Monday, January 30, 2017

R U a Mercury Type (Gemini, Virgo, and Strong Mercury Placement)

I decided to do a series for the R U planetary types. I was at Village Books in Bellingham and I picked up and browsed a book on the 12 Engrams which were based on the planets. I learned that I am a Lunar Type. This fascinated me and so I decided to do my own Neptune Girl version based on astrology, of course. (Check out the Neptune Type).

A Mercury Type resembles a Gemini or Virgo Sun, Rising Sign, or Moon Sign person. They are most likely have one of those attributes in their Natal Charts. Also, look for a heavily aspected or a cluster of planets in the Third or Sixth houses which are ruled by Gemini and Virgo. And look for clusters of planets in Virgo or Gemini. You can also count as a Mercury Type if your Chart Ruler falls in the Sixth or Third houses. So if your chart ruler is Venus and this planet falls in one of the Mercury houses and if Venus is in Virgo or Gemini then this too contributes to the Mercury Type personality.

If any of this is above your head and I've confused you, sign up for a personal reading and we can determine your planetary type. You might even have more than one type.

Mercury types are witty, urbane and they tend to make a living in the communication field. Many are journalists and the Virgo Types are excellent editors, provided they don't have Virgo on the cusps of the 12th House, in which case they are rather spacey and not detail-oriented. Mercury types talk rapidly and they also think quickly. They lean towards restlessness and often suffer from a case of nerves. Their brains are hardwired for information flow and their curiosity sends them online or to the library to research new topics. They are emotionally detached and they use their intellect to move through their lives.

The Gemini variety tends to be good with their hands. They work in carpentry, woodworking, instrument-making, knitting, writing, and other handicrafts. They have long fingers and are also adept at playing a musical instrument--that is if they have the patience to learn how to play it. They have prominent hands and arms. Some of them suffer from lung ailments and must protect their lungs during cold and flu season. It's also best not to take up smoking of any substance, which is a challenge for these folks.

They enjoy puzzles, word games, word play, poetry, songwriting, and turn-of-phrases. They can memorize huge amounts of information and forget it just as quickly. They love reading material and will often have two or three books they are reading consecutively. They are always on the go and they get bored easily.

The downside is that they tend to gossip. They collect information about others to be used later. They engage in mind control or they might hack someone's computer (if they learn how to do it). Some Mercury Types are actual thieves (off and online). Some are con and scam artists because they know how to use words to manipulate others. They often suffer from nervous exhaustion because they multitask and take on more than they can handle. Think of that person juggling phones. They also lean towards smoking because they need something to do with their hands and smoking helps them also to relax their nervous energy.

The Virgo Types tend to work in service professions, especially in the medical field. Or they work with internet information technology. They are perfectionists and are just as critical of themselves as they are of others. If they learn discernment they teach this to others, especially children. They discriminate the information they receive and are less likely to allow the media to manipulate them. When their emotions are off-balance they can become addicts to any substance that calms their nerves. It's better for them to get body work such as a massage to relax or to take a warm bath. Unlike Gemini, Virgos require space and privacy. Some are hermits.

Some remedies include learning and practicing meditation. Getting regular hypnosis or reiki sessions. Using relaxation herbs such as chamomile, lemon balm, and passion flower. Some benefit from skullcap and valerian. Yoga is a good practice as is going for long walks or swimming so they can get back in touch with their bodies. Mercury Types spend too much time in their brains and require sensual experiences so that they come home to their bodies. Strike a balance between stimulating the brain and resting this overworked organ. Research homeopathy and flower essences.

Other considerations for the Mercury Type, explore ways to dress for your profession, especially if you give public speeches or teach. Work with a stylist or wardrobe consultant. Since you spend so much time in your heads, you might not be dressing for success. Connect with Venus Types when choosing makeup or hairstyles. Mercury Types tend to have high sloping foreheads.

