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Ah, Neptune see what you do to me (a transit date correction)

I'm so deep in a Neptune fog these days that I have been posting 2020 as the end date for the Neptune in Pisces transits.  Wrong! Neptune stays in Pisces until April 2025 when it first dips into Aries.  Then Neptune retrogrades and returns to Pisces in October 2025 and then by February 2026 stays in Aries.

Get Neptunized (Neptune-Pisces Transits for February and March 2015)

Photo by Patricia Herlevi 

Since Neptune is a power player in my Natal Chart and a power player for 2015 in general, I'm including Neptune and Pisces transits to keep your eyes on. Pisces and Virgo are most affected by these transits and Sagittarius and Gemini mainly experience squares to planets transiting in Pisces, especially the Saturn-Neptune Square this year.

In February Mars and Venus tour in Pisces then form a coupling from the 9th through the 19th when both planets transit into Aries (still wed to each other).  Venus in Pisces conjuncts Neptune from the 1st to the 5th while resonating through the first week.  Now, this could suggests a myriad of situations, but mainly people will focus on romantic relationships.  In this situation, Venus and Mars balance out male and female energies, within each of our psyches and also in the outer world.  Neptune comes in and has us weaving fantasies or glamorizing the object of affection who we long to merge with.  But Neptune is also a weaver of illusions and if we don't do the necessary work in building structure to a partnership, it will most likely dissolve.

As far as same sex couples, the Venus and Mars represents the male and female sides of each of you.  And the Mars and Venus along with Neptune can confuse the gender roles you perform in the partnership.  For all of us, Venus and Mars in alignment with Neptune also asks us to gaze past illusions we have woven and build a solid structure that works.  At the beginning of the month Mars forms a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn (building new structure and transformation) with Mars bringing the drive behind Pluto's transformation.  Mars also conjuncts Chiron (Pisces) during this time which allows us to heal childhood wounds around spirituality, feeling invisible or our sensitivities.

I'm picking up something about tossing out role models we had in the past and still cling to in regard to how we perceive relationships.  Now is the perfect time to move past illusions, especially in regarding these role models or sets of relationship standards that we learned in childhood.  Some of these ideals cause us deep wounding, especially ideals about meeting the perfect partner, which doesn't exist in reality.  Pisces and Neptune fall for this trap especially with the polarity of Virgo--the perfectionist.  The other Neptune-Pisces trap appears when we find a wounded person and try to fix them thus creating a co-dependent relationship.

The classic example is of the woman who gets involved with an alcoholic musician because she sees potential so she allows the relationship to destroy both of their lives through the act of enabling destructive behavior.  The other classic example is of Elizabeth Taylor, the Piscean actress who married multiple times. She also dealt with alcoholism (also Neptune-Pisces).  But boy did this lady have compassion for others.

On one hand, Neptune-Pisces fuels the imagination and sparks creativity as well as, spiritual ascendance. But on the dark side, this expansive and alluring energy triggers addictions in everyone as a form of escaping the mundane physical world.  With Chiron also in Pisces, deep healing can occur in the realm of addictions especially by finding the roots of addiction in early childhood then forgiving, releasing and allowing those stories to go. Picture those stories like white balloons floating up the clouds then disappearing forever.

Saturn in Sagittarius tightens its square with Neptune in Pisces. It's possible that we will pit spirituality, especially new age spirituality against organized religions.  Instead of seeing Unity Consciousness and tying threads together of the various religions we could get caught up in religious wars or experience large religious structures or organizations suppressing alternative spirituality such as channeling entities (or practicing the Law of Attraction and other Universal principles which find no basis in religion).  I'm already seeing this in the comment sections of new age videos posted on YouTube.  But don't despair and do practice compassion and forgiveness. Turn the other cheek and don't argue with those who try to push their beliefs on you.  Don't give into darkness or fear and keep shining your light on the world.  Remember Saturn wants to control and hold onto old structures, which Neptune is quickly dissolving.

We could also see super storms that destroys physical structures or hear about the decaying of ancient churches, temples and even pagan monuments caused by weather damage over the centuries.  And along with this we discover ancient civilizations or find more ancient scrolls featuring teachings of ancient masters since I equate Sagittarius with archaeology and Saturn with buildings/civilization.  Since Venus is in Pisces squaring Saturn in Sagittarius, we could even discover ancient civilizations that were women-centered.

On March 20, we experience a Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces and I believe this is one of the six Super Moons of 2015, meaning this Moon is closest to the Earth.  Since I have my Natal Moon in Pisces conjunct Saturn, I'll be keeping my eyes on this Moon and staying alert to events that occur around this Moon.  Also eclipses carry more weight than a regular New or Full Moon and 29 degrees ends a cycle, even though this is technically a New Moon.  This means that anything with a Pisces theme that comes up from the past, such as a career in the performing arts or a project in the performing arts or even an old foot injury comes up again now for closure.  This could even bring healing of an addiction for many of you, especially around drugs, alcohol, or spiritual addictions.

Other planetary transits in Pisces in March include the Sun, of course, which conjunct Neptune at the beginning of the month and then Chiron while also squaring Saturn in Sagittarius (1st week).  Mercury moves into Pisces for a short stay on the 13th. During this time our language seems more flowing, smooth and compassionate.  When Mercury sails in Pisces, it's a perfect time to meditate or practice yoga.  And take advantage of this time for peaceful activities since Mercury shifts into Aries on March 31st.

Pisces, now is your time to shine your light in the world, but you must heal your illusions and addictions first. Practice self-love and self-care so you don't fall prey to deceptive relationships.  Just because someone feels like a soul mate doesn't mean that he or she is. With all this Neptune energy it is easy to get lost in false hopes and dreams.  But on the other hand, I love these words by Esther Hicks as she channeled Abraham, "Don't face reality because reality is diddly squat."  But do use Virgo discernment, Gemini communication and Sagittarius expansion and freedom to sail your ships.  It's true that we place too much value in realism and old world structures, but we also don't want to just float through life and end up in murky waters.  Find balance now and above all, learn to create your own reality.  After all, the menu of dimensions goes on forever and we get to choose who sails our ships into the cosmos.

