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Eat, Pray, Astrology (Liz Gilbert's Chart)

Liz Gilbert, TED TALKS
Whole Astrology is now over four years old. I'm pulling this article from the 2012 archives. It as popular when I first posted it so I'm sure it's still of interest. I mentioned Liz Gilbert in my article on meditation by planet.  Then a colleague sent me sent me this chart  You can also view the chart below.

Cancer Sun
Aries AC
Virgo Moon 

I doubt that Liz Gilbert was born at 12:00 p.m. and usually when a person is given an Aries AC at 12:00 p.m. it is because a birth time is missing, not always though.  I don't see any yods in the chart, but if these are the right houses for Liz, then we can see where the events of "Eat, Pray, Love" came from.

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In the seventh house (of marriage), Liz has Uranus and Jupiter at 0 degrees Libra, a perfect conjunction.  Since the planets are at 0 degrees Libra, they have just entered that sign, and the Libran energies of partnership would feel new to the natal Jupiter and Uranus.  Uranus is also a party crasher in this house with Liz expecting the unexpected in the area of relationships.

With Jupiter in the seventh house, she could have an abundance of suitable partners in her life.  Which Liz mentions in her book, that she was never without a boyfriend so going it alone for her tour of Italy, India, and Indonesia would have felt like a rebellion against her norm (Uranus).

However, with her natal Sun/Mercury in Cancer in the fourth house, there's also a strong need for a nurturing partner, as well as a mother who believes that marriage and the home are sacred, something you just don't give up on a whim.  This also appears in Liz's book since her mother didn't approve of Liz's divorce.  The Sun/Mercury sextile Pluto in Virgo and the nodes, and trine to Neptune in Scorpio, which are generational markers for Gen-X and late boomers, which emphasized more freedom for women in the area of traveling solo, journalism and marital status.  This is also a generation that has delved into psychology to fix what is broken (Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio) and women of this generation supported Liz's book and the subsequent movie for the book.

Liz's Saturn in Taurus (second house) is unaspected, which could cause the person with unaspected planet to feel restless, undisciplined or unstructured, especially with Saturn falling in a stable earth sign.  Liz's Venus falls in Gemini (communication, variety, intelligence, writers) in the third house of communication (but again these houses could be wrong without an accurate birth time).

Though with Mars in Sagittarius opposite Venus (wide orb of 10 degrees) falling in the ninth house, you could see where the urge to travel fits in.  And Liz's second partner (husband?) is a foreigner and someone with a Sagittarius personality (well traveled, idealistic).  The Mars in the ninth house sextiles with Uranus/Jupiter in Libra (seventh) which could also indicate a foreign man as a partner.

While I haven't found any yods in this chart, there are few aspects between planets and the planets are spread through the chart with an emphasis on relationships, whether with parents (fourth) or partners (seventh and eight).  The Node in Pisces falls in the twelfth house, I can see why Liz went on her transcendental trip around the world.  Her South Node in Virgo reveals a person who served humanity in some way or another in past lives.

With the South Node in Virgo, Liz is a meticulous person, detail-oriented and could feel spaced out with the N Node in Pisces.  In her book, we see this author take a journey from a pragmatic travel journalist to a spiritualist, even to the point of suffering through ashram life in India.  With this placement we see someone climbing the mountaintop, surrendering to the Divine and getting in touch with her soul.

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