Sunday, April 28, 2013

Declaration of Rights for Astrology Clients & Astrologers

Astrologers work hard obtaining information about your natal chart and transits, but they're not God and they don't have all the answers.  Keep this in mind when you consult with an astrologer.  Most astrologers don't read minds, but the intuitive life coach astrologers have both access to your chart information and can read your energy field.  So don't sit there and stonewall the astrologer.  A session in my opinion involves dialogue as well as, some give and take.  Transits are open to interpretation as are configurations of planets in natal charts, especially when a yod is involved.

As far as the client, you deserve a reading that is both positive and realistic.  You deserve to have the astrologer focus on you, the client, and not wax on about world events on your dime. After all, astrologers charge $85 and upwards for an hour reading.  If an astrologer starts going on about their personal life or about world events, gently bring the topic back to your natal chart and the questions you brought to the session.  I also advise you to give the astrologer your questions ahead of time so they know where to look in your chart.  Sometimes those charts resemble the cosmos, unending staring back at us, so we could use your cooperation in narrowing your focus.  Do you want a career reading, a relationship/partnership reading, or just want to know what's up for you in the year ahead? Let the astrologer know.

Okay, here are your rights as a client, in my opinion.

1) You have a right to a positive and realistic consultation

2) You have a right to ask the questions in your heart, even if the astrologer prefers not to do relationship readings

3) You have a right to confidentiality and not ending up in an astrologer's book as an example, unless they gave you a permission form or waver to sign in this regard

4) You have a right to privacy

5) You have a right to honesty and integrity (but you also need to practice honesty)

6) You have a right to decline learning about any future events that could cause you strife, worry or lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy

7) You have a right to ask for clarity if you don't understand something the astrologer says

8) You have a right to a jargon-free reading, especially if you haven't studied astrology or that the astrologer explains the terms to you

9) You have the right to tell the astrologer not to keep your chart on file and to delete if after the reading

10) You have the right to make your own decisions based on the consultation and you have the right to know yourself better than anyone and to own your power

Rights for Astrologers:

1) Astrologers have the right to follow their inner guidance when reading a chart and trust that guidance

2) Astrologers have the right to tell the truth as they see it, but to clarify that this is their interpretation of the transits

3) Astrologers have the right to ask the client for specific questions to narrow down their workload

4) Astrologers have the right to reject giving readings to mentally or emotionally disturbed clients or anyone who acts belligerent or negative towards them

5) Astrologers have the right to say no and set strong boundaries (especially with clients who act like psychic vampire or refuse to take responsibility for themselves)

6) Astrologers have the right to ask for a fee to compensate them for their time, attention, and expertise

7) Astrologers have the right to practice astrology methods of their choice and to make this known on their websites and blogs

8) Astrologers have the right to a sense of humor, especially dealing with Mercury RX

9) Astrologers have the right to promote themselves and their work through blogs, radio shows, and other online media and to use past experience as examples, while changing names of clients

10) Finally, astrologers have the right to follow their bliss and create the practice that suits them and their clients best

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Women Stampede--May 9 Solar Eclipse (Feminist & Relationship Themes)


(Corrections of transits made on 5/1/13).

Every astrologer has his or her own interpretation of planetary transits.  The theme I come up with for the May 9, 2013 Solar Eclipse is Divine Feminine Risen, meaning it is already done, already happened, and already healed, to quote one of my favorite metaphysical authors and lecturers Gregg Braden.  I also think that Mother Earth or Gaia is going to shake things up in the form of several large earthquakes around the planet, especially in regions where the the city or town has a Taurus or Scorpio Sun around 20 degrees, this could include Seattle (depending on which chart you read for Seattle and there are several charts for this city).  Other regions to watch out for have Sun, Moon or stelliums in Leo, Scorpio, Taurus or Aquarius.