Topics & Themes in the Media:

Marine industries 
Fishing industry
Photography and photographers 
Dance and choreography
Musicians and Music
Sound healing
Hospices and hospitals
New Age, Religion, Spirituality
Past civilizations
Animals, especially pets
Whales, Dolphins
Long distance travel
Shoes, feet, foot doctors, reflexology
Whales and dolphins
Mediums and Channels 
Boundaries and issues regarding personal space
Oil and other fossil fuels
Chemicals and sensitivities 
Drug laws
Immigration issues
Marijuana and tobacco 

I'm a practicing astrologer (and intuitive coach and author) in Washington State.  I give in-person and online readings. For more information go to Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Full Moon in Leo (Audio/Video)--Here Comes Your 15 Minutes of Fame

As promised, here is the first audio-video for Whole Astrology.  It's short, but sweet and you wouldn't believe the amount of work it takes to make one of these.  Please visit YouTube and if you enjoy the video, I would appreciate likes and shares on social media.  Thank you.

Friday, January 23, 2015

An astrological prediction coming to pass

I had predicted that Obama would ham it up for the camera between the New Moon in Aquarius and the Full Leo Moon coming up in February, and well, the games have begun. I just found this news story in the Bellingham Herald. My prediction appears in the upcoming Whole Astrology Moon Forecast for February that will appear on the New Spirit Journal site.

Article on the President

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Astrological Forecast for February 2015--Jumping Down the Rabbit Hole

Photo by Patricia Herlevi 
As I write this post, Mercury has gone RX in Aquarius so expect the unexpected.  After all, I'm working on an old laptop and my brain could also use an upgrade since I have the 1960's model, (not exactly wired for this modern age).  Here we go...

It's on days like today when I ask myself the question, "Why are you an astrologer?" Because it is days like this when producing a monthly forecast with unruly planetary transits compares to untangling a ball of yarn. Just covering the New or Full Moon involves several outer planets with Venus and Mars coupling while joining Neptune's party of illusions. And for those of you who thrive on excitement, the Uranus and Pluto square returns for the second half of February.

Expect more fireworks than just on the Chinese New Year, and too noisy for your liking.  At least Venus and Mars in Pisces brings romance, just don't sign any papers on the dotted line this month.  Wait until after the Neptune fog has lifted and Mercury moves direct and out of the erratic Aquarius.

So what's on the astrological menu for February 2015 and who are the power players this month?  First, let's look at the Full Moon in Leo because I witnessed my favorite YouTube astrologers swooning over this Moon and for good reason.  The Full Moon occurs at 15 degrees (rounded up) Leo on February 3 or 4 depending on your location. Normally, we could blame this Full Moon for narcissistic and hedonist behavior because it's in Leo and attached to Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration and expansion.  However, on this day, we have three planets in Pisces forming a Triple Conjunction which includes, Venus, Mars and Neptune. Granted, we're working with a wider orb for Mars, but I'm lassoing him in with the Venus conjunct Neptune. Then these planets square Saturn in Sagittarius, again I'm not working with a tight orb.

Combine the Aquarius Sun and Mercury with the Triple Conjunction in Pisces and we tell a humanitarian story.  The Aquarius Sun opposes the Leo Moon because that's what happens during a Full Moon. And the Sun opposes Jupiter too. That in itself pits the grassroots humanitarians and fringe groups against the individual with self indulgence pursuits.  We could even hear heartfelt speeches during this time that knock us into a place of compassion and forgiveness with all that Pisces energy floating around.  I'll give more details for this Moon with my upcoming Moon forecasts for February.

While the Uranus-Pluto square seems like old news now, the Saturn-Neptune square occurs throughout the year and forms an exact orb this autumn.  Remember how frightened we were of the Uranus-Pluto square and for good reason. Let's not grow apathetic and complacent.  While the last of the series of squares occurs in March, the planets transit extremely close to each other for the remainder of the year, certainly within spitting distance that usher in big changes to the world that ultimately bring liberation to the masses.  But like any birth, it's chaotic and ugly at times, unless you like blood, sweat and tears, not talking about the band with that name.

The good news is that those of you with Cardinal Signs after 16 or 17 degrees, you'll not experience Uranus and Pluto in an exact square on your planets.  So you're not going to experience the double whammy that I suffered through.  Oh, you'll still experience loss, a great awakening and all of that, but not as intensely as your Cardinal brothers and sisters who stood at the front lines for the Uranus-Pluto square.  So fear not. You have no choice anyway because the planets are heading your way.  Bon chance.

Starring in a Fellini film comes the closest to describing the effects of the Saturn-Neptune Square.  But in case, you're too young to have ever watched a Fellini movie, let's break this square down into components. First we have sober Saturn, ruled by Capricorn who gives speeches about taking responsibility and putting in the work in fiery Sagittarius who prefers to shoot arrows at the Sun.  Meaning Saturn is playing the strict father to his bad boy teenager, if you want a cinematic version of the transit.  Now, if that isn't a Shakespeare plot in the making, then square Saturn in Sagittarius to Neptune in his own Sign of the Fish which swims in two directions thus reminding us of the term wishy-washy.

I had already written about this square in previous post but expect constrictions or the breaking down and rebuilding of structures in the areas of religion, higher education, world travel, world traditions/cultures, marine biology, anything to do with the ocean including the fishing industry or saving whales and restrictions with air travel.  On one hand, Sagittarius applies his good humor to Saturn so we could see a lot of comedians poking fun at authority figures through mimicking presidents, academics and bishops, but on the other hand, it's going to get mighty expensive to attend universities which might experience financial cutbacks since Saturn casts a weary eye on exaggerated budgets.  We could also see religious zealots also known as fundamentalists passing laws to curb human rights.  Last time Saturn was in Sagittarius, we dealt with US Senators' wives censoring pop and punk music in the US.  Remember the censorship labels they plastered on records?  We could see more of that type of nonsense.  At least we could make jokes about it.

