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Cardinals on the Leading Edge of Transformation

Cardinals, we have a long way to go.
Since Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) act as fire starters for Zodiac cycles, I also see these signs as pioneering the way into the shift of consciousness on our minds these days.  When the fateful year 2012 finally arrived, Saturn was in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.  Then in 2013-14, Mars spent 8 months in Libra (its polar opposite Cardinal Sign).  

We have experienced life-altering eclipses in Libra and Aries and the North Node currently transits in Libra.  Mars doesn't normally spend 8 months in one sign and Uranus doesn't normally spend 9 years in one sign (it spends 7 years in a sign) and what's up with the series of squares between Uranus and Pluto that spans several years?  Now, both my Sun and Ascendant fall in Cardinal Signs so I've always paid attention to Cardinal energy (though most of my chart's planets fall in Mutable Signs).  My North Node falls in Cancer and all my family members have either Capricorn or Cancer Suns.  And one of my longtime friends has her Sun in Libra and her Moon in Capricorn.

One astrologer, (I wish I could remember who) mentioned that the Cardinal Sun and Moon people are taking the brunt of transformational energies on the planet during this Grand Shift.  And I would be surprised that if we took polls of people who lived in cars after the recession of 2008-10 have their Sun or Moon in a Cardinal Sign from 0 to 8 degrees.  I believe there is a greater cosmic design at work that placed the pushy signs up front to spur humanity  into action.  Then the Mutable Signs follow behind with Neptune in Pisces and later Saturn in Sagittarius and then in 2015, Jupiter moves into Virgo.  In 2019, Uranus moves into a fixed sign, Taurus and so on.

So what are the themes at play with the Cardinal Signs as they lead us into a New Age?  Let's start with Aries, the warrior.  As we move into this new age, we transform the old-style warrior energy (divide and conquer, competition, winners and losers) into an inner warrior that learns to balance the ego with Spirit.  Here we ask Aries to move away from offensive and defensive models and to use that Mars energy to conquer our fears without attacking others as we project our fears onto them.  We move away from the preoccupation of having to be number uno or come first.  And instead apply Aries energy towards spiritual breakthroughs as we muster the courage to face our own shadows.  No wonder why Mars (Aries' planet) spent 8 months in balancing and peace-loving Libra!  And as far as personal planets, Mars and the Moon have played huge transformational roles in recent years.

With Aries we face our wounded inner children and bring healing to them.  We give these inner children courage to face the darkness or wounds within then let them go.  We find balance with our masculine and feminine sides or our inner mother and inner father.  Healing childhood wounds is imperative under the Aries influence.  We also relate to children on a new level seeing their wisdom, gifts and talents instead of just relating to them as cute or adorable creatures.  These children are Indigo and Crystal thus more powerful than any of us realize.  Aries rules the child and these children bring a new and profound energy to the planet not witnessed ever before.  They have long memories of ancient civilizations and remember mistakes made in the past so they bring new wisdom for solving age-old problems.  Let's say no more war.

The new themes for Cancer is to move away from tribal and clannish instincts and to embrace the whole of humanity as family.  I have lived in two cities (one small and one midsize) with Cancer Sun rulers.  And what I noticed in both cities is a clannish instinct that excludes any newcomers.  However, cities such as Bellingham, Washington with it's Cancer Sun, Libra Moon and Ascendant has experienced an influx of new people to the community which has blasted through those clannish instincts.  The United States ruled by a Cancer Sun has also experienced its problems with immigration, a very hot topic at the moment.  And the nation also leads the world (unfortunately) in GMO foods with the ideal of feeding the world (the opposite is true).  But if you lace the GMO food industry with sentimentality, many Cancer Suns jump on board or rally against the food newcomers since they go against tradition.

The problem with the old themes of Cancer is that like its polar opposite Capricorn, Cancer is cautious and yes, fearful (I can attest to this) as well as, suspicious of anything new.  These signs relish traditions, especially family and community traditions.  But the new energy for Cancer involves developing intuitive gifts, self-nurturing so we can give more to others from a full heart.  It's about stepping out of the shell and realizing that in Unity Consciousness (Neptune/Pisces) we are all part of the same ocean of energy. There is no us and them.  The new Cancer energies dissolve labels in a salt bath and stop creating boundaries that keep others out because of fear.  It is our own worries and fears that cause dark thought forms and morphogenetic fields. The true enemy resides inside us, not outside of us so when we build those protective walls around ourselves, we suffer at our own hands.  Jupiter's transit in Cancer expanded upon these themes and we realized that we create more of what we fear by placing our focus there.  Time to transform this old fearful habit.