The reason these quakes whether they come in the form of inner revolutions bringing outer epiphanies in mass consciousness or actually earth quakes is that the sexes must get in balance now and I'm not just talking equal pay on the job front, I mean equal sharing of the resources on the planet and the stewardship for the planet.  Here's the line up of planets on May 9 that are related to the Moon and Sun on that day.  The Solar Eclipse with the Sun and Moon in Taurus at 19 degrees 33 (20 degrees if you round it up), conjuncts planets Mercury and Mars (with a wide orb) and asteroids (representing women), Pallas (19 Taurus), and  squares Juno (transiting at 15 Aquarius).  On this day, Vesta transits 5 degrees Cancer, Lilith transits at 26 Gemini and Ceres at 11 degrees Cancer. Cancer is a female sign and it joins transiting Pluto in Capricorn with an opposition exact to Ceres and wide orb to Vesta.  Issues around food security, nutrition, home, and safety surface now.  Lilith in Gemini brings out the journalist-messenger in women and we will jump on whatever soapbox or podium is available.  Time to speak your truth and firmly.  No more room for compromises that destroy the planet or put poison on our tables in the form of questionable foods.

Mary Magdalene, Wikipedia
So we basically have a stellium of women themed asteroids connected to planets in Taurus, co-ruler of Venus which rules women.  Mercury and Mars bring a male side to this equation even though Mercury is androgynous, though Mars is clearly male, though weakened in Taurus, Venus' ruler.  So let's just say that the male has been feminized for the sake of this Solar Eclipse. (I also noticed a trine with Saturn in Scorpio at 11 degrees with Chiron (Pisces), and Ceres (Cancer). Saturn opposes Mercury, Mars, Sun, Pallas, and Moon).  Does this signify that women in authority will rule this day or that the patriarchal energies will attempt to squelch the Divine Feminine Risen? We shall see.

Chiron and Vesta (the wounded healer and vestal virgins) sextile the Taurus stellium and are in Pisces, a feminine water sign.  Also during the course of May 9, the Moon trines Pluto early in the day, and Venus enters a new sign Gemini.  This is more significant than a planet entering a new sign because Venus moves into Gemini, Mercury's co-ruler and Mercury as I mentioned earlier is involved in the Taurus stellium that's host to the Solar Eclipse!  What does this mean? People are going to be talking and communicating about feminine issues and women's health issues.  You might also wish to buy flowers for a woman friend or partner on May 9 to smooth things over, lol.

Joan of Arc, Wikipedia
Depending on where the Taurus and Pisces planets are in your natal chart will determine where you will find feminist and feminine themes in your life no matter what sex you are.  Other related themes that day and days around the Solar Eclipse of May 9 include aesthetics, art, ancient art, women's history, beauty, gardens, landscaping, gourmet food, battled between the sexes, even ancient battles between the sexes coming back to haunt us, home and hearth, women's role in the home and in the workplace, child birth, having children verses not having children, a women's traditional roles (depending on culture and religion), women in cinema, women in the media, women role models... Please add to this list as you see fit.

It is a good time to read books about women such as "Women's Wisdom, Women's Bodies," "Women that Run with Wolves" and other psychological and physical titles.  Read books by women authors, listen to women intuitives on radio shows, watch movies about women, and no matter what sex you are, get in touch with your feminine side.  Personally, I've been watching Jane Austen movies lately, but any book or movie about protocol between the sexes will suffice.  We will deeply examine the sexual mores of our own time in comparison to the past.

Wikipedia, Gaia
All I can say about the Solar Eclipse on May 9, 2013, is get ready women and own your stuff and your desires. Now is your time to step out into the world and become a powerful woman and honor your gift of intuition.  For men, get in touch with your female side, and learn self-nurturing.  And for children, bask in the love of your great Mother Earth.  And everyone if you're experiencing health problems with neck, throat, shoulders, sexual organs or colon, seek medical attention now, even if you go the energy medicine route.  Get a massage, be kind to yourself and love Mother Earth.  She'll remind you that she's powerfully underneath your feet in the next few weeks.

If you're in Bellingham, Washington and would you a reading contact me at wholemusicexp at gmail dot com
I look forward to hearing from you.  Namaste.