Mercury brings more confusion and computer snafus at the beginning of February but thankfully goes direct on the 11th at 1 degree Aquarius.  However, with all Mercury Retrogrades, this is the perfect time to bliss out through meditation, phone an old friend, review family history, write a memoir (but not a good time to publish it), redo, reassess, return to a former job or career and anything that feels like moving backwards. It's not a good time to travel unless you're returning to a place you've been before, and it's definitely not a good time to sign a contract because Aquarius in general rules the unexpected.  Double that for Mercury retrograde.

Besides, before this planet even went retrograde I noticed that I was scrambling words and I tossed syntax out the window (not on purpose of course).  I'm especially excited about Venus and Mars who couple in various signs throughout 2015.  This energy bodes well for both relationships and career.  But it also helps us to balance our own male and female sides.  After the 19th both Mars and Venus move into Aries and conjunct with a one degree orb then next month the planets form a Fire Trine with Jupiter and Uranus.  Either that leads to passionate romance or if egos aren't kept in check, domestic violence.  If it does lead to domestic violence, get out of the fire and get help.  You don't want to go in that direction especially with the Uranus-Pluto Square occurring.  Remember the old saying, "If you can't stand the fire get out of the frying pan"? I'm serious when I give you this life-saving advice.

Jupiter, Chiron and Pluto form a yod on February 4th around the time of the Full Moon in Leo that continues until March 24.  If you want to know more about yods read my article Blame it on Yod.  This particular yod takes place in the 14 to 17 degree range with Chiron in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Leo at the apex.  Pluto and Chiron form a sextile and Jupiter forms to inconjuncts (think of these as yield or stop signs) with Pluto and Chiron.  Now, if you find Mercury RX troublesome, a yod delays, prevents movement, and reminds us about the phrase Divine Timing.  In hindsight we see this as a blessing, even if a transiting yod frustrates us.

Some astrologers will say that this doesn't count as a yod since Chiron doesn't matter.  But wait and see. February could be a month of delays especially in the areas of your chart where Mercury retrogrades, and where Chiron, Pluto and Jupiter transit. And with Saturn squaring Neptune we will also feel like our dreams are on hold.  So remember the phrase Divine Timing.

Finally, the New Moon in Aquarius (a Super Moon), falls on February 18 and ushers in the Chinese New Year.  Though this New Moon transits at 29 degrees Aquarius it closes a cycle. Then couple that with Venus and Mars heading out of Pisces into Aries around the same time, it's time to wrap things up.

Well, I'm feeling exhausted from all this typing so I'm ending my forecast for February 2015.  Don't forget to check in for the upcoming Moon Forecasts for February.  And if you need diversions in February celebrate Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year or watch a Fellini movie.  Those movies are going to make more sense this surreal February.

Transit Ruler of the Month goes to Neptune.

I'm a practicing writer, astrologer and intuitive coach in Washington State.  I give online and in-person readings.  Sign up at Metaphysics for Everyday Living. and check out my monthly specials.  Also see my Moon Forecast on The New Spirit Journal site.

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Chiron Return in Pisces (Age 50 to 52)

Image used for educational purposes
For those of you born in the 1960's when Chiron transited in Pisces, you have already experienced your Chiron Return or will do so prior to 2019.  My Chiron Return doesn't officially begin until mid-March when Chiron reaches 18 degrees, however, the Chiron crisis began for me yesterday.

For those of you not familiar with Chiron, it is an asteroid named after the Greek satyr Chiron, also known as, the Wounded Healer.  Similar to the planet Pluto, Chiron has a strange and uneven orbit (between Saturn and Uranus) so it spends more time in Pisces than in Virgo.  And during most of the 1960's Chiron transited in Pisces, often opposing Uranus/Pluto in Virgo, but Trining Neptune in Scorpio.  Some people born in the 1960's might have experience Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces or personal planets conjunct Chiron or personal planets in Virgo opposing Chiron.

Now some astrologers dismiss Chiron because it's not a planet and others call the asteroid a planetoid because it acts like a planet with transits and in aspects found in Natal Charts.  And I can see why some astrologers would rather ignore Chiron because it represents deep wounds we receive in childhood, mainly from our parents that we can never fully heal. But by accepting these emotional or psychic wounds, we gain wisdom and healing powers we can use on others.  The Chiron message is, "Healer heal thyself."

Chiron haunts us, playing creepy music in the background, much like the soundtracks for Hitchcock movies until we reach the age of 50 to 52 when we experience a Chiron Return that forces us to deal with the original wound and anything else we repressed that resonated from that wound. And in my case, we might even experience a physical component such as a foot injury since Pisces represents the foot and Chiron is currently transiting in Pisces (and so is Pisces' planet Neptune).  So let me share my personal story with you to see if it resonates.  After all, I believe personal experiences lend weight to astrological transits. And boy, have I endured some whopper transits in the past several years.

First, I mention that I suffer from a controversial medical condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. I began noticing symptoms in my late 20's but I wasn't diagnosed with the condition until 1997 when I was in my early 30's.  By that point, I had already begun isolating myself from others to avoid exposure to chemicals, I retired from my music career, and began making lifestyle changes. I suffered greatly as anyone would with two planets and and Chiron in Pisces opposing Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and a naughty Mutable T-Cross to deliver the pain.

Image used for educational purposes 
However, the MCS I suffered from found its roots in my childhood and I discovered that this medical condition represents my psychic and emotional wound represented by Chiron.  So don't be surprised that an astrologer with a controversial illness embraces a controversial asteroid.  When I look back, other people violated me and my trust by polluting the air that I breathed, water I drank and food I ate.  I have always had an allergy to secondhand smoke of any kind, but people insisted on smoking around me anyway.  I see this as a violation of my personal space and well-being.  And later as an adult, employers violated my health at offices and other spaces by exposing me to secondhand smoke and other chemicals, such as carpet glues and toxic paint fumes.  When I stood up for myself I was either fired or forced to quit the job.  Finding healthy housing was also a traumatic experience.