First Saturn spent time in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  Then Mars spent 8 months in Libra followed by the North Node moving into Libra (for a year and half).  What's this about? Are you paying attention? Libra represents partnerships of all kinds, but especially marriage.  Many marriages bit the dust during the recession caused by Pluto moving into Capricorn and then later Uranus moving into Aries.  The North Node represents where we are heading and in the case of Libra, we include justice and balance in all pursuits into the equation.

Now, I used to think of Libra as light, airy and flirtatious especially flirtation involving a sharp mind.  We could equate Libra (ruled by Venus) with fashion, style, the feminine instinct along with the legal system or refinement.  But that's the old Libra.  My new interpretation for Venus and Libra revolves around finding greater balance on the earth by how we treat each other and the planet.  This Libra asks us to recycle, compost, re-use clothing (heard of recycled fashion), and to live in balance through sustainable earth practices.

The Pluto in Libra generation born in the 1970s and early 1980s usher in a time of reestablishing marriage rites and practices while learning how to communicate through non-violent communication. But this generation struggles with partnerships because they still operate on the Aries polarity of "me first" and the battle cry "what about my needs?"  However, this same generation has broken down boundaries between the sexes, especially with raising children.  And as this generation matures (as they enter their 40s and 50s), they delve more deeply into shadows and projections while taking responsibility for their own projections (we hope anyway).  The Pluto in Scorpio generation can help with this.

The new Libra energy doesn't fight for justice, but creates balance within that reflects outward while launching a whole new paradigm shift.  Libra joins with Cancer in creating win-win situation by developing self-nurturing and self-love that fills each of us to the point that we no longer steal energy from others.  And Libra joins with Cancer to bring justice to the food industry and thus greater balance to our bodies as we feed ourselves higher frequency or vibrational food.  Libra joins with new Capricorn energy to bring fairness to the workplace and ethical practices with corporations and non-profits (some non-profits are corrupt by the way).  Libra joins with Aries to bring justice to humans, non-humans and the planets. Just watch the strange lawsuits that surface in the near future giving equal rights to animals and the earth. It's already happening.

Now the final energy to receive a facelift is Capricorn.  We often think of Capricorn as the Patriarch and we relate to Capricorn as a builder of structure or the third dimension of time-space reality.  We refer to Capricorn as a wise elder, a hermit, or a corporate business leader and all of these roles are about to go obsolete as we enter a New Age.  We are after all rising above the third dimension of time-space reality into the 4th and higher dimensions where time or space seems irrelevant.  Our political structure, corporate structures, and religious structures built on hierarchy (those above and those below) undergoes upheaval during the Pluto in Capricorn transit which ends in 2024 (so we still have 10 years to go).

The new Capricorn energy gets us back in touch with Mother Nature as we set our feet firmly on the ground.  We built new structures based on ancient geometry and sustainable practices.  We create new business models that honor humanity and the earth.  By the time Pluto transits into Aquarius in 2024 or thereabouts, Capricorn's new business models pave the way for futuristic inventions as we give birth to a new earth.  So it's not surprising that a Cardinal Earth Sign leads the way. Could it be any other way?

A New Earth, Wikipedia
The current Pluto Generation in Capricorn as well as, the young adults born with Saturn/Uranus/Neptune and other planet clusters in Capricorn carry the blueprint for the new structure.  And this new structure includes how we design or re-design cities in the future that surpass the old corporate, political and religious models. These folks help us stay grounded as we explore the greater cosmos.  They come up with practical solutions as Neptune in Pisces dissolves old structures along with Pluto in Capricorn.  And interestingly enough, Neptune transits into Aries in 2020 and just three years from now, Saturn transits into Capricorn so this Cardinal push continues.

So I ask you to pay close attention to planets and nodes transiting in Cardinal Signs.  Move away from this idea of feeling like a victim if your Sun, Moon or Ascendant fall in a Cardinal Sign.  We are true leaders and leaders don't act like victims and the days of martyring oneself (more ego machinations) have ended.  Carry the sword of truth in one hand and the scales in the other.  And when you lack courage to live your path with integrity, remember to call upon Archangel Michael.  We have a job to do.

I'm an astrologer and intuitive coach that gives pediatric and adult chart readings as well as, coach creatives into creating a better world. Sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.  The above article is channeled information through Saint Thomas Aquinas in conversation with my Higher Self.

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