Thursday, June 27, 2013

Get Spiritualized (Grand Water Trine for June 27- 29)

photo by Patricia Herlevi
First, Thomas Aquinas and I send blessings out to the followers of Whole Astrology.  Thank you for your support.  Next, Thomas and I are spoiling you this week with yet another post, but if this Grand Water Trine ushers in world peace then it is well worth our efforts.

Besides, I'm an ambassador for Grand Water Trines since I was born with a trine with Neptune at the top.  And you all know how much I love Neptune, la, la, la Neptune.  Coincidentally, our spiritual buddy Neptune appears in the Grand Water Trine for June 2013 and so does his good pal Jupiter, also a spiritual fellow, along with Sun, Moon and Saturn, and no Saturn is not throwing a wet towel on the trine party.  He's bringing us discipline so that we can take advantage of these flowing energies.  Besides, Saturn and Neptune are retrograde at this time so Saturn is resisting his urge to control us.

So here is the configuration:

Moon conjuncts Neptune at 5 degrees in Pisces trining Jupiter 0 degrees and Sun 5 degrees in Cancer trining Saturn at 4 degrees Scorpio.  Some of the aspects are exact with Jupiter with a 5 degree orb and Saturn with a 1 degree orb, still pretty tight.  The Moon will of course move on and out of the trine, while Neptune, Saturn and the Sun along with Jupiter will hold the trine through June 29th.  The Trine with Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune is exact at 4 degrees on July 17 and 18th and some astrologers are calling this "a Golden Triangle".  Certainly, these two days are golden opportunities.  (Listen to Mark Husson's Hay House Radio Power Peek Hour show for July 16 under preview archives for the best description of this Grand Trine I have come across).

Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune will keep the Grand Water Trine going until August 11 and the trine between Saturn and Neptune continues until September 22nd.  These water trines give us a boost in healing addictions, childhood wounds, making peace with authority figures (Saturn) and forging new bonds with the Divine.  Jupiter and Neptune represent merging with the Higher Mind, but we need the discipline of Saturn in Scorpio to dredge up limiting beliefs and wounds in our subconscious so that we can deliver those to the Higher Mind for healing.  People with a lot of planets in water signs will find the deepest healing now along with Sagittarius natives.  Capricorns will glean the lessons of self-love and acceptance while developing deeper compassion for the earth and its inhabitants.

We will gaze critically at the world's major religions and spiritual practices to see if they still serve our Highest Good.  If they don't we will chuck out those religions and practices at this stage, or start to move in that direction.

Anyone born now comes with a message of peace and love with the ability to spread joy.  Not only will we break away from the illusions of religion, but also of governments around the world. Liberation by connecting to Oneness and dispelling illusions that keep us stuck happens now for those of us vibrating at higher frequencies. And we vibrate at higher frequencies through yoga, meditation, listening to high vibrational sounds and music, eating healthier foods, exercising, and deleting negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs from our conscious and subconscious minds.  The trines allow us to do this work, but we still must make the effort.  The rewards are incredible.  So love one another.

So what does this mean? This is a fabulous time to get spiritualized (not a word you'll find in your dictionary) and do something sacred.  This morning when I woke up I listened to a Sufi or Qawwali chant by the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, I meditated, wrote in my journal (which involves channeling saints), and toned my chakras then listened to sacred Celtic pilgrimage music.  Any type of sacred chant will work now for connecting with the Divine and the Divine channel is wide open so make the connection.

If chanting and listening to sacred music doesn't appeal to you (strange, but possible), then try trance dance, purify water with your love intentions, hang out in nature and meditate, practice yoga, or anything that will connect you to the Divine, aka, GOD.  You ask well, why should I do that? And I would say to you that the Grand Water Trine we experience today involves Neptune and Jupiter (if only we could toss in Venus too, but alas she's moving into Leo tomorrow), we could usher in world peace and ignite a mass awakening on the planet.  Yes, this is possible now, but since we are dealing with a trine, we actually need to act on this energy.

What else could happen now? Intense healing of emotions and miraculous healing of childhood wounds (Pluto in Capricorn sextiles Chiron in Pisces and this is on-going).  We could experience self-love as in self-acceptance, not narcissism because I'm talking about the type of self-love that nourishes others (that what Cancer is truly about) and I'm talking about the healthy mother image, the one that feeds us when we're hungry, clothes us when we're cold, and feeds us soup when we're sick that she made from scratch.  Now, take this feeling and send it outwards so that every creature on the planet feels it.  That's the power in this Grand Water Trine.  IT IS HUGE!  This is a time to feel At One with All because again, Jupiter and Neptune are involved.  This is also a time to admit that the healing balm for addictions is a spiritual practice so if you don't already have a spiritual practice, now is a good time to start one.

I also want you to consider the quality of water by meditating on this image, a single raindrop falling into a pool of water.  What happens to that raindrop? Can you separate it from the pool of water? If you answered yes, then you're still living in the illusion of separation and this Grand Water Trine will have none of that.  I also want you to consider that water is a conduit of sound, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc... Our bodies are comprised of 70 percent water and I believe that the earth has the same percentage of water upon it, more today because it's raining like mad outside.

I want you to consider this video of Dr. Masaru Emoto's work with water even if you already know about his work and don't want to hear more about the water crystals exposed to words and sounds.