But during the autumn of 2014 when I found myself between homes again, I felt indignant and outraged that my community offered me no support or safety nets.  If it hadn't been for my parents dishing out cash for me to stay in hotels, I would have ended up on the street which is a death sentence for someone with MCS.  But I did manage to stay on couches in two places and I found other temporary housing until I met a landlord kind enough to rent me a detached studio.  But given the nature of my situation, I repressed my anger especially when I had to accommodate others in ways that were uncomfortable for me.  And if I had asserted my rights at any time, I could have been tossed out in the street.

So along comes Chiron to help me release those repressed emotions that travel all the way back to the earliest violations which left me defensive and guarded.  I could no longer keep the peace just to make other people feel comfortable.  I attended an event for MLK and during the event, anger started roiling inside me until it built into outrage and indignation.  "How dare these people make speeches to stroke their own egos! Where were these folks when I asked for justice in regard to my housing situation? The city officials didn't even bother to return phone calls or respond to e-mails."

And the anger just kept building. So I went for a long walk hoping to walk the anger out of my system.  I prayed for help in dealing with my anger which now bordered on hatred for my community, but for humanity in general because of the violations I experienced as child with Chiron in Pisces (with this placement the child feels invisible and vulnerable, even defenseless and usually placed in a violent situation).  So I kept walking and praying.  And when I worked on my memoir of events that happened to me last fall or worked on an article on people with MCS finding healthy housing, the anguish returned full force.

Then I hit my foot extremely hard on the corner of my futon by accident.  Remember Pisces rules the feet and the pain was so intense (I thought I broke my foot at first), that I cried out in anguish.  All the repressed emotions of the past few months poured out in tears and rage.  Then the rage returned to my childhood and the first violations I experienced to my well-being.  And as I released these emotions, the swelling went down on my ankle and foot.  I also used energy healing that I learned recently along with Dr. Zhi Gang Sha's Soul Mind Body Medicine chants as well as, soaking my foot in Epsom salt.  Then I rubbed Arnica on my foot and ankle.  By morning, the injury had healed around 90 percent.

This is when I made the connection to my upcoming Chiron Return and I marveled at the cleverness of the body to release repressed emotions from my foot and ankle represented by Chiron and my Moon/Saturn in Pisces.  Chiron transited through my Second House and opposes Pluto in my Eighth House which is conjunct Uranus in Virgo.  Chiron sextiles Jupiter in Taurus which is in my Fourth House and Trines Neptune in Scorpio in my Tenth House.  Chiron also Squares Venus (RX) in Gemini in my Sixth House of health, routine and daily environment which were all disrupted when I acquired MCS.

Once I released the rage that came up, an epiphany or vision of how I can help others with MCS in regard to housing surfaced.  I saw myself starting a women's shelter and later a men's shelter for MCS sufferers seeking emergency housing (which happens often).  I first started thinking about a thrift store where I shop and the money it raises for a women's shelter (women who escaped domestic violence) and that sparked the idea for founding a shelter for people with MCS.  After all, I had nowhere healthy to go the times I found myself without a home and many of the rentals are too toxic for people suffering from this condition.

So let's review what a Chiron Return could look like:

  • It brings up repressed emotions with roots in a childhood wound
  • The wound is emotional and psychic in nature
  • Our parents unintentionally or intentionally wounded us
  • We can't fully heal this wound but by accepting it we empower ourselves
  • The wound has physical components related to the parts of the body represented by the Sign that Chiron transits in the Natal Chart
  • An injury, accident or sudden event brings release of repressed emotions associated with the original wound and other situations resonating from the original wound (through patterns and beliefs)
  • Once we release the repressed emotions we are shown a life path or share our wisdom in a healing way with others
  • Acceptance and forgiveness bring liberation 
I hope by sharing my personal story regarding Chiron helps in understanding the power of this asteroid. While I find it challenging enough working with the ten planets in Natal and Transit charts, I include Chiron because of the deep understanding Chiron's transits and natal chart placement brings to clients.  And Universally, Chiron has formed sextiles with Pluto in Capricorn thus helping us to transform our lives and all lives on the planet.

Also note that avoidance doesn't work with a Chiron Return just like avoidance doesn't prevent a Saturn Return from tipping the proverbial cart.  It's unhealthy to harbor repressed emotions and put on a happy face to please others.  We all possess both darkness and light; often times acknowledging our darkness leads to liberation and our personal truth. For those of you experiencing major Neptune, Pluto, Uranus and Chiron transits (and soon Saturn transits), take heart because if you heed the messages of the planets and take them to heart then you are well on your way to soul mastery. And if you chose to be born in the 1960's for instance, that you chose a path of soul mastery.  Chiron will remind you of this and the gifts you have to offer the world once you liberate yourself from self-repression.

I'm a practicing astrologer and intuitive coach located in Washington State.  I specialize in Pediatric Astrology, Transformational Astrology for adults and Intuitive Coaching for artists and entrepreneurs.  Sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

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Upcoming Transits for the Week Beginning January 19, 2015

New Moon in Aquarius on January 20
Sun moves into Aquarius on January 20
Mercury goes RX on January 22
Venus prepares to move into Pisces, January 26
Saturn Squares Neptune entire week (not exact)
Uranus Squares Pluto at 13 degrees from January 22 - 25

Women, Attraction, Natal Mars & Mercury

Mars, Wikipedia 
Last night I experienced a dream where a boy I knew in high school is looking for my parents' house so he can ask me out on a date.  Only I don't want to date him, not now that I'm an adult.  Then I witness him on a date with Marianne Williamson who is engaged in one of her passionate rants about politics.  When I asked the man if he felt attracted to Marianne he said only when she smiled, laughed and let her guard down which didn't happen enough in his opinion.  Marianne has her Mars in Scorpio, not something for a sensitive man to tackle.

This dream left me pondering Mars and Mercury placements in a woman's Natal charts so I looked up the charts of three prominent women including Marianne Williamson, Marilyn Monroe and Gloria Steinem.  I would like to say that I chose these charts at random but I felt strongly drawn to reading these charts.  So when I found that all three charts featured Natal Saturn in the Fourth House, intrigue set in.  However, for the sake of this post, I'm focusing mainly on Mars and how the Mars by sign and house in the charts attracts or repels men.

