Saturday, February 25, 2017

How Will The Pisces Solar Eclipse Affect You? (Sign up for a Special Reading Feb 25 or 26)

 I'm extending this offer until March 15, 2017. Limited appointments available.

Since I have strong Pisces in my Natal Chart and since the Pisces Stellium is on top of my Natal Saturn and Moon, I'm a wide open channel at this time. I am giving coaching sessions and mini astrology readings on February 25 (4:00 to 8:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time) and February 26 (5:00 to 8:00 p.m.) via Skype. Fees are $55 for 30 minutes with one $30 slot available (sliding fee).

Pay through PayPal prior to the reading. If you want an astrology reading, please e-mail me your date of birth, time, and location. And send me a question that is on your mind. If you want a coaching session, let me know your Sun and Moon Sign as well as, sending me a question. Also, send me your Skype name and location. I use e-mails for Skype.

Here's my video to whet your appetite. Please sign up by noon (Pacific Standard Time for a reading or session on February 25). Thank you.

Monday, February 6, 2017

What Happens after Astrology Forecasts?

I have a passion for astrology. And astrological work has taken up most of my time since the spring of 2012. However, it's not the only metaphysical tool I work with and in retrospect, astrology occupies a small part of my metaphysical toolkit. Astrology doesn't have all the answers we seek, yet, when combined with coaching, channeling, card reading, meditation, prayer, sound healing and energy healing modalities, astrology ventures into the Aquarius Age.

When I give readings to clients, I often recommend non-astrological books, essential oils, flower essences such as the Bach Flower Remedies, meditation, and coaching. Astrology gets us into our heads but not into our hearts unless we're meditating with Neptune and the moon in the background. Astrology readings tell us where we have been, our life lessons, our gifts, talents, karma, health challenges, and how we show up in relationships.

However, every astrologer I have ever worked with works with other modalities such as card readings, crystal or angel therapy, coaching, channeling, and even reiki. When I give pediatric readings (at least the ones I give in person), I discuss alternative schools, diet, and the latest articles on child development. I discuss Indigo, Rainbow, and Crystal Children with the parents, if they're open to it. And I always channel while I'm writing up an astrology report or giving an in-person session. Since I started working as an astrologer later in life, I rely heavily on my Spirit Guides and the Archangels during my readings. And they prove accurate every time.

In addition, I'm always learning from coaches, authors, spiritual teachers, healers, and card readers online and at in-person workshops. I was once a regular listener to several shows on Hay House Radio and I delved into books authored by Hay House teachers and healers. I hope to take online classes in the future presented by Hay House. And so I am proud to mention that Whole Astrology is a Hay House affiliate.

If you are also someone who has benefited from Hay House products, please click on the affiliate ads on this blog next time you purchase an online course, books, or other Hay House products. The current campaigns are on the right side of the blog. (Please unblock ads and cookies if you would like to purchase through clicking on the affiliate banners). You not only support Hay House when you click an affiliate ad, you also support Whole Astrology through a commission.

Thank you and namaste.