So your assignment for today is to bless every glass or bottle of water you drink or pour for someone else today (imagine if you work as a waitress or waiter) and tell this water that you love and appreciate her (or him, I don't want to sound sexist). When you bless this water, you bless yourself and others.  You bless the entire planet.  I want you to stay mindful today about water, emotions, and balancing emotions.  Face it, we're all going to feel more weepy than normal, more nostalgic and sentimental now. This is also a good time to practice the Law of Attraction or to grow more conscious of the reality you create.  If you find yourself floating between dimensions, that's normal now too.  You could just as well end up swimming with dolphins, the descendents of Sirius B.

I have one more request for you, please pass this post on to your loved ones who are open to astrology.  If everyone prays or does something spiritual today it's going to make a huge difference.  If you follow Gregg Braden's work like I do, you will know the power of prayer and intent.  Let's use the power of this Grand Water Trine to heal the earth.  Thank you and bless you.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don't Retread on Me--Mercury RX in Cancer

I have already explored the meaning of retrograde planets on this blog and Mercury RX in particular (RX is short for retrograde).  However, we have yet to explore Mercury RX in Cancer, especially when it's opposite sign and planet, Sagittarius/Jupiter also falls in Cancer at this time.  Now, it's our job to break this down into pieces and then synthesize those pieces into whole astrology.  That's what we do here on this blog.

Okay, so that we don't give a bad reputation or rap to Cancer, let's first look at all the positive traits of the 6th Zodiac Sign (it's actually the 4th, but it represents the 6th and 7th months of the calendar year) which falls in the water element, opens the Summer Solstice (in the northern hemisphere) and is represented by both the Moon and the Crab, both which have a connection to the sea.  And as I say those words, The Waterboy's "This is the Sea" and "The Whole of the Moon" scramble in my thoughts. Michael Scott of the Waterboys, and who composed those classic songs, has his Rising Sign in Cancer.  Ah, no wonder he sings about a crazy Moon and the wide ocean. But I digress.

Cancerians know all about moods, the coming and going of the tide, when it's best to hide under a rock and cuddle with other like-minded crabs or to slam the door shut of their proverbial shell and not let anyone near them.  Cancerians are motherly (both the men and women), caring, nurturing, creative, sensitive, empathic, and are good cooks because they love food, especially comfort food.  They make good parents if they heal their own childhood issues first, otherwise, watch out!  They are childlike even as adults, and when they're not feeling too vulnerable, they're a lot of fun with a sometimes sentimental or nostalgic sense of humor which they also share with their polar opposite, Capricorn.  In fact, coming from a family of Cappies and Crabs, we waltz down Memory Lane a bit too much.  Cancerians have a tendency to live more in the past than the present and they fear the future with a vengeance, always worrying with what ifs flying through their thoughts at the speed of light.

The Chariot (Cancer)
The downside, Cancers smother, and they act too motherly causing co-dependence in others.  They worry too much (just like Virgo), they control in a motherly or fatherly way instead of letting others figure out things for themselves, they are moody, crabby, and fear-driven.  Let me give you an example of the shadow side of Cancer played out with the country-the US.  Here is a country that is patriotic in a sentimental way that doesn't question what it should.  The country is clannish and suffers from tribalism (two negative qualities of Cancer) in how it deals with other nations.  It has food security issues and forces its toxic GMO foods on other nations with food distribution problems.  The US government doesn't allow other countries to solve their own problems, becomes fearful and spreads fear like contagions around the world which is worst than any pandemic and we won't even go down that road.  I think you see the point.

Now, let's get to Mercury RX which represents the realm of communication, education, the media, the thinking process and mechanics or machinery.  Since Cancer equals life force Mother, food, safety and security, we will revisit those issues when Mercury is RX in Cancer.  We might read many fearful articles on national security especially with the US and Canada, two countries ruled by Cancer.  Food safety and distribution problems will arise.  I predict we will see more food recalls than normal because the food is toxic or infected with harmful bacteria.  Since Cancer rules milk (as far as I'm concerned), we will hear a lot about the dangers of milk products and health issues that arise with this nurturing and life-giving source.

Cancer rules the breast and stomach so these organs will end up in the media or we will pay more attention to our stomachs and breasts in our daily lives. If we had an ailment in those areas of the body we will return in some way to that ailment, either it is finally healed or reoccurs to bring healing now or in the next three weeks.  We will hear more fear-driven stories of women cutting off their breasts because they think they might get cancer in the future, but don't have it now.  And we will keep debating this issue.

Mercury RX, the Trickster
For you personally, look at where Cancer is on the cusp of your natal chart and then watch all the planets in Cancer transit through that area of your chart, while watching the events that occur when these transits occur.  You will need to practice clear communication in that area of your chart so if you have Cancer on the cusp of your 7th House then when Mercury travels backwards through that house watch for communication glitches with your significant partners (both intimate and business partners).  Don't sign any contracts during this time and certainly don't get married when Mercury is RX in your 7th House unless you are remarrying. Be weary of your food and follow your gut or intuition and if it tells you not to eat a certain food (even if this feels illogical) listen because that food might be tainted or poisoned.

When any planet is transiting through a water sign, pay attention to intuition because it is actually heightened during this time and for all of us, with so many planets in water signs at the moment (virtually all of them), we are all tuning into our Higher and Wiser Selves.  Pay attention.