First let's look at Marianne's chart since my dream featured her:

With a 5th House Mars in the Natal Chart, we would expect a woman who either plays the field, gets involved with competitive men, takes risks where love affairs are concerned and or dates men in the entertainment business.  A 5th House Mars in Scorpio tells a different story of taking risks and experiencing broken hearts and disappointments that bring the Dark Night of the Soul to mind.  The theme of a child born out of wedlock also comes to mind.

Having read many of Marianne Williamson's books I can see her 5th House Mars in Scorpio playing out all of the above themes. You can also take a look at the biography posted on Astro Data Bank's website.

Now, the version of Marianne that appeared in my dream was passionate (Scorpio), but also playful (5th House Mars), even though the former high school boy character in my dream found Marianne too guarded and not soft enough for his tastes.  He would have rather suffered the illusion of the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe, but with a First House Neptune and several planets in the mental Air Signs, Marilyn hid her real self from these starstruck men suffering from Hollywood-induced delusions.

The Mars in Marianne's Chart which by the way masks her Cancer Sun/Uranus/Venus on the cusps of the First and Second Houses, desires a deep-thinking man who cares deeply about the same topics as Marianne.  And if some sword crossing occurs all the better for this competitive and even secretive Mars. When I see Mars in Scorpio in the 5th House I think of the secret love affairs that remain hidden from the public eye and there's also an impulse towards the allure of seduction.  There might even be some game playing or competition between men, especially younger men.  Or she might turn off younger men all together since they found her competitive streak overbearing or her Mars in Scorpio that of a dark goddess character such as Kali.

Marianne was raised by a liberal father (a Jewish attorney specializing in immigration law) and a stay-at-home mother who Marianne rebelled against in that she once saw her mother as weak (Saturn in the 4th House) and confined to a supporting role and household.  But in one of her books, Marianne confessed that she only understood her mother's positive and supporting role in hindsight when she pondered relationships between men and women.  Saturn in Libra in the 4th House most likely represents Marianne's father who she held in great esteem and who shaped her own career endeavors around justice and humanitarian issues.

Now, perhaps, the high school character in my dream would have rather gone on a date with Marilyn Monroe, but as we can see from Marilyn's chart, she went beyond the sexy dumb blonde characters she played in Hollywood movies.  And maybe all her flirting with men, which included flirting with their minds or making them feel smarter than her by downplaying her own intelligence would eventually turn off the dream character.

Despite her hardships as a child (mentally ill mother and grandmother, care of foster homes), with Saturn in her Fourth House, Marilyn was destined for greatness, Sun/Mercury in Gemini in the 10th House of Career/Public Image and she would appeal to intellectual types with Venus in the 9th House and attract sensitive/artistic partners with Jupiter/Moon in the 7th.  But with Neptune in the First House, all that glitters wasn't gold and her love affairs as well as, marriages didn't last after the honeymoon stage wore thin. And she didn't even have a clear idea of her identity often confused by her showbiz image or the image she fabricated for the public's eyes.

But let's look at her Mars weakened by Pisces in the powerful 8th House. Uranus is also in Pisces in the 8th House of other people's resources. This is also the house of psychology, deep soul searching (which she did towards the end of her life), death, rebirth, sex, and other Scorpio-Pluto themes.  Did this imply that she had a weak sex drive or that she attracted men who were impotent in some way? Why did her relationships with men end so badly? The 8th House is also hides secrets such as secret affairs with powerful men such as the Kennedy brothers.  And with that Mars in Pisces she suffered the illusion that these men actually cared for her enough to marry her which lead to disappointment, even suicide.  She has Pisces's planet Neptune in her First House of identity which would have been unclear to her since she was raised in foster homes for the most part and then made her living as a Hollywood actress playing glamorous roles.

Perhaps, my dream character would rather go on a date with Gloria Steinem who also doesn't match the her stereotype of a strident feminist.  In fact, she once went undercover as a Playboy Bunny waitress to pen an article on exploitation of the women who worked in the club and as a teen she entered a beauty contest.  See the biography on Astro Database website for more details. She made the news once again for finally tying the knot at the age of 60 even though she had long-term partnerships with men prior to her first legal marriage.  And she's known for founding Ms Magazine in 1972 which she sold in the early 1980's.  Where is Gloria's Natal Mars?

Similar to Marianne W., Gloria has a 5th House Mars, but hers is conjoined with her Aries Sun.  So Mars is in his own sign and strongly tied to her identity, Sun also in Aries. This is a woman who found herself in a role of contender with men, especially younger men (Mars). She strongly identified with her male side and her female side Venus in Aquarius also seeks another role for women outside of the traditional one.  Jupiter in the 11th shows a woman who attracts like-minded people, especially grassroots types with humanitarian causes.  And that Jupiter (which rules publishing) helped her to attract editors, and publishers to her causes.  By the way, her North Node is conjoined with her Venus in Aquarius in the Third House of thinking/communication/education so her message of equality for women has a fated quality.

Similar to Marilyn and Marianne, Gloria has Saturn in her 4th House in Aquarius.  And like Marilyn she had a rough childhood struggling with a mother suffering from mental illness. But instead of being placed in foster care, Gloria grew up quickly taking care of her mother at home. Her Mercury in Pisces also falls in the 4th House which would have helped her to soften her image of her Aries Sun/Mars by communicating deep felt compassion.  Unfortunately, the downside of this Mercury placement was that she would see her mother as a victim or think that she martyred herself for her mother.

So maybe after dating these three powerful women, my dream character would swear off women for good. Or if he dug a bit deeper within himself, he might transcend any illusions he held about women in general and found real love.

I'm an astrologer and intuitive coach practicing online and in Washington State. For more information visit Metaphysics for Everyday Living.  I spent over 20 years working in the arts as a journalist and multimedia artist so I enjoy reflecting on the Natal Charts of celebrities, as you can see from the above post.  I also coach artists with using my intuitive skills.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Moon, Chart Rulers & Stomach Health Issues

photo by Patricia Herlevi 
The information I'm about to present made more sense at 4:00 a.m. when it first came to me.  In addition, this article is intended for intermediate or advance students of astrology. Let's explore the connection between transiting Moons, Chart Rulers for the Ascendant, Sun and Moon in regard to digestion and stomach issues. 

