Thursday, January 30, 2014

Importance of the Cardinals (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn)

I was lying awake the other night pondering all the themes and aspects represented by Cardinal Signs.  First, we have the four cardinal directions represented by each of the signs, we have the four seasons launched by Cardinal Signs, and let's not forget the equinoxes and solstices also related to Cardinal Signs.  Next, the mother is represented by Cancer, the father by Capricorn and the child by Aries.  So I kept on spinning with the importance of the Cardinal Sign activity in transits for the past several years, including this year.

The Cardinal Signs represent the angular houses with the first house ruled by Aries, the fourth house ruled by Cancer, the seventh house ruled by Libra and finally the tenth house ruled by Capricorn and we could call these houses the four pillars of our mundane lives (self-hood, home/mother, partnerships and career/father). I ask myself why the Cardinal signs are playing such a huge role at this important time in our evolution and the answer that comes up has to do with dramatic transformation.

As humans, we lean towards apathy and the status quo.  We don't enjoy changing our habits or normal responses to events so we need a big push that will last several years.  So at the moment we have two outer planets and one trans-personal planet, Jupiter in Cardinal Signs.  And around two years ago, Saturn transited in Libra (I don't have the exact dates), but Libras remember that Saturn transit.  Then we have had that on-going Uranus-Pluto square in Aries and Capricorn pounding away on us like ocean waves on a seawall, just pushing for the old structures to collapse.  It's no coincidence that the Uranus transits in fiery Aries and Pluto came to transform anything to do with the sign of Capricorn, such as big business and structure.  And this square is far from over as we shall see in 2014 and 2015.

Mars remains in Libra for a total of six months while Venus spends three months in Capricorn, and soon, the North Node will head into Libra.  Mars is also ruled by the Cardinal Sign Aries and Venus by Libra and both planets are currently transiting in Cardinal Signs.  It's almost as if the Universe is saying, "transform now, humans."  Do we have a choice? As far as I see it, we either transform and change our destructive habits or we all go down with the proverbial ship.  While many people feel more comfortable keeping the status quo going, we're just not going back to the way things used to be. Don't expect to return to the line of work you had before you lost your job or to your former partner you divorced, etc... We're not victims here, but at the same time, the planets move us around like Monopoly pieces on a board game.  When the North Node moves into Libra, this scenario will feel even more fateful.

Consider that the Cardinal Signs launch new experiences. We move from winter into spring, and from spring into summer, then summer into fall and back into winter.  Don't take any of this for granted because in some places in the world these seasonal changes feel pronounced and hit people over the head.  The dying leaves, the return of snow and ice, and the sprouting of new life offer us drama and insights.  But if we have moved so far away from the natural world that these changes feel like a small blip on the radar, then we have also lost contact with the planets as they move above our head.

The energy here is pushy and it seeks change whether we feel ready or not.  Our readiness would cause us less suffering. We can choose to go with the flow or fight against the incoming tide.  We feel lost as we grapple with the myriad of changes and transformation in our personal lives. These changes have come in a staccato fashion. We get used to one change and another one shows up right on the first one's tail.  It's a common phrase these days, "Last year I went through transformation."  No one on this planet got through the previous years without experiencing transformation.

Even if you do not have your Sun, Moon or Ascendent in a Cardinal Sign, you can still find in your chart where transformation plays a role.  Look for Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn on the cusps of your natal chart houses.  Then look for natal planets in those houses that the transits of the Cardinal Sign planets aspect.  Even if you only have transiting Pluto in your sixth house without any major aspects, you're still going to experience transformation in your everyday environment.  You could lose a pet, relocate your work, suffer from a sudden illness (or a long-term one you ignored worsens) which brings you a new lifestyle.  You might be forced to transform your diet because you find out you have Celiac Disease, diabetes type 2 or a serious food allergy.

Pluto transiting in the fourth house could signify a sudden change of residence or the death of a mother, that brings spiritual cleansing and healing.  Uranus in the fourth house, especially Uranus in Aries, could signify problem with a child in the home environment that leads to transformation and so on.  These changes might seem like negative events on the outer surface, but ultimately these events bring us insights that help us align more peacefully with the planet and live more balanced lives.  Each person gets only what he or she can handle.  Cardinal Signs strengthen us, mature us, or give us the courage to face the inevitable.  They also bring balance and new structure while teaching us how to nurture ourselves and each other.

The Cardinal Signs will play important roles until Jupiter moves into Leo this July and Uranus changes signs in 2019, leaving us only with Pluto transiting in Capricorn until 2024.  We will better understand the significance of the Cardinal energy .  I truly hope humanity gets the bigger message here and bucks the status quo in favor of a more equitable and sustainable planet.

I've been a bit lazy with exact dates for the outer planets so here's a breakdown.  I just looked these planets up with an online emphemeris ( site):

Uranus Transit in Aries May 29, 2010 to March 7, 2019 (this is a longer transit than normal).

Pluto Transit in Capricorn, January 26, 2008 to January 21, 2024

Also look for Saturn which transits into Capricorn (its own sign) on December 21, 2017 and Jupiter which transits into Libra on September 10, 2016.  Saturn will conjunct the Sun in Capricorn on December 22, 2017 exact.  I bet Capricorns are looking forward to that.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

10 Reasons to Hire an Astrologer

First, choose which type of astrologer that suits your situation.  Astrologers range from old school (traditional), Vedic to Western and other cultures in between, transformational to predictive, horary and mundane.  Jeffrey Green even has his own school of Evolutionary Astrology.  Do you need to consult about business, world events, weather, health issues, your soul path, or do you just want to know if the man you're dating is the one?  Make sure that you research the various types of astrology, then first look in your region for the type of astrologer you have chosen, then check the online directories and listings with schools.  You can also check out astrology forums and conferences.  Don't just go with an ad you find online (this is dubious) unless you research the astrologer to make sure he or she is legit.

For this post, I'm focusing on the reasons for hiring an astrologer and for the sake of brevity, I will list only ten reasons, knowing many more exist. Since I only know about western astrology, I will refer to western astrology.