I found this related article to this Solar Eclipse:

And I encountered a woman who felt an urgency to wake everyone up on the planet through whatever means.  I didn't agree with her because you cannot force people to awaken their consciousness and urgency never leads to anything good, but more fearful behavior posing as enlightenment.  People often feel this urgency for change around eclipses, but pushing change on others is never a good idea.  The message of this eclipse that is coming through now is LET GO, SURRENDER.

Special Note: If you are in an area hit by an earthquake during this time, know that you are supported, nurtured and taken care of. Mother Earth supports you and you'll receive help from communities around the world.  Your needs will be taken care of and you will receive nurturing and comfort.  However, if your intuition tells you to go somewhere else, by all means, follow your intuition so that you can avoid an impact of a quake.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Taurus Stellium--Eat, Sleep & Procrastinate

Venusian Beauty, Audrey Hepburn, Wikipedia
With Sun, Mars and Venus in Taurus, and Mercury and Moon heading that way in the next two weeks, I'm sleeping in and my appetite has increased.  So I listened to Mark Husson's Hay House Radio show yesterday and the astrologer talked in detail about Taurus and also the upcoming eclipses.  Apparently, I'm not the only person craving comfort foods at this time or feeling like I'm just plodding my way through life (at this time).  With Mars so closely tied to the Sun right now through a conjunction, people will feel indignant about sleeping in and perhaps choosing unhealthy food (fatty, sweet, indulgent).  And with Venus in its home sign, cooking and eating are definitely on the agenda for most people, even if someone else is doing the cooking such as in the case of a restaurant.

While we need to stay mindful of our eating and other habits during this time, don't become so disciplined that you miss out on this pleasurable time, especially if you live in a place with lots of greenery and flowers, lovely fragrances, and farm fresh food.  And any case, you won't get away with too many bad habits or mindlessness during this time because of the powerful eclipses coming your way.  We might question discipline and responsibility (Saturn conjunct Lunar Eclipse Moon) with indulgence Sun/Mars and Venus in Taurus.  During the Lunar Eclipse Saturn/Moon opposes Mars/Sun with Venus hanging out there on the fringe.  Saturn and Moon provide the overwrought emotions such as guilt while Mars/Sun bring anger and projections on to others, which is often what causes violent acts in the first place.

Venus, Wikipedia
But this is not a lecture on projections and shadows even if the eclipses will bring up those issues for each of us.  I'm including fodder for escape and fantasy in the form of movies with Taurus themes.  While I hope you do the necessary emotional and spiritual work that is presented to you now, if you find yourself needing relief, watch one or two of these movies.  Heck, watch them all.

Taurus Movies:

1. Drink, Eat, Man, Woman (opening scene)

2. Julie and Julia, (cooking school scene)

3. Chocolat (divination scene)

4. Elvira Madigan (Swedish movie)

5. Sabrina (with Audrey Hepburn, cooking school scene)

6. La Dolce Vita (Fellini’s movie about excess)

7. Under a Tuscan Sun (trailer)

8. Much to Do About Nothing (Kenneth Branagh)

9. Ang Lee’s Sense and Sensibility (Jane Austen)

10. Emma (Jane Austen, the proposal)



Thursday, April 18, 2013

Arrival of Aphrodite, but...

When I returned to astrology a year ago, I told my saint and angel guides that I wouldn't venture into the confusing planetary and transit realm without the help of my spiritual friends.  They sent me Saint Thomas Aquinas and his free will astrology philosophy, which sometimes to me, reads like theology, but... And so today my dear Thomas and I decided to explore the Venusian transits of late April and May.  Though while we are blessed with personal planets in Taurus (Venus co-ruler along with airy Libra), we will also experience an exact square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (what's new Magoo?) and three eclipses two of which are in the Scorpio/Taurus axis.