Now, with Mercury RX, it is time to revisit and reunite with old friends.  Have you been thinking of someone a lot lately, call him or her, or send an e-mail.  Since Cancer rules our most intimate relations, mostly our birth family, we could get in touch with them too and even heal issues from the past.  It's time to upgrade software on your computer and make sure your security software is working properly.  Clean out any unnecessary files from your hard drive too.  Clean out the file cabinet while you're at it too especially when the Moon is waning (which it's doing now).

If you're looking for work, apply at places you either worked at or applied to in the past.  If you are relocating, move back to an old neighborhood or in with a friend or colleague from your past or that you have known for many years.  You'll find the past revisiting you a lot now, and don't grow overly nostalgic which this time in Cancer will cause us to do.  We will feel more sentimental than usual and slip into denial too.  With Mercury going inward we won't have the power of this planet's analytical thinking either.

Obviously, this retrograde will play out differently for each of us, but with some overarching themes we will all share.  The Fourth of July in the US and Canada Day (also at during the first week of July) will seem more surreal than normal causing people either to feel overly patriotic to the point of denial or antagonistic toward their respective country.  We might even see some kind of rally or protest on these days.  Look behind the curtain to see what the Wizard of Oz is really up too and don't get caught up in blind faith. This isn't Kansas any longer and with the Cancer theme, we still believe, as we must believe, there is no place like home.  And on some days we will feel as bewildered as the young Dorothy out for an adventure along with her barking terrier, Toto.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Moon beams, spaceboots & mysterious men (A watery world this summer)

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Happy Solstice!  

This will be a wet summer if the water signs have anything to do with it.  Let's take a look at the planetary lineup for the next few weeks.  Neptune continues his long journey through Pisces, Saturn and the North Node remain in Scorpio, Jupiter moves into Cancer, along with the Sun.  Venus and Mercury travel in Cancer and on July 14, fiery Mars takes a dip into Cancerian water where he remains until August 29. The asteroids Chiron, Vesta, and Ceres also transit through water signs.

As I write this post, I'm listening to a Putumayo Kids disk with nostalgic American folk tunes (how Cancerian is that?)  I just listened to a song with the lyrics, "blue skies smiling at me..." and for those of you with water signs, you'll feel like you're sailing through blue skies even if rain pours from black clouds.  With Jupiter in Cancer, Cancerians especially feel giddy with that nostalgic child coming out to play.  Pisces will feel especially creative and practical (what a concept for Pisceans) whereas, Scorpions might just lighten up a bit this summer since they'll also feel creative.

Earth signs will also feel more creative and flowing with so many planets in complimentary water.  Air signs will feel suffocated by deeper emotions and Fire signs will lose some of their enthusiasm as they deal with their unconscious emotions and childhood wounds.

summer festival in Bulgaria
Lineup for June and July (of water signs)

Sun moves into Cancer on June 20 - July 23
New Moon in Cancer on July 1
Mercury in Cancer from June 1 --August 8 (retrograde in late June to mid-July)
Venus in Cancer from June 4 - June 28 
Mars in Cancer from July 14 -August 28
Jupiter in Cancer June 27 for 12 months
Saturn in Scorpio (through 2014)
Neptune in Pisces until 2024
N Node in Scorpio
Chiron in Pisces
Ceres in Cancer until June 23
Vesta in Cancer until August 7

This is a fabulous time to get in touch with emotions and listen to intuitive hunches.  It's also a good time to conceive (fertile) both human children and creative projects.  It's also a good time for therapy, life coaching, and all these planets in water, do yourself a favor and book an appointment with a transformational astrologer.  Practice self-love that extends outward towards others.  Get in touch with your children or work with other children.  And if that doesn't appeal to you, get in touch with your inner child.

Watch you diet since you'll feel tempted to eat comfort foods that are creamy in nature or leave you feeling nostalgic for childhood.  But do join with others (if you're in the northern hemisphere) for picnics and potlucks, not so much to share food, but to share each other.  Remember to drink purified water and if you have healing abilities, then use energy work to purify the earth's waterways.

Water signs also lead us to deeper spirituality so this is a good time to take spiritual online courses, read spiritual books, and attend spiritual conferences.  If crowds aren't your thing, then head to a retreat center to meditate and do yoga or go camping with spiritual friends and leave your cell phone and other electronic devices at home.  Connect to the natural world now and practice earth stewardship.  Neptune still teaches us about our connection to All that is, with Cancer planets helping us to take baby steps and Saturn and North Node in Scorpio helping us to go deeper with ourselves.

If you're in the Bellingham, Washington area and you would like a consultation, contact me at wholemusicexp at  High school and college graduates receive a $10 off special this June.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Feeing Crabby (Cancer Stellium in June and July)

Stelliums have played a larger role in 2013, starting with the Pisces stellium last February/March, then following through with stelliums of the personal planets in Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.  At the moment, Venus (June 4 - 26) and Mercury (June 1 - August 24) transit through Cancer, with Mercury going retrograde on June 26 at 23 degrees.  Mercury will go direct on July 19 when it reaches 13 degrees Cancer and it moves into Leo on August 24.  Other retrograde planets include Saturn, Neptune and Pluto with Uranus going retrograde on July 18 and Saturn going direct on July 8.  The asteroids Juno and Chiron are retrograde as well, for those of you who follow micro-astrology (which studies fixed stars and asteroids).

