Friday, October 26, 2012

Planet Tango (real dancing with the stars)

Dedicated to Dancer/Shaman/Healer Gabrielle Roth, who now dances with the planets

I want to thank French astrologer Lune Soleil for inspiring this week's Whole Astrology post.  She had mentioned that Mercury and Neptune are influencing the presidential election in the US, and I envisioned these two planets dancing with each other.  Then I began to feel the energies of each planet and then the planets combined.  Oh, no, I thought, we are in big trouble.

What does it look like when Mercury, the quick-silver planet of communication dances with foggy-oh-just-let-me-escape or rescue-me Neptune? Neptune tosses a ball of confusion Mercury's way and both planets wallow in the emotional drama posed by water signs (Pisces and Scorpio respectively). The trance that many American voters have fallen into which plays to the tune of, "I have to vote for the Dem or the Repub will get elected..." Or if the voter is not singing that tune, then he's singing, "all I want is some powerful man to rescue me from oblivion."

Neptune waxes poetry while Mercury supplies the wit.  We also need to watch out for a silver-tongued devil in disguise as a savior, because when Mercury and Neptune join in this dance, our thinking is muddy at best or full of delusions of grandeur. Life feels like a Hollywood movie and we want some figure to love and to merge with in a common mission.  We want something big, and beautiful with words that shoot arrows to hearts.  And we look for love and compassion in the wrong places, instead of caring for our own souls.

So this gets me thinking about Neptune's possible dance partners.  With the fiery ball Mars, Neptune lets off too much steam and resembles two people engaged in a slam dance so popular during Seattle's grunge and punk years.  So then Neptune dances with the Sun, which resembles salsa dancing on the hottest day in July--caliente!  Neptune connects with Venus, but too much mirror-gazing happens as if we have landed back in the disco days of the late 1970s--but this ain't no Studio 54.  Neptune would dance with Saturn, but that dark cloud is as morbid as Pluto.  Ah, but Jupiter makes Neptune feel like she's starring in a Broadway smash hit.

Seriously, each planet has its own energy and as humans we can merge and dance with these energies to our benefit.  First, we need to study the planets' attributes and qualities.  Then we intuit what those energies mean to us and how they surface and move about in our natal charts.  If we view astrology in interdisciplinary terms, we not only have a good time doing this, but we balance energies in our lives.

Spin me Saturn
The next step is to take the energies, whether that's the staccato rhythms of Mercury or the slow groove of Neptune or halting steps of Saturn and dance it.  Yeah, that's right, dance the planets.  Whoa, what a new concept!  The good news is you'll never fear an upcoming transit again.  So dance your way through your Saturn return or Mars square Mercury.  This brings awareness and stops you from falling into a trance.  You now empower yourself and like a shaman shift energies of the planets to manifest the life you choose, not one dictated to you by whomever. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturn in Scorpio, no laughing matter

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
A colleague and I noticed a space out going on with people of the Pluto in Scorpio generation (born between 1983-1995) which involved miscommunication and frustration on our parts.  So I thought about these situations and then I remembered that Saturn had just moved into Scorpio and these spaced out individuals are in between 17 and 29 years of age.

Since the current transits fall on the extremely complex side and out of my realm of understanding, I have tapped into Saint Thomas of Aquinas, for whatever reason has appeared as my astrological guide.  The individuals between age 28 and 29 could begin a Saturn Return now as well, depending on the degree of Saturn in their natal charts, so much shifting and transformation happens within and outside of these individuals whether or not they think they are ready.  Since Saturn remains in Scorpio for 2 1/2 years, the individuals born in the later degrees of Pluto in Scorpio (1990s) won't feel the impact of Saturn until later in the cycle, but if they also have other planets in Scorpio, especially personal planets, then they could take these transformative, do-or-die energies personally.