We pick up on themes revolving around sensuality (Taurus) and sexuality (Scorpio), but we see these experiences as transformative at least with the higher evolved souls.  For the others, sex is just sex and sensual pleasure can lead to excess and unwanted consequences.  Since we will experience eclipses in late April (25) and two in May (9 & 25), the New and Full Moons will carry more weight and power than usual and I advise you to use this power for transformation and not as another vehicle for a trip down victim/martyr lane, you know what I mean.  While Taurus feels lighter and more pleasant to most people, this is still a fixed sign with it's polarity in Scorpio.  Meaning in every Taurus person and Taurus experience, shades of Scorpio appear and vise verse.  This is how it works with all the signs and their opposites. Think of it as the Yin/Yang symbol.  So those Taurean experiences such as spending time in a lush garden, lying on a hammock and soaking in the sun rays or indulging in a gourmet dinner all contain degrees of Scorpio transformation, and more so now with the two eclipses highlighting this area of your chart.

On April 17, Venus left Aries and moved into her home sign Taurus where she and us have experienced a sigh of relief.  Venus did not enjoy her stay in Aries where she felt hounded and defensive and even had to defend why she enjoys certain pleasures in her life such as a peaceful home.  But with that Mars energy rubbing up against her like a needy cat, Venus needed to set some boundaries.  We all needed to set boundaries in our lives at that time against pushy and aggressive people.  Women especially had to put up with unwanted advances and attention from men.  But most of this will subside now with Venus moving into her home where she feels safe to indulge in little pleasures, even a romance, but not with the pushy type.  No, she seeks a refined or earthy type to relax.

On a mundane level with Venus in Taurus and Mars and Sun about to enter Taurus close to tandem on April 20 for Mars, and April 19 for the Sun, it's time to slow down, beautify the home and ourselves.  Go get that haircut you've always wanted, buy the scented bath salts and have a hot soak in the tub.  Buy flowers for the home, clear out the closets, desk drawers, and kitchen cabinets of anything old, moldy, and no longer needed.  Do this when Sun and Mars are still in Aries, because once they move into Taurus, you won't feel motivated to do the extra work this requires.

Venus, Wikipedia
During the month of May especially, people will choose to stay close to home and they won't budge, unless the eclipses light fires underneath their feet.  However, we need this respite after the foggy journey through Pisces and then the grand push of Aries and this Taurus period won't last long either.  So take this time to enjoy pleasures in your life and to show appreciation for all the beauty and enchantment that surrounds you.  Don't overindulge in food, but savor food by eating slowly, by joining others for a dinner party or picnic (on a sunny day) and savor the friendships in your life.

Strong Taurean days are on (unfortunately) the Lunar Eclipse on April 25 and the Solar Eclipse on May 9, and April 21 when both the Sun and Mars enter Taurus (ooh, la la!) which we will definitely feel a shift in loyalties with career taking a back seat,   And don't worry about overindulging since Saturn in Scorpio (retrograde at this time), opposes Sun and Mars on April 30 (bringing up darker impulses), and Venus on April 22 (around Earth Day, isn't that interesting since Taurus represents ecology and Scorpio/Pluto represent the digging below the earth for fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and regeneration?)  Mercury and Mars conjunct in Taurus on the May 9 Solar Eclipse.  Don't even ask me what that's about with trickster Mercury with warrior Mars in a fixed earth sign.  Mercury opposes Saturn on May 5-6 and that will also bring up interesting dialogues between the established order (banks and financial institutions?) and the media.

Venus moves into Gemini (yeah!) on May 10, a day after the Solar Eclipse, then Mercury follows on May 16, they conjunct on May 24 (one degree orb), a day before the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.  On another note, since Pluto is emphasized this month with the polarity of Taurus/Scorpio, Pluto and Uranus form an exact square on May 16 that begins its separation process on June 4.  In July we will get relief from this square, but let's save this information for another post.

So the message I'm receiving from Thomas Aquinas is to not get caught up in the transits or think of them in a fearful or loathing way.  Thomas said during medieval times, which he's emphasizing again here is that the more you know about astrology transits, the better off you are, in that you can choose free will over the destiny of the planets.  You can always view a glass of water as half full as opposed to half empty.  You can always perform alchemy on your life using the energy gifted to us through these transits.  You can learn the themes of Uranus and Pluto and use the energy present in that square to transform your life, but you're going to need to perform some proverbial and mundane cleaning in your life and use the ruthless energy of Pluto to get yourself out of denial and do the necessary work.