Choose a diet that is light and holistic. Stay away from dairy products as they can clog up the lungs and sinuses--making speech difficult. You do well on a diet with lots of vegetables, but you also need a protein source to keep you grounded. Eat root vegetables. Lay off on sugar and caffeine since these substances take you on hyperdrive. You are prone to allergies and food sensitivities so keep a food journal to keep track of this. Remember that these are general statements and I don't give medical advice.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26, 2017--Tale of 2 Consciousness

We experience the last Solar Eclipse in Pisces for another nine years when the North Node moves into Pisces. Then again, eighteen years later, when the North Node returns to Virgo. And the North Node in Virgo this cycle is going out with a bang. The chart for the Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26 features a Pisces Stellium with Mercury, the moon, sun, Neptune and the asteroids Chiron and Pallas. And this only tells half the story of that this Solar Eclipse tells.

The on-going T-Cross with Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto appears in this chart with Mars forming an exact conjunction with Uranus. Venus also joins Mars in Uranus (though it is early degrees in Aries) in the form of a powerful Triple Conjunction. And frankly, I'm glad Venus balances out that strong Mars energy. Mars is strong in its own sign and its connected to the Awakener Uranus.

As I'm writing this post on January 22, I attended a Women's March where I witnessed a great coming together of diverse people and causes. Young and old; ethnic minorities, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, babies, dogs, and wise elders who were straight, bisexual, or asexual rallied for a peaceful world of Unity Consciousness. Now, this happened while Venus and Mars dance with Neptune in Pisces. Pisces rules Unity Consciousness. The story takes on a different twist during the Pisces Solar Eclipse when Venus and Mars (represents youth) transit into the warrior sign Aries. And we're no longer talking about spiritual warriors.

That transit with Mars cuddling with Uranus at 21 degrees Aries opposes Jupiter and squares Pluto. It could represent a massive ball of anger hurled at authority. And I see legal actions involved with Jupiter in Libra. Either these legal actions or force comes from authorities such as governments and big banks, or it comes from the grassroots. I imagine there will be both scenarios playing out. And the planets and asteroids in Pisces tell us that we must bring in our spiritual ideals of compassion, fairness, and healing powers without forgetting to shield ourselves and show up as spiritual warriors.

Aries is about standing our ground. Aries is about saying "no" when it is appropriate, not just for us, but for the highest good of the planet. And Aries for me also represents Archangel Michael and his legion of warrior angels and light beings.  Divine Intervention arrives if we ask it to. If we pray to a Higher Power it's like the end of those Greek plays where God arrives like a machine at the last minute and fixes everything. Only, we are co-creators so we too roll up our sleeves and do what is ours to do.

With all that Pisces and Aries energy in this chart, mental and emotional imbalances rear like a wild stallion on the loose. If we have a tendency towards co-dependence, that keep a watchful eye on those behaviors. And don't play the role of a savior that swoops in like Florence Nightengale to rescue others. Pray with people. Teach them how to meditate. Teach them how to calm their anxieties with deep breathing. Teach them reiki or other energy healing modalities they can self-practice. In other words, give others a leg up that empowers them. This way they learn to take care of themselves and calm their inner children (Mars).

We will witness an abuse of power during this time. We will also experience what we call earth catastrophes or natural disasters which is really the Earth realigning herself to a new position in the cosmos. Make no mistake, this is a New Beginning for the cosmos and for us. This is a time of massive shifts in consciousness. But we must begin with forgiveness and understanding. Practice compassionate non-attachment of the Buddhist tradition and even part of Christ Consciousness. We will try to apply spiritual solutions, but we must also combine mundane and common sense practices. Prayer only works if we respond with inspired action. Meaning, we pray and then follow through with the advice from our Spirit Guides.

The god Poseidon or Neptune comes up for February. It's going to be a wet month and water is on our minds. Ocean motifs end up in our everyday talk. And we notice all the ways water shows up or doesn't show up in our lives. We remember the work of the late Masaru Emoto who photographed water crystals after exposing them to music and words. And speaking of music, anytime we have a cluster of planets in Pisces or a significant moon transit in Pisces, we delve into music for good or ill. Music is a powerful healing force.