So what's happening exactly?  Saint Thomas tells me that this powerhouse generation (double-Scorpio and triple that if the individual's Sun, Moon, or AC fall in Scorpio) came to transform the entire planet by uncovering first the dark forces at play behind the scenes.  These are your late Indigo Children.  I doubt they are Crystal or Rainbow Children since these souls fall more on the gentle and joyful side, more likely born under Pluto in Sagittarius, than Pluto in Scorpio, which would be a challenging and brutal placement for these super-sensitive souls.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
But, from what I know about Indigo Children (I'm one myself, though of a lesser shade of indigo) is that we know instinctively when others lie to us, whether that lie comes from a parent, friend, authority figure or the media.  We can't stand lies and we can't stand ourselves when we tell lies.  When Saturn (discipline, taking responsibility, maturity, wisdom) moves into Scorpio, lies are revealed in mass quantities.  This could bring relief to the Indigo Children and the Pluto in Scorpio Generation because they had a sense already about these lingering secrets and felt too stifled to say anything, as if a gag had been placed in their mouths.  But now with Saturn in Scorpio, they will start talking, and boy will these folks start revealing what they've known all along!

Depending on the parenting these 20-somethings received, they will either take on the role of victim-martyr or act courageously like the former CNN Reporter Amber Lyon, who Doreen Virtue recently brought to my attention on her HayHouse Radio show this past week.  The reporter Lyon uncovered lies and censorship in the media and the truth about Iran that has been suppressed in the news.  You can find out more about Lyon and other Indigo Children by typing in their names on YouTube or Google.

Towards the end of October, the Sun moves into Scorpio while Mars, Mercury, North Node and Saturn transit in Scorpio.  While the personal planets move through Scorpio within one to two months (for Mars), we will feel heaviness of Scorpio through December 2012.  Mercury will retrograde through Scorpio from November 7 until November 27.  We will experience 3 eclipses (November 13, November 28, and December 13, the first one involving Scorpio).  Then on the Winter/Summer Solstice, Jupiter in Gemini 8 degrees, Sat/Mars in Scorpio 8 degrees and Pluto in Capricorn form a yod configuration which we are all going to feel in the sense of dead ends. Those things that worked for us before will no longer work, on both individual and global levels, but as astrologer Carl Boudreaux says in his YouTube video for October and months ahead, with Saturn in Scorpio change comes slowly and cautiously.  Will we have the collective patience to get through this tense and unprecedented time?

As you can see, we had better get comfortable with Scorpio, Pluto, and Saturn. Another thing to point out is that the slow moving Neptune is moving direct again and moves one degree on December 29, just before the year ends.  Neptune no longer at 0 degrees pushes its energy forward and dissolves what it touches.  So as we see transformation in the world, we will also see the disappearance of tangible things perhaps due to floods, hurricanes and other types of watery events or we will see the dissolution of intangible thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and patterns.  We will either feel fearful and escape into addictions or allow this new flow of energy to direct us to soul ascension.  This will depend on the amount of soul and spiritual work of an individual or a community.  If you haven't done the work, then you could find yourself in the proverbial lemmings flying over a cliff scenario.  This is not a time to seek saviors or follow those with blind ambition.

In saying this, I feel trepidation towards anyone worshipping political or other figures at this time, and I ask those Obama worshippers to wake up and smell the coffee.  It's not President Obama so much that has caused this savior worship problem, but people's escapism and inability to take responsibility for their lives.  With Saturn in Scorpio this type of behavior comes under scrutiny, thankfully.  Worshipping other humans leads to disastrous results at worst and disappointment and disillusionment at best.  This is the message of Neptune at one degree Pisces, which trines Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn in Scorpio is no laughing matter, even if you filled yourself with Jupiter's laughing gas.  There is no escaping the inevitable which now stares us in the face. As soon as, the Sun leaves Libra and moves into Scorpio, we will need to face some hard and harsh issues, mainly how we live on the planet and the grave damage we have caused.  We will learn about things that we tried to keep buried under the rug, but now crawl out from out of the rug and slither across the floor or fly across the room.  Those institutions we held dear to our hearts crumble now, leaving us standing there with our minds disbelieving and our mouths gaping.  We stand at the proverbial and prophetic crossroads that the ancients predicted. We too are ancient souls and to get in touch with that, we need to revisit previous lives and rescript our future.  Do you have what it takes to brave the darker days ahead? Remember the darkest part of the night happens before dawn.  It's just a matter of how long it will take for dawn to break on the horizon and for us to embrace peace.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Get on board the transit train

show me your ring Saturn
I feel like I should be pulling a cord of a whistle on an antique train right about now.  Those of us in love with astrology, the planets, aspects, and spend our evenings tracking transits, understand the meaning behind the movement of the planets.  We say things like, "Well, you know since Pluto is squaring Uranus, we can expect to see chaos in the world."  Now to us, this makes total sense, but to someone not versed in the language of astrology, heads spin like a Jupiter moon orbiting around this benevolent planet.