This is not a time to fall prey to planetary energies and all you need to do is watch the news to see what those scenarios look like.  Now, is a good time to reclaim your personal and spiritual power if you're up for the task.  We ask you not to worry or fret about these transits, not to buy into all the doom and gloom of more fearful astrologers (in which there are many out there).  It doesn't matter how many squares you have in your natal chart, make lemon aide and add some Venus sweetener.  Thomas believes that you chose those squares, those trines etc at the time of your birth.  You have free will and you have to decide for yourself what you'll do with this free will.

We especially want to give a shout out to people born in the 1960s because your time of reckoning is here and you can reclaim your power now with a lot of effort on your part in the way of soul searching.  Toss out all that fearful victim stuff and stop feeling sorry for yourselves.  Do you have any idea the blessings Pluto, Chiron, Uranus and Neptune brought us in the 1960s?  You have an inner desire to transform the world, but it is the world inside you that you need to transform then with new eyes you will view a transformed world.  Do not force your will on the world and do not try to fix others.  These are the lessons presented now through the transits of the outer planets on our natal charts.

And if you need a push in the right direction and you either live near or plan on visiting Bellingham, Washington, contact me for a consultation or private lessons and I'll get you in touch with the outer planets.  Harness these work horses and get them to work for you.  wholemusicexp at gmail .com

End of Transmission

Personal note: I actually felt both Mars and the Sun changing signs and moving into Taurus.  My senses came alive causing my eyes to see more vibrant colors, my ears to hear subtleties in bird songs, and my taste and sense of smell to increase.  If you have any related experiences, please share.  Thanks.

Our Theme Song for May 2013 is "Sensual World" by Kate Bush

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ethical Astrology (Navigating the Metaphysical Field for Teachers, Healers, Students, and Clients)

Wikipedia, Snowy Owl
I'm reprinting my Pacific NW Author post here on ethics for people working in the metaphysical field.  I add that we need to approach astrology clients from the sensibility of their Sun, AC, and Moon signs and not from our own sensibilities. After all, we have the client's chart in front of us so we should know about their communication style, whether they are feelers, thinkers or doers, etc.

I think of all the times an astrologer with an air or fire sign sun trampled over my water sign emotions and feelings.  They did not do this intentionally, but they were coming from their own frame of mind and experiences, which frankly, felt foreign to me.  They might as well have spoken German to me.  And if I approached a fire or air sign client from a place of feeling, I would quickly lose their attention too.  I might as well speak Swahili to them.

Besides, becoming conscientious of a client's energy, I'm starting to think I would be better off giving private astrology lessons so that clients can read their natal charts instead of consulting, which just feels like me telling them who they are. However, I still believe there are merits with synastry (relationship charts), transit, and Solar Return readings.

If the client is open to discussing the different areas of their lives, their communication style, etc then reading a natal chart as a conversation with the client and with the astrologer listening to the client and not acting dismissive, this could be a valuable experience.  Yes, the astrologer has years of knowledge and expertise, but the client knows or himself more intimately than the astrologer.  If the astrologer is also a life coach or psychologist then some necessary digging is appropriate as is motivation to get a client out of denial or apathy.

Most of the unethical practices on my list apply to astrologers, life coaches, healers, and spiritual teachers.  Our job is to share the information we have without claiming that it is the only truth.  After all, with quantum physics, we literally could be living different truths and different realities based on numerous dimensions presented to us.  And I know how challenging it is to remove the chaff from the wheat, societal and parental beliefs from our authentic beliefs based on our soul's journey.

And last but not least, we all channel Higher Beings and we all have a direct connection to God so if information coming to you from a human (even if he or she tells you that they're channeling God or Mother Mary), doesn't jive with you and leaves you feeling conflicted then work through the conflict you feel to learn what's true for you.  Remember, that teachers have agendas, (unconscious and conscious) and you don't ever need to buy another person's agenda. And even professional channels experience energy traffic jams.