I talk about this on my other blog Whole Music Experience.  We will look more closely at music used in medical healing environments. We will look at music to calm anxiety in humans and animals. And because of the planets in Aries, we will revisit music's effects on our brains. Plus it doesn't hurt that Mercury is at one degree Pisces.

Other areas that we focus upon are the movie industries, dance, choreography, (I'm hearing movies about wars), photography and therapeutic uses of fine and performing arts. I'm seeing a great deal of focus on mental illness and personality disorders. But now, we are looking at healing modalities to address these concerns. When several planets are in Pisces, there is a tendency to either wallow in pain like martyrs or to have compassion for others. We have less cause to judge as Pisces isn't a judgemental sign. If you know of Pisces who are judgemental that is because of the Virgo polarity and other indicators in the chart.

I want do talk a bit about the asteroids because they are well-placed in this moon chart and could even bring relief. I don't spend too much time on asteroids with the exception of Chiron and Ceres which is a planet now. Ceres in Taurus and Juno in Capricorn form a nice Earth Trine. This energy stabilizes us around finances and crops should go well at this time. Except that there could be flooding in many areas of the world so some crops are destroyed.

Pallas in Pisces (spiritual warrior again) forms a Water Trine with Vesta (Vestal Virgins) in Cancer. These are all considered female asteroids or in the case of Ceres, a dwarf planet. When the flood waters recede they will either enrich our soil for better crops in the future or bring up toxins which we must address immediately. And we must not act shortsighted but change our behaviors from the ground up.

Meaning, it's time to stop using synthetic chemicals to grow our food. We will also look at animal-raising and practices that the meat industries do behind our backs. Many of you will switch to a plant based diet after this Pisces Solar Eclipse because the truth that reveals itself hurts.

Animals are not stupid creatures that feel no pain or experience no thoughts. As an animal whisperer with some shamanic skills, I tell you that animals have communicated to me through the decades of my life. And I can also tell you that they have a higher consciousness than most humans. They know what's going on throughout the planet. They are in communication across species and across the planet. This is why a monkey on a remote island can change the behavior of monkeys in a forest across an ocean.

This is why birds will delay migration because they know a tempest is going to be ahead of them. This is why your dog or cat knows when you will arrive home and in be prepared for your mood when you do steps through the door. So next time you think that you can eat the flesh of an animal without acknowledging his or her life, check in with your heart consciousness first. Always give thanks for that which you withdraw from the Earth to nourish yourself.

Okay, this is a longer post with channeled information. I hope it is useful to you. I have decided to speak my truth, even if some readers flinch or cringe. We are in a year of Truth-Telling. If we don't speak up and tell our truth, no one else will. And if you require guidance in owning your truth, sign up for a personal card or astrology reading. If you would like to learn how to read your chart, sign up for a private class with me. I charge $100 an hour, but you can split this cost with up to four friends.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Zodiac Sign Aquarius--Foreward-Thinking, Futuristic, Humanist

Since we're all going to experience a huge splash of Aquarius energy this year, I might as well write a post on the Water Bearer. But this post is specially created for those of you who love a person with an Aquarius Sun or Ascendant. You can also include the Aquarius Moon people or people with a cluster of planets in their Eleventh House.

So who is the Water Bearer? And why do people harp on about the Aquarius Age as we turn backward on the Zodiac Wheel? The Water Bearer is someone born roughly from January 19 to February 18 (but this fluctuates). Aquarius is a Fixed Air Sign. This means that it is a mental sign since Air rules the mental process and represents people who stubbornly hang on to their ideas, concepts, and opinions. Stubbornness represents all Fixed Signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius). Aquarius also has a connection to the quickly Awakener planet Uranus. And Uranus has been transiting in Aries (compatible with Aquarius) since 2011.

I can tell you first what I have read about Aquarius. And then I will describe my own experiences with people bearing this sign. In the early astrology books I read, the astrologers described Aquarius as a detached Air Sign and we might argue that Aquarius is the most detached of the Air Signs. It is the sign of geniuses, absent-minded professors, and eccentrics. The sign represents icons such as James Dean and Oprah Winfrey. When these folks latch onto an idea it's like a rabid dog latching onto your leg. They know things. But they don't know everything, even though they will convince you that they are the authority on everything under the sun. And they are a real pain sometimes.