1. Setting auspicious dates for weddings, family reunions, launching businesses or political campaigns.  This fits under elective astrology or possibly predictive astrology so a transformational astrologer might not be of much help in these regards, ditto for the evolutionary astrologer who is more concerned with the soul's path through transformation.

2. For having a synastry or relationship chart drawn up for couples, bands, business partners, etc...Transformational and predictive astrologers can help with synastry and relationship charts.

3. Predicting health issues or looking in the natal chart for potential health issues.  Predictive and transformational astrologers could help with health issues, but they work in different ways.  The transformational astrologer will look at illness as a journey through transformation and a predictive astrologer will make predictions based on transits or natal planets in the chart.

4. Keeping track of outer planet transits.  I prefer the transformational astrologer for this purpose. Predictive astrologers tend to focus on the negative with outer planet transits unless you can find an astrologer with a more upbeat personality like say, Mark Husson.

5. Predicting world events and trends.  You go to the mundane astrologer for world event and trend predictions. Mundane astrologers place their focus on the bigger trends that can affect your business and financial situations.  They won't however get into the personal details of your natal chart.  They will cast a chart for your business as its own entity and then look at transits to that chart as well as, looking at the world trends and energies of that time.

6. Dealing with tough people and challenging situations. I recommend transformational and evolutionary astrologers if you want the bigger picture.  A predictive astrologer can forecast coming events, but not give you the deeper counseling you deserve when dealing with challenging situations.  Some predictive astrologers tend to wallow in gloom while others can give you encouraging words, but even so, I would go for the deep soul issues, and stick with the transformational and evolutionary astrologers for these situations.

7. Saturn Returns which occur every 28 to 30 years.  Consult with a transformational or predictive astrologer for Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter and Chiron returns.

8. Love, marriage and romance.  I would go with the transformational astrologer or a predictive astrologer who also practices transformational astrology because the path to romance begins with self-love and deep soul evaluation. 

9. Publishing books, looking for agents, releasing CDs or gallery showings.  When seeking optimal times for major arts events, go with a predictive astrologer.  You can also go with an elective astrologer who can choose the most optimal dates for you.

10. Transit readings such as Solar Returns.  Just like it's a good idea to consult with a medical doctor once a year (annual physical), checking in with a predictive or transformational astrologer once a year to have your transits read, keeps you in tune with the energies of your life that coming year.  Do you lay low or get into gear? Do you partner with others or strike out on your own? 

I give transformational astrological readings while mainly focusing on outer planet transits.  However, I slide in some predictive work as I consult with my Spirit Guides and I give intuitive coaching sessions for artists, artisans, entrepreneurs and other creatives.  Go to for details.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

February 2014 Astrological Forecast---Seek the Innerworld & Avoid Frustration

photo by Patricia Herlevi
 (These monthly forecast posts take several hours to research and type. If you find this information meaningful, please donate through PayPal on the right side of the blog.  Donate $20+ US equivalent and receive a one-question reading as a gift).

If we found January a challenging month, the situation grows in intensity in February.  With the T-Square with Pluto/Venus in Capricorn, Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries (wide orb of 3 degrees) people are going to push for their various agendas.  And this really is just a continuation of series of T-Squares that we will experience throughout this winter into next spring.  In fact, we can call this a preview for April's intense transits (which we will get to in a future post).  Venus drops out of the T-Square on February 15, leaving Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus to sort out their tensions.

The image I receive is a food fight with Jupiter in Cancer representing home, nutrition, self and other nurturing, mothers and food security, Pluto in Capricorn representing the established order under siege of the grassroots movements and Uranus representing the warrior side of all of us, the part of us that feels left out of business-as-usual.  We will definitely see political battles over subsidies and entitlement programs.  Will US politicians try again to cut food stamps and other programs to help the needy? Definitely keep your eyes open for that.  And what will happen with other countries around the world and their food security programs? Children from low-income homes are most vulnerable during this period, but I think many of us will get on board programs to protect these children's rights.  It's a tragedy when the wealthiest nations in the world won't feed their most vulnerable populations and that is a scenario we will visit this month.  Capricorn and Cancer are conscientious signs.

Mercury moves into Pisces on February 1st and goes retrograde on February 6th, staying in Pisces until Valentine's Day when the communication planet slips back into Aquarius. So don't clobber your honey over the head if he or she spaces out or chooses not to act romantic on this day.  Aquarius is not a romantic sign and both the Sun and Mercury will be in this sign causing many opportunities for miscommunication.  I guess you can kiss and make up when Mercury goes direct again on February 27.  From the 1st through the 14th when Mercury is in Pisces, this planet conjuncts Neptune (Pisces), but we won't experience an exact orb at least.  This leaves us feeling foggier than usual which is why I'm getting to this post now, and not when I'm swimming in brain fog (Neptune rules brain fog).  We will experience the most confusion between the 6th and the 13th.  Prepare yourself for frustration and you might just take more time out for yourself during that time to meditate, go for long walks, and daydream.

The good news with the Mercury-Neptune conjunction is that it is an excellent time to go on a spiritual retreat, take yoga and meditation classes, and delve into spiritual work that calms the mind. The veils are thin between worlds and spirit communication opens up.  However, practice caution when communicating with spirits.  Open only to beneficial spirits or high-level spirit guides.  People with addictions could experience more intense cravings during this time and I have a theory that spirits (in the form of alcohol and recreational drugs) attract negative entities, usually souls who still crave those substances and seek a physical body to experience those substances.  So if you don't wish to dwell in some spirit's darker moments, protect yourself and refrain from recreational spirits, at least during the first two weeks of February.

The T-Square grows tighter around the 16th with retrograde Jupiter and Uranus forming an exact square on the 17th and continuing until the end of the month.  The orbs between Jupiter/Uranus and Pluto widen by one degree by the month's end, but Pluto is still playing in the shadows.  Also as the month comes to a close watch for Venus in Capricorn catching up with Mars in Libra, with an exact square on March 3rd.  The good news is that Mars is in Venus' sign Libra so this could be about obtaining peace in a love relationship or working towards peace between the sexes.