1. Never dump unsolicited advice on anyone ever. 
If someone needs help wait for him or her to ask for advice and even then, tread lightly.  Don’t trespass on another person’s soul or soul lesson.  I like Esther Hick’s and Abraham’s advice, “Mind your own business.”

2. Don’t act like a know-it-all or promote the idea that God talks only through you.

God, angels, saints, etc talk through and to everyone.  It’s just a matter for tuning into the frequency.  If you want to help others, teach them how to tune into the frequency so that they can have a private and uninterrupted conversation with God.

3. Allow people to discover them selves through tools that you give them. 
Show them how to work with the tools, but don’t tell people who they are in your estimation.  Don’t rob others of self-discovery that empowers them.  You cannot empower someone else, but the tools you give them can and you also create a healthy relationship with this person free of co-dependence.  I like that saying by Jesus about teaching people how to fish so that they can fend for themselves.

4. Never tell someone to change their life through drastic means.
Humans don’t adapt to drastic changes without acquiring wounds and resentment.  Change is a gradual step-by-step process.  Give the person a map, teach them how to read the map and then set them loose upon the world.

5. Share your personal examples of self-improvement and your journey but don’t expect others to follow your example.
We are all unique and with our uniqueness we pave our own roads.  Pre-pavers are a drag because they leave us with no satisfying work to accomplish.  It’s like eating someone else’ food for them.

6. Allow other people to make mistakes.
People grow wiser by making mistakes, taking wrong turns, or making “wrong” choices, which in retrospect might have been the right choice for that person’s soul path.

7. Don’t assume that you have the solutions to other people’s problems and don’t try to fix other people’s problems so that you can feel better and stroke your ego.
People grow by fixing their own problems and when they need help it is their responsibility to ask for it.  You inspire people when you solve your problems and stop trying to change the world to fit your needs.

8. Don’t assume that a tragic event is not the highest good for a person or a community.
First, you don’t know the souls’ lessons and second, when you tell someone that they could have done something differently to avoid a tragedy, you blame the victim.  How is this helpful?  This attitude heals no one and can actually cause damage.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

3 Eclipses Down the Pike (April & May)

Wikipedia, Total Solar Eclipse
For whatever reason, I thought that the upcoming Lunar Eclipse landed on April 30, but after gazing at my Moon guide, I noticed that the Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Scorpio lands on April 25 at 4:07 p.m. EDT.  This particular eclipse trines transiting Neptune 4 degrees while opposing the transiting Sun and transiting Mars in Taurus.  I'm including a wide orb opposition to transiting Venus too (6 degree orb) because Taurus rules Venus.  The Moon in Scorpio is always a time of secrets oozing through the cracks, both in our personal lives and on the macro level. Watch for headlines of a revealing nature, someone getting caught with his hands in the proverbial cookie jar--scandals left and right.  On a personal level, you might reach realizations and painful truths about friendships, partnerships, or even business-related ventures, if you have acted complacent in recent months and not practiced the art of discernment.

This is not a comfortable time, especially with a Full Moon in powerful, brooding Scorpio, considering that Pluto/Scorpio plays a tremendous role on the macro and micro levels at this time with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn.  Scorpio demands transformation through the death of something that eventually brings rebirth.  This could for some people feel like a spiritual initiation, especially with transiting Neptune trining the Moon in Scorpio and sextiling the Sun and Mars in Taurus.  There is much force behind this transformation--like a huge push into the world.  It reminds me of the infant leaving the comfort of the womb as he or she pushes his or her way into a cold and breezy world with strange sounds and movements.  This could feel like going through a fog or a cave and ending up in a surreal landscape.

Sun and Mars, both with a fiery nature in fixed Taurus feel frustrated and possibly stuck or would rather indulge in pleasures of the earth while not paying attention to the messages the Scorpio Full Moon brings up.  The Sun and Mars feel weak in this position.  Meanwhile, Venus in Taurus also opposing the Moon, but at a wide orb, emphasizes the pleasure principle and can even soften the blow of the Scorpio energy, but this is not a good time to start an intimate relationship, not during a shaky eclipse period and with Neptune trining the Scorpio Moon.  This really is a time to lay low, do only what is necessary, and wait out the eclipse shadow period, which is three days on each side of the eclipse, sometimes longer.