I have read that they are cold lovers and one astrologer compared Venus in Aquarius people as robots because they express no passion. They collect friends much like their polar opposite Leo does. But Aquarius is not looking for a loyal following to worship them in the way that Leo does. In fact, Aquarius is deathly afraid of hero worship and any self-reflection. They fall on the Marxist side of the Russian Revolution while Leo falls on the side of the aristocracy (if that gives you any indication).

I have read that Aquarius men have a difficult time expressing intimacy. If they start to like you, they will back off or disappear. Or they cut you off and act mean towards you. Since they send the wrong message, they could end up alone. And if that happens, they'll delve into a humanitarian project or an invention. Aquarius women are brainy know-it-alls, but they do have a heart beating in their chest. They fare better at relationships than their male counterparts but tend to get involved in relationships with alternative lifestyles. They even shock others in the sex department.

Of course, these are all generalizations. Each Aquarius person is unique, a word they like. We are all unique based on the planets and aspects in our Natal Charts. While Aquarius would like to be seen as an exception to the rule, they are part of the Zodiac Wheel just like the other 11 signs. They enjoy shocking us to wake up. They enjoy being ahead of the curve and living outside of the Matrix. Many are socialist or flirt with communism because Aquarius and Uranus represent the collective or the Greater Good.

Similar to Pisces, they root for the Underdog and sometimes represent the Underdog as in the case with President Abraham Lincoln. They shy away from drama mostly, but occasionally they use drama to promote a cause. They are the activists and advocates of the Zodiac. And I have met many Aquariuses, especially Baby Boomers who have led causes, joined marches, collected signatures for petitions, supported political candidates, etc...

As far as food, they are usually on a strange diet and have futuristic ideas around food. They are likely to embrace permaculture or other food systems unheard of by the rest of the world. They come up with far-out ideas too. And good professions for them are in technology and science. This does not mean you won't find Aquarius people in the arts because they flow that way too.

Famous Aquarius people include Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, Susan B. Anthony, James Dean, Ellen Degeneres, Gena Davis, Michael Jordan, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Cassidy, and Bob Marley to name a few. Also, look for them in the fields of high-tech and science. I think they gravitate towards Ted Talks.

My own experiences with Aquarius people varies. I have engaged in deep conversations with them but on the intellectual level. I have experienced hit and run with Aquarius men as far as romance. They appear fascinated with me at first but after I express any affection towards them, they pull a disappearing act or find another woman to flirt with and keep it light and detached. The Aquarius women I have met have been politically active. They champion the underdog and are fabulous organizers. Both the women and men come off as smug and are often condescending towards me.  I have learned to not take this personally. After all, Aquarius and Cancer don't really get on well.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Leo Lunar Eclipse for February 10, 2017--Everything in this Stew

Waiting for a chart to download after I plugged in the details is like unwrapping a gift. It also reminds me of old school photography when I waited for the image to appear on the photo paper. This time the Universe rewarded me with a fleshy chart that includes a Yod, a T-Cross, a Grand Fire Trine, 2 Golden Triangles, and a Mystical Rectangle. What else could I ask for? Oh, yes, a Lunar Eclipse to boot.

So we all know that both full moons and lunar eclipses bring on completion of a cycle. While a new moon and solar eclipse launch a new cycle, often times destroying the old one. And I already mentioned in previous posts that 2017 is a Leo-Aquarius year, and we also toss in Capricorn due to Cardinal T-Crosses and Saturn moving into Capricorn at the year's end.

But this Leo Lunar Eclipse is unique in that the moon joins Saturn and Uranus in a building a Grand Fire Trine and then also appears in the Mystical Rectangle, and  Golden Triangles as well as, a Yod with Jupiter in Libra and Chiron in Pisces. Now, some astrologers are going to ignore the yod because they don't consider Chiron a true player. So keep that in mind.