The Sun moves into Cancer on Saturday June 20 or 21 (depending where you are in the world), kicking off the Solstice and Jupiter moves into Cancer on June 27 staying in the water sign for 12 months (moves into Leo next summer).  Mars (July 14 - August 29), moves into Cancer on July 14, then it travels in tandem with Jupiter for approximately two weeks. Will we feel particularly athletic during that time? Also note that when I say stellium I'm merely speaking of the Cancerian energy and not orbs.  Anyone born during this time is going to have a strong and powerful Cancer signature and will either become a smothering or nurturing type.

I have already spoken about Jupiter in Cancer (June 27, 2013 - June 2014) in my previous post and many of the same Cancerian traits of nurturing, mothers, mood swings, safety, security, food, nutrition, and water sign qualities apply with the other planets transiting through Cancer.  However, Cancer colors each of the planets differently.  For instance, Venus in Cancer has to do with attracting rather than chasing after a person, ideal, or job etc...This is an old fashion placement for Venus, even demure and is super feminine since we combine the mysterious Moon energy with Venus' sensuality.  And also with Jupiter in Cancer we will be concerned about our body weight and diet.  With Mars and Jupiter traveling together in July, we will at least entertain getting physical in the athletic sense even if that's just riding a bicycle across town or strolling through neighborhoods after the evening meal.

Both Mercury and Mars in Cancer will appear touchy and overly sensitive, but each of the planets will act this out in different ways.  Mercury will act out on an intellectual level, but it will want to communicate feelings too and if the partner doesn't want to communicate feelings in an intimate relationship, both people could feel crabby and unloved.  We could see a lot of pouting and sulking with this Mercury placement.  But in the journalistic field we will read numerous articles on food security, nutrition, and analyze what's wrong with our food, though with Jupiter in Cancer, we will also look at what's right with our food, such as supporting organic farming and urban farms.  This is a good time to discuss with your neighbors plans for building a stronger local economy and creating resilience for an untenable future.

Mars in Cancer will seem pushy and competitive.  Here you find the inner child throwing tantrums and hopefully healing mothering wounds.  This Mars will feel hungry and impatient in settings where we have to wait for food to be delivered.  People also won't enjoy standing in long lines at the grocery store or waiting around for lunch breaks at work.  You'll see more people sneaking food on to public transportation (which is not permitted) and you will hear a lot of stories about entitlement programs involving food.  People are just going to feel hungrier than normal and worried about the future of their food supply.  We might even see hoarding of food or people buying in large quantities in a selfish manner, not leaving any food for other customers.

When really what is happening is that we all need to learn how to self-nurture and love ourselves so that we can extend this love and nurturing to others.  Know this, there is enough food in the world to keep all of us fat, if we chose that lifestyle.  The problem isn't the food supply, but distribution of the food and economic justice.  The only way to solve that problem is to gather with people in an inclusive group and brainstorm ideas on how to grow our own food and heal the distribution problem.  We are all deserving of healthy food, but we need to come together in the spirit of cooperation to share the bounty.  Mars in Cancer will challenge us in this way unless we act consciously.

On July 7, we experience a New Moon in Cancer at 17 degrees.  Cancer is intuitive, creative and ambitious.  How will use those qualities to move forward in our lives? Set an intention around home, food, and self-love on this day. Personally, with so many planets transiting through Cancer in June and July, it is time to take a vacation, and spend time with family and loved ones.  Look back at your personal history, but don't get caught or trapped in the stories. Cancers have a tendency to cling to the past, but now we must let go of the past gently.  When the planets move into Leo, we will feel like opening our hearts and clearing our heart chakra, but first we need to heal those childhood and psychic wounds that we carry in our breasts and stomachs.

Cape Cod, photo by Patricia Herlevi
We all carry these wounds even if we believe we had perfect parents.  Most of us, I imagine, have many issues with our parents, especially our mothers when planets transit in Cancer.  Don't deny these issues, but don't wear them like a badge of wounded honor either because that's just manipulative and controlling.  Find a life coach or a therapist and work through these issues now and lose the baggage.  The closer we move towards ascension we need to make the choice to lose the baggage or stay stuck in the third and fourth dimensions (no thanks).  When you spend time with family during this phase (if you choose to), you will notice who and what pushes your buttons.  You can at that point decide to change your behavior so that they can no longer push your buttons.  This takes some effort on your part, but don't you wish to liberate yourself from family dramas rehashed like old episodes of  The Brady Bunch?  I thought so.

Okay, so get out your swimming trunks and suits and head out into Cancerian waters.  With so many planets in water signs now, we might as well dive into the deep end of the pool.  (Neptune is in Pisces, Saturn and N Node are in Scorpio, Vesta is in Cancer and Chiron is in Pisces).  I'll see you on the other side.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jupiter in Cancer (Watch Your Waistline)

Jupiter, Wikipedia
On June 27, Jupiter rolls into Cancer and we will feel a shift in energy from chatty and detail-oriented Gemini (Jupiter/Sagittarius' opposite sign) to moody, mothering and nurturing Cancer.  While Gemini rules the lungs, hands, and arms, Cancer rules the stomach and the breasts, both seen as nurturing.  Gemini rules the Twins and Cancer rules the Mother Crab.