South Hill Buddha
Also around the 16th (keep an eye on this week), the North Node transits into Libra (as mentioned in earlier posts).  We will feel a shift in energy and fate as the North Node enters a Cardinal Sign and we have an abundance of Cardinal energy already at play with Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in Cardinal Signs and if you want to add asteroids, Ceres completes her transit in Libra on the 5th while Vesta continues her journey in late Libra until March 2nd.  I'm thinking we are going to experience a month of women's issues, but also food security and motherhood that I mentioned already in this post.  Ceres is connected to the Persephone myth and Vesta with the vestal virgins.  See where those images take you.

Speaking of female asteroids (the ones I like best), Ceres transits into Scorpio on the 5th where she trines with Neptune with a 3 degree orb.  Meanwhile Chiron and Juno form a conjunction until the 5th so it will be interesting to see what messages come up at this time, while Mercury is also conjuncting Neptune, first moving forward and then retrograde.  Will we feel a stronger pull to our feminine sides? Surely this bodes well for anyone on a spiritual path who chooses to communicate with the spirit realm in the form of mediumship or channeling.  Juno and Chiron also trine Jupiter with Juno moving on the 8th, but Chiron forming an exact trine with Jupiter from the 4th through the 9th.  We can heal issues around food and self-nurturing now.

Meanwhile let's check in with Saturn in Scorpio at 22-23 degrees.  The Aquarius Sun squares Saturn from the 8th to the 17th (going with a wide 5 degree orb for some of this) and exact on the 11th and 12th.  Saturn squares Mercury RX exact on the 19th with a wider orb following until the end of the month, for your more transit-sensitive people.  Saturn is going to bring discipline, while wanting us to slow way down and review our options with the Mercury RX.  And those options will be with technology, science, and innovative solutions to climate change.  It's a good time to review, reassess, but not a good time to launch any new plans.  Wait until Mercury goes direct and returns to 3 degrees Pisces. Saturn and Juno form an exact trine at 23 degrees on the 19th.  Again, we're returning to feminine territory of the home, hearth and with Saturn in the trine, scrutinizing what is and is not working for us.

Breakdown of February's Transits:

Mercury moves into Pisces on February 1st
Mercury goes retrograde February 6
Mercury goes direct on February 27
Mercury trines Neptune 1 - 13 (wide orb of 4 to 1 degree)
Mercury RX squares Saturn on the 19th

Full Moon in Leo, February 14 (Valentine's Day)
New Moon in Pisces, March 1st

Sun moves into Pisces, 18th
Sun squares Saturn, 8 - 17, exact on 11 and 12th

Jupiter/Uranus/Venus/Pluto until the 15th
Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto entire month  with exact orb with Jupiter-Uranus from the 18 - 28
(continues to March 7th)

Venus-Mars Square, 22nd until March 5th (Venus moves into Aquarius)
Exact on March 3rd

Not including the asteroids in this breakdown

Summary: If you don't expect too much romance on Valentine's Day and don't focus on getting your way in the romantic realm in February you will save yourself a lot of grief.  People are going to space out this month, forget appointments, feel overwhelmed, tense and wanting to retreat to a peaceful place where they can gather their thoughts.  We will feel like we are swimming in fog for the first two weeks of the month.  The Full Moon in Leo could be troublesome with ego posturing in the area of romance.  The Aquarius Sun and Mercury retrograde will feel like distancing themselves and we could just end up rationalizing romance and taking it to a hyper analytical place. But don't despair.

We could make a lot of inroads this month in the areas of nurturing, food security, nutrition, women's rights and children's rights if we keep our eyes on the bigger picture.  This is not a month for focusing on our smaller selves, but we will forget this message with the Full Moon in Leo.  We could open our hearts through meditation and spiritual practice.  If this isn't what you want to hear, then you're in for some surprises.

I will take limited clients in February because this will be a challenging month for me with my own transits.  For the first two weeks of the month I offer a $10 off discount on a full hour reading to Aquarius Sun, Moon and Rising Signs. During the last two weeks of the month into March, I offer the same discount to Pisces Sun, Moon and Rising signs.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Changing Direction (Mercury goes RX and Venus goes Direct)

Photo by Patricia Herlevi, 2009
Too many people fear the retrograde movement of planets.  All planets, except the orbs (Sun and Moon) retrograde on a periodic basis.  The Mercury retrograde scares the lights out of people and most of this comes from ignorance of the meaning of a retrograde and I dare say, some people engage in superstitious nonsense which gives astrology a bad name.

So let's think of retrograde periods as time out in the area of our lives that the planet retrograde represents.  You can even go further and look at the house where the retrograde occurs.  Now, Mercury represents communication, short distance travel (not long distance travel), siblings, cousins, K-12 education, technology like computers when used for communication purposes and machinery.  Mercury is actually not traveling backwards but from where we sit on the earth it appears that way.  When Mercury gets too far ahead of the sun in relation to the earth, the earth shifts itself to accommodate the distance and this is a three week process that takes place three times a year.  We can't stop it, so we might as well accept it as part of life.
photo by Patricia Herlevi

Instead of begging for mercy and doing the oh, no, Mercury has gone retrograde dance routine, look at it another way.  Most people don't even consider that Mercury retrograde means that you'll encounter people from your past, like friends you lost contact with, you could receive long-awaited news, you might finally get your computer fix which if you admit it has been giving you problems long before the retrograde period.  This is also an excellent time to slow down, reassess, meditate, writing in your journal, edit old documents and manuscripts and pay attention to fine print.

While it's probably not a good idea to sign contracts now, if you have no other choice then read the fine print slowly and ask a lot of questions.  You might be able to delay the signing of a contract by saying you need to do some research, but if this is a job offer, then delay won't work in your favor.  A Mercury retrograde is a good time to return to school, return to an old job, return to an old project and return to a line of work from your past.  It's not a good time to start something new, but it does give you time to scrutinize any new activity before jumping in head first.  So the big message is SLOW DOWN.  And I'll add calm down to those people who go in a tizzy every time the communication planet does the backward dance.  You're not only annoying more thoughtful people, but you're giving yourself high blood pressure.  In that case, meditation is the cure.