So that's a busy Lunar Eclipse Moon! And then we see a second Golden Triangle with the Aquarius Sun, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries which opposes the Golden Triangle with the Leo Moon, Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius (which plays the role of the anchor since it appears in both Golden Triangles).

This chart is all over the place and it is filled with contradictions. I really feel like pulling my hair out at this point because I don't exactly get paid the big bucks to interpret these moon charts. And they only get more complicated each time.

So first let's look at the polarity with the Aquarius Sun and the Leo Full Moon. Here we have the collective versus the individual. Either way, we are looking at each of us showing up as our authentic self. Those of us who usually grab the spotlight feel uncomfortable making room for a crowd. And those of us who shy away from the spotlight find ourselves making speeches that stir up the masses. We want to repress and deny our egos because they are no longer socially acceptable.

We're not sure whether to lead or follow. We sometimes feel like sheep herded and racing towards the cliff's edge. This reminds me of something my mother used to tell me when I was a teen when I wanted to wear the same clothing as the popular kids. If they jumped off a cliff, she asked, would you jump with them? Well, those weren't her exact words, but you get the point. And the image I have with this chart is lemmings heading towards the cliff and plummeting to their death. It's not pretty.

And I think there is a tendency to take in misinformation and spread it like rabies. This is because the Leo Moon desires drama and lots of it. We witness ego posturing. We witness mega personalities and wish we could just go hide in a cave and contemplate a more peaceful humanity--the one we were taught at a spiritual workshop. But even the spiritual gurus are acting like kings and queens pretending they have our best interests at heart. Maybe they do and maybe they don't.

I see lots of people marching on the streets. Some believe in their causes while others just want to be seen carrying signs on social media. Grassroots movements are everywhere sounding the battle horn because the Cardinal T-Cross is strong as ever with Jupiter asking for social justice and Uranus asking for social justice and Pluto either bringing transformation or totalitarianism.

We find relief in the Grand Fire Trine which boosts our enthusiasm and gives us a playful edge. We can use this energy to manifest a peaceful world or we can use this energy to promote more selfishness at the expense of others. The Yod slows down the powerful Leo Moon by bringing in Chiron in Pisces. This means we need to return to old wounding and accept what we cannot change. And those of us who act rash need the deepest healing. Chiron also asks us to have compassion for ourselves and others, but this isn't easy when the Leo Moon wants us to come first and Jupiter in Libra wants to take everyone to court or to court everyone without focusing on the original wounding.

A yod with a moon in it usually passes by quickly. However, this yod falls in a Lunar Eclipse chart with a lot of transits occurring. And the Mystical Rectangle ties it all together with the moon, Uranus, the sun, and Jupiter. A Mystical Rectangle includes oppositions, trines, and sextiles. And I see that same theme of the grassroots versus the individual coming up.

I'm not going to make any predictions. However, I forecast that February is going to be a very active month. We will feel impatient with that Lunar Eclipse yod. And I think we can either see the glass as half full or half empty. And remember where we place our focus determines the type of life circumstances we manifest. I think February will provide us with surreal situations and a lot of drama. If you don't like drama then you might want to spend time alone or with a quiet group of mature people. Otherwise, it's going to feel like a Madonna fest 24/7. Personally, I'm staying away from the maddening crowd this February.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cardinal Energies Continue to Shape Our Lives

Capricorn and Saturn play heavily on my mind. Uranus and Aquarius also play heavily on my mind as does Jupiter in Libra. Some of you are now receiving a wake-up call. While others who were born from 1988-89 when Saturn was in Capricorn along with Neptune and Uranus came here with eyes wide open. This post is about you. Read on.

Now, here is the layout of the Cardinal Signs for the next several years.