We will feel less social over the next 12 months and more likely to hide out in our crab shells, which Jupiter will exaggerate because that's what Jupiter does.  We will spend more time in the home or reflecting on mothers and what it means to mother.  We will look at the different shades of mothering from smothering, abusive, to nurturing.  Food issues will take center stage with us reflecting on food that comforts us (maybe a little too much, watch the waistline) to food security.  We will reflect on agriculture, distribution of food and where our food comes from as far as distance.  We will care more about the farm workers and people living below poverty levels in foreign countries since Jupiter represents the foreigner.  However, Cancer represents the home and also the US and Canada are ruled by Cancer so Jupiter will either bring a boost to the economies of these countries making it easier for us to obtain food that nurtures us, or we will contemplate how to bring food justice closer to home.  I think we will see both scenarios.

Cancer Zodiac, Wikipedia
Jupiter expands what it touches and in Cancer that represents self-love and self-nurturing through food and mothering.  People already addicted to food and overeat will find it challenging in the next year to refrain from indulging in food, that might not be particularly healthy for them, but that they find comforting.  We will find ourselves craving food from our childhood since Cancer also represents childhood in some ways.  On the darker side, issues of digestion, and cancer in the parts of the body ruled by Cancer and Sagittarius (Jupiter) will affect some people and this represents a fast-growing cancer since Jupiter expands what it touches.  On the other hand, we will as a society feel optimistic about healing cancer and other autoimmune diseases and some people will believe (believe is a Jupiter word) that they can heal anything with the right attitude.  Diet will play a huge role along with attitude and taking care of the liver is as crucial as being kind to the stomach.

Immigration issues in the US will grow even hotter, especially around migrant farm workers. We will recall the movements led by Cesar Chavez and the grape pickers.  Along with this, we will also reflect on the safety of our homes and see grassroots activism around banning certain chemicals in our food supply, food packaging or for use in the home.  I already saw a news headline about a study linking the dangers of BPA (in plastic) with pregnant women.  We will question the safety of our food even getting to the point of more people insisting on growing their own due to safety concerns in the food distribution process.  As Jupiter has been approaching the sign of Cancer, a case involving hepatitis A with berries sold at Cosco appeared in the news--an article that has the equation disease + food = liver damage.  Although this technically falls under Gemini too with the media picking up the story.

With Cancer in Jupiter Cancer-types (people with Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign Cancer or a stellium of Cancer planets or planets in the 4th House), will feel more athletic during the next 12 months.  They will head out to the water with kayaks, canoes, windsurfing boats or go swimming.  They will spend more time outdoors and near water.  Some will pay more attention to diet or even change their diet to give their bodies what they actually need.  Cancerians with a spiritual bent will join a Tai Chi, Chi Gong, or yoga class so that they can wed spirituality to Jupiterian athletic endeavors.

Women, especially mothers will make the news headlines in an exaggerated fashion.  We will actually grow tired of hearing about mothers.  We might see a rise in births in the next 12 months since couples and even single women will feel more prosperous and secure at this time, especially with the boosted economy in countries ruled by Cancer or Sagittarius.  However, a reality check is necessary since Jupiter will only stay in Cancer for a year, then in two years Jupiter moves into Virgo, which will feel more like a reality check.

However, I'm pleased as punch that Jupiter will transit through my 7th House for part of its transit through my chart and then into my 8th House which represents the resources of others (which is wonderful if you're trying to sell or promote something).  Last time Jupiter traveled through my 7th House I dated a foreigner and met tons of foreign men that I wish now I had developed friendships.

You must remember that Jupiter only comes around every 12 years since it takes that long for the planet to travel around the Zodiac so you need to act, even if Jupiter causes us to lie around in hammocks drinking tropical drinks.  With Jupiter in Cancer we need to remind ourselves to get our feet out of the sand from time to time and leap on opportunities that come our way.  Lady Luck is one thing, but if she comes knocking on the door and we have fallen asleep on the couch, then we missed out.

(Also look for issues of entitlement, both deserved and otherwise verses capitalism.  It's possible that any Cardinal Crosses formed between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto during the next 12 months could very well transform this planet moving us away from tribalism (which is the dark side of Cancer) to cooperation among and with people (not part of our clan).  Uranus = rebellion, Pluto = secrets revealed and destruction of old structures and Jupiter = providing nourishment and comfort for everyone.

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Crosses that We Carry, Part 2

Marker for El Camino pilgrimage, Wikipedia
Part One is at:

As promised, I will now present to you three astrologers experiences with T-Crosses which include, two women and one man, all over age 40.  I am particularly interested in astrologers over 40 for this article because it takes about 40 years to get a gasps of the energies played out in a T-Cross and astrologers speak the astrological language, making my job so much easier.  I will refer to the astrologers as Astrologers #1, 2, and 3 to protect their identities since I believe that revealing one's true self through an astrological chart places people in a vulnerable position and you can double that with online media.  And having said that, I'm always honored to learn about a person's astrological makeup.

Astrologer #1 (Female, age 49, born on January 1, 1964), has a Fixed T-Cross involving Moon (Leo), Neptune Scorpio), and Saturn/Venus (Aquarius).  The 3rd, 5th/6th and 9th Houses are involved.  Release from the cross tension comes when the Moon trines Jupiter, and several Neptune transits including Chiron, North Node (fate) and sextiles with Uranus/Pluto (Virgo and generational) and Venus sextiles Jupiter.

