Babes in a Surreal Wonderland

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Babes in a Surreal Wonderland
How Outer Planet Transits from 1960 to 1969 Shaped a Subgeneration


When we think of the 1960s, the focus is often on the Baby Boomer or the Pluto in Leo Generation.  Their parents who came of age during the post war years come across as square if we hear about them at all, and children born in the 1960s’ surreal wonderland, get as much attention as wallpaper (nice to look at and easy to ignore).  Yet, current transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto revisit the outer planet transits of the 1960s when the Pluto and Virgo subgeneration entered the earth plane, many of us, Indigo Children.

Possibly the first “latchkey kids” we hardly ever saw our parents and our babysitters often used the opportunity of watching us as a time to neck with their boyfriends or smoke pot.  We started our life as invisible beings unless we screamed real loud with Chiron in Pisces for most of the 1960s.  Those of us born at the start of the 1960s had their Saturn in its home sign Capricorn and by the end of the 1960s, Saturn spent time in Aquarius, Pisces and Aries, while Jupiter traveled through ten signs, Uranus traveled from Leo to Libra, spending the bulk of its time in Virgo and conjuncting Pluto, also in Virgo for much of the 1960s. All of the 1960s saw a sextile with Neptune and Pluto creating yod opportunities when a fast or even slower moving planet formed inconjunctions with Pluto and Neptune with 3 degree orbs for each leg of the yod.

Those of you with yods in your Natal Chart (and no, I’m not going into detail for the sake of sanity), will find that you are growing into your yod at around age 50, or past it, finding ways to synthesize your diverse experiences to meet challenges that face the planet and you personally. The Pluto in Virgo children are now in their 40s and those born from 1960 to 1963 have reached their 50s while saddled with a whole new group of responsibilities.  Those of you born in the early 1960s have experienced a Chiron Return in Pisces recently, and for the early to mid-1960 babies, in recent years you experienced Uranus opposite Uranus, Uranus square Saturn, and Cardinal Signs have experience heavy Pluto and Uranus transits, while the Mutable Signs are experienced Neptune oppositions and squares, which don’t receive the same amount of attention as the Pluto-Uranus Square.

What we all share in common is the on-going sextile with Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio that last from 1960-1970 and most of us experienced the Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo and some of us experienced an additional Pluto-Uranus conjunction sextile Neptune in a tight orb, of one to two degrees, if not exact in some cases.  People born in 1966, experienced a year similar to 2013 in that most of the planets transited in water signs that summer, including Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.  This is why the past summer with the Grand Water Trine felt so familiar or like a deja vu experience.  Yes, Neptune was in Pisces instead of Scorpio, and Saturn was in Scorpio instead of Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer both times. Another thing to take note of, even though we won’t experience a sextile with Pluto and Neptune this time around, Pluto is once again in an Earth Sign (Capricorn) and Neptune in a Water Sign and at the start of the 1960s, Uranus was in a Fire Sign (Leo) which would have squared Neptune rather than Pluto.

So as we travel back starting with 1960 and (for the next five to six weeks traveling two years at a time) through a crucial part of our development not just as individuals but as a society now on the precipice of planetary annihilation or a reawakening, I'll include crucial events that would have occurred in the background of our young lives, but shaped us nonetheless, and I will include short lists of celebrities born during those years so you can search their faces for a familiar thread that binds us Pluto Virgo babies.  And I will include movies and music that we heard in the background because everyone on the planet experienced the revolutionary power of the outer planet transits of that time.  With one foot in the future and another one clinging to old structure, we have once again entered revolutionary territory, but this time I hope the revolution is a spiritual one and not one induced in drugs and protests.

Since this is a long series, I will include separate tabs for 1960-61, 1962-63, 1964-65, 1966-67, and 1968-69.   

Please note that Pluto was in Virgo starting in early 1957 and then again in August 1957 until October 1971 when it moved into Libra.  Due to retrogrades, Pluto also transited in Leo in 1957 and Libra in 1970.

Neptune moved into Scorpio also in August of 1957 (that would have been an interesting month with two outer planets changing signs) and moved into Sagittarius in November 1970.  This means that the subgeneration of Neptune in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo started in 1957 and ended in 1971, with some fluctuation.  People born during these years share commonalities.


  1. "...Neptune was in Pisces instead of Scorpio, and Saturn was in Scorpio instead of Pisces..."

    Ok, forgive me for being a 60s Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo Rising member ;-), but that should read Neptune was in Scorpio and Saturn was in Pisces. :-)

    Now that I got that out of the way, I want to say that I am SUPER thrilled that you are writing about us 60s babies!!!! I was telling another fellow blogger not too long ago, it's maddening that here we are at the 4th exact square of Uranus and Pluto and there is still very little written about us who were born at this time having the signature in our charts. I'm looking forward to the series!

  2. No, I phrased that correctly, this past year we experienced a stellium of planets in water signs and instead of Neptune being in Scorpio as it was in the 1960s, this time it was in Pisces and instead of Saturn being in Pisces as it was in 1964-66, it was in Scorpio. So there was an exact switch between those two planets this time around which has an impact, I believe on people born from 1964 to 1966 when Saturn was transiting in Pisces.

  3. Ah ok-my bad! When I read it 2 times before I posted, it did not make sense to me as I thought you were still referring to the past configuration and comparing it to the configuration in the sky now. After reading your reply and re-reading the paragraph again I see I read it in the reverse.