Mercury, Wikipedia
Mercury goes retrograde on February 6 and since this is the shortest month in the year, the planet goes direct on the 27th.  Mercury starts out in Pisces which represents a heart-emotion space, then on Valentine's Day retrograde back into innovative and detached Aquarius.  I must say this year Valentine's Day is going to take on a airy-intellectual quality.  Hopefully we don't end up with too many interpretations of Violets are Blue and I think I love you...With Mercury in Aquarius retrograde you might want to clean out your e-mails, remove any unwanted programs from your computer, make sure your Fire Wall is up and running and basically do any repairs that come up in the realm of technology--not saying they will, but for anyone who has been sloppy about these things, it might.  Often when we're busy we forget to do the usual maintenance of our business machines and this retrograde will remind us of that.

We will see old scientific research surface at this time or university professors taking up more space than usual.  For some reason, I see some apologies coming from the higher education field in the realm of science, technology or research of some kind.  When Mercury squares Saturn around the 18th, we could see some unusual stories involving science with a confession quality.  I actually see a lot of investigation happening in February and some public outcry in regard to the information that surfaces.  However, since Mercury is retrograde it's best not to draw quick conclusions and do some homework before jumping on some bandwagon fighting injustice or any other cause.  We won't have all the information or we will have conflicting and chaotic information.  On the 16th, retrograde trines Mars in Libra so we could have some clear thinking around this time, but of the masculine analytical kind.

While Mercury goes retrograde in February, Venus goes direct on January 31st.  Now is a time to move forward with new relationships we have been holding at bay unless we receive a red light or see red flags waving in the wind.  This is the time also to put that skin regime, diet, nutrition regime, exercise program, etc that we have been considering for the past few weeks into action.  Go get a haircut (be careful to communicate clearly during Mercury RX), get a massage, a mud wrap, or some other type of body work that brings rejuvenation.

Venus resembling an egg, Wikipedia
For Capricorns and Cancers to a lesser extent older than 35 years of age, add supplements to boost your collagen levels since they have declined in recent years with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio. Remember to moisturize your skin, use sun protection if you're in a sunny climate or taking a vacation in the tropics and drink plenty of water.  Also remember to get enough calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K along with magnesium and other minerals.  Now, is the time to boost your bone strength and get your joints in smooth working order.  Yoga is fantastic for this.  Yes, Capricorn you need to take time out from your busy schedule to give your body some loving attention.

Venus will remain in Capricorn until March 8th so we will have the discipline to take better care of our health.  Some of you are wondering how you have been able to stick to your New Year's resolutions, well you have Capricorn to thank for that.  Don't let your new habits slip after March 8, when Venus transits into Aquarius.  Stay away from over rationalizing returning to bad habits.  You have come this far, so stick with it.  We'll look at Venus in Aquarius in another post, but that will be an interesting transit too.

I'm ending with don't fear the retrograde.  Please don't freak out and then freak everyone else out.  We have enough in the world at this time to cause us plenty of trepidation so let's not add something minor like Mercury going backwards to the mix.  Think of it this way, you survived Mercury retrograde in the past and you'll survive it again, even if it feels frustrating that the social media and e-mail sites will all make drastic changes during that time.  Switch of your computer and find a corner to meditate.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Age of Aquarius--Somewhere in the Far Off Future

Depending on which astrologer or follower of astrologer you encounter, the Age of Aquarius is hundreds of years in the future or we are at the dawn of the Aquarius Age.  Some people think of the movie Hair and the hippies gallivanting around New York City's Central Park with their long hair flying and dressed in wildly colorful clothing.  That's hardly an image of the Aquarius Age, even if Aquarius represents revolutionary types and ideas and its planet Uranus represents shocking and spontaneous actions.  Even the planetary line-up in the song "Age of Aquarius" has nothing to do with real astrological transits that usher in a new age, and more to do with clever lyrics for a dramatic production.

And yet, when astrologers bring up the Aquarius Age, we gravitate towards the words of that song and the hippie imagery, which I can understand doesn't appeal to more conservative types who just want to own a home, raise their children and work at a job they enjoy or not.  We still reside in the Pisces Age which begun over 2,000 years ago when Christ walked the earth and prior to that we lived in the Aries Age (the fatted lamb and sacrificed ram).  Each age is said to last 2,500 years and I suppose that's enough time to get the lessons of that age or not.

We are reaching the end of the Pisces Age, but it won't happen in our lifetime, even if we experience coming attractions of the Aquarius Age now, such as switching to renewable energy, ushering in real and true human rights everywhere on the planet, and bringing in innovations that make the futuristic television shows, Star Trek and The Jetsons seem tame in comparison.  We are seeing innovative breakthroughs in medicine mainly with energy medicine and quantum physics and string theory is catching on to the mainstream, but rather slowly.

Looking back at the images in the movie and the theatrical play Hair, we see the Pisces Age in action with the Pluto in Leo (drama) folks playing the main roles as they pit themselves against the established order (Aquarius or Aries could fit here).  Their long hair reflects again the Pluto in Leo generation since Leo represents manes and you can even include Neptune in Sagittarius which begun in 1970 and was the height of the hippies movement and the anti-war protests for the Vietnam civil war and the US troops involvement.  The use of music and cinema to present the "Aquarius Age" falls under Neptune and Pisces as does this sense of victims of the military draft and victims of war. The drinking and drugging also doesn't fit under Aquarius, but Pisces, as does smoking plant substances creating foggy thinking and smoke.

And in fact, we could easily make an argument that the counter movements of the 1960s, often fueled by drugs falls under Pisces influence.  So as the Sun transits from Capricorn into Aquarius as it does around January 19 or 20, depending on the year, let's take a look at the truth about Aquarius and what this sign represents because it is more scientific and conservative than most of us give it credit.  Aquarius to me is the sign of the mad professor, the genius, the innovator, and the scientist who would rather spend time in research or a laboratory than with other people.

Another face of Aquarius is the revolutionary person, the humanitarian, and the leader of a civil rights movement, but many leaders of civil rights movements weren't Aquarius.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was Capricorn, Gandhi was Libra (thus his background in law), migrant farm workers movement leader Cesar Chavez was Aries (warrior), and Joan of Arc was Capricorn.  Susan B. Anthony and Abraham Lincoln were Aquarius and both of them had a detached manner in which they fought their causes, using the power of the mind in the process.