I don't know about you, but during the first day of my college astronomy class when the professor said that astrology is superstitious bunk, I picked up my shield and sword, ready to defend the honor of astrology.  But at the age of 19, I knew so little about astrology to defend it.  Charts, houses, aspects, and how the planets affected our deep psychology remained mysteries to my naive mind.  I had not even taken a psychology class yet, and I had only learned about Carl Jung in passing, and only because a fellow student explained the concept of synchronicity to me.  And why did he explain synchronicity to me? Was he trying to impress me with his intellect?  With my Mars and Venus in Gemini, I'm greatly impressed by intelligent men.  But in this case, I had heard the band Police singing a song about synchronicity.

So I suffered through the astronomy class, but at least grew enamored with the planets, especially Saturn with its rings and Jupiter which reminded me of pizza, which I gorged on when I studied astronomy.  Jupiter has that effect on college women, apparently.  We learned about worm holes, black holes, and transits of planets, but not how those planets affect us psychologically, emotionally, or how those transits shape our lives.

jolly Jupiter
Anyone reading this not familiar with astrological transits, understand that we have reached a crucial crossroads spiritually and otherwise.  The fate of the planet and its abundance of life, rests in the hands of humanity, or so we think. And perhaps, it is arrogant to think humans play such a heavy hand, while ignoring the movement of the planets.  We might play at God, but then we don't understand that there is just one of us here, and that we are expressions of God, each of us expressing something different, making us unique.

However, when Pluto rolled into Capricorn and Uranus rolled into Aries, and Neptune returned home to Pisces, and more recently Saturn moved into Scorpio, we need to pay attention.  Why? Capricorn rules structure, especially patriarchal structure and Pluto has come around to breakdown that structure.  But Pluto is also autocratic and power-hungry, if we want to shower the planet with human characteristics, which of course in reality doesn't stick.  Uranus (the Aquarian planet of brotherhood, sisterhood, the everyday person, or in our case the 99 percent of humanity) moves into feisty Aries and crashes Pluto in Capricorn's party, chaos results. 

Some spiritual teachers and astrologers predict riots and rebellion, both within the realm of Aquarius and Aries.  But Aquarius also rules humanitarians so hopefully, we get something along the line of Gandhi's peaceful demonstrations, rather than brash hot-headed people practicing dualistic thinking.  Neptune which dissolves what it touches and speaks to us about spiritual ascension or addiction, our choice, came home into its own sign, so in my opinion, this doubles Neptune's effect on the planet.  I think Neptune is the linchpin that will awaken consciousness during this era.

Saturn, which is a faster moving planet than the other three I mentioned, will stay in Scorpio for 2 1/2 years, again this is about breaking down structure.  However, I also imagine (and I have a strong imagination), that the field of psychology will fall under scrutiny, along with other Scorpionic themes, death, taxes, sex, soul mates, deep healing and transformation.  Or that Saturn will bring more discipline to these areas. In any case, Saturn will bring greater focus to these areas.

Now, while all of these planetary transits affect every single being on the planet, each of us experiences the transits differently due to where the transits fall in our natal charts, and which natal planets the transits aspect.  For instance, right now the hot spot for the transits falls at 8 degrees for Pluto, Uranus, eventually Saturn, and Jupiter.  In December, (boy will this bring excitement), Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn and Mars in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Gemini will all fall in 8 degrees, forming a yod, a configuration which I already wrote about on this blog.

Now, would be a good time to make an appointment with an evolutionary astrologer to find out how these transits will affect you personally.  The astrologer will see where the planets fall in your chart and what themes will come up for you.  Some astrologers champ at the bit as this yod approaches, and predictions fly in every direction.  What happens depends a lot on how many humans have awakened to a higher consciousness.  Can we stay calm and centered as we approach the end of the Mayan calendar, not to mention other calendars of ancient civilizations?  Will we turn against one another or embrace the Oneness of all that Is?  Have you worked on mastering your spiritual tools, and can you claim mastery in the spiritual dimensions, as well as, hear on earth?