The astrologer answered yes to learning the purpose of the T-Cross as she grew older.

Now, before I jump into her personal notes of her observations, I look at the planets involved and I see relationship issues right away with the Leo Moon needing self-love and attention from others, but authority figures, who might seem overly progressive, cold, detached or eccentric denied the Leo Moon recognition or even affection with Saturn/Venus involved, with Saturnian women, perhaps a mother giving the astrologer #1 a cold shoulder. This could represent a feminist mother or feminism in general which confused the astrologer when she was a child (Leo represents child and Moon represents mother).  Neptune in Scorpio additionally could come up with dark religious experiences or dealing with someone with an addiction or psychological problem when presented in this T-Cross.  Both the Leo Moon and Saturn/Venus square Neptune setting up confusion in the 5th and 6th Houses (childhood, health, daily life, job, work environment, and creativity).

Astrologer #1 said these things about her T-Cross experience:

"I have a strong Saturn (Saturn appears in the T-Cross)--not just because it's in Aquarius, but also because I'm a quadruple Capricorn (Sun, South Node, Mercury RX and Mars)."

"Saturn (Aquarius conjunct Venus) opposing my Moon (Leo) was completely about me not feeling worthy to meet my needs (and I chose parents for that).  Saturn conjunct Venus in Aquarius was slightly easier but Saturn had the stronger expression than Venus, for sure, so again my self-worth suffered."

Paraphrasing two pages of notes:

Logical Saturn battles with dreamy Neptune causing Astrologer #1 to disown her Neptune energy.  In doing that, she projects this weakness onto others thus attracting "losers, wannabe creative types, drug addicts, alcoholics and liars" as partners.  She found the stable type boring.  When she looked at her family roots, her alcoholic father (Neptune in Scorpio) came up and her "mousy" mother (Pisces) was seen as weak and her mother played a silent martyr role to the alcoholic father.

After dealing with painful situation dealing with an alcoholic partner, a court case, visitation rights for a child, and watching the court system take sides with the alcoholic partner, Astrologer #1 discovered strengths in Neptune and stopped disowning this part of her self.  She began pursuing a creative path and attracted successful creative types. She married a strong Pisces man (now deceased) who helped with raising her child.  Astrologer #1 integrated her Saturn and Neptune energies with wonderful results.

"So one of the tools I learned about T-Squares was that the point opposite the middle planet would help give the T-Square a push towards making progress." She gives the tips of looking for asteroids at that point in the chart and looking up the mythology of that asteroid or asteroids, for her it was Circe (creativity, magic and weaving).  Her lessons have filtered down to both of her children who also have T-Squares in their charts.

Astrologer #1 impresses me with her integration of the T-Square (I use the term T-Cross) planets and Neptune and Saturn are not easy energies to master since they do oppose one another--the realist and the dreamer.  However, when Neptune's creativity partners with Saturn's discipline and sense of responsibility, these planets bring out artistic talent coupled with business know-how (head in the clouds, feet securely on the ground).

Saturn, Wikipedia
Astrologer #2 (Female, age 58, born February 12, 1955)

Here we have another Fixed T-Cross or T-Square with Mercury/Sun/MC in Aquarius--3rd/4th opposing Pluto in Leo (generational)--9th/10th and squaring Saturn in Scorpio--6th House.

Relief from the tension comes from Mars in Aries forming a sextile to Sun/Mercury/MC.  Neptune in Libra and the Moon at 0 Scorpio trine the Sun/Mercury/MC and Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Cancer trines Natal Saturn.

My impression is that of someone who works in the psychological and self-help field using new age approaches and tools such as astrology (Aquarius rules astrology) to shed a light on darkness (Pluto in Leo) in the house of higher learning, religion, and exploration and Public House.  But this is someone who is taking the journey (her own personal journey) along with those of her clients.  Mars in its own sign forming a sextile with Sun/Mercury and the Mid heaven provokes a spiritual warrior image or ideal.  Uranus in Cancer wants to take an innovative approach to self-care and nurturing (again something new age or in energy medicine) and Neptune in Libra is about balancing emotions.

Astrologer #2 shares her philosophy about T-Squares.  "I work with the challenges of the t-squares as opportunities to evolve, grow, heal and integrate (Saturn in Scorpio).  I also see them as a way to perceive what is actually required to create the life that we are here to live, not the one we think we're supposed to.  The blockage of the t-square is actually a re-routing tool to keep us on our path."

Chiron, Wikipedia
Astrologer #3 (Male, 52 years of age, April 24, 1961, with a Grand Cross and T-Square).

When I looked at Astrologer #3's chart, I actually felt tears of compassion welling up in my eyes.  While I understand this type of chart is that of a person on a path towards mastership, I also sensed the pain and frustration this astrologer endured in his lifetime thus far.

Astrologer #3's AC is in Aquarius and he has Chiron (the wounded healer) at 5 degrees Pisces in the house of identity and self.  Uranus, the ruler of his chart falls in its opposite sign (fall) Aquarius in the 6th House of health, daily work and service.  While his Grand Cross is in fixed signs, his T-Cross is in Cardinal signs.