Pluto January 2008 - January 21, 2024 (Pluto moves into Aquarius)
Uranus March 13, 2011 - March 7, 2019 (Uranus moves into Taurus)


In Libra November 1, 2009 - October 6, 2012
In Capricorn December 21, 2017 - March 22, 2020


In Capricorn December 19, 2007 - January 5, 2009
In Aries June 6, 2010 - June 5, 2011
In Cancer June 26, 2013 - July 16, 2014
In Libra September 10, 2016 - October 10, 2017
In Capricorn December 3, 2019 - December 17, 2020 (Uranus will be in Taurus)
In Aries May 11, 2022 - May 15, 2023

Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius in December of 2020. Pluto will remain in Capricorn for another four years and then the planet moves into Aquarius on December 21, 2024 (Solstice). Could this open the gateway to the Aquarius Age?

So for those of you who consider yourself a Saturn or Capricorn type, you're going to undergo monumental and once-of-a-lifetime transformation within the next seven years. Those of you born when we experienced a Triple Conjunction in Capricorn with Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune experience your Saturn Return when the ringed planet is dominating the skies. Your Saturn Returns begin in 2018 and lasts until March 22, 2020. Consider that in 2019, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are in Capricorn. That means that you'll experience those outer planet transits to your Natal Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn.

If you were born in late December or the first three weeks of January, you'll experience these transits to your Sun and most likely Mercury too. Now, you already know why you came to the planet at this time. You knew that from the time of your birth. And you hung onto that mission and only fear and other people's opinions could stop you from pursuing it.

Now, the old school Capricorn is all about sustaining crumbling structures built on old traditions that no longer serve us. But you're not an old-school Capricorn. And in fact, you have more of an Aquarius edge or Pisces edge to you because of having Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn at your birth. You came here to shift reality by destroying the old structure that your lineages had put in place. You represent a new kind of leader that cares about the state of the Earth.

You have strong ethics and you know that a lack of integrity will harm you. You have learned from the school of hard knocks, but realize that you didn't come to the planet to beat yourself up or have others do that for you. With that powerful Neptune in Capricorn, you came here with a Christ or Buddha consciousness. You don't look to the so-called world leaders for your cues because you feel and think beyond their consciousness.  Capricorn represents Old Souls.

You experienced past lives cloistered in religious environments. And you have also experienced lifetimes as tycoons. You know how to earn money, but you are humbled by the experience to the point that many of you forgo the economy. If you have planets in Sagittarius or Aquarius, you prefer to do your own thing, your way. You have experienced lifetimes as a sinner and as a saint. You feel the world literally on your shoulders, but you have the sage wisdom to get you through to the other side of this world transformation. You are the transformation embodied.

So now, that you are turning the pages on your youth (not that you experienced much youth with all that Capricorn in your charts), it's time for you to take on the yoke of responsibility. This means that you accept your fate and your destiny. This means, that you forgive those who harmed you, knowing it was part of a Divine Plan to get you in the right state of mind, in the right place at the right time. You are not a victim. Don't martyr yourself but allow life to humble you.

Saint Francis, a Libra, knew how to get into heaven on Earth. He said in his prayer, that it is better to understand than to be understood. It's better to love than to be loved and it is in forgiving that we are forgiven. The reason for this is because there is only One of Us here. You are aware of Unity Consciousness and that what goes around comes around because what we do to others we do to ourselves. We share the same cosmic body with All That Is and will ever be.

So, Saturn Types, are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime (or many lifetimes)? Your window of opportunity to act and to become all that you desire is now.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Meanings of a Twelth House Sun

Today I feel drawn to writing about the Twelfth House Sun. And often, an individual with a Twelfth House Sun also has Mercury and Venus in the Twelfth House. As you know, the Twelfth House is ruled by Pisces and the planet Neptune. In the past, astrologers called this the House of Undoing and this suggested that we sabotaged ourselves in this house. 

You can look up my Astro Cheat Sheet for themes for this house. It is the house of the hidden enemy, the deep subconscious, and our connection to the cosmos. Here we find our pre-birth experiences, including past lives, especially if the South Node falls in this house. It is a house of disillusion and death, along with the Eighth House. It's also the house of spiritual gifts, which is what I'm going to discuss in this short post.