By getting on board the transit train, you learn all that you can about each of the planets involved with these transformative times.  You also grow more acquainted with yourself and your true life path. If you have asked this question, "What is my life purpose?"  Now is the time to find out and get on with the show because the show must go on, even if it resembles a wobbly circus act.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The "M" Word

Psychologists and medical doctors recommend it.  Life coaches recommend it.  With stress on the rise, meditation helps us to calm and center ourselves. Yet, for many of us, sitting in silence brings up the scene from "Eat, Pray, Love" in which the Liz Gilbert character sits in a room at an ashram trying desperately to quiet her mind.  Instead of finding stillness, her mind races to thoughts about how she will decorate her meditation room when she relocates to Chicago.

From the little I know about the author Liz Gilbert, I know that she has a strong Mercury signature in her natal chart. I know this because, one Liz is an author, and to write you need a Mercury signature in your chart, and she has portrayed herself as restless with her previous marriage situation, world travel, and her constant seeking for the intangible.  Could she even have a big, fat yod in her chart?

This essay is not about Liz Gilbert, but about meditation.  Yes, we know that we would benefit from meditation if only we could find the time or if only our minds would shut up for even 10 minutes.  How can we have any peace when Mercury chatters with Uranus or whoever?  So let's look at some ways we can trick the planets, even the trickster Mercury so we can get some peace.

Fortunately, I have a strong Neptune in my chart, but it's not placed in the fourth, sixth, or twelfth house, which would be ideal.  And then natal Mercury aspects all but two planet in my chart (and those two planets fall in Mercury's sign Gemini), disturbing the peace in most cases.  I'm not alone in finding meditation a real challenge.  Think of people with Uranus in the fourth house or Aquarius on the cusps of the fourth house.  They probably find it difficult to meditate at home.  A prominent Mercury causes the mind to grow restless.  Mars finds meditation competitive, "oh, yeah, well, I meditated five minutes longer than there."  Saturn brings the whip, "I command that you meditate for at least ten minutes or I'll lay on the guilt."

Sit down meditation does not work for everyone.  But there are alternatives such as walking meditation, music meditation, using sound healing tools for relaxation, guided meditations which you can get on CD, and we can all do deep breathing and stretches.  For people with a strong Mars, Jupiter or Saturn in the chart, try Tai Chi or Chi Gong, dance, or the more physical types of yoga.  This will at least help to focus on the mind, and also release tension from the body through movement.  Then it might be possible to follow up with a sit down meditation.

For anyone with a strong Pluto signature or energies, try kundulini yoga which also follows up with meditation.  Try a gong meditation (sound healing) after the yoga workout.  Guided meditation that helps re-script past lives will also prove helpful.  For Uranus, seek some kind of meditation practice that is unconventional in some way, but also releases some of the electrical energy stuck in your body.

Venus needs to feel comfortable, surrounded by beautiful objects, such as a mandala or ethereal paintings.  Meditating outdoors also works for Venusian types, and a walk in the woods could replace sit down meditation.  Neptune types probably have the easiest time meditating because this planet brings total bliss and the feeling of ascension.  It's even possible to grow addicted to meditation with a strong Neptune and the problem is getting grounded back in the mundane world.

Solar types (Leo or people with a heavily aspected Sun), could do light and breath meditations where they visualize the sun in their solar plexus and or heart center.  The breath work reminds them of their inner and outer power; connection to the earth.  Lunar types enjoy candle meditation with soft music playing in the background, maybe the sound of wind chimes or the ocean in the background.  These people would do well to meditate at night before going to sleep.

Meditation of one type or another is possible for all of us.  However, we can look at the planets in our charts that hinder and that help the process.  While sit down meditation with the legs crossed is usually what people think of when they're told to meditate, this represents only one meditative path.  Explore books and CDs on meditation, and do what works for you.  The point of meditation is to lower stress, calm the mind, and prevent disease.  People who meditate are also easier to get along with and they're less likely to experience scattered thinking or panic during a crisis.  Now, who would you want on your team?