The Grand Cross (which I'm still in the process of studying), includes Neptune in Scorpio (9th House), opposing Sun in Taurus (3rd) and squaring Moon in Leo (6th) and Jupiter in Aquarius (12th).  As you can see, communication and learning/thinking style (3rd), expression of emotions and sense of self in regard to work, health and service (6th), higher learning, teachers, and religion (9th), and hospitals, spirituality and hidden enemies (12th) play roles with this cross.

The Cardinal T-Cross includes Saturn (strong in its own sign) Capricorn in the Aquarius House (11th--innovation, colleagues, networks, friends) opposes Mars (children, men, competition...) in Cancer in the 5th House of children and Mercury falling in Aries in the 3rd House (doesn't mince words and feels competitive in a learning environment and would work well with children).

When I asked Astrologer #3 if he enjoyed being around children, he said that he did but was glad he doesn't have any of his own due to the fact that he would over discipline them (strong Saturn).

Astrologer #3 mentions relief he experiences from the crosses, "Mercury in Aries trines Uranus in Leo (Uranus in its fall) to the degree and it gives a brilliance for picking up systems I am passionate about such as astrology and the Mayan calendar."

Astrologer #3 shares his experiences.  "I have found that particularly the Grand Cross when I identify with any of the parts and take them seriously, life is tough.  But the tension involved with the crosses demands eventually that that the only sane place to witness is the center, while actors play their parts.  The tension of the cross brings an intensity that allows one to pass through the eye of the needle of the intensity to reach the center where all becomes a joke.  At least that is my experience.

I think with the T-squares another person or transit could assist with this same experience.  As my Saturn, Mars, and Mercury are not quite the gem as the Grand Cross, I feel I struggle with receiving the revelations from the T-Square."

When I asked Astrologer #3 how the Grand Cross affected his achievements and if ambition came harder to him, his response was, "It's not so much harder, but my ambitions become more about liberation as the material world definitely can lose its aura of desirable.  In my younger years, I'm now 52, I was pretty good at creating businesses when I wanted to, but it was the desire for it that was hard to come by."

All puns attended, but after reading this article on T-Crosses and a Grand Cross, you can see how some of us have grown cross with our natal planets.  Yet, as I said earlier in the first article, the harder configurations provide us a path to mastership.  One astrologer said that T-Squares are common and true enough I do find these little devils (joke) in charts of my clients along with yods.  Could this be because we are at a crucial moment at the end of a 5,000 year cycle where we had better shift our consciousness and get our lives in gear if we wish to survive?  If all we had were Grand Trines in our charts then we would all be too lazy to lead the way or do the hard stuff that needs to get done.

Take heart my fellow cross carriers, there is a message waiting for you to decipher in your natal charts.  Focus on the messages and not the struggles.  And know for every T-Cross and Grand Cross out there, you will hear pages and pages of struggles and breakthroughs.  If you are still young and struggling keep working for those breakthroughs.  I never thought in my 20s or 30s that the day would come when I would write an article while standing on the other side of my Mutable T-Cross (which still bothers me on some days) to tell you that you can do better than just surviving the transits.  Take the lemons and turn them into delicious juice that nourishes your soul.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Crosses We Carry (Transformation & Resurrection via the T-Cross), PT One

Southern Cross, Wikipedia
When astrologers first told me I had a Mutable T-Cross in my chart, I just shrugged it off.  At that time, (I was in my early 20s), I had no idea about the purpose of a T-Cross in a natal chart and I certainly knew little, if anything about the planets involved with my T-Cross.  Ignorance is bliss, right? Wrong.  While a T-Cross isn't as challenging as a Yod, which gives a person little direction or the wherewithal to accomplish their strange missions in life, T-Crosses do take people with them through a process of self-understanding and transformation.

First, let's look at the definition of a T-Cross that I'm working with.  Two or more planets oppose each other and another planet (or planets) square both of the opposing planets.  For anyone who has seen their natal chart printed out in color, the oppositions and squares are represented by red lines.  And similar to the red markings of an editor's pen on a manuscript, these red lines draw our attention and yes, they are a bit frightening when Pluto, Mars, Uranus or Saturn are involved.  In this case, ignorance is not bliss.  So let's break this down so we can further understand the dialogue of the planets and we will use my chart as an example.

In my chart, Saturn and Moon in Pisces (4 and 5 degrees) oppose Uranus and Pluto in Virgo (6 & 11 degrees) and Mars forms the final leg in the cross squaring both pairs of planets (Gemini 8 degrees).  Saturn and Moon fall in the 2nd House, Uranus and Pluto in 8/9th houses and Mars falls on the cusps of the 5th/6th houses when using an Equal House System (which I use).  As a reminder, the 2nd House represents talents, skills, resources and in traditional astrology, moveable resources.  The house's natural ruler is Taurus and this house has a lot to do with money earned by the individual as opposed to resources of another source which is represented by the 8th House, ruled by Scorpio.  The 5th House ruled by Leo is the entertainment, recreation, children, and affairs house while the 6th House represents daily routine, job, work place, health (in traditional astrology, ill health), small pets and service.

