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Coming Attractions--Saturn in Sagittarius

Long-Distance Travelers, Photo by Patricia Herlevi
For months now I wondered what the energies of the upcoming Saturn transit in Sagittarius will bring to us.  If we look back 28 to 30 years, we get a glimpse of the types of events and themes associated with this transit. And possibly the Pluto transit in Sagittarius of the early millennial years give us a taste of what's to come.  

People with Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Sagittarius feel constrictions in their lives as we all do in the area of our chart Sagittarius rules.  On a global scale, I see the push-pull effects of Saturn/Capricorn and Jupiter/Sagittarius.  For the first 9 months of the Saturn transit which begins on December 24, we receive a fiery boost from Jupiter transiting in Leo. But after next summer when Jupiter transits in Virgo for the next leg of the journey, the Fire Trine is replaced by a Mutable Square.  And then for the final leg (half year) of the Saturn Transit, Jupiter moves into Libra giving us a sextile and possible yods with faster moving planets transiting in Taurus.

When I tune into Saturn in Sagittarius I pick up scenarios of people wanting to break free from a rut through travel, but experience too many restrictions with long-distance or overseas travel.  So these folks compromise and travel throughout their own country or engage in short distance travel with some educational or spiritual component involved. 

On the educational front, mainly with higher education, the cost of tuition and new restrictions force many prospective university students to engage in apprenticeships instead.  Yes, we will see the return of apprenticeships and honorable trades as opposed to professions.  These apprentices work hard at their crafts (Saturn) and work with mentors or highly skilled elders.  We could even see younger generations embracing rites of passages such as shaman training and initiations done over a long period of time.  Saturn rules time and while Sagittarius expands upon what it touches, such as more time to do what we love, Saturn places restrictions on time.  And yet, we do see evidence that we are moving away from linear time.

Christmas Bus, Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Another aspect of any planet transiting in Sagittarius is that the planet enters the Galactic Center when it reaches the last degrees of Sagittarius (24 to 29 degrees).  And from what I've read about the Galactic Center is that when planets visit, we see huge leaps in the ascension process.  Does this imply that the more practical Saturn types will adopt the Sagittarius joy for life and take a few risks in learning new spiritual tools and practices? Will see see more spiritual and metaphysical topics taught at the university level.  I have noticed universities around the world offering astrology courses, but what about quantum physics? Could you imagine a class on the Law of Attraction? And what about the Vortex and Abraham-Hicks added as part of the coursework? Am I experiencing pie-in-the-sky dreaming?

We will definitely witness restrictions with travel and types of xenophobia since Saturn has a darker fearful side which brought it the unfair moniker of a malefic planet in ancient (and not more recent) astrology.  Hopefully we have grown past events such as 9-11 and explore Unity Consciousness instead.  We get more of what we focus upon and with Sagittarius that's quite a lot! We also experience freedom seeking with the sky as the limit with Sagittarius.  Saturn however brings realism and practical solutions that help us manifest our dreams in reality.  While Saturn receives a bad rap as a doom and gloom planet, it is a task master which brings practical solutions to everyday problems.

Saturn, Wikipedia
As Saturn moves out of Scorpio into Sagittarius, Scorpios give a sigh of relief.  However, as mentioned earlier, when Saturn turns retrograde it transits back into Scorpio to 28 degrees this summer completing a Saturn Return.  Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Ascendant experiences restrictions, usually involving time and structures and rules.  As much as Sagittarius loves to spread dogma, people ruled by this sign turn their nose up at rules.  They prefer to gamble and take risks since Jupiter usually bestows luck on them.  However, Saturn tosses in a wet blanket. Often this comes off like a person waxing on about their big dreams and Saturn telling these folks to set goals and timelines.  They asks the Sagittarius Type about the realistic side of their dreams.  Saturn has a lot of patience since it rules time, but not so much patience with big dreams that have little substance.

We will experience the unexpected and moments of good fortune that seemingly come out of the blue.  Yet, if we experience these fortunate circumstances, it is because we put in the effort at one point (Saturn).  Like Jupiter, Saturn rewards us, but not through gambling or risk-taking.  Saturn rewards integrity and staying true to our dreams. 

Saturn Transit in Sagittarius:

Starts December 24, 2014 
Retrogrades into Scorpio summer of 2015
Ends on December 20. 2017

I'm an astrologer/intuitive coach in Bellingham, Washington.  In the future, I will produce YouTube videos and podcasts focusing on intuitive coaching and astrology.  In the meantime, I give both in-person and long-distance readings.  If you have prominent Sagittarius in your Natal Chart, I encourage you to sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

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