Sun, Moon and Ascendants in Cancer (stomach), Scorpio (colon), Libra (pancreas) and Virgo (intestines) experience the most sensitivities in these areas. But let's not leave out the polar opposites: Capricorn, Taurus, Aries and Pisces who also experience digestion issues, food allergies, sensitivities, and even food phobias. Also look at the ruling planets of Cancer, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio which are the Moon, Mercury (nervous energy, over thinking food and nutrition), Venus and Pluto (elimination process and hidden microbes in the food).  Pluto would also rule over composting food.

Oddly, my mind hasn't had enough time to digest the information that poured through it early this morning. This means that I might make changes to this article on a later date.  Basically, when the transiting Moon crosses an Ascendant, a Natal Moon or Natal Sun or the planet rulers), we experience digestion issues, even experiencing food poisoning or intestinal flu are possibilities.  If Uranus also transits over these points with connections to the transiting Moon or making aspects to a Natal Moon, especially a conjunction, then a sudden food allergy, food poisoning or accident preparing food (such as a knife injury), especially if Mars is also involved could occur.

I'm not sharing this information to frighten anyone and my hope is that we practice mindfulness around food, digestion, nutrition, and how the planets connect to our various organ systems. I also don't proclaim that I'm an expert about medical issues or bodily functions, only that I'm shown patterns of Moon transits and how they relate to digestion issues and ailments connected to food such as food poisoning . I'm using these methods to heal my digestion issues.  I have the Cancer Sun on the cusps of my 6th/7th houses and do suffer from a sensitive stomach.

One example that appeared in my mind is when a Cancer Moon crosses a Cancer Ascendant.  At this time, the person with the Cancer Ascendant experiences sensitivity too food in regard to the stomach.  For the two days that the Moon spends in the First House, the Cancer Ascendant person could experience a nervous stomach especially if a partnership isn't going well at that time and causing the person stress (7th House polarity).  If transiting Mars also aspects the First House during this time or if the Cancer Moon aspects Natal Mars at the same time, then a burning stomach such as heartburn could result.  If the transiting Moon in Cancer opposes transiting or even Natal Pluto in the 7th House, the digestive problems intensify, especially if the person with the Cancer Ascendant is going through marriage or partnership difficulties.

There's a scene in the movie French Kiss when Kate (Meg Ryan) and Luc (Kevin Kline) stroll through a quaint village in Southern France and Kate mentions that she holds all her tension in her stomach.  While she's referring to the comical "lactose intolerance" experience on the train she experienced earlier, I think anyone with the Moon as a ruler of their chart knows about tension and stomachs.

Locally-grown, photo by Patricia Herlevi 
Eating spicy food at this time doesn't bode well for the stomach and neither does eating foods with high fiber content which the stomach has a challenging time digesting.  If this person already suffers from food sensitivities or allergies and still eats the culprit foods, they could experience vomiting, nausea, hives, a cough or other allergic symptoms more at this time than at other times.  If this occurs during a New Moon in Cancer the problems could grow worse over the next two weeks culminating in an illness around the Full Moon.  If this occurs during the Full Moon in Cancer then the problem peaks then resolves itself.  If the problem persists anyway or if it doesn't respond to the usual remedies (such as food avoidance) seek medical attention.

Transiting Virgo and Scorpio Moons bring up issues with the intestines and colon.  And if these problems are on-going (due to Natal planets and health issues related to the Natal planet placements), seek medical attention of one kind or another.  Personally, I prefer going to a natural doctor or energy healer with a extensive background in nutrition and up on the latest food chemistry and nutrition research.  I also prefer to go to a health practitioner not phobic of astrology or energy medicine.

When we see a Full or New Moon in Scorpio that is close to the Ascendant, conjuncting a Natal Moon or Natal Sun, take precautions against food poisoning (which is usually hidden from us in the food) or even follow intuitive hunches about food prepared or delivered to us in a restaurant, cafe or deli setting.  Scorpio is the secret bearer and even though that waitress or chef might seem jovial on the outside, he or she could have hepatitis or recovering from an intestinal flu (that is still contagious). When I worked at a cafe in the 1980's, I knew of a cafe worker who never washed her hands after using the toilet, for instance.  And I've witnessed customers at my local food cooperative who don't wash their hands after using the toilet. One woman did this then headed over to the bulk foods department.  I thanked my Spirit Guides for giving me this warning.

photo by Patricia Herlevi 
So if you get an intuitive hit not to eat the food placed in front of you, follow your intuition.  You don't have to be rude about returning the food or walking away.  And yes, this is an awkward situation, but it's better than suffering from an illness.  Also when you see a transiting Scorpio Moon approaching the Sixth House or the Eighth House (or conjoining Natal Pluto), keep up to date on food recalls, and stay away from foods that are the usual suspects of harmful, even deadly bacteria such as conventional meats, conventional eggs, and mass produced processed foods.  Buy your produce locally whenever possible, if you must eat meat, eat meat from animals raised and slaughtered humanely.  Instead of buying the usual carton of eggs sold at your grocery store, see if you can get them in bulk from a local farm that raises chickens outdoors and feeds them organic food.

As more industries and old structures breakdown due to the Grand Shift happening on the planet, it's better to err on the side of caution.  Focus on the messages your body gives you.  Those of you experiencing powerful outer planet transits right now could experience food-related and environmental-related illnesses that awaken you. And in your awakened state you help others to change their daily habits.  I heard one astrologer on YouTube (I believe this was Barbara Goldsmith), say that when Jupiter moves into Virgo we will clean up our act around health.  My hope is that we clean up the food system and I think Pluto is well on the way to doing that.  Then when Saturn transited in Scorpio we heard a great deal on the corrupt practices of the food industry.  Yet, it's not enough to have this information, we (the consumers) must act on the information and make wise choices for ourselves instead of playing the victim game.