Last night, I experienced an epiphany about spirit guides, channels, and working with angels as associated with the 12th House. In the past, I told my clients with 12th House planets in their Natal Charts that they had little access to the planets parked in their 12th House or on the cusp of the First House or on the Ascendant. And this is true in that we have to work harder at gaining access to those planetary energies.

In fact, I have had clients with a Taurus Sun for instance in the 12th House. These folks have trouble with finances (even Taurus is a financially robust sign) or they had trouble expressing themselves through art because they had little access to the Venus energies associated with Taurus. However, I find that 12th House Sun people (especially if they have Mercury and Venus in the 12th House) are seekers on a spiritual path. And many of them are fascinated with past lives and working with Spirit Guides.

The benefit of having a 12th House Sun is that the individual with this placement is ripe for channeling from beyond the veil. And I would love to look at the Natal Charts of famous channels to see how many planets they have in their Natal 12th House. How many of angel therapy and oracle card readers have a 12th House Sun? Or it could even be that the Ruler of their chart is in their 12th House. The Chart Ruler is the planet associated with the Ascendant Sign. So if the individual has an Aries Ascendant than Mars is the Ruler. And so on.

I have read charts of children with clusters of planets in the 12th House. And I imagine that these children are in touch with the invisible realm even if they don't talk about it. If they have a practical Earth Sign Sun or Mercury, they're not going to talk about it. The Virgo child will feel neurotic about this communication. The Capricorn child will send away the spiritual messages worrying too much what others will think of him or her. And the Taurus child just isn't a person of many words, to begin with. However, if your child has 12th House planets, I encourage you to have his or her chart read so that you can start developing those spiritual gifts.

Finally, you're not doomed if you have a 12th House Sun, even if it's a Pisces or Aquarius 12th House Sun. As the planet shifts into new realities, what a wonderful gift to already be plugged into the Cosmos and have a direct channel to God. While you might have found out of place or orphaned in the material/physical realm, you will find that in this new age, you are leading us back to the Source of All that Is and Ever Will Be.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Channeled Message for Capricorns

We have been thrown curveballs on Mother Earth. Even though a shift is still happening, it is hard to determine whether or not we are gaining or losing momentum. While political arenas are illusions, too many people have got caught up in drama. Too many people have missed the concept of Unity and have given into the program of divisiveness.

So, Capricorns, with Pluto still in your sign until 2024 and Uranus in Aries until 2019, take this window of opportunity to get on your true path. Take a cue from the Capricorn Martin Luther King, Jr. since his birthday is coming up. What did he stand for? He didn't stand rallying behind big business or business-as-usual. The real reason you're here isn't to make a lot of money or to hog power and transform into the Elite. Though, old school astrology certainly rewarded such behavior in Capricorns.

Your ruling planet is Saturn and this ringed planet is about taking responsibility for your life. It's not about living a life of hard knocks as much as it is, taking karmic responsibility for what is yours and leaving the rest for other people to deal with. When you wake up each morning ask yourself if you are living your values. Are you living a life of integrity? And you also must decide what beliefs actually belong to you. Capricorns often carry the beliefs of authority figures instead of their own. Now, is the time to pull the wheat off the shaft.

You are at the front of the line where transformation is concerned. And many of you already experienced the Pluto transit to your Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign. This makes you teachers and healers. But some of you are afraid to take on those roles. You area afraid that you won't be able to make a living doing your life mission. But if you are clinging to a corporate job out of fear, then when the economy crashes (which it must do), you'll find that you have manifested your worst fears. Whereas, if you answer the true calling to your life mission now, you'll be in a safe place when all heck breaks loose.

So in 2017, take the time to meditate and ask Spirit about your life path. Then come up with a step-by-step plan to put it into action. Set an intention to be happy and at peace. Stop taking on other people's stuff so that you have the time and resources to fund your own education and whatever else is required to get you into the right place at the right time.

2017 is an Aquarius-Leo year. It's about recognizing yourself as an individual and acknowledging your gifts. It's about sharing those gifts with a collective. And it's about stepping outside of the box and heading into the unknown because none of us knows where humanity is heading. We only know that authenticity will get us there.

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