Wikipedia, phases of a Lunar Eclipse
With all eclipses, check your natal chart for the house placement and remember that with Lunar Eclipses you will work with polarities and opposite houses.  Expect some disruption in those houses or something revealed to you regarding the themes of those houses.  Eclipses shake things up so we don't grow complacent and that we pull the weeds out of our proverbial gardens.  Change is inevitable under the influence of an eclipse.

In May we will experience two eclipses, a Solar Eclipse on May 9 at 19 Taurus and another Lunar Eclipse on May 25 with the Moon at 3 degrees Sagittarius.  I will discuss these eclipses in a future post.  For now, there are three things to remember:

1) Check the houses in your chart where the eclipses transit

2) Check for aspects between the transiting Moon and Sun and planets in your natal chart

3) Also check the aspects between all the transiting planets aspecting the transiting Moon and the Sun and where those play a role in your chart.

4) And if you really want to get technical, look back at previous eclipses over the years in either the same sign and degrees of the upcoming ones and see what events transpired at that time. And also look at Eclipses at the same degrees in the fixed signs of Leo and Aquarius and look at what events were playing out at that time.  You might discover that those events are finally concluding now and you can let that energy go.

Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Leo, Cancer, and Aries will feel this eclipse strongest, with of course, Scorpio and Taurus taking the brunt of it.  Some new information came to my awareness.  With Venus and Mars involved with this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio issues and events that surface around the time of the eclipse will carry the themes of death, rebirth, transformation, taxes, tax laws (maybe overturned or disrupted in some way or truth revealed around taxes), death of authority figures or coming to terms with the loss of a father figure, health issues with sexual organs, sexual dysfunction either beginning or transformed through a cure, healing around sexual issues, sexual abuse coming to the light, sexual promiscuity, prostitution, and prostitutes, and it will seem like sex in all its many guises is thrown in our face to deal with, including our hypocrisy about sex.  Porn will make the news and questions about what it is and what it isn't will be on people's minds.  This will feel like a heavier time than usual in which we will all confront darker and even disturbing subjects.

This is not a good time for elective surgery and if possible avoid having surgery around the eclipses on April 25, May 9 and May 25.  This is always a good practice with any eclipse, but I'm receiving a strong warning message for the April 25 and May 9 eclipses that I need to pass on.  Refrain from doing anything major during this time, such as do not move into a new home around the Scorpio Full Moon/Eclipse (and this is based on information I read on another astrologer site years ago about people moving during a Scorpio Moon and having to move out of that home soon after).  This is a time of revelation and we don't have all the facts (some still hidden from us, some times intentionally) until after the Moon has passed and moved into its next sign.  For instance, a Sagittarius Moon is a good time to move and so is the Capricorn or Taurus Moon.  Follow your intuition and use common sense (which will seem to allude us) during this passionate time.  Protect yourself, but don't sink into paranoia and discern.  

I try not to leave any messages that can be conveyed as fearful, but this time, I am sensing a warning from my guides to just lay low for these eclipses, meditate, do spiritual work, dance, listen to music, watch an uplifting movie, eat healthy, drink plenty of water, rest and take care of ourselves.  You can also take a walk in a peaceful park, and spend time with loved ones if they're not in a pessimistic mood, otherwise, you're better off on your own doing something that nourishes your soul.

If you're in Bellingham, Washington and you would like help with reading the eclipses in your natal chart, contact me at wholemusicexp at or go to my website for details of my services.  I give private lessons and chart consultations.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Radio Interview Recommendation BTR Awakenings guest Stephanie Austin

I highly recommend listening to Michele Mieche's Blog Talk Radio interview with Astrologer Stephanie Austin.

The interview starts about 29 minutes into the show and revolves around the outer planet transits.  You can learn a lot about where we're heading by listening to this interview.