Saturn's conversation leans towards conservative, responsibility, karma, discipline, learning life lessons, and building structure.  The Moon's conversation is about nurturing, emotions, mothering, shadows we project on others, and our inner workings as well as, the occult.  Pluto rules the underworld or more of what is hidden such as the unconscious, past lives (along with the 12th House), sex, death, rebirth, transformation, taxes, secrets, undercover journalism, and the list goes on (most of which we find unpleasant).  Uranus brings us the unexpected and shocking revelations, as well as, getting us out of a rut, and helping us to think and act differently.  And finally Mars represents aggression, assertiveness, ambition, war, violence, sports, competition and our male side.  In my chart, these planets form a cross in mutable signs which causes restlessness, but also flexibility.  They want to communicate and they must communicate with Mars in Gemini squaring the planets of transformation (Pluto and Uranus) and the emotional planets (Saturn and Moon).  Saturn is also the Ruler of my natal chart with my AC in Capricorn.

So how has this played out in my life? In my earlier years, I dealt with critical adults or authority figures (Pluto and Uranus in Virgo) which I rebelled against in a childish and sometimes aggressive manner (usually verbally) Mars in Gemini to cover up my emotions and feelings of inadequacy (Saturn and Moon in Pisces).  As an artist (a writer and musician), I lacked the confidence to earn a real living doing what I love so I relied on the resources of others to survive, sometimes boyfriends who I fought with (Mars in Gemini), but depended upon in no-win situations.  All of these themes were heightened when Uranus was in Pisces and Pluto in Sagittarius and when any of the personal planets fell into a mutable sign, except for Sagittarius which brought relief to the tension in the cross.

Raised as a Christian for 8 years, when I hear the word cross, I'm not thinking crosswalk or cross streets, I'm thinking pain, suffering and resurrection, which is highlighted by Saturn and Pluto in my T-Cross.  And now, in my late 40s, I have finally harnessed the energies in this cross through positive action or to say that I'm now proactive with the energies.  Is this resurrection or transformation? Perhaps it's a little of both, but as I matured and gave up the victim game as well as, the martyr routine through self-evaluation and assessment and willingness to transform, I see what these planets are telling me.

Oppositions are always, always, always about balancing polarities.  Unfortunately, the polarity of Virgo-Pisces carries some valuable if not insufferable spiritual lessons about service, humility, compassion (for self and others), deep healing and transcendence.  With Pluto and Uranus holding the Virgo end and Saturn and Moon holding the Pisces end of the see-saw, my life hardly resembled a Pisces dance recital and felt more like a Virgo nagging festival.  Then here comes Mars with his aggressive and witty mouth and knock them down competitive spirit.  No wonder I had such a hard time getting along with bosses, co-workers, and colleagues and yes, I left a trail of frustration and tears in my wake.

The other thing I have learned is that anyone who has outer planets in their T-Cross, is here to clean up huge psychic messes caused from previous lives or this one.  The planets don't care if we were abused as children, if we didn't have our basic needs met, or that our bosses don't like us.  The planets provide us with energy and power that we transform into self-empowerment tools.  The outer planets represent transformation, the breaking down of structure and building new foundations.  They are heavy as real wood crosses and they weigh us down, leaving us with little energy to get on with our lives, when the crosses are activated via transits. However, when the planets are retrograde, we do get some relief.  Saturn is at least retrograde in my natal chart.

Thankfully, my T-Cross plugs into a Grand Water Trine and some flowing sextiles between Uranus and Pluto with the Sun, Mecury, MC, and Neptune.  Uranus and Pluto form a trine with Jupiter in Taurus and the AC and the overall configuration in my natal chart is a kite.  This isn't the case for some people with T-Crosses, at least one person who contacted me recently when I requested information from astrologers with T-Crosses, has a Grand Cross and a T-Cross in his chart, but he at least found the grace and beauty in his natal chart situation.

I suffered from the challenges from my T-Cross for several decades despite the flowing aspects in my chart and the gamut runs from illness to financial situations, but mainly bouts of negative feelings that left me at odds with other people.  Eventually, I just isolated myself from others and decided to live alone and work from home.  That was until recent transits with Neptune, Uranus and Pluto which have brought me strength and gave me tools to work with my sensitivities (Saturn and Moon in Pisces in a Grand Water Trine).  I also began pursuing a spiritual path over 20 years ago and this has never been something I've taken lightly.  I get that I'm here to serve the planet in some way (Pluto and Uranus in Virgo).  I also get now that I'm not powerless and I had better watch how I use my power since it has repercussions in the world.

As I'm looking around now I have noticed other people around my age growing into their T-Crosses and truly finding the beauty in them.  Knowing what I know about this arduous journey, I applaud these folks and I'll write about three of them (astrologers) in Part 2 of this article.  In the meantime, if you have a T-Cross in your chart and you're under 28 and even under 40, take heart. This does not have to feel like a crucifixion and you don't have to walk the path of a victim or martyr.  My advice is to seek a transformational astrologer or life coach astrologer to help you navigate the cross in your chart and to hear the dialogue between the planets.  It does require maturity, grace, and wisdom to hear the teachings of the cross and we're just talking T-Cross (not Grand Crosses which is a whole other story).

Hopefully, the examples in the follow-up article, will inspire you to obtain mastership which is available to anyone with hard angles in their charts (yods, crosses, and squares).  If you have any of those configurations in your chart, you are here to obtain mastership and most likely, spiritual mastership. At least that's what my own T-Cross tells me.