While you might find a few passionate Aquarius Sun natives, for the most part these folks live in their minds which is reflective of the Air element which rules Aquarius.  The Aquarius native might have a Leo Moon or Aries Rising which gives them a sense of a passionate mission, but the Aquarius Sun alone, though shocking at times, is not fueled by emotions (a Pisces Sun would be).  Aquarius has clarity in its mission, even if that clarity does not walk a straight line, think lightening bolt, is bright enough to get our attention, think electric blue or purple, and marches to the beat of a different drummer.  In fact, when Neptune transiting through Aquarius electronic music dominated pop music, even to the point of music being composed on a computer, not just edited on a computer using Pro Tools but composed on a detached emotionless computer.  Aquarius gets off on that sort of thing.

The oddity that I never could figure out is why the romantic Valentine's Day falls when the Sun is in Aquarius instead of gushy Pisces who has the urge to merge, chocolate, bows and alluring love songs.  Aquarius people are hard to love if romance is the main theme.  They are known for their forgetfulness or absent mindedness and that's because they have their eyes on a bigger prize such as saving the planet from destruction.  And you can't solve the problems that we face on the planet through emotional outpouring with two sides yelling at each other.  Aquarius knows that and their analytical thinking does the trick.

In honor of the Capricorn humanitarian

So as we enter the Zodiac of Aquarius I guess we can live out our mini-Aquarius Age, lasting less than 30 days.  We can look at ways to innovate in our personal lives and ways to bring justice into our communities.  While we think of Aquarius as the sign for humanitarians, the human spirit comes in all 12 signs of the Zodiac as we have seen by looking up signs of our most cherished human rights leaders. As far as the Aquarius Age, we'll get there when we get there.  In the meantime, we have much healing to do as we reach the tail end of the Age of the Fish.

Friday, January 17, 2014

What's Your Angle? Planet Transits in Cardinal Houses

I've encountered by e-mail and in-person people dealing with the Cardinal planet transits in their angular houses and I'm among this group.  Now, angular houses include First, Fourth, Seventh and Tenth houses and these houses represent the most important areas of our lives--partnerships, marriage, family, home, career, public life and our core identity.  So when Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto (the outer planets) and the personal planets pass through both Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and fall into the angular houses, it's time to pay attention.

If your life has experienced shakeups in the areas I mentioned in the above paragraph, look for especially transiting Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter in your chart.  Are these planets falling in your First, Fourth, Seventh and Tenth houses?  Pluto comes in like a wrecking ball, Uranus brings unexpected surprises but ones that get us unblocked so we can move forward with our lives, but usually in directions we would have never considered prior to the transit. While Jupiter, known as the planet of luck really expands what it touches.  So having Jupiter in a T-Cross or Grand Cross or even a yod, does not feel fortunate.  In fact, in those cases, Jupiter expands the tension and irritation felt by the person with those transits.

So yes, it's a lovely transit to have Jupiter sail through any of the angular houses, but not if Uranus is squaring it and Pluto is opposing it, as it has with recent transits.  So don't beat yourself up if you haven't met a life partner with Jupiter in the Seventh because there's probably some dismantling going on in other areas of your life that clear the way for a partner to enter at a later time, ditto for employment with Jupiter in the Tenth.

In recent weeks, I have had Pluto and a myriad of personal planets transiting through my First House of identity (I have felt exhausted with inflamed itchy skin), Uranus is transiting in the early part of my Fourth House which represents home, but it can also represent home country or community so even though I have been looking for a new housing situation, I know that it will come to me in unexpected ways, like suddenly meeting someone. 

Uranus will stop squaring my Natal Sun on January 18 (yahoo!) and Pluto will stop opposing my Natal Mercury on January 23, at least for a while until it goes retrograde later this year.  Jupiter transiting through my Seventh House has me reassessing partnerships and relationships of all kinds and what I'm willing to put up with as Pluto transforms my core identity in my First House.  The Mars in Libra transit rounds off my career house and this also brings much needed healing around past employment and choosing what I want to do with my skills and my role with the public.

Granted if your Sun or any of your planets fall between 8 to 11 degrees in a Cardinal sign, these squares, conjunctions and oppositions feel like old news. You are reaching the end of these transits, except for 11 degrees which will experience the end of the transit in January 2015.  When you get through these transits, know that you have done the work and you advance to the next level.  You gain wisdom and expertise in handling relationship, partnership, home, public life and core identity issues.  If you didn't know who you were or what you wanted to do with your life prior to the transits, you'll certainly have a clear direction by February 2015.

While Pluto and Uranus will continue their song and square dance through 2015, Jupiter transits into Leo this July.  At that point we focus on healing our heart chakra and develop our creativity further while getting reacquainted with our inner child.  But we'll get to that later.  For now, know that the storms will blow over and calm will return.  The Cardinals come bearing a message and that is of transformation and finding your true life path.  The closer you are to that path, the easier the transits will feel to you.  The further you are away from your life path, the more suffering you will endure.  At some point, you need to surrender to a higher  power and say, "show me the way back."

I wrote and posted this article in 2014.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pushing & Pulling for Change--Nodes in the Cardinal Signs

photo by Patricia Herlevi
After writing the post on North Node in Libra, I realize that I also needed to mention the North Node in Aries will experience a North Node opposition with North Node in Libra and North Node in Cancer and Capricorn who experience a square with North Node in Libra.  You'll need to look at your natal charts to see if you have your nodes in Cardinal signs, but even if you don't personally, someone you know does.  The North/South Nodes stay in their respective signs for a year and a half approximately.

Let's start with those of you with your North Node in Aries and your South Node in Libra.  Since you are comfortable with the Libra energy, you will find yourself falling back into the traps of your South Node while the North Node transits in Libra for the next year and a half, but you will mainly feel this when the North Node in Libra is in orb (5 degrees or less) with your South Node and opposing your North Node in Aries.  This could feel like you're being tested by fateful situations and encounters that force you to surrender to your North Node in Aries.

