action figures (comical image).

1-9 Venus conjucts Jupiter squares Saturn

Leos and Scorpio are most impacted and feel tension between values and desires verses taking responsibility and acting with integrity. Aquarius and Taurus experience the shadow of this scenario. We all feel tense with this transit.

11 Jupiter moves into Virgo

Ah shucks, Leo, the benefactor just moved into another sign. Virgos experience this as a boost until around September 21st when Jupiter opposes Neptune. Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Cancer experience this as a boost too. Other Mutable Signs experience this as irritation and tension as they're asked to perfect their daily work and routine. Everyone works on getting more organized and efficient.

September (until the 23rd)

6 Venus goes direct at 14 degrees Leo

Planets around 14 degrees Leo get a makeover or go on a shopping spree on a mundane level. On a spiritual level we experience the Divine Feminine rising in each of us and we choose to shine our unique light on the world.

13 Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Virgo

Most impacted are planets around 20 degrees Virgo and also Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius. Taurus and Capricorn experiences a boost as does Cancer and Scorpio. Air Signs have trouble with clarity and suffer from perfectionism. Fire Signs feel a damper on their enthusiasm and motivation as Virgo comes off as gloomy to them.

18 Saturn moves back into Sagittarius

Impacts all Mutable Signs but especially Sagittarius. We all feel the squeeze as Saturn condenses the expansive energy of Sagittarius. This includes Sagittarius themes.

25 Mars moves into Virgo

Mutable Signs experience tension, except for Virgo who now has Jupiter and Mars in its sign and has the energy to get a lot of work completed efficiently. Virgos also speak up now because they feel bold. Mars makes demands on Pisces to get its act together and head out of the sandcastle clouds.


Jupiter opposite Neptune

Virgo practicality goes to battle with Neptune dreaminess. Gemini and Sagittarius experience irritation and are tongue tied.

Don't worry if I left out details in regard to your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant signs. I will delve into these transits more deeply with the Moon and Monthly forecasts.

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