Astrological Correspondence, Wikipedia 
And again, I'm not sharing any of this information to spread fear or cause more food phobias (we have enough of those). My hope here is that we follow the messages of the planets as they transit through our Natal planets.  And my hope is that we tune in with the wisdom of our bodies and stop acting polite when we know that a certain food is going to cause damage to our digestive or immune systems.  Insists that the person cooking for you washes their hands thoroughly.  Don't accept food from someone recovering from a contagious illness unless you have a powerful immune system and an iron stomach.

As humans, we enjoy feeding one another, but there are times when we give a bit more than intended.  And also understand that even though the food industry has health and safety standards as do food establishments, there are always renegade employees who act thoughtlessly.  Ever heard of the waiter that spat in someone's food when he dealt with a rude customer?  Do you think this is just a joke?

The other option is to bless the food to raise its frequency as well as, to bless the wisdom of your body. But if you hear a voice inside you tell you (not schizophrenic), not to eat the food, then listen to it.  Your body has innate wisdom to keep you healthy and out of trouble.  And I get a sense as we experience more system breakdowns and our bodies raise in frequency, we won't be able to tolerate processed foods, sugars, certain grains, dairy and other foods we once took for granted.

Those of you with Fixed Signs will have a challenging time changing your diet as you raise your frequency. And unfortunately, this will cause you distress, even disease.  Those of you with mostly planets in Mutable Signs you will easily adjust to the changes and find it adventurous.  Cardinals will have a challenging time letting go of traditional or culturally-relevant foods.  Aries will insists on eating spicy foods which may or may not be a detriment.  And Libra, you must stop trying to please people and get away from all those sweet and salty foods. You're not doing your kidneys any favors.

For now, I'll leave you with the Moon transits and ask you to pay attention to your digestion and nutritional health around the time when the Moons transit over your Ascendant, Natal Moon or Natal Sun, especially if you have a 1st, 6th, 8th, or 12th House Moon.  If you have a 4th House Moon, especially one in Cancer or Virgo, take a good look at the foods you choose to eat for comfort, nostalgic or heritage purposes and if those foods cause illness.  Are there any strong emotions with family ties connected to those foods? If you find unhealthy connections work with your doctor or a nutrition expert on healing those food issues.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Caution up Ahead--New Moon in Aquarius & Planetary Traffic (January 19 - 25)

Photo by Patricia Herlevi 
We experience two New Moons in Aquarius in 2015.  The first New Moon occurs on January 20 and is accompanied by a planetary traffic jam. Venus and Mercury in Aquarius oppose Jupiter in Leo, Mercury goes retrograde, Uranus moves into an exact square with Pluto (only exact by degree not minutes), and the Saturn square to Neptune tightens.  With all this planetary activity, it will be impossible to avoid tension and confusion.  The fierce winds of change blow full force.

First let's begin with both the Sun and Moon moving out of Capricorn into Aquarius on January 20.  On the same day Mercury is conjunct Venus in Aquarius then two days later, on January 22, Mercury goes retrograde.  But remember that even several days prior to a retrograde a planet slows down and goes stationary causing all kinds of confusion and chaos. And with so many planets in Aquarius (and Mars was in Aquarius at the beginning of January), expect detachment from others along with some far out and even wacky ideas to fly in the face.

While I don't wish to scare anyone, when Mercury retrogrades in an Air Sign such as Aquarius which rules technology and computers and Gemini which rules communication, we can expect some snafus in the area of high tech and telecommunications.  Therefore, update your internet security software, scan your computer, back up your files on a hard or flash drive and don't open any dubious e-mails.  Now is not the time to act cavalier about your computer or even any form of communication.  And don't try to come off weird for weird sake although we will feel tempted to thumb our nose at conventions during this week, if not the entire time the planets transit in Aquarius.

And if life won't seem surreal enough during this week, Saturn tightens its square with Neptune in Pisces while keeping an orb of 3 degrees.  Coupled with Mercury in retrograde, don't believe everything you hear, definitely don't sign any contracts until well into February and follow your intuition because sorry, but logic isn't going to save you this week.  And how do you ask do you contact your intuitive voice? Meditate, meditate and meditate some more.  Fortunately, when Mercury goes retrograde and Neptune shows up this strongly, meditation comes easier than usual.  Remember to breathe deeply and if it appeals to you, try some yoga poses every morning and every night before heading off to sleep.  And did I mention, that sleep won't come easy during this time with thoughts racing like rabbits through our monkey minds? Only those thoughts travel backwards in time, which is perfect for healing old wounds.

Mercury conjunct Venus opposes Jupiter in Leo, but this just brings up the individual verses the collective theme. We reflect and communicate (try to) about self-love and selfless love.  On one hand we want to spend time with our own body, dressing it up, and practicing the games of seduction with others, but watch out for the danger zone where harmless flirtation transforms into brutal heartbreak. At least we can detach and hide out in our minds since this really is a cerebral time for us.  Jupiter in Leo also exaggerates our ego just as it can exaggerate heartfelt emotions. Refrain from starting any love affairs or partnerships at this time and wait instead until Valentine's Day or thereabouts. With Jupiter in Leo expect some drama of the romantic kind even if it falls on deaf ears.

Finally, let's not leave out, Uranus squaring Pluto.  Even though some astrologers would not call the square that occurs on January 22 -24 exact, given the amount of planets in Aquarius which is the ruler of Uranus, we're definitely going to feel a large dose of awakening on the planet.  Remember Uranus shocks us to awakening and how that will show up is anyone's guess.  I predict a series of shocking events this week ranging from natural disasters so surreal they leave us breathless to celebrities coming out of the closet about their sexuality (which really isn't news any longer), to humanitarian issues, to possible youth riots (though I hope not), futuristic movies hitting the box office, and Aquarius figures entering the news.  We'll also probably hear a lot about Hilary Clinton this week since Scorpio (Pluto) rules her Sun and she's an iconoclast (Uranus) of sort.  But as a whole, I don't like to make predictions.