I spoke about nodes by sign in an earlier post which you will find under popular posts on the right side of the blog.  You might wish to review the information in that post.  So North Node in Aries folks your lesson is to learn how to strike out on your own and stop seeking the approval of a partner or group when pursuing your life mission and heart's desires.  You already learned how to do the partner thing which is the energy of your South Node in Libra.  With the North Node in Aries now you must learn to confront others without passive-aggressive behavior.  It is time for direct communication, setting boundaries, and becoming an authentic leader.  This does not imply that you don't ever fall back on the lessons of diplomacy you learned in the past (South Node in Libra), but it does mean that your strength and courage has greater weight now than charm and grace.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
If you find yourself stuck in a relationship or marriage where you constantly succumb to the other person's wishes to keep the peace, stop this behavior.  If you say yes when you mean no, then you're going to get yourself in trouble because you are not acting authentic.  Stop pretending, stop acting like stuff doesn't bother you and speak up for yourself.  Grow some backbone.  That is the message of the North Node in Aries warrior.  Just think of the sign Aries, ruled by Mars with the key word initiates action, renews, sprouts, brings new growth and ushers in the season of spring, at least in the northern hemisphere.  While Libra revolves around balance, Aries needs to topple the cart now and then and shake things up.  While we do ask you to come from a place of kindness and compassion, don't cry crocodile tears to prove how compassionate you are.  Your mission is to find truth in the world and that begins with the truth in your heart. So search for that truth and then if you must, play the role of the tigress to get that truth planted in the world.

North Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer will experience the North Node in Libra as a square.  We will feel tensions, irritations and not have the outer confrontations of the North Node in Aries folks.  We too get the message of working for balance in our lives.  For Cancer that is around diet, self-nurturing, and nurturing others and most likely takes place on the home front, but if we work in a caring profession, it could take place in a work environment too.  Cancers looking for a nurturing partnership now, attract this partnership by first nurturing yourselves and this begins with the food you place in your stomach.  Much of what is sold as food these days is poison or laced with dangerous bacteria.  Cancers educate yourself about the food system and proper nutrition and you will bring balance to your life.

With the Libra North Node, Cancer your job might be to fight for food justice or bring equal rights and funding for small family or organic farms which are not served well through the Farm Bill.  You might find yourself as a spokesperson for a particular food or dietary lifestyle.  Or you just as well might find yourself working as a legal advocate for small farmers, migrant workers or for low-income children so that free healthy lunches and breakfasts remain in the public schools. Without the proper fuel these children are at a disadvantage to learning.  And don't even get me started with the failing public education system in the US.

With the the Libra North Node, North Node in Capricorn folks must achieve balance in business and finances, at least that is the image coming into my mind for you.  It is time to stop overspending, write up a monthly and even yearly budget and stick to it.  Come up with a payment plan to pay off your credit cards, mortgages and other debts.  You might consider downsizing at this time, especially if taking a second or third job to meet your financial goals doesn't appeal to you.  Some of you might take legal action and file for bankruptcy but put some serious thought into the consequences before proceeding.

North Node in Capricorn, I'm also getting an image of bones and your spine, even though Leo rules the spine.  With Jupiter going into Leo this July, you might  experience spinal problems that can be corrected with chiropractic care.  You would also benefit from deep tissue massage since much of your financial stress has left knots in your muscles and tendons which I see an image of rubber bands stretching too far.  Also take care of your knees and cartilage.  Take care of your teeth, skin and connective tissue now too.

While we are all feeling a slowing down of processes, but a speeding up of time which causes us stress and frustration, North Node in Capricorn is going to feel out-of-time and possibly out of sync with the rest of the world.  This is probably true for Capricorn Sun, Moon and AC too.  As we move from the third dimension to higher dimensions, we will slip in and out of time and space reality.  We will fall asleep for what feels like hours and we look at the clock and only five minutes has passed by or we feel that only five minutes have passed by and we look at the clock which says five hours had passed!

Some astrologers pay more attention to the nodes than I do.  Some will first look  at the North and South Nodes in a natal chart before checking out the other planets and points in a chart.  For anyone interested in their fate or the fate of others, the North Node gives us an idea of the themes of our destiny as a planet and as individuals.  The Nodes represent our life lessons, but not just us as individuals but also our peers who were born in the same Node period which lasts approximately a year and a half.  So you'll find that your friends and colleagues born the same year as you struggle with the same issues, and you will definitely see these themes play out with graduating classes.

Since the planets and nodes will be traveling through Cardinal Signs in such a dramatic matter that they grab our attention almost on a daily basis, the North Node in Libra asks us to bring balance to our personal lives so that we can bring balance to the planet.  We cannot experience peace without balance, but the message here with the South Node in Aries is that we need to tame the warrior but not toss him out entirely.  Sometimes we have to fight for justice even if that sounds counter intuitive.  Does this mean we go to war? No, but we do need to do battle with our egos so that we can develop our spirit further.  And this mostly means we have to conquer our fears.  We have done this in the past with the South Node in Aries, but now we need to bring diplomacy and good judgement to the situation.  Remember the saying, fools rush in where angels fear to tread.  Aries is the fool (especially in the Tarot deck) or the toddler.  Toddlers aren't so great at handling diplomatic matters and so we get North Node in Libra to bring justice to the land.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Change of Fate--North Node in Libra (coming up February 19, 2014)

After experiencing the North Node in Scorpio since September 2012, we will soon experience a change of fate.  Something new approaches us as we switch from a Fixed Water Sign to a Cardinal Air Sign, Libra.  You see unlike the forward motion of the planets, the North Node works in reverse so the North Node travels from Sagittarius to Scorpio and then to Libra and so on.  Also the nodes represent an axis with the South Node falling in the opposite sign, in this case, Aries.

On February 19, 2014, the North Node transits into Libra and then back into Scorpio for one day, February 23 and onward in Libra, ending that transit on November 11, 2015 when the North Node transits into Virgo (Mutable Earth Sign).  The last few times the North Node transited in Libra include 1959, 1978, and 1997.  I believe the North Node stays in the same sign for around a year and a half (please don't quote me on that).  Normally, we think of Libra as a peaceful sign bringing balance, beauty and diplomacy, but with Pluto, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter and  Mars in Cardinal signs when the North Nodes transits into Libra, another Cardinal Sign, we can expect some cosmic fireworks.

I recall Hay House author and astrologer Mark Husson giving a thorough description of Libra on his radio show Power Peak Hour that revealed the shadow side of Libra.  We must remember that all Libras carry the shadow side of the warrior Aries and all Aries carry the diplomat Libra in his or her shadow.  And I also believe that the Libra reflects the other Cardinal Signs, Cancer and Capricorn too, just not as concentrated as the actual signs.  Libra has a pushy side and I have seen that pushiness come out in my friends with this Sun Sign and Mercury Sign.  Libra also subjugates his warrior side and this comes out in passive-aggressive games--nice and charming on the outside and seething with rage underneath.  I used to meet new age followers who fit this description when I heard a low growl under the words "peace" or "have a nice day" or worst yet, "bless you!"  Some of you know what I'm saying.

Granted we all have inner rage to calm at this stage of the game because we live in an extremely toxic world and the North Node in Libra will reveal that inner rage to us in the form of fateful confrontations with other people (co-workers, partners of all kinds and even the earth itself, since Libra is the ruler of Venus and this planet represents ecology and how we live in balance on the earth).  We will experience our inner rage and our inner peace manifested in the outer world through storms (both physical and mental).  Remember Libra is an Air Sign and that involves the mental process and the actual wind.  So whether we find a way to harness wind power so that others can have sustainable and inexpensive electricity (or at no cost) or we create drama in the world via our mental process, that depends on where we fit in the evolution of our souls.

Here is the breakdown of the Cardinals from February 19 until December 31, 2014:

(Note: I'm leaving out Moon, Sun and Mercury.  Please check your planetary guides for those details)

Venus in Capricorn until March 5
Venus in in Aries May 4-29
Venus in Cancer July 19 to August 12
Venus in Libra October 1 to 24
Venus in Capricorn December 11 into 2015

Mars in Libra until July 26
Mars in Capricorn October 27 into 2015

Jupiter in Cancer until July 17

Uranus remains in Aries 
Pluto remains in Capricorn  

Dr. Loretta Standley gives one of the best descriptions of the North and South Nodes I've read on her website,
She cites that the North Node represents our cup runneth over and the South Node represents the drain.  I interpret this metaphor as the North Node represents fate and where we are heading and the South Node represents where we have already been, as far as our evolution and lessons we came here to learn. For instance we don't graduate from high school and then return to kindergarten because we fill uncomfortable facing the adult world.  Though some people seem to emotionally or mentally return to kindergarten when facing the adult world as they deal with their childhood wounds (Chiron) and reluctance to grow up, a resistance to Saturn's journey.

Those of you born with your North Node in Libra must do the work now of making peace with yourself.  You do this by recognizing your shadow side which is your South Node in Aries.  The lesson here is sometimes you have to fight for what is right in the world, but you do this with fairness and diplomacy, meaning you don't just go out in the world and start a fight because you haven't healed your wounds and repressed anger.  However, if you come from a balanced place and you feel it is your mission to get truth out in the world and to use your warrior side to protect others from various toxins and toxic practices, then this is good use of the North Node in Libra. In contrast, while Libra likes to keep things light and superficial (which will feel awkward after the North Node transited in Scorpio), we still need to scratch deep beneath the surface otherwise we stay too long at the genteel dinner party and ignore our responsibilities toward the planet.

The traps we must avoid now include passive aggressive behavior like talking about the boss behind his back instead of using a more direct approach such as confronting your boss.  Ditto for all partnerships.  What good is it to gossip about your wife or husband to your friends when this does not solve the problems you face with your partner?  No, this is a time about confronting others in a fair and just way.  We will need to clear out that repressed anger through therapy session or vigorous exercise (Aries South Node), but deal with it nonetheless.

The other trap of North Node in Libra is that people born with this node placement are not on the earth to do it all themselves.  They need to learn patience, cooperation, sharing the duties and the glory with others.  These folks know how to play the role of the warrior (South Node in Aries), they know how to start something new and act as the fearless leader, but this is not the lesson of North Node in Libra.  North Node in Libra must develop refinement and dare I say it, manners. Storming into rooms unannounced, shouting above the din so others hear you, and throwing a tantrum when people say no to you won't work any longer and in fact will harm you.

Universally with Mars staying in Libra until late July and the North Node also in Libra, I'm picking up that the peace process is long and involves much inward search for each of us.  Look for the cusp with Libra on it and this is where most of the drama or action of this North Node will play out in your life until November 2015.  Of course, you could have Libra divided into two houses depending on the degree of your cusp.  And if you were born in 1959, 1978, 1997, etc with your North Node in Libra, expect some lessons and fateful encounters to bring you and your life into balance.  Check out the bottom of Dr. Loretta Standley's webpage for Node transits.

May the North Node in Libra put wind behind your sails, but avoid the hurricanes if possible.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Speaking in Images and Riddles: Video Oracles Compilation

Oracle of Delphi
Since it has been a heavy first week of the New Year for me and everyone, today I'm writing a lighter post.  After all, we think of Friday as a fun day, right?  Also astrology represents one of many metaphysical tools that I use in my daily practice along with meditation, reading oracle, Tarot and totem cards and checking out my international colleagues on YouTube.  I am also an avid listener of Hay House Radio and I tune into spiritual shows on Blog Talk Radio.

So on that note, I'm presenting to you some of my favorite online oracle card readers, angel channels, and astrologers.  Some people might say that I'm biting my foot by promoting the work of other metaphysical practitioners and that I'm sending business elsewhere.  However, there are enough problems in the world and people with stumbling blocks to give all of us more work than we can handle.  Besides, I believe in passing on helpful products and services as part of my practice.

The YouTube show hosts on my list run the gamut from sober, serious, to warm and generous.  While I am not a fan of newspaper horoscopes or using metaphysical practices as entertainment (no parlor game tricks, please), I also feel that we are all on different paths and what works for one person might not work for another. Meaning you will also find entertaining metaphysical videos on YouTube which I might include in future posts.  Some Zodiac signs need fun as a motivator while others such as Scorpios need to travel into a dark mystery (go figure).  With no further ado and I won't quote Shakespeare today, let's get started.

Angel Souls (Michelle, Oracle Card Reader)

This reader fits under fun and insightful.  I enjoy her delivery style which exudes warmth, compassion and humor. She gives accurate readings too.