What I will say is brace yourself for a roller coaster ride and know that by spring, all this energy will smooth out and we will work with what is left standing after this perfect storm.  We will hear a lot of voices provoking us to wake up and the diversity amazes us.  We will get lost in fantasies of space travel and a new earth as people wax on about an Aquarius Age which is still at least 100 years away.  This doesn't mean we can't dream, but when we do, let's include the Unity of all of Us.  The news on the street is that separation is an illusion spun by those who benefit from divisiveness.  But we could just focus on One Love and sing Bob Marley tunes until the wee hours.  Which will it be, conspiracy theories or brotherhood-sisterhood?

Super Moons for 2015 occur on:

January 20
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Awaking the Planet--Meanings Behind the Outer Planet Transits (Uranus, Neptune & Pluto)

For educational Use 
When we find ourselves in the throes of world events, personal crisis, or trauma brought on by transits of the outer planets to our natal planets, we don't spend time searching for meaning. Sure, we throw our hands in the air or bend our heads down in despair, crying out, "Why me? Why this?"  But I can assure you, as most astrologers can, that deeper meanings hide behind the murkiness of transits.  After all, these planets always have something to say if we listen.

I wonder sometimes if the planets will ever allow me a full night's rest.  Early this morning, information about Uranus--the Awakener in Aries flooded my thoughts.  The words tumbled out of my brain or perhaps from collective consciousness and I found myself speaking the words out loud.  Thankfully, I live alone so no one was awakened by me muttering about Uranus and Neptune transits.  But boy, have these planets turned me into a real weirdo or if you will, a planet geek.

Well, here's the deal.  When Uranus whose job is to awaken the collective and in this case, humanity (since every other being already "gets" transformation happening on the planet and is in the process of adapting), moves through a sign, it uses the themes and qualities of that sign to do its job.  So when Uranus sailed through Pisces, awakening happened through music, cinema, photography, yoga, meditation, prayer groups, new age books, spiritual workshops, and exploration of various religions.  In other words, our quest had Pisces' overtones.  The people leading the way were deeply spiritual or creative in some way.

Then Uranus moved into Aries, the Zodiac Sign of the Child in May 2010.  This suggests now that the awakening occurs through children leading the way.  Yeah, that's right, those little rug rats who were 0 to 18 years of age between May 2010 and 2019 when Uranus moves into Taurus (at which time I'm guessing cows will lead the way, joke).  However, on a more serious note, we all know that the children born in the last 20 to 30 years are hardly the same children born in previous decades or centuries.  This is the main reason we have trouble relating to them.  And no, they're not like us and stop trying to make them like us. Why would we wish to raise another neurotic generation of fools living on the precipice of planetary destruction?

On one hand, these children are problematic in that many of them have learning disabilities such as ADD and ADHD (or are falsely diagnosed because they are simply wired differently) or they are autistic, have food allergies shooting through the roof and multiple sensitivities. Many are geniuses or savants, and I have met Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children wise beyond their years.  Like the sign Aries, ruled by Mars, they have problems with aggression and violence as we have seen featured in the media. Part of this has to do with us forcing our wills on them.

And while we could start a round table and discuss the youth of today and their unwillingness to conform to our rules and structures, we could also allows these gifted souls to awaken us.  After all, they have the powerful Uranus (Aquarius Ruler) pushing their buttons.  Aries also rules pioneers or in the case with some children, canaries in a coal mine. After all, I see the color yellow when I think of Aries.  Children with strong Mars or Aries in their chart were born leaders and whether they awaken us by sacrificing their bodies to illness caused by environmental pollution or tainted food (think GMO), their true mission under Uranus' influence is to force us to get our act together.  Having that Aries influence, they demand that we get our act together.

And we gotta have compassion for them.  No child really wants to wield a weapon against another.  This is obviously a cry for help and the cry goes deeper than in the heart of that child. We are the true menace to society when we create a world so toxic that it destroys nervous systems, causes brains to misfire (Aquarius/Uranus).  And why do we create a toxic world for convenience or to make some corrupt corporation looking for an easy way to earn a profit? Why do we even care if a transnational corporation bent on destroying the earth makes a profit? Is it because we think the only jobs we can create on the planet are destructive anyway so go along with the program? Nothing is further from the truth and here's why.

If we stop blocking the path of these children born under Uranus in Aries influence and get out of our egos (also Aries and Leo), then these kids are going to lead us to breakthroughs that solve climate change, clean up our air, water, and earth, lead to sustainable employment, heal disease and the list goes on.  Anyone with a strong Uranus influence is a genius no matter how they appear to you. And don't underestimate the talents and gifts of an autistic person.  If we get out of our own way, we can revamp and education system that actually serves these children by bringing out their unique gifts and stop shaming them for their different and unique learning styles.  These children are our saving grace and soon we will be bowing at their feet, I can assure you. That when we humble ourselves and realize that we don't have the solutions we seek, we will turn to youth.  The sooner the better.

Remember the events when Uranus first went into Aries that involved social media, youth and riots? Remember how also Pluto brought us to our knees by sending a wrecking ball through financial institutions and a crushing blow to the world economy?  And then here comes Neptune in his own sign, Pisces dissolving the old structure and reminding us that we're all one.  Neptune is absent of ego and this frightens us.  You mean, we have to dissolve all structure and turn into a big cosmic ball of light? Well, maybe, but at least we will have returned to the Divine Source and all war will have ended.  The funny thing about Neptune is it does not bother searching for meaning.  It just is. And unfortunately, Neptune disallows us making any sense out of it.

I end this long post with these suggestions: First, let's stop labeling children with this or that medical or mental condition.  Second, let's open a dialogue with young people and encourage their passions, gifts and talents. Third, let's revamp the education system so it is aligned with avocation, service and altruism instead of memorizing a bunch of facts and statistics held over from the Patriarchal Era.  Let's create an egalitarian society where everyone benefits that involves renewable energy, connecting with the Earth Mother, building sustainable structures for everyone to have a healthy home, and growing food that doesn't destroy the planet. If you want to know the meaning of Uranus in Aries, there it is.  Like it or not, the youth lead the way into a healthier future, and our job is to quiet ourselves and listen to them.  Are you up for this challenge?

* People who were children during the last years of Uranus in Pisces were harbingers of change.

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