Doreen Virtue (Angel Channel and Oracle Card Reader)

A fiery Aries who supports Indigo Children and blends activism with spirituality, has a different delivery than Michelle.  However, she has several oracle card decks with Hay House that oracle card readers use for their online readings so watching Doreen takes you straight to the source.  Her new Angel Tarot deck is on my wish list.

Carl Boudreau, Mundane Astrologer 

Since I host an astrology blog, I'm including Carl Boudreau who gives a monthly forecast of mundane astrology by using a composite chart of the New and Full Moon set at Greenwich Time.  He has both a spiritual and an activist side so you will hear him talk about the 99 percent.

Peggy Rometo (Intuitive Coach) 

Peggy does intuitive readings for each Zodiac sign.  She's not reading astrology charts but channeling images and energy for each of the signs.  Don't dismiss her insights however since they have proven accurate for several months--at least for me. She also has the nickname at her publisher Hay House as the Psychic for the Stars since she has celebrities among her clients.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Venus in Capricorn--Journey into Self-Love (What the World Needs Now)

Since so many astrologers are writing about Venus in Capricorn (currently retrograde), it seems almost redundant for me to include another post on this transit.  However, as I'm seeing this Venus playing out in my own life and the lives of people around me, I feel that I need to address the theme of self-love and self-honoring.  Too many people are confused about these concepts and confuse self-love with self-centered behavior and narcissism, which it is not.  To hate oneself is narcissism, but to love oneself from the inside out is a gift to the world.  Who will love you if you don't first love yourself? Who actually can penetrate through another person's self-loathing without loathing the person too?

Perhaps we are expected saintly lovers who have magical abilities to love us unconditionally and their unconditional love will heal all our wounds and we'll turn into doves and ascend into clouds.  Does that sound farfetched? We choose to forget that everyone carries wounds to their heart and to their soul.  And wounds only attract more wounds whether those are matching wounds of another person (who seems so alluring with those matching wounds) or we attract people who will wound us deeper.  It's like someone ripping out stitches to a gaping wound and pouring vinegar into the wound.

If we love ourselves we will know this is wrong behavior and fight the person off with all that we have and not feel an ounce of guilt.  But if we don't love ourselves we will rationalize that we deserved that treatment from the other person and they will twists our words and manipulate us into thinking that it's for our own good because we are a naughty person.  I have discovered this ugly pattern in my life and I'm seeing it played out in the world in horrendous ways with the blame and shame game that leads to more guilt and self-loathing.  The problem is epidemic and yet, no one is addressing it.

Rider Waite deck, Wikipedia
Venus, co-rulers Libra and Taurus will play nice to fit in and she will also play passive-aggressive games when she feels helpless.  She might use beauty and charm to get her way, until she runs out of those resources, then she just turns into a nagging matriarch, think the old fisherman's wife with the shrill voice.  The Libra Venus wants you to love her above anything else so she will shape herself into the right mold that pleases you.  The Taurus Venus is actually more out to please herself through hedonistic sensual experiences that the finer things in life bring her.  The Empress Tarot card represents this Venus.  She is fruitful, creative and fertile earth or what we might call the Earth Mother or Earth Goddess.  She doesn't have a problem with self-love unless she suffered deprivation or punishment as a child and then she transforms into a Kali figure ready to destroy and deconstruct, like Demeter when Hades abducted her beloved daughter Persephone.  Now, we are moving over to the polarity of Scorpio.

Venus in Capricorn asks us to take a sober look at how we treat ourselves.  Do we feed ourselves healthy food, do we drink enough water and do we get exercise in the fresh air.  Or do we throw ourselves into our work so we can shut out the rest of the world and not heal our deeper wounds? Is hiding from wounds the true cause of workaholism and other forms of self-punishment? Do we feel guilty because we have so much stuff and other people in the world have nothing? What good is there in getting rid of all your stuff just because someone else doesn't have anything? Wouldn't it be better to donate time, resources and money toward a cause that lifts these people out of poverty rather than punishing yourself?  Venus has a say in this behavior too.

Venus in Capricorn also has to do with treating our body with the respect it deserves.  Since Capricorn represents discipline and integrity as well as, responsibility, we need to treat our bodies more lovingly.  Our bodies represent the first structure in our life.  Haven't we referred to our bodies as our temples? And if we desecrate our bodies, we desecrate a holy temple, a sacred and divine vehicle that did not return to the earth to punish his or herself.  We really came here to experience Divine Love in action amongst our forgetfulness.  Venus is about love after all and not just romantic love.  Combine Venus with Neptune as in a flowing aspect or a flowing transit and you really could transcend the suffering in the world and get a glimpse of the bigger picture.

The Venus-Saturn combination is more tricky because when these two line up as energies, there is a tendency to play sadomasochistic games with others.  When ego takes the lead, a beauty contest takes over and women will starve themselves to win or they will play petty games with other women that they envy.  Greed and limited-fearful thinking could dominate leading to all types of relationship problems.  Think of the Saturnian business man hooking up with a super model for instance--comical maybe, but painful too if the two people come from their egos.  The man will never feel wealthy enough and the woman will never grow up as long as she can rely on her outer beauty to get what she wants.

When Spirit leads the way, Venus and Saturn can create a fair playing field where women's contributions in the work place are recognized and rewarded.  Men and women get along because of mutual respect and creativity flows from both men and women creating a harmonious environment of shared gifts and self-honoring.  Well, Venus is staying a long time in Capricorn with the retrograde and this gives us time (until March) to reach for this idealistic dream.  And isn't that what Venus does, hand us idealistic dreams?

The most healing thing we can do for the world is to love ourselves.  When we love ourselves we take care of our needs.  We say no when "no" is appropriate and we stand up for our truths in the face of opposition without allowing our opponents to twists our words or cause us to feel shame or guilt.  In fact, we know when we have reached a place of self-love when no one can make us feel anything we don't choose to feel.  When we reach the point when we say no and not feel remorse or guilt, then Venus has taught us the most important lesson of all.  We finally ascend to knowing our true Divine Essence and we love the world without expecting any reciprocation because the act of love is enough.

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